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Chapter Twenty Two 

Night at the Museum 



CharlotteCarrendar: Outside the main headquarters, the rows of shiny new Mechs were rolling out. Their mission; to find and bring back Experiment X at all costs. No one else was to survive when he was apprehended. With the backdrop of a black night that was only illuminated by cracks of lightning, and the haunting shadow of towers from the city behind it, it was an ominous sign to those that tried to hide from the Zen’s forces. From behind the dark panes of glass of one office building, a tall figure stood with his arms behind his back. Eyes obscure behind wire framed glasses, his hair speckled with grey and silver through the black. He watched the procession of Mechs leaving the Zen headquarters and frowned. What was the world coming to? Shaking his head, he turned away from the scene. :: Back in Rain and Adam’s room, Rain was laying with Adam – a smile on her face as they spoke of the future. Bringing her father home safely being the top priority. When asked if there was anyone else she trusted to bring into the fold, Rain paused and gave this careful consideration. Who would be willing to give up their current job and follow them on their crusade? ”I would have thought Noah at first, but I doubt if he can be trusted.” Rain reached up and brushed back Adam’s hair and then whispered. ”There was this man…a friend of my Father’s. But I don’t even know what became of him.” <3>

IceTe3a: He smiled as he felt the cooling touch of Rain’s fingers against his back, turning to face her; his brow arched as she went through the list of people they could trust. Chuckling lightly, he rolled onto his side as he wrapped his arms around her, slowly kissing her forehead as he shrugged lightly “Who knows where anyone is these days” sitting up he smiled and walked over to the coffee machine which had already made a fresh batch of coffee, pouring it into two mugs he came back giving one mug to her before he sat down on the bed again next to her. “we should get Tinman onto figuring a location at least, we know it’s on the other side of the world somewhere.” taking a sip of the coffee he sighs happily. “That kid is really weird, you realize that?” he smirked and arched a brow. Slowly the morning sun rose and the day ahead would be as long as the past few days, at least they were free to love each other without worry of others, it was hard for both of them to act out whilst in the city, it would almost seem better to shoot their way in instead.

CharlotteCarrendar: – After a sip of her coffee, Rain nodded. ”Course. I was weird to you once as well.” The smile on her face was engaging, as she decided to sit up and swing her legs out and off the bed. Setting down her coffee cup, she took Adam’s hand in hers. ”Time to go and prize Eve off Tinman and get him to work. I dare say it’s going to be a long hard process to pin point just where in the world my father is.” She knew from Adam’s memories that it was some sort of bunker and well equipped, the question was she had no idea if it was even in their country, or half way around the world. Rising to standing, she went to get dressed for the day, while out in the kitchen, Eve had already started on making breakfast. Tinman was up, but he was a sore looking sight. Still covered in bruises from his altercation with Adam, he hadn’t recovered from his night with Eve.”Coffee?” Eve sung out. Sam sat down, rubbing his crotch and then nodding with a pained expression. ”Need something to keep me awake.” He rested his elbow on the table and nursed his chin with his upturned hand. He didn’t know who was worse now – Adam or Eve. They both were stronger than they looked. <3>

IceTe3a: He sighed slightly as she insisted they started the day, instead of having a shower he just washed his face, and put on the usual, black thick military grade jeans, black military boots and a tight black singlet. He stretched as he watched Rain get ready, giving her the sexy whistle every now and then when she bent over. “I feel sorry for Tinman, Eve can be a handful” he chuckled slightly and shook his head “Eve would be the dominate one out of the two” he smirked, his head already in the gutter. Taking his coffee cup with him, he walked out of the room with Rain in tow “They’re in the mess hall” he smiled as he walked by her side, only to come up to the mess hall. As he walked into the mess hall he saw Eve was cooking breakfast, he glanced over to Tinman and smirked “Morning Eve, Tinman, Rough night huh bud?” he chuckled lightly to himself. As he was taking a seat his HUD turned on in his right eye, it showed warnings of a perimeter alert, flicking to the motion camera’s there was a ZEN Mech walking around scouting, it was obvious it was trying to look for them, but he didn’t think they would come out this far so soon. He would need to take care of them, and fast as he walked over to Rain “Look at this” he said obviously asking her to take over his body and utilize him like usual so she could see what was happening.

CharlotteCarrendar:- The silver streaked haired man approached a room within the tower that was used as a medical facility and ward. A specialist ward that had people that could only enter and leave if they were fully suited and even carrying their own oxygen supply. There was a single bed in the unit. Surrounded by various machines that blinked and beeped; along with a life support system. Laying on the bed, that was covered with a white sheet and cover was a fair haired woman. Her eyes taped over and a special mask fitted to her mouth that helped with her breathing. The man stood outside the glass petition that separated the hall from the ward. Inside, a nurse was taking vitals and doing small tests under the directive of a specialist that was in an adjacent room, watching on carefully. As the man stood watching, a military officer approached and then stood alongside the man, looking into the room. ”Any signs of improvement, Doctor Menzies?’ The General asked, as he turned his head to look upon the scientist. ”No.” Doctor Menzies voice was stern and lacking emotion. General Tyron sighed and took off his hat, placing it under his arm. ”Shame.” That was all the General could think of to say. Doctor Menzies turned on the General and then with an angered voice said. ”I built you those technological terrors that are now crawling the streets. When are you going to bring in the Experiment?!” His voice rose now, and the nurse inside the unit turned to put her finger up to her lips, to try and get the men to be quiet. The General let out an exasperated breath. ”Doctor…we are doing everything we can to bring him in. I assure you, when we do, then you will get what was promised.” The Doctor went back to staring at the beautiful woman who lay on the bed. ”I better.” :: In the mess hall, the smell of cooking bacon and eggs filled the room, and Eve was positively glowing, unlike the Tin man. Rain tried to hide her smile knowing how full on Eve can be when she wanted to be. Rain was about to ask Sam how he fared, when Adam alerted her to a situation. She looked at him, then raised her hand to his pressure plates and locked onto the images he was seeing of the mechs. ”Shit…we need to divert them from the farm.” <3>

IceTe3a: – He nodded as she let him have his control back, now she was fully aware of the situation he needed to make a plan. Even if they found the farmland they would never find the bunker underneath it was shielded from radar and scanning, even so. He grabbed Rains hand and pulled her along to the armory where he sighed slightly, racing over to the weaponry rack he quickly picked out his M107 Sniper rifle with a clip of .50mm rounds. “I have a plan, we need to get into place first then I’ll explain it” he quickly grabbed a motorbike and waited for her to hop on, before racing out of the armory through the secret driveway, they launched into the air and hit the dirt fast as they travelled towards the rather tall and thick bunkered outer walls. It took them awhile to reach the wall as he boosted her up on top before jumping on top next to her, laying down he sighed slightly “Ok.. I’m going to shoot it, I need you to do your tech thing, get into the network and send a signal to ZEN for a Mech locating us, on the far Western suburbs. That should keep them away from here for awhile” he lays down flat against his chest, and loads the rifle, aiming it right at the mech which was a good 10 miles away, it wasn’t a hard shot for Adam. “Ready.. and Go!” he would count to ten before firing, giving her enough time to do her thing, hopefully. *BOOOM* the large caliber rifle fires as the shot echo’s through the terrain, a second after, the Mech hits the ground and explodes into pieces. “Did you get through ok?” he rolls onto his side and looks over at Rain with a loving smile.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Rain lay on the ground with Adam so that they were hidden from the mech’s sensors, and as Adam asked her to do her thing she started to lock onto the mech and then get into its communications systems. Encrypting a lock on the position of Adam but in another part of the city in the West. As Rain worked her way through, Adam would hear a strange humming coming from Rain as she reached out with her hand. Fingers working on something that to him would be invisible. In her mind however, she was inside the Mech, and not only was she doing the signal, she was also making herself familiar with the technology. In her own world in fact. The makeup of this mech however was different from others she had encountered. Rain’s brow creased, her eyes squinting as she went faster to gain as much intelligence as she could from it, before Adam would take aim and then end the mech once and for all. With barely seconds to spare, the message was sent and Rain mentally detatched herself from the unit as it exploded. The shock of which had her gasp as the ground rumbled from the impact of the strike. Blinking as the ground was now being showered with parts, she nodded slowly to Adam before trying to stand up.”That..was close.” <3>

IceTe3a: He smiles as she finally comes to and stands up stating it was a close call but she did it, he chuckles lightly coming to a stand he cups her cheeks and kisses her with passion “We’ll be fine, just like I promised.” a simple smile as he picked up his rifle and picked her up in the other arm, leaping off the tall barrier walls his feet hit the dirt with a solid impact, placing her on the ground feet first he gives her a wink before hopping on the bike, as she hops onto the back he drives off back to their house.“No doubt Eve and Tinman will be wondering what happened” he smirked as they finally drove down back into the armory. Placing the bike away and the rifle back on the wall he starts to walk back to the mess hall while holding her hand “We may need to beef up security” as they walked into the mess hall he noticed Eve and Tinman sitting down eating, he gave them a nod of reassurance “Just a rogue scouting mech, taken care of. Tinman time to get to work, I hope you have something for us” he walked over and grabbed to plates of the cooked food Eve made for them and smiled, giving Eve a wink “Thanks Eve” he waited for Tinman to walk out of the mess hall and towards the computers lab, giving him a light tap in the ass with his boot to rush him,

CharlotteCarrendar: – Tinman jolted slightly to feel Adam’ boot kick his rear along to get him to move faster and into the computer lab. No doubt he was in a hurry to get back on the job of finding Rain’s father and bringing this all to an end. The rows of terminals were like candy to any tech savvy nerd and to Sam he was no exception. Finding a chair he logged in and started to bring up some data on the pre war bunkers. ”Each government prior to the big…ya know, final war had set up bunkers in certain cities across the globe, each being able to house about five hundred people. Kinda unfair when you think about it.” he said, pushing his spectacles up the bridge of his nose, then coughing and getting back to work. ”Now, after the war most of these were decommissioned and locked with keys that have been long forgotten by society…and the Zen. But when you think about it;, what a great place to hide out long term. I mean, these were meant to sustain people for generations.” Tapping away furiously on his keypad, he then brought up a guide to the capital’s museum. ”This…is where the keys are kept. I happened to notice, when I was doing some research last night, after Eve had finally cut me a break, that one of the keys had the symbol that I showed you both back in my trailer.’ Moving the mouse along, he then brought up the key in question, and of course it bore the matching symbol. ”The maps for these bunkers are top secret, locked in a vault in that museum…BUT…the keys are on display. Kinda derp if you ask me.” He then spun around on his chair to face Adam. ”Get the key, find the map….and you got her Father’s location.” At this, he folded his arms, feeling quite chuff. <3>

IceTe3a: -He followed Tinman into the computer room and watched as he tapped away at the computer, bringing up files and locations of a museum in the city, as he explained how the bunkers were all marked on a map and needed a key to be accessed, fortunately for them both the map and the keys were in the same museum. “Most likely Zen has forgotten all about this, so we get in grab what we need get out” he turned to Rain and smiled as they were that much closer to finding her father. “You ready for this hun?” he smirked as he ruffled Tinman’s hair “Good job, look after the place” Adam didn’t see that they should waste any time on this, he walked out of the computer room and down towards the armory with Rain in tow once more, as he started to grab all the gear he would need, his pistol, M14 assault rifle and a few more pieces of equipment, he waited for Rain to be completely ready before giving her a reassuring kiss. “Security will be tight so we won’t be able to make it past the check points, we need to use the warbird” what he hadn’t told her was he had stolen a Zen warbird, it’s lowjack and GPS tracking system had been removed but all its credentials were up to date, no one was going to stop a warbird mid flight. “Come on, this way” he smirked as he walked past the cars and there she was, a pitch black warbird armed to the teeth with missiles, two Gatling guns and a few more nasty weaponry. He opened the cockpit and took a seat as he clicked a button the roof slowly started to open up, he knew Rain would take her usual spot no matter what vehicle they were using, she always used him as a chair and he wouldn’t have it any other way. Using the warbird means they could fly in fast without going through the checkpoints and fly out a quick getaway which was needed.

CharlotteCarrendar:- You had to hand it to the Tinman. He was useful after all. Smiling as he felt his hair being ruffled by Adam, and not getting the usual back hander, his chest swelled with pride as he watched Adam take Rain out to get ready to go back to the city again. This time however they weren’t going to go via the check points. No, Adam had a much better idea and had been keeping this a bit of a secret from Rain. Kissing her to reassure her they were on the right track this time, she nodded to acknowledge she was ready. ”Ready as I’ll ever be.” She followed Adam to the armory where he started to pick up his usual tools of trade; his pistol, M14 assault rifle and a few more pieces of equipment. Rain stocked up too, but she knew that her real strength lay in her powers to control technology. The question was, could she outsmart the newest Mechs that had been produced. There was something about them that she just felt…off about. Like she couldn’t put her finger on what it was – a familiarity in the design make up. A signature, if you will. Shaking her head to dismiss her worries, she followed Adam out to where he kept the warbird. ”You stole a warbird? A zen…warbird?” Almost incredulously, she walked around it, in awe of what Adam had done. ”It’s a freaking beast.” she had to admit, she was fond of them. Rain was quick to take her place and that was in his lap, just as he liked. It meant they were in constant touch with the other, and she could utilize him to help her fly the plane. Wiggling to get comfortable, she brought down the glass dome, which sealed vacuum tight. An array of panels with lighted switches all came to life, as she ran her hand across the panels and holographic posted up the various statistics and safety features as the engines powered up to take off. <3>

IceTe3a: He feels as her weight comes down on top of his lap once more, the cockpit closed and the HUD lit up, he felt her wiggle to get comfy and he smirked. Soon enough the warbird took off with its engines roaring they cleared the roof and where up in the air flying towards the city. He placed her right hand on his pads so she could gather all the information she would need to fly the warbird and fight with it like a pro would, he could feel her fingertips sucking out the data from his very being, it was a weird sensation. His arms wrapped around her waist as he held her close “We’re almost there.. You’re father we will meet him again soon” he smiled as he kissed her neck. The warbird flew high in the air and was unchallenged by anyone, the automatic scans cleared the warbird for flight in the city as they approached museum. “Set her down a street away” he knew they should set her down a little distance away, as the warbird set down the cockpit opened up, he waited for Rain to hop out first before he followed. “Keep close, let’s get in and out fast” he smiled as he took lead, keeping close to the building walls he checked every corner for any guards or mechs, but the inner city was deserted hardly anyone lived here anyway. They made short work getting to the front of the Museum, he looked around at the front before turning around to her “Set up camp here, you guard our escape; I’ll get in and out quickly ok?” he gave her a quick passionate kiss on the lips before drawing back and smiling “I love you” with that he darted off towards the front of the museum not giving her time to argue. Opening the door to the museum he walked inside, as he started to scan the building, finally getting a location on the key that they needed he smirked as he grabbed it. Placing the key in his pocket he walked down the hall to the more secure bunkers, little did he knew that he set off a silent alarm, walking through the halls he finally came upon a large safe room, utilizing his networking skills he picked the access code and the door flung open. He walked inside and looked around after five minutes he found the map they needed, he took a quick scan of it and sent the imagery and file data straight to their home base networking so Tinman could start working on it straight away. Turning around there was only one thing left to do and that was head back out and get the hell out of here, he couldn’t wait to get back home, but it seemed all too easy.

CharlotteCarrendar;- It was…all too easy. Rain was outside pacing back and forth on the look out for the night patrol, and worse…the mechs. Inside Adam was racing against the clock in order to find the key and then the vault where the maps were stored. But little did either of them know that the Zen had set up special laser traps within the museum. Turns out that they had uses for much of what was being stored, also there were records on the site of many that had been taken by the Zen brother hood. It was an archive that had enough politically damaging information, that if it fell into the wrong hands, there would be a global outcry as the public realized that they had all been deceived for so long. The lasers that were unseen to the naked eye set off alarms at the Zen headquarters, where a team of specialists were on standby and taking down the information of the break in at the museuem. Immediately they ordered the sending out of the mechs to that zone of the city. Suddenly there was a rumble of sound, the earth being pounded by the foot strikes of these metal beasts. The sirens sounded and the city started to go into lock down. ”FUCK!” Rain screamed as she could hear the whining of mechanics and then massive steel doors started to slam down over every entrance and exit point of the museum. Running up as one slammed down where Adam had run through, she belted her fists against the door. ”No!” her mind racing as she tried to lock into whatever technology had activated the doors. But as she was making her way into the main frame, a light beam lit her up from behind. A massive mech was standing tall behind her, with its gun turrets pointed at her. ”Halt…under order of Zen.” A mechanical voice shouted, as Rain blinked at the sudden burst of light. <3>

IceTe3a: As he walks down the hall he had a gut feeling something wasn’t right, he quickly picked up the pace as he ran down the hallway, coming into the main room the door was closed, he didn’t remember closing the door. He slowly stepped out into the open, and suddenly he heard it the sound of hundreds of automatic rifles cocking, it was a trap. Slowly he looked up to the second level balcony which trailed around the entire room, there it was Zen soldiers armed, poised and aiming straight down at him. There was no way he could escape alive, and by the looks of things they were already inside, they didn’t know Rain was outside. They start screaming for him to put his hands up, he growls and curses. Knowing he had already sent the data files to Tinman, all they needed now was the key. He wondered just how Rain was faring; she would be worried right about now. Little did he know she already knew it was a trap and had just killed one of Zen’s new Mech’s, the Zen soldiers were screaming for him to drop his weapons and slowly he did first his M4 he threw across the ground “ Darling.. It’s a trap, You’ve figured this by now.. There’s no escape for me, I’ve sent Tinman the scans of the Map.” he was talking to her via their link only they could hear each other. Slowly he dropped his equipment, he was buying for time and the soldiers didn’t mind how slow he was going anyway, they all knew just who he was and what he was capable of. “ I love you Rain.. Take the key.. Find your father.. compete your goal and forget about me.. Now take it and RUN!!” he said in her mind as he gripped the key that she would need for the bunker, with perfect aim he tossed the key as it smashed through the higher window it would land perfectly at her feet, with his other hand he took out his pistol and started firing he wasn’t going down without a fight *Bang bang bang* one two three dead, the whole room lit up as the Zen soldiers opened fire it was loud and bright, she would be able to hear it from the outside and suddenly it all went quiet, his body hit the floor out cold, the bastards were using electrified bullets that temporarily shut down his systems, enough to get him back to Zen. By the time they radioed in for a drop ship and opened the doors, Rain had already gone, the dropship came and picked Adam up flying him back to the Zen base with the awaiting doctor excited by the news of Adams capture, Adams life was no longer in Rain’s hands, he was now captured and at the disposal of the Zen once more, only time could tell what they would do with him this time.

CharlotteCarrendar:- Fury raged through the technopath as she reached out with her hands, her body engulfed in a blue aura that would only look all the more intimidating by the lights that bathed her by the mech. In her head she could hear him…telling her it was a trap and that there was no escape for him this time. Tinman had the map now, and that part of the mission was a success but without Adam she didn’t know how she could go on. Rain let out a scream that was so loud that it was like a shock wave, and then her eyes turned a shocking colour of blue that they had never done before. The mech started to shudder and vibrate violently as the controller struggled to maintain a grip on the power driver. Rain took over the controls of the mech and then directed it to fire upon itself, blasting it into oblivion. Breathing heavily, she wanted to attack the building. There had to be a way inside, but then the sound of a window breaking was heard from overhead. She looked up only to see a key hurtle down and land at her feet. The key? Still caught up in her rage, she didn’t know what to do, she wanted to destroy everything to get to him. But instead she could hear him in the back of her head. Telling her what to do. “ I love you Rain.. Take the key.. Find your father.. compete your goal and forget about me.. Now take it and RUN!!” Gritting her teeth, she let out a ferocious cry and wailed, before picking up the key. She didn’t want to run. She wanted to fight. Rain didn’t want to let him go. There were more mech’s heading in that direction, but Rain had to do what he told her too. She jumped into the warbird and fired up the engines. In her mind, she sent what would be the last thing he would hear. ”I’m never going to stop till I find you! I love you, Adam.” The warbird took off way ahead of the dropship, which came to collect it’s prize. The Zen may have won the day…but the war had just begun. <3>