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Will Quinn be cured from her happenings, or can the Caretaker take her memories away?

Re: Medical Bay
August 23, 2014 11:18PM
It was a good thing they tied her down when they did. Quinn gave another low growl, forced to live her memories as they’d put her under. She struggled against the bindings, the leather biting at her skin. With one jerk of her hands the whole bed shook and jumped a bit – the bounds on her hands loosened a bit, but those in the room with her were lucky the metal holding the binds to the bed didn’t rip off as well. She hadn’t pulled nearly as strongly as should could have.

Now her breath would come at an abnormally fast rate as her heart sped up along with it. Eyes moving rapidly below their lids, she’d grit her teeth.

Silence and stillness for a moment… Snarls suddenly ripped from her vocal cords, pushing through her teeth to be heard in the air around her for all those in the room. Her shoulders pressed into the mattress as she arched her back, veins pulsing in her forearms and then disappearing entirely from view as her hair lit itself fully.

The burning mass she called hair would not set anything ablaze, but hell was it terrifying.

Please! Not yet!” The man screamed as Quinn moved towards him. Her paws thundered on the floor in his house — he was overdue to go, and her patience was worn thin. Head hunched and shoulder fur raised, she crawled forwards.. her tail was low, ears flat as she stifled herself from chuffing at him. Everything tried to plead with her, it was amusing.

Get away from him, dog!” His wife screamed. The sound of a gun cocking. Pain in her side, blackness, and she was back into the underworld.

With a growl Quinn paced back and forth. They could keep her at bay as they had for awhile, but when she came back there would be hell. Raising her head a howl let loose, loud enough for him to hear from the depths below. She would have him.

Quinn’s back had since relaxed, her lip twitching on one side as she nearly bared her teeth. Head pressing into the pillow she let loose a low and somber howl, lasting a full and long 15 seconds or so.

This noise was a warning, a chilling noise that gave goosebumps to all that heard.. it brought the feeling of paranoia, of.. death. The whole medical wing would hear, if not beyond to half the mansion. The doctor in the room would hear it as though it was in his ear and she was beside him. Even the nurses, through her loud chatter, could clearly hear the noise as it cut through all. Silence could be heard in response, uneasy. Fearful.

She returned to his home, now treading silently and invisible. Patience was at a zero..

Nice job, babe, that shou–” A scream as strong jaws clamped on his leg, yanking him out of his chair with a large thud onto the ground. Pinning him, Quinn clawed at his skin as she reached towards his red soul with her muzzle and brutally ripped it from his body. He went limp as she became visible, the woman screaming annoyingly with shock.

Riley!” Her voice was a sob as she held up the gun to shoot once more… “No! I’ll end you!

With one leap Quinn knocked the woman onto her back, tearing into her skin, taking off full limbs with her powerful jaws as claws ripped off skin, blood and cloth splattering everywhere..

So much blood..

Quinn jerked the bed’s latches stronger this time, crying out in humanly pain. The squeak of the metal as it was pulled forwards was quite startling, even more so as she was able to slightly move her arms. She’d loosened the hold of metal to metal with her strength.

Re: Medical Bay
August 24, 2014 05:59PM
The Medical Bay – Doctor Hauser’s Office

Humming to himself, the Doctor goes to a large brown cabinet that is on the far wall of his office. He can hear the sound of metal being torn coming from Quinn’s room and this could mean only one thing, that the restraints that Nurse Fifi had fitted are probably going to give way. The Doctor had a risky situation. If the woman was to wake in the state she was in, not only was she a threat to the hospital ward, the staff and the patients but possibly those that inhabited the rest of the mansion. The Doctor whistled as he took off his stethoscope and then started to put on a cream colored safari outfit along with matching hat. He looked like someone that had just stepped out of the pages of a safari in Africa. Now, you might be wondering why a Doctor would suddenly dress this way…right?

Pulling out a large elephant gun, he then took a belt of tranquilizer darts and threaded them across his chest, before giving his hat a light tap.

A quick glance in the mirror as he loaded the first dart into the gun, he then spun on his heel and went to amble out into the foyer of the medical bay. Setting himself up behind a turned over couch, he lay in wait for when Quinn broke free. He didn’t alert the Nurse…or the Giant and other creature, simply because he thought surprise would be a good element if Quinn turned into an unleashed demon from hell’s gates.


Re: Medical Bay
August 24, 2014 07:42PM
“Ow..” Her eyes burned. Her head, it was overflowing with new memories that she couldn’t process and the pressure was phenomenal… and she was strapped down. Blinking, she gazed around the room at the gorilla and a missing Mason, Douglas at the foot of her bed. “Have I awoken to a circus? Because I don’t recall signing up for the knife throwing act.” A slight glare as she jerked her arms upwards, ripping metal from metal.

She began to undo the leather straps, then, sitting up and turning to have her legs dangle — well, they would have dangled if she was short enough — off the side of the bed. The gorilla looked at her fearfully, but moved forwards to restrain her. “Don’t.” Quinn held out a hand, glaring as her hair slowly unlit itself. “I’m in no mood.”

Her angered… murderous… expression fell quickly as she looked at Douglas, appearing more sad than anything else. “Doug, I really need a hug.” This was no trick. As she’d seen all these horrible things, realized she was abused and abandoned.. she’d suddenly become a hell of a lot lonelier.

Wait, speaking of.. where was the doctor? The memories instilled something into her.. they made her feel strange. Different, even. “Doug.. I’m scared.” Yes. Scared of herself.

Re: Medical Bay
August 24, 2014 07:55PM
The Medical Bay

Where was the Doctor? This was a very good question. The Gorilla, Fifi, well she knew but wasn’t about to let that on to the girl that just broke the metal of the ward bed. Quinn was sitting up and undoing the leather straps like nothing had happened, but of course it had.

The Gorilla nurse made a face as the girl warned her not to make a move or try to restrain her again. Apparently, she was not in the mood. Douglas the Giant was watching how Quinn seemed to come around from her comatozed state and was half worried to touch the girl, since the Doctor had also warned that she should not be touched.

How quickly the vile and menacing expression changed when she looked at the Giant as though she had just come to realize that something HAD happened. Quinn stated she needed a hug….and it was right at this moment that the door to the ward burst open and there was the Doctor, dressed in his safari suit.

Cocking the gun and pointing it at the patient, he asked in a low growl.

“I’ll be the judge of that. FIFI…did you undo the restraints?’

The Gorilla shook her head from side to side, as the Giant interjected. “What in blazes are ya doin’, pointing that bee bee gun at the lass for?” He was half shocked that the Doctor had gone to such extreme measures. To make matters worse, he stepped into the line of fire, and held up his hand.

“You out of your mind?!”

Those…were the last words that the Giant would say as the Doctor fired a tranquilizer dart right into Douglas’s neck. The affect was immediate.

“Well that was uncalled…foooooooo….” The Giant then slumped to the floor, snoring away as he had been put to sleep. With the Giant now out of action, the Doctor again raised his gun at Quinn. The Doctor was clearly more insane than some patients.

“Now…either you get back on that bed so you can be restrained….or I pull the trigger.”


Re: Medical Bay
August 24, 2014 08:52PM
“I’ll just break them again.” Quinn glared at the doctor, locking her jaw as her hair began to light itself into a mass of flames. Something wasn’t right within her, something had been stirred. As she looked at the gorilla, then the doctor again she suddenly tilted her head. “Wait. Doesn’t this seem odd to you? For god’s sake, man. You’re in a fucking safari suit! This gorilla is purple!”

And she then determined that she must be, there was no way she wasn’t, dreaming. This was all some terrible nightmare that fluctuated between hardcore-deathhunt and Doctor Loony and Friends.

“Yeah, you know, this is a dream, so I’m just going to leave now.” Quinn stood her full towering height — good luck to him restraining her unless it was against Douglas, because if she fell he likely wouldn’t be able to lifter her back up. “Yeah, nope. No way that this insane shit is actually real.”

(-wrecking ball-)

Re: Medical Bay
August 24, 2014 10:13PM
The Medical Bay

“Yes, this is a dream. This whole house….is nothing but a figment of your imagination. Of my…imagination.”

The Doctor stepped towards her, the gun still raised. What Quinn didn’t know, was that the Doctor was just as disturbed as she would have been from regaining some of her memories. His voice had a strange edge to it as he stared her down through the scope. “I have treated…dragons. Dragons…do not exist in the other world. They are nothing but fabled creatures, legends…..and yet I have had to treat them. You ask…why is there a Purple gorilla? Why shouldn’t there be, when this entire place goes against all sense of logic. Everything, I ever knew to be true….is not. So…”

He lowered his gun slightly as he stepped up onto the Giant that was laid out on the floor after being shot.

“The episode you had. The one where we had to restrain you. Care to reveal what you…really are? Then I might…just let you out of here. But if you don’t….and I think you are a threat to the rest of the Mansion populace…then I will sedate you.”


Re: Medical Bay
August 25, 2014 02:11AM
“I already told you what I am.” Quinn completely ignored every word he spoke before that. Too confusing for a hurting head to contemplate — already the pain was slowly increasing. “I’m a hellhound.” Would you like a demonstration? She stood taller than he, even when he was standing on her giant friend. “Either way, I’m probably a threat, Doc.”

And she wasn’t wrong — keeping her awake without calling Ophelia was growing dangerous by the moment. Soon she’d be a completely different person, if her memories were allowed to flood her past. “Wanna hear the best part, Doc?” As he looked at her curiously a sadistic grin formed onto her lips. “We’re all dead.” Three very powerful words, but they were true. “I saw myself die.”

She tapped a finger to her temple, tilting her head at him. “I do think the caretaker’s appropriate for this situation, hmm? Because I really don’t intend to stay here longer, even if I have to go through you.” The words came from her, they sounded like her.. but these were not Quinn’s. The monster inside of her had been let loose through Ophelia’s absence.

Re: Medical Bay
August 25, 2014 07:43AM
The Medical Bay

Words said in a rush. Only three but they carried a great deal of weight. “We’re all dead.”The power behind these words and the further explanation that she saw herself died meant that her past life had shown itself as she had gone through the happening, just like the Giant had said. Quinn was now at full height and showing a menacing, evil grin. It was almost like she was taunting – baiting him. The Doctor watched on with a heavy set brow, while Quinn tapped her nose, knowing that if the caretaker didn’t come soon, that the situation was going to become dire.

He could shoot her with the dart and put her out again, but would that halt the onset of whatever creature lurked beneath her human like exterior? A Hell hound. Fanciful at best, but you had to remember that this Mansion had many a creature that you would only read about in books.

By now the noises and carry on had brought about a swag of nurses that all careened into the medical bay on alert to a dangerous situation. Quinn threatened that she had no intentions of staying longer and she would go through him if that is what it took. Glancing quickly over his shoulder to one of the nurses, he sung out.

“Get the Caretaker here….NOW!”

The nurse ran to the nursing station and put an emergency call through to the care taker’s office, while in the ward it was a tense standoff between Quinn and the Doctor. But beneath the Doctor, Douglas the Giant was rousing from the tranquilizer dart. His sudden movement caused the Doctor to lose his balance, falling backwards with the gun going off into the ceiling. Was this an opportunity for Quinn to make a run for it?


Re: Medical Bay
August 25, 2014 10:18AM
It was rare that Ophelia ever had to go to the Medical Bay. For one thing, she hardly got injured because the mansion was normally peaceful as could be, and for another she knew that most of the staff preferred not to be checked on. They were independent and could very well handle most situations. But as she had landed outside the mansion, her wings folding against themselves and back behind her shoulder blades, she took a moment to lean against the wall and inhale deeply. The mansion was responding to her exhaustion. The residents would not notice it, but there was a tremor so slight that only one who was connected to the place could feel the shift, the uneasy shaking of the realm.
Yes. She was going to skin Willum alive if he made it to the afterlife.
Inside the hallways she made it to the Medical Bay about forty-five seconds after the initial call for help and stood in the doorway, knowing exactly what she’d find on the other side. Chaos. A raging Quinn perhaps, a sarcastic doctor, gentle giant. She’d been late to retrieve the blocked memories from Quinn and she wasn’t sure she regretted the decision. To be honest a fuming Hellhound dimmed in light of an Undead army, but still was troublesome and made her worry.
Walking inside, and yet blocking the door, the Caretaker was met with Larry on the ground and a dart in the ceiling and Quinn standing there like she owned the place. Not in the mood. She was not in the mood. The angel was running dangerously low on mercy.
“Quinn.” She said like she was scolding a child. “Let’s not ruin the nice Medical Bay and let’s not harm the doctors and friends who, I’m assuming, were trying to help you. If you give me your hand it’ll be over. If you don’t it wouldn’t be good for our…friends or you or me. Remember, we’ve done this before. I’m trying to help you and to make the pain go away. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have let this happen to you. It’s my fault.”
Ophelia extended a hand to the Hell hound all the while looking at Quinn with a straight face. Just end it. Please. Another fight would be troublesome, and this time there wasn’t the lovely outdoors, but a confined space in the heart of the mansion.

Re: Medical Bay
August 25, 2014 11:19AM

Voryn’s image began to flicker and fade into existence, the space around his figure distorted and blurred. Eventually the image would become solid, his presence now completely within the room. He turned his head slowly, examining the room and it’s inhabitants thoroughly. None of the beings within the room mattered to him other than Ophelia, the one he was out to kill. The issue in the cemetery had been rather amusing to watch, though he was a little disappointed that he couldn’t join in.

As he stepped forward into the room, he began to tinker and toy with the various objects in the room. It was obviously some kind of medical facility, which made him a bit curious as to why Ophelia was here in the first place. “Ahh…Now I see.” His voice was calm, no hint of violence or aggression present. “A dog on the loose? Ophelia…you seem to be quite sloppy at handling these kinds of situations.” And then there was the look. His crimson colored eyes, locked onto Ophelia, clearly craving destruction. “Shall I handle it?” As he spoke his Katana phased into existence in his left hand, while his lips curled into a viscous looking smirk.

He really only wanted to kill Ophelia, but he wouldn’t mind slaughtering someone else in the meantime. Though, he seriously doubted that Ophelia would allow him to do such a thing, not that he really needed her permission. As he stood there and stared at Ophelia, he began to twirl his blade about casually, while leaning his body up against the nearest wall. “In case you haven’t figured it out…I’m aware of what you did…you sneaky little memory thief.” The main reason for mentioning this was to make the others in the room question what he had said. Memory thief. Surely they would find this to be…interesting.




Re: Medical Bay
August 25, 2014 05:51PM
Inside of the Medical Bay was a major problematic situation occurring. At least four people were in the place at once which was pretty rare in this area specifically, as, in this Mansion most had some ability to rejuevenate themselves and thus did not actually need any type of outside help. A few times though there would be this many people, but definitely none who would be prepared to fight. That went against the very purpose of this room, meant to heal others.. Now it was madness induced, Blitz was idle the entire time, because none of it interested him and received not even an ounce of his concern. So long as no one was directly hurt in front of him there was no need for his intervention.. The Demigod almost burst into laughter when he witnessed the Giant get laid out before the powerful tranquilizer dart that the doctor had fired. It was hilarious to hear that Giant talk, only to be cut off by the Doctor and suddenly silenced. That one would not be up for awhile and acknowledging that he now knew that he would have to do something..

At least he would have begun to but then the nurses, all moving on the Doctor’s orders had assembled and left to retrieve Ophellia, the all-powerful Caretaker here. Catering to all these types of individuals must have been straining, visibly clear when the trembling around the Mansion ensued. So small that he barely felt it even with his supernatural sense of touch. With her showing up he felt the situation here was already resolved, after all that woman stopped him before. That alone dwarfed this he felt and merely folded his arms as he sat back in a chair just a few medical wards down from where everything had seemed to be happening.

“Lousy ass patients..” He said casually as he merely observed for now without real interest. His attention almost fell on the other two when another signature of life entered the room through unnatural means. A feat which had perfectly served to attract this man’s eyes.. Blitz looked over at that new being as he slowly formed and eventually found his way fully inside the room. He spoke only meaningful words, which captured Blitz’ full attention. What was all this about memory stealing..? His mind began working rapidly.

Re: Medical Bay
August 25, 2014 08:58PM
As she considered running, Ophelia then appeared. Quinn’s expression fell at each word – Ophelia saw right through her, and knew that there were two sides of the coin called ‘Quinn,’ the murderous one in her past, and the fun-loving one she was now. When the both combined in one form, there was no mix, just times where heads showed and times when tails did. “I’m.. sorry, I just.. I can’t make it stop. Help me.” A pained look formed on her face as she began to lift her hand..

And then Voryn appeared, her eyes widening as he began to step forwards.. Gone. Quinn flickered from view, invisible to all. She’d been scared and confused to begin with. Too many people brought forwards too many emotions and thus.. panic. Memory thief, indeed. That was precisely what the hellhound needed – the fact no one else knew that Ophelia took away memories was actually a bit shocking.

Then again, most of them didn’t need a monthly appointment. Running through Ophelia, Quinn burst out of the medical bay with a terrible headache and a clenching feeling in her gut.

I shouldn’t have ran, she could have helped me.. But I don’t need help, I’m fine. I’m strong. I know who I am, now.

She needed peace. She needed to be alone. And so she ran then, a desperate burn of tears in her eyes as her head felt pressure, to the one place she knew none could find her, unless they understood her, due to its dark nature.

(TC. Probably to cellar or Forest.)

Re: Medical Bay
August 25, 2014 09:14PM
The Medical Bay

Lying flat on his back with the elephant gun pointed skywards, the Doctor let out a loud “Ow…” sound as the Giant known as Douglas came around to see that the Medical bay and Quinn’s ward in particular had filled to overflowing with people. Anger – a flash of which appeared in his eyes, when he heard Quinn’s cry was totally to be expected. Quinn after all was his one and only friend in this hell hole of a Mansion. Starting to right himself, he reached up towards his neck and then yanked out the dart that was stuck hard into his flesh. Staring at it in his hand he then turned his attention to the fallen medic.

“You bleeding ass. You shot me! You shot me as if you were on safari. You insufferable Jessy!”

The Giant reached across and snatched the elephant gun off the frightened Doctor, who was having to deal not only with Quinn, but now a whole room filled with people. Taking the gun with both hands, the Giant easily snapped it in two, much like you would snap a twig. Douglas tossed the two ends on the floor and bolted to standing.

Quinn by this stage had rejected the Caretaker’s gesture outright. He could only see her pained expression before she vanished from view – becoming invisible to all and making a run for it. All anyone saw was the light swinging of doors and the force of air from her rapid movement.

Slapping his hand to his forehead, Douglas glared at Ophelia and shouted “Now what you made her do?” His voice heavy with his Scottish accent. “None of ya fooks understand the poor lassy!” Having said his piece, the kilt wearing ginger haired giant stormed out of the ward and took off after Quinn, though that would probably have him hunting the house and grounds to find her.

The moment the Giant was out of the room, the Doctor rose to his feet and picked up the remnants of what was his gun. He wasn’t overly happy about the anarchy that had descended upon the medical lab, and now with a crowd gathered and a missing patient, this was going to make for one hell of a report.

Doctor Hauser walked up to Ophelia and said bluntly. “The patient remembers. Unlike the rest of us.”

It was true. Even the Doctor had no inkling of what had happened to him prior to winding up in the house of horrors. Motioning to Nurse Fifi, the two left the ward, with the Nurse returning to the nurses station to order a new bed, and Doctor Hauser having to file a report into the events that had transpired. How he hated paperwork.


(Douglas – Thread change – Doctor Hauser remains but in his office)

Re: Medical Bay
August 26, 2014 09:20AM
For the love of all things Holy…Of all the people to show up Voyrn was the one who decided to make a dramatic appearance? Honestly. Could the Lord above not see her turmoil? Could he not give her a second of rest? Could things really not go her way just once?
As she glanced at him, watching him brandish a katana and talking nonsense. She visibly rolled her eyes and sighed as if he was the most annoying pest in the world. Looking at Douglas as he ran off after a scared Quinn she looked to the ceiling. Why. At the doctor’s words she nodded simply. Perhaps Quinn would just have to understand who she was. Perhaps it was best. Her memory wouldn’t be whole because of what Ophelia had already taken over the course of her stay, but it was no use running from herself. Maybe the pain would be worth something.
The first action she did was walk to the office and run a hand through her chocolate locks, nodding to the doctor.
“I apologize for the chaos. Your equipment will be replaced.” The angel paused. “And thank you, honestly.” Somehow she assumed the thanks would be brushed off with an overly sarcastic comment about her abilities or something, but she didn’t have time and just nodded, as if finishing her statement, and walked towards the door, pausing as she saw Voyrn was still about. For fucks sake. The fear that had gripped her earlier was gone, not that she wasn’t expecting him to go through with his little plan, but she just didn’t have time to deal with his attitude.
She seemed to disappear only to snap back into existence, her armored hand arched backwards as she went to slap Voyrn across the left cheek with all her might, using the momentum of the little flash step to aid her speed and strength. If the slap connected a harsh crack could be heard from the contact, the ‘attack’ being dished out in half a heartbeat.
“Is your ass jealous of the amount of shit that just came out of your mouth? I don’t have time for your angst riddled teenage nonsense Voyrn.” Ophelia said standing in front of him a mere handful of inches away, a pointed finger nudging upwards with every word she said. “If you want to kill me that’s fine. You’re more than welcome to, as I’ve already said, however I need you to not drag innocents into our little quarrel and step outside and go wait like a good pup. I’m flattered you’d go to such lengths as to stalk me, you’re so sweet, but I’m a little bit too busy to even bother. As cute as it is to listen to you try and talk about shit you don’t understand I think I’ll keep intelligent company for a bit longer before gracing you with my presence…” The angel smiled sweetly and went to turn around and leave the room, half expecting to get stabbed in the back right there. But that would be fine, she supposed, at least her energy wouldn’t be wasted fighting a losing battle.
Then again this was Voyrn. Violence? Anger? Most likely the reply. A cool and swift retort, that’d be amusing and she wouldn’t even stop her departure, wouldn’t even bless him with a glance over the shoulder or another word. The conversation was done, left hanging in the air, any words he spoke would fall on deaf ears, her concentration was elsewhere. She’d already heard his threats. She highly doubted anything would surprise her after that whole thing. If he really wanted to fight right then, she’d have no choice.

~TC Ophelia~

Re: Medical Bay
August 26, 2014 10:16AM

Voryn watched Ophelia walk away away from him to speak with one of the residents, she seemed to ignore him, as most of the others in the room did. It made no difference to him whether or not he was noticed, for the only person he was here for was Ophelia. As much as she wanted to ignore him, she simply couldn’t. His thoughts were proven correct when she decided to do something rather bold, if not completely stupid.

She phased towards him, only to appear in front of him and slap him across the face. Her movements required no effort to follow, so dodging it or simply killing her then and there was very much a possibility. He decided against it though, and let her hand connect with his cheek. Upon impact his head nudged to the side very slightly, but his eyes remained locked onto her. It was quite clear that it was nothing to him, though he knew it wasn’t her full strength. Instead of getting angry or straight up slapping her back, he began to chuckle lightly, eventually breaking out into a full on laugh. Her little rant did nothing but make him laugh harder. “My my my! Ophelia! What foul language! Hardly befitting of a lady like you!” He was actually having trouble stopping his little fit of laughter, until of course she began to walk away.

His laughter slowly died down as his weapon disappeared, and he began to clap his hands together rather loudly. “Killing you is going to be fun! Tormenting you though…it’s even better!” At the rate this was going, he would simply drag out his little issue with her, and instead make a mess of any and all plans she may have. As he watched her obviously leaving the room, he looked over at the other beings around him, simply giving them a light wave. “Little miss potty mouth angel has some diiiirty secrets, you should all ask her about them sometime.” Why not stir up a little controversy? Watching other residents turn against her would be almost as fun as tormenting her personally. With that said and done, his image began to fade and blur, similarly to the way he appeared, until he was gone. Destination unknown.

Re: Medical Bay
August 26, 2014 02:09PM
His eyes were widened with all the sudden power fluxes and then exits. He didn’t think Quinn’s wrath would go out like that and then even more so that the Caretaker allowed her to escape. He wasn’t sure what to do with tha sight, or the information he’d just gotten from that man, who faded into the room then back out. It was a much faster version of Clout’s teleportation in terms of activation, but the actual transportation left him present for sometime after it’s activation. Blitz noted that in case he ever came to blows with that man, the thought alone gave him chills. That guy seemed really powerful, to openly challenge Ophellia and not be dealt with. It was exciting to see physical proof of worthy interest in this otherwise boring mansion.

When the others left he saw no one to even heal here and thus could move about freely for awhile. His first move was out the door and off elsewhere.

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