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The Medical Bay in the Fallen Mansion is just as creepy as the rest of the House.  It’s resident Doctor on Call is Doctor Larry Hauser – one mean son of a bitch.

Re: Medical Bay
August 22, 2014 06:59PM
Medical Bay

The double swinging doors flew open as a disgruntled and shabby looking man in a white lab coat trundled into the Medical bay holding an arm full of folders and walking with the aid of a cane. The cane came in handy when he wanted to knock on a door, or use it to flip someone up if they happen to be in his way.

Doctor Larry Hauser was now on his rostered shift.

Grumbling he ambled over to the nurses station, which of course was not manned. Not like the nurses in this hell hole of a Mansion had any sense of responsibility. Probably all hiding in the staff lounge and catching up on the gossip from the lewd goings on on the third floor. Seriously, the mansion was a hot bed of sex and debauchery. No doubt there would be a flood of patients at any moment with requests for treatment for STD’s and erectile dysfunction.

Slamming down the pile of files on the desk of the unmanned nurses station, the Good Doctor with the bad bedside manner continued on his way into his office and then slammed the door shut behind him.

His office was his sanctuary away from the cretins that the mansion. Here, he could sit and ponder the very reason of why he found himself to be in this mansion. Every waking moment he asked himself the same thing.

What on God’s earth did he do to deserve this….incarceration in a mad house of creatures and beings that in his previous world simply didn’t exist.


Sliding open his desk drawer, he took out a bottle of pills he had prescribed to himself and flipped open the cap. Shaking out two white pills, he threw his head back and tossed the pills into his mouth. Closing his eyes, he waited for them to take affect.


Re: Medical Bay
August 22, 2014 08:36PM
Mason smiled as it was a sense of humor watching the giant roar. As the giant sped off Mason caught up carrying his bag under his shoulder as he moved at blinding speeds. Jumping clear over broken tree bark, flashily sliding over impending boulders in the way, spinning out of the way of trees making it fun he was not sure but seemed to be racing to finish. Thinking while they both ran his face when blank remembering but still not grasping his frog analogy. Shaking off the random thought he sped along as they finally made their way to the medical bay. It seemed as if it was a foot race as they were on par with each others speed racing up the steps and bursting into the room fell back allowing Douglas to enter first with Quinn he called out to anyone within ears reach of listening “We need medical attention! If you hear me get a doctor!” Letting his emotions get the best of him he didn’t care as it all to help save this woman’s life.

Re: Medical Bay
August 22, 2014 09:01PM
The Medical Bay

The Giant kicked open the double swing doors with his right foot, causing a din throughout the hush of the Medical bay. If any patients were sleeping, they were in for a rude awakening. In behind him, Mason was bringing up the rear, shouting out for anyone who was listening that they had a patient that needed medical attention.

Within his office, Doctor Hauser was leaning back in his leather office chair, tossing a ball when he heard the crash of the doors followed by the whine of another voice begging for treatment. The Doctor waited to hear the sound of soft soled shoes. The nurses…right? Sure they would be on hand. As he continued to listen it was clear that there was no back up staff and Larry groaned as he pushed himself up and out of his chair, tossing his ball behind him. Grabbing his cane with his right hand, he limped towards the door and then pushed it open, before poking his head out.

“This is a medical bay, not a rave.” He pulled a face before seeing the towering form of Douglas holding the unconscious girl.“Fall off your beanstalk, buddy?” The Doctor emerged from his office and then gestured with his cane to one of the wards for Quinn to be taken into.

“Let’s get her on a bed so I can assess her injuries.” The Doctor went to wash his hands, while Douglas ducked under the door frame and took Quinn into the room. A bed was ready for her and he lay the girl down gently on the crisp white sheets.

Doctor Hauser then approached the girl, and took out a small pen torch, before opening one of her eye lids and flashing the light in to see if there was movement of her pupil or change to her iris size. Flicking the light on and off, he hummed to himself, before looking back at the pair.

“One of you want to give me a heads up to what I am looking at here? She catch sight of you rubbing one out in the gardens?”

The Doctor was not one for a good bed side manner.


Re: Medical Bay
August 22, 2014 09:16PM
Mason caught glimpse of the doctor who seemed to not be in the best mood. But who could blame him? Being in a medical bay all the time can force you to have quite the irritable attitude. Acknowledging that he disregarded his remark about his voice in such a place. As he followed them to a quick room it seemed as if she was in good hands strangely as the doctor didn’t seem to give a rats ass. Looking as the doctor examined her and was rude once again he looked up at Douglas saying “He’d have a better clear description. He seemed to know what to do as it happened.” Leading Douglas into the conversation giving him the spotlight to explain to the doctor and himself just what exactly just happened.

Re: Medical Bay
August 22, 2014 09:47PM
The Medical Bay

The Doctor glanced at Mason, who didn’t have much of a clue as to what had happened to Quinn. The Giant held well back, already looking a bit seedy from the strange hospital smell. Truth was, Douglas was not one for modern technology or the smell of disinfectant. The Doctor pocketed his pen light and then undid part of Quinn’s blouse so that he could place down the stethoscope and see what her heart was doing.

“Well, Mister Giant?’

“IT’S DOUGLAS!” The giant was getting sick of being called Mister Giant all the time, like being a Giant didn’t give him right to have a first name. The Doctor blinked and then said in a calm voice. “Doug. Want to tell me what you know of this girl’s medical history?’

Shifting uneasily, as he was getting light headed from the smell. Coughing, the Giant then spoke.

“She gets these…happenings. Or so she calls it. Pain…really bad in her head and then, she gets glimpses of her memory….You know….before being caught in here.”

Now this was interesting, especially for the Doctor who himself had wondered just how on earth he ended up in the Mansion. He turned his head back to Quinn, and furrowed his brow. If she had found a way to tap into the part of her mind that allowed her to relive her past life, this might be a break through for not only her….but so many others.

“And these happenings…what does she do?”

“Well, she always smiles beforehand which I find kinda odd. Then she goes all rigid like. Screams a lot then faints.”

The Doctor tapped his chin as he regarded the girl thoughtfully. He was very interested to hear what she would have to say when she woke up. Her vitals all appeared to be normal, but that was not to say she wouldn’t have a relapse. With a grim expression he watched her breath in and out slowly. How long would it take before she woke up?


Re: Medical Bay
August 22, 2014 10:16PM
Not very long. Quinn was never out for long with these things, but they would be somewhat frequent until Ophelia took the memories from her. If she’d gotten them as a whole they wouldn’t be as damaging, but small flashes of her past with no sequence would attempt to cram themselves back into her — without an order her brain was unable to make sense of it.

This was all, of course, due to the fact her mind had been wiped before arrival.. and that the person who did it expected to give them back. The block was strong, but never meant to last long. Thus… it would falter and allow for memories of her painful past to proceed into her present.

There was a long moment of silence as the three pondered, lasting much longer than a few minutes. Not quite half an hour, but no shorter than ten minutes. Slowly she’d open her eyes, squinting at the light as her breathing picked up, almost a bit fearfully. Normally Ophelia was here — she took the memory before Quinn could think about it… but since she wasn’t, Quinn was still in a great deal of pain. The back of her hand went to her forehead as it lay there, just on her eyebrows and thus covering her eyes partly from the light.

That, and the fact that her vision kept flickering. It was as though she was looking through a camera and the modes were continuously flickered through every 10 seconds, moving from normal view to her soul-vision. This vision of hers that allowed her to see the soul of the person in front of her would dim out nearly everything, as though someone had turned off the lights in the room and she was seeing with great night vision, only it was dark gray-toned rather than green… though she saw bright spheres of various colors for each person in their center abdomen. Their souls.

“I can’t turn it off,” Quinn breathed, sitting up. Each moment this switch was made the fire in her eyes would dim and then brighten, making them appear to flash a bit, her pupil dilating and shrinking.. “I can’t make it stop…!” Her voice sounded a bit more panicked now as she simply closed her eyes — but even behind her eyelids she saw their souls flash through. Eyes closed, she reached effortlessly towards where Douglas stood. As her hand became closer to his soul she heard him make a slight noise of discomfort. He would have felt her hand pulling at his insides a bit, a cold feeling coming over him.. but it immediately went away as she retracted her hand.

That was what happened when she saw the souls and reached for them. Being a hellhound, she still had that power to condemn them. He was lucky she reached and did not grab and pull, or he would be an empty shell of a being.

“I remember.. Oh god, I remember it..” She murmured then, keeping her eyes shut as she began to breath quickly, dangerously close to hyperventilating and perhaps working herself up to another happening. “I was.. I was chasing the demon.. the woman.. I was a.. a hellhound.. She was red..” Random mumblings if one hadn’t been there, which none of them had. Though her eyes were closed, she looked down at her hands and spread her fingers out, as if checking to be sure her hands were there rather than the paws she’d had beforehand. Not even she had known her race, not even Douglas, the person she’d confide in for anything.

Her head pounded, her heartbeat in her ears.. A racing and panicked heartbeat, why was that suddenly so familiar.. Her eyes opened though her vision did not calm as she gazed up helplessly at the three in front of her. Quinn was going to pass out again, a happening coming on more from stress and the ability to recall her newest one than anything.

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Re: Medical Bay
August 22, 2014 11:33PM
Mason awaited impatiently as the two exchanged words. His anxiety was eased as Douglas was angered again by being referred to as Mr.Giant. It was quite humorous in a sense. But the tension grew thick again as they awaited in short breaths. The tension at this point was too thick to cut. Mason’s eyes widened as she shot up from her bed screaming adversities. It was all a lot to take in as Mason sat there in awe. “What can’t she turn off?” Mason thought as he sat there in awe as she proceeded to talk about being a hellhound and the vague details she remembers. He was surprised at the idea but things of this sort wasn’t even that big of a deal as race didn’t matter much to him. As she continued Mason knew there was nothing he could do at this point. Looking at the doctor and Douglas seeing their reactions he awaited what the prognosis would be on something like this. Not really knowing her all that Mason felt it would be the best to have as many people around that care for you as possible. Mason went and pulled up a seat ready to endure whatever was going to follow what had just happened but as he studied the doctor and Douglas’ face he realized that he had no place here. Getting up at the realization he spoke as he gathered his belongings”Um…just let me know if she’s alright when everything settles down.” With those words he left the area disappearing into the night.

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Re: Medical Bay
August 23, 2014 02:56AM
The Medical Bay

Quinn’s screams that she couldn’t turn it off on waking and the fluctuating colours of her eyes was proof enough that the girl was far from being human. Her actions gave way to panic, especially by the Giant who had never seen her this bad before. When she tried to reach for him, the Doctor threw up his cane to block the contact. His head spinning to the Giant and he shouted loudly. “Stay well back!”

Crying out that she remembered had the Doctor and the Giant both staring at the girl flabbergasted. It was when she admitted what she was that the Giant truly got a fright. He realized that in her trying to touch him, she was trying to take his soul. Her body was going into a meltdown, clearly unable to process what she was remembering and this was going to end badly if the Doctor didn’t act and quickly.

Turning smartly on his heel he went to the nearest clinic cabinet and tore off the lock, throwing it on the floor. He threw open the glass panned doors and started to rummage for the right drug and needle. Douglas gripped the bottom rung of the bed and looked on hopelessly.

Doctor Hauser found the right drug and started to fill one of the needles, while calling to the other two. “Stay back till I give word. This isn’t going to be pretty.”

Douglas wanted to know what the Doctor was going to do. Larry gave the needle one squirt, before hobbling over and then ramming the needle into the girl’s chest. He injected the fluid in as Quinn no doubt would be shocked by his actions, but this was to subdue and knock her out – thus slowing her heart rate and helping with the pain she would be experiencing in her head.


Re: Medical Bay
August 23, 2014 03:25AM
What the hell was this? Quinn looked up at the doctor with a look of shock on her face. She’d gone silent, then, her hands reaching in the air for a needle that was no longer in her, right about where it had injected her. Much like when a knight was stabbed with a sword, he would take it by the blade with the very same look of blank shock that she now wore.

For a moment that seemed to be hours long there was complete silence, save the background noises. And it was then her irises began to flicker, dimming, her lips parting as her expression slackened and her eyelids felt quite heavy. In taking her out of her reality the doctor had put her back into the past, as the memories already began to flow and present themselves as dreams.. even though she wasn’t out yet…

And then she fell back on the bed, one hand resting on her abdomen while the other laid on the pillow next to her ear, the mass of her hair becoming completely black and dark rather than the tips lighting up as they normally did. Her eyes were closed now, her breathing slowing to the pace it’d been when she first arrived. Due to her head being tilted to the side facing the doctor he could see her expressions, that which changed ever so slightly with each bit of her memory that she recollected..

~Beginning of Memory~
It was cold. Quinn knew exactly what she had to do here. A standard run, no more and no less.. Only now she was after a witch and a strong one at that. She’d placed herbs to keep Quinn at bay, but those wouldn’t hold her off forever.. A low howl ripped through the night, from her lips to be more exact. The soul was reddening deeper in front of her eyes as borrowed time drove this woman forward, looking through the house and straight inside to its occupant.

But now she moved silently, creeping.. slowly.. she was near the woman now as she growled. Low, terrifying.

You won’t get me, you bitch!” The scream was something she’d heard before as she picked up her pace, beginning to sprint as the woman chanted — darkness. Searing pain.

Quinn’s eyebrows furrowed, her leg twitching a bit. She was going to hurt herself if she got any more active. A low growl slipped through her throat, and though it was quiet from her, it echoed in the ears of anyone in the medical bay. As though a huge wolf was standing right behind them.

The hand previously on her abdomen lifted blindly into the air, moving around without much purpose as she seemed to reenact her dreams. As she couldn’t breathe in her memory, Quinn made a choked noise and stopped her breath, before resuming after a moment. Her eyes moved rapidly underneath her lids, indicating that she was seeing though they did not.

She couldn’t breathe, and it was cold. Quinn – no. Her name was Hellhound, nothing more. It changed.. As she stared up at the ceiling of the house, lifting her paw to survey it and instead finding the flesh of skin, a hand.. Pain again.

I’m sorry, my dearest..” It was a man’s voice. “My servant.. you are not useful to me in this state.. for this I will see you in the underworld when I can explain..” A buzzing against her mind and confusion. Blackness.

Then there was a hand and a bright light. “You have been chosen for a second chance.. However, you cannot go back to life as it was and I take all memories from you, do you accept?” A woman’s voice, though Quinn didn’t understand much. She grabbed the hand, sensing comfort from it, though not quite knowing what she expected..

~End of Memory~

Re: Medical Bay
August 23, 2014 08:17PM
The Medical Bay

Drawing back with the spent needle in his hand, Doctor Hauser took a deep breath as a small droplet of perspiration ran down his forehead. He’d seen cases similar to this in the mansion before, but nothing quite on this scale. The drug was designed to incapacitate the patient and put them into a semi coma of sorts. Tossing the needle in the recycle bin for needles, he pressed the nurses station buzzer twice. Larry was damned if he was going to have to do the restraining. It was bad enough that he had to stab her with the needle.

Down in the nurses staff room which was a sea of smoke and mad chatter about the antics of the couple in the pool house, Nurse Fifi Latrix, a purple gorrilla saw the blinking light that was an indication that nurses were needed in the medical bay. Grunting heavily, the ex circus gorilla come wards nurse slammed down her copy of Grapes and all things exotic and got to her feet. Her massive bosom was kept well tied down under her skimpy nurses uniform, and the gorilla grunted at the other nurses before running on her fists down and out of the staff room towards the med bay.

Douglas the Giant peered over the Doctor’s shoulder, placing a hand on his head as he watched Quinn move about oddly on the bed.

“Why’s she growling like a wolf?” He asked, his ginger furry eyebrow quirking upward, after shooting a glance at Mason. “Not heard her do this before.”

No sooner had he asked that, Nurse Fifi, the purple gorilla lumbered in…right on cue. Doctor Hauser, who was used to the sight of the grape ape pointed to the leather tie downs on the side of the bed and said.

“Got a live one here. She’s liable to tear up the place. I only gave her 500 mgs of the sedative, but by the looks of her eyelids…she is going to be dangerous.”

“Grrrrrrrunt!” The nurse acknowledged and started to tie down Quinn’s arms and legs in a fashion that would remind you of the Spanish inquisition. As soon as she was strapped down well to the bed, the Doctor was able to breathe a real sigh of relief. He grabbed his cane and then ambled out of the room, leaving the gorilla nurse to stand over Quinn, as the Giant looked at Mason uncomfortably.

“No jokes about grape juice…aye laddie?”