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Chapter Twenty Three 

When it Rains 



IceTe3a: Adams lifeless body was laying in the warbird, they didn’t bother to put him on ice as they knew ZEN would want to start on him as soon as possible. This wasn’t the first time Zen would have Adam in their grasps, and with the promise from Rain to rescues him, there was always hope but he didn’t know what Zen had install for him this time. If he had any chance of surviving at all he would need to regain his systems back so he can hatch an escape plan. The Warbird came to a slow hover and suddenly shook, as the warbird landed down back in Zen base, suddenly the door slid open and a bright white light was all he could see, with the sounds of muffled voices.

CharlotteCarrendar.: The sky erupted with the high shooting fire balls that came off the tops of the gas towers that dotted the city line. The warbird spirited away from the danger zone but now only captained by Rain. Her face was ashen – a halo of blue shone around her as she grit her teeth and tried to stave off the tears she wanted so desperately to shed. In her pocket she had the key. But what did the key mean to her now if she had lost Adam to the Zen. The coordinates for the farm were already established and she took the plane home. Inside her chest her heart was pounding rapidly. Anger, fear, sorrow….guilt. Adam’s final words to her kept playing over and over in her mind. For once, she had listened to him, and ran. Rain hated herself for it. Soon the warbird would fly back into the air space of their hideaway and she would bring the plane down to land safely. Only when it hit the earth and sent up the plumes of dust…did she cry. :: A white light shone into the eyes of the beautiful woman that lay on a different bed to the one she was on before. The operation had been a success, and Doctor Menzies had pulled off the impossible. Using Adam’s body parts and then placing them to be fitted to his dying wife, Doctor Menzies was able to finish what Rain’s father had started. The operation had taken a marathon sixteen hours, much of it was done with the General watching on. He took breaks when he needed to sleep, but Doctor Menzies had worked tirelessly throughout the entire operation. Now, it was over and the time had come to see if the miracle was real. ”Janis? Can you hear me?” Doctor Menzies asked, while a nurse continued to check her vitals in behind him. (heart)>

IceTe3a: His body was taken directly into the operating room, he had been here many times in the past and the doctors set to work straight away. Little did they know, Adam was still alive and could hear, see and feel everything, either they didn’t know or didn’t care. The pain he received while they dissected him slowly taking what they needed was more than any human could fathom, but without the ability to move his pain went unheard, as his body remained still almost lifeless. Nearing the end his lights dimmed as the tunnel of darkness engulfed his view, was this truly the end for him only time would tell. With little to no hope in surviving he had all but given up any hope, then he heard it ” Janis? Can you hear me?” someone was calling out a name, what was it… Janis? Who was Janis? Why couldn’t he move, he tried his best to move but he was unable to little did he know there was nothing he could move. Everything was still dark, he couldn’t see but he could hear someone talking and moving around, what was going on with his body?? Adam’s body had been used to save the life of the doctors wife, Janis. He did not know this but was soon to find out, he was no longer in his own body, his conciseness was transferred to this female unknown to everyone it was a side effect, she wore him like she would her clothing. He was at her mercy, nothing could be done from his end as she was in complete control over everything, movement, sight the lot he was now a part of her body.

CharlotteCarrendar; :- The door to the farm house opened and Eve was the first to see her. Rain staggered away from the warbird before falling to her knees. A gut wrenching cry erupting from her as she looked the sky and screamed.”WHHHHHHHHHHHYYYY?!” Sam was not far behind Eve and looked about, trying to see Adam. He ran out to where Rain was kneeling and he crouched down, grabbing her shoulders. His face pale as he tried to get an answer out of her.”Rayne…where is Adam?’ Eve was standing just in behind and watched as Rain openly wept. ”It…it was a trap.” Those words were like a knife that plunged into the heart of the Tinman. ”Oh God. The Zen have him?” All Rain could do was nod…once, then twice. Sam drew Rain into his arms and held her – swaying gently as her cries were racking her body. After a good few minutes, Sam helped to pick Rain up off the ground and carry her inside as she simply didn’t have the strength to go further. Eve chased on after, closing the door behind her. :: A large gasp for breath and the shock of being awake caused Janice to rock forward in the bed. Her blue eyes locking on her husband who was hovering over her. The bright white light becoming a halo around his head. He looked to her like an Angel. ”Am I dead?’ she whispered, not knowing if this was Heaven or not. Doctor Menzies couldn’t help but smile as he answered her, whilst taking up her hand and kissing it softly. ”No, my love. You survived. I found the cure.” Little did she know that the cure was Adam. The nurse finished her checks, and left the Doctor and his wife alone. A small smile crept upon Janice’s face. She had beat the odds and she owed everything to her beloved. ”I’m alive.” (heart)>

IceTe3a: He continued to hear voices of other people talking and walking around, suddenly his view was opened, he could see once more. Little did he know that it was Janice opening her eyes for the first time in years, he tried to look around but his eyes wouldn’t move, instead they moved on their own he was confused and getting angry at what was going on only to have a doctor in view, he could hear a female voice talking back to the doctor. What was going on, where was he, who was this doctor he had so many questions. His Ntech started to boot up slowly and it all would pop up for both him and Janice, suddenly the doctor leaned in and.. kissed him, Did the doctor just kiss him?! He was going to beat him until he was dead! His nerves were skyrocketing as he was getting angrier and angrier. Suddenly the Ntech fully loaded, allowing Janice full access to all of Adam’s networks and data although she may not know how to use them yet, this also allowed Adam access to all the networks as well, but Janice was the one fully in control. “Whats happening to me!?!” he yelled out, but only Janice would be able to hear him as their bodies were now merged.

CharlotteCarrendar; -Taken inside the farm house and then down to the bunker below, Rain was a mess. Eve wrang her hands as she followed behind, not at all sure what to do or say. Adam was always there, and now he was gone. Sam set Rain down gently as he tried to hold her steady. He had never ever seen her this upset before. Her eyes were darting around the room as she was having some sort of melt down. Grabbing her face, he stared straight at her, he needed her to focus and tell him what happened. ”Rayne…Rayne. Talk to me, come on, you need to pull yourself together. If we have any chance to get him back, I need to know what happened.” Rain’s eyes stopped darting and then she spoke as she tried to catch her breath. Each word so hard to get out. ”Adam went in, said he found the key.” She pulled it out of her pocket and Eve gently took it off her to inspect. ”Then what happened, Rayne?” Rain paused and licked her lips. ”Mechs…came out of nowhere and then…then Adam called out to me, told me to run. Said…you had the map and that…that it was all a trap.” It was the worst possible scenario. The Zen must have figured that if the Source or their enemies wanted to get secrets from before the war, all they had to do was go to the Museum. Sam pushed back a lock of Rain’s hair and sighed. ”He sacrificed himself to save your father.”It was true. Eve’s head bowed down as she held the key tight in her hand. ”He’s right, Rain. He did all this for you.” Rain drew back from Sam and Eve. Shaking her head. ”I can’t deal with this. Give me some space.” She turned away and headed for her room, the same one she shared with Adam. On entering it, she closed the door behind her. Every part of that room, even the smell reminded her of him. She slid down the door and cried. :; Janice tilted her head as she heard her beloved speak to her with such sincerity. He had promised he would find a way to save her and he didn’t let her down. She was about to speak, when suddenly she heard a voice inside her head – a male voice. ”What’s happening to me?” Looking around her, she wondered if there was someone else in the room. ”What?” she answered, only to have her husband look at her with concern. {b]”I never said anything, dear. Are you okay?”[/b] Janice looked bewildered and asked. ”You can’t hear that voice?” The voice was Adam. (heart)

IceTe3a: -He was listening into the conversation, the eyes darted around the room as the doctor said ”I never said anything, dear. Are you okay?” he was speaking to… adam? No he was speaking to a female, that much was certain, was Adam a female now?! What was going on, then he heard the female voice, ” You can’t hear that voice?” she could hear him?! this was excellent, if she could hear him maybe she would help him as well! He tried his hardest to move but as last time he was unable to, and his eyes were moving by themselves this was unusual to him. “You.. You can hear me!?! You have to help me!!” hoping she would be able to help him, little did he know she was using his body parts, his attitude would surely change as soon as he found out, but he wouldn’t know until he saw for himself. Right now he had to gather his senses, figure out what was going on, get out of here and get back to Rain.

CharlotteCarrendar: – There it was again. That same male voice. Only her husband couldn’t hear it. Janice froze in the bed as it started to feel like a radio transmission inside her head. Doctor Menzies was too busy checking her vitals now and making her comfortable to realize that what he had done, was put Adam’s conscious into his wife. He thought it was the parts that made Adam unique, but oh how wrong he was. ”I can hear it again.” Janice blurted, before quietening. The Doctor by now looked dead on his feet and needed a rest. He kissed his wife on the forehead, before saying. ”Love, I need to sleep. I am just going to be up the hall. If you need anything, just press this buzzer.” He squeezed her hand tight, before taking his leave. This would have Janice awake and all by herself. As soon as the door closed, Janice tried to speak back to the voice. ”Who are you? Why are you in my head?” She asked, now feeling a bit scared. (heart)

IceTe3a: He watches as the doctor leaves, she had heard him again this was great news at least he was getting somewhere. He didn’t know what he should do, he was in a Zen base and if they discovered him again they would try to kill him or worse. He studied the room as the eyes moved around without his will, he was in some sort of medical room, he couldn’t see the other female maybe she was out of sight? His best bet was to stay low and not to attract to much attention, he hated being in the Zen base, he felt like he needed a shower just to wash the shitty Zen germs off of his body. So for now he would keep quiet and not make anymore conversation with the female until he could figure out what was going on, once he knew where he was at maybe then he could convince her to help him.

CharlotteCarrendar: The voice had stopped. Janice glanced around, almost afraid to ask if there was someone there. Maybe this was just part of effects of having the procedure. Hearing things. It wasn’t normal, not at all. For the longest time, Janice had not been able to move. She’d lost all feelings in her fingers and toes, but now she could see her foot moving beneath the sheet. Janice felt this urge to find out just how well she had recovered. Slowly, she pushed the covers back, and tried to swing her feet over the side of the bed. Success. Clutching the side of the bed, she pushed herself to standing with a small laugh. Like a newborn kitten, she then took the next step and tried to walk. It felt odd at first but before she knew it, she had made it across the room. The monitors were beeping frantically, but she didn’t care. There was an ensuite off the ward room, and she entered it so she could look at herself in the mirror. She turned and there she was, staring back at herself. Long white flowing hair, porcelain coloured skin and blue eyes. A smile formed on her face as she reached up to touch it. She was really alive and moving around like a normal able bodied person. It was a miracle, and she simply could not believe it. (heart)>

IceTe3a: He watched as the body started to move itself, slowly he got up and moved around but he wasn’t doing it. What was going on, how was this possible!? He needed answers and soon. As he watched which was all he could do, he ended up facing a mirror where he saw the reflection of a white haired blue eyed female.. that was it.. he was inside of the female, he could see his Ntech.. she had absorbed his very being. He got pissed, he wasn’t going to let this happen “ WHAT?! What have you done to my body!! Get me off you now!!” he yelled out in an angry voice, as he stared into the mirror looking at the female that stood before him. How was this possible? How had he been transferred into this females body, how was she controlling him?? what exactly was going on here, this only made his hatred for Zen deepen. “Why have you taken over me?! Who are you?! I demand to be put back into my own body!! he looked around he was in a shower room, only visible from the mirrors reflection, this wasn’t going to end well for either of them. How would she deal with him? How would she act? He needed to get out of her body and fast, maybe he could control her since she could control him?! He tried his best, but no luck, he couldn’t even move one of her muscles, he was her prisoner completely at her mercy. He started thinking of what options he could do, as he went through the network, he could feel her using his every being it was a weird sensation.

CharlotteCarrendar: As much as the shock had set in for Adam, his sudden awakening to what had happened to him was now heard loud and clear by Janice. The smile soon disappeared from her face as she heard him yell – scream in her mind. The voice was of a man, who was furious with her, but she couldn’t understand how she could even hear him. He was asking what she had done to HIS body. But all she saw around her was herself. Her mind was racing as he bombarded her with constant questions an demands. She put her hands up defensively as she started to yell back. ”I don’t understand. Where are you? Who are you? Why can I hear you in my head? I can’t see you.” This was true from her point of view. Little did she know that he was inside of her. He was part of her and this was going to be a shock when it finally hit home. ”What body? How can I help you if I can’t see you?” This was like something out of a nightmare. Maybe it was the drugs. Janice staggered out of the room and hit the nurses button. ”There’s someone in my head…There’s someone in my head!” She screamed. The alarm sent the nurses running, and not only the nurses, but it woke up her husband. The Doctor lept out of bed and raced down the hall to join others who were standing there, watching her stunned. She was standing independently for the first time in years. The Doctor came in and caught his wife and asked. ”My love, what is it?’ She looked up at him fearfully, and said. ”There is a man in my head.” (heart)>

IceTe3a: – He was watching her with rage in his eyes.. her eyes, he wasn’t thinking straight only demanding that she put him back in his own body, she started to yell back and question what was going on. He forgot she wasn’t clued in on what happened or where he was, suddenly she broke as if she was crazy as she rushed back into the room maybe it was to much for her or at least he thought. Watching as she pressed the help button, nurses and the male doctor came running in asking what was wrong as she explained that he was in her head, it was too late now to turn back, if they believed her studies would go on, Zen would use her for their own studies they believed Adam to be well and truly dead, and if he survived by some micale and was in her body they would want him at all costs, she didn’t realize his worth yet or what she had just put herself into. He yelled out and tried to break free, suddenly it happened, it all went black as he opened his own eyes again, looking down his hands moved freely as he quickly looked around at the rest of his body it was him! he was in his own form or at least he thought he was until he took a better look. He was a projection of himself, a 6’4 bare chested battle scarred man stood in the middle of the room with Janice, the nurses and the Doctor. At least he had his boots and jeans on but the rest of his form was naked, he checked himself each scar was true and was his, even his tattoos were there, he managed to project an image of himself, something he could now control, but she could also once she figured out, he realized once she figured out she could control him she could reject his image and he’d be zapped back inside her once more. Slowly he moved around until he came face to face with her, his eyes blazing as he glared into hers, it was time to explain the situation “Zen will kill you if they know I’m alive inside you. Yes.. I said I’m inside you, we are one and the same, your body has absorbed mine.” he pointed at the Ntech that was implanted on her body “I want my body back, Even if it means your death. You have no rights.. No claim to my body” he stood there tall and deathly

CharlotteCarrendar: – – The blood ran from Janice’s face as the projection of Adam appeared in the middle of the room. This tall man of about 6’4” with no shirt and covered in scars was standing there looking at himself. How was this happening? Janice’s mouth opened but no sound came out. The Doctor became terribly concerned and tried to steer her to get back into bed. ”You are just suffering from hallucinations, which are understandable after all you have been through. Please, just get into bed and we will give you something to make the voices stop.” Did the Doctor realize just what was happening to his wife, in his blindness to see her well again? Probably not. But Janice was rooted to the spot, as the holographic image walked right up to her – staring her down. His eyes filled with rage. A terrible sight. He spoke of Zen. This had Janice blink. Zen? Why would Zen want to kill her and how was he inside her? He explained that they were the one body, the one person. Her body was now functioning because of him. It was the reason she was able to stand and walk. It was the reason she was alive. The holographic image demanded his body back, and he was not afraid to kill her to do it. Janice cried out and begged her husband.”Zen…Zen…the man…he is in me. What have you done, Joseph? What did you do to me?’ At this, the Doctor stopped trying to move his wife. His face fell and crumpled as he heard her mention Zen. She couldn’t possibly know of the things he did to make her whole again. When she said the man was inside her, the penny dropped with the Doctor. He turned to look at her and asked. ”Is…he speaking to you?” Janice was shocked that her husband even asked such a thing. This was no fluke, this was very real. ”He said Zen will kill me if they find out that the man is alive in me. Joseph. He is right in front of me. I can see him.” She pointed to the hologram, but the Doctor couldn’t see him. ”Shit!” It was then the Doctor knew it was no longer safe to keep his wife in the facility. ”Stay here…I am going to go get a car for us.” (heart)

IceTe3a: – He shook his head as she started blurting out about Zen and how she could see him, the penny had dropped and the doctor knew what was going on, she was an idiot as if Zen would let the Doctor leave and live, or let the closet thing they have to Adam walk out the door. “You’ve just killed your husband, Zen won’t let you leave let alone him alive” he arched a brow and crossed his arms against his chest as he looked around, he then studies her up and down from head to toe as he smirks. “ Your husband, butchered me while I was still alive, on the operating table next door. He stole me from my loved ones arms, so he could dissect me and put me inside you!” he growled and then glared at her husband as he rubbed the bridge of his nose “ You had nothing to do with this, but if you don’t return me to my body… I will kill you both” he glared at her. His rage was building he was losing control, and she was the only one that could control him “My body.. Lifeless is in a Icebox in the next room!!” he yelled as he glared back at her before coming closer to her, their bodies almost touching as he glared down at her “Tell your husband to reverse the operation, otherwise I will set off the alarms” Adam being used to his Ntech gear and the network held some weight over Janice for now until she would learn how to control him and his Ntech, until then she may control his body but he still was armed with weaponry.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Outside the ward, a nurse who happened to work for Zen was on the phone to her contact at the Zen headquarters. She was whispering down the phone as she could hear what was being said in the ward. ”They are about to run, Sir. Yes Sir.” She put the phone down silently, and looked up at the clock on the wall. It was only a matter of time. Inside the ward, Janice was getting a rude awakening to what her husband had done. ”You took him apart to make me well again, Joseph? Is this true?’ Janice was now caught between trying to get straight answers out of her husband, and being blastered by Adam about how his body was on ice in the next room. Janice gripped the arm of her husband’s lab coat. ”You took him from the one he loves to save me? How could you do this, Joseph?” The Doctor was shaking with fear and a slow building anger. He then shouted at his wife. ”I did it to save you!” This was the truth, but in doing so had put all their lives at risk. Hearing Adam tell her that her husband had to reverse what he had done truly caught Janice out. ”But then I will die.” The Doctor heard this, and he simply couldn’t have it. ”No…we are leaving. Come on, I’ll get you to a car.” But just as he said this, the loud sound of heavy boot falls was heard as one of the Zen’s crack commando teams was coming up the passage. (heart)>

IceTe3a: – He heard the footsteps coming as he tapped into the camera’s Zen’s commando’s were on their way, “FUCK” he started to pace around the room thinking to himself. “Your idiot of a husband just alerted Zen, and because you didn’t listen to me earlier! They now know, they’re coming to dissect and study you Janice” he glanced back at her and then to her husband. Walking back to her he sighs as he searches through the network about all of this, and what he could do to help. A file pops open as he skims through it, the doctor.. Rains father had more plans for Adam and Rain then they first thought.. Interesting. He looks at her and shakes his head “I can give you the skills.. I am your equipment.. your weaponry, If I do this, you have to get the rest of me out of the room next door. You will know by instinct on what to do next and where to go” he walks upto her as he thinks to himself, if Rain finds out.. she’s going to kill us both he sighed with a half chuckle “You have to accept me into you, fully” he was teaching her as they went, as soon as she accepted him she would receive all his fighting skills and knowledge for a brief time until he took over himself again. His arms came around her as he grasped her in his muscular arms almost hugging her as he waited for her to accept him back “Theres no time to explain, I’m trusting you” he started to vanish slowly back inside her, he would completely vanish once she accepted him, then the path and skillsets she needed would be at her feet for her to use.

CharlotteCarrendar: – The Doctor was the first to see them. Officers of the Zen and they were led by the same General who had been overseeing the Doctor’s work for some time. ”Well well. Looks like your operation was a complete success, Doctor. But I am sorry to say, that your wife now belongs to Zen. Step aside.” Horrified at the prospect of losing his wife a second time, the Doctor in his irrational state, made a lunge for the General, who also happened to be armed. The two struggled, and there was a loud bang, as a bullet tore through the Doctor’s back. He stiffened. A sharp cry escaping his lips, before he collapsed to the ground. From that moment, it was anarchy. Nurses screaming and other staff coming up to see what was going on were being gunned down. It was an insane mad house and at the back of the room was Janice. Terrified as she watched the carnage in front of her, Adam was quickly telling her that if she accepted him into her properly and utilized his abilities, she may well escape alive. His large arms encircled her as though to protect and in her panicked state she agreed. The flood of information and knowledge raced throughout her being and as soon as a guard came at her, she king hit him, and disabled him –taking his gun from him. A large semi automatic weapon, she started to mow down all those that came at her, before she sprinted from the room and down to the nearest fire escape. But as she ran past one room, that was marked “Quarantine”, she remembered that Adam said his body was on ice in an adjacent room. With not much time to spare, she pushed open the door and sure enough, there was a crate in the store room that contained the body parts of a man. This was Adam’s body. Placing it on a trundle, she pushed it out of the room and with the coast clear, since most were dead or dying and more on the way, she headed for the nearest utility lift. On and on she ran. The floor plans appearing in her mind, curtesy of Adam. Only when she was on the street and still wearing the hospital gown did she flag down a taxi. One stopped, and opened the back, which she had the driver help her with the box. As soon as it was aboard, she ran around and leapt into the passenger seat next to the driver. She pulled out her weapon and held it to his head. The cab driver didn’t ask questions. It was wise not too. ”Take me to 401 Resin Drive. Step on it.” In a blaze of rubber the taxi took off at speed. (heart)>

IceTe3a: – He was standing there with his arms around Janice while her husband was stupid enough to get himself killed, he felt her pain as she accepted him into her; he felt his very being slowly starting to drag back inside of her as he disappeared from sight. He had given her full control for the moment, putting all his trust into her. He could only watch as all systems were go for her, and with instinct she disarmed a man, armed herself and shot everyone in the room, they had a chance to escape now, he was watching from behind her eyes, he was still inside her head as she collected his body, he was hoping she wouldn’t betray him. The nearest exit was given to her, she knew where to turn and which doors to go through, it was made that much more simple since she accepted him, her new found powers but would she willingly give them up. She held up a taxi and ordered he drive her to some address. “Where we going? “ he questioned her in his mind. He continued to watch as he felt her body slowly surging through him she was still utilizing him, “We should head back to my place, there are people that can help with this situation perhaps even save you” he knew if anyone could help this female it would be Eve, she was the doctors assistant and helped in creating Adam, so she would be their best bet. “Trust me, once you go there and explain the situation they will help”

CharlotteCarrendar:- The taxi sped along the city street as the wail of oncoming night patrol cars approached. No doubt the alarm had been raised and soon the streets would be filling with mechs and Zen militia. Janice was holding the gun pointed to the driver’s head as they continued along at a pace that would easily bring attention. Shock and despair now coupled with the additional voice in her head of Adam, who was now wanting to know where they were going. The address she had supplied to the driver was for her own house. She thought it safe to go home, but of course, that would be one of the first places that they would look. How do you argue with someone in your mind and look sane? The Driver was now fearful taht this woman was a mental patient as he heard her starting to speak. ”My husband is dead!…They killed him. I just want to go home.” Her voice carrying a terrified edge, but coupled with confusion. Eyes dilating as they went under a bridge and the light changing. ”Don’t point that gun at me. I call for help.” The driver said, ready to push the emergency button in the cab. Scared that he would call in the cops, she fired the gun which blasted away a good proportion of his head – his brains splattering against the glass window. The cab started to weave and swerve around the road, as she struggled to take a hold of the wheel and keep it from crashing to the side of the road. The tyres squealed and screeched as she whizzed past other cars. <3>

IceTe3a: – Adam was watching as it all went down, she was still in shock as she demanded that she just wanted to go back to her place, she wasn’t thinking straight and all he could to was try to talk some sense into her. “Listen, you need to calm down” *BANG* and off went the Cab drivers head, this situation was getting worse and worse, he needed to get her back into it.“Janice, The first place they will be watching on is your home it’s not safe there! Pull yourself together, you just shot an innocent man” he sighed as he watched her take control over the cab, they were lucky it didn’t crash they needed to get to his place. No doubt from the gunshots and the blood splatter, people would be calling the cops, Zen will pick up on it and chase after them. “Janice we need to get out of the city now! Zen’s on our tail any minute now! Take these directions, I promise you will be fine” he uploaded the directions she would need to drive straight to his base, you could hear Warbirds and Mechs roaming the streets, the cities alarm was going off cautioning everyone to stay inside, Zen was hot on their trail. “I need to make a call, Don’t interfere with it..” Using the Ntech Network he linked into the Base’s speakers hoping they would be there, Rain would be able to help “Hello?! No time.. Explain … In cab.. Heading base.. Zen forces on tail.. Engage away from base!!” the line was dodgy at best, she wasn’t able to clear her mind and allow him full control so only partial of the message played through the speakers, hopefully enough to get them into action, he hoped they would be smart enough not to engage the Zen that were after Adam and Janice right at their base. “ Janice Drive like you stole it!! They have a beat on us!!” A memo went through the Zen network to scout for the stolen cab, every Warbird and mech In the city would be looking for them.

CharlotteCarrendar: – The interior of the front of the cab was a mess of blood and brain matter, along with the now lifeless body of the cab driver. As the cab swerved left and right, the body kept leaning back and forth – smacking into Janice as she tried to drive. Every time that the body hit her she shrieked in fright, and this was coupled with Adam begging her to calm down. It was pretty hard to do this when she was in the car with a man she had murdered, plus another ranting at her in her head. Before this day she had never done anything illegal in her life. A model citizen and housewife – now she was a wanted fugitive that had killed a dozen or so Zen officers along with an innocent civilian. The lights in the sky now indicated the night patrol had the hover cars out along with the Zen warbirds and the mechs on the streets. Even for an experienced rebel like Rain this would have been tough to take in all at once. Janice pulled the car over and then reached over to open the driver door and push the lifeless body of the cab driver out onto the pavement. He landed with a sickening thud, before she shuffled over into the seat properly, and took off once again. Tears were blinding her sight, and she let out a cry as Adam asked her to listen and take his directions. She was assured she would be fine, but she didn’t know what to think anymore. Finally, she turned the cab in the right direction – her hands gripping the wheel and spinning the car to go down the street that was part of Adam’s directions. This was now a game of cat and mouse, and Janice was not handling it at all well. ”I’m going to die!” she wailed as she planted her foot on the accelerator and pushed the cab to it’s top speed. It was then that Adam demanded he put a call out and she wasn’t to interfere.”How? How the hell?” Janice blurted, before hearing Adam try to make contact with the base. :: As Eve and Sam both sat at the kitchen table, idly wondering what to do now that Adam was gone, they suddenly were alerted to a message coming through the speakers. “Hello?! No time.. Explain … In cab.. Heading base.. Zen forces on tail.. Engage away from base!!” It was Adam! Sam jumped up off his chair and pointed to Eve as he ran for Rain. ”Get on the computer and acknowledge! Rain..Rain? Did you hear that?” In her room, Rain raised her head slightly and heard Adam’s voice. She wondered if she was dreaming. Slowly she pushed herself up off the floor, before Sam came banging on it. Rain opened the door, while Eve was getting a view of the situation. Raising her head she said. ”Warbirds incoming. What shall we do?” Rain ran over to the screens and saw for herself what was happening. She stared at each screen, one in turn and then raised her hands to the screens. Locking onto each of the warbirds that were flying in the vicinity and chasing Adam. ”I’m going to make it…..Rain.”Suddenly on each of the warbirds, the computer systems all started to go haywire, as a massive internal attack was underway. Rain’s body stood rigid, as screen after screen started to rain letters and numbers in streams that allowed her access to all computer systems. She entered the matrix of computer data and was destroying as much as she could. The planes started to fly on direct courses with the others, slamming into their comerades and falling from the sky in a massive reign of terror brought about by one seriously pissed off Technopath. Soon the mechs were also turning the wrong way, as the entire city grid shut down, including all the power plants and sub stations. <3>

IceTe3a: – He watched as Janice started driving crazy if it wasn’t for his skills she wouldn’t be able to handle the car at these speeds, suddenly all the warbirds started exploding and crashing into each other, they passed Mech’s that never laid fire down on the cab, he wondered what was going on and then clicked. Rain.. she got the message this is her doing if he could smile he would be right about now “Don’t worry keep driving, that’s my team backing us up” he continued to reassure her and keep her calm as they drove throughout the city, Rain had given them a clear window of escape as the cab whizzed past the empty checkpoint and straight out of the city limits, they were now home free without the Zen learning of their destination, they’d be too busy trying to get their systems up and in order after what Rain had done to it. “We’re going to be arriving at my base soon, it’s going to be tricky.. you’re going to have to explain everything to Rain, I’ll try to tap into the speakers again once we’re there” he knew this was going to be like unleashing hell, once Rain finds out that Adam her lover was inside this females body. After awhile the cab finally pulled up at the gates, he had to manually signal his ID codes for the turrets not to fire, the boom gates opened up allowing the cab access “ Drive down to the armory, they’ll be waiting for us there no doubt” he watched as the secret driveway opened up and the Cab drove down into the armory, they were safe and he was one step closer to being himself again. As the car came to a stop he could sense Rain was near, the others would be close behind her but they wouldn’t be expecting to see this female or what happened to Adam, he would need to explain. : “We got you now bastards..”The general proclaimed from the war room, it was dark the screens where the only source of light in the entire room as he barked out orders, positioning his troops in order to capture the female alive “So Adam survived the operation.. Interesting”this was news to Zen, and if he could be transferred with his Ntech and skills into another being than.. he could be controlled, this was the perfect plan for them and they needed to pick out the right soldier to control him once they captured them again. Suddenly system alarms went off, red lights flashing “WHATS GOING ON, GAIN CONTROL BACK!! GET THE SYSTEM UP AGAIN” but all they could do was stand there and watch as the warbirds and mechs turned on each other, raising hell as Rain was messing with their systems. The room went dark there was no way for them to track the cab or watch its direction “BLAST THEM” he hit the desk with his fists and stormed out of the room slamming the door behind him.

CharlotteCarrendar:- Eve looked up in horror at Rain as she saw the woman she had known since she was a little girl finally start to use her powers to the extreme. ”Rain…you can stop. They got through. Rain? Rain?’ But Rain wasn’t listening, Further and further into the matrix run by the Zen she began a reign of terror as one by one the very buildings of the city were being shrouded in darkness. Computer terminals starting to explode one by one. Fire started to rip through the buildings excelerated by the sheer scale of damage that Rain was inflicting. Sam came up behind Rain and took her shoulders. ”Rain..Rain. He’s back. Rain? Stop!” Rain’s body glowed with an unholy light as to did her eyes. Her veins were now pumping with a power that was hard to be explained as she became one with the matrix. Eve then screamed. ”She’s going to destroy the city!” In a bold move, Sam reefed her back from the computer terminals and brought her down onto the floor, pinning her down. ”Rain..Stop it!” Panting heavily, the sound coming from Rain’s mouth had a metallic edge to it. A terrible sound. Like the very darkness within her had finally seen the light. ”GET OFF ME!” Sam refused to let her go. ”Adam…he’s here. In the armory. Please, let it go. He needs you.” It took a few moments of struggling before Rain started to return to normal and disengage from the matrix. All the monitors returned to normal, but the city would have suffered at her wrath. Eve got up from the terminals and came to their side. ”Come on…let’s go see him.” Sam helped Rain to her feet, but was worried by how much the attack had stressed her. She had a long blue streak in her hair and dark marks on her skin. Blinking, like coming out of a haze she looked at Sam and whispered. ”He’s back?” Sam nodded, and put his arm around her, leading them to the armory. :: In the armory, the car came to a stop. Janice had no idea where she was and she was frightened. Suddenly a door opened and three people approached. Sam peered through the glass and saw only Janice. ”Wait…that’s not Adam.” <3>

IceTe3a: They weren’t here yet he could tell from viewing through Janice’s eyes, something was wrong he just knew it, he could feel Janice’s fear as she was in an unknown place. “Janice, pull it together. I need you to be calm and collected, you need to explain the situation to them” suddenly the armory door came flying open as he could see her, she didn’t look well, Sam and Eve were with them. He saw as Sam came right up to the cab and peered in, stating it wasn’t Adam. “That’s Sam he’s the kid, the one with the blue streaks in her hair is Rain, and the other is Eve. Get out of the car slowly and explain the situation clearly, I’ll be attempting to get into the speakers in the armory to help out” he sighed as he didn’t know if she was ready for this, both Janice and Rain looked like they had gone through hell and back he needed to take control of this situation. “Go on get out now” he said softly, he started accessing the network for the Armory, surely Eve would notice someone trying to access it, he needed to get in before this all turned south. He hoped they would understand the situation, and Eve or Rain wouldn’t block him out from getting access to the network, he went silent as he was hard at work trying to get through

CharlotteCarrendar:- Sam and Eve looked confused by what they were seeing. A lone woman sitting in a cab that had the interior covered in blood. Where was Adam? It was clearly his voice that was on the speakers, and yet there was no sign of him. Hearing Adam in her head, Janice’s face creased as he told her to get out of the car. But these people didn’t look all that welcoming, especially the one with the blue streaks. In fact, she looked pissed. Sam was the first to approach, and this was when Janice slowly opened the door. ”Slowly…Miss…where is Adam?’ He held his hands up to show he was unarmed, but for the other two that could quickly change. Janice took a deep breath and then dropped the bombshell. ”He’s in me.” Sam and Eve exchanged glances, both shocked and surprised by the girl’s statement. Rain on the other hand, she knew Adam’s Ntech like the back of her hand and she had been intimate with him in every way. Her eyes swept over the girl and then she grit her teeth. ”If he is in you…where is his body?’ Sam added. ”Oh please tell me you have that.” Janice moved her hand towards the boot of the cab. ”It’s in there.” <3>

IceTe3a: He was listening to the conversation as it was going, so far he managed to gain access as no one stopped him perhaps Rain was too distracted and Eve may have knew it was him. He knew Rain was going to explode soon, at least Sam was smart enough to stay calm in this situation. He needed to calm Rain down, he worked as fast as he could so he could get into the speaker system after a few moments he finally gained access. “Everybody cool it, This is Janice, it’s not her fault she was in a Coma. Zen did this to both of us, Eve Janice can’t survive once I’m removed, fix that for me would you? Rain.. Stay calm, She could have as easily controlled me and worked with Zen” his voice echoed through the armory, as he sighed slightly giving Janice the directions she needed to go to the medical bay so Eve could start the work as soon as possible “Sam, Get my body out of that boot now. Eve escort Janice to the medical bay, and do the op, Save her as well, I won’t take any other outcome. Rain.. Relax, go take a shower and some rest I’ll be in your arms soon enough.. I love you darling” the speakers went dead this was more than enough proof that Janice was telling the truth and she was on their side, more or less. He continued to have access to the network so if need be he could speak up, “It’s ok now Janice, just follow the directions I gave you, Eve will fix us both I promise” this was said in Janice’s mind, he needed to make sure the situation stayed calm and no one blew their top.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Everyone, even Janice stopped moving when the voice of Adam came through the speakers. Rain’s gaze did not leave Janice the entire time however. Sam was scratching his head trying to get his mind around how this was even possible. Eve on the other hand was no stranger to this at all. In fact she knew the procedure of taking out Ntech like the back of her hand. It was part of what she was designed for. Janice’s face fell further when Adam said that the woman could not survive without him, and that she would need Eve to help her. ”I don’t want to die.” Janice pressed while Rain just scowled at her. It was obvious that Rain was not taking this well at all. Even after she attacked the city just now out of the fury for the loss of her love. Adam assured her that if Eve and Sam did their jobs right that he would be back in her arms that night. But the kicker, he told Rain to go shower and rest. How hard that would be, to relax or rest knowing that he was inside another woman. When the speaker went quiet, Rain walked right past Janice to the back of the car and there he was. In a storage box in pieces. Rain felt a rise of bile to her stomach, and Sam came past to open the boot. ”Better do as he says. There is nothing more you can do. Eve and I got this.” He took out the box and fitted it to a trolley, as Eve approached the frightened Janice. ”Please…this way. I can help you.” At first Janice was hesitant, but then she started to walk with Eve. When the three had left the armory, Rain just stood there. There was something different about her…something that no one would have imagined would happen. In her rage she had gone beyond the simple wired connections to the mechs, the warbirds and the Zen. She tapped into the mother of all computers, the jewel in the Zen crown. It was only Sam pulling her back and got her to detach, that she didn’t go further. <3>

IceTe3a: He sighed in relief as he saw everyone went to work, Janice seemed to calm down slightly and Eve would help with her being so nervous. He watched as Janice walked towards the medical bay with Eve and Sam in tow, he knew he was going to get his body back, and had faith in Eve. He knew Eve would be able to save Janice without Ntech, unlike Zen, Eve was superior in all things scientific and medical. Though he was worried about Rain, he would need to calm her down and talk to her. Like it or not Janice was now part of the team, she was wanted and had nowhere else to go, Rain wouldn’t like that but she would get used to the idea, besides he owes Janice his life. She easily could have ignored him the entire time, learn to control and utilize him and work for Zen this could have gone an entirely different way, he still couldn’t stop thinking about how different Rain looks, he needed to get back into his body now.

CharlotteCarrendar:- Taking Janice into the operating theatre that was part of the medical wing, Eve helps Janice up onto the table and asks her to lay down. Sam enters soon after with the body parts of Adam and they are then laid out carefully, while Eve preps. This was all new for Sam, as he was good with putting together robotics, but nothing this intricate. Janice is left, staring at the ceiling, wondering if they could bring her back after taking Adam out of her. The operation would be a difficult one, and there was never ever any real guarantees. ”I’ll do my best, Janice.” Eve said, stroking her hair, before injecting her with a drug that would put her to sleep for now. With Janice under, they began the painstaking operation of taking out the Ntech. Adam was being assembled on another table by Sam, but Rain was nowhere to be seen. Like the previous operation, this would take hours and go all night and into the next day. Once Adam had been restored, Eve left him to be restarted – a system restart, while she went back to work on Janice. It was a good thing that Eve could work without sleep, cause she continued to operate on Janice, using the technology similar to what was used on Adam to begin with. Only when she finished, she kept Janice sedated as the woman would need the rest. Coming out of the theatre she took off the scrubs, and then went to check on Adam’s progress. By now, he should have been coming round. <3>

IceTe3a: With his body put back together and his Ntech placed back, it was just like a normal maintenance for Adam, slowly he opened his eyes as he saw Eve standing over him. He sighed in relief as he glanced over finally able to see Janice for himself“Will she live?” he said as he sat up, he looked over at Sam and gave him a nod in thanks, before he stood up and stretched out, all systems were a go. “Please make her feel at home, she’s one of us now. Assign her a room Eve, Sam I want you to show her around, she’ll need some food. I’ll talk to her later.” He quickly sprinted out of the medical bay, no need to say where he was going everyone already knew exactly where he was heading. Down the hall he opened the door to their room, there she was. He smiled as he walked in and shut the door behind him “Rain.. “ he said with a smile before he walked up to her, cupping her cheeks he kissed her lips as he held the kiss for awhile, his right arm wrapped around her back as he pulled her onto his chest. His left hand stroked her hair as he arched a brow “What’s this, blue streaks? Looks nice “ he was happy to be in his own body again, as he laid down on the bed and pulled her down on top of him as he looked up into her face with a smile.

CharlotteCarrendar:- The operation on Janice was painstaking and risky. It would be sometime before she would be joining the team, if at all. Eve would do everything she could to ensure that Janice survived, but nothing was ever certain in this world. Eve took her orders from Adam, and went back to caring for Janice, while Sam went to join her. No doubt Eve would need a chance to recharge after the many hours in surgery. In Adam and Rain’s room, Rain had been laying in their bed. She hadn’t slept the whole time Adam was under the knife. All she could think about was the fact she thought she had lost him forever. It was her anger that truly fuelled her response in attacking anything and everything she could that was Zen. Little did Zen realize that they had just gained a powerful new enemy that had yet to fully acknowledge just what she could do, when pushed. Hearing Adam’s voice through the darkness had her move slightly. It wasn’t till he wrapped his arms around her and held her on top of him with a smile, that she actually started to respond. ”I thought I lost you.” She said quietly, as he spoke of her blue streaks. ”Blue streaks?” she didn’t even know she had them. Rain buried her face in his chest and she uttered. ”Don’t leave me again.” <3>

IceTe3a: He smiled as Rain buried her face in his chest, gently he stroked her hair and nodded “I’ll never leave you again” he kissed the top of her head as he held her close, everything was back to normal, just the way it should be and now they had the map and the keys they needed to go save her father. “Listen, she’s one of us now. You can’t hate her, she did nothing but bring me back into your arms” he smiled knowing now that Rain was calm and had him back in her arms, she would come to understand what Janice had done for them and accept her into their ranks. Both his arms pulled her close and hugged her tight“Let’s get some sleep, later we can welcome Janice, and work on getting your father back.” he held her in her arms as she laid on top of him and he wasn’t going to let go or move, as he slowly stroked her hair whilst they fell asleep.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Rain didn’t know how or what to think of Janice. The very thought that her lover was inside the woman for even the shortest amount of time bothered her. She should be thankful in a sense since it was due to the woman deciding to trust Adam’s words that even brought Adam back to Rain in the first place. Holding Adam close to her, she tried her best to calm once more. She’d been through a lot…hell he had too, but did he know the extent of what she had done to the city’s computer network and machines? That would probably be discussed later. ”How can I hate someone I don’t even know?’ This was a good question. Would she accept Janice into their fold, to help her find her father? What if Janice wanted to go back? So many questions. That was if Eve was able to save her life. Adam’s gentle stroking of Rain’s hair would comfort the girl enough to have her fall asleep in his arms. Out in the med station, Janice was pretty much on life support. Eve hovered over her as she was in a sleep induced coma. Eve could work miracles, but Janice would need so much more than that. <3>