Mammon – Demon of Greed.


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Name : Mammon 

Demon of Greed 

Prince of Greed 


Quote : “No matter what we breed,
We still are made of greed,
This is my kingdom come.”

Age : Untold centuries and then some, but looks to be about Twenty. 

Personality : Materialistic cares little for items, self-indulged. Takes what he wants, when he wants it, Suave, sophisticated, has a silver tongue. 

Relationship status : Single – he just uses women as he sees fit, or takes someone elses. 

Orientation : Straight 

Likes : Women, particularly other men’s. Weakness in others, Gamblers, Wealthy buffoons, Gold, silver and anything shiny, A good fight, The easily lead, 

Dislikes : The poor, Priests, Nuns, good doers. 

Powers: Ability to persuade others, his wit and ability to charm others. Temptation is his favourite card to play. 

Strengths: Not afraid to fight for what he wants when pushed. He won’t back down and is known to use either hand to hand combat, or a sword. Makes no difference to him. 

Weakness: Can be killed by a fellow demon of note.

Background : Original Prince of the Seven sins, Mammon is the Demon of Greed, and one so hated by his other brothers except for the Demon of Gluttony. Mammon was humble when he began his life, but oh how things change when he got a taste for the sweeter things in life. An opportunist;, a rogue and a player. Don’t leave your valuables lying around when he is near, be it gold or someone you hold dear. A silver tongue and slight of hand and he will rob you of all you hold dear. He cares not even if it is his brothers from whom he steals.

“Deep with each man’s heart lies a love of money.”

In the times before the fall, Mammon was a Seraph serving Marc. However, his heart was filled with desire for money and he joined Lucifer in the rebellion against God. When the War in Heaven was done, Mammon’s sins were far greater than any of the Fallen Ones.

The Prince of Greed, a Balseraph, is one of the most powerful of Hell’s Princes. He however has few enemies because favors from Mammon can be purchased if only given the right price. Likewise several Princes owe Mammon quite a bit and he is not above waiting a few millennia to call in those debts.


Servitors of Mammon generate dissonance by losing money on any of their schemes.



The epitome of lawyers who are only in it for the money, Balseraphs serving Mammon can convince their victims that even the most foolhardy of schemes would be profitable.


Some of Mammon’s most faithful servants, Djinn servitors can tell exactly how much money a person they are attuned to has and how much his victim would like to have.


The experts of the destruction that money causes. Calabim of Mammon all have the Discord of Greedy.


Mammon’s Habbalah can use their resonance, adding their Celestial Forces, to make their victim feel as if spending money makes them happy. However the more money they spend the more the feel that they need more money to make them happy.


Mammon’s Lilim are the epitome of mistresses. They require to be lavished with gifts of fine furs, diamonds etc. However likewise they know how to get this from their men. They add their Celestial Forces to any attempt to Charm [Geas?] a victim into buying them something.


The Shedim of Mammon are the corrupters of young minds. They instill in these children that they must have the latest fashions, the newest video games, the coolest car. They may add their Celestial Forces when trying to inhabit a youth with the Discord of Greed.


These are the ones responsible for spouses swindling their mates of everything they own. Consummate thieves, Impudites often steal just as much money a day as they do essence. Impudites can add their Celestial Forces when trying to charm a victim into giving them money.



Once per day, a Servitor of Mammon can extract (from a human teller only) $100 in local currency multiplied by the Essence spent toward the attunement’s use. However, this money is taken away from someone’s account, mistakenly.


Knight of Commerce

A Knight of Mammon who makes a successful Perception roll knows exactly how much a venture will gain both Gross and Net.

Captain of Swindling

This servitor can create a document that increases the monetary value of a specific item or thing once per day. (i.e., “You want to buy these genuine moon rocks.”)

Baron of Finances

This servitor has the skill of Fast-Talk at level 6, or adds 6 to his existing skill, in any financial matters.


Allied: None
Associated: All Others
Hostile: Haagenti
Enemy: None

Mammon is hostile towards Haagenti because of the “furry little monster’s” claims that Greed falls under gluttony. However, Mammon thinks that Haagenti’s been eating too much bull s#it.


Cause someone to spend all of the money in their wallet in one place.

+1 All the change in a bank manager’s pocket
+2 A check for a frivolous item
+3 A ring made of 14 karat gold
+4 A clean five hundred dollar bill
+5 A Credit Card with a two thousand dollar limit
+6 A Gold Bar from Fort Knox

Beserker armor – collected in ic during the rp at Greed Castle.


The Berserker Armor is a cursed suit of Armor which gives the wearer incredible strength, endurance and the ability not to feel pain. It does this by allowing its users to bypass the natural subconscious limits that prevent them from injuring themselves when using their full strength. It can temporarily fix injuries by binding bleeding wounds, reinforcing broken bones, and fixing dislocated joints, piercing the flesh from within the Armor with thin barbs and spikes if required.

The Skull Knight or another person succeeding his use of the Armor didn’t stop fighting until all of his blood was spilled and all of his bones were destroyed, pierced all over by the Armor before meeting their end.

It can also cause temporary insanity, causing the wearer to enter a “berserker rage”, it was also shown to increase fear as when Guts used it to fight the Makara and was a little in control he felt that the ocean waves are swallowing him and start to see monsters surrounding while it was merely the alligators who were no longer being controlled and Guts attacked them out of fear, and rendering them incapable of distinguishing friend from foe. In the long term, it can cause chronic mental deterioration (such as the strengthening of Guts’ Inner Beast and severe physical effects as well, some of which may be permanent, such as the loss of senses.

It is believed that prolonged use of the Berserker Armor is what caused the Skull Knight to enter his current skeletal form. The Berserker Armor was originally created by Dwarves and it is hinted that there are more than one armor as Schierke said that the Dwarves liked to make this type of armors and Dhaiva recognized the armor as the Plana of Durga, which mean that the Kushan encountered such armor in the past.

It is very durable as it withstood direct attacks from forceful beings such as Grunbeld in his apostle form, and the Makara with out suffering a dent but it doesn’t guarantee the safety of the wearer as the force from such impacts can break and shatter bones, also piercing attacks prove to be more effective as it can make holes in the Armor but it should come from something powerful (e.g. Makara’s bite and the Sea God’s predatory fish’s bite) after some time the holes made on the Armor start to close or “heal” due to it being somewhat magical.

After being used by the Skull Knight, it was kept by the witch Flora for a number of years (possibly centuries or longer) before being given to Guts when she was under attack by a group of Apostles under orders from Griffith to kill her.

Intergalactic Space Port – Beyond Jupiter : TRC.


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The landing zones for starships across the galaxy. Where ship and crews go to rest, relax and repair.
On every inhabitable planet with a fully populated city, across the entire galaxy.

Aug 3 14 3:05 PM

Avalon Space Port.


Avalon Space Port.  One of the galaxies busiest ports with over 1000 ships arriving at any given day.  Massive space liners and the vast Imperial bulk crusiers were known to be either built or have their main base there.  One such ship that was docked on Raft 783 – 4 was the Asarai Class 4 battle cruiser “Orega IV”.  A ship of such magnitude that it was said to be crewed by no less than five hundred personnel.  Its Commander, was none other than Siridus Ja’Crysatal, a decorated fleet Admiral with over eighteen years service on board the Imperial ships.  Having been granted the rights to take the helm of the latest Asarai to be constructed on Avalon, he and his crew were having some much needed down time, before heading off on their next mission.

Strolling along the observation viewing deck that ran along side the Orega IV, Siridus had his hands behind his back -tapping them silently as he observed the sleek lines of his newest ship.  His second in command, Lietuenant Lordes Reece walked along beside his Commander, and noted the Admiral’s interest in the ship.

“They say they got this one completed in just over a year, Sir.”

It was hard to believe, but with the amount of technicians and machines that the Imperium employed it was little wonder.  Siridus came to a stop and turned to place his hands on the guard rail, his sea blue eyes taking in much of the ship’s sleek design.

“It’s amazing what mankind is capable of, Lordes.  Such wonders that I marvel at the craftsmanship and dedication of the Masters.”

“Indeed.”  Lordes added, his chest swelling with pride since it was going to be their job to take it on it’s maiden voyage.  He glanced at his Commander and then asked.  “Shall we go to the Rogue’s bar for a drink, before the ceremony, Sir?”  It was customary to always have the main deck crew gather for a celebration drink before launch.  Siridus offered a half smile, knowing this was the done thing.  “Give me another hour, and I shall meet you there.”  Lordes stepped back and saluted his Commander, before hot footing it to his temporary quarters to alert the other officers.

Left on his own, to take in his ship one last time, he thought to himself.  “The stars shall pale in significance to you when launch comes tommorow.  Till then…”  He released his hands from the rails, and headed down to the nearest lift that would take him to the transport docks, and from there to Rogues’ bar.


Aug 3 14 5:16 PM

Avalon Space Port

Raft # 4256

The Crusader had been docked there for over a month for repairs and refits since the last engagement with a band space pirates had heavily damaged the Quesar class 5 heavy strike cruiser. The captain of this vessel was none other then Cadeus Centiro or better known as the prowler among the imperial fleet admirals. Cadeus was sitting in the command throne of the vessel going over the reports before an officer walked up to him and spoke calmly. “Milord The refits and repairs are done…” Cadeus would smile slightly before looking up from his reports and speaking with a gravelly voice. “Good send a message to all crew dirt side to have them report back immediately. We leave in four hours.” The officer would nod before scuttling away to dispense the crew recall message to the crew of six hundred and fifty. Slowly with the sound of whirring gears the captain would stand to his full eight foot two inch tall stature before barking out to the servitors. “Prepare to disconnect from the raft when I give the word..” The servitor’s did not answer but silently complied with the order as they where lobotomized criminals sentenced to serve upon the vessels of the Imperium. Cadeus Centiro would then look around with steely grey eyes before walking off the bridge of the vessel and heading to his quarters. As he walked from the bridge his footfalls made dull thumps thanks to his ceramite battle plate that was standard issue for his kind. What was Cadeus Centiro? he was once a normal human being but now he was a genetically enhanced and altered human or better known among the populace of the Imperium an angel of death. He had served the Imperium faithfully for over 300 years to date seeing much combat and space warfare.

~four hours later~

With the crew aboard The Crusader would disengage from the raft before powering away slowly with her plasma drives burning bright. It wasn’t long before the monolithic ship reached it’s departure point and its warp drives powered up. Once the warp drive’s began to power up the gellar field crackled into existence and wreathed the ship in a protective bubble so that the warp travel would not damage the ship. Then in a blink of an eye The crusader jetted forward and was gone into the warp as it travelled to its next destination where ever it may be.


Aug 8 14 1:57 AM

Rogue’s Bar – Avalon Space Port.


Rogue’s Bar.


One of the last rites of any Imperial crew was to go and have a drink at Rogue’s bar if they were docked at Avalon.  A popular drinking hole for all walks of space traveller or officer, it was a true mix of what the galaxy had to offer.  From bounty hunters and traders, officers and some of Avalon’s cyber bots; it was where you went to gamble, drink….or just plain forget.  The docks shuttle bus cruised on up to the main entrance stairwell, that was illuminated with a purplish fluro lighting.  Holographic scenes from the major Junko corporation flashed wild insignias and asian girls in all too tight uniforms plugged the latest fad drink or new music video.  Everything on Avalon had a price tag.  Only thing was, could you afford it.

Siridus stepped off the hovering shuttle and onto the crowded sidewalk.  Patrons to Rogue’s were spilling out onto the upper floor balconys.  No doubt he would find his flight crew here.  Pulling smartly on the edges of his jacket, he strode up the stairs, passed the watchful eyes of the Geisha good girls.  Dressed in doll like dresses and with painted faces and over done make up.  So extreme.  Couldn’t girls just look their age?  That is what Siridus always wondered.  Half of them were probably underage.  Seeing a man in such a high ranking uniform, many stepped back to allow him passage into the main doors of the bar.


“Commander!”  From within the crowd, a single arm was upstretched and waving at Siridus to try and gain his attention.  It was none other than his navigation officer Preta Dominqure’.  She was dressed in her full military suit, complete with bars on her sleeves.  Her platinum blonde hair cropped into a fashionable, yet neat style, that came down just to rest on her shoulders.  “Thought you weren’t going to make it, Sir.”  Pushing past a few lower officers, she came up alongside the Commander as he took a seat at the bar.  She checked her wrist comm for the time and then smiled.  “Checking on your new favourite lady?”  That was how they regarded the ships, as it was something of an inside joke with how the Commander had gone over every stage of her construction.  Siridus lifted a finger to the bar keep, who was quick to pour him a scotch and dry, setting it down on a small metal disk in front of him.  The Commander took up the glass and tipped it slightly; the ice cubes clinking against the side of the glass in a swirl of the amber coloured fluid.  “Aye…and she is in perfect shape, Preta.”  The Commander was on a first name basis with his navigation officer, since they had done four tours before on their older ship; the Nakora V.  That ship had been decommissioned, and was doing bulk haulage to the outer system.  Nothing in the Imperials control was ever wasted.

Preta smiled to see the Commander in such good spirits.  She knew what this new command meant to him.  Glancing around at the other patrons, she could see that their crew was having the time of their lives.  Dancing and hitting on the Geisha girls.  ~You’re only young once.~  She thought to herself, taking a sip of her lime coloured cocktail.  It was no secret that she had an eye for the Commander, but he seemed to be always distracted.  Once he got on the helm of his latest ship, he was strictly business.  That was how he liked it.  All for the Imperium.


Imperial Shuttle Bay #64 – Avalon Space Port.

Imperial Shuttle XER-781

“Estimated arrival to dock at Avalon is in fifteen minutes, Lieutenant.”  The navigational officer reported, as the Imperial shuttle was now entering the planet’s atmosphere.  Watching from her command chair, the Lieutenant surveyed the holographic images that appeared on screens to the right of her chair. It had been a long journey from the Iscara system and with the Ambassador wanting updates every hour, the Lieutenant was more than relieved to be at the end of the flight.  Rising from her chair she instructed the crew.  “Ensure the shuttle bay are ready to receive.  After the Ambassador and her cargo are delivered safe and sound, you are all entitled to four days of RnR.”  This announcement brought about a cheer from the crew, who were all looking forward to the spoils and delights that Avalon had to offer.  The Lieutenant gave a half smile, before heading to the Ambassador’s quarters.  As she passed through the sensored doors, they parted with a light hush as the pressure changed, and allowed Lieutenant Nyra to head down the corridor.  This was her tenth trip to Avalon, which usually were diplomatic runs.  This one however was different.  Little did her crew know the importance behind this mission.  Wearing the regal mauve suit that defined her rank, she cut a svelte figure; her hair was cropped short to the nape of her neck.  Ebony tresses always brushed to perfection, that gave off a strange hue as she passed underneath the artificial lighting of the ship.

Approaching the Ambassador’s door, Nyra came up to the assigned guards that were stationed just outside.  The Ambassador was guarded around the clock, for reasons that would become clear.  Stepping before the pair, the Lieutenant snapped her heels together and stood arms at her sides.  “I have come to inform the Ambassador that we are about…”  Just as she was making her presence known, a voice was heard from inside.  “No need for the formalities, Nyra.  Come in.”  The two guards stood aside as the doors opened.  The Lieutenant pulled smartly upon her jacket and made her way into the Ambassador’s quarters.  Once the door closed behind her, the Lieutenant grinned.

Standing at the viewing port dressed in what was a black tight fitting suit baring the crest of her family on her collar was the Ambassador.  She had her hands behind her with her fingers interlocked while she observed the beauty of Avalon as they continued their descent.


“It is even more beautiful than I could have ever imagined, Nyra.”

“Indeed it is, your Highness.”

Smirking as the Ambassador heard Nyra use a royal term, the diminutive woman turned slightly.  Her teal coloured hair falling like a veil from her shoulders as she encountered her dearest friend.  “I thought we agreed that you would not use that phrase, Nyra.  People could get suspicious.”  A chime of laughter was heard as Nyra glanced downward, but still kept a smile upon her face.  The Lieutenant couldn’t help herself now that they were speaking so casually.  “Forgive me, but is it not my duty to show respect or risk being sent to the mining stations of Quara?”  Again the Imperial Princess laughed.  “Somehow I can’t imagine you mining for Zorox, Nyra.”  The Lieutenant raised her head and now watched as Aranel approached her dear friend.  With a delicate hand she reached out to touch the Lietenant’s cheek.  Her jade coloured irises locking on those of the Lieutenant.  “I shall never forget what you have done for me.  I am sure when they realize I am gone, that there will be some sort of inquiry, however a girl’s got to do, what a girl’s got to do.” Aranel lowered her hand as the Lieutenant blushed slightly.  Nyra couldn’t help but voice her concern.  “And your Father?”  At the mention of her Father, Aranel shrugged her shoulders.  “He has more to worry about than me, I assure you.  I heard his latest concubine had run off with some..”  Aranel twirled her right hand in a non chalant fashion, before continuing.  “..dark Lord of Trata….or something.”  The Lieutenant rolled her eyes and then sighed.  Her wrist comm chimed, and Nyra ran her finger over the device.  “Docking in two minutes, Lieutenant.”  It was the bridge.  “Right, I’ll be there.”  She signed off, and turned her attentions back to Aranel.  “I have assigned a crew to help you get your possessions on board the Orega IV once we have landed safely.”  At this, the Lieutenant took her leave and returned to the front of the ship, leaving Aranel to her thoughts.  Her dreams of being part of the crew of the Orega were about to come true.  Question was, were the crew ready for Aranel?


Ellen, YOU are HIL- A-RIOUS!


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On Ellen earlier this week, Minaj kept a jokingly terrified look on her face the whole time she — along with the studio audience — was viewing the clip, but DeGeneres is clearly pleased with the finished project. And who could blame her? As Minaj concludes, “Ellen, you are hilarous.”


Indeed she was.  This was fantastic as was Nicki’s reaction.  ❤

Medical Bay (1) – A Fallen Mansion.


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Will Quinn be cured from her happenings, or can the Caretaker take her memories away?

Re: Medical Bay
August 23, 2014 11:18PM
It was a good thing they tied her down when they did. Quinn gave another low growl, forced to live her memories as they’d put her under. She struggled against the bindings, the leather biting at her skin. With one jerk of her hands the whole bed shook and jumped a bit – the bounds on her hands loosened a bit, but those in the room with her were lucky the metal holding the binds to the bed didn’t rip off as well. She hadn’t pulled nearly as strongly as should could have.

Now her breath would come at an abnormally fast rate as her heart sped up along with it. Eyes moving rapidly below their lids, she’d grit her teeth.

Silence and stillness for a moment… Snarls suddenly ripped from her vocal cords, pushing through her teeth to be heard in the air around her for all those in the room. Her shoulders pressed into the mattress as she arched her back, veins pulsing in her forearms and then disappearing entirely from view as her hair lit itself fully.

The burning mass she called hair would not set anything ablaze, but hell was it terrifying.

Please! Not yet!” The man screamed as Quinn moved towards him. Her paws thundered on the floor in his house — he was overdue to go, and her patience was worn thin. Head hunched and shoulder fur raised, she crawled forwards.. her tail was low, ears flat as she stifled herself from chuffing at him. Everything tried to plead with her, it was amusing.

Get away from him, dog!” His wife screamed. The sound of a gun cocking. Pain in her side, blackness, and she was back into the underworld.

With a growl Quinn paced back and forth. They could keep her at bay as they had for awhile, but when she came back there would be hell. Raising her head a howl let loose, loud enough for him to hear from the depths below. She would have him.

Quinn’s back had since relaxed, her lip twitching on one side as she nearly bared her teeth. Head pressing into the pillow she let loose a low and somber howl, lasting a full and long 15 seconds or so.

This noise was a warning, a chilling noise that gave goosebumps to all that heard.. it brought the feeling of paranoia, of.. death. The whole medical wing would hear, if not beyond to half the mansion. The doctor in the room would hear it as though it was in his ear and she was beside him. Even the nurses, through her loud chatter, could clearly hear the noise as it cut through all. Silence could be heard in response, uneasy. Fearful.

She returned to his home, now treading silently and invisible. Patience was at a zero..

Nice job, babe, that shou–” A scream as strong jaws clamped on his leg, yanking him out of his chair with a large thud onto the ground. Pinning him, Quinn clawed at his skin as she reached towards his red soul with her muzzle and brutally ripped it from his body. He went limp as she became visible, the woman screaming annoyingly with shock.

Riley!” Her voice was a sob as she held up the gun to shoot once more… “No! I’ll end you!

With one leap Quinn knocked the woman onto her back, tearing into her skin, taking off full limbs with her powerful jaws as claws ripped off skin, blood and cloth splattering everywhere..

So much blood..

Quinn jerked the bed’s latches stronger this time, crying out in humanly pain. The squeak of the metal as it was pulled forwards was quite startling, even more so as she was able to slightly move her arms. She’d loosened the hold of metal to metal with her strength.

Re: Medical Bay
August 24, 2014 05:59PM
The Medical Bay – Doctor Hauser’s Office

Humming to himself, the Doctor goes to a large brown cabinet that is on the far wall of his office. He can hear the sound of metal being torn coming from Quinn’s room and this could mean only one thing, that the restraints that Nurse Fifi had fitted are probably going to give way. The Doctor had a risky situation. If the woman was to wake in the state she was in, not only was she a threat to the hospital ward, the staff and the patients but possibly those that inhabited the rest of the mansion. The Doctor whistled as he took off his stethoscope and then started to put on a cream colored safari outfit along with matching hat. He looked like someone that had just stepped out of the pages of a safari in Africa. Now, you might be wondering why a Doctor would suddenly dress this way…right?

Pulling out a large elephant gun, he then took a belt of tranquilizer darts and threaded them across his chest, before giving his hat a light tap.

A quick glance in the mirror as he loaded the first dart into the gun, he then spun on his heel and went to amble out into the foyer of the medical bay. Setting himself up behind a turned over couch, he lay in wait for when Quinn broke free. He didn’t alert the Nurse…or the Giant and other creature, simply because he thought surprise would be a good element if Quinn turned into an unleashed demon from hell’s gates.


Re: Medical Bay
August 24, 2014 07:42PM
“Ow..” Her eyes burned. Her head, it was overflowing with new memories that she couldn’t process and the pressure was phenomenal… and she was strapped down. Blinking, she gazed around the room at the gorilla and a missing Mason, Douglas at the foot of her bed. “Have I awoken to a circus? Because I don’t recall signing up for the knife throwing act.” A slight glare as she jerked her arms upwards, ripping metal from metal.

She began to undo the leather straps, then, sitting up and turning to have her legs dangle — well, they would have dangled if she was short enough — off the side of the bed. The gorilla looked at her fearfully, but moved forwards to restrain her. “Don’t.” Quinn held out a hand, glaring as her hair slowly unlit itself. “I’m in no mood.”

Her angered… murderous… expression fell quickly as she looked at Douglas, appearing more sad than anything else. “Doug, I really need a hug.” This was no trick. As she’d seen all these horrible things, realized she was abused and abandoned.. she’d suddenly become a hell of a lot lonelier.

Wait, speaking of.. where was the doctor? The memories instilled something into her.. they made her feel strange. Different, even. “Doug.. I’m scared.” Yes. Scared of herself.

Re: Medical Bay
August 24, 2014 07:55PM
The Medical Bay

Where was the Doctor? This was a very good question. The Gorilla, Fifi, well she knew but wasn’t about to let that on to the girl that just broke the metal of the ward bed. Quinn was sitting up and undoing the leather straps like nothing had happened, but of course it had.

The Gorilla nurse made a face as the girl warned her not to make a move or try to restrain her again. Apparently, she was not in the mood. Douglas the Giant was watching how Quinn seemed to come around from her comatozed state and was half worried to touch the girl, since the Doctor had also warned that she should not be touched.

How quickly the vile and menacing expression changed when she looked at the Giant as though she had just come to realize that something HAD happened. Quinn stated she needed a hug….and it was right at this moment that the door to the ward burst open and there was the Doctor, dressed in his safari suit.

Cocking the gun and pointing it at the patient, he asked in a low growl.

“I’ll be the judge of that. FIFI…did you undo the restraints?’

The Gorilla shook her head from side to side, as the Giant interjected. “What in blazes are ya doin’, pointing that bee bee gun at the lass for?” He was half shocked that the Doctor had gone to such extreme measures. To make matters worse, he stepped into the line of fire, and held up his hand.

“You out of your mind?!”

Those…were the last words that the Giant would say as the Doctor fired a tranquilizer dart right into Douglas’s neck. The affect was immediate.

“Well that was uncalled…foooooooo….” The Giant then slumped to the floor, snoring away as he had been put to sleep. With the Giant now out of action, the Doctor again raised his gun at Quinn. The Doctor was clearly more insane than some patients.

“Now…either you get back on that bed so you can be restrained….or I pull the trigger.”


Re: Medical Bay
August 24, 2014 08:52PM
“I’ll just break them again.” Quinn glared at the doctor, locking her jaw as her hair began to light itself into a mass of flames. Something wasn’t right within her, something had been stirred. As she looked at the gorilla, then the doctor again she suddenly tilted her head. “Wait. Doesn’t this seem odd to you? For god’s sake, man. You’re in a fucking safari suit! This gorilla is purple!”

And she then determined that she must be, there was no way she wasn’t, dreaming. This was all some terrible nightmare that fluctuated between hardcore-deathhunt and Doctor Loony and Friends.

“Yeah, you know, this is a dream, so I’m just going to leave now.” Quinn stood her full towering height — good luck to him restraining her unless it was against Douglas, because if she fell he likely wouldn’t be able to lifter her back up. “Yeah, nope. No way that this insane shit is actually real.”

(-wrecking ball-)

Re: Medical Bay
August 24, 2014 10:13PM
The Medical Bay

“Yes, this is a dream. This whole house….is nothing but a figment of your imagination. Of my…imagination.”

The Doctor stepped towards her, the gun still raised. What Quinn didn’t know, was that the Doctor was just as disturbed as she would have been from regaining some of her memories. His voice had a strange edge to it as he stared her down through the scope. “I have treated…dragons. Dragons…do not exist in the other world. They are nothing but fabled creatures, legends…..and yet I have had to treat them. You ask…why is there a Purple gorilla? Why shouldn’t there be, when this entire place goes against all sense of logic. Everything, I ever knew to be true….is not. So…”

He lowered his gun slightly as he stepped up onto the Giant that was laid out on the floor after being shot.

“The episode you had. The one where we had to restrain you. Care to reveal what you…really are? Then I might…just let you out of here. But if you don’t….and I think you are a threat to the rest of the Mansion populace…then I will sedate you.”


Re: Medical Bay
August 25, 2014 02:11AM
“I already told you what I am.” Quinn completely ignored every word he spoke before that. Too confusing for a hurting head to contemplate — already the pain was slowly increasing. “I’m a hellhound.” Would you like a demonstration? She stood taller than he, even when he was standing on her giant friend. “Either way, I’m probably a threat, Doc.”

And she wasn’t wrong — keeping her awake without calling Ophelia was growing dangerous by the moment. Soon she’d be a completely different person, if her memories were allowed to flood her past. “Wanna hear the best part, Doc?” As he looked at her curiously a sadistic grin formed onto her lips. “We’re all dead.” Three very powerful words, but they were true. “I saw myself die.”

She tapped a finger to her temple, tilting her head at him. “I do think the caretaker’s appropriate for this situation, hmm? Because I really don’t intend to stay here longer, even if I have to go through you.” The words came from her, they sounded like her.. but these were not Quinn’s. The monster inside of her had been let loose through Ophelia’s absence.

Re: Medical Bay
August 25, 2014 07:43AM
The Medical Bay

Words said in a rush. Only three but they carried a great deal of weight. “We’re all dead.”The power behind these words and the further explanation that she saw herself died meant that her past life had shown itself as she had gone through the happening, just like the Giant had said. Quinn was now at full height and showing a menacing, evil grin. It was almost like she was taunting – baiting him. The Doctor watched on with a heavy set brow, while Quinn tapped her nose, knowing that if the caretaker didn’t come soon, that the situation was going to become dire.

He could shoot her with the dart and put her out again, but would that halt the onset of whatever creature lurked beneath her human like exterior? A Hell hound. Fanciful at best, but you had to remember that this Mansion had many a creature that you would only read about in books.

By now the noises and carry on had brought about a swag of nurses that all careened into the medical bay on alert to a dangerous situation. Quinn threatened that she had no intentions of staying longer and she would go through him if that is what it took. Glancing quickly over his shoulder to one of the nurses, he sung out.

“Get the Caretaker here….NOW!”

The nurse ran to the nursing station and put an emergency call through to the care taker’s office, while in the ward it was a tense standoff between Quinn and the Doctor. But beneath the Doctor, Douglas the Giant was rousing from the tranquilizer dart. His sudden movement caused the Doctor to lose his balance, falling backwards with the gun going off into the ceiling. Was this an opportunity for Quinn to make a run for it?


Re: Medical Bay
August 25, 2014 10:18AM
It was rare that Ophelia ever had to go to the Medical Bay. For one thing, she hardly got injured because the mansion was normally peaceful as could be, and for another she knew that most of the staff preferred not to be checked on. They were independent and could very well handle most situations. But as she had landed outside the mansion, her wings folding against themselves and back behind her shoulder blades, she took a moment to lean against the wall and inhale deeply. The mansion was responding to her exhaustion. The residents would not notice it, but there was a tremor so slight that only one who was connected to the place could feel the shift, the uneasy shaking of the realm.
Yes. She was going to skin Willum alive if he made it to the afterlife.
Inside the hallways she made it to the Medical Bay about forty-five seconds after the initial call for help and stood in the doorway, knowing exactly what she’d find on the other side. Chaos. A raging Quinn perhaps, a sarcastic doctor, gentle giant. She’d been late to retrieve the blocked memories from Quinn and she wasn’t sure she regretted the decision. To be honest a fuming Hellhound dimmed in light of an Undead army, but still was troublesome and made her worry.
Walking inside, and yet blocking the door, the Caretaker was met with Larry on the ground and a dart in the ceiling and Quinn standing there like she owned the place. Not in the mood. She was not in the mood. The angel was running dangerously low on mercy.
“Quinn.” She said like she was scolding a child. “Let’s not ruin the nice Medical Bay and let’s not harm the doctors and friends who, I’m assuming, were trying to help you. If you give me your hand it’ll be over. If you don’t it wouldn’t be good for our…friends or you or me. Remember, we’ve done this before. I’m trying to help you and to make the pain go away. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have let this happen to you. It’s my fault.”
Ophelia extended a hand to the Hell hound all the while looking at Quinn with a straight face. Just end it. Please. Another fight would be troublesome, and this time there wasn’t the lovely outdoors, but a confined space in the heart of the mansion.

Re: Medical Bay
August 25, 2014 11:19AM

Voryn’s image began to flicker and fade into existence, the space around his figure distorted and blurred. Eventually the image would become solid, his presence now completely within the room. He turned his head slowly, examining the room and it’s inhabitants thoroughly. None of the beings within the room mattered to him other than Ophelia, the one he was out to kill. The issue in the cemetery had been rather amusing to watch, though he was a little disappointed that he couldn’t join in.

As he stepped forward into the room, he began to tinker and toy with the various objects in the room. It was obviously some kind of medical facility, which made him a bit curious as to why Ophelia was here in the first place. “Ahh…Now I see.” His voice was calm, no hint of violence or aggression present. “A dog on the loose? Ophelia…you seem to be quite sloppy at handling these kinds of situations.” And then there was the look. His crimson colored eyes, locked onto Ophelia, clearly craving destruction. “Shall I handle it?” As he spoke his Katana phased into existence in his left hand, while his lips curled into a viscous looking smirk.

He really only wanted to kill Ophelia, but he wouldn’t mind slaughtering someone else in the meantime. Though, he seriously doubted that Ophelia would allow him to do such a thing, not that he really needed her permission. As he stood there and stared at Ophelia, he began to twirl his blade about casually, while leaning his body up against the nearest wall. “In case you haven’t figured it out…I’m aware of what you did…you sneaky little memory thief.” The main reason for mentioning this was to make the others in the room question what he had said. Memory thief. Surely they would find this to be…interesting.




Re: Medical Bay
August 25, 2014 05:51PM
Inside of the Medical Bay was a major problematic situation occurring. At least four people were in the place at once which was pretty rare in this area specifically, as, in this Mansion most had some ability to rejuevenate themselves and thus did not actually need any type of outside help. A few times though there would be this many people, but definitely none who would be prepared to fight. That went against the very purpose of this room, meant to heal others.. Now it was madness induced, Blitz was idle the entire time, because none of it interested him and received not even an ounce of his concern. So long as no one was directly hurt in front of him there was no need for his intervention.. The Demigod almost burst into laughter when he witnessed the Giant get laid out before the powerful tranquilizer dart that the doctor had fired. It was hilarious to hear that Giant talk, only to be cut off by the Doctor and suddenly silenced. That one would not be up for awhile and acknowledging that he now knew that he would have to do something..

At least he would have begun to but then the nurses, all moving on the Doctor’s orders had assembled and left to retrieve Ophellia, the all-powerful Caretaker here. Catering to all these types of individuals must have been straining, visibly clear when the trembling around the Mansion ensued. So small that he barely felt it even with his supernatural sense of touch. With her showing up he felt the situation here was already resolved, after all that woman stopped him before. That alone dwarfed this he felt and merely folded his arms as he sat back in a chair just a few medical wards down from where everything had seemed to be happening.

“Lousy ass patients..” He said casually as he merely observed for now without real interest. His attention almost fell on the other two when another signature of life entered the room through unnatural means. A feat which had perfectly served to attract this man’s eyes.. Blitz looked over at that new being as he slowly formed and eventually found his way fully inside the room. He spoke only meaningful words, which captured Blitz’ full attention. What was all this about memory stealing..? His mind began working rapidly.

Re: Medical Bay
August 25, 2014 08:58PM
As she considered running, Ophelia then appeared. Quinn’s expression fell at each word – Ophelia saw right through her, and knew that there were two sides of the coin called ‘Quinn,’ the murderous one in her past, and the fun-loving one she was now. When the both combined in one form, there was no mix, just times where heads showed and times when tails did. “I’m.. sorry, I just.. I can’t make it stop. Help me.” A pained look formed on her face as she began to lift her hand..

And then Voryn appeared, her eyes widening as he began to step forwards.. Gone. Quinn flickered from view, invisible to all. She’d been scared and confused to begin with. Too many people brought forwards too many emotions and thus.. panic. Memory thief, indeed. That was precisely what the hellhound needed – the fact no one else knew that Ophelia took away memories was actually a bit shocking.

Then again, most of them didn’t need a monthly appointment. Running through Ophelia, Quinn burst out of the medical bay with a terrible headache and a clenching feeling in her gut.

I shouldn’t have ran, she could have helped me.. But I don’t need help, I’m fine. I’m strong. I know who I am, now.

She needed peace. She needed to be alone. And so she ran then, a desperate burn of tears in her eyes as her head felt pressure, to the one place she knew none could find her, unless they understood her, due to its dark nature.

(TC. Probably to cellar or Forest.)

Re: Medical Bay
August 25, 2014 09:14PM
The Medical Bay

Lying flat on his back with the elephant gun pointed skywards, the Doctor let out a loud “Ow…” sound as the Giant known as Douglas came around to see that the Medical bay and Quinn’s ward in particular had filled to overflowing with people. Anger – a flash of which appeared in his eyes, when he heard Quinn’s cry was totally to be expected. Quinn after all was his one and only friend in this hell hole of a Mansion. Starting to right himself, he reached up towards his neck and then yanked out the dart that was stuck hard into his flesh. Staring at it in his hand he then turned his attention to the fallen medic.

“You bleeding ass. You shot me! You shot me as if you were on safari. You insufferable Jessy!”

The Giant reached across and snatched the elephant gun off the frightened Doctor, who was having to deal not only with Quinn, but now a whole room filled with people. Taking the gun with both hands, the Giant easily snapped it in two, much like you would snap a twig. Douglas tossed the two ends on the floor and bolted to standing.

Quinn by this stage had rejected the Caretaker’s gesture outright. He could only see her pained expression before she vanished from view – becoming invisible to all and making a run for it. All anyone saw was the light swinging of doors and the force of air from her rapid movement.

Slapping his hand to his forehead, Douglas glared at Ophelia and shouted “Now what you made her do?” His voice heavy with his Scottish accent. “None of ya fooks understand the poor lassy!” Having said his piece, the kilt wearing ginger haired giant stormed out of the ward and took off after Quinn, though that would probably have him hunting the house and grounds to find her.

The moment the Giant was out of the room, the Doctor rose to his feet and picked up the remnants of what was his gun. He wasn’t overly happy about the anarchy that had descended upon the medical lab, and now with a crowd gathered and a missing patient, this was going to make for one hell of a report.

Doctor Hauser walked up to Ophelia and said bluntly. “The patient remembers. Unlike the rest of us.”

It was true. Even the Doctor had no inkling of what had happened to him prior to winding up in the house of horrors. Motioning to Nurse Fifi, the two left the ward, with the Nurse returning to the nurses station to order a new bed, and Doctor Hauser having to file a report into the events that had transpired. How he hated paperwork.


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Re: Medical Bay
August 26, 2014 09:20AM
For the love of all things Holy…Of all the people to show up Voyrn was the one who decided to make a dramatic appearance? Honestly. Could the Lord above not see her turmoil? Could he not give her a second of rest? Could things really not go her way just once?
As she glanced at him, watching him brandish a katana and talking nonsense. She visibly rolled her eyes and sighed as if he was the most annoying pest in the world. Looking at Douglas as he ran off after a scared Quinn she looked to the ceiling. Why. At the doctor’s words she nodded simply. Perhaps Quinn would just have to understand who she was. Perhaps it was best. Her memory wouldn’t be whole because of what Ophelia had already taken over the course of her stay, but it was no use running from herself. Maybe the pain would be worth something.
The first action she did was walk to the office and run a hand through her chocolate locks, nodding to the doctor.
“I apologize for the chaos. Your equipment will be replaced.” The angel paused. “And thank you, honestly.” Somehow she assumed the thanks would be brushed off with an overly sarcastic comment about her abilities or something, but she didn’t have time and just nodded, as if finishing her statement, and walked towards the door, pausing as she saw Voyrn was still about. For fucks sake. The fear that had gripped her earlier was gone, not that she wasn’t expecting him to go through with his little plan, but she just didn’t have time to deal with his attitude.
She seemed to disappear only to snap back into existence, her armored hand arched backwards as she went to slap Voyrn across the left cheek with all her might, using the momentum of the little flash step to aid her speed and strength. If the slap connected a harsh crack could be heard from the contact, the ‘attack’ being dished out in half a heartbeat.
“Is your ass jealous of the amount of shit that just came out of your mouth? I don’t have time for your angst riddled teenage nonsense Voyrn.” Ophelia said standing in front of him a mere handful of inches away, a pointed finger nudging upwards with every word she said. “If you want to kill me that’s fine. You’re more than welcome to, as I’ve already said, however I need you to not drag innocents into our little quarrel and step outside and go wait like a good pup. I’m flattered you’d go to such lengths as to stalk me, you’re so sweet, but I’m a little bit too busy to even bother. As cute as it is to listen to you try and talk about shit you don’t understand I think I’ll keep intelligent company for a bit longer before gracing you with my presence…” The angel smiled sweetly and went to turn around and leave the room, half expecting to get stabbed in the back right there. But that would be fine, she supposed, at least her energy wouldn’t be wasted fighting a losing battle.
Then again this was Voyrn. Violence? Anger? Most likely the reply. A cool and swift retort, that’d be amusing and she wouldn’t even stop her departure, wouldn’t even bless him with a glance over the shoulder or another word. The conversation was done, left hanging in the air, any words he spoke would fall on deaf ears, her concentration was elsewhere. She’d already heard his threats. She highly doubted anything would surprise her after that whole thing. If he really wanted to fight right then, she’d have no choice.

~TC Ophelia~

Re: Medical Bay
August 26, 2014 10:16AM

Voryn watched Ophelia walk away away from him to speak with one of the residents, she seemed to ignore him, as most of the others in the room did. It made no difference to him whether or not he was noticed, for the only person he was here for was Ophelia. As much as she wanted to ignore him, she simply couldn’t. His thoughts were proven correct when she decided to do something rather bold, if not completely stupid.

She phased towards him, only to appear in front of him and slap him across the face. Her movements required no effort to follow, so dodging it or simply killing her then and there was very much a possibility. He decided against it though, and let her hand connect with his cheek. Upon impact his head nudged to the side very slightly, but his eyes remained locked onto her. It was quite clear that it was nothing to him, though he knew it wasn’t her full strength. Instead of getting angry or straight up slapping her back, he began to chuckle lightly, eventually breaking out into a full on laugh. Her little rant did nothing but make him laugh harder. “My my my! Ophelia! What foul language! Hardly befitting of a lady like you!” He was actually having trouble stopping his little fit of laughter, until of course she began to walk away.

His laughter slowly died down as his weapon disappeared, and he began to clap his hands together rather loudly. “Killing you is going to be fun! Tormenting you though…it’s even better!” At the rate this was going, he would simply drag out his little issue with her, and instead make a mess of any and all plans she may have. As he watched her obviously leaving the room, he looked over at the other beings around him, simply giving them a light wave. “Little miss potty mouth angel has some diiiirty secrets, you should all ask her about them sometime.” Why not stir up a little controversy? Watching other residents turn against her would be almost as fun as tormenting her personally. With that said and done, his image began to fade and blur, similarly to the way he appeared, until he was gone. Destination unknown.

Re: Medical Bay
August 26, 2014 02:09PM
His eyes were widened with all the sudden power fluxes and then exits. He didn’t think Quinn’s wrath would go out like that and then even more so that the Caretaker allowed her to escape. He wasn’t sure what to do with tha sight, or the information he’d just gotten from that man, who faded into the room then back out. It was a much faster version of Clout’s teleportation in terms of activation, but the actual transportation left him present for sometime after it’s activation. Blitz noted that in case he ever came to blows with that man, the thought alone gave him chills. That guy seemed really powerful, to openly challenge Ophellia and not be dealt with. It was exciting to see physical proof of worthy interest in this otherwise boring mansion.

When the others left he saw no one to even heal here and thus could move about freely for awhile. His first move was out the door and off elsewhere.

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Medical Bay – A Fallen Mansion.


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The Medical Bay in the Fallen Mansion is just as creepy as the rest of the House.  It’s resident Doctor on Call is Doctor Larry Hauser – one mean son of a bitch.

Re: Medical Bay
August 22, 2014 06:59PM
Medical Bay

The double swinging doors flew open as a disgruntled and shabby looking man in a white lab coat trundled into the Medical bay holding an arm full of folders and walking with the aid of a cane. The cane came in handy when he wanted to knock on a door, or use it to flip someone up if they happen to be in his way.

Doctor Larry Hauser was now on his rostered shift.

Grumbling he ambled over to the nurses station, which of course was not manned. Not like the nurses in this hell hole of a Mansion had any sense of responsibility. Probably all hiding in the staff lounge and catching up on the gossip from the lewd goings on on the third floor. Seriously, the mansion was a hot bed of sex and debauchery. No doubt there would be a flood of patients at any moment with requests for treatment for STD’s and erectile dysfunction.

Slamming down the pile of files on the desk of the unmanned nurses station, the Good Doctor with the bad bedside manner continued on his way into his office and then slammed the door shut behind him.

His office was his sanctuary away from the cretins that the mansion. Here, he could sit and ponder the very reason of why he found himself to be in this mansion. Every waking moment he asked himself the same thing.

What on God’s earth did he do to deserve this….incarceration in a mad house of creatures and beings that in his previous world simply didn’t exist.

Sliding open his desk drawer, he took out a bottle of pills he had prescribed to himself and flipped open the cap. Shaking out two white pills, he threw his head back and tossed the pills into his mouth. Closing his eyes, he waited for them to take affect.


Re: Medical Bay
August 22, 2014 08:36PM
Mason smiled as it was a sense of humor watching the giant roar. As the giant sped off Mason caught up carrying his bag under his shoulder as he moved at blinding speeds. Jumping clear over broken tree bark, flashily sliding over impending boulders in the way, spinning out of the way of trees making it fun he was not sure but seemed to be racing to finish. Thinking while they both ran his face when blank remembering but still not grasping his frog analogy. Shaking off the random thought he sped along as they finally made their way to the medical bay. It seemed as if it was a foot race as they were on par with each others speed racing up the steps and bursting into the room fell back allowing Douglas to enter first with Quinn he called out to anyone within ears reach of listening “We need medical attention! If you hear me get a doctor!” Letting his emotions get the best of him he didn’t care as it all to help save this woman’s life.

Re: Medical Bay
August 22, 2014 09:01PM
The Medical Bay

The Giant kicked open the double swing doors with his right foot, causing a din throughout the hush of the Medical bay. If any patients were sleeping, they were in for a rude awakening. In behind him, Mason was bringing up the rear, shouting out for anyone who was listening that they had a patient that needed medical attention.

Within his office, Doctor Hauser was leaning back in his leather office chair, tossing a ball when he heard the crash of the doors followed by the whine of another voice begging for treatment. The Doctor waited to hear the sound of soft soled shoes. The nurses…right? Sure they would be on hand. As he continued to listen it was clear that there was no back up staff and Larry groaned as he pushed himself up and out of his chair, tossing his ball behind him. Grabbing his cane with his right hand, he limped towards the door and then pushed it open, before poking his head out.

“This is a medical bay, not a rave.” He pulled a face before seeing the towering form of Douglas holding the unconscious girl.“Fall off your beanstalk, buddy?” The Doctor emerged from his office and then gestured with his cane to one of the wards for Quinn to be taken into.

“Let’s get her on a bed so I can assess her injuries.” The Doctor went to wash his hands, while Douglas ducked under the door frame and took Quinn into the room. A bed was ready for her and he lay the girl down gently on the crisp white sheets.

Doctor Hauser then approached the girl, and took out a small pen torch, before opening one of her eye lids and flashing the light in to see if there was movement of her pupil or change to her iris size. Flicking the light on and off, he hummed to himself, before looking back at the pair.

“One of you want to give me a heads up to what I am looking at here? She catch sight of you rubbing one out in the gardens?”

The Doctor was not one for a good bed side manner.


Re: Medical Bay
August 22, 2014 09:16PM
Mason caught glimpse of the doctor who seemed to not be in the best mood. But who could blame him? Being in a medical bay all the time can force you to have quite the irritable attitude. Acknowledging that he disregarded his remark about his voice in such a place. As he followed them to a quick room it seemed as if she was in good hands strangely as the doctor didn’t seem to give a rats ass. Looking as the doctor examined her and was rude once again he looked up at Douglas saying “He’d have a better clear description. He seemed to know what to do as it happened.” Leading Douglas into the conversation giving him the spotlight to explain to the doctor and himself just what exactly just happened.

Re: Medical Bay
August 22, 2014 09:47PM
The Medical Bay

The Doctor glanced at Mason, who didn’t have much of a clue as to what had happened to Quinn. The Giant held well back, already looking a bit seedy from the strange hospital smell. Truth was, Douglas was not one for modern technology or the smell of disinfectant. The Doctor pocketed his pen light and then undid part of Quinn’s blouse so that he could place down the stethoscope and see what her heart was doing.

“Well, Mister Giant?’

“IT’S DOUGLAS!” The giant was getting sick of being called Mister Giant all the time, like being a Giant didn’t give him right to have a first name. The Doctor blinked and then said in a calm voice. “Doug. Want to tell me what you know of this girl’s medical history?’

Shifting uneasily, as he was getting light headed from the smell. Coughing, the Giant then spoke.

“She gets these…happenings. Or so she calls it. Pain…really bad in her head and then, she gets glimpses of her memory….You know….before being caught in here.”

Now this was interesting, especially for the Doctor who himself had wondered just how on earth he ended up in the Mansion. He turned his head back to Quinn, and furrowed his brow. If she had found a way to tap into the part of her mind that allowed her to relive her past life, this might be a break through for not only her….but so many others.

“And these happenings…what does she do?”

“Well, she always smiles beforehand which I find kinda odd. Then she goes all rigid like. Screams a lot then faints.”

The Doctor tapped his chin as he regarded the girl thoughtfully. He was very interested to hear what she would have to say when she woke up. Her vitals all appeared to be normal, but that was not to say she wouldn’t have a relapse. With a grim expression he watched her breath in and out slowly. How long would it take before she woke up?


Re: Medical Bay
August 22, 2014 10:16PM
Not very long. Quinn was never out for long with these things, but they would be somewhat frequent until Ophelia took the memories from her. If she’d gotten them as a whole they wouldn’t be as damaging, but small flashes of her past with no sequence would attempt to cram themselves back into her — without an order her brain was unable to make sense of it.

This was all, of course, due to the fact her mind had been wiped before arrival.. and that the person who did it expected to give them back. The block was strong, but never meant to last long. Thus… it would falter and allow for memories of her painful past to proceed into her present.

There was a long moment of silence as the three pondered, lasting much longer than a few minutes. Not quite half an hour, but no shorter than ten minutes. Slowly she’d open her eyes, squinting at the light as her breathing picked up, almost a bit fearfully. Normally Ophelia was here — she took the memory before Quinn could think about it… but since she wasn’t, Quinn was still in a great deal of pain. The back of her hand went to her forehead as it lay there, just on her eyebrows and thus covering her eyes partly from the light.

That, and the fact that her vision kept flickering. It was as though she was looking through a camera and the modes were continuously flickered through every 10 seconds, moving from normal view to her soul-vision. This vision of hers that allowed her to see the soul of the person in front of her would dim out nearly everything, as though someone had turned off the lights in the room and she was seeing with great night vision, only it was dark gray-toned rather than green… though she saw bright spheres of various colors for each person in their center abdomen. Their souls.

“I can’t turn it off,” Quinn breathed, sitting up. Each moment this switch was made the fire in her eyes would dim and then brighten, making them appear to flash a bit, her pupil dilating and shrinking.. “I can’t make it stop…!” Her voice sounded a bit more panicked now as she simply closed her eyes — but even behind her eyelids she saw their souls flash through. Eyes closed, she reached effortlessly towards where Douglas stood. As her hand became closer to his soul she heard him make a slight noise of discomfort. He would have felt her hand pulling at his insides a bit, a cold feeling coming over him.. but it immediately went away as she retracted her hand.

That was what happened when she saw the souls and reached for them. Being a hellhound, she still had that power to condemn them. He was lucky she reached and did not grab and pull, or he would be an empty shell of a being.

“I remember.. Oh god, I remember it..” She murmured then, keeping her eyes shut as she began to breath quickly, dangerously close to hyperventilating and perhaps working herself up to another happening. “I was.. I was chasing the demon.. the woman.. I was a.. a hellhound.. She was red..” Random mumblings if one hadn’t been there, which none of them had. Though her eyes were closed, she looked down at her hands and spread her fingers out, as if checking to be sure her hands were there rather than the paws she’d had beforehand. Not even she had known her race, not even Douglas, the person she’d confide in for anything.

Her head pounded, her heartbeat in her ears.. A racing and panicked heartbeat, why was that suddenly so familiar.. Her eyes opened though her vision did not calm as she gazed up helplessly at the three in front of her. Quinn was going to pass out again, a happening coming on more from stress and the ability to recall her newest one than anything.

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Re: Medical Bay
August 22, 2014 11:33PM
Mason awaited impatiently as the two exchanged words. His anxiety was eased as Douglas was angered again by being referred to as Mr.Giant. It was quite humorous in a sense. But the tension grew thick again as they awaited in short breaths. The tension at this point was too thick to cut. Mason’s eyes widened as she shot up from her bed screaming adversities. It was all a lot to take in as Mason sat there in awe. “What can’t she turn off?” Mason thought as he sat there in awe as she proceeded to talk about being a hellhound and the vague details she remembers. He was surprised at the idea but things of this sort wasn’t even that big of a deal as race didn’t matter much to him. As she continued Mason knew there was nothing he could do at this point. Looking at the doctor and Douglas seeing their reactions he awaited what the prognosis would be on something like this. Not really knowing her all that Mason felt it would be the best to have as many people around that care for you as possible. Mason went and pulled up a seat ready to endure whatever was going to follow what had just happened but as he studied the doctor and Douglas’ face he realized that he had no place here. Getting up at the realization he spoke as he gathered his belongings”Um…just let me know if she’s alright when everything settles down.” With those words he left the area disappearing into the night.

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Re: Medical Bay
August 23, 2014 02:56AM
The Medical Bay

Quinn’s screams that she couldn’t turn it off on waking and the fluctuating colours of her eyes was proof enough that the girl was far from being human. Her actions gave way to panic, especially by the Giant who had never seen her this bad before. When she tried to reach for him, the Doctor threw up his cane to block the contact. His head spinning to the Giant and he shouted loudly. “Stay well back!”

Crying out that she remembered had the Doctor and the Giant both staring at the girl flabbergasted. It was when she admitted what she was that the Giant truly got a fright. He realized that in her trying to touch him, she was trying to take his soul. Her body was going into a meltdown, clearly unable to process what she was remembering and this was going to end badly if the Doctor didn’t act and quickly.

Turning smartly on his heel he went to the nearest clinic cabinet and tore off the lock, throwing it on the floor. He threw open the glass panned doors and started to rummage for the right drug and needle. Douglas gripped the bottom rung of the bed and looked on hopelessly.

Doctor Hauser found the right drug and started to fill one of the needles, while calling to the other two. “Stay back till I give word. This isn’t going to be pretty.”

Douglas wanted to know what the Doctor was going to do. Larry gave the needle one squirt, before hobbling over and then ramming the needle into the girl’s chest. He injected the fluid in as Quinn no doubt would be shocked by his actions, but this was to subdue and knock her out – thus slowing her heart rate and helping with the pain she would be experiencing in her head.


Re: Medical Bay
August 23, 2014 03:25AM
What the hell was this? Quinn looked up at the doctor with a look of shock on her face. She’d gone silent, then, her hands reaching in the air for a needle that was no longer in her, right about where it had injected her. Much like when a knight was stabbed with a sword, he would take it by the blade with the very same look of blank shock that she now wore.

For a moment that seemed to be hours long there was complete silence, save the background noises. And it was then her irises began to flicker, dimming, her lips parting as her expression slackened and her eyelids felt quite heavy. In taking her out of her reality the doctor had put her back into the past, as the memories already began to flow and present themselves as dreams.. even though she wasn’t out yet…

And then she fell back on the bed, one hand resting on her abdomen while the other laid on the pillow next to her ear, the mass of her hair becoming completely black and dark rather than the tips lighting up as they normally did. Her eyes were closed now, her breathing slowing to the pace it’d been when she first arrived. Due to her head being tilted to the side facing the doctor he could see her expressions, that which changed ever so slightly with each bit of her memory that she recollected..

~Beginning of Memory~
It was cold. Quinn knew exactly what she had to do here. A standard run, no more and no less.. Only now she was after a witch and a strong one at that. She’d placed herbs to keep Quinn at bay, but those wouldn’t hold her off forever.. A low howl ripped through the night, from her lips to be more exact. The soul was reddening deeper in front of her eyes as borrowed time drove this woman forward, looking through the house and straight inside to its occupant.

But now she moved silently, creeping.. slowly.. she was near the woman now as she growled. Low, terrifying.

You won’t get me, you bitch!” The scream was something she’d heard before as she picked up her pace, beginning to sprint as the woman chanted — darkness. Searing pain.

Quinn’s eyebrows furrowed, her leg twitching a bit. She was going to hurt herself if she got any more active. A low growl slipped through her throat, and though it was quiet from her, it echoed in the ears of anyone in the medical bay. As though a huge wolf was standing right behind them.

The hand previously on her abdomen lifted blindly into the air, moving around without much purpose as she seemed to reenact her dreams. As she couldn’t breathe in her memory, Quinn made a choked noise and stopped her breath, before resuming after a moment. Her eyes moved rapidly underneath her lids, indicating that she was seeing though they did not.

She couldn’t breathe, and it was cold. Quinn – no. Her name was Hellhound, nothing more. It changed.. As she stared up at the ceiling of the house, lifting her paw to survey it and instead finding the flesh of skin, a hand.. Pain again.

I’m sorry, my dearest..” It was a man’s voice. “My servant.. you are not useful to me in this state.. for this I will see you in the underworld when I can explain..” A buzzing against her mind and confusion. Blackness.

Then there was a hand and a bright light. “You have been chosen for a second chance.. However, you cannot go back to life as it was and I take all memories from you, do you accept?” A woman’s voice, though Quinn didn’t understand much. She grabbed the hand, sensing comfort from it, though not quite knowing what she expected..

~End of Memory~

Re: Medical Bay
August 23, 2014 08:17PM
The Medical Bay

Drawing back with the spent needle in his hand, Doctor Hauser took a deep breath as a small droplet of perspiration ran down his forehead. He’d seen cases similar to this in the mansion before, but nothing quite on this scale. The drug was designed to incapacitate the patient and put them into a semi coma of sorts. Tossing the needle in the recycle bin for needles, he pressed the nurses station buzzer twice. Larry was damned if he was going to have to do the restraining. It was bad enough that he had to stab her with the needle.

Down in the nurses staff room which was a sea of smoke and mad chatter about the antics of the couple in the pool house, Nurse Fifi Latrix, a purple gorrilla saw the blinking light that was an indication that nurses were needed in the medical bay. Grunting heavily, the ex circus gorilla come wards nurse slammed down her copy of Grapes and all things exotic and got to her feet. Her massive bosom was kept well tied down under her skimpy nurses uniform, and the gorilla grunted at the other nurses before running on her fists down and out of the staff room towards the med bay.

Douglas the Giant peered over the Doctor’s shoulder, placing a hand on his head as he watched Quinn move about oddly on the bed.

“Why’s she growling like a wolf?” He asked, his ginger furry eyebrow quirking upward, after shooting a glance at Mason. “Not heard her do this before.”

No sooner had he asked that, Nurse Fifi, the purple gorilla lumbered in…right on cue. Doctor Hauser, who was used to the sight of the grape ape pointed to the leather tie downs on the side of the bed and said.

“Got a live one here. She’s liable to tear up the place. I only gave her 500 mgs of the sedative, but by the looks of her eyelids…she is going to be dangerous.”

“Grrrrrrrunt!” The nurse acknowledged and started to tie down Quinn’s arms and legs in a fashion that would remind you of the Spanish inquisition. As soon as she was strapped down well to the bed, the Doctor was able to breathe a real sigh of relief. He grabbed his cane and then ambled out of the room, leaving the gorilla nurse to stand over Quinn, as the Giant looked at Mason uncomfortably.

“No jokes about grape juice…aye laddie?”


Rain – Chapter Twenty Three


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Chapter Twenty Three 

When it Rains


IceTe3a: Adams lifeless body was laying in the warbird, they didn’t bother to put him on ice as they knew ZEN would want to start on him as soon as possible. This wasn’t the first time Zen would have Adam in their grasps, and with the promise from Rain to rescues him, there was always hope but he didn’t know what Zen had install for him this time. If he had any chance of surviving at all he would need to regain his systems back so he can hatch an escape plan. The Warbird came to a slow hover and suddenly shook, as the warbird landed down back in Zen base, suddenly the door slid open and a bright white light was all he could see, with the sounds of muffled voices.

CharlotteCarrendar.: The sky erupted with the high shooting fire balls that came off the tops of the gas towers that dotted the city line. The warbird spirited away from the danger zone but now only captained by Rain. Her face was ashen – a halo of blue shone around her as she grit her teeth and tried to stave off the tears she wanted so desperately to shed. In her pocket she had the key. But what did the key mean to her now if she had lost Adam to the Zen. The coordinates for the farm were already established and she took the plane home. Inside her chest her heart was pounding rapidly. Anger, fear, sorrow….guilt. Adam’s final words to her kept playing over and over in her mind. For once, she had listened to him, and ran. Rain hated herself for it. Soon the warbird would fly back into the air space of their hideaway and she would bring the plane down to land safely. Only when it hit the earth and sent up the plumes of dust…did she cry. :: A white light shone into the eyes of the beautiful woman that lay on a different bed to the one she was on before. The operation had been a success, and Doctor Menzies had pulled off the impossible. Using Adam’s body parts and then placing them to be fitted to his dying wife, Doctor Menzies was able to finish what Rain’s father had started. The operation had taken a marathon sixteen hours, much of it was done with the General watching on. He took breaks when he needed to sleep, but Doctor Menzies had worked tirelessly throughout the entire operation. Now, it was over and the time had come to see if the miracle was real. ”Janis? Can you hear me?” Doctor Menzies asked, while a nurse continued to check her vitals in behind him. (heart)>

IceTe3a: His body was taken directly into the operating room, he had been here many times in the past and the doctors set to work straight away. Little did they know, Adam was still alive and could hear, see and feel everything, either they didn’t know or didn’t care. The pain he received while they dissected him slowly taking what they needed was more than any human could fathom, but without the ability to move his pain went unheard, as his body remained still almost lifeless. Nearing the end his lights dimmed as the tunnel of darkness engulfed his view, was this truly the end for him only time would tell. With little to no hope in surviving he had all but given up any hope, then he heard it ” Janis? Can you hear me?” someone was calling out a name, what was it… Janis? Who was Janis? Why couldn’t he move, he tried his best to move but he was unable to little did he know there was nothing he could move. Everything was still dark, he couldn’t see but he could hear someone talking and moving around, what was going on with his body?? Adam’s body had been used to save the life of the doctors wife, Janis. He did not know this but was soon to find out, he was no longer in his own body, his conciseness was transferred to this female unknown to everyone it was a side effect, she wore him like she would her clothing. He was at her mercy, nothing could be done from his end as she was in complete control over everything, movement, sight the lot he was now a part of her body.

CharlotteCarrendar; :- The door to the farm house opened and Eve was the first to see her. Rain staggered away from the warbird before falling to her knees. A gut wrenching cry erupting from her as she looked the sky and screamed.”WHHHHHHHHHHHYYYY?!” Sam was not far behind Eve and looked about, trying to see Adam. He ran out to where Rain was kneeling and he crouched down, grabbing her shoulders. His face pale as he tried to get an answer out of her.”Rayne…where is Adam?’ Eve was standing just in behind and watched as Rain openly wept. ”It…it was a trap.” Those words were like a knife that plunged into the heart of the Tinman. ”Oh God. The Zen have him?” All Rain could do was nod…once, then twice. Sam drew Rain into his arms and held her – swaying gently as her cries were racking her body. After a good few minutes, Sam helped to pick Rain up off the ground and carry her inside as she simply didn’t have the strength to go further. Eve chased on after, closing the door behind her. :: A large gasp for breath and the shock of being awake caused Janice to rock forward in the bed. Her blue eyes locking on her husband who was hovering over her. The bright white light becoming a halo around his head. He looked to her like an Angel. ”Am I dead?’ she whispered, not knowing if this was Heaven or not. Doctor Menzies couldn’t help but smile as he answered her, whilst taking up her hand and kissing it softly. ”No, my love. You survived. I found the cure.” Little did she know that the cure was Adam. The nurse finished her checks, and left the Doctor and his wife alone. A small smile crept upon Janice’s face. She had beat the odds and she owed everything to her beloved. ”I’m alive.” (heart)>

IceTe3a: He continued to hear voices of other people talking and walking around, suddenly his view was opened, he could see once more. Little did he know that it was Janice opening her eyes for the first time in years, he tried to look around but his eyes wouldn’t move, instead they moved on their own he was confused and getting angry at what was going on only to have a doctor in view, he could hear a female voice talking back to the doctor. What was going on, where was he, who was this doctor he had so many questions. His Ntech started to boot up slowly and it all would pop up for both him and Janice, suddenly the doctor leaned in and.. kissed him, Did the doctor just kiss him?! He was going to beat him until he was dead! His nerves were skyrocketing as he was getting angrier and angrier. Suddenly the Ntech fully loaded, allowing Janice full access to all of Adam’s networks and data although she may not know how to use them yet, this also allowed Adam access to all the networks as well, but Janice was the one fully in control. “Whats happening to me!?!” he yelled out, but only Janice would be able to hear him as their bodies were now merged.

CharlotteCarrendar; -Taken inside the farm house and then down to the bunker below, Rain was a mess. Eve wrang her hands as she followed behind, not at all sure what to do or say. Adam was always there, and now he was gone. Sam set Rain down gently as he tried to hold her steady. He had never ever seen her this upset before. Her eyes were darting around the room as she was having some sort of melt down. Grabbing her face, he stared straight at her, he needed her to focus and tell him what happened. ”Rayne…Rayne. Talk to me, come on, you need to pull yourself together. If we have any chance to get him back, I need to know what happened.” Rain’s eyes stopped darting and then she spoke as she tried to catch her breath. Each word so hard to get out. ”Adam went in, said he found the key.” She pulled it out of her pocket and Eve gently took it off her to inspect. ”Then what happened, Rayne?” Rain paused and licked her lips. ”Mechs…came out of nowhere and then…then Adam called out to me, told me to run. Said…you had the map and that…that it was all a trap.” It was the worst possible scenario. The Zen must have figured that if the Source or their enemies wanted to get secrets from before the war, all they had to do was go to the Museum. Sam pushed back a lock of Rain’s hair and sighed. ”He sacrificed himself to save your father.”It was true. Eve’s head bowed down as she held the key tight in her hand. ”He’s right, Rain. He did all this for you.” Rain drew back from Sam and Eve. Shaking her head. ”I can’t deal with this. Give me some space.” She turned away and headed for her room, the same one she shared with Adam. On entering it, she closed the door behind her. Every part of that room, even the smell reminded her of him. She slid down the door and cried. :; Janice tilted her head as she heard her beloved speak to her with such sincerity. He had promised he would find a way to save her and he didn’t let her down. She was about to speak, when suddenly she heard a voice inside her head – a male voice. ”What’s happening to me?” Looking around her, she wondered if there was someone else in the room. ”What?” she answered, only to have her husband look at her with concern. {b]”I never said anything, dear. Are you okay?”[/b] Janice looked bewildered and asked. ”You can’t hear that voice?” The voice was Adam. (heart)

IceTe3a: -He was listening into the conversation, the eyes darted around the room as the doctor said ”I never said anything, dear. Are you okay?” he was speaking to… adam? No he was speaking to a female, that much was certain, was Adam a female now?! What was going on, then he heard the female voice, ” You can’t hear that voice?” she could hear him?! this was excellent, if she could hear him maybe she would help him as well! He tried his hardest to move but as last time he was unable to, and his eyes were moving by themselves this was unusual to him. “You.. You can hear me!?! You have to help me!!” hoping she would be able to help him, little did he know she was using his body parts, his attitude would surely change as soon as he found out, but he wouldn’t know until he saw for himself. Right now he had to gather his senses, figure out what was going on, get out of here and get back to Rain.

CharlotteCarrendar: – There it was again. That same male voice. Only her husband couldn’t hear it. Janice froze in the bed as it started to feel like a radio transmission inside her head. Doctor Menzies was too busy checking her vitals now and making her comfortable to realize that what he had done, was put Adam’s conscious into his wife. He thought it was the parts that made Adam unique, but oh how wrong he was. ”I can hear it again.” Janice blurted, before quietening. The Doctor by now looked dead on his feet and needed a rest. He kissed his wife on the forehead, before saying. ”Love, I need to sleep. I am just going to be up the hall. If you need anything, just press this buzzer.” He squeezed her hand tight, before taking his leave. This would have Janice awake and all by herself. As soon as the door closed, Janice tried to speak back to the voice. ”Who are you? Why are you in my head?” She asked, now feeling a bit scared. (heart)

IceTe3a: He watches as the doctor leaves, she had heard him again this was great news at least he was getting somewhere. He didn’t know what he should do, he was in a Zen base and if they discovered him again they would try to kill him or worse. He studied the room as the eyes moved around without his will, he was in some sort of medical room, he couldn’t see the other female maybe she was out of sight? His best bet was to stay low and not to attract to much attention, he hated being in the Zen base, he felt like he needed a shower just to wash the shitty Zen germs off of his body. So for now he would keep quiet and not make anymore conversation with the female until he could figure out what was going on, once he knew where he was at maybe then he could convince her to help him.

CharlotteCarrendar: The voice had stopped. Janice glanced around, almost afraid to ask if there was someone there. Maybe this was just part of effects of having the procedure. Hearing things. It wasn’t normal, not at all. For the longest time, Janice had not been able to move. She’d lost all feelings in her fingers and toes, but now she could see her foot moving beneath the sheet. Janice felt this urge to find out just how well she had recovered. Slowly, she pushed the covers back, and tried to swing her feet over the side of the bed. Success. Clutching the side of the bed, she pushed herself to standing with a small laugh. Like a newborn kitten, she then took the next step and tried to walk. It felt odd at first but before she knew it, she had made it across the room. The monitors were beeping frantically, but she didn’t care. There was an ensuite off the ward room, and she entered it so she could look at herself in the mirror. She turned and there she was, staring back at herself. Long white flowing hair, porcelain coloured skin and blue eyes. A smile formed on her face as she reached up to touch it. She was really alive and moving around like a normal able bodied person. It was a miracle, and she simply could not believe it. (heart)>

IceTe3a: He watched as the body started to move itself, slowly he got up and moved around but he wasn’t doing it. What was going on, how was this possible!? He needed answers and soon. As he watched which was all he could do, he ended up facing a mirror where he saw the reflection of a white haired blue eyed female.. that was it.. he was inside of the female, he could see his Ntech.. she had absorbed his very being. He got pissed, he wasn’t going to let this happen “ WHAT?! What have you done to my body!! Get me off you now!!” he yelled out in an angry voice, as he stared into the mirror looking at the female that stood before him. How was this possible? How had he been transferred into this females body, how was she controlling him?? what exactly was going on here, this only made his hatred for Zen deepen. “Why have you taken over me?! Who are you?! I demand to be put back into my own body!! he looked around he was in a shower room, only visible from the mirrors reflection, this wasn’t going to end well for either of them. How would she deal with him? How would she act? He needed to get out of her body and fast, maybe he could control her since she could control him?! He tried his best, but no luck, he couldn’t even move one of her muscles, he was her prisoner completely at her mercy. He started thinking of what options he could do, as he went through the network, he could feel her using his every being it was a weird sensation.

CharlotteCarrendar: As much as the shock had set in for Adam, his sudden awakening to what had happened to him was now heard loud and clear by Janice. The smile soon disappeared from her face as she heard him yell – scream in her mind. The voice was of a man, who was furious with her, but she couldn’t understand how she could even hear him. He was asking what she had done to HIS body. But all she saw around her was herself. Her mind was racing as he bombarded her with constant questions an demands. She put her hands up defensively as she started to yell back. ”I don’t understand. Where are you? Who are you? Why can I hear you in my head? I can’t see you.” This was true from her point of view. Little did she know that he was inside of her. He was part of her and this was going to be a shock when it finally hit home. ”What body? How can I help you if I can’t see you?” This was like something out of a nightmare. Maybe it was the drugs. Janice staggered out of the room and hit the nurses button. ”There’s someone in my head…There’s someone in my head!” She screamed. The alarm sent the nurses running, and not only the nurses, but it woke up her husband. The Doctor lept out of bed and raced down the hall to join others who were standing there, watching her stunned. She was standing independently for the first time in years. The Doctor came in and caught his wife and asked. ”My love, what is it?’ She looked up at him fearfully, and said. ”There is a man in my head.” (heart)>

IceTe3a: – He was watching her with rage in his eyes.. her eyes, he wasn’t thinking straight only demanding that she put him back in his own body, she started to yell back and question what was going on. He forgot she wasn’t clued in on what happened or where he was, suddenly she broke as if she was crazy as she rushed back into the room maybe it was to much for her or at least he thought. Watching as she pressed the help button, nurses and the male doctor came running in asking what was wrong as she explained that he was in her head, it was too late now to turn back, if they believed her studies would go on, Zen would use her for their own studies they believed Adam to be well and truly dead, and if he survived by some micale and was in her body they would want him at all costs, she didn’t realize his worth yet or what she had just put herself into. He yelled out and tried to break free, suddenly it happened, it all went black as he opened his own eyes again, looking down his hands moved freely as he quickly looked around at the rest of his body it was him! he was in his own form or at least he thought he was until he took a better look. He was a projection of himself, a 6’4 bare chested battle scarred man stood in the middle of the room with Janice, the nurses and the Doctor. At least he had his boots and jeans on but the rest of his form was naked, he checked himself each scar was true and was his, even his tattoos were there, he managed to project an image of himself, something he could now control, but she could also once she figured out, he realized once she figured out she could control him she could reject his image and he’d be zapped back inside her once more. Slowly he moved around until he came face to face with her, his eyes blazing as he glared into hers, it was time to explain the situation “Zen will kill you if they know I’m alive inside you. Yes.. I said I’m inside you, we are one and the same, your body has absorbed mine.” he pointed at the Ntech that was implanted on her body “I want my body back, Even if it means your death. You have no rights.. No claim to my body” he stood there tall and deathly

CharlotteCarrendar: – – The blood ran from Janice’s face as the projection of Adam appeared in the middle of the room. This tall man of about 6’4” with no shirt and covered in scars was standing there looking at himself. How was this happening? Janice’s mouth opened but no sound came out. The Doctor became terribly concerned and tried to steer her to get back into bed. ”You are just suffering from hallucinations, which are understandable after all you have been through. Please, just get into bed and we will give you something to make the voices stop.” Did the Doctor realize just what was happening to his wife, in his blindness to see her well again? Probably not. But Janice was rooted to the spot, as the holographic image walked right up to her – staring her down. His eyes filled with rage. A terrible sight. He spoke of Zen. This had Janice blink. Zen? Why would Zen want to kill her and how was he inside her? He explained that they were the one body, the one person. Her body was now functioning because of him. It was the reason she was able to stand and walk. It was the reason she was alive. The holographic image demanded his body back, and he was not afraid to kill her to do it. Janice cried out and begged her husband.”Zen…Zen…the man…he is in me. What have you done, Joseph? What did you do to me?’ At this, the Doctor stopped trying to move his wife. His face fell and crumpled as he heard her mention Zen. She couldn’t possibly know of the things he did to make her whole again. When she said the man was inside her, the penny dropped with the Doctor. He turned to look at her and asked. ”Is…he speaking to you?” Janice was shocked that her husband even asked such a thing. This was no fluke, this was very real. ”He said Zen will kill me if they find out that the man is alive in me. Joseph. He is right in front of me. I can see him.” She pointed to the hologram, but the Doctor couldn’t see him. ”Shit!” It was then the Doctor knew it was no longer safe to keep his wife in the facility. ”Stay here…I am going to go get a car for us.” (heart)

IceTe3a: – He shook his head as she started blurting out about Zen and how she could see him, the penny had dropped and the doctor knew what was going on, she was an idiot as if Zen would let the Doctor leave and live, or let the closet thing they have to Adam walk out the door. “You’ve just killed your husband, Zen won’t let you leave let alone him alive” he arched a brow and crossed his arms against his chest as he looked around, he then studies her up and down from head to toe as he smirks. “ Your husband, butchered me while I was still alive, on the operating table next door. He stole me from my loved ones arms, so he could dissect me and put me inside you!” he growled and then glared at her husband as he rubbed the bridge of his nose “ You had nothing to do with this, but if you don’t return me to my body… I will kill you both” he glared at her. His rage was building he was losing control, and she was the only one that could control him “My body.. Lifeless is in a Icebox in the next room!!” he yelled as he glared back at her before coming closer to her, their bodies almost touching as he glared down at her “Tell your husband to reverse the operation, otherwise I will set off the alarms” Adam being used to his Ntech gear and the network held some weight over Janice for now until she would learn how to control him and his Ntech, until then she may control his body but he still was armed with weaponry.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Outside the ward, a nurse who happened to work for Zen was on the phone to her contact at the Zen headquarters. She was whispering down the phone as she could hear what was being said in the ward. ”They are about to run, Sir. Yes Sir.” She put the phone down silently, and looked up at the clock on the wall. It was only a matter of time. Inside the ward, Janice was getting a rude awakening to what her husband had done. ”You took him apart to make me well again, Joseph? Is this true?’ Janice was now caught between trying to get straight answers out of her husband, and being blastered by Adam about how his body was on ice in the next room. Janice gripped the arm of her husband’s lab coat. ”You took him from the one he loves to save me? How could you do this, Joseph?” The Doctor was shaking with fear and a slow building anger. He then shouted at his wife. ”I did it to save you!” This was the truth, but in doing so had put all their lives at risk. Hearing Adam tell her that her husband had to reverse what he had done truly caught Janice out. ”But then I will die.” The Doctor heard this, and he simply couldn’t have it. ”No…we are leaving. Come on, I’ll get you to a car.” But just as he said this, the loud sound of heavy boot falls was heard as one of the Zen’s crack commando teams was coming up the passage. (heart)>

IceTe3a: – He heard the footsteps coming as he tapped into the camera’s Zen’s commando’s were on their way, “FUCK” he started to pace around the room thinking to himself. “Your idiot of a husband just alerted Zen, and because you didn’t listen to me earlier! They now know, they’re coming to dissect and study you Janice” he glanced back at her and then to her husband. Walking back to her he sighs as he searches through the network about all of this, and what he could do to help. A file pops open as he skims through it, the doctor.. Rains father had more plans for Adam and Rain then they first thought.. Interesting. He looks at her and shakes his head “I can give you the skills.. I am your equipment.. your weaponry, If I do this, you have to get the rest of me out of the room next door. You will know by instinct on what to do next and where to go” he walks upto her as he thinks to himself, if Rain finds out.. she’s going to kill us both he sighed with a half chuckle “You have to accept me into you, fully” he was teaching her as they went, as soon as she accepted him she would receive all his fighting skills and knowledge for a brief time until he took over himself again. His arms came around her as he grasped her in his muscular arms almost hugging her as he waited for her to accept him back “Theres no time to explain, I’m trusting you” he started to vanish slowly back inside her, he would completely vanish once she accepted him, then the path and skillsets she needed would be at her feet for her to use.

CharlotteCarrendar: – The Doctor was the first to see them. Officers of the Zen and they were led by the same General who had been overseeing the Doctor’s work for some time. ”Well well. Looks like your operation was a complete success, Doctor. But I am sorry to say, that your wife now belongs to Zen. Step aside.” Horrified at the prospect of losing his wife a second time, the Doctor in his irrational state, made a lunge for the General, who also happened to be armed. The two struggled, and there was a loud bang, as a bullet tore through the Doctor’s back. He stiffened. A sharp cry escaping his lips, before he collapsed to the ground. From that moment, it was anarchy. Nurses screaming and other staff coming up to see what was going on were being gunned down. It was an insane mad house and at the back of the room was Janice. Terrified as she watched the carnage in front of her, Adam was quickly telling her that if she accepted him into her properly and utilized his abilities, she may well escape alive. His large arms encircled her as though to protect and in her panicked state she agreed. The flood of information and knowledge raced throughout her being and as soon as a guard came at her, she king hit him, and disabled him –taking his gun from him. A large semi automatic weapon, she started to mow down all those that came at her, before she sprinted from the room and down to the nearest fire escape. But as she ran past one room, that was marked “Quarantine”, she remembered that Adam said his body was on ice in an adjacent room. With not much time to spare, she pushed open the door and sure enough, there was a crate in the store room that contained the body parts of a man. This was Adam’s body. Placing it on a trundle, she pushed it out of the room and with the coast clear, since most were dead or dying and more on the way, she headed for the nearest utility lift. On and on she ran. The floor plans appearing in her mind, curtesy of Adam. Only when she was on the street and still wearing the hospital gown did she flag down a taxi. One stopped, and opened the back, which she had the driver help her with the box. As soon as it was aboard, she ran around and leapt into the passenger seat next to the driver. She pulled out her weapon and held it to his head. The cab driver didn’t ask questions. It was wise not too. ”Take me to 401 Resin Drive. Step on it.” In a blaze of rubber the taxi took off at speed. (heart)>

IceTe3a: – He was standing there with his arms around Janice while her husband was stupid enough to get himself killed, he felt her pain as she accepted him into her; he felt his very being slowly starting to drag back inside of her as he disappeared from sight. He had given her full control for the moment, putting all his trust into her. He could only watch as all systems were go for her, and with instinct she disarmed a man, armed herself and shot everyone in the room, they had a chance to escape now, he was watching from behind her eyes, he was still inside her head as she collected his body, he was hoping she wouldn’t betray him. The nearest exit was given to her, she knew where to turn and which doors to go through, it was made that much more simple since she accepted him, her new found powers but would she willingly give them up. She held up a taxi and ordered he drive her to some address. “Where we going? “ he questioned her in his mind. He continued to watch as he felt her body slowly surging through him she was still utilizing him, “We should head back to my place, there are people that can help with this situation perhaps even save you” he knew if anyone could help this female it would be Eve, she was the doctors assistant and helped in creating Adam, so she would be their best bet. “Trust me, once you go there and explain the situation they will help”

CharlotteCarrendar:- The taxi sped along the city street as the wail of oncoming night patrol cars approached. No doubt the alarm had been raised and soon the streets would be filling with mechs and Zen militia. Janice was holding the gun pointed to the driver’s head as they continued along at a pace that would easily bring attention. Shock and despair now coupled with the additional voice in her head of Adam, who was now wanting to know where they were going. The address she had supplied to the driver was for her own house. She thought it safe to go home, but of course, that would be one of the first places that they would look. How do you argue with someone in your mind and look sane? The Driver was now fearful taht this woman was a mental patient as he heard her starting to speak. ”My husband is dead!…They killed him. I just want to go home.” Her voice carrying a terrified edge, but coupled with confusion. Eyes dilating as they went under a bridge and the light changing. ”Don’t point that gun at me. I call for help.” The driver said, ready to push the emergency button in the cab. Scared that he would call in the cops, she fired the gun which blasted away a good proportion of his head – his brains splattering against the glass window. The cab started to weave and swerve around the road, as she struggled to take a hold of the wheel and keep it from crashing to the side of the road. The tyres squealed and screeched as she whizzed past other cars. <3>

IceTe3a: – Adam was watching as it all went down, she was still in shock as she demanded that she just wanted to go back to her place, she wasn’t thinking straight and all he could to was try to talk some sense into her. “Listen, you need to calm down” *BANG* and off went the Cab drivers head, this situation was getting worse and worse, he needed to get her back into it.“Janice, The first place they will be watching on is your home it’s not safe there! Pull yourself together, you just shot an innocent man” he sighed as he watched her take control over the cab, they were lucky it didn’t crash they needed to get to his place. No doubt from the gunshots and the blood splatter, people would be calling the cops, Zen will pick up on it and chase after them. “Janice we need to get out of the city now! Zen’s on our tail any minute now! Take these directions, I promise you will be fine” he uploaded the directions she would need to drive straight to his base, you could hear Warbirds and Mechs roaming the streets, the cities alarm was going off cautioning everyone to stay inside, Zen was hot on their trail. “I need to make a call, Don’t interfere with it..” Using the Ntech Network he linked into the Base’s speakers hoping they would be there, Rain would be able to help “Hello?! No time.. Explain … In cab.. Heading base.. Zen forces on tail.. Engage away from base!!” the line was dodgy at best, she wasn’t able to clear her mind and allow him full control so only partial of the message played through the speakers, hopefully enough to get them into action, he hoped they would be smart enough not to engage the Zen that were after Adam and Janice right at their base. “ Janice Drive like you stole it!! They have a beat on us!!” A memo went through the Zen network to scout for the stolen cab, every Warbird and mech In the city would be looking for them.

CharlotteCarrendar: – The interior of the front of the cab was a mess of blood and brain matter, along with the now lifeless body of the cab driver. As the cab swerved left and right, the body kept leaning back and forth – smacking into Janice as she tried to drive. Every time that the body hit her she shrieked in fright, and this was coupled with Adam begging her to calm down. It was pretty hard to do this when she was in the car with a man she had murdered, plus another ranting at her in her head. Before this day she had never done anything illegal in her life. A model citizen and housewife – now she was a wanted fugitive that had killed a dozen or so Zen officers along with an innocent civilian. The lights in the sky now indicated the night patrol had the hover cars out along with the Zen warbirds and the mechs on the streets. Even for an experienced rebel like Rain this would have been tough to take in all at once. Janice pulled the car over and then reached over to open the driver door and push the lifeless body of the cab driver out onto the pavement. He landed with a sickening thud, before she shuffled over into the seat properly, and took off once again. Tears were blinding her sight, and she let out a cry as Adam asked her to listen and take his directions. She was assured she would be fine, but she didn’t know what to think anymore. Finally, she turned the cab in the right direction – her hands gripping the wheel and spinning the car to go down the street that was part of Adam’s directions. This was now a game of cat and mouse, and Janice was not handling it at all well. ”I’m going to die!” she wailed as she planted her foot on the accelerator and pushed the cab to it’s top speed. It was then that Adam demanded he put a call out and she wasn’t to interfere.”How? How the hell?” Janice blurted, before hearing Adam try to make contact with the base. :: As Eve and Sam both sat at the kitchen table, idly wondering what to do now that Adam was gone, they suddenly were alerted to a message coming through the speakers. “Hello?! No time.. Explain … In cab.. Heading base.. Zen forces on tail.. Engage away from base!!” It was Adam! Sam jumped up off his chair and pointed to Eve as he ran for Rain. ”Get on the computer and acknowledge! Rain..Rain? Did you hear that?” In her room, Rain raised her head slightly and heard Adam’s voice. She wondered if she was dreaming. Slowly she pushed herself up off the floor, before Sam came banging on it. Rain opened the door, while Eve was getting a view of the situation. Raising her head she said. ”Warbirds incoming. What shall we do?” Rain ran over to the screens and saw for herself what was happening. She stared at each screen, one in turn and then raised her hands to the screens. Locking onto each of the warbirds that were flying in the vicinity and chasing Adam. ”I’m going to make it…..Rain.”Suddenly on each of the warbirds, the computer systems all started to go haywire, as a massive internal attack was underway. Rain’s body stood rigid, as screen after screen started to rain letters and numbers in streams that allowed her access to all computer systems. She entered the matrix of computer data and was destroying as much as she could. The planes started to fly on direct courses with the others, slamming into their comerades and falling from the sky in a massive reign of terror brought about by one seriously pissed off Technopath. Soon the mechs were also turning the wrong way, as the entire city grid shut down, including all the power plants and sub stations. <3>

IceTe3a: – He watched as Janice started driving crazy if it wasn’t for his skills she wouldn’t be able to handle the car at these speeds, suddenly all the warbirds started exploding and crashing into each other, they passed Mech’s that never laid fire down on the cab, he wondered what was going on and then clicked. Rain.. she got the message this is her doing if he could smile he would be right about now “Don’t worry keep driving, that’s my team backing us up” he continued to reassure her and keep her calm as they drove throughout the city, Rain had given them a clear window of escape as the cab whizzed past the empty checkpoint and straight out of the city limits, they were now home free without the Zen learning of their destination, they’d be too busy trying to get their systems up and in order after what Rain had done to it. “We’re going to be arriving at my base soon, it’s going to be tricky.. you’re going to have to explain everything to Rain, I’ll try to tap into the speakers again once we’re there” he knew this was going to be like unleashing hell, once Rain finds out that Adam her lover was inside this females body. After awhile the cab finally pulled up at the gates, he had to manually signal his ID codes for the turrets not to fire, the boom gates opened up allowing the cab access “ Drive down to the armory, they’ll be waiting for us there no doubt” he watched as the secret driveway opened up and the Cab drove down into the armory, they were safe and he was one step closer to being himself again. As the car came to a stop he could sense Rain was near, the others would be close behind her but they wouldn’t be expecting to see this female or what happened to Adam, he would need to explain. : “We got you now bastards..”The general proclaimed from the war room, it was dark the screens where the only source of light in the entire room as he barked out orders, positioning his troops in order to capture the female alive “So Adam survived the operation.. Interesting”this was news to Zen, and if he could be transferred with his Ntech and skills into another being than.. he could be controlled, this was the perfect plan for them and they needed to pick out the right soldier to control him once they captured them again. Suddenly system alarms went off, red lights flashing “WHATS GOING ON, GAIN CONTROL BACK!! GET THE SYSTEM UP AGAIN” but all they could do was stand there and watch as the warbirds and mechs turned on each other, raising hell as Rain was messing with their systems. The room went dark there was no way for them to track the cab or watch its direction “BLAST THEM” he hit the desk with his fists and stormed out of the room slamming the door behind him.

CharlotteCarrendar:- Eve looked up in horror at Rain as she saw the woman she had known since she was a little girl finally start to use her powers to the extreme. ”Rain…you can stop. They got through. Rain? Rain?’ But Rain wasn’t listening, Further and further into the matrix run by the Zen she began a reign of terror as one by one the very buildings of the city were being shrouded in darkness. Computer terminals starting to explode one by one. Fire started to rip through the buildings excelerated by the sheer scale of damage that Rain was inflicting. Sam came up behind Rain and took her shoulders. ”Rain..Rain. He’s back. Rain? Stop!” Rain’s body glowed with an unholy light as to did her eyes. Her veins were now pumping with a power that was hard to be explained as she became one with the matrix. Eve then screamed. ”She’s going to destroy the city!” In a bold move, Sam reefed her back from the computer terminals and brought her down onto the floor, pinning her down. ”Rain..Stop it!” Panting heavily, the sound coming from Rain’s mouth had a metallic edge to it. A terrible sound. Like the very darkness within her had finally seen the light. ”GET OFF ME!” Sam refused to let her go. ”Adam…he’s here. In the armory. Please, let it go. He needs you.” It took a few moments of struggling before Rain started to return to normal and disengage from the matrix. All the monitors returned to normal, but the city would have suffered at her wrath. Eve got up from the terminals and came to their side. ”Come on…let’s go see him.” Sam helped Rain to her feet, but was worried by how much the attack had stressed her. She had a long blue streak in her hair and dark marks on her skin. Blinking, like coming out of a haze she looked at Sam and whispered. ”He’s back?” Sam nodded, and put his arm around her, leading them to the armory. :: In the armory, the car came to a stop. Janice had no idea where she was and she was frightened. Suddenly a door opened and three people approached. Sam peered through the glass and saw only Janice. ”Wait…that’s not Adam.” <3>

IceTe3a: They weren’t here yet he could tell from viewing through Janice’s eyes, something was wrong he just knew it, he could feel Janice’s fear as she was in an unknown place. “Janice, pull it together. I need you to be calm and collected, you need to explain the situation to them” suddenly the armory door came flying open as he could see her, she didn’t look well, Sam and Eve were with them. He saw as Sam came right up to the cab and peered in, stating it wasn’t Adam. “That’s Sam he’s the kid, the one with the blue streaks in her hair is Rain, and the other is Eve. Get out of the car slowly and explain the situation clearly, I’ll be attempting to get into the speakers in the armory to help out” he sighed as he didn’t know if she was ready for this, both Janice and Rain looked like they had gone through hell and back he needed to take control of this situation. “Go on get out now” he said softly, he started accessing the network for the Armory, surely Eve would notice someone trying to access it, he needed to get in before this all turned south. He hoped they would understand the situation, and Eve or Rain wouldn’t block him out from getting access to the network, he went silent as he was hard at work trying to get through

CharlotteCarrendar:- Sam and Eve looked confused by what they were seeing. A lone woman sitting in a cab that had the interior covered in blood. Where was Adam? It was clearly his voice that was on the speakers, and yet there was no sign of him. Hearing Adam in her head, Janice’s face creased as he told her to get out of the car. But these people didn’t look all that welcoming, especially the one with the blue streaks. In fact, she looked pissed. Sam was the first to approach, and this was when Janice slowly opened the door. ”Slowly…Miss…where is Adam?’ He held his hands up to show he was unarmed, but for the other two that could quickly change. Janice took a deep breath and then dropped the bombshell. ”He’s in me.” Sam and Eve exchanged glances, both shocked and surprised by the girl’s statement. Rain on the other hand, she knew Adam’s Ntech like the back of her hand and she had been intimate with him in every way. Her eyes swept over the girl and then she grit her teeth. ”If he is in you…where is his body?’ Sam added. ”Oh please tell me you have that.” Janice moved her hand towards the boot of the cab. ”It’s in there.” <3>

IceTe3a: He was listening to the conversation as it was going, so far he managed to gain access as no one stopped him perhaps Rain was too distracted and Eve may have knew it was him. He knew Rain was going to explode soon, at least Sam was smart enough to stay calm in this situation. He needed to calm Rain down, he worked as fast as he could so he could get into the speaker system after a few moments he finally gained access. “Everybody cool it, This is Janice, it’s not her fault she was in a Coma. Zen did this to both of us, Eve Janice can’t survive once I’m removed, fix that for me would you? Rain.. Stay calm, She could have as easily controlled me and worked with Zen” his voice echoed through the armory, as he sighed slightly giving Janice the directions she needed to go to the medical bay so Eve could start the work as soon as possible “Sam, Get my body out of that boot now. Eve escort Janice to the medical bay, and do the op, Save her as well, I won’t take any other outcome. Rain.. Relax, go take a shower and some rest I’ll be in your arms soon enough.. I love you darling” the speakers went dead this was more than enough proof that Janice was telling the truth and she was on their side, more or less. He continued to have access to the network so if need be he could speak up, “It’s ok now Janice, just follow the directions I gave you, Eve will fix us both I promise” this was said in Janice’s mind, he needed to make sure the situation stayed calm and no one blew their top.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Everyone, even Janice stopped moving when the voice of Adam came through the speakers. Rain’s gaze did not leave Janice the entire time however. Sam was scratching his head trying to get his mind around how this was even possible. Eve on the other hand was no stranger to this at all. In fact she knew the procedure of taking out Ntech like the back of her hand. It was part of what she was designed for. Janice’s face fell further when Adam said that the woman could not survive without him, and that she would need Eve to help her. ”I don’t want to die.” Janice pressed while Rain just scowled at her. It was obvious that Rain was not taking this well at all. Even after she attacked the city just now out of the fury for the loss of her love. Adam assured her that if Eve and Sam did their jobs right that he would be back in her arms that night. But the kicker, he told Rain to go shower and rest. How hard that would be, to relax or rest knowing that he was inside another woman. When the speaker went quiet, Rain walked right past Janice to the back of the car and there he was. In a storage box in pieces. Rain felt a rise of bile to her stomach, and Sam came past to open the boot. ”Better do as he says. There is nothing more you can do. Eve and I got this.” He took out the box and fitted it to a trolley, as Eve approached the frightened Janice. ”Please…this way. I can help you.” At first Janice was hesitant, but then she started to walk with Eve. When the three had left the armory, Rain just stood there. There was something different about her…something that no one would have imagined would happen. In her rage she had gone beyond the simple wired connections to the mechs, the warbirds and the Zen. She tapped into the mother of all computers, the jewel in the Zen crown. It was only Sam pulling her back and got her to detach, that she didn’t go further. <3>

IceTe3a: He sighed in relief as he saw everyone went to work, Janice seemed to calm down slightly and Eve would help with her being so nervous. He watched as Janice walked towards the medical bay with Eve and Sam in tow, he knew he was going to get his body back, and had faith in Eve. He knew Eve would be able to save Janice without Ntech, unlike Zen, Eve was superior in all things scientific and medical. Though he was worried about Rain, he would need to calm her down and talk to her. Like it or not Janice was now part of the team, she was wanted and had nowhere else to go, Rain wouldn’t like that but she would get used to the idea, besides he owes Janice his life. She easily could have ignored him the entire time, learn to control and utilize him and work for Zen this could have gone an entirely different way, he still couldn’t stop thinking about how different Rain looks, he needed to get back into his body now.

CharlotteCarrendar:- Taking Janice into the operating theatre that was part of the medical wing, Eve helps Janice up onto the table and asks her to lay down. Sam enters soon after with the body parts of Adam and they are then laid out carefully, while Eve preps. This was all new for Sam, as he was good with putting together robotics, but nothing this intricate. Janice is left, staring at the ceiling, wondering if they could bring her back after taking Adam out of her. The operation would be a difficult one, and there was never ever any real guarantees. ”I’ll do my best, Janice.” Eve said, stroking her hair, before injecting her with a drug that would put her to sleep for now. With Janice under, they began the painstaking operation of taking out the Ntech. Adam was being assembled on another table by Sam, but Rain was nowhere to be seen. Like the previous operation, this would take hours and go all night and into the next day. Once Adam had been restored, Eve left him to be restarted – a system restart, while she went back to work on Janice. It was a good thing that Eve could work without sleep, cause she continued to operate on Janice, using the technology similar to what was used on Adam to begin with. Only when she finished, she kept Janice sedated as the woman would need the rest. Coming out of the theatre she took off the scrubs, and then went to check on Adam’s progress. By now, he should have been coming round. <3>

IceTe3a: With his body put back together and his Ntech placed back, it was just like a normal maintenance for Adam, slowly he opened his eyes as he saw Eve standing over him. He sighed in relief as he glanced over finally able to see Janice for himself“Will she live?” he said as he sat up, he looked over at Sam and gave him a nod in thanks, before he stood up and stretched out, all systems were a go. “Please make her feel at home, she’s one of us now. Assign her a room Eve, Sam I want you to show her around, she’ll need some food. I’ll talk to her later.” He quickly sprinted out of the medical bay, no need to say where he was going everyone already knew exactly where he was heading. Down the hall he opened the door to their room, there she was. He smiled as he walked in and shut the door behind him “Rain.. “ he said with a smile before he walked up to her, cupping her cheeks he kissed her lips as he held the kiss for awhile, his right arm wrapped around her back as he pulled her onto his chest. His left hand stroked her hair as he arched a brow “What’s this, blue streaks? Looks nice “ he was happy to be in his own body again, as he laid down on the bed and pulled her down on top of him as he looked up into her face with a smile.

CharlotteCarrendar:- The operation on Janice was painstaking and risky. It would be sometime before she would be joining the team, if at all. Eve would do everything she could to ensure that Janice survived, but nothing was ever certain in this world. Eve took her orders from Adam, and went back to caring for Janice, while Sam went to join her. No doubt Eve would need a chance to recharge after the many hours in surgery. In Adam and Rain’s room, Rain had been laying in their bed. She hadn’t slept the whole time Adam was under the knife. All she could think about was the fact she thought she had lost him forever. It was her anger that truly fuelled her response in attacking anything and everything she could that was Zen. Little did Zen realize that they had just gained a powerful new enemy that had yet to fully acknowledge just what she could do, when pushed. Hearing Adam’s voice through the darkness had her move slightly. It wasn’t till he wrapped his arms around her and held her on top of him with a smile, that she actually started to respond. ”I thought I lost you.” She said quietly, as he spoke of her blue streaks. ”Blue streaks?” she didn’t even know she had them. Rain buried her face in his chest and she uttered. ”Don’t leave me again.” <3>

IceTe3a: He smiled as Rain buried her face in his chest, gently he stroked her hair and nodded “I’ll never leave you again” he kissed the top of her head as he held her close, everything was back to normal, just the way it should be and now they had the map and the keys they needed to go save her father. “Listen, she’s one of us now. You can’t hate her, she did nothing but bring me back into your arms” he smiled knowing now that Rain was calm and had him back in her arms, she would come to understand what Janice had done for them and accept her into their ranks. Both his arms pulled her close and hugged her tight“Let’s get some sleep, later we can welcome Janice, and work on getting your father back.” he held her in her arms as she laid on top of him and he wasn’t going to let go or move, as he slowly stroked her hair whilst they fell asleep.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Rain didn’t know how or what to think of Janice. The very thought that her lover was inside the woman for even the shortest amount of time bothered her. She should be thankful in a sense since it was due to the woman deciding to trust Adam’s words that even brought Adam back to Rain in the first place. Holding Adam close to her, she tried her best to calm once more. She’d been through a lot…hell he had too, but did he know the extent of what she had done to the city’s computer network and machines? That would probably be discussed later. ”How can I hate someone I don’t even know?’ This was a good question. Would she accept Janice into their fold, to help her find her father? What if Janice wanted to go back? So many questions. That was if Eve was able to save her life. Adam’s gentle stroking of Rain’s hair would comfort the girl enough to have her fall asleep in his arms. Out in the med station, Janice was pretty much on life support. Eve hovered over her as she was in a sleep induced coma. Eve could work miracles, but Janice would need so much more than that. <3>


Rain – Chapter Twenty two.


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Chapter Twenty Two 

Night at the Museum


CharlotteCarrendar: Outside the main headquarters, the rows of shiny new Mechs were rolling out. Their mission; to find and bring back Experiment X at all costs. No one else was to survive when he was apprehended. With the backdrop of a black night that was only illuminated by cracks of lightning, and the haunting shadow of towers from the city behind it, it was an ominous sign to those that tried to hide from the Zen’s forces. From behind the dark panes of glass of one office building, a tall figure stood with his arms behind his back. Eyes obscure behind wire framed glasses, his hair speckled with grey and silver through the black. He watched the procession of Mechs leaving the Zen headquarters and frowned. What was the world coming to? Shaking his head, he turned away from the scene. :: Back in Rain and Adam’s room, Rain was laying with Adam – a smile on her face as they spoke of the future. Bringing her father home safely being the top priority. When asked if there was anyone else she trusted to bring into the fold, Rain paused and gave this careful consideration. Who would be willing to give up their current job and follow them on their crusade? ”I would have thought Noah at first, but I doubt if he can be trusted.” Rain reached up and brushed back Adam’s hair and then whispered. ”There was this man…a friend of my Father’s. But I don’t even know what became of him.” <3>

IceTe3a: He smiled as he felt the cooling touch of Rain’s fingers against his back, turning to face her; his brow arched as she went through the list of people they could trust. Chuckling lightly, he rolled onto his side as he wrapped his arms around her, slowly kissing her forehead as he shrugged lightly “Who knows where anyone is these days” sitting up he smiled and walked over to the coffee machine which had already made a fresh batch of coffee, pouring it into two mugs he came back giving one mug to her before he sat down on the bed again next to her. “we should get Tinman onto figuring a location at least, we know it’s on the other side of the world somewhere.” taking a sip of the coffee he sighs happily. “That kid is really weird, you realize that?” he smirked and arched a brow. Slowly the morning sun rose and the day ahead would be as long as the past few days, at least they were free to love each other without worry of others, it was hard for both of them to act out whilst in the city, it would almost seem better to shoot their way in instead.

CharlotteCarrendar: – After a sip of her coffee, Rain nodded. ”Course. I was weird to you once as well.” The smile on her face was engaging, as she decided to sit up and swing her legs out and off the bed. Setting down her coffee cup, she took Adam’s hand in hers. ”Time to go and prize Eve off Tinman and get him to work. I dare say it’s going to be a long hard process to pin point just where in the world my father is.” She knew from Adam’s memories that it was some sort of bunker and well equipped, the question was she had no idea if it was even in their country, or half way around the world. Rising to standing, she went to get dressed for the day, while out in the kitchen, Eve had already started on making breakfast. Tinman was up, but he was a sore looking sight. Still covered in bruises from his altercation with Adam, he hadn’t recovered from his night with Eve.”Coffee?” Eve sung out. Sam sat down, rubbing his crotch and then nodding with a pained expression. ”Need something to keep me awake.” He rested his elbow on the table and nursed his chin with his upturned hand. He didn’t know who was worse now – Adam or Eve. They both were stronger than they looked. <3>

IceTe3a: He sighed slightly as she insisted they started the day, instead of having a shower he just washed his face, and put on the usual, black thick military grade jeans, black military boots and a tight black singlet. He stretched as he watched Rain get ready, giving her the sexy whistle every now and then when she bent over. “I feel sorry for Tinman, Eve can be a handful” he chuckled slightly and shook his head “Eve would be the dominate one out of the two” he smirked, his head already in the gutter. Taking his coffee cup with him, he walked out of the room with Rain in tow “They’re in the mess hall” he smiled as he walked by her side, only to come up to the mess hall. As he walked into the mess hall he saw Eve was cooking breakfast, he glanced over to Tinman and smirked “Morning Eve, Tinman, Rough night huh bud?” he chuckled lightly to himself. As he was taking a seat his HUD turned on in his right eye, it showed warnings of a perimeter alert, flicking to the motion camera’s there was a ZEN Mech walking around scouting, it was obvious it was trying to look for them, but he didn’t think they would come out this far so soon. He would need to take care of them, and fast as he walked over to Rain “Look at this” he said obviously asking her to take over his body and utilize him like usual so she could see what was happening.

CharlotteCarrendar:- The silver streaked haired man approached a room within the tower that was used as a medical facility and ward. A specialist ward that had people that could only enter and leave if they were fully suited and even carrying their own oxygen supply. There was a single bed in the unit. Surrounded by various machines that blinked and beeped; along with a life support system. Laying on the bed, that was covered with a white sheet and cover was a fair haired woman. Her eyes taped over and a special mask fitted to her mouth that helped with her breathing. The man stood outside the glass petition that separated the hall from the ward. Inside, a nurse was taking vitals and doing small tests under the directive of a specialist that was in an adjacent room, watching on carefully. As the man stood watching, a military officer approached and then stood alongside the man, looking into the room. ”Any signs of improvement, Doctor Menzies?’ The General asked, as he turned his head to look upon the scientist. ”No.” Doctor Menzies voice was stern and lacking emotion. General Tyron sighed and took off his hat, placing it under his arm. ”Shame.” That was all the General could think of to say. Doctor Menzies turned on the General and then with an angered voice said. ”I built you those technological terrors that are now crawling the streets. When are you going to bring in the Experiment?!” His voice rose now, and the nurse inside the unit turned to put her finger up to her lips, to try and get the men to be quiet. The General let out an exasperated breath. ”Doctor…we are doing everything we can to bring him in. I assure you, when we do, then you will get what was promised.” The Doctor went back to staring at the beautiful woman who lay on the bed. ”I better.” :: In the mess hall, the smell of cooking bacon and eggs filled the room, and Eve was positively glowing, unlike the Tin man. Rain tried to hide her smile knowing how full on Eve can be when she wanted to be. Rain was about to ask Sam how he fared, when Adam alerted her to a situation. She looked at him, then raised her hand to his pressure plates and locked onto the images he was seeing of the mechs. ”Shit…we need to divert them from the farm.” <3>

IceTe3a: – He nodded as she let him have his control back, now she was fully aware of the situation he needed to make a plan. Even if they found the farmland they would never find the bunker underneath it was shielded from radar and scanning, even so. He grabbed Rains hand and pulled her along to the armory where he sighed slightly, racing over to the weaponry rack he quickly picked out his M107 Sniper rifle with a clip of .50mm rounds. “I have a plan, we need to get into place first then I’ll explain it” he quickly grabbed a motorbike and waited for her to hop on, before racing out of the armory through the secret driveway, they launched into the air and hit the dirt fast as they travelled towards the rather tall and thick bunkered outer walls. It took them awhile to reach the wall as he boosted her up on top before jumping on top next to her, laying down he sighed slightly “Ok.. I’m going to shoot it, I need you to do your tech thing, get into the network and send a signal to ZEN for a Mech locating us, on the far Western suburbs. That should keep them away from here for awhile” he lays down flat against his chest, and loads the rifle, aiming it right at the mech which was a good 10 miles away, it wasn’t a hard shot for Adam. “Ready.. and Go!” he would count to ten before firing, giving her enough time to do her thing, hopefully. *BOOOM* the large caliber rifle fires as the shot echo’s through the terrain, a second after, the Mech hits the ground and explodes into pieces. “Did you get through ok?” he rolls onto his side and looks over at Rain with a loving smile.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Rain lay on the ground with Adam so that they were hidden from the mech’s sensors, and as Adam asked her to do her thing she started to lock onto the mech and then get into its communications systems. Encrypting a lock on the position of Adam but in another part of the city in the West. As Rain worked her way through, Adam would hear a strange humming coming from Rain as she reached out with her hand. Fingers working on something that to him would be invisible. In her mind however, she was inside the Mech, and not only was she doing the signal, she was also making herself familiar with the technology. In her own world in fact. The makeup of this mech however was different from others she had encountered. Rain’s brow creased, her eyes squinting as she went faster to gain as much intelligence as she could from it, before Adam would take aim and then end the mech once and for all. With barely seconds to spare, the message was sent and Rain mentally detatched herself from the unit as it exploded. The shock of which had her gasp as the ground rumbled from the impact of the strike. Blinking as the ground was now being showered with parts, she nodded slowly to Adam before trying to stand up.”That..was close.” <3>

IceTe3a: He smiles as she finally comes to and stands up stating it was a close call but she did it, he chuckles lightly coming to a stand he cups her cheeks and kisses her with passion “We’ll be fine, just like I promised.” a simple smile as he picked up his rifle and picked her up in the other arm, leaping off the tall barrier walls his feet hit the dirt with a solid impact, placing her on the ground feet first he gives her a wink before hopping on the bike, as she hops onto the back he drives off back to their house.“No doubt Eve and Tinman will be wondering what happened” he smirked as they finally drove down back into the armory. Placing the bike away and the rifle back on the wall he starts to walk back to the mess hall while holding her hand “We may need to beef up security” as they walked into the mess hall he noticed Eve and Tinman sitting down eating, he gave them a nod of reassurance “Just a rogue scouting mech, taken care of. Tinman time to get to work, I hope you have something for us” he walked over and grabbed to plates of the cooked food Eve made for them and smiled, giving Eve a wink “Thanks Eve” he waited for Tinman to walk out of the mess hall and towards the computers lab, giving him a light tap in the ass with his boot to rush him,

CharlotteCarrendar: – Tinman jolted slightly to feel Adam’ boot kick his rear along to get him to move faster and into the computer lab. No doubt he was in a hurry to get back on the job of finding Rain’s father and bringing this all to an end. The rows of terminals were like candy to any tech savvy nerd and to Sam he was no exception. Finding a chair he logged in and started to bring up some data on the pre war bunkers. ”Each government prior to the big…ya know, final war had set up bunkers in certain cities across the globe, each being able to house about five hundred people. Kinda unfair when you think about it.” he said, pushing his spectacles up the bridge of his nose, then coughing and getting back to work. ”Now, after the war most of these were decommissioned and locked with keys that have been long forgotten by society…and the Zen. But when you think about it;, what a great place to hide out long term. I mean, these were meant to sustain people for generations.” Tapping away furiously on his keypad, he then brought up a guide to the capital’s museum. ”This…is where the keys are kept. I happened to notice, when I was doing some research last night, after Eve had finally cut me a break, that one of the keys had the symbol that I showed you both back in my trailer.’ Moving the mouse along, he then brought up the key in question, and of course it bore the matching symbol. ”The maps for these bunkers are top secret, locked in a vault in that museum…BUT…the keys are on display. Kinda derp if you ask me.” He then spun around on his chair to face Adam. ”Get the key, find the map….and you got her Father’s location.” At this, he folded his arms, feeling quite chuff. <3>

IceTe3a: -He followed Tinman into the computer room and watched as he tapped away at the computer, bringing up files and locations of a museum in the city, as he explained how the bunkers were all marked on a map and needed a key to be accessed, fortunately for them both the map and the keys were in the same museum. “Most likely Zen has forgotten all about this, so we get in grab what we need get out” he turned to Rain and smiled as they were that much closer to finding her father. “You ready for this hun?” he smirked as he ruffled Tinman’s hair “Good job, look after the place” Adam didn’t see that they should waste any time on this, he walked out of the computer room and down towards the armory with Rain in tow once more, as he started to grab all the gear he would need, his pistol, M14 assault rifle and a few more pieces of equipment, he waited for Rain to be completely ready before giving her a reassuring kiss. “Security will be tight so we won’t be able to make it past the check points, we need to use the warbird” what he hadn’t told her was he had stolen a Zen warbird, it’s lowjack and GPS tracking system had been removed but all its credentials were up to date, no one was going to stop a warbird mid flight. “Come on, this way” he smirked as he walked past the cars and there she was, a pitch black warbird armed to the teeth with missiles, two Gatling guns and a few more nasty weaponry. He opened the cockpit and took a seat as he clicked a button the roof slowly started to open up, he knew Rain would take her usual spot no matter what vehicle they were using, she always used him as a chair and he wouldn’t have it any other way. Using the warbird means they could fly in fast without going through the checkpoints and fly out a quick getaway which was needed.

CharlotteCarrendar:- You had to hand it to the Tinman. He was useful after all. Smiling as he felt his hair being ruffled by Adam, and not getting the usual back hander, his chest swelled with pride as he watched Adam take Rain out to get ready to go back to the city again. This time however they weren’t going to go via the check points. No, Adam had a much better idea and had been keeping this a bit of a secret from Rain. Kissing her to reassure her they were on the right track this time, she nodded to acknowledge she was ready. ”Ready as I’ll ever be.” She followed Adam to the armory where he started to pick up his usual tools of trade; his pistol, M14 assault rifle and a few more pieces of equipment. Rain stocked up too, but she knew that her real strength lay in her powers to control technology. The question was, could she outsmart the newest Mechs that had been produced. There was something about them that she just felt…off about. Like she couldn’t put her finger on what it was – a familiarity in the design make up. A signature, if you will. Shaking her head to dismiss her worries, she followed Adam out to where he kept the warbird. ”You stole a warbird? A zen…warbird?” Almost incredulously, she walked around it, in awe of what Adam had done. ”It’s a freaking beast.” she had to admit, she was fond of them. Rain was quick to take her place and that was in his lap, just as he liked. It meant they were in constant touch with the other, and she could utilize him to help her fly the plane. Wiggling to get comfortable, she brought down the glass dome, which sealed vacuum tight. An array of panels with lighted switches all came to life, as she ran her hand across the panels and holographic posted up the various statistics and safety features as the engines powered up to take off. <3>

IceTe3a: He feels as her weight comes down on top of his lap once more, the cockpit closed and the HUD lit up, he felt her wiggle to get comfy and he smirked. Soon enough the warbird took off with its engines roaring they cleared the roof and where up in the air flying towards the city. He placed her right hand on his pads so she could gather all the information she would need to fly the warbird and fight with it like a pro would, he could feel her fingertips sucking out the data from his very being, it was a weird sensation. His arms wrapped around her waist as he held her close “We’re almost there.. You’re father we will meet him again soon” he smiled as he kissed her neck. The warbird flew high in the air and was unchallenged by anyone, the automatic scans cleared the warbird for flight in the city as they approached museum. “Set her down a street away” he knew they should set her down a little distance away, as the warbird set down the cockpit opened up, he waited for Rain to hop out first before he followed. “Keep close, let’s get in and out fast” he smiled as he took lead, keeping close to the building walls he checked every corner for any guards or mechs, but the inner city was deserted hardly anyone lived here anyway. They made short work getting to the front of the Museum, he looked around at the front before turning around to her “Set up camp here, you guard our escape; I’ll get in and out quickly ok?” he gave her a quick passionate kiss on the lips before drawing back and smiling “I love you” with that he darted off towards the front of the museum not giving her time to argue. Opening the door to the museum he walked inside, as he started to scan the building, finally getting a location on the key that they needed he smirked as he grabbed it. Placing the key in his pocket he walked down the hall to the more secure bunkers, little did he knew that he set off a silent alarm, walking through the halls he finally came upon a large safe room, utilizing his networking skills he picked the access code and the door flung open. He walked inside and looked around after five minutes he found the map they needed, he took a quick scan of it and sent the imagery and file data straight to their home base networking so Tinman could start working on it straight away. Turning around there was only one thing left to do and that was head back out and get the hell out of here, he couldn’t wait to get back home, but it seemed all too easy.

CharlotteCarrendar;- It was…all too easy. Rain was outside pacing back and forth on the look out for the night patrol, and worse…the mechs. Inside Adam was racing against the clock in order to find the key and then the vault where the maps were stored. But little did either of them know that the Zen had set up special laser traps within the museum. Turns out that they had uses for much of what was being stored, also there were records on the site of many that had been taken by the Zen brother hood. It was an archive that had enough politically damaging information, that if it fell into the wrong hands, there would be a global outcry as the public realized that they had all been deceived for so long. The lasers that were unseen to the naked eye set off alarms at the Zen headquarters, where a team of specialists were on standby and taking down the information of the break in at the museuem. Immediately they ordered the sending out of the mechs to that zone of the city. Suddenly there was a rumble of sound, the earth being pounded by the foot strikes of these metal beasts. The sirens sounded and the city started to go into lock down. ”FUCK!” Rain screamed as she could hear the whining of mechanics and then massive steel doors started to slam down over every entrance and exit point of the museum. Running up as one slammed down where Adam had run through, she belted her fists against the door. ”No!” her mind racing as she tried to lock into whatever technology had activated the doors. But as she was making her way into the main frame, a light beam lit her up from behind. A massive mech was standing tall behind her, with its gun turrets pointed at her. ”Halt…under order of Zen.” A mechanical voice shouted, as Rain blinked at the sudden burst of light. <3>

IceTe3a: As he walks down the hall he had a gut feeling something wasn’t right, he quickly picked up the pace as he ran down the hallway, coming into the main room the door was closed, he didn’t remember closing the door. He slowly stepped out into the open, and suddenly he heard it the sound of hundreds of automatic rifles cocking, it was a trap. Slowly he looked up to the second level balcony which trailed around the entire room, there it was Zen soldiers armed, poised and aiming straight down at him. There was no way he could escape alive, and by the looks of things they were already inside, they didn’t know Rain was outside. They start screaming for him to put his hands up, he growls and curses. Knowing he had already sent the data files to Tinman, all they needed now was the key. He wondered just how Rain was faring; she would be worried right about now. Little did he know she already knew it was a trap and had just killed one of Zen’s new Mech’s, the Zen soldiers were screaming for him to drop his weapons and slowly he did first his M4 he threw across the ground “ Darling.. It’s a trap, You’ve figured this by now.. There’s no escape for me, I’ve sent Tinman the scans of the Map.” he was talking to her via their link only they could hear each other. Slowly he dropped his equipment, he was buying for time and the soldiers didn’t mind how slow he was going anyway, they all knew just who he was and what he was capable of. “ I love you Rain.. Take the key.. Find your father.. compete your goal and forget about me.. Now take it and RUN!!” he said in her mind as he gripped the key that she would need for the bunker, with perfect aim he tossed the key as it smashed through the higher window it would land perfectly at her feet, with his other hand he took out his pistol and started firing he wasn’t going down without a fight *Bang bang bang* one two three dead, the whole room lit up as the Zen soldiers opened fire it was loud and bright, she would be able to hear it from the outside and suddenly it all went quiet, his body hit the floor out cold, the bastards were using electrified bullets that temporarily shut down his systems, enough to get him back to Zen. By the time they radioed in for a drop ship and opened the doors, Rain had already gone, the dropship came and picked Adam up flying him back to the Zen base with the awaiting doctor excited by the news of Adams capture, Adams life was no longer in Rain’s hands, he was now captured and at the disposal of the Zen once more, only time could tell what they would do with him this time.

CharlotteCarrendar:- Fury raged through the technopath as she reached out with her hands, her body engulfed in a blue aura that would only look all the more intimidating by the lights that bathed her by the mech. In her head she could hear him…telling her it was a trap and that there was no escape for him this time. Tinman had the map now, and that part of the mission was a success but without Adam she didn’t know how she could go on. Rain let out a scream that was so loud that it was like a shock wave, and then her eyes turned a shocking colour of blue that they had never done before. The mech started to shudder and vibrate violently as the controller struggled to maintain a grip on the power driver. Rain took over the controls of the mech and then directed it to fire upon itself, blasting it into oblivion. Breathing heavily, she wanted to attack the building. There had to be a way inside, but then the sound of a window breaking was heard from overhead. She looked up only to see a key hurtle down and land at her feet. The key? Still caught up in her rage, she didn’t know what to do, she wanted to destroy everything to get to him. But instead she could hear him in the back of her head. Telling her what to do. “ I love you Rain.. Take the key.. Find your father.. compete your goal and forget about me.. Now take it and RUN!!” Gritting her teeth, she let out a ferocious cry and wailed, before picking up the key. She didn’t want to run. She wanted to fight. Rain didn’t want to let him go. There were more mech’s heading in that direction, but Rain had to do what he told her too. She jumped into the warbird and fired up the engines. In her mind, she sent what would be the last thing he would hear. ”I’m never going to stop till I find you! I love you, Adam.” The warbird took off way ahead of the dropship, which came to collect it’s prize. The Zen may have won the day…but the war had just begun. <3>


The Gardens – A Fallen Mansion.


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Re: Grounds: Garden
August 21, 2014 07:29AM

The Mansion was no fit place for the likes of a Giant. A feared warrior who had felled many a man on the battlefields in the wilds of Scotland. Least, that was what one would think as they saw the sad excuse of a man with shoulders hunched over returning to his part of the Mansion. The Gardens. Oh, it was green and peaceful. Wild animals that were caught up in the dreaded force field were to share the lands with the ginger haired giant.

“I don’t belong here.” Douglas lamented as he trudged along. A branch got caught in his path and whipped around him so fast that it sent a family of squirrels flying faces first into the dirt. All you could see was their wee tails all..fuzzy and standing up amongst the green of the grass and moss.

Taking off his favored pig skin bladder, he brought it up to his lips and tried to squeeze what little drops of scotch remained, but sadly it was as dry as the desert. Douglas tossed the wine bladder to the ground and then found himself a fallen log on which to sit. Few things brought him any comfort in this hellish place. Scotch, and a good yarn. Now after being tricked by the waif like girl in the cellar, and robbed of what few coin he had to buy more, the Giant was feeling a touch sorry for himself.

Oh, he had tried to break through the invisible barrier on the edge of the forest and each time the Giant was thrown back only to land in a heap. It was frustrating to say the least.

“If only I could remember…oh aye….if only.” He like many were lost. Lost to their past…and with not much of a future to look forward too. Looking down at his hand, he rubbed the gold ring he wore on his left hand. Was it significant? Did it mean something in a past life? It was just another mystery. The only thing he knew…was that he was good with an axe. A weapon in the right hands, but to a Groundsman, it was just another tool in the shed.

Douglas placed his hands on his knees and leaned forward letting out a sigh. He wanted to fight…he wanted to do something that would change the lives of people in the Mansion. He longed…for home.


Re: Grounds: Garden
August 22, 2014 06:06PM
“Come back here, you little..!” Quinn called out, running after Mason. While at first she’d been loud, eventually she’d faded to complete silence.. even though she was gaining speed. Something about this. Something about this chase triggered something. She couldn’t quite place what, instead deciding that she would get Mason later as she spotted her giant friend looking rather down. “Duggie!” She screamed, just a few feet from the giant as she had flown silently at full speed.. that had been his only warning.

Barreling into him at unhuman-x miles per hour, the two were knocked down onto the ground and rolled with large thumps. “Hey, look alive, would you?” A grin as they stopped their roll, the 7-foot tall woman straddling him as though this was something they did everyday.. which, really, they did. A grin accompanied this, though she watched Mason as he slowly returned to them. “You know, Doug, that thing that happens every once in awhile?”

By this, she referred to the feelings of her memories returning, often giving her great headaches and terrible pain. Him being her longtime friend, he knew almost everything about her as she did about him. “I think it’s happening.” Though the whole time he she held a grin plastered on her face as pain began to spread behind her eyes and to her ears.. A couple of minutes or so and she might be on the ground, out for the count. Which, had happened before.

Re: Grounds: Garden
August 22, 2014 06:37PM
The Gardens

Though others may have been enjoying the quiet surrounds of the gardens, Douglas was like a big lump on a log. Well, he was in all truth. Shoulders sagging and muttering to himself with his heavy accent. Few would understand what it was like to be such a large brutish looking creature surrounded by…short attractive types. Douglas had the kind of face that only a mother could love.

Douglas would have continued to sit and mope upon that log, but turns out that he was the target for his one and only friend, who was rocketing towards him at such speed, that the impact was going to be spectacular.

“What the….?” Famous last words as he was hit with such force by Quinn that it literally knocked the wind right out of him. Over and over they rolled, collecting all manner of leaf litter, twigs and the odd furry creature till finally coming to a stop with Quinn straddling the Giant…as she did.

“Hey, look alive, would you?” Quinn had already picked that Douglas was on a downer. The Giant lay there as he pulled a disgruntled looking rabbit out from under his kilt, tossing it over his shoulder. The Giant then tried to show something that resembled a smile, but with the lack of a few teeth it looked a bit odd.

“If this is living, lassy…I rather be dead.” The Giant said off the cuff, before showing interest in Quinn’s query about that thing…that happens once in a while.

“Ya shagged a vampire? No…no, I jest. What ‘appened, lass?” Douglas now showing a more genuine expression. He knew about the headaches that came when she got flashes of memory, something that Douglas didn’t get.

“I think it’s happening.”

This usually meant one of two things. She was going to scream from the blinding headache…or pass out cold. Either way, Douglas needed to be ready.

“Oh…aye. Right. “ he found it odd however that she always grinned as the pain accelerated. Kinda like she enjoyed it. Either way, Douglas prepared himself for what was coming.


Douglas closed one eye, squinting it tight and held his breath watching her.


Re: Grounds: Garden
August 22, 2014 06:57PM
Mason ran through the forest dodging branches and jumping over hedges as he ran through the forest. Being a little nosy he plugged his headphones in as he wondered what her taste in music might be. Carrying his luggage it was quite tiring as he still didn’t have a shirt on at the time. Feeling the night breeze he continued running as he saw two figures in the distance. Jogging towards them it appeared to be Quinn and someone he never saw before. Jogging up to them he introduced himself with a friendly smile. “Hey, I’m Mason.” Not one to jump to conclusions as he saw the precarious position, he blew past the obvious and continued to listen to what was going on. “What exactly did she mean by that?” Mason thought as he watched the series of events play out. A grin was on her face but it didn’t seem genuine, almost as if it was stuck in place. “Are you alright?” Mason asked just going out on a hunch. Something just didn’t feel right…

Re: Grounds: Garden
August 22, 2014 07:26PM
The first time this had happened, she’d screamed and held her head, crying in hysterics that she couldn’t see and was blinded. Douglas had been around for that very first one. Needless to say they’d been friends for quite a long time. Though usually the doctor couldn’t do much, only Ophelia could truly help her by taking away the overflow, but the medical wing provided a place to stay and kept the headaches at bay.

Gritting her teeth and locking her jaw, Quinn dug her nails into Douglas for a moment, before looking up at Mason, “I really do apologize.” And suddenly there was searing pain, a hand moving up into her hair and then to her temple, her breathing quick…

And then there was a burst of light. She was running, her paws thudding heavily under her as she watched the woman – well, demon in a human form run away. She knew that it wouldn’t escape her, it was pitiful to try.. and thus she snarled, throwing back her head and howling. The soul was red, it was time.. and with a single leap of all fours she closed the distance with ease, clamping down to the very soul of the demon as she screamed…

Quinn had fallen forwards to the side, almost cuddling into Douglas when she’d fallen to the ground as he’d moved to catch her. Her eyes moved rapidly under their lids, her jaw locked as she breathed a bit quickly while the memory came to her.. When it ceased her eyes stopped moving and she became still, her breathing slowing as she fell into a physical state of sleep.

Re: Grounds: Garden
August 22, 2014 07:39PM
The Gardens

Given the warning by Quinn made things a little easier for the Giant who had been privy to Quinn’s “happenings” before. This time however they had company. Mason showed up just as things were about to go out of control and the Giant called out to him.

“Block ya ears..laddie.”

Sure enough, Quinn let out a blood curdling scream while Douglas winced in pain from the clawing that the girl inflicted on him as the pain in her head intensified. The girl fell slightly forward as she came down from the affects of the release of memory and Douglas was quick to catch her. Propping himself up, he changed his hold on her so that he would be cradling Quinn as he pushed himself up to standing.

With a good grip, the Giant said. “This is a doozy. Right, off to the medical bay. Only place where she can come out of this safely.”

Douglas wasn’t sure if Mason knew where that was, or even if he had been given a tour of the grounds. He knew Quinn though. Douglas’s kilt swayed back and forth as he lumbered off towards the Mansion. The giant’s concern for Quinn was greater than his own woes, or even that of his search for the coin thief. That could all wait. Glancing over his shoulder at Mason, he quirked a brow.

“You always carry your luggage with ya, Mason?” The Giant asked, wondering just how new this creature was. He had picked up on the name of the fellow when he arrived on the scene. For once the Giant was being polite.


Re: Grounds: Garden
August 22, 2014 08:09PM
Mason wasn’t sure exactly what was going on as she was in terrible pain. Analyzing the situation Mason couldn’t even come up with an idea on what to do. Hearing the quick advice given to him by the giant he quickly covered his ears. Even through the cusps of his hands he could still hear her wail as she seemed to be in desperate pain and he was helpless in the situation. It slightly infuriated him even though they just met she was still someone that needed help. Listening to the giant he nodded gathering his composure as he tagged along to see exactly was going on. Seeing the giant noticed his work clothes he changed out of in his bag. Flashing a smile as he let out a small chuckle he said “Well no, I went to the gym straight after work. Just a change of clothes.” Looking at the coma induced Quinn he looked back up at the giant with a condescending smirk on his face seeing as it seemed Quinn should get to the medical bay as fast as possible”Just how fast can you run Mr.Giant?”

Re: Grounds: Garden
August 22, 2014 08:24PM
The Gardens.

“Just how fast can you run Mr.Giant?”

“The name’s Duggie, not Mister Giant!” The Giant roared as he picked up his pace in his race to get Quinn to the medical bay. As his sandal covered feet thundered across the grassy plain, he added with a few huffs and puffs. “Faster than a frog can fart in the dark. Now, get a move on”

None of that probably made any sense to Mason, but the Giant was on a mission. His green and navy kilt was rising and falling as he lept over fallen logs and bounded over rock ornaments. It was quite a sight to see a Giant run, depending on if you were looking up or at a height you couldn’t see under his kilt. Hard to believe a ginger haired giant had hair down there.

Quinn’s body bounced in the Giant’s arms, though he had a pretty good hold of her – she would still appear to be like a rag doll. Her lanky legs flailing about. The Giant had seen her go through this before and it was never pretty. He hoped that the Doctor was in this time, in case her visions would bring about some sort of terrible reaction. It was the Giant’s greatest fear.

He crashed through the doors on the ground floor and sped down the hall, before pounding up the spiral staircase to the floor where the medical bay was.


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The Forest – A Fallen Mansion.


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Re: Grounds: Forested Area
August 14, 2014 09:56PM
The Grounds – Forested Area

The trees fell silent as scores of wild birds flew away in fear. The rumbling of earth could mean only one thing. The Giant was now out in the gardens and heading for the wood. His search for the thief thus far had brought up nothing, except a good meal from the Kitsune in the kitchen. At least for now the Giant’s belly was full, but his mind had only one thought and that was to find the girl who took his gold, and wounded his pride.

Douglas leaned against a tree, which bent slightly due to the Giant’s considerable bulk. He scratched his backside through his kilt and snorted angrily. What kind of woman would even have a drinking game with a Giant and think she could win? There were now a lot of questions as to just how she did it. Was she able to drink without any effect, and if so…why drink in the first place?

Thinking back, the girl that was in the cellar at the time acted rather peculiar. How could she have missed the other girl, who must have hung around for a while after the Giant had passed out from the drink. Were all the women in this mansion plotting against him?

One thing was for certain. No one ever escaped the grounds, which meant that it was merely a matter of time before the Giant would catch up with the girl that stole from him. Pushing himself off the tree, which showered down a bough full of leaves, he continued his search.


Re: Grounds: Forested Area
August 16, 2014 08:29AM
I opened it!, her sudden outburst caused the demon to flinch and shoot her an awkward glance while he subtly leaned a little bit away from her. Opened it? Opened what, exactly? A door? A door to her memories, maybe? ”…Do you think it will?” He asked, ”Kill you, I mean… What if it does?” Roman peeked at her hands, watching them change their shapes on their own, without her seeming to notice. Creepy indeed. ”What if…. That’s the punishment for trying to retrieve our memories. Death.” He scoffed a bit, well aware that she was thinking out loud and wasn’t paying attention to much.
He was curious about his memories aswell, of course. So far he has only figured out small pieces of himself and he figured it all out on his own. His powers, what he is.. He’s constantly wondering what a thing like him could be doing in another life. A shapeshifting demon… What a concept. He could not have been a good person…Monster. Whatever.
”[i]Hi.[/b]” He mumbled, when she finally came out of her thoughts and remembered he sat there. ”It’s like we all have permanent amnesia..” Roman looked around himself a bit as he spoke, squinting a bit at seeing a flock of birds flee out of the trees, then a rumble.. Was the giant out here already? Had he tracked her down at last? Impossible…He scoffed, slowly getting to his feet. But before he straightened himself up completely, he bent down a bit, one hand on his knee while the other pointed at her. ”Save those thoughts…You shouldn’t talk too much about it, the caretaker will hear you.
It wasn’t like he cared too much about getting in trouble. However he did care about staying alive, and the caretaker had a scary rumor about her after all. ”We have company now.. The giant is out here somewhere.

Re: Grounds: Forested Area
August 16, 2014 12:11PM
Amaria blinked at Roman then began to get up herself as he spoke of the giant. “You don’t say?” She replied sarcastically to his mention of their new company. “As if the ground shaking wasn’t enough to let me know.” She glanced up at the sky as the flock of birds fled. “We could have continued sitting. If anything, standing now makes us more suspicious.” A pause. “It’s not as if he’ll recognize me, you know. He hasn’t seen this form. And, if worse comes to worse, I can pretend I don’t even speak English.”

She smirked. “Est-ce que tu parle le francais?” (Do you speak French?) Yes, she’d referred to him in the ‘tu’ form rather than ‘vous,’ choosing to address him as a friend might to another. ‘Vous’ signified politeness and speaking to one that you didn’t quite know… not that she expected him to know that. Amaria couldn’t quite place why she knew French, but she did know that she knew it almost as well as English.

“All I know is,” Amaria randomly picked up their previous topic, “I will get my memories back. I don’t know how, but I will somehow. I need to know who I was.” She turned towards the sound of thundering footsteps then, seeming to quickly drop the discussion. She went to her tree again, climbing up it to a branch above so that she was just a bit above Roman in height as she laid down on the branch.

Ah, so she was making them appear as a couple of people merely hanging out. Nothing suspicious in that, right? “I hope you’ve brushed up on French.” She mumbled, listening as the lumbering footsteps of the giant became louder. Of course, she was grinning slyly, though her facial expression turned into a laugh of delight.

This was a game to her, nothing quite more than that. She remained unworried, her form foreign to the foe upon them.

Oh how she got joy from this. Sanity was not her forte.

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August 17, 2014 07:53PM
Grounds – Forested Area

It was due to the Giant’s height that he was able to see that the trees did not just contain wildlife or leaves, but a pair conversing. How…bloody odd. What on earth would people be doing lounging around in trees? Lumbering forward to get a better view it saddened him to see that the female one was not the one he sought. This search for the thief had bore no fruit so far and he was starting to grow weary of it. Sad thing was, she robbed him of his gold, she poured out the best scotch he could possibly ever get and all he was left to show for it was a stinking white frilly pirate shirt.

Approaching the tree, the Giant called out;

“You seen a thieving little git….about yay high….and…jingling with coins that she stole from me?’

He didn’t have a right clue to what she actually looked like, so he was going off what he remembered, which really wasn’t very much.

The Giant stood there waiting for an answer, though he doubted that either could tell him anything. Probably been sniffing the leaves and getting high….or something.




Re: Grounds: Forested Area
August 20, 2014 11:35AM
He didn’t feel like sitting anymore. His legs grew restless now and then and he’d wander around a bit, kick a few pebbles… It’s easy to say he gets bored fast. ”Dude, we’re the exact opposite of suspicious.” Roman grumbled with a snort, ”you literally have a whole new face on, new body, new everything. Plus he has never seen me before, has he? I’m an excellent actor and a liar, you’re as safe as the bank, love.” Grinning mischievously, he threw her a playful look, but right afterwards it quickly vanished when she began to speak French. He stared blankly for a few seconds, listening to her… Slowly, he sneered, his nose wrinkled as she squinted at her. ”Sorry mate. French isn’t my area. I know German though, for some reason.” Chuckling a bit half-heartedly, he’d eventually sit back down by the tree- after she had climbed up that is. ”Monkey..” He scoffed under his breath, fiddling around with a couple bracelets hanging loosely around his wrist. ”Woman, getting your memories back ain’t going to be easy… But i’m sure you already know that. Maybe i’ll help, ain’t got nothin else to do around here anyway.” Roman muttered, pursing his lips a bit and then sending the woman in the tree a brief thumbs up when she referred back to the French. Of course, he had not brushed up on the language at all. As a demon he should be able to simply pick up the language and automatically know every word.. But he isn’t quite sure how to just to that yet, hopefully he’ll figure it out as soon as possible. The giant reached them eventually, standing up not too far away. Roman eyed him with one eyebrow arched and, for a moment, a sudden sting of temptation struck him. A classic betrayal, it would taste good to his sinful self but…No, he didn’t say anything about Amaria’s little secret and shrugged instead, sending off a slight smirk. ”Sorry mate, you’ll have to be a bit more specific…” He said, gesturing loosely with his hand towards him. ”Any idea how she looks…?

Re: Grounds: Forested Area
August 20, 2014 08:44PM
Amaria stared at Roman as Douglas appeared.. for a moment, perhaps a split-second, she thought he’d betray her. It was on his face, the words just on the tip of the tongue.. as he spoke a silent breath of relief released from her that, frankly, she’d not realized was being held. “You know, hair color, eyes.. something? I’d really love to help you out here, but you’re a bit too vague.” Accents. Now she took on a Dublin Irish one, different from her original old London speak that he’d first heard. Her lips pursed as she stared at Douglas, almost seeming to be looking through him. Quite unnerving, really.

Especially how she hung off of the tree branch, gazing at him as a monkey might, peering through strands of the pitch blackness that was this form’s hair. “Though not sure why you’d be looking for a thief in the forest? That’s kind of impractical, innit?” For now she hoped to freak him out with the thoughts that she may be insane, her eyes continuing to stare at him unblinkingly. She was almost tempted to use her glamour, to make him turn around and stop looking for her.. oh, but this was quite fun… dangerous, but fun. Especially when she could see his reaction at his returned coin purse. Not like she had much to spend money on here, anyway — there was no purpose.

Re: Grounds: Forested Area
August 20, 2014 11:05PM
Grounds – Forested Area

Staring at the girl as though she had something odd between her eyes, the Giant let out a loud grunt and threw up both arms in frustration. He didn’t have the girl’s hair colour or eye colour for that matter. The Giant had very little to go on, and when you add to the fact that he was now searching a part of the grounds that she wouldn’t be seen dead in, he started to doubt himself. What would a thief be doing in the grounds? Pissing on a small hedge? Not bloody likely. No…from memory the girl liked a drink. She liked it a lot. And she was able to hold her own in the drinking game. If there was any place that the girl might end up again, it would be the cellar. But…she would also know that the Giant would be looking for her.

The girl that stared at him from the bough of the tree was also a bit unsettling. The way she continued to stare at him, without blinking. Another freaking loony. Was this whole Mansion filled with mad hatters and sneaky wenches? It appeared to be the case.

Lifting up what was the white frilly shirt, the Giant dropped it from his hand and then stomped on it till it was well covered in mud.

“THAT is what I think of frilly shirts!” he stormed, as he gave a few good jumps on it for good measure.

Duggie realized he had lost his pride, and his gold. The giant had been through enough. He glared at the pair in the tree and then with a raised brow growled.

“What you two lookin’ at?”

Turning on his heel, he stormed off into the distance. He was the grounds keeper after all and had a job to do. Thankfully for Amaria she got away with blue murder….for now.


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Outlaws of the Outback – Part Two.


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Outlaws of the Outback 

Part Two 

Fools Gold



CharlotteCarrendar: – Riding along at a slower pace with the bag of gold jingling, the pair had gotten away with murder so to speak. Having gotten the supplies they needed, their horses with new shoes and more gold than when they started, they certainly had luck on their side. Annie had to admit that the drunken gamblers were a bunch of fools the way they took her at her word about bush rangers. Little did they know they had just been fleeced by them. Annie bent down as her horse went under a low hanging branch, then righted herself, only to hear Jack say that she shouldn’t hide the fact she was a woman. She should have a name for herself as a dreaded outlaw. ”Aha! What ya think ta call me then? Rough riding Annie?’ This was said with a smirk as she thought that sounded ridiculous. ”And what is this about you likin’ ma hair down? Not be taking too much of a shine to me are ya?” Often Annie tried to act more male, to get away with more. Women were not meant to ride in pants, let alone be seen in such establishments as the pubs. She just found it easier to pretend to be male. ”That shopkeeper though…Ahaha…the look on his face when ya challenged him to go cheaper. I could see the colour drain away from his face.” <3>

IceTe3a: – The horse slowly trotted along with Annie up behind, he was admiring the new rifle as he checked it over, listening to Annie ramble on about how it was easier to be a male. Smirking he glanced back head half cocked “Oh so the damsel in distress needs to make life easier” he laughed out loud teasing her as he looked around, for now they were heading back to their billabong camp. “ I never thought you would be the first one to say it’s too hard” chuckling lightly he wouldn’t let that one slide down as he nodded in agreement, the shop keeper went white as a ghost when he challenged the man to drop the prices. “Most don’t like getting into fights, what more do ya expect from a bunch of yellow bellied shop keepers anywho” Soon enough they reached their destination, he took the horses gear off and allowed it to roam around freely as he took a seat on a fallen log. “We still need a better place to rough it than the side of a billabong that’s for sure. “ glancing around he knew this was hardly the best defendable place and not exactly a place where you can just leave your gear lying around, but a house costs too much and most houses were in towns, it was rare to see a shop or house built in the middle of nowhere.

CharlotteCarrendar: The taunts from Jack about being a damsel in distress only had Annie roll her eyes. She never meant she was one, it was just that it was harder all round for a woman in today’s society to get away with the things she did. Jack’s laughing only made it worse. He did have a love of teasing her when he could, and she put herself in it by her comments. On reaching the campsite near the billabong, Annie dismounted her horse once more and started to take off the saddle as well as the purchases she had made in the town. She was a bit excited about the bush oven, since that would make it so much easier to cook with. The kettle too would be put to good use. Living a life like this, roughing it in the outback was not easy. Keeping one step ahead of the constabulary was one thing, but dealing with the dangers of the bush was another. Snakes and spiders abound, and one had to be careful where they left their property. You had to have a keen eye out at all times. Letting her horse go, she took a seat beside Jack on the fallen log and listened to his suggestion that they needed a better place than this. A homestead cost an awful lot. ”If we bought a claim…built our own house that might be the way ta go, Jack.” <3>

IceTe3a: He watched as Annie started to mess around with all their new items that they bought from the stores, he smirked slightly as he knew she was happy and excited about it. He arched a brow as she said they should buy claim to some land and build a house that be the way to go, he chuckled lightly and looked back at her “And who’s ta build this house, eh? You n me? Besides, it take years and neither of us know how.” he rubbed his chin and leaned back against Annie as he sighed slightly. “We could go see the banker, they own all these lands. And we both know how crooked they are when it comes to gold. “ that would mean they needed more gold, means more robberies and now with guns it would make it a lot easier. He glanced her over and smiled, knowing full well they would need to make names for themselves that way people would take them more serious. “Besides, even if you’re female, if you got a name that’s feared I doubt anyone would be giving you any trouble” he chuckled lightly. They would need to dress correctly, but their clothing wasn’t exactly screaming fuck off either way they couldn’t afford to waste much more gold until they got their next pay, their new clothing would be on top of his list next time.“ I figure.. with land and a house, we’d be looking at least five.. ta six hundred gold pieces for a rundown old place.”their work was cut out for them, next pay check he would go visit the bankers who knew them both for what they were. “I reckon we aim higher, no more petty jobs. Hows about we rob some coaches, with all their equipment, horses and other valuables it make it easier. problem with stolen goods it was hard to pawn off in a proper town, anything south of the gorge (No mans land) was easy to sell stolen or not. Trying to sell anything legitimately north of the gorge came at a price cut to those who knew it was stolen goods. So do they take the price cut and keep it safe, or hit the outlaw towns and risk being held up, shot, or getting into a fight.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Annie got up off the fallen log and took off her hat. She untied her red ponytail and let her hair fall about her shoulders. Pocketing the ribbon which was a gift from her mother, she stared at the billabong thoughtfully. She loved the freedom of being able to just set up camp where ever she liked. To live off the land and then take from the wealthy who had far too much in their purses to ever be used for good means. Tapping her hat to her leg she was lost in thought when Jack spoke of how it would take years for them to build anything that could stand up to the elements, let alone the fact neither of them had the skills to do such a thing. Annie laughed about seeing a banker in order to find about buying land. ’Crooked bastards the lot of them.” She held no respect for them, and knew many that had lost their homes when they could not pay back what they borrowed. The idea that they would need at least five hundred gold pieces to get their dream home was way more than she could ever think to have. It was a King’s ransom, or worse – the price for a bush ranger’s head if they had done murdered a coppa. Annie had not committed murder in her crimes. Sure, she had robbed a few stores and a coach in her time – but never taken a life. Though the last run in with the law brought her awful close to losing her own life. The memory of that bullet whizzing past her head and slamming into a tree, a painful reminder. ”Robbin’ from the Cobb & Co, eh?” She asked with a rub of her chin. ”That be sure to get us known, Jack.” <3>

IceTe3a: – He smirked as he nodded in agreement, she had them picked they were all corrupt even more so than him and Annie were, they only spoke the language of gold. So they were to make names for themselves, he turned around to face Annie and smiled as he looked down at her. “You sure you want this path Annie, once we have name’s, there’s no turning back” he stood up tall and dusted himself off, as he held the rifle. “ If you’re still willing, I want you to stop hiding who you are. “ he chuckled and nudged her over playfully. “Come on, let’s go shoot some rabbit for tucker “ shouldering his rifle he left the horses to their own, as he knew where the rabbits holes were, he had attempted to catch them previously but they were always too fast for them. Taking a pocket full of bullets he placed his black hat on and smiled as he waited for her to get up and be ready before he pushed on. The field where the rabbits lived wasn’t too far away from the billabong, just around the corner and a 5 minute walk to the open field where the rabbit mounds were. The animal livestock out here was intense, not many people came out this way so the animals were everywhere, from wild pigs and dogs, to rabbits, birds and so much more. Creeping up to a good range to shoot from he sat down next to a tree and passed Annie the rifle. “Come on, you gotta learn to shoot straight so I know you have my back” he whispered and watched her carefully.

CharlotteCarrendar: – The startling red head couldn’t have been more sure about anything in her life. She knew the risks of the life that they lead and it would either mean being shot by the coppas or being hung high in one of the King’s gaols. So long as she was riding along side Jack, she was happy. Watching him stand with the rifle in his hand, Annie tossed her hat onto the fallen log. It was time to go and get some supper, and that meant hunting. Rabbits were on the menu if they got lucky. They were plentiful too, but they were fast. Following along behind Jack as he got together a handful of bullets and his hat, she took off after him. The sun was filtered by the large gum trees, and dragonflies were everywhere – bright and beautiful. There was so much to see in the bush that people took for granted. Annie kept quiet as she followed along till they reached a spot where Jack knew it would be a good spot to find rabbit burrows close by. Jack offered her the rifle and told her that she needed to learn to shoot straight if she was to have his back. Loading the rifle with the bullets, she pulled the lever back, and then crouched down low. Her green eyes surveying the grasses in the hopes to see that tell tale sign of rabbit ears. Both were silent for a time, till suddenly she spotted one, that had just come out of its burrow. Annie aimed. ~CRACK!~ the loud sound of the gun firing would startle away the birds in the trees, but to Annie’s surprise, she shot true. Bagging her first rabbit. She let out a whoop of joy and handed the smoking rifle back to Jack. ”I killed it…you skin it.” She laughed. <3>

IceTe3a: He watched as she handled the gun well soon enough she fired, he watched the rabbit as it doubled over a perfect shot, no need to waste another shot as it died with the first bullet. He smirked and nodded as he ruffled her hair “Nice shooting quick draw” he chuckled as he teased her. Shouldering the rifle he went over and collected the rabbit, cracking its neck just to be sure it was dead before walking back to Annie. “we’ll keep the furs, I’m sure they’re worth something to the right people” he smirked and led her back to their camp. “Get your cooking thing ready” he smiled as he pulled out his knife, he made incisions at the legs and cut the skin off perfectly, it wasn’t hard to tell that he’s done this before, as he gut and cleaned the rabbit down at the waters edge he threw the guts into the billabong as the fish came up in the middle and started feasting on the rabbit remains. Everything in the outback was utilized nothing was wasted, as he walked back with a freshly skinned rabbit and passed it down to Annie, he pegged the fur up high in a branch and left it there to dry out in the sun after being washed out, if anything a few of those could be used to make quite a few different items. Sitting back down he laid the rifle back onto the stump. “we’ll get a good night’s rest and head out and find a travelling coach tomorrow, where should we do the deed, good side or no man’s land?” that was the question worth answering as he glanced over at Annie while she prepared the rabbit.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Taking the skinned rabbit, Annie started to prepare the new bush oven that she had bought in town. She part filled it with water from the billabong and then placed the whole rabbit in the pot. In her knapsack, she had some vegetables that she had bought in town, along with some salt, that she added to the water. She was able to cut up the vegetables with Jack’s knife and add that to the pot. Placing it over the fire that had been built earlier, she placed the lid on and let it cook. It was going to make for quite the meal when it was done and a rare treat. Annie sat back and reflected on her shooting skills. Her dad had taught her when she was but a slip of a girl, but she hadn’t kept up with it till now. With the meal bubbling away, she took up her hat and placed it on her head on an angle that it covered much of her face. She folded her arms and leaned against a tree, her legs crossed out in front of her. Thinking about which way to go, to find a coach the next day, Annie thought for a moment, then from beneath her hat Jack would hear her say. ”No man’s land.” She didn’t give a reason for it, but he could probably guess why. <3>

IceTe3a: He smiled and nodded in agreement as he watched her settle down, so they were going to rob a coach in no man’s land. This would be interesting to say the least “You understand in no man’s land the rules are different, you need to be able to take a man’s life Annie. You can use the Rifle, I’ll be fine with my colt” he chuckled as he laid down against the dirt, resting his head on the stump he sighed slightly in relief as he took in the alluring scent of the cooking rabbit. He should wash up, but he was going to do this later, he was slowly drifting off when he heard it “ Ole country roooooaddd take me hoooome, sing with me Anna-bell, you useless mule!” it sounded like someone was in pain from the way the person was singing, twitching his hat up slightly he noticed a man and a horse walking towards them. Reaching for his pistol he unclipped it from the holster and left his hand rested there. “Whats cooking? Smells good” the old man lifted the pot’s lid and then grunted “Ugh.. needs beans” he dropped the lid down onto the pot again and lead his donkey down towards the billabong, where he stepped over Annie Scuse’ me” Watching him closely he sighed as he got up “Can I help you old man? “ The donkey started to drink from the billabong as the old man stood up and turned around with a snarl on his face “Who you calling old, ye scrawny mongrel” and then spat some chewing tobacco down onto the ground. Sitting upright he growled as he straightened his hat, Jack was getting annoyed and about to teach the old man a lesson it was obvious Annie would have to pull him in and be the middle man on this one.

CharlotteCarrendar:- Now it was not every day that a stranger just wanders into your camp, checks out what your cooking and then just steps over you like you are some log on the ground. But that is just what this old timer did. With a flea bitten mule, or donkey, he made himself at home at the billabong like he owned the place. Annie put her finger under the brim of her hat and pushed it up. She wasn’t shocked by the man’s antics, more surprised if anything. The sound of the bush oven’s lid being lifted then dropped unceremoniously with the declaration that it needed beans, brought something of a surprised laugh from Annie.”Cheeky old bugger.” She said before she thought. Course, Jack was off and on his feet in a blink. Approaching the old geezer, who took offence at Jack’s call. Turns out, he didn’t like being called old. Watching him spit out a large dollop of chewing tobacco on the ground, Annie could sense that this was not going to get better, if Jack lost his temper. Annie got to her feet quickly, and approached the pair that were at the stream. ”Well, ya not exactly a spring chicken. Ya better be answering Jack here, or he is libel to put a bullet between them blue eyes of yours.” <3>

IceTe3a: – He was growling and death staring the old man down as Annie stepped in and played the friendly role as she always did. He sighed and stood up straight as he watched the old man carefully. “ Of course M’am” the old man took off his ragged old hat as he spoke kindly to Annie, patting the back of the donkeys ass he smiled “Why me and old Anna-Bell here are gold prospectors, but its all hush hush. Not many folks know how to look for gold and the rest don’t know where it come from, it’s a Hoot!” he smiles and dusts himself off before taking a seat in front of them looking up as he was obviously addressing Annie. “You stupid old goat, Gimme one good reason I shouldn’t shoot you” Jack growled as he glared the calm old man down. A simple chuckle escaped his lips as he rubbed his tired old head “ Beans of course!” he threw Annie a bottle of beans and smiled as he nodded in kind “Besides by the way I figure it, the bullets worth more than I am” he rubbed his chin slightly as he eyes Annie and jack off. “So you two are Bush rangers, eh? Not that I mind, I prefer to keep away from all that flash and stuff I don’t rightly understand it anyway. “ he was talking about law and the town how everything was going so fast. Jack sighed as he walked away waving the old man off, seems like Annie more than could handle the old man, and he was right he wasn’t worth the bullet.

CharlotteCarrendar: – A gold prospector. So that was why he was this far out with just a mule and his world riding on her back. He dressed in clothes that looked so well worn, that they could use a tailor’s touch. He was polite when he spoke to Annie, even mentioning his mule’s name, which brought a smile to Annie’s face being that Anna-bell was close to her own name. The prospector sat himself down and rightly made himself at home, much to Jack’s annoyance. His nostrils flared as he went to call the old man a few choice words and asked a reason he should not be shot there and them. His answer. Beans. He threw the jar to Annie, who caught it on the fly. She turned the jar around and thought to herself that it would be good to add to the pot.”Guess he is staying for supper.” With that said, she laughed and went to add the beans to the rabbit stew. This would leave Jack and the old timer to talk. Annie lifted the lid on the bush oven, and unscrewing the jar, she added the whole lot. Even tapped the bottom. Hearing the old man ask if they were bushrangers, she shrugged. This was men’s business, and she knew Jack was already in a right state. <3>

IceTe3a: He sighed as Annie announced that the old coot was staying for dinner, but there was no arguing with her when she had already made her mind up. He looked over the old man and he looked harmless enough but one could never tell. “ Thank you M’am, gives this old timer to rest his sore bones” Jack shook his head, as the old man called himself old but seconds ago he was up in a blaze from being called old by jack, obviously he didn’t take kindly to other men. Looking back at Annie he had a confused and helpless look on his face, not knowing what to do to the old man as he sighed “Fine.. Yeah, what about it old timer. Thinking of collecting on our bounty? he glared the old man straight down the eye, to his surprise the old man shook his head “Nah, by the way I figure it you two are together and its hard to make a living. You gotta do what you gotta do” well he got half of it right, rolling his eyes he was surprised that a old man didn’t mind that they were both outside the law, rule breakers. It was more than welcomed as he and jack almost saw eye to eye for a moment “Just don’t get any funny idea’s “ Jack had enough of the old man and laid back tiling his hat over his face. Suddenly a strange noise comes from the donkeys carry bag, “Oh marry jane is awake!” the old man got up and pulled out a red hen, sitting back down he laid the hen on his laps as it clucked away happily while being petted “Annie, I’d like you to meet, Mary jane. “ he smiled widely while chewing tobacco

CharlotteCarrendar: – Much to Annie’s surprise, the old prospector had another surprise. A strange sound was coming from the back of the mule and it turned out to be the old man’s pet chicken who happened to be named Mary Jane. Annie shot a look at Jack that was comical. It was not every day that you ran into a man that kept animals like this, let alone named them. Watching the old man get comfortable with the chicken on his lap, Annie sat down opposite him. ”You have to forgive Jack. He is not too trusting of strangers.” This was the truth, and if the prospector sold them out to the coppas, he was sure to make a few coins out of it for his trouble. But thankfully, the old man knew how hard it was to make a living off the land. He might not respect them for being bush rangers, but as he said, you gotta do what you gotta do. Jack had now settled back against the tree, his face obscured with his hat, leaving Annie to talk to the old man. ”So there is real gold buried deep in these hills? I thought that was down lower than these parts.” <3>

iceTe3a: – Jack was drifting off to sleep as he slightly kept an ear on the conversation, with the horses roaming around happily it all seemed safe enough for him to catch a quick nap and let Annie deal with the old man. “Sure is, just gotta use some explosive or dig. Either way deep in the caves or in river beds, Just gotta know where to look” he chuckled slightly as he continued to pat his pet chicken. “So whats a pretty young thing like yourself doing with a roughed up gunslinger like him?” he was curious to hear her story, and he glanced back at Anna-bell who was now munching on some grass over by the trees, he smiles as he looks back at Annie. Jack yawned slightly as he shifted his weight, still not fully asleep just resting his eyes as he drifted in and out of it. He didn’t understand why Annie was being so friendly towards the old man, but she was always the smarter one out of the two, he just figured she knew what she was doing otherwise this would be a different story. The old man ruffled around in his pocket and pulled out a small gold nugget about the size a small rock “see here, this is what gold looks like before its shaped into coins and such. Worth a bit too” he chuckled, it seemed he was trusting enough to let two bush rangers know that he had pure gold on his self, jacks ears burned as he tiled his hat up slightly and stared down at Annie, he was getting an idea but would she let him?

CharlotteCarrendar: – It was a good question. How did a girl such as herself get into being a bush ranger? Annie pursed her lips for a moment, wondering just how much she could tell the man. She didn’t know the old timer and was not obliged to tell him a thing. She did show a hint of a pink blush to be called pretty. Few ever did that mainly cause of how she dressed. Looking down at the pet chicken that the man was holding, reminded her a little of one that she had as a child. But that was so long ago. Truth was, she had been riding with Jack a few years. ”My mum died giving birth to my baby brother. Dad….he couldn’t handle life without her. Sent us kids away to an orphanage.” At this she looked uncomfortable. ”I don’t care what anyone says…but those priests don’t know how to care for children. Bastards. I ran away, than be beaten again.” Annie looked away a moment, as she tried to compose herself before continuing. ”A coppa caught me stealing bread and was about to haul me in. That was when Jack saved me. Been with him ever since.” It was true. As a young teen she had been on the run for some time. A pick pocket – a thief. <3>

IceTe3a: – He smiled and nodded as he pockets the gold nugget, obviously she had a harsh up bringing, it was almost tearful to the old man as he smiled and continued to pat his chicken. Jack almost had enough of all this, the old man had a gold nugget and who knows how many more. Coming to a stand he stretched his arms before slowly walking over to be behind Annie, looking down at her he shook his head. : The old man looked from Annie to Jack who was slowly rising, he gulped slightly as he clutched his pocket and looked back to Annie with a half smile, he knew Annie was kind in heart to those who understood but jack was a heartless man to anyone else but his own or that’s how he saw him “I best be off, long journey ahead of me and what not” he quickly rose and stowed Marry-Jane in the carry case again, as he grabbed Annie-bells reigns and pulling her along “It’s been a pleasure, M’am” he said as he scurried off into the distance. : Jack watched as the old man quickly raced to get ready, he sighed slightly and shook his head as he watched the old man ride off into the distance, not far enough to escape a rifle’s bullet though. He picked up the riffle without asking what Annie thought they should do. Coming down to a kneel he leant against the tree with riffle in hand, cocking it he means to kill the old man for his gold.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Annie had forgotten herself in her sad memories, and it wasn’t till she noticed the gold nugget, and heard Jack get up behind her, that she knew that trouble had just shown its head. The old man, he quickly twigged to the situation. Showing such a large nugget of gold to a pair of bush rangers was a mighty big mistake. Annie felt a lump rise in her throat. This was the part of a bush ranger’s life that she didn’t like. But it was also a test. The old timer was suddenly a lot quicker in his movements. Packing away the chicken and grabbing the mule’s reigns as he started to make a hasty retreat. There would be no more hospitality. Annie went silent when Jack had reached for his rifle. There would be no discussions. She watched on as he knelt and took aim. She closed her eyes, and started to count down as she knew that the sound of the rifle would soon fill the air. <3>

IceTe3a: * BANG* the crack of the rifle firing as the shot hit true, he half expected Annie to speak up and ask that the man’s life be spared, but in her weakness to step up in what she wanted she had to sit there and watch as Jack took the man’s life, the bullet hit the old man in his right leg as the screams of pain and agony echo through the barren land. Jack huffs proud of his shot as he shoulders his rifle and comes to a stand “Stay here” he said in a low tone as he walked out towards the old man. You could hear the old man begging Jack for his life, that he will give everything over to him if he let him live. Pulling out his .45 colt he aimed it down at the old man “ You die as a lesson” *BANG BANG BANG* three shots in the chest as the third one surely finished the old man off. Jack holstered his pistol and checked the old man for his gold nuggets, finding three he pockets them before he walks over to the donkey, pulling the carry cases off he checked inside, beans and other foods and the chicken. He grabbed the chicken by its head as it fluffed up, he broke its neck and tossed it on the ground. Walking back to the old man’s dead body he picked it up and tied it to the donkey before shooting down at the donkeys feet, it forced the donkey to run off and drag the old man’s dead body across the ground far away from their billabong, no one would know where he was shot. Picking up the dead chicken and the rest of the gear he walked back to Annie and tossed the dead chicken on the ground in front of her as he looked at her carefully with his sharp eyes, his face covered in blood. Walking back to the camp fire he placed the newly found goods down next to the rest of their stuff before walking down to the billabong and started to wash his face.

CharlotteCarrendar: – The first shot hit the old man in the leg, then that was when Jack went off to finish the gruesome business. Annie bowed her head, muttering a prayer that she knew God probably would never hear. She started to rock back and forth after the sounds of the poor man begging for his life fell on deaf ears. Another three shots and the man spoke no more. Only when the dead chicken was tossed at her feet on Jack’s return, did she speak up. ”You killed the chicken too? We could have gotten eggs.” An odd thing to say, but she was not really thinking clearly. The donkey was now racing through the bush, dragging the lifeless body of the miner with it. If anyone ever found the donkey and the dead miner, it would be shocking to say the least. The miner would have been no harm to them, but he was carrying a lot of gold, and that was what they needed. Seeing Jack’s eyes so fierce – his face covered in blood, Annie soon quietened again, and started to pluck the chicken of its feathers. Last thing she wanted to do was cause him to be mad at her. Feathers were all around her feet, as she gripped handful after handful and tore them from the chicken’s flesh. <3>

IceTe3a: After washing his face he came to a stand and went through the loot he had just killed for, 3 jars of beans some more cooking items and spices, other food items, a pick, some rope and two carry cases. He chuckled lightly as he tossed the three gold nuggets into the purse with their gold coins and placed it back in Annie’s swag. He glanced over at her as he saw her rocking back and forward while plucking the chicken he sighed and wiped his upper lip with his thumb before coming to a stand and walking over to her. Looking down at her he sighed “You’re weak, a wreck. If you wanted that man’s life to be spared you would have said something. “ he kneeled down and took the chicken off her, throwing it over by the rest of the bags as he glanced in her eyes “ You were weak and didn’t even if you wanted to. So, I shot him to teach you a lesson.” he looked down at her shaking hands and came to a stand “Go on.. Get” he nodded out towards the bush “ Take your stuff and leave, this life isn’t for you. And I can’t trust a yellow belly to protect my back” he turned his back on her and walked back to his stump, taking a seat he pulled out the old man’s chewing tobacco and shoved some in his mouth.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Annie could hear the anger in Jack’s voice as he ripped the chicken out from her hands and tossed it over with the old man’s possessions. He shouted at her that she was weak, and that she should have said something if she wanted the old man to live. Annie stared up at him, her mouth falling open. She had seen him angry before, yes. But never like this. He rammed home that he shot the man to teach her a lesson and a hard one at that. Then…he said it. ”Go on..Get.” Telling her to get on her way. That she was a yellow belly, and he had no use for someone as weak as her to defend him. It was then he turned his back on her. Walking away as though ready to throw her away….just like that. At first Annie didn’t know what to do. Did he care nothing for her at all? Annie got to her feet slowly. So this was it. Had she not proved herself before when it came to helping him? Angrily, she kicked over the bush oven so to spoil his dinner. ”Ya forgettin….I’m still a gal..with feelin’s. But aye…you want rid of me? I be going.” She took up her saddle and started to put it on her horse, muttering under her breath as she did so. She reached into the backsack and took out the nuggets and threw them at him so they would hit the back of his head. ~Tink tink tink~ ”And you can keep ya gold!” She mounted her horse and then kicked its flank hard, tearing off through the bush….heading for no man’s land. <3>

IceTe3a: – He was expecting her to come at him full force instead she started on about how she was female and how she still had feelings. He shook his head as she started to saddle up “So you’re blaming your weak state on being female? Pathetic, I know kids that stand up for themselves better than you” and he left it at that. The nuggets hit his head hard as he rubbed the back of his head as he picked them up sighing, he turned around just as she left and watched as she disappeared off into the distance. He knew she wouldn’t survive on her own out there but she had made her choice and left it up to her as he always did. He looked over the campfire as the food had been spilt over. He sighed as he poured the food out of the camp stove onto the ground and washed it up before packing everything. “ You got a long way to go Annie” he sighed as he glanced out to the horizon. He knew she would come back to the billabong once she cooled down but he wasn’t planning on staying. As he tied up all their gear into the bags, he stuffed the lifeless chicken into the pot with the nuggets and 55 gold pieces, keeping two for himself. Placing it all neatly near his stump he left the rifle next to it and placed his hat on top. he saddled up his horse and left with only his pistol, two gold pieces and a canteen of gold as he rode his horse deeper west into no man’s land, towards the nearest outlaw town.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Jack and Annie had fought before, but never like this. As she tore through the bush, her heart was indeed breaking. She hated to admit it to herself, but her rash temper was not always a good thing. Maybe he was right. Maybe she was a yellow belly and no good to him on this journey together. Annie had taken off without thinking. Leaving behind everything of value and not a coin on her. She soon slowed the horse when she thought she had gotten far enough away. ”Damn him.”Annie cursed. She’d never been this far out on her own before and her tracking skills were poor. It had all been going so well. If only that dreaded old man had not wandered into their fold. Her inaction saw the man die, and now her partner hated her for it. She would soon find herself leaving the dense bush and find herself on the grassy plains that headed for a township. Annie had no real plan of action. Should she revert to her old ways, or carve a name for herself as a lone bush ranger? <3>

IceTe3a: As he galloped through the rough terrain he couldn’t help but think about Annie and how stupid she was being, it was never like her to not speak her mind and now she blames everything on being female, what a cop out. It took him awhile but he finally rode into the lawless town, where law was taken into your own hands. As he rode into town he pulled up at the local tavern, jumping off his horse he hitched it up and walked into the tavern to have an ale. He looked around glaring at everyone, any one of these guys could pop off a shot without warning and he knew it. He took his ale and walked to the back table corner before sitting down and chewing on some tobacco. He spat it out before taking a sip of ale and strumming his fingers on the table, he was angry and annoyed at both himself and Annie. He glanced over at a table that looked to be playing cards, but he couldn’t be bothered and without Annie around to help swindle him out of their grasp. Leaning back in his chair, he knew she had made her mind up and now the past was the past, he would continue down his own path since she decided she wanted to be on her own. The days ahead would prove hard and full of bloodshed, that much is for sure.

CharlotteCarrendar:- Little did either Annie or Jack know but the donkey that had been pulling the dead body of the miner had reached a small settlement. A farmer and his wife spotted the blood splattered donkey in one of their fields, and on closer inspection, they saw the lifeless body of the old man. He’d bled out and his clothes were torn to shreds from the terrible dragging through the bush. The farmer sent one of his hands into the nearest town to alert the police that there were murderers about, and soon they had sent out a group of policemen on horseback to scout the area. It was as Annie was riding across the plain that she spotted them. Four of them, all dressed with those unmistakable hats. She could no longer use the dusty roads and was forced to go back into the bush. A woman out on her own like this with no provisions or explanation would surely be interrogated if caught. She walked her horse into the thick undergrowth and kept a sharp eye out. It would be getting dark soon. <3>

IceTe3a: He drunk his share of ale before he got up and paid the owner for the ale as he was walking out he bumped into another male who was entering. He was shoved back, this is where he cut loose and spun around smacking the guys lights out“Touch me again you’ll be biting lead” he snarled, he glared around the room some of the men were standing up, only to slowly sit back down and continue with what they were doing, no one wanted a piece of jack. His friend on the other hand reached for his pistol, but jack was faster *Bang Bang Bang* his lifeless body hit the floor, jack didn’t bother searching for anything but did take three bullets back “ Fair warning” he growled out as he glared around the room once more, some of the men were shaking in fear for their lives, in truth he was upset and lashing out at anyone who crossed him. He snarled some more and walked out of the tavern before hitching up on his horse, there was nothing in this town for him, so he decided he might as well go hold someone up. “Hyea!” his horse galloped into action as he blazed out of the town and back into no man’s land, in search for some poor soul to rob them of their wealth, his mind couldn’t help but think of Annie and wonder how she was faring.

CharlotteCarrendar:- Annie…was lost. The sun was starting to set and she had no idea where she was. She hated to admit it, but she needed Jack. Riding on, with no clue but trying to keep a step ahead of the coppers was when she heard it. ”STOP…IN THE NAME OF THE LAW!” It was a coppa and Annie’s heart near stopped. She rounded her horse and there was two coppas riding up the plain. She had let herself become visible, the biggest mistake she could have made. The voice of Jack was in the back of her mind…calling her weak, a yellow belly. Annie reached for her revolver and then pointed it at the constable on the left. ~BANG!~ One shot fired and it struck the coppa in the chest causing his horse to rear back and toss him off like a rag doll. The other coppa shouted out in anger as Annie shot again, only this time grazing the second coppa’s shoulder. It was enough to give her a head start and she gripped the reigns, taking off at speed. Riding blindly and leaving the coppa’s behind, until there was a gun shot. A sudden pain ruptured from her right arm as she took a bullet that sheared through some skin and tore her shirt. Bleeding, she rode on hard, trying to find her way back to the gorge….before it was too late. Her vision was poor from the lack of light, but she kept on going. Riding on and on, till she started to recognise the bush around her. The coppa’s hadn’t followed her in. Reaching the billabong, she fell off the horse and landed with a heavy thud on the ground. <3>

IceTe3a: He came to a slow trot as his horse wondered the barren lands of no man’s land, he was searching for someone he could rob to keep his mind off Annie. He continued to wonder for a good hour or so before he needed to take a drink of water, as he guzzled down some of the water he sighed as he knew he’d be lucky to find someone out this far. Luck provided and he saw two horses riding in the distance, a smirk slipped across his face as he galloped towards them, they seemed to be doing the same as he unclipped his pistol and continued to approach them it was too late by the time he realized they were coppa’s. “ G’day, seen a solo female rider round these parts? “ one of the coppa’s said as jack thought they were talking about Annie but he had to play his part, they didn’t know him. “Nah, she’s barren out these parts, why?” he watched as the coppers looked at each other one took his hat off and sighed “She’s wanted for the murder of an old man, she’s also killed one of our officers and wounded another” Jack swallowed his built up saliva and thought to himself “Annie you idiot!!” as he rubbed his chin and nodded behind him towards the town which was a good days ride “If anything, she’d be held up in the town that’a way. You may find her and other’s you’re looking for, be warned boys keep the guns loaded” the cops smiled and paid him a gold coin for his troubles and rode off towards the town, he waited for them to pass him before he pulled his gun out *BANG BANG* he shot the first copper dead the second fell off wounded, dismounting jack walked over to the other copper who was groaning “ Remember this face, if you survive tell everyone, not to fuck with me or my girl” he kicked the copper in the sides as he picked both the dead copper and the living one clean of bullets, coins, water and food. He looked around to get his location, he was going to make it for the billabong but he didn’t know if she would be held up there or not “Annie.. you’re an idiot” He had just made a name for himself and officially became a fully fledged outlaw, a wanted man. As he rode as fast as his horse could take him towards the billabong, it took awhile but he was almost there as he kept a sharp eye out for anyone who may be around, hearing groans he thought it was Annie as he lead his horse over, it was the wounded copper Annie had shot“Please.. thank god.. save me” Jack glared down at the man, before pulling his pistol and… *Bang* Jack sure was ruthless.“Annie, its jack.. Where are ya, ya bloody idiot” he bellowed out hoping to hear her.

CharlotteCarrendar:- Laying on the grassy bed that was near the billabong, Annie was drifting in and out of consciousness. What has she done? Killed a coppa, maybe two? All she knew was that she had made it back to the safety of the billabong, but Jack was nowhere to be seen. Her voice whispered from in amongst the grass. ”Jack?” Soon her eyes closed and blackness consumed her once more. Her horse came up alongside her, nuzzling her back trying to get her to move. Blood was on the grass and flies were buzzing around her wound. Then out of nowhere, a shot was fired. Two. An angry sound of a man’s voice and Annie’s eyes opened partially. Was this a dream? She heard another man’s voice and then another shot. Annie reached out with her hand and her horse let out a loud neigh, pawing the earth where she lay. ”Jack….” she tried to call out. Would he hear her? <3>

IceTe3a: – He lead his horse over to the billabong and surely enough after awhile he found her, dismounting from his horse he shook his head as he saw the state she was in “You bloody idiot Annie! What were you thinking” he sighed as he picked her up and brought her over to their usual camping spot, he looked around and all their stuff was still here, good. He tore his shirt off and then tore hers off as he looked at her wound, he washed it with water and wiped the blood away, he checked for a bullet but it was a through and through shot, clean. He quickly tore his shirt up and used it to bandage her shoulder up to stop the bleeding, it was cleaned and now with the medical aid it would stop bleeding, she would just need rest. He sighed as he grabbed his spare shirt and put it on her doing up the buttons, grabbing her swag he undid it. Picking her up he slid her into it and zipped it up, using his swag as a pillow for her head. He looked down at his bare chest, it was mixed with blood from the coppers and the man back at the tavern he sighed slightly as he started a large fire and took the chicken out, he soon cleaned the chicken and tore the meat into pieces placing it in the bush stove, with some water, veggies and what spices she had bought them he started up a nice dinner for them to slowly be cooked. He placed a water canteen beside her and stripped down as he walked over to the billabong and walked into it, slowly submerging himself as he washed the blood and smell away with the soap.

CharlotteCarrendar: – It was Jack. Swearing and cursing her for her stupid actions. She was just too weak to fight back, but had a sad expression as he picked her up and carried her to the usual camping spot. ”Jack…” she kept repeating his name as he tended to her wound. She’d really gone and done it. Shot two coppas and was now wanted also for the death of the miner. Annie crried out as he tended to her wound, but he was being so careful with her. Using his own shirt to stop the bleeding. With her head resting on the swag, she stared up at him as he cared for her. Even using the chicken from earlier to start cooking a meal for them both. He did care for her. Drifting in and out, she could see him. Going down to the billabong to bathe away the blood and the grime from his ride. No doubt he would have harsh words again for her when she finally roused. The wound throbbed as the bandage stopped the bleeding. It brought her round and she then started to sit up, as Jack continued to bathe. Her mouth was dry and her throat raw. Taking up the canteen with her good arm, she took a sip of water which quenched her thirst. Would he still think she was yellow now? She watched him silently, as the fire crackled and spat. It took her a while to gain the courage to say what she had too. ”I wasn’t thinking. You were right.”<3>

IceTe3a: – He heard her voice call out as he looked up from in the water, he sighed in relief that she was ok. Walking out of the billabong he put his long pants back on and wondered over to her, kneeling down he smirked slightly. “ I’ve killed 3 coppers one man and took the blame for the Dead miner today.” he glanced over at her and smiled lightly as he finally came to sit down next to her he sighed slightly “You’re right you are female, but that shouldn’t be an excuse. It should be more of a reason to drive you to better yourself. In the long run you can be as tough as any bloke out there” he chuckled and looked her over carefully as he checked the wounds “How you feeling anyway?” he walked over to the fire and stirred the bush stove, dinner was smelling good and it was almost ready the aroma was wafting through the air. He sighed happily as he walked back to her as he comes to sit again “You really had me worried Annie”

CharlotteCarrendar: – Annie’s face fell when she heard what Jack had gone and done. Between the pair of them, they had killed enough coppas and others to warrant them being officially outlaws. Wanted dead or alive. No doubt as word spread, the bounty on their heads would be considerable. So much for wanting to settle down. Anne eased herself up and watched as Jack approached her. He gave her a right telling off for doubting herself. He believed that in the long run, she would be rougher than any bloke. Jack asked how she was faring, to which she answered. ”Sore. Burns like a right bitch.” Which was true. She had really gotten herself into the wars, but thanks to Jack she would survive. The smell of the cooking food however had her stomach rumbling. She remembered the chicken and then looked over at Jack. ”I owe you my life, Jack. Really.” From now on, she was going to pay heed to his words. <3>

IceTe3a: He smirked as she said she owed him her life, he simply shook it off “Nah, we’re together in this from the very start. We have each other’s back, it’s to be expected ain’t it?” he chuckled lightly. Coming to a stand he walked over to their supplies got two tin bowls and spoons, as he filled up a helping of the chicken broth, he walked back and gave one with a spoon to Annie “All I need you to do is be yourself, It’s not just me calling the shots. If you think we should do something else, or I shouldn’t kill someone for example, speak up” he really wanted her to know she had a voice in everything they did and she wasn’t just one of his lackies. “Well now everyone will know there’s a bullet biting tough female out there, no sense hiding what you are now” he gave her a wink as he started to eat the soup. [/b] “ You still need to get better, I reckon that takes us out of the job for a while. What do you say?” [/b] he chuckled as he continued to eat the food, he was proud of his cooking although he wasn’t much of a cook, Annie was the chef out of the two of them, she had a lot of useful traits.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Annie took the offered bowl of chicken broth and it was truly welcoming. She grimaced as she adjusted herself on the ground to eat. Blowing on the first spoonful, she placed it in her mouth and it was probably the best thing she had ever eaten. She was truly grateful for him in more ways than one. Nodding, she agreed that she was definitely going to be known after today, and that hiding who she was was out of the question. Her arm still throbbed, and it may be a day or two before she would be able to ride properly, so their plans would have to be on hold for a while as she got her strength back. Annie finished her small bowl of chicken broth, and handed it back to Jack since he would be better at cleaning them out.”You’re right. No stage coach robbing for a while, and I promise to not bite my tongue no more. Ya might not like what I say…but eh.” Her spirit was coming back and that was a good sign. <3>