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Bridgette’s room – 267
August 26, 2014 10:24PM
Bridgette’s Room – 267

Bedroom of Bridgette the french baker.

Re: Bridgette’s room – 267
August 27, 2014 06:38AM
Bridgette’s room – 267

Her soft footfalls sounded as she ran the corridor to her room. Bridgette’s sanctuary within this mad house – the mansion you could never leave. The young french maiden had lived in the house for some time, but due to her nature she had barely gotten to know anyone. That was until this day.

Entering her room, she closed it behind her with a soft click. She lent against the timber door and let out a huge sigh of relief. What had happened this day was so extreme. From the raging curses and manhandling by Zero the vampire butler, to then sitting with him in the library and repairing the damaged cookery book that had caused all the drama. Holding the book close to her still, she finally released her hold and then walked into her room further to set down the book on her chest of drawers. Her fingers danced lightly over the embossed cover as she was filled with the images of Zero’s face. What was it about that man that had made her so fearful, and yet now she felt nothing but a warmth within her bosom at the very memory of the few words that they had shared.

Turning to look at her self in her long mirror, Bridgette noticed the fine splatter of blood across her crisp apron. She had totally forgotten that it was not just the book that had gotten blood upon it. Reaching around to her back, she untied the large bow that held the apron in place, and brought the neck tie over her head to remove the apron. This would definitely need to be soaked.

Bridgette had a small bathroom just off her bedroom and in there she went to soak her soiled apron. Filling a silver pale with cold water, she dipped the apron in, then added soap flakes to the mix. She stirred the water with a wooden spatula before letting it rest. The apron would take a few days of soaking to get the stain out properly.

The young baker slowly removed her white hat and then her hair net which allowed her dark brown curls to cascade down her back like a torrent. Keeping her hair up whilst cooking was a necessity in the kitchen, but in the solitude of her room she was really able to let her hair down. Stepping out of her long skirt and petticoat, she removed her daily shirt and hung both up on wooden hangers on her door. It was too late to take them down to the Mansion laundry and she would deal with that in the morning after baking.

A hot bath and a good book were on the agenda for the rest of her eve. The moon was now high in the sky, and shone its light down through the arch windows that graced the far end of her room.

Coming out of the bathroom, in a floor length night gown, she went to touch the cook book once more. Placing her hand on it, she closed her eyes and in her mind the vision of Zero’s face appeared. His ember eyes haunting her very thoughts. Bridgette chewed her lip as she removed her hand from the book, and then smiled softly unto herself in the hopes that they would cross paths once again.


Re: Bridgette’s room – 267
August 28, 2014 06:46AM
Bridgette’s room – 267

The small golden clock upon Bridgette’s bedside table started to ring, which caused the young french baker to stir beneath her covers. A small hand appeared out from beneath the silk and cotton and felt about to tap the top of the clock. Bridgette let out a small groan as she really could have used some more sleep, but the longer she lay in, the less time she had to herself in the kitchen. Propping herself up, she took off her lace sleeping mask and rubbed her eyes. Bridgette had slept soundly and her dreams were filled with that of the haunting ember eyes of Zero. Would she come across him this day? Only time would tell.

Sliding out from beneath her covers, she wiggled her feet into some white fluffy slippers, and shuffled off to her bathroom to brush her teeth and comb through her dark auburn locks. Happily humming to herself, she checked on the blood stained apron which needed longer to soak in the pail. Thoughts again turned to Zero and she almost shivered as she felt herself becoming more and more fascinated with the his memory. There was this dangerous appeal, and yet behind those eyes she felt he must be very passionate. Such feelings made her blush all the more. He was a very handsome and proud gentleman, and would hardly be interested in a simple baker. So many other beauties lived within the mansion’s walls -girls with skin like alabaster and smiles that would melt the darkest heart.

Bridgette stepped out of the bathroom, turning off the light with a flick of her fingers, and went to her cupboard to find suitable attire for the day. A fresh pale pink skirt with matching blouse that had a high collar with lace trim. Over the top a long white apron and her hair she skillfully tied up into a loose bun but made sure to capture it in a hair net and topped it off with a white frilly hat. Only wisps of her fringe were seen from the front. The darkness of her curls accentuating the lily white complexion. Truth was Bridgette rarely went out into the sun, even though she welcomed the dawn each day from the windows of the kitchen.

Dressed properly with matching white boots, Bridgette fetched her prized cook book, and then headed out the door to start her day’s work in the kitchen.


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The Library – A Fallen Mansion.


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Re: Library
August 18, 2014 10:11AM
While Zero was quite uncertain what gold actually was, the way she described it made him feel like he hadn’t seen it yet, and he wondered if it would be his favorite as well. It all made sense, the thought suddenly snapped into his mind. People always asked ‘what’s your favorite color’ and the question had always confused him until just now. There were so many options. How could one decide? While the darkness of the black was soothing, comforting, familiar, he found he enjoyed the brilliance of the sky and the beautiful shade of Bridgette’s eyes.
He thought about how to answer the question he asked, all the while shifting his weight so to compensate for the many, now loose, pages in his grasp.
“The color of your eyes.” He said thoughtfully. He didn’t mean anything by it, he just didn’t know the word that matched the shade. “I think I like that one.” Satisfied as they came to a halt outside the library, the Carpathian grimaced. He could already smell the billions of pages.
How long had he stayed away? How much knowledge was there? Perhaps there was information on his race in one of the books, or one of those boxes that had a screen that could answer anything. Maybe he’d try that.
Shifting his weight Zero managed to tuck the destroyed cook book under his arm as he leaned forward and snatched the door, pulling it open and holding it for Bridgette, shooting a glare as some guy walked by and nearly bumped into the little baker. His protectiveness was spiking it seemed, and it was more hard not to just run after him cursing. He inhaled and relaxed, seconds later, trying to grasp this want. Kill. Maim. Destroy. The three words summed up what he’d been doing for his whole life.
“After you.”

Re: Library
August 18, 2014 11:03PM
A gentleman. That was how Bridgette now viewed Zero. Though conflicted it seemed from the way he reacted to the very things that happened around him, he soon embraced ideals like he was but a lad. How interesting he was now becoming in her eyes. The marks on her wrist started to diminish which meant she would not require attention to them. She gently eased her ruffled sleeve down over her wrist, and stood waiting to enter the library as Zero tucked the loose pages beneath his arm and then said “After you.”

To this, Bridgette offered a shy smile, and took the steps to enter the library. By the sounds of voices and the movement of others they were not alone anymore. It was not surprising since this would be one of the few places in the Mansion where you are able to unlock certain mysteries, in particular the very ones you would have about yourself. Bridgette knew that she was human, for she had no real special talents. She couldn’t move at the speed of light, nor could she vanish from view at a whim. What she did know, in the solitude of her room was that she was able to bend her body into ways that one would not regard as normal. Flexible, would be the word you would use to describe her ability. Of course, her past remained just that, and haunted her as much as it did many others in the mansion. She had not sought out others to question them of how they came to be in the Mansion, though at night when she lay to rest, it was first and foremost in her mind.

The scent of the many books on the shelves gave her a sense of peace.

Turning to Zero, she then extended her hands and asked.

“I would er…be ‘appy to see if the book can again.” Bridgette didn’t know the librarian, but hoped that someone in the library could be of assistance. Her fingers would just caress the very back of his hand, in a gentle way.


Re: Library
August 19, 2014 10:09AM
Already Zero disliked this place, unlike his companion who seemed, if nothing else, completely relieved and relaxed to be here. There were so many…people. His sharply tuned, somewhat pointed, ears heard a voice asking ‘May I help you’ from somewhere unseen and this only made him tense all the more. Great. He waited until Bridgette was inside, not minding the little silent girl who was popping in and out of view, and let the door fall after him, simply focusing on the baker. She was the anchor, his anchor, that kept him from running around and gracing certain residents with a nice fist to the face.
When she stepped up to him and her fingers barely brushed against the skin on his hands he couldn’t help but smile. It was goofy and looked weird on his face, since honestly they were both used to a growl or a glare, or blunt rage.
“I have to come with you.” He insisted. “It was my fault the book ended this way.” A nod was given as he handed the pages over to her. Hell he’d give her anything…And just like that the Carpathian was caught in those bright orbs of her’s and he sighed softly before breaking away and sharply turning his head. The moment of affection and care was abruptly disrupted by the over bearing need to protect and in this strange place he wasn’t about to mess around with such a task so he stuck next to Bridgette like glue, or an overly attached mutt, and rolled his shoulders back slightly.
Only then did he answer the voice of an unseen being.
“We need assistance with…re-binding a broken book.” Broken being used lightly as the book was plain destroyed, though the pages were still in tact, just honestly needed cleaning. “If of course you have the materials.” The mansion had everything, he wasn’t sure why he was asking…Yet somehow felt it necessary.


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Re: Library
August 20, 2014 08:18PM
The Library.

The Mansion truly had to be one of the strangest places that Bridgette had ever encountered. The masked being that had asked as to the pair’s plight, soon became distracted by something large outside the window and instead of offering assistance took off out the door.

Blinking, Bridgette was not sure how to respond and in behind her a stack of books was knocked onto the floor by another member of the household. This soon had a young lady going over to assist, leaving Bridgette and Zero to fend for themselves with the destroyed book. Sighing softly, Bridgette gestured towards one of the desks that had some supplies and binding materials. A help your self desk, if you will. Bridgette moved slowly, with her full skirts creating a hush sound as they swept over the carpeted floor.

With the necessary equipment, Bridgette then asked Zero; “We…can fix it ‘ere, yes?” The young baker then went to get a small jug of water and some rags to dab away the blood from the splattered pages, while the binder and glues would be able to be used to put the many pages back together.

Bridgette now believed that the Librarian was not in, and only those that sought to find out information about themselves and their predicament in being trapped in the Mansion were on hand.

Coming back with the water jug and cloth, Bridgette took a seat and used her hand to gesture that perhaps Zero could do the same. If they worked together, the task should not take long at all.


Re: Library
August 24, 2014 12:12AM
Zero frowned to himself as the voice seemed to get distracted and wander off. Great. Like he knew how to work a library! A growl would have previously formed if he hadn’t been trying so hard to be….good. A tiny sigh passed through his lips as he watched Bridgette look around, almost helplessly. If only he knew how to make books. Grumbling he was about to go sniff out anybody he could find but she spoke just then, in her adorable accent.
When she sat down he took a couple steps closer and then she beckoned and a chuckle escaped him gently before joining her. He sniffed at the jug of water and then looked at the pages they had to work with.
The butler started to flip through the pages, withdrawing the ones that had been soiled by the erh…certain blood bag that’d been tossed by a certain Carpathian. Pulling the papers that were touched with red free of the stack, he set them aside carefully and set up the papers in the proper order so that it’d be easy to put the papers back.
“You wipe the blood, well dab really. Wiping might ruin or rip the paper. I’ll pull the papers out and give them to you and put them back when you’re done. Then we can work on binding….Or try to figure it out.” It was the most he had spoken at once and honestly he didn’t find himself minding as he sat down next to the baker, flipping through the cookbook as he retrieved the pages. There weren’t many, but there were a couple with large blotches that consumed most of the page. He worked silently, golden hues lowered as he seemed completely focused on the task at hand, As he slid the papers over to Bridgette one at a time, he’d take the ones that were recently cleaned and find their proper place in the cook book.
He hoped that it would make her feel better. To put a lock on their…interesting hour long past. He wanted to see her smile…And it was the motivation.


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Re: Library
August 24, 2014 07:36AM
The Library

Placing the jug of water down carefully, Bridgette started with the worst pages. Blood spots like ink blots that were varied in the size and colour. To get each out would require care on her part, and Zero suggested that dabbing would work much better, as wiping would only spread the blood further onto the pages. Happy with this advice, Bridgette took a cloth and with a single digit she dipped the cloth into the water before starting to dab lightly upon the first page. The trick worked, much to Bridgette’s delight. Zero would be able to see the slight crease upward as her lips curled into a smile, that widened as she tried a second page, and then a third. Each piece of paper handled delicately, like it was a great work of art or manuscript to a play – not some humble cook book.

Zero took each page after it was cleaned, putting them back in chronological order which would make the binding so much easier. The stack of papers grew and grew until finally the damage had been cleaned away. With Zero sitting close by, and working with Bridgette they made light work of what was quite a task.

Once all the pages were done, Bridgette reached for some binding tape. This would form the arc or spine of the newly fashioned book, and then she would attach the binding to the original book’s cover. To watch her work, Zero would see the slight pink tip of her tongue, that edged out past her lips as she concentrated on the task. As she closed the cover finally, she pressed a hand to the cover and let out a great sigh of relief.

“It’s…good as new, Zero.” She said with a soft voice, passing the book to him to see for himself that through their team work, they had been able to save the treasured tome.

“I am…most er…grateful to you.” Again with the smile, Bridgette tilted her head slightly to the right to catch sight of his warm ember colored eyes.


Re: Library
August 26, 2014 09:13PM
When the book was completed, Zero paused and looked down at it and sighed in relief. Thank the everything, thank the colors. He couldn’t have stood to see this little plan backfiring, to see it not working out as well as it had, to destroy the book a SECOND time. He shook his head and ran a hand through his hair, ruffling it slightly as she expressed gratitude, something that made him freeze.
People cursed and yelled and gave him the stink eye. Thank you was so foreign. He couldn’t stop the smile that broke out.
“No don’t thank me. Thank you Bridgette.” He said thoughtfully, trying to put the right words to voice what he was saying. Carefully he reached over and brushed a lock of her beautiful chestnut locks and tucked a strand behind her ear and then withdrew his hand sharply as if he realized he made a mistake. The next words spoken had such care, admiration, and affection strewn into them, spoken in no more than a whisper, he found it almost hard to believe it’d been from him.
“You showed me the world.”
A genuine smile as he got up and slid away from the desk and bit the inside of his cheek. He wanted to carry her off and go explore this new world. He wanted to brush a hand over her cheek and feel her lips. He wanted to taste how sweet her blood was and make her his. But he had just met her, and this overwhelming affection would drive her away, or so he figured. This sensitivity to others was new, annoying almost, but he respected…Respected her.
“It’s late.” The Carpthian said to distract himself from the growing want. He wanted nothing more than to stay there and talk, but it was rather late out by now and he didn’t want to keep her up, she was human after all. A grin. “I hope we cross paths again Bridgette.”
He turned to walk out of the library, forcing himself not to look back over his shoulder. Lords. Maybe he’d never feel this way about another, but as he departed he felt more uneasy and he could feel the darkness dancing beneath the surface.
She was truly his light.

Re: Library
August 26, 2014 09:48PM
The Library

The quiet hush of the library was replaced by the soft words spoken by Zero. Bridgette stole a glance of how he ran his slender fingers back through his hair and ruffled it in a nervous gesture. All this so new to him. Kindness and thanks shown after what had started as a terrible quarrel. A warmth in the blush of Bridgette’s cheeks blossomed as Zero said he needed no thanks, but that he was thankful for her. Not only had he brought color to his black and white world, she had shown forgiveness. A rare and beautiful gift, in this dark place.

Not taking her eyes off his, when Zero moved to brush back a lock of her hair, Bridgette bowed her head ever slightly – savoring the coolness of his delicate touch. Each second passing, each word causing her chest to swell as she caught her breath and held it. For a moment, she was simply lost for words, and only when he went to stand and said that it was getting late, did she remember that it was late for her. As a baker she was always up at the crack of dawn, not only to make her pastries but to catch that beautiful golden light as the Sun rose over the horizon.

Bridgette gently eased her chair back and then stepped out, so that she could push the chair neatly back in place. Forgetting the book and the fact she was in this most public place in the Library, Bridgette crossed the floor to where Zero stood, and then she went up on tip toes and kissed both of his cheeks delicately. Her lips feather soft as they brushed the cool of his skin.

“Merci…Zero. We will…meet again.”

She seemed to stand in that same place for a minute, then remembered the book, and spun on her heel to go fetch it. Bridgette didn”t want to turn the book in. Not now. This book was a symbol of her and Zero’s budding friendship. Catching the book up and holding it tight to her bosom, she then gave a curt bob, before hurrying out of the library and turning the corner to head up the stairs to her room. Like a bird in flight she ascended the stairs, only to disappear around a corner.


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Re: Library
August 27, 2014 09:34AM
Hearing the baker’s footsteps had caused Zero to halt his departure and turn somewhat, just in time for Bridgette to plant a soft kiss on each of his cheeks. This was not something he could have guessed would happen and he felt a strange tingling sensation on his cheeks and crinkled his nose a bit trying to figure out what was happening to him as she walked off, hopefully towards her room to get some rest after the trying day. He chuckled, remembering that she had slapped him earlier but was now kissing his cheeks.
“I hope so Bridgette.”
But she was long gone and the Carpathian cleaned up the supplies that they had used, making sure that the area that had been so convenient was left clean for the next desperate person who needed it. The male left the library without hesitation, honestly annoyed with all the different smells from the thousands of books, and headed towards his room down the hallway. The two seemed to be roomed on the same floor, it was a wonder they hadn’t met before, but he was a bit grateful for that. It just made him cherish the moments all the more.

The Attic – A Fallen Mansion.


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Re: Attic
September 03, 2014 07:44AM
The Attic

Dust particles floated in the air suspended and highlighted by the filtered rays of light. Light. Something the bandaged man had not seen in many a day…a month….a year. He simply didn’t know how long it had been. He couldn’t remember. All he knew was this was a new experience. Cameron’s eyes opened to the sight of the first rays of light. The air carrying with it a moldy stench that was hard to describe. Looking down at himself, he could see the ragged coat, the velvet vest or waistcoat and stained shirt. He wore leather gloves that were tattered and frayed. Small holes were the stitching had long since perished. He tried to breath through his nostrils but alas they were blocked by the bandaging, so he breathed instead through his mouth. A long groan emitting from his lips as he pushed himself up to standing.

Where was he? The room he was in was long, dark and littered with old fashioned furnishings. Oil paintings that would date back hundreds of years. Worn faces in gilded frames. The wooden floor was stained and every few metres there were small rugs that looked to be the type from Persia or the orient.

Taking a few steps he came to stand before an old floor mirror the kind women would dress themselves in front of. This would be when the bandaged man would see himself. He froze in his place. Bandaged from head to foot, and wearing a fedora upon his head. Dark glasses with wire frames that went into the bandages where his ears should be. But what shocked him at first was the fact he saw no lips. Just blackness. A void behind the bandaging. How was this possible? Slowly he removed his hat and set it down on a small table. Reaching up he started to unwind the bandages, but the more he unwound them he came to see….that there was nothing there. Did he not exist? Faster and faster he unwound till he came to the end of the cloth. There was no head….no eyes….nothing.

A strangled cry came from within. He could hear it, yet had no ears.

Cameron had no memory of who he was…or better yet…what he was.

He just stood there…and stared at what was an invisible man.


Re: Attic
September 04, 2014 07:24PM
The Attic

Unimaginable horror to not be able to see your own reflection. How can that even be? The invisible man reached out with his gloved digits to touch the mirror. Perhaps it had properties that made you believe what you saw to be true. This brought no solace, for the image was unchanging. Cameron panted heavily and whined like a dog that was about to be beaten, for he could not get his mind around the shock. When he reached out to his own face, it was there – he could feel it. He just couldn’t see it.

A rising anger roared to the surface out of nowhere, and his fist clenched as he smashed it through the glass. Shattering the pane and sending broken shards falling to the floor. Now what remained was a distorted reflection – fractured and broken, just like his mind. Someone had to have done this to him. An unknown enemy or even the devil himself. Why….why would someone steal your face?

It was only then, the invisible man looked down and saw the blood that seeped through the holes in his torn gloves. Rich…vibrant. The colour so real that it caught him off guard. As much as he felt the pain, he reveled in the sight of his own blood. Staining his rotting glove. His hand tremored as he brought it up to his lips and licked at the sweetness. Closing his eyes, he felt an inner joy that could not be described. He wasn’t dead. Far from it.

“Ahaha…Ahahaha….AHAHAHAHA!” A sick laugh erupted from within him as he took a broken shard of glass and then turned to one of the more beautiful paintings that was upon the wall. A woman with eyes of green and hair of snow. Such beauty that she was exquisite.

Cameron walked up to the painting, almost in a dance like sway and he whispered to the woman on the canvas.

“My dear…you shall be my first…work of art.”

At that, he slashed at the painting in a frenzy that was so fierce that the canvas tore into shreds. The beautiful woman nothing but a memory. Standing back, the invisible man cocked his head and said. “Now…you are beautiful.” He spun on his heel and did a soft shoe shuffle. “I am…an artist, no?”

There was no one to answer his words but in his mind there were those that listened. He was never alone to the voices in his head.

“This House must be ripe with such sad beauties that need a loving touch.” Cameron crooned.

Pocketing the shard of glass that was now his tool of trade, he again bandaged up his head, and found his hat. A man was not a man without it. Grinning to himself, he decided to leave the attic….and seek out those that dwelled below.


Rain – Chapter Twenty One.


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Chapter Twenty One 

Tinman’s Loss


IceTe3a: He arched a brow as he continued to hear the female shrieks coming from the inside of the trailer. A simple sigh as he shook his head, his right eye scanning the inside of the trailer as he walked in front of Rain “He seems weak.. Sure I can’t kill him?” he smirked as he heard the door open, hearing the young kid beg Rain for his life whilst he held a homemade white flag of surrender. Pulling out his bowie knife he starts to flick it around in the palm of his hand, “ I don’t think a weakling like yourself could offer us anything useful” he glanced back at Rain as he shrugged “Maybe a little off the top..” he threw his knife as it whizzed through the air collecting tinman’s night cap it pinned the cap against the wall in the trailer with a large bang“Looks like you’ll have to fight for your life.. Tinman” he smirked as he started to stretch out his muscles as if he was getting ready to fight, all the while he had Rain close behind his back. They were both playing their parts perfectly, but now Rain would have to take control over him and show that she has fully claimed and in control over Adam, like the old times when he was nothing more than her object of use. This act would go on until they were safely at home then they could ease it back and explain the real situation between the two.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Sam near fainted when the knife whizzed past the top of his head but caught the cap and took it on a trip straight into the wall of the interior of the trailer. With eyes rimmed with the start of tears and his knees knocking frantically, he looked to Rain for help. If anyone could stop Adam it was Rain. ”Rayne?” He pleaded in a child like voice, which sounded pitiful considering. Rain stepped around Adam and barely batted an eyelid as she stared Sam down. ”Tin man has his uses, I suppose.” She then gave Adam a sideways glance and said in a monotone voice. ”Knock off the theatrics. Last thing I want is to smell the shit of his pants in that tin can of a trailer.” Just as coolly as she addressed Adam, she then took the lead. Walking towards the trailer, she pulled the door open fully and then leaned on it as she peered at the terrified Tin man. ”Sam, I’m not going to repeat myself. You are to do as I say, or…I give the borg behind me the right to shoot you between the eyes. We clear?” This statement was enough to have Sam nodding furiously, though he was still clearly terrified by Adam. He stepped back and gestured for them both to enter the trailer. Without looking back, Rain said. ”Inside, Adam.” More of an order than a request. Once inside, Rain would take a seat, while Sam still fussed. ”So…so, what do you want from me?’ At this, Rain cleared her throat, not even looking back at Adam, and said. ”You are going to help me find my father.” <3>

IceTe3a: He watches as Tinman nearly shat himself from the knife being thrown, he had to admit it was fun playing his old self again. He watched as the two started to talk eventually Rain gave the order to stop threatening Tinman, in which Adam responded his body stood straight once more as his muscles relaxed slightly. Watching as the two bartered for Tinman’s life they finally came to an agreement when Tinman agreed to help and Rain ordered him to come inside, slowly he walked through the sludge and the mud and straight into the trailer after rain. Coming to a stop he watched as Rain took a seat on a chair, he suddenly felt a bump behind him, slowly his eyes glared down to Tinman who was closing the door and had ran into his back, a slight growl as he glared the kid down, watching Tinman walk around him cautiously his hues glanced back at Rain as he arched a brow wondering what exactly she would do next with him, knowing full well what the old Rain was capable of he slightly flashed back to all those times he had run into Rain, being woken up with her sprawled ontop of him with her gun against his head was the first time they had ever met. It seemed apart from them recently falling in love with each other, she had always kept him under her boot as it were, wouldn’t be surprised if she had once or twice but he never tried to remember as it probably did happen. He scanned the room as he collected random facts of data and updates from what intel was left in the open be it files and print outs to turned on computer screens he scanned it all.

CharlotteCarrendar: – There was no mistaking it. Adam scared Sam shitless. You couldn’t really blame him either. Adam was something of a legend. The prototype that was wanted by not only the Zen Brotherhood, but now the Source as well. This was something Sam knew all too well. Nervously he took his seat after bumping into Adam, and was shocked by what Rain had come for. ”Me? Why me? Why can’t you find him yourself? You got…him.” At this Sam pointed at Adam, then realized that he might lose a finger and curled it back up before hiding his hand. ”I hate it when it does that.” Wincing at his own antics, he took a deep breath. ”If the Zen couldn’t find your father, then how the hell would I be able to?’ Sam added. At this, Rain sat back and folded her arms – pursing her lips together as she listened to his questions. ”What if I was to tell you, that I have seen his final movements before he disappeared?” What Rain meant by this, was that she saw the memories of Adam, and that it narrowed down locations to where he might be, but only with the help of a specialist like Sam, would she be able to pin point him for certain. All this time, she purposely didn’t exchange glances with Adam. She had to keep up the act that he was nothing more than an object to her, not the love of her life. Sam’s brow creased on hearing Rain speak of her father’s last known movements. ”How? You saw an old recording? What did you see exactly?” Rain looked at one of the many monitors behind Sam that had images of various parts of the city. ”I saw what looked like…a bunker.” <3>

IceTe3a: He was busy scanning the area for Intel but was fully aware and listening to the conversation the two were having. He didn’t bother to react to Tinman’s finger pointing as he didn’t need to it seemed his legacy was more than enough to keep the kid at bay. He started to walk around the trailer as he flipped through old files, scanning them and then tossing them aside. Overhearing Rain say that she saw her old fathers last known ware bouts he knew she meant she say his old memories, as he walked to the small fridge he opened it up and saw a can of beer as he took it out and cracked it open whilst reading the label“Light Beer “ he sighed as he took a swig ~ Light beer.. you have got to be kidding me.. ~ he thought to himself as he continued to look through the files and print outs before walking over to the turned on desktop screen, his right eye’s HUD turned on as it took over the network of the computer he started to open files through the computer multiples at a time and gathering all the information off the computer for later studies. Whilst that continued to go he walked back around as he kicked things out of his path, walking past his knife he ripped it out of the wall and re-sheathed it before coming to stand behind the chair Rain was sitting at, he was sipping the beer whilst staring at Tinman.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Rain’s concentration was broken when she heard the click and then fizz of a can being opened. Adam was helping himself to Sam’s stock of….light beer. She could hear Adam loud and clear in her own mind as he went off about the beverage. Rain just closed her eyes for a moment, trying to ignore the carry on going on behind Sam. This was proving to be a lot harder than she first realized. The young technopath had to keep being cool and heartless when it came to Adam, as much as she hated it. The best choice was to ignore it and keep focused on getting Sam on side. Sam couldn’t help but see what Adam was doing and making a mess of his trailer – his home. He wanted to tell the cyborg off, but knew he might wind up with a bullet to the back of the head. ”Make yourself at home…” Sam said reluctantly to Adam. Heaving more things getting kicked around, and then hearing the knife get pulled out of the wall, he swallowed heavily before looking back at Rain. ”Bunker? What, like the one the Source use?” Rain remembered that one, it was a right military bunker alright, but the one in the memories was different. ”No..the signage on the wall was…almost fifty years old…or more” This made Sam scratch his cheek. If it was not one made by the current regime, then who. The tinman then turned to his computer and started to type madly, before he turned and then he showed up a symbol that was by their standards ancient. ”Like this?” Rain leaned forward, and then recognized the symbol. ”Yes…but what is that?” That was a good question, and Sam looked pensive. ”Before….the great war..the governments of that era…built these nuclear fallout bunkers. Shelters. That symbol…is of a sect that had heavily involvement with the government of that era. God, Rayne…do you know how hard they would be to find? Even now?” <3>

IceTe3a: He glanced back as the two got into a more interesting conversation now they were getting somewhere, finally Tinman had stepped up to the plate. He watched as the kid went to his computer and started typing away finally coming up with some intel on what they thought was the bunker that had Rain’s father. He walked behind Tinman and arched a brow as he leaned in“You wouldn’t be hiding anything from us would you..” he said in his usual cold voice as he glanced over at Tinman. Glancing at Rain as he stood up he looked around as he started to scan the outside perimeter, it wouldn’t take long for someone to pick up that the credentials that they were using were hacked, they needed to get back through the checkpoint before the credentials were deleted and flagged. He looked Rain up and down and smirked “ we should go” he said out for both to hear ~“ Before the credentials are deleted and flagged” ~ He said quietly in his mind between him and Rain, if they passed through the checkpoint with flagged credentials they’d have to deal with the guards and Zen’s newly found Mech droids.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Sam near choked when Adam came up behind him and warned that he had better not be keeping anything from them. His voice had that terrible fierceness to it that would make a man cry in a blink. ”Err…no. I value my life, thank you very much.” Even Rain had to admit, that Sam wouldn’t be that stupid. Watching as Adam was now looking about, no doubt scanning the area outside the trailer – she knew that they would have to make a move. So far Sam had been helpful, in a sense but there was so much they still didn’t know. ”We go when I say.” Rain said, getting up slowly, and then taking the torn hat that Sam had been wearing and fixing it back firmly on his head. ”Sam…we will be in touch.” Rain moved for the door, and took one last look back at the Tin man, who was now grimacing that the nightmare was not over. ”I find out you double crossed us, I take the leash off him.” She then exited the trailer, her voice floating after her. ”Move out.” Walking across to the vehicle, she spoke directly to Adam’s mind. ”I give it ten minutes before this place is crawling with the night patrol.”Rain opened the door to the vehicle and then waited for Adam to get in first. As usual she would sit on his lap to drive them back out. <3>

IceTe3a: He smirked as he came to a full stand again watching Rain as she threatened to unleash him upon the kid if they found out he double crossed them. He started for the door and arched a brow as she said move out, he turned to stare at the small kid a devilish smirk appeared across his face as his eyes seemed to have a wicked glow about them, girlish screams, bumps and noises could be heard from outside the trailer with a muffled no screaming before it all became quiet again. He then walks out with Tinman beaten, bruised, tied up and thrown over Adam’s right shoulder like a dead animal. “Couldn’t risk it.. and since you won’t let me kill the kid” he smirked as he walked straight past Rain and popped open the Hummers boot, throwing Tinman into the boot he leaned down “If you make me come back here…” he glared into Tinman’s eyes before slamming to boot shut, he walked straight up to Rain and smirked as he shrugged, sitting down on the driver’s seat he waited for her to come sit on his lap’s as he braced himself for her harsh sit and wiggle that she always did even if she wasn’t acting. They would need to hurry up and hope luck is still on their side, either way they now had Tinman drafted into their crew, he would need to be filled out eventually but for now it was safer he stayed in the boot.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Rain’s jaw fell open when Adam appeared from the trailer carrying Sam like he was an old knapsack. Did he really just beat the kid up? Yes..yes he did. Watching him walk past her smirking, it took everything in her not to pop him one. Hearing him warn Sam of what would happen, and then shutting the boot, Rain shook her head knowing full well she couldn’t say what she really wanted too. Instead she watched Adam get into the driver’s seat and wait patiently for her to take her place. Rain got up and into the hummer, and made sure she sat down really firmly giving a bit of a bounce before wriggling into position. ”Gotta be comfortable.” She murmered as she started the engine and put the vehicle into reverse. Backing out of the gate, she turned the hummer out onto the road, keeping her eyes peeled for the first sign of the night patrol. The cloudy skies and lack of light made it hard to see, but she could spot the oncoming of mech droids before they became visible to the human eye. She hit the gas, and the hummer sped off, with the gates to the Tinman’s junk yard closing in behind them. They needed a place to stay and as Rain drove, she switched on the navigating system, using her mind to go through to what would be safe houses in a very dangerous city. <3>

IceTe3a: He watched as Rain climbed into the car and then she let her weight drop down on his laps as she bounced and wiggled into place stating she needed to get comfy. He smirked slightly as he arched a brow ~ “ Feel anything you like?” ~ he said in their mind and then came the act “Your ass is crushing my junk” he stated softly to her as he watched the hummer drive out of the scrap yard and onto the road. He knew this place would be crawling soon enough, and as predicted out from the night came the mechs, they scanned the hummer driving by and continued towards the scrap yard. “Close call, the credentials are still active” he said in a soft whisper, he knew she was wanting to find a safe house. Should they get to a safe house or hit the checkpoint and run back to base, either way was dangerous and both had their own issues to deal with if they went to the checkpoint and the credentials failed them, they would have an entire army on them within seconds, and if they stayed in the city over night, the credentials would surely be flagged but at least they’d have time to plan a new escape. He couldn’t decide which way they should go and of course he was relaying his thoughts to Rain as well. He had full trust in Rains decisions in this and was ready to back her up with whatever choice she made, ~ “Which option do you think is best? Either way we are taking one hell of a risk. “ ~ he sighs as he slowly wraps his arms around her waistline and softly cuddles her, only they could see this unless someone came right up to the window and peered in, even then he would move his arms before that happened but the simple touch of her skin was something he wanted once more.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Rain couldn’t help but smirk when their minds linked and Adam asked if she felt anything she liked while getting comfortable in her “seat”. ”Course.” she replied but gave an extra bounce for good measure. The humor of the situation soon fell away as soon as the mechs came into sight and..they were heading in the direction of the junkyard. ”Shit.” Rain swore as she knew that now they had to make a tough choice. Did they risk staying in the city with the chance that the codes would not work on the way out of the check point, or try to make a run for it. Rain hated the situation, and also the fact they had Tin man in the boot. Rain started to pull up check points that were nearest to them on the scanner and muttered to herself as she drove on. Driving recklessly would only cause suspicion, so she had to keep to the speed limits and watch for cars coming in the other direction. ”Can’t believe I am saying this…but let’s head for the nearest check point. It’s too dangerous.” She knew that there was so much more they could have accomplished had they stayed, but time was against them. Feeling Adam cuddle her gave her reassurance that she was making the right choice. At the end of the day, she simply didn’t want to risk losing him to the Zen again. <3>

IceTe3a: He watched as they went through the first checkpoint without issue, and finally she had come to the choice to go through the checkpoints and risk it to get out of the city by the end of the night. He nodded in agreement as he smirked slightly, loving her daring side as she bounces and wiggles more; he watched as they slowly went through checkpoint after checkpoint most being manned by one or two guards but the main one was still to come. He remained silent as they passed more mech’s it was obvious that there were a lot of them roaming the streets, these things would rip the hummer apart, as they come up to the final checkpoint he watched as the hummer came to a hault and the guards did the usual, scanning the credentials, checking their ID passes and finally allowing them through. As they drove through he sighed in relief and waited for them to be far away enough from the city before leaning in and kisses Rain’s neck “that was a close one.. Better pull off on the side and get the kid out of the boot” he watched as the city finally disappeared from view.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Each check point had acted on the intelligence that had been altered when Rain and Adam first entered the city. Now as they were leaving, the chance of being captured was a strong possibility. Passing the mechs also had Rain’s hair on the back of her neck stand on end. Although she had not encountered them before, as they were part of the Zen’s new defence attack system, she would need to study them in order to take control of one efficiently. As they passed the last main check point, Rain let out a sigh of relief. She had been maintaining the cool and hard assed persona to make sure no one clued in to the truth but it had been a hard ask. Once they had gotten well out of the city limits, Rain pulled the Hummer over to the side of the road and cut the engine. Sitting there a moment, Adam would feel the shiver of her skin as the cold bit into her skin. She’d opened the door and climbed out, ready to release Sam from the boot. Walking around the Hummer, she opened the back, and then jerked her head back to gesture him to climb out. ”Not got all day, Tinman.” <3>

IceTe3a:- He watched as she finally pulled the hummer to the side of the road, the engine was cut off as they sat there in silence for a moment. She was most likely reflecting on how they were able to pull it off without anything bad happening, he on the other hand was just enjoying her touch against him. As she got out he smirked as he waited a moment for her to open the boot and tell Tinman to come out. Taking a step out of the hummer itself, he stretched his limbs as he shouldered his rifle, taking a glance around the scenery it seemed they had gotten off scot free there was no enemies in sight. His hues flick over to Rain as he smiles, looking her over from head to toe as he walked around behind her and pulled her into a cuddle her back pressed against his chest, his chin resting on her shoulder gently as he took her scent in, they were now free to be their normal selves again. He watched as Tinman hopped out of the boot, he wondered just how Tinman would take that him and Rain were dating and in a serious relationship. He smirked as he knew she would break the news to him soon, his cuddle around her waist was tight and reassuring as his eyes kept a look out for enemies travelling towards them. “Heya Tinman” he grinned as he glanced down at the small kid “Time to waste you” he made an evil laugh, he was obviously teasing the kid and having some fun while doing so.’’

CharlotteCarrendar:- With Sam’s eyes adjusting to the light after being kept locked up in the boot for so long, the first thing he saw was Rain, who in a manner of speaking was a sight for sore eyes. The poor kid had already been roughed up by Adam and he knew that Rain was the more level headed of the two. ”Ugh…I got cramps.” Tin man whined, but his voice soon quietened as he heard the crunch of the sound of Adam’s boots approaching. He had a rifle holstered over his back, and then he did the oddest thing. He enveloped Rain in his powerful arms and then acted out of affection. ”What?…What the hell is this?” Sam wondered, only to watch as Rain turned her cheek and kissed Adam’s with a look of love in her eyes. She’d been acting, and now looked to be in a relationship with the cyborg. Before Sam could ask another question, Adam said the words that would make him piss himself. ”Time to waste you.” The computer whizz gasped and fell back slightly, his eyes bulging as he took Adam seriously every time. ”You’re going to kill me? You kidnap me, and bring me out here just to kill me?” His adam’s apple was racing up and down his throat as he looked to Rain with tearful eyes. ”I thought you were going to need me. You need me, right?” The poor kid was going out of his mind. <3>

IceTe3a: He chuckled slightly as Tinman lost the plot and started to plead for his life, pathetic really but he knew Rain knew what she was doing, if she said this kid could be useful than he would trust her. He smiled as he looked down into Rain’s eyes “That was tough, wasn’t it?” he was referring to their acting. Spinning her around so she was facing him, he cups her cheeks and kisses her with loving passion as he held it there for a moment before letting her go. “I don’t know what she sees in you, but if you betray us… You’ll regret it. Welcome aboard kid.” he smirked as his long right arm extended down and grabbed Tinman’s collar, pulling him up into a stand. His eyes got sharp as he glanced around and nodded slightly “We’ll have to explain things in the car, it’s not safe here let’s get back to base.” slapping Rains ass playfully he gave her a wink as he started to walk back to the driver’s seat, taking a seat as usual he waited for Rain to come take a seat as he placed a call “ Eve, we’re on our way back. Have you fed the deer yet, and how’s the base holding up” he smiled as he saw Rain walk up to the driver’s side door, he really was in love with her and there was nothing he wouldn’t do for her.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Sam felt the rough hand of Adam drag him up by the collar to standing. He was sure that Adam was going to pop him. Right then, right there. But instead he welcomed him to their small fold and gave him a very strict warning that if he crossed them, he’d regret it. The sudden change in Adam’s demeanour still had Sam off guard, and he whined like a puppy about to be kicked. Taking the advice to get in the car, Sam did so hastily. Jumping in the back seat and snapping on his seatbelt – all the while looking to Rain for answers. Rain on the other hand was too busy making eyes at Adam and then kissing him back happily now that she was free to be herself around him. ”I really don’t like having to act like such a bitch towards you.” Rain said of Adam before giggling as he slapped her rear to get her to get a move on, so they could head back to base. In the Hummer, a holographic image of Eve appeared on Adam’s request and she had changed from being the stalker like borg to a more human like creature. She was smiling as she acknowledged she fed the deer. ”They ate right out of my hand, Adam. Hello Rain.” Eve said to each before she went on to update them on the latest intel. ”The base is fine, there are no traces from the Zen that have managed to crack the outer defence.” She meant the computer systems, that the Zen were no doubt trying to find traces of the fugitives. ”Hey Eve.” Rain responded to the holograph, as she settled back on Adam’s lap in the front seat. She was so glad that they were heading home, and now with Tinman on board, the hunt for her father could continue. <3>

IceTe3a: – He chuckled hearing that the deer ate straight from her hand smiling as he nodded from her update it seems the Zen still couldn’t pin point their defenses, this was great news. He always knew that farm house was a great location for a hidden base, it would take years for Zen to figure out that their base was under the farm. He felt Rain as she took her seat in his lap, he smiled and wrapped his arms around her waist, holding her close as he kissed her neck with a lovers welcome. Hearing Tinman sit in the back seat they were all piled in and the hummer drove off towards their home. He smirked as he looked in the review mirror knowing Tinman would have questions “Yes, we’re dating, any other questions?” he chuckled lightly as he watched for the skies for any Zen aircrafts. “We’re looking to reunite Rain with her father, we’re camped out in my personal bunker. Safe from the Zen completely. “ he chuckled knowing that bit of news would be a welcomed relief for Tinman, he knew by now that Zen would be swarming around Tinman’s bunker looking for intel. What they didn’t know is that he had done something to Tinman’s computer, he installed a virus to explode the entire scrap yard from his mind a loud explosion as fire and smoke could be seen in the review mirror “Oh.. your scrap yard.. Yeah you can never go back there again. All your data has been transferred to our networks so don’t worry” that was why he was scanning all the files and uploading everything in Tinman’s trailer, he was always one step ahead.

CharlotteCarrendar: – The hummer powered along the dirt road that was leading them far out of the city and the reach of the Zen. Rain was now relaxing as she was right where she wanted to be – as close as possible to Adam. Adam of course had made sure that they had a clean get away and that had to do with a rather nasty virus that he had installed into Tinman’s computers that acted as a detonator for what would be a spectacular explosion. Sure enough, the tell tale fire ball in the distance was of course…the junk yard being oblivorated. ”Was that?” Sam asked, his head snapping around to see the large black plume of smoke in the sky. ”Yep.” Rain answered, knowing that Adam was filling him in in the most sinister way. ”No going back.” Sam’s face crumpled as he thought of all the wonderful wrecks he had been collecting over the years. ”You can’t just come into a man’s house and blow it up!” Nice to see Sam had some balls after all. Rain cast a look in the rear vision mirror and answered. ”We did transfer your files. Stop complaining.” Sam started to blubber. ”My pokemon collection…my little pony figures.’ What a sook. <3>

IceTe3a: He arched a brow as Tinman got cocky and mouthed off, only to lose what little respect he had just gained, now complaining about his pokemon cards. “Tinman.. men don’t collect pokemon cards… Do I need to whip you into becoming a man?” he chuckled and heard Tinman start to complain about his My little pony collections… did he seriously complain about pony dolls… he grumbled and slammed his foot on the hummers breaks as it came to a fast stop, he was holding onto Rain’s stomach so she wouldn’t go flying, Tinman on the other hand… *Thud* a smirk appears on his face as he watched Tinman’s head hit the back of the car seat hard “One tear Tinman.. And I’ll beat you silly. Time you became a man” he let his foot off the breaks and allowed Rain to drive on as he smirked. “Sorry about that darling.. I hate cowards” he shrugged slightly, knowing she would understand, he may cop a slap to the back of the head though. As they drove through the countryside well out of Zen’s radar they finally came upto the driveway for their hidden base “Home sweet home “ he smirked, as he saw the Auto turrets scanning their car before deactivating, it was obvious that Eve had already put Tinman onto the security list. “Eve can give Tinman the grand tour.. we have other plans” he smirked and kissed her neck lovingly. : Standing on top of one of the larger new Mech droids as the Zen forces started to walk into the Scrap yard, was General Taol. He stood there giving orders to secure and collect intel, Before he knew it the entire place exploded in a mass fireball leaving nothing to be recovered, the mech had reacted in protecting him as it lunged back a distance. “Blast those traitors.. Get the tech team onto figuring out how they got past all the check points NOW” he sunk back into the Mech’s interior cockpit and took over manual drive on the mech as it walked towards the Zen base “Back to your stations on the double, increase security” the order was issued and he would make sure this would not happen again. The clean up crew was left behind to go through the bits of rubble to try and salvage any information, anything at all could help them find the traitors and bring back Equipment X into their ranks, he always knew that giving that thing a mind of its own was a bad idea. His mission was to retrieve the Equipment back for Zen and capture Rain the traitor that was it. His crew was specially tasked to this assignment and he had everything Zen had to offer at his disposal to complete the task, failure was not an option. Making his way back into the armory he dismounted from the Mech droid and it set back to autopilot as it walked out of the armory and started to do its rounds until it was called upon again, walking through the halls he slammed open the door to his office and closed it behind him “Blast those two… he grumbled as he took a seat on his office chair “First Equipment X.. then Rain and now Eve is gone, Zen is growing weaker each day.. its pathetic” he slammed his boots down on the table as he stretched out and lit a large cigar and started to puff away.

CharlotteCarrendar: – The screech of the tyres along the road sounded as the Hummer slid across to the other side road only to come to a sudden halt. This made even Rain jerk forward slightly, but thankfully Adam had a good hold on her. The reason for the breaking was to give Tinman a good wake up call. Nothing Adam despised more in a man than weakness, and to have Sam blubbering about some plastic ponies and children’s playing cards had him ropeable. Sam went flying forward and then back, causing him to knock his head both front and back. Bruised and a bit bloody, he looked set to cry again, but Adam warned him if he saw one tear he was going to beat him silly. It took a lot for Sam to suck it up, in the face of things. All he knew was that his livelihood and collections were now gone. Sam muttered under his breath and sniffed loudly as he wiped what stray tear may fall. Last thing he wanted was for Adam to see it. Starting off again, it was not long before they reached the gates of the farm, and the base. Rain actually smiled brightly to see it again. It certainly was home sweet home. Driving through the gates, once the vehicle had been scanned, she drove the hummer down to the farm house, where Eve was waiting outside, dressed a little differently from her usual med lab suits. She looked like a country farm girl. Feeding the deer really got her into the spirit of farm life. Watching all disembark from the Hummer, Eve welcomed Sam, who was confused to see her again. ”Eve?” The female cyborg smiled and took his arm to lead him inside so she could bring him up to speed and show him to his quarters. With the pair gone, Rain rounded on Adam and wrapped her arms around his waist. ”I missed this.” She uttered, before kissing his lips softly, and resting her cheek to his chest. :: At the remains of what was the scrap yard, crews were going over the rubble in search of clues that would help them find the Equipment X. One guard picked up a half molten my little pony and said. ”Awe.”<3>

IceTe3a: – He smiled and nodded at Eve as she greeted them a warm welcome, she had taken his advice and become more human, more like herself. He watched as Eve took Sam into their base to bring him up to date, suddenly he felt Rain tackle him as he turned to face her he was welcomed with a warm kiss, he smiled and nodded in agreement, looking around the farmland everything was peaceful and normal, nothing out of the ordinarily “I’m glad we’re back too, it’s perfect here” he smirked and fell back into the soft grass, pulling her to lay down on top of him, cuddling her in close as he sighed happily, looking up at the blue skies “ Once we find your father we can move back here with him, and live our lives out peacefully. “ After awhile of laying down and enjoying each other’s company he knew they had to get back to reality, there would be plenty of time for the two to spend countless days in each other’s arms when all this was done. “Best get back inside” he smiled as he sat up, slipping his arms under her legs and against her back he came to a stand and held her in his arms, as he carried her inside and down to their base. He smirked as he swayed her from side to side playfully, before placing her down on the ground feet fist. Giving her one last kiss, he nodded in the direction of Sam and Eve, as he grabbed her hand gently and lead her off to their location. Eventually they caught up with Sam and Eve as he smirked slightly “I Assume you’re caught up with most of it, but any questions ask Rain. a simple smile as he looked down at Rain and pulled her in to press her back against his chest, he was really enjoying her touch against his skin.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Inside the farm house, Eve had taken Sam down to the second floor where the real base was, not the farm like facade. The Tinman was in awe of what Adam had created, and the sheer size of the place had him flabbergasted. ”Oh my God.” He whispered. Eve knew it all now like the back of her hand and showed him his own room, as well as the main labs and tech stations. The computer technology surpassing much of what he had seen before. He didn’t even think that Zen was this well set up. The gleaming benches and massive store house of weaponry and armor was enough for a small army. This had Sam stop and think. What was Adam’s real goal here? Was he truly after helping Rain find her father, or was this the base for a new wave of resistance? Eve was unaware of what Sam was thinking and continued to give him the guided tour, just as Adam had instructed. Adam and Rain finally caught up with the pair, after having playfully rolled around in the grass outside the farm house. Rain even still had some grass in her hair as she came down to where Sam and Eve were. Sam turned around as the two approached, still uncomfortable about being around Adam. Truth was he didn’t trust him, and more to the point, he couldn’t understand how Rain was now in a relationship with him. Didn’t she say he was a borg? He thought it was taking her love of technology a bit too far. ”I’m pretty up to speed, Adam. Eve has been very ..helpful.” This was true, and Eve beamed to be mentioned. However, Sam then turned to Rain and asked. ”Surely with all the tech you have here, you would have been able to locate your father.” It was a fair statement, the truth was however that she had only gotten a glimpse of where her father was last from Adam’s memories. ”My father didn’t want to be found. For good reason, I suppose. Which makes it all the more important that I find him…before they do.” <3>

IceTe3a: He smiled and nodded as he heard Eve had done good in bringing Sam upto date, he glanced over at Eve and smiled“Good job Eve” he held Rain in his arms closely as he sighed happily, they were one step closer to bringing Rain and her father together. He chuckled slightly as he glanced around the room, he remembered he still needed to upload Sam’s files to their network as he sighed slightly “Work never finishes, Eve can you come help me upload the files to the network?” he knew she would be more than happy to help as he leaned down and kissed Rain on the lips with a passionate love “ I’ll be done soon, once we’re done we can meet in the mess hall, and I’ll cook us up some lunch, how’s that sound?” giving Rain a hug he walked off with Eve behind him as he walked through the halls and over into her lab room, even from here she would be able to access the main network and download the Sam’s files from Adam. He took a seat on one of her operating tables and smiled as he watched her “I see you’re enjoying the farm life, abit different from the big city huh Eve” he smirked as he knew she loved it out here.

CharlotteCarrendar:- With Adam and Eve now out of the room, Sam couldn’t help himself. He approached Rain and stood with his arms folded. ’Rayne, are you out of your mind?” This was said with a voice that even Rain had not heard before. She immediately went on the defensive and cocked a brow. ”What are you talking about? I’m perfectly fine.” Sam checked over his shoulder that they were alone and then he let her have it. ”He’s a machine. You are in love…with a machine.” Talk about being blunt. At this Rain took offence. She turned to walk away from him but he grabbed her shirt and pulled on it. ”Hey!” she cried as he turned her back. ”What would you father think if he knew you were shagging the hardware?” Little did Sam understand just what Rain had discovered about Adam. From the outset, even she thought he was nothing more than a borg, but came to discover that when her father made him, he was so much more. With a clenched jaw, Rain retorted angrily. ”He is more of a man than you are.” That one was really below the belt, and not because Sam collected toys. ”Yes…I love him, and yes, I have even slept with him. Adam is real. You couldn’t possibly understand.” That much was true and Sam then hit back. ”Are you sure he loves you, or did you programme him to say and act as he does? Hmm? Answer me that Rayne. You can control technology, what is to say he is nothing more than a puppet to your sick fantasy!” ~Whack!~ Rain slapped Sam across the face in a fit of anger. ”Never…ever say that again. He has his own mind. This is not something I make him do. He loves me…for me.” <3>

IceTe3a: – He smiles as Eve started the download from Sam’s scrap yard, soon they would be added to the network and available to be accessed from anywhere in this building. It took awhile for the download to complete but it finally finished as he sighed slightly in relief, stretching out as he came to a stand “Thanks Eve, you’re a big help to me and the team, never forget that” he smiled as he gave her a nod, and arched a brow “Hey, did we feed the horses yet? “ he chuckled slightly and walked off towards the mess hall, he knew that he was going to cook for them all and perhaps a kind of welcome party for Sam. He made his way slowly to the mess hall as he started to prep food, with cooking meats on the stove, making salads and putting cold beers on to chill in a big Ice bucket, he thought they could all enjoy a good nights relax something that he thought they could all do from now on. Unless it was dire or they were on a mission he would make sure after 5:30pm that it was relax time, no work, no Zen, no stress. Just relaxing and enjoying the freedom they had found for themselves. He smiled lightly as he set the table and continued to cook the meats, he sent a message to Eve inviting her for dinner as well, he knew she was more than able to enjoy the food and drink even if her body didn’t need it, she could still enjoy the taste and getting drunk with them.

CharlotteCarrendar:- The tension now between Sam and Rain was getting worse as they faced off. Sam’s cheek was red from the slap, not to mention he still had a lot of bruises and cuts from having to deal with Adam at the scrap yard. Rain could smell that dinner had been started down in the mess hall, and she started to head that way. ”Come on, they will wonder what we are doing.” Sam followed along, but he was still annoyed with Rain, especially with what he believed to be happening between her and Adam. Entering the mess hall, Rain tried to smile and hide the fact that she and Sam had just had a massive row and she offered to help with setting up the plates and cutlery if it needed doing. Sam on the other hand felt he needed to know the truth, and boldly walked up to Adam. ”Before we go any further in me helping you guys. I want the truth.” On the other side of the room, you could see Rain looking grim as Sam went ahead and spoke his mind. ”Is Rain manipulating you Adam, to do what she wants? Cause if so…I call bullshit. She’s a talented Technopath, and you are a machine, Adam. Like it or not…it’s what you are. Same goes for Eve. I feel like I am in some sick game that she is orchestrating.” You could hear Rain drop the cutlery on the table and she was about to fly off the handle. <3>

IceTe3a: – He was happily cooking away on the hot stove as he started to flip the meats over to the other side, the aroma of the cooking food was filling the mess hall and seeping out of the room. He heard Rains footsteps, he could tell it was her from the way she walked, he smiled as she walked in and he looked at her with an arched brow. He knew something was up with her but he couldn’t tell what, he wasn’t going to pry the situation as she was probably worried about her father. He nodded as she asked if she could help out with the cutlery and plate “Thanks hun” he then heard Sam walk into the room, as he continued to cook, he glanced down as he heard Sam demand for the truth, arching a brow he wondered what he was going on about as his hues glanced over to Rain questioning her friends motives. Then it hit him, as Sam basically accused Rain of reprogramming Adam, and so so much more. He then realized why she was upset and it was the little punks fault. He growled as his left hand gripped Sam’s shirt without warning, lifting him up off the ground he brought him to eye level “ How dare you.. upset Rain like that and accuse her of such misdeeds” he brought Sam’s face over to the hot stove and lowered it so his skin could feel the heat “ Fact is, I’m not a borg. I’m fully human always have been, I’ve just had extensive military style cybernetics and Ntech installed throughout my body to create the perfect soldier. Even if she did Rewire me, I could overthrow it, and I’d know she rewired me. he threw Sam down onto the ground and glared down at him “ I had gene therapy done to me as a child that’s why I can use all Ntech at 100% unlike other humans. I love Rain, she loves me Get over it” he growled as he took the meat off the hot stove and put it into a large serving plate before he turned and glared down at Sam again “ I’ll let this slide since you don’t know much about me, but you owe Rain an apology” he kneeled down so he could whisper to Sam “You ever make her cry again, I’ll have Eve take you apart slowly. She can do that without you dying you know” his deathly stare was soul shaking as he came to a stand and smiled, looking over at Rain he gave her a reassuring nod to show everything was ok.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Rain couldn’t hide her upset. Sam was accusing her of doing the unthinkable and it was like an arrow to the heart. What had grown between her and Adam was a natural affection and had nothing to do with her abilities as a technopath. Sam had no idea he was now walking on very dangerous ground when it came to upsetting Rain, or Adam for that matter. The happiness of the mess hall was rudely interrupted and now Sam was about to see a side of Adam that no one else had been privy to. Adam blasted Sam in a verbal stoush that would leave Sam reeling. Rain wanted to interject but she knew it was not her place. The accusations were entirely false and Adam wanted Sam to understand in no uncertain terms that he considered himself to be human. What the Zen and others had done to him was merely adding to his body to create the perfect solider, something that he was more than capable of being. It was his childhood ability to use Ntech, unlike any other humans that truly set him apart. Eve stood in the background quietly, not wanting to get involved. She had not been manipulated either in her mind. Sam couldn’t understand before why Adam saw himself as human, until now. Staring up at Adam and seeing the rage behind his eyes, promising that he would have Eve take him apart like a machine if he ever made Rain cry again. Sam easily buckled. ”Okay okay. I’m sorry, alright. This is just a lot to take in, man. You come kidnap me, blow up my scrap yard, then I have to see for my own eyes that you are in love with Rain. I knew you before, and you couldn’t stand her. How was I to know?” At this point, Rain excused herself and left the room. <3>

IceTe3a: He nodded as he could understand where Sam was coming from and sighed slightly as he watched Rain walk out the room, shaking his head he looked back down at Sam “I understand where you are coming from, but you could have dealt it differently with Rain, she is female after all.” he smiled lightly and looked at Eve “Sam, man the grill, Eve help out. I’ll go settle Rain” he chuckled lightly and sighed as he walked out of the room and tracked Rain down, it wasn’t very hard to find her, as he snuck up behind and turned her around pulling her into his arms. He smiled as he looked down at her and kissed her pouting lips “We both know our love is true, besides Tinman.. just needed it all to be explained better, he’s fine now and he’s sorry for what he said. We had to expect this darling, after all we once were mortal enemies” he smiled and kneeled down as he pulled her to curl up in his lap, he kissed her forehead and chuckled lightly “I was certain you were going to kill him, we’ll head back when you’re good and ready. Ok?” he smiled as he cuddled her close.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Rain was red faced – her cheeks aflame at having to listen to the argument and be reminded of a time when Adam hated her. It wasn’t the most pleasant thing to be reminded of and when put the way that Sam said, it did make it seem that she had manipulated Adam. Hearing him come up behind her, she wrapped her arms around herself, only to have him pull her into his arms to reassure her. He was right. The love they shared was true, regardless of the terrible start they had. When they had gone into the city to fetch Tinman, they had to play it like she treated him like a machine, so it was warranted that on arriving and seeing them behaving like a couple that Sam’s curiosity would get the better of him. It was just very hard having to defend, especially with the way she felt about Adam now. Being pulled onto his lap as he knelt down and tried to reassure her that everything was fine and that now Sam understood, Rain looked up into Adam’s eyes. ”I shouldn’t have got so upset, I know.” Rain said quietly. She didn’t want to have bad feelings with those on the farm, and the fight with Sam was bound to happen as he came to realize everything that had gone on since Adam and Rain escaped the Zen. ”He just doesn’t know you like I do. Long ago I saw you as a machine…now you are more human than me.” <3>

IceTe3a: He smiled as he cuddles her in close and nods “I know, soon enough he will understand everything, remember he’s in the same shoes as we are now” he waited a while longer with her in his arms, using his fingers to wipe any stray tears away. A few minutes pass as he pulls her up to stand by his side, giving her a reassuring lovers kiss he gave her a wink and nodded over towards the Mess hall’s direction “Come on, food’s gonna be ready soon. Let’s start fresh shall we? “ he smiles and takes her by the hand leading her back to the mess hall, as he walked in and saw Eve and Sam, he walked over and looked over the food giving a nod “Done well guys, let’s eat.” he smirked as he placed the prepared salads, meats and other foods on the table with a can of beer for everyone. Taking a seat next to Rain he filled her plate up and smiled as he gave her a cheeky nudge. Glancing over to Eve he arched a brow “I expect you to enjoy the food and get drunk with us as well Eve, you too Sam, Drunk.” he laughed casually as he started to dig into the food, it was well earned and would settle nerves. Cracking open his beer he took a swig as he looked around at everyone enjoying their meals, it was almost like a little family. This place was so peaceful it was easy to forget the troubles of the real world and just escape into this private world on the farm lands. After awhile he had finished his food and was more than happy as he continued to drink beer, then he popped the question “So Sam, think we can find Rain’s father? “ he’d wait for Rain to finish eating before he took her over to sit on his lap like usual, they were so used to it by now it would be unusual for everyone to see Rain sitting anywhere else besides on top of Adam.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Rain felt a wave of relief at Adam’s words of reassurance. They were all in this together now, and needed the other in order to pull off their main objective – which was to find Rain’s father and bring him home. Adam’s fingers brushed her cheek and captured the stray tears that had fallen. She could have honestly stayed there forever, but knew that their dinner was waiting. Getting to her feet with the help of Adam, she agreed that they needed to start over. Sure, they had put Sam through a great deal to get him there, but if they were going to be a team they all had to learn to get on. Eve was already tucking in, with what looked to be a comical face since she didn’t normally dine like everyone else. A large beer was near her plate and she took that up with both hands, skulling it down like it was water. No doubt she was going to suffer for that later. Eve let out a gentile burp before giggling and going back to eating, while Sam was getting settled. His face was still a bit red from the earlier argument. He must have known that Rain was very hurt by his words, and he wanted to make up for it. ”I think we can. Might take some digging though.” Sam said in reply to Adam’s question about Rain’s father. ”Cracking government files is kinda my speciality.” He said proudly. Rain finished her meal and then moved to be on Adam’s lap, watching the others, and in particular Eve who was on her second beer. <3>

IceTe3a: He smiled as Rain joined him, wrapping his free arm around her waistline as he cuddled her in and sipping his beer with his other hand whilst he watched everyone else enjoy themselves. He arched a brow as he watched Eve drinking her second beer “Eve you better slow down, that’s heavy stuff you will get drunk” he smirked and looked down at Rain with a smile. “well we should be able to figure it out by working together, that’s for sure. You get us a location, leave the dangerous side to me and Rain” he nodded as he sipped more of his beer, they continued to chat as the night went on soon enough the plates were cleared and the kitchen cleaned as they all sat down and enjoyed each other’s company whilst drinking some beer. By now he could notice the beer was taking an effect over Eve as he laughed slightly “Such a green horn” he smirked as he winked down at Rain. Time slowly crept up on them as it was almost time to retire back to their rooms “Time to retire to our rooms I think. Get a good night in, we’ll need the energy for tomorrow” he smiled wishing the other two a good night before picking up Rain and carrying her off to their room. As they entered their room he placed her down on the floor feet first “I think we’ll all be fine” he chuckled as he stripped his black shirt off.

CharlotteCarrendar:- ”But it tastes good.” This was Eve’s reaction to the beer, and sure enough she helped herself to a third. While the rest of the table chatted away as the meal was finishing, Eve was slowly starting to sway back and forth, back and forth. Like you would see someone on a ship. Sam helped with the plates and cutlery, passing Eve who hiccupped and then let out another giggle. She really was a green horn, as Adam had said. Time was for everyone to get some sleep and Eve went to standing unsteadily, and then offered to show Sam his room again. Needless to say she was going the wrong way. Sam caught her up and spun her the right way. ”It’s over here.” Eve saluted and then staggered towards his room, before doing a strange bow like gesture to welcome him to his room. ”Need someone to cuddle?” she offered. Sam looked at her strangely. ”No thanks Eve, I think I will be alright.” Eve then pushed him in the door and closed it behind her, where you could hear his words of protest to a drunk and very cuddly cyborg. ”Rain’s father liked my cuddles.” Eve was heard to say and all you could hear from Sam was a strangled cry. You had to wonder just what she meant by cuddles. In Adam and Rain’s room, they were now finally alone. She watched him strip off his shirt when he had set her down gently. Rain always admired his physique and had a hint of a cheeky smile as she approached him – placing her hands to his chest. ”I think so too.” <3>

IceTe3a: He turned around to find Rain walking straight upto him, her hands pressing against his bare chest as he looked down and smiled, leaning down he kissed her on her lips and smirked. “ I hope Sam can handle Eve” he chuckled lightly as he walked over to his side of the bed and laid down on it watching Rain until she came over to join him. “We’ll find your father then live out our lives here peacefully” he smiles as he pulls her up to lay basically on him with her had resting against his chest he gently started to stroke her hair. “ Anyone else you can think of that we need?” he started thinking but shrugged it off as tonight was a night to relax. : A knock on the door “Enter” a Zen soldier came in with a report and something else held in his hand [/b] “ General, Sir! Unfortunately due to the explosion nothing could be salvaged, no Intel was left behind it was well planned out. The only thing that was not badly damaged was this sir!” [/b] the man walked forward and placed down a half burnt pink my little pony doll on the Generals desk. He growled as he dismissed the man, grabbing the doll he threw it in the bin“Where are you hiding…” for some reason they were always ahead of the Zen forces but with the new Mechs rolling out, things were going to change.

Outlaws of the Outback.


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Outlaws of the Outback 

Part One 

Dead or Alive.



CharlotteCarrendar: – Snorting, braying horses pushed to their limits by their riders. Sweat streaking down their sides, with foam at their mouths. The horses gallop through the bush as though being chased by the very devil himself. Loud crackles of gunfire only spur them on in their haste. The two riders, both wanted for crimes against the Crown are one with their steeds. Spiriting their horses on to gain greater distance between them and the coppers. The riders are sinners; wanted men with a heavy price on their heads that would feed a family for a year. Sons and daughters of Irishmen, their names are folk lore, their deeds spread by the printed word that ran the length and breadth of the Devil’s own land. A loud whip crack and the two riders don’t look back. Once they pass the gorge, they were free from the clutches of the constabulary. <3>

IceTe3a: The devils land, named rightly so as this barren landscape was cruel and unforgiving. The lifestyle of the people that were forced to live here was anything but luxury, if the bush didn’t kill you the sun would. The heat of the sun bared down on the two riders as they made their best efforts to out run the law without getting a bullet lodged into their backs, with full trust and hope in their horses as they galloped through the rocky terrain whipping past and nearly hitting large gum trees as the horses breathed hard while pushing their limits. The sweat on his back was nothing in comparison to the sweat slowly rolling down Jacks dust covered face, raising his right arm he wiped the sweat from his forehead a momentary pleasure one of the few things he could afford to do at this point. His eyes sharp and darting around as he surveyed the rugged land glimpsing over to his partner in crime though he did not turn to look back there was no point as they both knew what was coming after them. ” You’ll never get us alive you lads!” He spits as it momentarily moistens his dry and cracking lips the wind soon to dry them up once more “Bloody coppers… HYAA!” another crack from his whip as the sound of gunfire and bullets whizzing past, forcing his head to duck and weave around in hopeful luck in dodging every single bullet they let loose. The gorge was in view, two large mountains creating a deep and narrow path to the no man’s land, not just anyone could survive out there and the coppa’s never dared follow as it was out of their territory. His hope rising as he stood in his spurs knees bent as he moved with his horse“Come on we can make it!! HYAA!!” another crack of the whip as the guns blare behind them. Even if they did make it through the gorge and to no man’s land, they had little water and little food to retreat to, they needed shade and these were the least of their problems a long day and a longer night awaited the two bush rangers.

CharlotteCarrendar: – With gritted teeth, Annie spurred her horse faster, though you could feel the horse was just about at its limits – breathing hard as it powered on. The brush and low hanging branches made it treacherous going, if you weren’t careful. Dodging and weaving, the horses and their riders were one with the surrounds. Both knew the bush like the back of their hands, but you could never trust the coppers, who were fast to shoot now and ask questions later. Dead or alive it didn’t matter to them. The dust and dirt flew up in their wake with leaf litter being churned beneath the heavy falls of the horse’s hooves. Annie could hear the sharp whistle of the shots being fired, and one near got her shoulder – whistling past only to slam into a tree. So close…too close. They needed to go faster. The sight of the gorge was fast approaching, but would they make it? Annie was riding so hard, that her hat near flew off her head, and she reached up to slam it down leaving only one hand on the reigns – her legs tight around the horse’s middle. The girl was not born in the saddle, but she’d been a quick learner and soon rode as well as many a man her age. Though to look at her, you would not even know it was a girl. Her trademark red hair tied up and kept well under her hat. Boys britches and a plaid shirt homemade probably for one of her many brothers was loose fitting on her and caught the breeze as she rode on hard. ”HEYYA!” Annie roared at her horse. Faster, she had to go faster. Jack was already gaining and if she didn’t keep up she’d be shot for sure. Annie’s horse snorted loudly heeding her cry and galloped on harder through the rugged terrain. <3>

IceTe3a: He watched her closely from time to time as they continued to ride down the path towards the gorge, he didn’t need to tell her to keep up she already knew what would happen if she fell behind. Dust kicked up leaving a dusting trail for the coppers, jacks mouth smirked at this moment as he knew they were free bound soon enough, there’s no way the coppa’s could catch them now save a rogue bullet collected them. As they made their way towards the opening of the gorge their horses came in closer as he looked over at her and smiled, they had made it; you could hear the horses of the coppers screeching as they were brought to a halt, rapidly wasting their ammo in chance to hit one or both of them “Next time we see you two you’re both dead!!” a fair warning was given. They would have to be more vigilant while riding through patrolled lands from now on, the prices on their heads had surely doubled after their last robbery. As they galloped through the gorge and finally out of sight of the coppers, passing through the other side to the barren dirt filled terrain. It was all the same around here, they would need to find shade soon enough to let the horses drink and rest, that means finding a river or a billabong. Lucky for them they both knew the terrain fairly well, and a hidden billabong in the bush around some higher forming rock faces allowed for a cooling bath, drink and shade. The perfect place to set up camp for the day “ We made that one by the skin of our teeth, lass” his sharp eyes glanced over to her as he looked her over head to toe as he checked on her “We’re heading to the billabong, horses need a well deserved rest” slowly he brought the horse to a walking pace, the least he could do now was let them breath as they headed over to make camp. “Thing’s can’t keep going this close, we need to make changes” he knew they needed a smarter way to get food, to pull of robberies, they needed new clothing.. to arm themselves properly and they needed to eat, the list of problems were long as he sighed slightly and sat back in his saddle, wiping the dirt and sweat away from his face.

CharlotteCarrendar:- A bright smile formed upon Annie’s dusty face as she heard the coppers scream abuse at the pair for making it beyond their reach. There was no way they would follow them into the gorge, and Annie knew it. The last bullets fired ricotched off rocks and showed that the coppers were too tired to even aim straight. But Annie was near hoarse from the ride, her throat so dry and parched that she needed a drink just like the horses did. Though safely away from the coppers, they needed to find water and shade or they would surely suffer a terrible fate. If one was unfamiliar to the lands they would easy go round in circles for days for every tree, every rock looked the same. Slowing her horse down, Annie had caught up with Jack who had also slowed. He was dead on the money that they had just survived by the skin of their teeth. ”Aye..we got lucky this time.” Annie added whilst keeping a good look out for the billabong that shouldn’t be too far away. Speaking of changes, Annie knew that her clothing was near ragged after the past few days ride. She was sure she’d torn her pants and in the worst place possible for a girl. Good thing she kept a needle and thread in her duffle bag. Annie lept down off her horse and then led it by the reigns as the gurgling sound of water was heard. The billabong. No finer sight for sore eyes in a place as desolate as this. It gave her a slight spring in her step and as she approached, she brought her horse to stop and started to untie the saddle. The horse’s back was soaked in sweat and dirt. Much like her rider. Taking off the saddle and placing it on a low hanging bough, she then led the horse to the water to drink, patting its side gently. <3>

IceTe3a: He smirks as his sharp eyes gleam with delight, a laughter roars out from his stomach as they once again have escaped death with some well needed money for supplies. As they walked on towards the billabong he could see Annie was slightly more excited than he was, he smirked as they finally made it to the billabong, it was covered mostly by a large cut mountain, with the thick gum bush being the only way in or out it can be missed by those who do not know its existence, he actually has never seen anyone else visit this place before it was like that a lot here. He stripped his horse from saddle and reign as he gave her a solid pat “Easy girl..” he said as he brought her down to the water and left her to her own will, he sat down by the billabong and cupped the water in his hands as he washed his face and neck, a cooling moment as the breeze came through it cooled his skin as he sighed happily “ well, we made off with a good amount but it will go fast.. we need to decide what we need to replace and what we need to get” he of course was thinking about the items that needed to be replaced and what they needed to get, the list was long but priorities were priorities. After resting for awhile he smiled and stood up as he started to collect twigs, pulling off some bark from the gum tree it was paper like and perfect to start a fire with, bundling them all up in a neat fireplace he started to rub a twig against the gumtree bark creating friction until a spark lit and a small flame rose. Quickly tending to it as he helped it light up the twigs until it roared into a steady fire placed with few good logs. The days were hot but the nights were cold, and they needed to eat as he looked up at Annie with a slightly arched brow “What we got left to cook?”

CharlotteCarrendar: – Letting go of her horse’s reigns to allow her to drink and then feed on some grass, Annie put her hands on her hips and looked around the billabong. What she wanted first off was to wash, but the most important thing that she needed to do was ensure they had food. Jack had asked her what they had left to which she replied ”Flour…some salt. Tea..” Thinking for a moment, she then looked to the billabong. ”Could try for some fish.” There was darts of silver movement within the stream, and she didn’t mind trying something different. Annie took off her hat, and smacked it against her side – the dust billowing around her as she then hung her hat on a tree. Reaching up she untied her hair, the red curls falling down and about her shoulders. ”Either that or we try for grubs.” Witchety grubs were a common source of protein in the bush, though they didn’t look all that appetizing. At any rate, she had the ingredients for a bush damper and that could starve off hunger at the very least. Jack had already made a start on the camp fire, so Annie went to see what she had in her swag. Pulling out the bag of flour and salt, along with the tea, she brought them over to the fire side and dumped them on the ground at Jack’s feet. <3>

IceTe3a: He watched as she started to look around while pulling her hair out, he smiled as he watched her red locks flow gently down against her neck. Then she talked about fish in the bong or grubs, well if they were the choices he had it would be fish. No one exactly knew how it happened, but billabongs were full of fish in the most part, some say from birds transferring eggs or small fish that get stuck in their feathers others say the bongs are all connected by a underground water tunnel, either way he was sure there was fish in this one. “You can have grubs if you want, but I want fish” he laughed lightly as he came to a stand, stripping his worn out boots off, he rolled up his long jeans and took of his long armed shirt, he looked around in the shrubs as he finally found his hand made spear, made from a strong tree he leaves it here to fish with. “Tend to the fire, I’ll fish for dinner” he smirked as he stood there bare-chested and muscle bound, built up from the hard laboring work he has done over the years his body was riddled with different scars as well as a few prison brandings. He walks down into the water waist deep and stands still with a refreshing sigh “Oh this is bloody brilliant” he smirked as his body was getting cooled down, he stood still with spear in hand, it took a few strikes and waiting for the fish to stop spooking but eventually he got a nice sized barramundi, more than enough to feed the two for the night. they will eat like kings, it squirmed and wiggled on his spear as he grabbed it “Wooo! Dinners up! “ he smirked as he came out of the bong soaking wet, slowly he placed the fish on the ground and pulled the spear out, laying the spear down he unsheathed his old knife from behind his back and cut the fishes throat to let it bleed out as he sat down next to Annie. “So, what do we need to buy with our new found riches?”

CharlotteCarrendar:- Nothing beats a fresh fish meal, especially barramundi – the best fish that you can catch. Annie knew that Jack would rather eat nothing if he was up against just having grubs. ”Fish it is then, if ya can catch it.’ Annie said with a laugh, taking her turn to stoke the fire and add twigs and bark when needed. She sat herself down, peeling off her boots which were well worn and tossed them to the side of her. Annie was still filthy, from the ride through the bush but she would wait before attempting to bathe. Last thing she wanted to do was scare the fish. Annie made a start on the damper, which would last right through to the next day. All it took was flour, salt and water before working it into a dough, then placing the dough in amongst the burning embers of the fire. Be burnt on the outside, but so good on the inside. Not like the bread you would get from the bakers, but this was true bush tucker and saved many a man from starvation. Annie lifted her head when Jack called out how blood brilliant it was to be standing in the cool of the stream. Half his luck. She’d get her turn soon enough. A bit later he came back with his prize – a good sized barra which was wriggling around on his hand made spear. She had to admit, the man could fish like no other. While the fish bled out, Annie was asked what they should do with their new found riches. ”New pants.” Annie replied, feeling the breeze in hers. You could say they were holy. <3>

IceTe3a: He chuckled as he heard her say she wants new pant’s, it was true their clothing was almost worn out, they did need clothing but they also needed to arm themselves and get food.. a new kettle and so much more. He started to gut and clean the fish as he thought up a plan in his head, soon enough the fish was ready to start cooking. “throw some salt on her and she’ll be right as rain” he smirked as he tossed the fish on a smoldering log in the fire to cook, as he looked over at the horses they seemed to be enjoying themselves, they needed to pay a blacksmith to get new horse shoes for their steeds. He came to a stand as he walked over and picked up his swag and threw it next to Annie’s, the fire alone wouldn’t be enough to keep them warm so sleeping together was a smart move. Sitting back down as the smell of cooking damper and fish flew through the air making his mouth salivate. “How about.. we use the gold to get us some guns. Then we can rob a few stores, holding a bank up with a knife just aint gonna cut it anymore. If we arm ourselves we can go rob and hunt for food, may as well hit up the town we get the guns from anyway” his sharp eyes glance over to her with a smirk growing on his lips, it was true if they had firearms it be easier for them to rob stores and they could protect themselves, it would give them the next step they needed to get them to where they want to be.

CharlotteCarrendar: – With Jack back and tending to the fire and the fish now cooking on the smouldering log, Annie pushed herself to standing. Tired and dirty, she started to peel off her shirt that was still wet from sweat. She took it off, unashamed of her naked torso. He had seen it all before and there was no modesty between them. Annie took off her pants second, and then carried them all to the stream. Wading in, she instantly felt relaxed. The cool of the water invigorating. Dumping her clothes on a rock, she dived under the water and then swam a good couple of metres before her head bobbed above the surface. To her tired and aching bones this was sheer heaven, and she floated on her back. Her arms spreading out as she simply enjoyed the moment. She knew she had to wash her clothes, and Jack’s but first she wanted to wash the grime off herself. Annie asked Jack to toss her the soap that they picked up in the last town, and soon she was washing the clothes on the rock, before hanging them up on a low hanging branch to dry. Without a stitch on, she came up out of the water, and rifled through her duffle bag for her only other change of clothing. Hand me downs from her older brothers. Made tough for the environment, but did nothing for her figure. She rang out her hair by hand, watching Jack cooking the fish. The smell making her all the more hungry. Sitting back down beside him, talk came to how to spend their fortune. It never lasted long, what with the items that they needed and guns was on the top of the list. ”I’m all for a good pistol, Jack.” Annie offered, adjusting her sack behind her comfortably. <3>

IceTe3a: He smirked as he watched her enjoy the water before washing their clothing, the fish was cooking nicely and the damper started to let off its sweet intoxicating smell. When she was done and came to sit by him he smiled as he looked her over, not a scratch on her; just how he likes to keep her. “Yeah, a good .45 colt revolver would do us nicely. Then it’s settled, and if we have more we’ll get you new clothing” he smiled as he looked back at her, he didn’t bother worrying about his own clothing he’d wear anything, but Annie insisted on taking care of him. He sighed slightly as the fish finally was cooked, he pulled it off the fire, the heat didn’t bother him to much as his fingers were rough and thick skinned. Laying it down on a fresh gumtree bark he peeled the fishes skin back as the soft white flesh appeared to them both, the best part about barramundi. Taking up the salt he poured some over the fishes cooked meat and smiled “Dig in” as he took a piece for himself and started munching down on it, it was early noon nowhere near dark yet as he munched away on the fish slowly getting replenished he wondered if they should make for the town today, that meant going back through the gorge and to the local towns, any town out this side of the gorge had its own law and was always heavily protected. “Think we should head back through to town before night? “ he glanced over at her and watched her eating.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Annie looked over at the horses, that were both enjoying each other’s company and the freedom of not wearing a saddle. Both riders had pushed them hard throughout the morning, and now with the daytime around noon, there was time to go back through the gorge but they would have to pace the horses. Taking up a piece of white barra flesh which she blew to take the heat off, Annie contemplated what to do. ”So long as the horses can make it without falling lame.” Chewing thoughtfully on the fish, she then swallowed and added. ”Aye, we can go.” She knew that Jack was keen to spend the money that they had stole on equipment, and to be truthful, their food supplies were running low. Living off the land and not going into the settlements meant for hard going, if you didn’t know the bush well. Annie picked up a stick and gave the damper a bit of a prod. She could smell it’s delicious scent and knew that it would be good eating on the way to town. Glancing up at Jack a moment, she asked; ”Was a close call on that ride. I could swear one of those bullets had me name on it.” Wasn’t often that Annie admitted that she had been spooked by one of the shots fired at her. To bleed to death in the bush would be a terrible thing. <3>

IceTe3a: Eating his share of the fish he nodded in agreement, if the horses went lame that would be an expensive issue. Glancing them over he smiled and looked back at her “We won’t ride them hard, by the time we get to town and do what we need to do, they’ll be able to have a short gallop for our get away before we can start to walk them off again” he smiled lightly as he watched her prod the damper, laughing lightly “I swore I got hit, was a bloody ant that bit me though” his laugh got louder as he smiled and munched on more fish. Slowly the fish disappeared as they both ate it dry. Packing up his swag he left the damper for Annie to deal with as he saddled up their horses who were already cooled down and ready to go again. As he walked over he was counting the purse of gold coins “Forty eight.. Forty nine… Fifty.. We have fifty gold pieces, more than enough to buy the guns we need plus belts and spare ammo, with left overs” he was surprised that the purse held fifty coins, he thought maybe 10 at most this meant they had more than they originally thought. More than enough to stock them up with some more food items, weaponry and even clothing for them. He smirked as he took her beaten up pants and shoved them in her bag for later use “Looks like you’ll be getting new clothing soon enough love” he chuckled but he knew they needed to make the money last so he would be using his talents and tricks to bargain deals and con his way into cheaper prices, he waited for Annie to be finished with her meal and watched as she packed up the damper. Kicking dirt over the fire he walked over to the horses and tied the swags on “Let’s get along” he smiled

CharlotteCarrendar: – It was decided. They were going to head off just as soon as the camp was packed up and the damper taken off the fire. Annie rolled it out of the fire and tapped the sides as it was still quite hot. Jack had gotten a start on packing up their swags and the old clothing that had been strung up on the tree branch. He had thought out how to push the horses on the way to town without putting a lot of pressure on them. It was a wise move, and she knew that her horse needed shoeing as well. When the damper had cooled, Annie rolled it up into a large cloth that she kept just for her dampers. It would be packed with the rest of her swag and placed on the back of her horse to be eaten later on. The rest of the cooking supplies would also need to be packed. With the fire having dirt kicked over, they would be ready to set off once again. Annie did laugh when Jack claimed that he thought he had been shot, but it was just a bull ant. ”Well, they do sting.” Annie admitted, not exactly a fan of the ants herself. ”Though, I’d rather that to a bullet anyday.” Wasn’t that the truth? Finding her ribbon, Annie tied up her hair again, and wound it up so that it would be up and under her hat. For one it made her feel cooler without her hair on the back of her neck, and many mistook her for a boy half the time. She was not exactly keen about giving away the fact she was a girl. Annie mounted her horse, which had been saddled up by Jack, and then gave her a bit of a kick to get her going again. They would be heading out of the gorge and relative protection. Hopefully, no one was waiting for them on the other side. <3>

IceTe3a: As they both were ready to go he hopped on his horse and followed slowly next to Annie, the horses appreciated the chance to stop and rest for a while; he knew they wouldn’t go lame but he wasn’t going to take any chances. As they slowly made their way to the opening of the gorge it seemed safe enough, it looked like the coppers had head on home back to their own town, which was not the town they were going to in the first place; neither of them were stupid enough to do that. As the horses trotted along he started whistling an Irish tune, as he smiled looking over at Anne. They both had made names for themselves around the locals, but soon enough he knew their names would be spread and feared throughout the lands. The heat was slowly getting hotter as he took a swig from his canteen and passed it over to Annie “Keep the fluids up” soon enough the town they were looking for came into sight, they had purposely left this town alone as it was the main town for importing wares and such, they needed somewhere to sell their loot and resupply. Coming up to a log tie with a water trot he jumped off his horse and tied the reigns to the pole. “Let’s go see the gunsmith” he said as he smirked, his sharp eyes showing excitement, not many people knew about Jacks cavalryman background, he was a sharp shot and used to be a captain, that was before he betrayed them by refusing orders but the past was all but dust laying on the ground. As they walked over to the gunsmiths store he walked in as a bell rung, noticing a younger man sitting on a chair with a shotgun he had to assume it was loaded, as an elder man stood at the counter. Looking around there were many guns on display from used and broken to brand new among other things. He walked up to the counter and looked over the man “Wat’ll it be, stranger?” he smiles lightly as he gives a nod, “We’ll need two .45 colt revolvers, two belts and 3 extra rounds each, That’s 24 bullets per gun.” he looked over behind the man as the rifles as he examined them closely leaver action rifles would be great for a long distance fight or hunting “And gimme the 50.50 leaver with a few extra rounds too” he looked back at the old man who looked them both over, such an order was uncommon and could be considered dangerous “ Having some trouble?” the old man questioned his intentions as he smiled slightly. “Yeah.. we’re drovers, our boss is pissed, we were held up and lost our guns and the head of cattle to some bloody bush rangers” the old man seemed to relax as he nodded in kind, pulling up two brand new revolvers, two holsters and belts, the extra ammo for all the guns and the rifle. “ That’ll be 25 gold coins, I’ve even thrown in a strap for the rifle” Jack leaned back a bit and looked at the wares and back up to the old gun shop owner, “25 coins?! Are you kidding me? “ the young man leaned forward slightly as the table creaked, “Well either pay the price, or take it up with my son” the old man chuckled slightly, jack turned around and leaned against the table as he looked the young boy over then he got an idea as he looked at Annie with a smirk “How about a wager, If I can outshoot your son, we make it 15 coins, if he outshoots me I’ll pay 50 coins” he knew Annie would have something to say about this but he knew she would trust his judgment for now, he would just cop a beating later. The old man rubbed his beard as he looked over his son who nodded in kind, the old man laughed and shook Jacks hand “Alright but, he’s a great shot brought up with guns. First to shoot 3 bottles 10 yards. We’ll use the store guns and not the new ones. Meet us round back when you’re ready” the old man and young man left the back door open as they left, Jack turned around to Annie as he smirked ”Trust me..”

CharlotteCarrendar:- The ride into town had been a good one, and with the horse tied and close to water, the pair were able to start shopping for the supplies that they needed. Keeping the brim of her hat down, she followed Jack into the gunsmith’s. She understood the need for the guns, but was curious with how Jack would explain why they needed them. Seeing the young fella holding a shot gun and being on guard of the place, while the old man was behind the counter, Annie knew that they had to tread lightly or face being shown the door in a not so polite way. Annie let Jack do all the talking, as she went to look around the store while keeping one eye on the young gent on the chair. The hair on the back of her neck stood on end though, when she heard the price. That was half of all their gold and a handsome sum at that. She was ready to walk out in protest, but that was when Jack decided to make a bet. This had Annie turn fast on her heel, her jaw falling open when he bet that if the young lad could out shoot him, he would pay the fifty coins they did have for the weaponry. Oh, she wanted to drag him out of that store by his ear. It took a great deal of inner strength not to spit out what she thought of the deal. Course, the gunsmith could barely help himself. Getting a chance to see his sharp shooting son teach Jack a lesson. Watching the pair go out the back door, Annie was about to rip Jack a new ass hole, when he smirked and said ”Trust me.” Annie gave him one hell of a dirty look, then went back out the front way so they could then go round the back when Jack was ready to take part in the bet. ”Men…” Annie mumbled under her breath. <3>

IceTe3a: He smirked as he knew a well earned beating was on its way for even thinking about betting their entire gold, and if he lost it all she’d have him dead for sure. He chuckled lightly as he walked out with Annie and walked around the side, there were the old man and the youngster with 6 bottles lined up 10 yards away. Jack winked at Annie and walked over to the old man grabbing one of the revolvers he checked it out before cocking it “ On your count “ he stood next to the young man who was dead calm and preparing to fire the old man counted down from one to three and .. *BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG* Jack let off six shots shooting all six bottles before the young kid could pop one off, the old man stood there bewildered as jack smiled lightly and handed the pistol back. “Nice shooting son, well I am a honest man and a bet’s a bet. 15 for the lot come right this way.” He looked back at Annie and gave her a wink as they walked back into the shop, He handed over 15 gold coins and took the two revolvers, ammo, belts, holsters and rifle “Sorry sir, I do feel bad for outshooting your son. I’m sure he’s a fine shot” the old man shook his head and smiled “You were the better shot today, It’s good to meet other gun slingers, I’ll sure to be telling you if I have any trouble that’s for sure” he smiled and bid them goodbye. He walked out with Annie in tow and smiled lightly as they exit the shop he walked down the path before turning around, walking up to Annie he wrapped a belt and holster around her waist as he slipped a loaded .45 colt revolver into the holster, passing her a few extra rounds he looked up to her and smiled “I had it under control and we saved 10 coins, don’t hit me too hard” he smiled as he did his own belt up and holstered his pistol, slinging the rifle onto his back he looked around for the general store which basically sold all the foods and equipment they would need, after that they would need to get Annie some new threads “Come on Annie, lets hit up the general store” he chuckled as he walked her along the path towards the general store, this time he’d let Annie choose what wares they’d need.

CharlotteCarrendar; – Lucky for Jack, the bet went in his favour. He was a sharp shooter and made like work of the bottles that the old man and his son had lined up. Annie had stood well back, her arms folded over her chest. Jack truly had the luck of the Irish. Each blast of the gun was accurate and one by one the bottles fell. The old man while shocked was an honest one and agreed to honour the wager. ~Well that’s a first~ Annie thought to herself, as she followed Jack out of the store, only to have him turn around and place a gun belt around her waist, followed by the shiny new .45 colt revolver. The weight of the piece truly felt and she couldn’t help but smile at was truly a gift. Annie smirked at Jack as he gave her a few extra rounds of ammo. ”Don’t hit me too hard.” He teased. ”Oh don’t worry, I’ll get ya back for that.” Did she mean it? Having saved money on the guns, this meant they had more to barter with for supplies, and that meant going to the general store. This part of their shopping was up to her, and she already had some things in mind. Entering the general store a small bell rang, and a well dressed man stepped out and went behind the counter. There were barrels of produce and there was all manner of cookware, such as kettles and pots that instantly drew in Annie’s attention. She pointed up to the shiny kettle that would be perfect for a bush fire. ”The kettle please. Pound of flour…and do you have bush honey?” She was always keen on honey for the damper as it went so well together. Annie looked back at Jack and asked. ”What you be wanting, love?’<3>

IceTe3a: He watched as they entered the door, he leaned against the doorframe resting his hand on his brand new gun as he looked around the shop at the wares, he knew they needed quite abit but this was Annie’s department and she knew what was best as he watched her choosing out what she wanted, was that really all? Honey, flour and a kettle? They needed to supply up to last at least a week in the rough, he rubbed his chin as she called him love he coughed slightly and stood up as he looked around the store “ How about some more foods, something to keep meats from going bad, and anything else you can thing of Darling” he smirked slightly as he started to toy around with a few of the wares in the store. He kept a weather eye on the door for anyone else who may enter, as he walked up next to Annie he stood taller than her. “Rope we’ll need some rope as well” he smiled as he looked down at her.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Jack was right, they would need more supplies to help their foods last. ”Salt.” Was the first thing to come to mind. Sugar was deemed a luxury and she didn’t even contemplate it, since they used the honey as a sweetener. Annie caught sight of a bush oven and her heart near skipped a beat. That would be ideal and be perfect for damper as well as cooking a stew. Happily she pointed up at the oven, and the shop owner had to wonder just how the pair were going to pay for all this. Seeing they were armed made his lip twitch nervously. After deciding on a few more food stuffs that could keep, she then turned to wear they had clothing. One of the wooden mannequins was wearing a fine dress, obviously for someone important in town. Annie looked at it with wonder, before then thinking of being more practical and went to see if they had pants and shirts. She picked out two of each and brought them over to the counter where the shop keeper was adding up their supplies. ”Eighteen gold pieces for the lot.” Annie knew they needed the horses to have their shoes done and wondered if she should put the clothes back. <3>

IceTe3a: He watched as she chose all the items they needed, she even wanted to get a cooking oven which would be useful in the long run. As he watched her closely he saw her stare at a long beautiful dress as he smirked and had to help himself from laughing, the thought of a bad assed female like her had ever thought of wearing a dress was hilarious to him but he wouldn’t let her see that he was laughing at her. Watching as she settled for getting new pants and shirts for herself he smiled as he walked up to the front of the shop where they were, watching as the old man started counting up the price. He said it’s going to cost them eighteen pieces, they had fifty to start with and spent fifteen leaving them thirty five.. He knew the man was fearful of them and he smirked a sinister smirk as he pulled Annie back up to the counter. “Sixteen and not a penny more” he glared into the shopkeepers eyes without even blinking, he was trying to stare him down and shake him a bit.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Annie’s eyes opened wide when she heard Jack say that they would pay sixteen and not a penny more. Then she remembered the way they were dressed and the fact they were armed. Heavily armed. That sinister old sneer on Jack’s face made Annie nearly swallow her own tongue. Would the shop keeper accept such a price? A whole two pieces off? There was silence in the shop for a moment and you could see the bead of sweat on the shop keeper’s forehead. The staring competition was getting intense only to have an elderly lady enter the shop. This changed everything. The shop keeper favoured the lady’s custom and the last thing he wanted was her having a heart attack over a standoff over two gold coins. Annie cocked her head slightly to the left as she waited to hear the verdict, and then it was done as the woman approached the counter.”Yes..yes…sixteen. I’ll have my son wrap it all up for you.” Annie released a breath and then smiled at the old lady, who looked her up and down like she was some tomboy, especially when she saw the gun on her belt. The shop keeper was keen to avert a crisis and then came out from behind the counter to turn her attention away, as a young boy came from out back and started to parcel up their purchases. <3>

IceTe3a: He smirked as the shop keeper gave way to his banter sixteen gold pieces that was a whole two gold pieces off that was a lot. Smiling as he looked at Annie who was a bit flustered almost, he chuckled lightly as he pulled out sixteen gold pieces and placed them in front of the shop boy this lefty them with 14 gold pieces left, that was a lot left over seeming to reshoe the horses would cost 6 gold for both horses. He grabbed everything once it was packed up and followed Annie out, he knew she would say something about his harsh ways. Honestly she was the only one who could keep him in line, he enjoyed that fact as he smirked “We still have fourteen gold pieces left, the horse shoes will cost us six, and you have your new clothing so what else do we need?” he thought to himself as he looked around town they actually needed to get a home base of sorts, some kind of hideaway or something, perhaps they should start putting some gold away and discuss future plans. He walked over to their horses as he packed up all the gear into the swags and carry bags on the horses. Leading the horses over to the blacksmith he could feel the heat from inside as he wiped his brow “Need these horses reshoe’d we’ll be back to collect and pay later” the clanking of metal against metal could be heard as a grunting sound of acknowledgment echoed. Smirking he turned to Annie and looked her over “So whats next Darling?” he smirked cheekly.

CharlotteCarrendar:- So far they had managed to save their money from the gunsmith to the general store and gotten much of what they needed to keep them going a good while. The weapons would be especially handy in the coming weeks, if not months. Now all that was left was to get the horses reshoed. At Jack’s calculations they would have money at the end of it, and this was something that they would save, possibly for something more permanent like a place to call their own. For now however, they lived off their wits and their means. With the horses being taken care of, Annie had a wonderful idea. ”Fancy an ale?” she had a wicked gleam in her eyes, but not only that there was usually a card game on in the drinking establishments. Knowing Jack as well as she did, Annie knew that he could hardly resist that. If they were a bit under the weather, they could always find a room at the pub. <3>

IceTe3a: He heard her ask if he wanted to grab an ale at the local pub, his shark eyes gleamed as he smirked a wicked smirk, where there was a pub of drunks there was a card game with money to be had. “Sure, you can be my lady luck” he gave her a wink as they walked over to the pub. Entering inside the pub he walked over and ordered them an ale, flicking a gold coin at the barkeep that would pay for more drinks to come. As he eyes the tables he eventually found one where they were gambling with cards and gold coins, he smirked as he now had eight seven gold coins left after paying for all their drinks. Handing Annie a ale his eyes gleamed into hers as he took a swig and wondered over to the table. With the seven gold coins clinking in his hands he looked around the table and smirked “Mind If I join you boys?” as he placed down his gold coins and his Ale taking a seat at the table, he was drawn into the game of cards as each shared the opportunity to shuffle the deck. He played his cards right, loosing hands and bluffing his way making him look weak and his bluffs always fall through, finally he was the last person to shuffle with him and six other men at the table, he looked down to his stash of coins he had lost a few purposely and won some back now sitting with 8 gold pieces, the pot already had six gold pieces in it to be won. He shuffled the deck and with his slide of hand threw out hands for everyone, everyone got a decent hand but his own hand would trump all their hands leading them into a insecure bet without knowing. “eight gold pieces is the wager” most of the men chuckled thinking by now they knew his bluffs to well and sort after his coins once and for all. With six gold pieces in the pot and him wagering eight that brought the pot to fourteen and there were six other players if they all wanted to take the risk it would be eight gold pieces each leaving the pot at 54 gold pieces. One by one they all took the bait, their own greed, the great hands they held and the thought of figuring Jack out led them all to their doom. Anne knew her role in this, come running over with bad news about a robbery on their establishment making them having to take the gold and leave. Even though they may have lost their winnings the thought that the man they lost to had just been robbed sufficed their greed. One by one they threw down their hands to show, but in the end it was Jack with the strongest hand and he won all fifty four gold pieces, leaving the men with barely anything to go by, he waited for Annie to play her part, honestly she didn’t let him do this to often, he was to good at it and it could easily go sour. He slowly drunk the rest of his ale as he laid in wait, collecting his gold.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Sipping her ale, Annie had kept well out of eyeshot of the men that were gambling at the table. She knew perfectly well how Jack played and she also knew that when the time came, she had to put on a real performance to make for an easy get away. Nothing worse than drunk men who think they have been fleeced by a card shark. Oh, Jack was ruthless when it came to gambling and left many a man without a shirt on his back. Sipping her beer and then putting the empty glass on the bar, she ventured outside – her attire making her blend easily in with the other men that came in and out the door. With her hat down, few would pay her much attention since she dressed like a lad anyways. When she peered through the dirty panes, it was when she watched as the kitty grew and grew. There was more gold on that table than what they had come to town with. Annie counted to herself as the men were starting to show their hands, each one was not a winner. As soon as Jack splayed his cards on the table, Annie knew it was her time to act. Rushing in she reached the table and blurted. ”Jack…bush rangers…robbed the store!” A collective gasp was heard around the inn, including all the men at the gambling table. The worst thing they could imagine was murderous bush rangers riding into town and stealing from them. The sounds of chairs being pushed back came from all over – just the right time to take the winnings and make a run for it. <3>

IceTe3a: He smirks as he looks up at Annie as he saw her run in, her story and acting was spot on everyone had believed her as whispers of fear and robbers could be heard. “Filthy bloody bastards.. I’m sorry boys I need to take my leave and see what.. if anything they left me” he sighed as he took the fifty four gold coins and walked away from the table “I’ll be back again to try my lucky next time! If I still have a store to own that is” he watched as some of the people walked hastily outside to go guard their own houses and or stores, others were wondering if the robbers were coming this way. He walked out with Annie next to him, they were the perfect duo. He smirked as they were scott free, he turned around and looked at Annie“After paying the blacksmith we have forty eight coins left, Gotta love a man who can look after a woman” he smirked playfully as he went over to the blacksmith and paid the man for his troubles. He led the horses out all packed with gear as he passed Annie the purse of gold, as he hopped on his horse he waited for Annie to get on hers before they rode out of town looking like they were in some sort of rush. After a good ride he slowed his horse down to a gentle walk and let out a roaring laugh “Oh stupid drunk men.. never saw it coming” he looked back to Annie and smiled “You know.. you shouldn’t hide the fact you’re a female, make a name for yourself, your true self. People will think another male rides with me and when they see you as your female self they won’t fear you, that could cause issue” he chuckled and gave her a wink“Besides I like your hair down anyway” as they slowly made their way back to the gorge he wondered just what they should do next, obviously they need their own place sooner or later but where.. and how? Perhaps they should build their own place.


Rain – Chapter Twenty.


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Chapter Twenty 



IceTe3a: He watches as she slowly walked forward and he arched a brow as she slowly undid his shirt buttons, he moved his shoulders about as his shirt slid off with ease falling onto the ground leaving his bare torso for her to press up against. “To do with, as you see fit. I believe those were the terms he smirked as he felt her palms pressing against his chest, he reached down wrapped his arms around her body gently, as he gave her room to move about in his arms “In that case, why don’t you use me as you see fit “ smirking as he dimmed the lights in the room, he leaned down and kisses her lips for a moment but pulled back again leaving her to want more, as he had just dared her to take him if she saw fit. His breathing was slow and paced as her palms would raise and fall with the movements of his breath, as his eyes look her up and down slowly, he rips her shirt off her back with ease as he tosses it to the side without a care. He was toying with her, but in a playful way as he wanted to see her like she was the first time she forced him. He obviously liked her the way she was as he pulled her in with a smirk “Or can’t you grab a hold of what you need and take lead? “he said with a playful smirk as his eyes met hers.

CharlotteCarrendar:- A wry smirk appeared upon Rain’s lips as she reached up to the sides of his head and then massaged gently without touching his sensors. With the ability of her mind link she started to switch on the sound system to play something sultry in the background, while the room lights started to dim giving off a more intimate effect. ”You like me to be…on top, don’t you?” she mused softly, her tongue just touching the edge of her lip – running it along as she could see that Adam’s breath was slowing – regulating. A hand moved downward to the top of Adam’s jeans and she kept her eyes trained upon him, whilst lithe fingers moved swiftly to undo the button, then slowly pull down the zip. The noise making her smile all the more. ”I think I got what I want.” She reached inside his jeans and felt around for what would be his growing hardness. ”All I have to do is…grab hold and lead.” Rain smoothed her fingers across the surface of his skin, tempting with her digits before taking a firm grip – her fingers locking around the shaft. <3>

IceTea: His skin shivered as her fingers ran against his flesh, hearing the music play on softly as he smirks from her response “I Suppose.. I’ve gotten used to the idea of you in control” a simple wink and a smirk was all he did afterwards. Feeling her hand move lower as she undid his jean’s, his lips parted slightly as her fingers took grasp of his hardening shaft. His back arches slightly as his chest presses against hers, his skin rubbing against hers, a growl of passion escapes his lips as his hues glance into hers. Rolling on top of her he took control as he ripped what little clothing she had left, determinant to make this night one for the ages. The mood was set right and there was no one to bother them as their bodies entwined for the rest of the night. Morning rise as the two had fallen asleep in each other’s arm s after a night filled of passionate love, the warm sun’s rays simulated by the lighting system in the room warmed their skin as he groaned slightly and nuzzled his head into her chest trying to escape the sunlight, the night was for fun but the light brought on a new day and the tasks ahead would prove difficult for them both with the need to establish a new crew they could trust and finding Rain’s fathers location once and for all. These were their set goals for today, but Adam wanted to stay in her arms just a while longer as he continues to nestle his head on her chest and groaning “ Just.. a little longer.. stupid light.. he sighed slightly as he peaked out from her chest to look up at her with one half open eye.
CharlotteCarrendar: – The light was sign that the night was truly at an end, and Rain didn’t want to rise either. She nestled close to Adam, her cheek to his chest as she murmured in response to his claim that he just wanted a little bit longer. Turning her face to his chest, she kissed his bare flesh before pushing herself upright and then stretching. The sheet falling back and exposing her naked torso. The filtered rays of light brought out the pink in her cheeks, and she could only smile down at Adam, who had given her a night to remember. ”Longer we stay in means the longer will be on the road.”She pushed off the covers and swung her legs over the side of the bed. Reaching up, she ran her fingers through her hair and got up to standing. Rain walked over to the bathroom, and you could hear the sound of the shower running, as she hummed lightly to herself. In the back of her mind, her thoughts of her father weighed heavily. They needed to find him, but first they needed a crew to help with the location and dealing with the Source and the Brotherhood, who were now both sworn enemies. They were running the fine line between two powerful organisations that wanted nothing more than to wipe them both off the map. <3>

IceTe3a: He watched as she got up out of bed with a valid response, he sighed slightly and nuzzled the bed “Yeah.. time to get serious I suppose” he groaned slightly as he flipped himself off the bed and onto a stand, the sheets fell to the floor as he stood towering in his naked form, all his previous battle scars were there for the world to see. He smirked as he heard the shower running and walked in after her Don’t mind if I do” he said playfully, as he joined her in the shower. Scrubbing himself down as he helped her scrub herself down every now and then accompanied by a kiss to her flesh, eventually he hopped out and dried himself down partially. Walking to his closet he got dressed and came out wearing his black leather military boots, thick black combat pants and a black singlet which was a tight fit. Sitting on the bed he strapped his Bowie knife to his right thigh on top of his jeans and grabbed his custom built USP .45 holstering it, in its holster which he swung around and strapped so it came to rest under his right arm just on the side of his chest. His thick black hair was messy but almost looked styled which was natural for him, he arched a brow and gave a wolf whistle as he watched her strut around naked watching her get dressed “So what’s the plan of attack” he said as he came to a stand and was ready for the day.

CharlotteCarrendar:- The shower got pretty steamy and that was not just from the temperature of the water. Adam helped himself to the soap and not only washed himself, but gave Rain a good scrubbing as well. She couldn’t help but chuckle as he did this, but it was also time saving and getting them back on track. Turning off the water faucet, Rain stepped out and took her own towel, rubbing herself down thoroughly, before heading out to find her own foot locker of clothing. For a slight of a girl, she wore the whole black army kit well, and with her hair brushed back slick – with aviator sunglasses, Rain sure looked the part. You could see the good tone of her muscle in her arms as she strapped on a knife belt and then holstered her fire arms. Adam asked about the plan of attack, and to this she responded. ”Grab a quick bite, then Eve and head on out. We might be best to keep off what highways are open. That would make us a sitting duck. Perhaps go over some of the pre war maps to see what roads would be less likely to be under radar surveillance.”Tapping her military boot to the hardened floor, she headed to the door and opened it, only to see Eve standing ready and waiting. ”We go now?’ She asked. <3>

IceTe3a: He nodded in agreement as he looked smirked at her, walking up to her as she was fully dressed he undid her hair as she usually did it in a pony tail. “Keep it down and flowing, it suits you better” he smiled lightly as he heard her say they should get something to eat and grab eve, suddenly the door opens as Eve stood there asking if they were going yet. He shook his head and arched a brow “Eve.. We need to eat first, and this will be a combat mission.. Shouldn’t you stay here at the labs and conduct studies to better help our situation? Besides, who’s going to feed the deer this morning, they’ll be expecting their food upstairs in the next hour” he smiled lightly as he had always fed the deer at the front of the cabin, at about this time. He knew Eve wouldn’t be any help in a combat fight she was more suited to the Lab’s studying and researching, giving information and backup from here. He smiled as he nodded towards the door and walked towards the kitchen to grab a bite “Come on you two” as they reached the kitchen, he poured himself a glass of cereal and milk almost woofing it down as he sighed in relief a record time almost of downing a bowl of cereal in a minute flat. “Eve, I’d feel more comfortable if you would give us Intel reports while you study here. We may need help from the home base and we’ll be sending new recruits back. I’m putting you in charge with medical procedures as well, check them through and through, make sure they have no sickness or any listening bugs of any kind.. we need to be able to trust the new people. Can you handle a role like this? He smiled slightly as he looked over at Rain wondering if she would agree with what he had just said “Oh and Eve.. turn your emotional chip back on, you’re as human as me. No need to pretend to be a robot” he knew she had turned if off from the last time they met when she took him apart back at Zen, she was human like, you would never have guessed she was the doctors creation.

CharlotteCarrendar:- Eve tilted her head as Adam spoke to her. It was true that she had turned off her emotional card chip and so when she turned it back on, it was like she was a completely different individual. Rain stood in behind as Adam spoke to Eve about the need for someone to stay behind and feed the deer. Eve would just love that. Truth be told, Eve would be a liability whilst trying to out manoeuvre the rebels and the Brotherhood. It was best that she stayed behind and acted as the ears and eyes via the computer networks. ”You are right of course, Adam.” The tone in Eve’s voice changing, and she stepped back to allow Adam and Rain to leave their room and head to the kitchen for some breakfast. Cereal was the fastest food to eat and Rain took up a bowl, while Eve was making mention she was more than capable of managing things from the bunker. ”You can count on me….Good luck.” Leaving Rain and Adam to finish their breakfast, Rain had to admit that Adam sure had a way with Eve. ”You ask me she was starting to get a bit…stalker like.” Rain couldn’t help this feeling, but now seeing Eve acting normal, gave her a feeling of relief. Washing up her dishes and then putting them on the dish rack, Rain was ready to go. Taking one last look around her she knew it might be a while before they returned. She made a promise to herself that she would come home again, for this was now what she regarded that as. <3>

IceTe3a: He smiled as he looked over at Rain, waiting for her to finish eating he chuckled at her response “Indeed she was, that’s why I asked her to be normal again. She’s quite mature and intelligent once she’s fully functioning.” Once they were both finished he lead her down a path towards the armory which doubled as the vehicle bunker as well, as they walked through pieces of tech, gadgets and weaponry were neatly sorted out. He took a few extra clips for his USP and M4, picking up his M4 which was customized as well most noted with a variable scope he slung it around his shoulder and pulled out a large duffle bag, throwing in bits and pieces they may need including a few MRE’s (Meal ready-to-eat) packs. Shoving them all in the back of a black Hummer which was militarized, he walked back to the armory and pulled out the m107 with a few more clips ”Just in case.. “ he smirked as he threw it in the back. “Shall we share the drivers seat? Would be weird if we didn’t” as he waited for her to get all the gear and took his seat in the driver’s side he waited for Rain to come sit on his lap and take control of the wheel, like she usually did; it was something he was used to by now.

CharlotteCarrendar:- ”Course.” Rain replied when asked if they would share the driver’s seat. It was something they had been doing now since they met, so why stop now. Getting out her own duffle bag from the armory, that included some hand grenades and meal packs, as well as clips for her M4, she made sure she had enough weapons on hand in case things turned nasty – as they just well might. Dumping her gear in the back, Rain closed the back of the vehicle and then made her way around to the driver’s side where Adam was already seated. Smiling, she clamoured in and sat herself down well upon his lap. She had to admit he made a better seat than the usual car seats. Way better. Wriggling to get herself comfortable, she wound her hair back behind her ear, and then using her technopathic ability, started up the vehicle with ease. Her eyes roving across the dash as she checked that the vehicle was in top condition and ready for the hard road ahead. Pulling the door closed, she pulled across her seat belt and clipped it into place. One last look at the farm and she let out something of a sigh. ”Tell me we will return?” <3>

IceTe3a: He smiled as he saw she appeared next to him, finally ready to get a move on; as she climbed into the hummer he felt her sit down on his lap, as she wiggled around he leaned back slightly and shifted his weight, feeling her weight pressing down on top of him as she wiggled about had him set back as he was almost blushing. He watched as she examined the car before starting it, he felt the seat belt done up as she pressed against his chest and her weight came down more in all retrospect he was a chair for her. Hearing her ask if they will return he smiled playfully “Perhaps I’ll bring you back.. If you stop this torture and by that I mean wiggling your ass around” he chuckled slightly as they drove onto the road, slowly they approached his auto turret guarded gate as it opened up for them already have scanning their ID signals. As the Hummer drove through the gates it closed behind them and they hit the main road as the countryside slowly passed them they were heading for the city. “We need to be careful, people can’t be suspicious while we’re there.. if they figure out who you are with me it could be bad. So.. you have to go back to treating me like your equipment, nothing more. “ his arms wrapped around her waist gently as he smiled “We will both know the truth about our feelings, but to remain unsuspicious you can’t hold back.. at all. Think you can handle that or have you grown too soft?” he smirked playfully as the city came closer and closer to them. His right eye HUD activated as he started hacking both the Rebels and ZEN’s network systems employing data into it, it beeped while it was done “ You’re now registered in both Zen and Rebel networks with your Serial codes as a Commander and I am your combat equipment, so play the cards right. It won’t work on anyone who already knows us and what we’ve done” the roar of the engine was the only noise to be heard as he wondered if she would be able to play the role she was so good at back in the early days.

CharlotteCarrendar: The early days for Rain and Adam were difficult to say the least. Yes, she had fallen in love with the man that in her mind for the longest time was nothing more than a machine. But he became so much more. A wave of doubt crossed her mind as she drove the hummer along. Could she go back to acting like the cold hearted bitch she had been for most of her life? It surely would just be like putting on a pair of old comfortable shoes, but she had changed so much and the thought to have to go back to that pained her. She felt it within her chest and tried to hide this from Adam. The fun and playful banter of how she was torturing him with her wiggling was soon forgotten, as her facial features hardened. Adam was right. To be anything other than how she was before would betray them both. But when Adam wrapped his arms around her waist, telling her that they both knew the truth of the depth of real feelings, she wanted to never have him let her go. A stiff upper lip was going to be needed and she would need to play the role of her life in front of those she once knew and those that they would come across. ”I can be a hard ass.” she stated firmly, but that might well make him chuckle considering how she was sitting on him. The city lights were now approaching and the game was definitely on. First port of call would be Sam’s junkyard. Military vehicles were out and about scouting the roads, while the Night patrol hover cars controlled the skies. <3>

IceTe3a: He smirked as he heard she could be a bad ass, he knew it would be tough for them both but it had to be done, nodding as he agreed with her “You’re going to have to put on quite the show.. Cold, heartless.. I’m a piece of equipment, nothing more. Can’t give any excuses” he smirked and kissed her neck as they reached the city limits “The act starts as soon as we reach the city.. not when we’re in it, as soon as we cross the city border, if anyone looks in and see’s us as lovers and later like our act, we will fail. “ he smiled as he watched the borders come closer, he sighed“Remember it is a must, our lives depend on it.. I love you” a simple chuckle as he just realized the slight pun in what she had said, she was going to be a hard ass and she was sitting on him, it was a cute joke or at least it was to him. He knew exactly where she was heading first, to the junk yard where those other two men were last seen.. the two he had scared. He wondered if they would help out last time he remembered he had threatened to kill them the next time they met. A simple smirk against his face as he knew he had an act to play as well, the deadly ghost assassin, all the rumors about him that made up his name.. his legend, it had been awhile since he had to be his normal self, this loving side of him was for Rain only and no one else. He smiled and kissed her one last time just as they passed the borders of the city, the guard patrol and check station would be coming up momentarily. With his lips still pressed to her skin he wondered if she would be able to do what was asked, and how well she would be able to do it.

CharlotteCarrendar: – A piece of equipment. Adam said this over and over and Rain could only nod as the lights of the city started to illuminate her face. The moment they crossed the line, she would have to lower the mask that would be in place at all times. No one would see the truth, the extent of her feelings. ”Cold…heartless…got it.” Rain knew their lives depended on the accuracy of the portrayal. Swallowing hard, she heard his final admission of love, before kissing her. She wanted to turn the hummer around, but then she remembered the reason why she was doing this – to save her father. ”Forever yours, Adam.” The emotion in her voice would be unmistakable as they sped towards the first check point. Rain’s eyes dulled over as she knew now was the time. Slowing down the vehicle as it approached the boom gates, Rain activated the driver’s side window to lower so that the guard may approach. Stony faced she waited. The guard within the booth looked up from his desk where he had been going over the lists of the most wanted. To catch one at a check point meant a bonus year’s salary, so it made the task of stopping outlaws all the more lucrative. Stretching, he pushed himself out and away from his desk, before exiting the check point booth and then holding up a scanner which detailed the car and its occupants. It was a nervous wait. <3>

IceTe3a: As they rolled towards the checkpoint he was hoping his new serial numbers for them both would work, he knew they would but there was always that bit of uncertainty. As they rolled up to the checkpoint he watched as the window came down, he noticed a guy sitting at a desk in the booth only to come to a stand and scan the car. He eyes the Soldier off as he himself scans the Soldier for change in emotions, anything registered from the normal would find two bullets in this soldiers chest, he watched close as the soldiers scan was taking longer than expected. They checking every inch of the car, obviously they wanted both Rain and him in their grasps badly, to the point where it was basically known as marshal law around here now. He noticed as the guard started to head towards the front of the car, it felt like he had some questions to ask; a simple sigh escaped his lips “Great.. what does he want” he said softly so only Rain could hear, his eyes scanning the area for the other guards on the ground and a few on the roof top, security was tight.

CharlotteCarrendar:- Cold as ice, that was how Rain was to play it and as the window wound down with the automated sound before clicking into place, she turned her head ever slowly towards the guard who was now approaching the window. Her eyes flickered from the device he was holding in his hand to his face and slowly she turned off the ignition to the hummer. With a voice that had a tinge of an accent to it, Rain said simply ”Problem?’ The guard glanced up at Rain’s face, then took in that she was sitting on a man within the car. This in itself was unusual to say the least. As the man took a moment to pause before answering, the phone within the booth started to ring. Annoyed the Guard gestured with his finger. ”Wait..a moment.” Watching him go inside, this was when Rain pulled out the stops. She had purposely made the phone ring to buy time and had set up a recorded message on the other end of the phone line, while checking the device that the guard held loosely in his hand. Yes, it had picked up an abnormality, but then the red light beside it suddenly changed to green. Shouting to the receiver on the phone, he then slammed down the handle, before looking at the screening device to see the code change. Muttering an obscenity he came back out and banged his fist on the boom gate lever button, so it was slowly rising. Turning her head back to face forward, she started the Hummer with a loud roar of its engine, before driving through the check point. One down…many more obstacles to come. <3>

IceTe3a: – He watched as the man came from looking at Rain and back to him and then back again, he was about to ring the guards neck for even staring at him like that, he hated Zen with a passion let alone the looks he was always given, this just reminded him. As he watched Rain’s trick play out he smirked lightly and looked forward already knowing what the outcome would be, and as suspected the boom gate raised as the hummer turned on and drove through, the window going up as he sighed slightly “Close call, smart thinking on that one.” he smirked slightly and continued to scan the area for more Zen guards, “They’ve beefed up their armed forces, look robotics” as they passed a street there stood a Mech, a fully automated combat AI System, he knew Zen was diving into different style mech’s some piloted some automatic. But he never knew they were already on the production stage.

Even though these things were powerful they would prove no issue for him, he was more worried about Rain as she was really only a highly trained human through and through she could still be shot down unlike him, bullets bounced right off him literally. Only special rounds pulsing with pure electricity did any damage to him. The mech was quick to act as it scanned their car and then turned the other way continuing its patrol with a constant scan. He smirked slightly as he arched a brow “This could be fun” as he looked forward he shifted his weight under her and grumbled slightly “Mind moving back abit, you’re kinda crushing my junk” he smiled lightly waiting for a response.

CharlotteCarrendar: – The Zen brotherhood had lifted its game. They were no longer relying on the night patrols to serve its needs but now bringing out the big military hardware and by that it included massive Mechs that Rain had not seen before. Driving past one that ran its scanner systems over the hummer, Rain grit her teeth as she sensed that this was not going to be a simple walk in the park to get to Sam’s junkyard. ”Guess they really see you as a huge threat.” She was right in what she was saying, but seeing the streets under the watch of the Mechs brought it all home. Turning the corner after going through a green light at an intersection, Rain heard Adam complain that she was crushing his junk. Rain moved just enough so this was no longer a problem but she couldn’t help herself but say. ”You never complained about that last night.” She had a point. On the GPS you could see they were about a mile out from Sam’s junkyard. Still with all the beefed up military that was a long way to go. <3>

IceTe3a: He smirks as she shifts her weight, hearing her comment about last night had his lips part slightly as he arched a brow. His fingers run down the side of her leg slowly as he leans in and takes in her scent “I was just going to say, either use it or don’t, or do you enjoy crushing it as well” he chuckled playfully as they drove through the street, they were getting close to that junkyard, but anything could happen between now and then. “Those mechs, you’re going to have to leave them to me and.. is it bad that I want to rip your clothes off right now? Or is now a good time “ he smirked and looked in the review mirror to watch her reaction. He knew apart from her two friends they would need a few more people to help keep their base up and running, he had a few idea’s of people who would fit but wasn’t completely sure yet. Perhaps he could get Blake to join them, at least they’d have someone who enjoyed working with foods although he was always a hard person to handle. By the time he came back to reality he looked around and they were pretty much at the scrap yard.

CharlotteCarrendar: – ”Clothes stay on till we are alone, Adam.” Now was not the time to be teasing Rain about what Adam wanted to do to her as they approached the fortified junkyard. Odd you might think that a simple junkyard would have razor wire and an electrified fence, but it was also the home of the Tinman. A weapons and computer genius. As the hummer pulled up at the gate, the window rolled down on the hummer and Rain extended her hand out and started to type in a code on the intercom box. She worked it fast and soon the gates were rolling back to allow the Hummer entry.”Okay…show time.” Rain said, knowing that she wouldn’t be able to say anything lewd or suggestive to Adam no matter how much she wanted too. Driving slowly past hulking piles of old car bodies and trucks, the hummer finally came to a stop near the silver trailer that was Tin man’s home. A loud thud was heard inside and then the door swung open as a dishevelled looking Sam poked his head out. He was wearing a sleeping cap and was trying to put on a pair of wire rimmed glasses. When he realized who it was, he made a girly like cry and slammed the door shut. He was obviously terrified that Adam had come back to finish him off. Rain rolled her eyes and opened the car door, getting out and then looking back at Adam. ”Come on.” Her tone had changed. It was not like before the city limits. The acting began. <3>

IceTe3a: – He watched as they pulled into the junkyard passing piles of cars as they finally pulled into the shack of a house, the door opened as he saw the man’s head pull out. Arching a brow as a girlish shriek escaped the man’s mouth and the door slammed shut, he smirked with a wicked grin as Rain stepped out of the car and told him to follow “Ahh.. he remembers me” he said in a cold and dangerous tone as he cocked his pistol, stepping out of the car he looked around as he closed the door, he walked up beside Rain and looked down at her “Let me have him for one minute.. I’ll get what we need” in truth he didn’t know exactly what they were doing here, but he knew that kid must have some kind of information, this side of Adam was scary and it was his true self, apart from his love for Rain. This was how he truly was and how he acted towards other people, a killing machine the Ghost assassin you’d never see him coming was his most favorite rumor. He Pulled out his bowie knife and started playing with it in his right hand as he smirked, the coast was clear and this place seemed to have a force field of sorts around it to pry watching eyes away, so they couldn’t be scanned or listened into. He chuckled slightly as he let out a happy sigh and took a step forward past Rain, overstepping what would be his boundaries for the early days but this was how he was before they fell in love “ I told you I’d be back for you…” he said just loud enough for it to echo through the building for the kid to hear.

CharlotteCarrendar:- Within the silver trailer, you could hear yet another shriek of terror as the Tin man was freaking out at the prospect of being murdered in cold blood by the likes of Adam. His panicked footsteps could be heard going back and forth and the trailer was actually bouncing on its wheels as the poor man was like a trapped rabbit in a cage. No way out. You could see his terrified face appear from behind the blinds before disappearing in another fit of terror. Rain stood with her arms folded as she let Adam do his thing. There was no smile, no hint of emotion as she let Adam take the lead. When Sam heard Adam say that he had told him he would be back, another girly scream till finally, the door opened a touch and a pair of white fronts was held out shakily on what was a broom handle. ”Please…please…don’t kill me.” He begged in a whiney tone that was almost childlike. The surrender flag waved around a bit before he stuck his head out and then shot a look at Rain, before holding up the peace sign with his fingers. ”Rayne, please…call him off.” Rain dug the toe of her boot in the ground where she was standing and then cocked her head at Adam. ”Give me a reason why I should.” Dropping the white underwear flag, Sam stammered as he tried to think of a good reason. ”I could help you…yeah. You must need someone like me..right?” <3>

Under attack – The Life and Times of an Aussie Girl – the Dixie Stories


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The Life and Times of an Aussie Girl – the Dixie Stories 

Under attack


IceTe3a: As they made it to the table he overheard Greta wanting to handle the baby, he smiled lightly after Dixie had given the ok; slipping Milo gently into Greta’s arms. He took a seat down at the table and pulled Dixie down to sit in his lap as he smiled lightly, whilst listening to Molly’s opinion on them “ She’s my Sheila alright, nothing makes me happier than being with her” his arms wrapped loosely around her waist as he held her close to him, looking around the pub it was the same as last time, everyone here was a local and friendly. A great atmosphere to be sure, something most pubs had which is why he loved true blue pubs so much. “Anyway, though we’d hit town for some lunch with the family and have a beer or two, so Dixie can test out her new car” a almost proud look came across his face when he said the last part about the car, his hues glancing out towards her hot ride as they flashed back towards Molly and over to Greta who obviously was enjoying handling Milo, as most females enjoyed a new born. He chuckled slightly “Couldn’t resist your Aussie food either Molly” a strong smile came out on his face as he leaned back into his chair, wondering if anyone else they knew was around here.

CharlotteCarrendar:- A young mother is usually pretty nervous when someone that they don’t know all that well is holding their newborn. Dixie was a bit hesitant, her hands held up as though ready to catch the baby in case – heaven forbid, she dropped him. Greta noted Dixie’s concern and she handled it like a pro. ”I have …a five.” She meant children, which also was her way of saying that she would take care of little Milo while Logan and Dix caught up with Molly. Feeling a little better about the situation, Dixie let Logan pull her down onto his lap and with a last sigh of relief she allowed herself to relax. The loud music playing and the crush of patrons reminded her a little of her days or nights working at the Death club. Part of her missed it, but it also brought back suppressed feelings about Dem. The man that went to Russia and never returned. Dixie tilted her head back and closed her eyes for a moment, letting the talk and banter go over her as she tried to clear her thoughts and just enjoy the outing. Of course, when Logan mentioned the new car and gestured for Molly to take a look at where it was parked outside, Molly’s jaw fell open. ”Now that’s…a work of art, mate.” Molly appreciated a good looking car as much as he did a good looking Shelia. He smirked at Logan’s remark that he couldn’t resist Molly’s Aussie fare. It was a touch of home in the middle of Europe. The Australian restaurateur beamed with pride. ”Won’t find no better pies than at my place, Logan.” He had brought over the original recipe from his mother’s bakery back in St Kilda. <3>

IceTe3a: – He watched as Molly admired Dixie’s new car as he nodded in agreement with what Molly was saying. “ Any pie is a good pie to me, as long as it’s Aussie made” he smirked proudly as he kissed Dixie on the neck “You know, I should tell my boys about this place, they’re most likely killing for a pie and some Aussie tucker by now” he let out a chuckle as he smiled and looked up to Molly “They’re bikers as well, but a good bunch of blokes. “ He looked over at Greta as he checked on Milo, he did trust her with him but he was protective over the little bloke all the same. “ How about a beer and a pie, love?” he smiled as he looked down to her while she sat on his lap. He was more relaxed now that he was in the pub as his vest draped down allowing his chest to be uncovered a simple sigh of relief. “I wonder what our other little babies are getting up to, If I know jack.. he’d be making a mess right about now” another roaring laugh escaped his lips when the music changed to some hard Aussie rock, his black leather biker boot tapped harshly against the floor to the beat as his head slightly bobbed around. “ Almost makes you feel like dancing, don’t it?” he smirked.

CharlotteCarrendar:- The words that Logan said about how the beat of the music had you almost feel like dancing made Dixie jolt back to reality. ”Huh? Oh..the music. Yeah…yeah it does. Can you excuse me a moment?” Dixie pushed herself off Logan’s lap and then went for the ladies room, but on the way one of the old customers from the Death Club pulled her up. ”Hey…its the Skip from DC…How’s Dem?” The words hit Dixie from out of nowhere, and she looked physically sick.”Don’t call me that!” Dixie growled as she pushed past the patron, who looked truly confused by her behaviour. No one had called her Skip since the DC days….and again the name of her lost lover was brought up. Dixie reached the ladies and pushed the door open, only to enter and then it began. She started hyperventilating. Walking in small circles. Was it the hormones or maybe she had not truly accepted that he was gone out of her life. Either way, Dixie was having a meltdown….that no one could see. <3>

IceTe3a: He was waiting for her response as it took awhile for her to register it, he watched as she excused herself and stood up walking off leaving him with Greta and Molly. He arched a brow slightly and glanced back to Molly “Huh.. How about that beer?” came to a stand and walked over to the bar grabbing two beers and walked back to Molly and Greta where he took a seat and passed one over to Molly. “ Have a drink with me mate. “ in the back of his mind he wondered where Dixie ran off to, it was unlike her to just run off like that without a reason, but thought nothing of it for now as she wasn’t gone for long. “ Do ya miss Strya, mate?” he smirked as he looked up at Greta nursing Milo, the other females in the bar kept looking over at Milo everytime he giggled from Greta’s playing. “I know I miss it sometimes, but it can’t be helped. he took a sip of beer as he let out a sigh of relief.

CharlotteCarrendar:- Dixie was waving her hands, trying to stop the flood that was coming. The wave of panic hit her like a freak wave and she was reeling. How can a man just disappear? No word for months…no text…nothing. The people that were supposed to be watching out for her – again no sign of them. Dixie fell back against a tiled wall, as another girl came through the door and gave the Aussie a sideways glance as she went into a stall. In all this time, she faced everything on her own, till Logan had come into her life. He took her out of the dark garage and gave her everything….everything that Dem had promised. Feelings of self doubt, about how she just carried on as though she was this unfeeling…horrid bitch. She hadn’t grieved mainly cause she truly didn’t know. Closing her eyes, Dixie kept saying to herself that she loved Logan. She did. But why was the ghost of the man that walked out of her life hovering about her like a ghoul. Dixie pushed herself from the wall and went to splash cold water on her face, only to look up and see a different girl looking back at her. She’d changed since her days at the Death Club. You could say she grew up. The Aussie girl didn’t really have a choice. She must have stood there a good ten minutes. Staring at herself. <3>

IceTe3a: Taking another sip of his beer it was half done and gone warm which was unlike him, time had passed and it felt like at least a good thirty minutes had passed since Dixie left them. He was starting to get worried as he chatted to Molly, he could hear Milo’s giggles in the background as he sighed slightly finally he was to worried to sit there and not check up on her. “ Molly, Greta, Look after Milo for awhile would ya? I’m gonna go check on Dix.” he smiled as they nodded, he took a stand as he looked around the pub, slowly walking to the back of the pub pushing past the people who were standing around. Half pissed random people bumping into him along his way as he grumbled slightly, with his hand wet with beer he looked around not able to find her. At this point he was getting worried more and more, as a guy bumped into him spilling his beer all over his bare chest, he growled loudly as he peered down at the man who told him to watch it.“Take a seat.. you’ve had enough bud” normally he’d wipe the man clean out but this was not the time nor the place, especially with Milo being in the bar and this being Mollies bar. As he came to stand in front of the female’s toilets he knocked on the door “Oi love, you alright in there?” he asked wondering if she was even in the toilet, he didn’t wait and being his usual self he opened the door and walked right into the female’s toilets to find her staring at the mirror“Everything ok, Hun?” he said as he leaned against the bathroom wall.

CharlotteCarrendar:- It was as though she had fallen so deep into her own thoughts that the voice of Logan was almost missed. At first she just continued to stare into her reflection, then she finally roused and turned her head slowly to see Logan standing there, leaning against the tiled wall. To look at Dixie’s face, you could see the mascara lines from where a few tears had fallen, and the first thing she did was tried to wipe those away. ”Maybe..I wasn’t ready for my big day out yet.” Course this was an excuse for the truth, and she shook her head having made a promise to herself not to keep anything from Logan. Wiping her face, she turned slightly on the ball of her right foot and then faced him. ”I don’t understand….what I am feeling right now.” She had never discussed her thoughts about the disappearance of Dem, or why she had not felt anything till now. ”I’m…a cold hearted bitch. I have to be. What kind of person just…forgets another like he was nothing.” The rawness of her statement cut her own heart like a knife. The hormones were really tying her up in knots. ”I don’t know if he is dead…I don’t know what happened. But look at me? Why can’t I feel…like I am supposed too?” she was starting to ramble, and one patron quickly ducked out of the ladies room to give them privacy. <3>

IceTe3a: – He finally caught her attention as she turned to face him and explain what was going on, noticing her makeup was stained from tears previously shed he smiled lightly as he looked down at her, now fully understanding what she was going through. Shaking his head slightly he kneeled down so they were at eye level “You, cold and heartless? he chuckled slightly at the thought of it. “ It’s to be expected that you still have some feelings for that guy, love. But remember, he left you alone for how long, in a state in which no female should be left in. Better yet, He left you pregnant and living in a small back room hardly a place for a young female let alone a child, So don’t judge yourself to harshly, it’s human nature to move on. he smiled lightly as he sunk down to the floor his legs stretched out in front of him as he dragged her down to sit on his lap. Taking his vest off he started to wipe the tears and spoilt makeup away. “ Why you go to put make up on when you already look stunning without it is beyond me” once he had cleaned her face up he let his vest slide down to rest on the floor as he cuddled her in close to him “ Whatever it is, we’re here to work it out together. I’ll always be by your side to help you out, love” he sighed happily as he knew she was safe, just in an emotional state which he should have expected, knowing she had gone through so much. “You’re a true Aussie battler love, holding it all together while soldiering on. Stiffen up that bottom lip, don’t shed a tear for someone who leaves you like that. I think you need a beer and a bloody good pie” he smirked slightly as his chin came to rest on her head“As for not being ready, I think you need this. You need to let your hair down and go wild.

CharlotteCarrendar: – The voice of reason. That is exactly what Logan was. He wasn’t mad to see her like this. Concerned naturally, but when he put things into perspective the truth of the matter was that Dixie was beating herself up over something she simply had no control over. Dixie waited…alone for months. With no communication, no word and a lot of empty promises. Yes, it was only fair that she feel something, but perhaps her coping mechanism was to shut herself off from the hurt…the guilt. The Aussie battler had moved on with her life and no one could fault her for it. Logan didn’t. He saw her as being strong for what she did do. You could feel the weight starting to come off, as Logan took his vest off and wiped the tears and stained mascara away. In truth she didn’t need the makeup. That came from her days in the club. She was unique, and was only now starting to see it for herself. ”Old habits die hard.” she said softly when quizzed about why she wore make up at all. Every point Logan made, Dixie couldn’t argue or fault. He was right. She needed to be out. Needed to be Dixie again. The man that had saved her was here with her now. Logan was a loving partner and doting father to Milo. He was everything she needed and now…she needed a cuddle. Course, he had to bring up that she also needed a good Aussie pie and a beer. ”I think you’re right.” The warmth returning to her voice. Logan had a gift. Unique as it was. He could tame Dixie and make the grey clouds go away. Dixie cuddled into Logan and took a deep breath. She was again ready to face the world. This time with no make up…no masks. ”Think they have mushy peas?”<3>

IceTe3a: He was holding her close to him with his arms around her, his smile was never wavering as he fully had trust in her and loved her without fault. A happy sigh of relief as he heard her say he was right, than she asked if they had mushy pea’s he smirked “They bloody better” [b/] as he gave her a quick reassuring hug and picked her up onto her feet as he stood, giving her a look over, he smirked as he was being cheeky again. Poking her cheek than her breast, stomach and lastly her ass [b] “ Just checking your all there love” he gave her a playful wink before leaning in and smacking her lips with his, leaving a passionate kiss with a beer flavor tingling with it. Pulling back he took her hand and nodded “As for Milo, little tike is a ladies’ man. Now let’s enjoy ourselves, while Milo is enjoying himself with all that attention. Don’t worry It’s not like you weren’t shared around at the pub when you were a little tike. “ he smirked giving her a slap on the ass playfully, trying to bring his aussie shelia back into life. As they made their way out of the toilet he smiled as he looked around, he could hear Milo’s giggles over the crowd and the females awing at his cute giggles, all the while Greta was the only one holding him while she was eyeing off the other females. “Molly, Two pies with mushy pea’s yeah mate? And crank up the Aus rock!” he smirked as he looked back at Dixie with a smile.

CharlotteCarrendar: As the couple emerged from the loos, Molly heard Logan shout for Aussie pies with peas….and some Aussie rock to really get the place jumping. Molly did some sly moves across the timber floors and slammed his fist on the juke box.

The music came out and flooded the airwaves of the pub, as Dixie took Logan’s hand and danced him out to a small clearing in the crowd. This song was a classic but a favourite too many an Aussie or expat. The colour had returned to Dixie’s face and she did a little boot scoot as she let Logan take the lead. Greta was swaying back and forth holding onto Milo, who was gurgling happily. A few in the bar all cheered and sang along with the chorus. Molly tipped an imaginary hat and headed out the kitchen to put on Logan and Dixie’s order as the crowd all started to dance to the music that was playing. <3>

IceTe3a: He smirks as she started to wiggle and dance as she dragged him into a clearing on the dance floor, the music started pumping loud and you could see Dixie was once more her normal self. He returned in kind as he grabbed a hold of his Shelia and started dancing around with her, in a slight rock style. Spinning her outwards and back into his arms as they rocked around on the dance floor to the music. Milo’s playful screams of delight could just be heard over the music as Greta was wiggling him around to the music, everyone was enjoying themselves as they all started to dance around to the tune. He brought her in for a kiss and a reassuring hug then continued to dance around her, doing all sorts of wacky Aussie dance styles. He could smell the foods cooking as Molly was busy in the kitchen cooking up a few pies for them, but he was too busy dancing around like an idiot to care, as he picked Dixie up and swung her around the room in his arms, while smiling. Nothing could ruin a moment like this, it was perfect and he was enjoying every moment of it, even if it was only noon. He smirked slightly as he stopped and pulled her into a cuddle “Shall we eat and then get back to having fun?” he smirked.

CharlotteCarrendar:- Outside the cafe a black motorcycle pulls up with a rider and his lady. The girl gets off the bike and leaves her helmet on, as she motions to the rider who simply nods. She checks the licence plate of Dixie’s car and then looks into the cafe where she can see Logan dancing with Dixie being swung around the room. It was an idyllic opportunity, to create panic and to get a mark at the same time. Little did Dixie know that Logan had a price on his head. As Leader of the Nomads he was well known throughout Europe. The woman strolled into the cafe pub in a non chalant fashion, though a few people wondered why the woman had her biker helmet on. “Shall we eat and then get back to having fun?” Logan said to Dixie, who smiled and pulled away as she turned towards Greta who was still bouncing Milo in her arms. The next moment would be one that would have the entire room of people duck for cover. The biker pulled out a revolver and then made aim as she whistled through the helm. [b]”Time to die.” She fired two shots, before fleeing the room and jumping on the waiting motorcycle, that sped off into the traffic. Everything from that moment was in slow motion, as Dixie turned around and watched Logan fall. Blood splattering her clothes. ”NOOOO!”<3>

IceTe3a: He was laughing loudly as the music roared in the background, he watched as Dixie agreed they should go eat. As they walked towards the table he felt Dix pull away, he turns to look at her as she walked over to Greta and Milo. Chuckling as he ruffled his hair on the back of his head while watching the bright smile on both of their faces, then he heard the whistle as he glanced forward. A woman stood with a bike helmet blocking her face “Time to die” he heard her say as a smirk came across his face, his eyes piercing through the helmet with a deathly stare as the people in the room screamed in fear as the rogue woman pulled out a .45 revolver, two shots echo’d though the bar as the bullets ripped through his body with ease, spraying blood across the room. He heard the bike pull away on the street as he fell down onto his back with a grunt, blood trickling out of the fresh wounds as he grit his teeth and let out a half laugh “Heh.. I’ll have to take a raincheck on that pie” he said in a slightly pain filled voice as he heard Dixie scream out in terror, Milo started crying from the drama. His hues slowly look up to Dixie while he held a smile, his right arm slowly reaches for Dixie as a sigh escapes his lips, his body goes limp as he passes out from the shock caused from the gun shots.

CharlotteCarrendar:- Dixie had thought she left the world of the mafia and the people that had destroyed the Death club behind her, but in that split second her whole world was coming down around her. Greta pulled Milo close to her as Molly ushered his wife and Dixie’s child out of harm’s way as Dixie ran to where Logan fell. Her eyes wide and terrified as she took Logan’s hand and brought it to her lips. Stifling another scream from what she was seeing – the blood oozing out of his chest, she trembled as Logan slipped from consciousness. ”Logan?….LOGAN?!” Looking up as other patrons were now starting to crowd around them, Dixie screamed. ”Someone call an ambulance!!” The Aussie girl then pressed her hand down over where he had been shot as blood was spurting out onto her hand. A few people pulled out their cellphones and were calling for help, while the bikers outside were all tearing after the assassin who by now had a good head start. What was supposed to be a lunch out for the small family had turned into a nightmare. Dixie dragged Logan up to her lap and rocked back and forth, tears running down her face. ”SOMEONE HELP US!!” <3>

IceTe3a: The Ambulance came screaming down the street with its sirens blaring out loudly and the horn honking to move people aside, a drive by had taken place down at a local pub and one man was injured as they rushed towards the pub, pulling up in front of the pub, the two medics jumped out with their bags in hand as they raced through the crowd to find the man laying on the floor with a female screaming and crying out while cuddling him. “Miss, please give us room to work” they said as one ushered her away from logan’s body, which lay motionless on the floor. The other examined his gunshots while putting pressure pads on the wounds “Through and through, the pads will slow down the bleeding but there may be internal damage. We need to get him to the hospital fast” the other rushed out and came back with the trolley to help them move the man with ease. Soon the Police showed up and started to ask questions and get information from the witness’s. “ We’re taking him to the closest hospital, you can see him there.” they picked him up and put him on the trolley as they raced out towards the ambulance and pushed him into the back, then moved him onto a stable bed. One ran to the driver’s seat as the other started closing the doors while he sat in back. The police came up to Molly and started questioning him about what had happened and who was the man that got shot, the usual questions were asked.

CharlotteCarrendar:- The bright flashing lights of ambulances and the police were soon radiating off everything, as Logan was ushered onto a gurney and then raced out to the waiting ambulance. Molly was busy trying to recount everything he saw as were other witnesses that spoke of a helmet wearing gunman, who was thought to be a woman due to her body type. Milo was screaming in Greta’s arms, as Dixie followed the gurney out to the hospital, but then told that she would have to wait to see him again after they get him there. The doors were slammed shut as the ambulance then took off at speed. Dixie stood there not knowing what to do. It was a horror that could not even be described. Everything was fine…and then boom, Logan was taken away from her. Now fighting for his very life. Dixie felt like she was in a state of shock, would she even be able to drive in this state? The police approached her for more details, and she looked like a possum caught in the spot lights of a truck. One of the bikers that hadn’t taken off with the others after the assailant approached Dixie. He knew who she was, though he could see she wasn’t dealing with any of this at all. ”Dixie? Get Greta to look after the baby. I’ll take you to the hospital…okay?’ Dixie looked at this man, not even sure of who he was. She was in no state of mind to make decisions. Molly urged her to go with the biker, who asked for the keys to her car.”Come on..let me take you.” Trembling, she handed over the keys to her car and followed the biker to her car. <3>

IceTe3a: – The ambulance sped off as the man in the back took care of Logan’s wounds the best he could, administering an IV drip as he put pressure on the wounds to stop the bleeding. The Ambulance soon came to the hospital where the emergency team of doctors where waiting, they pulled him out and examined him while racing him to the emergency room. “He’s going to need to get under the knife now” they disappeared into the emergency room for hours on end as they cleaned out his wounds and stitched him back up, slowly they needed to reintroduce blood back into his body to account for the blood that had been lost. It took 12 hours under the knife and a few new scars, but Logan finally became stable enough, they kept him in the emergency room on the prep table for another two hours just to be sure. Once they were sure they released him into a private hospital room, where they placed him into the bed and tucked him in, the heart rate monitor beeping as per usual with his heart rate, whilst he laid there in a stable state almost sleeping it off.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Jackson, the biker that drove Dixie to the hospital stayed pretty much by her side as she waited hours while Ice went under the knife. Soon Molly and Greta arrived with baby Milo who was now sleeping after all the excitement had worn him out completely. Dixie was a bundle of nerves as she kept looking up every time a Doctor or Nurse walked past. Hours without any word were tearing her apart. Jackson brought back another coffee from the cafeteria and handed it to Dixie as he took a seat beside her. ”Any idea who would want to kill Logan?’ He said point blank. Dixie held the steaming cup of coffee in her hands and stared at him. ”I have no idea. He never spoke of any enemies. Not once.” Jackson nodded but pursed his lips together at the same time. ”You do realize how high up he is? Guy like him would be worth a mint dead.” This had Dixie growl. ”Stop saying that. You don’t know him.” Jackson shrugged and then went to light a cigarette, before a nurse came up and berated him, since it was against hospital policy.”Maybe…I do.” As this was said, Dixie just stared at Jackson oddly, before a Doctor finally came out. ”He pulled through. We have him in a private room. Just this way.” Dixie and the others all got up, Jackson was the last to rise. All followed the Doctor into the room where Logan was laying on a bed, with monitor’s beeping quietly in behind him. Dixie crossed the room and then just stood there, scared. ”Logan?”<3>

IceTe3a: His body was in a stable condition and slowly it was healing itself as it came over the shock of the wounds. He could hear Dixie’s voice echo though his ears but everything was darkness as he groaned slightly, by the time his eyes slowly opened it had been hours since everyone had entered his room. He coughed lightly and smiled as his eyes searched the room for his Dixie. “Where’s my Aussie girl?” he smiled lightly as he sat up slowly. His body still coming to terms with what happened, as his phone continued to vibrate from the messages that had been left. Obviously his boys had heard the news and were think and thin arguing about what they should do, retaliate or wait for orders, his arm stretched out as he yawned slightly and pat the bed he was laying on, asking Dixie to come lay with him. “Sorry, didn’t mean to scare you like that love” he chuckled and coughed lightly as he waited for her to come to him. He knew he had to answer his phone but that could wait for later, he just wanted her in his arms; he looked over to Molly and Greta who held sleeping Milo and he nodded in sign of thanks “Still wanting that Pie, Molly” he smirked as he looked back to Dixie.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Molly chuckled lightly especially to hear that Logan hadn’t lost his sense of humor. He quietly ushered Greta and Milo out of the room to give Dixie and Logan some privacy, while Jackson seemed to lurk, but then followed suit. As to why Jackson was hanging around, was anyone’s guess, but Dixie only had eyes for Logan. She did as he wished and she crawled onto the bed with him, lying at his side. Her eyes filled with worry and love at the same time. Dixie realized something enormous at that moment. Just how lost she would be if something had happened to him. She turned his head with her left hand and then kissed him softly. He would feel all the love she had for him as she broke the kiss and whispered. ”You had me so scared.” She couldn’t deny that, even if she tried. ”I don’t understand why someone would do this.” Maybe he had answers to that question. Dixie continued to stroke his hair, trying to calm herself, as much as to reassure him she was there for him. <3>


DownTown Seattle (7) – Lipstick Lies!


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Across town Ame and Simone are finally heading off to lunch, while Pandora stocks up.  Welcome to Lipstick Lies!



Re: (RP) Downtown Seattle
August 12, 2014 10:22AM
Grocery Store

After Pandora gave Jane her address, she realized she didn’t have a lot of food in the house for 3 people for an entire weekend and needed to do some shopping. She went back to her house to pick up Brock’s truck as the bike didn’t have enough compartments for the items she wanted to get.

Grabbing a cart, she started in the fresh fruits and veggies section. Jane had mentioned that Jason wanted to cook for them and tried to recall items a good cook would want to have. The red grapes looked delicious as she passed them and she picked up a large bag.

She quickly made some selections in the other areas, also picking up some steaks, hamburger, chicken and pork chops, thinking she could slap them on the grill that evening. As she was passing the seafood/sushi bar area, the smell of cooked fish assaulted her nostrils and her stomach gave an all-mighty lurch. She pressed a hand over her mouth and one of the clerks saw her looking a bit green.

“Are you all right, miss?” the kind woman asked. Pandora quickly shook her head, griping the handle of her cart in one hand as the other was over her mouth. The clerk grabbed the cart with her hand and wrapped an arm around Pandora’s shoulder and together they moved away from the fish section. Pandora’s stomach heaved again and she thought she was going to be violently ill.

“Bathroom!” she gasped, not knowing how much longer she would be able to hang on.

“Almost there.” the clerk nodded in understanding. The sign for the restroom was directly in front of them and with a staggering lurch, Pandora left her cart and made a break for it.

She was just in time.

The clerk followed her into the bathroom just as Pandora was coughing up everything she’d eaten and drank that day. The smell was horrible but she couldn’t move away from it as her stomach emptied its contents. When she had nothing left and was down to a few dry heaves, she sat back with a sigh, the toilet flushing on its own and removing the smell with it. A cup of water appeared in front of her tear-filled eyes and she took it with a grateful smile. She swished the cool liquid around in her mouth before spitting it in the now-clean toilet then took a small sip to clear her throat.

She finally looked up at the clerk who had helped her.

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. Are you sure you’re okay?”

“Yeah. That was horrible.” She got to her feet, a bit shaky. The clerk reached into the pocket of her apron and pulled out a package of crackers and a Lifesaver breath mint.

“Mhm. Morning sickness shouldn’t be called morning sickness when you have it all day long. Ridiculous. I think a man coined that term. Let him get pregnant, see how he likes it.” the clerk chuckled, turning away to refill Pandora’s cup of water. Pandora froze in shock at the word ‘pregnant’. The clerk turned back and noticed the look and became concerned all over again.

“Did you say…’pregnant’?” she gaped.

“Well…yeah. How far along are you?”

“I’m not pregnant!” Pandora exclaimed. The clerk’s eyes went wide.

“Oh my god! I am so sorry! I thought…oh nevermind what I thought. Having been there myself three times, I know what its like and I just assumed…I am so sorry.” the clerk apologized. Pandora waved her off.

“It’s ok. I did have some new type of coffee this morning. Don’t think I’m used to it yet.” Pandora smiled.

“Are you ok now?”

“I’m fine. I’ll nibble these crackers while I finish my shopping. Thank you for your help.”

“Any time. Enjoy the rest of your day.” the clerk smiled, leaving the bathroom. Pandora moved to the wall of sinks and mirrors, splashing some cold water on her face. She looked at herself in the mirror, noticing how pale and wan she looked.

“Pfft. Pregnant. I don’t think so.” she snorted. Drying her face and hands, she left the bathroom to finish her shopping.

As she was moving through the health aids section, she came across the home pregnancy tests. She stared at them for a full five minutes before shaking her head. “Nope.” She continued past them for the band aids before something made her pause. She backed up a pace, stopping in front of the tests again.

“What if…no…no chance of that happening…” she mumbled. “Still…couldn’t hurt to check…” Her hand reached out, hovering over one of them before she snapped her hand back. She gave a shaky laugh. “No…no way. I can’t be. But I want to be sure…right…” She snatched one off the shelf, tossed it in the cart and rapidly walked away before she changed her mind. It couldn’t hurt. She couldn’t remember if she and Brock used protection the last time they were together and she wasn’t sure if she was ready for that type of complication in her life. This would just be a way to ensure that.

She quickly checked out and loaded the bags into the truck. Now that the deed was done, there was no turning back. She got into the truck and headed for home.

Re: (RP) Downtown Seattle
August 20, 2014 02:01PM
Outside Once Upon A Time

“Aye. Lunch at my place. Let me call my butler to get food prepared. What kind of food do you wish to eat?” Ame looked at Simone as she searched in her purse for her cell to call her house.

Ame though to herself, “Could Simone behave for the duration of her pregnancy? I guess only time will tell though I will have to make sure that she doesnt bring men into my home like she always had done before hand. Before all of this drama bullshit that went down.”

“I will be laying down some rules over lunch at my house then I will be needing help with the planning of the car photo shoot. Are you good with planning? Should we call up your assistent to help out as well?” Ame finally pulled out her cell, waiting for Simone to reply.

Re: (RP) Downtown Seattle
August 20, 2014 08:42PM
Ame’s car – Downtown Seattle

“My assistant? OH…my personal assistant. Right.”

Simone took out her cell phone and started to scroll through the list of contacts that she had until she reached Rhea Bolushi’s number. She quickly tapped it and waited for the call to go through. On the other side of town at a business meeting with one of the stage producers for one of Simone’s upcoming gigs, Rhea was chewing her pencil and rolling her eyes as the costume designer was complaining about a lack of funding for some of the more outrageous outfits.

“I need more than just three thousand. You have to find a way to get others to cut back.”

Rhea felt the vibration of her phone and excused herself as she went to take the call.

“Rhea speaking.”

“Rhe!…It’s Simone. I know what you are going to say…”

Rhea made a duck face, as it had been ages since Simone had decided to contact her. Needless to say, the PA, was not impressed. “Oh, I think I can come up with a few words you have never heard of. Where the hell have you been? Do you know how… She turned away from the arguing producers and then stepped outside so she wasn’t to be heard.“boring these meetings are? Honest to God, I am going to throttle Louis with one of his own feather boas if he keeps bitching.” One of the Directors came out and walked past Rhea as she faked a smile then got back on the phone.

“This hiatus of yours…is a bit ridiculous. You are needed, Simone.”

Simone grimaced as Rhea gave her a bit of a mouthful, before covering the phone and smiling at Ame.

“She misses me.” That wasn’t exactly the truth.

“Simone…we need to catch up and I can fill you in on YOUR schedule. Okay?” Rhea was not pulling any punches, and she wanted a definite date. Simone saw this as a ripe opportunity. “I’m having lunch at Ame’s. Why not come down, I will text you the address. I know you are just going to love her. Got some business proposals.” Simone said with a bright smile as on the other end, Rhea was about to tear her hair out.

“Fine. I’ll see you within the hour. And…Ame.” Rhea then hung up, and pulled on her jacket, before going back into the meeting.

“Sorry, gentleman. My boss finally called in. I’m off to lunch. Just…hold the argument till I get back.”

Rhea would leave the men all sitting there stunned, as she grabbed her Gucci bag and swanned out of the room.

In the car, Simone beamed at Ame.

“I’m starved.”


(RP) 2989 Northwest Esplanade, Seattle – Lipstick Lies!


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Pandora is now setting up home on her own, with Brock off fighting a war a world away.  Thankfully, she has great friends who have come for the weekend.  Welcome to Lipstick Lies!



(RP) 2989 Northwest Esplanade, Seattle
June 06, 2014 11:38PM

2989 NW Esplanade is the new Seattle home to Brock Carrendar and Pandora LaRue. Brock purchased the house for Pandora while they were in Hawaii when Brock realized that Pandora was very uncomfortable living in his apartment complex with his brothers and fathers, and her apartment was too small for all their belongings. Come by for a visit!

Please state where your characters are in the house at the beginning of your post.

Basment/First Floor Area



Carrendar DynastyLadyBelzMinion!Despicable Me MinionDeath Club HeartLipstick Lies!Minions 2Minion
Re: (RP) 2989 Northwest Esplanade, Seattle
June 07, 2014 11:16AM
Second Floor Area



Carrendar DynastyLadyBelzMinion!Despicable Me MinionDeath Club HeartLipstick Lies!Minions 2Minion
Re: (RP) 2989 Northwest Esplanade, Seattle
August 13, 2014 02:57PM
Upstairs Bathroom

After putting away the groceries, Pandora went to her bedroom to put the few personal products in the bathroom, dropping the testing kit on the counter. She glanced at it as she left the bathroom again, nervously pacing her bedroom as thoughts crowded her mind.

“Okay…okay…calm down, Pan. It’s not the end of the world. So you…might…be pregnant…this could be a good thing…and if you are, at least you know it’s Brock’s.” she chuckled, tears springing to her eyes. “Okay, okay. Just do it and get it over with.”

She turned on her heel and went into the bathroom once again. She snatched up the box, reading the directions on how to perform the test. She sat on the toilet and took the test, setting the stick on the counter as she washed her hands.

“5 minutes…my life may or may not change in 5 minutes.” she mumbled, bent over the sink and staring at her pale face in the mirror. She needed to keep her mind occupied. She left the bathroom and headed downstairs.


She rifled through the contents of her kitchen, wondering what to fix for dinner.

“Spaghetti and garlic bread.” she stated, pulling out the items needed. She put on a pot of water to boil for the pasta noodles and flipped on the oven for the bread. She kept an eye on the wall clock as she kept an eye on the water, counting down the minutes.

She dumped the noodles in the pot as the water began to boil before turning down the heat and adding a small splash of vegetable oil to the water so the noodles didn’t stick together. Stirring the hamburger and sauce together, she covered the pan with a lid, turning down the heat on that as well.

Well beyond the time when the test was completed, she made her way back upstairs, rubbing her hands nervously. She paused on the threshhold of the bathroom, staring at one little innocent stick resting on the counter. She couldn’t see the results from where she stood, but she knew it was there.


“Just go look already. One small peek.” she whispered, swallowing a lump in her throat. Taking a deep breath, she stepped further into the bathroom. She moved toward the sink, her heart beating a mile a minute. She picked up the test stick with a shaky hand and bracing herself, she looked down.

She sat on the edge of the tub in shock, her legs no longer able to support her body.

“I’m pregnant!” she whispered. A sob caught in her throat. “I’m pregnant. Jesus, I’m pregnant!” she laughed, tears streaming down her cheeks. Her heart felt so full she didn’t know how to contain it.

It was at that moment that the doorbell rang.

“Oh my god! Jane and Jason!” she exclaimed. “My dinner!” She quickly splashed water on her flushed and tear-streaked face, quickly drying off before she rushed downstairs. She took a deep breath to calm herself before she plastered a smile on her face and opened the door.

Front Hall

Her friends stood on her porch, luggage in hand.

“Hey, come on in. Sorry to rush but I have dinner going on the stove.” she told them, rushing back into the kitchen. There were a few minutes left on the bread and the sauce was nearly ready. She dumped the cooked noodles into the strainer in the sink before she moved to hug them both.

“Welcome to my humble abode.” she finally greeted them properly.

Re: (RP) 2989 Northwest Esplanade, Seattle
August 16, 2014 07:21AM
2989 Northwest Esplanade, Seattle.

When Jane and Jason pulled up in the driveway of Pandora’s new home, Jane’s jaw fell open at the true beauty of the traditional style dwelling. So very different from what she imagined, and the photos she had seen of it on Pandora’s cell had truly not done it justice. Gushing, she slapped Jason’s arm playfully.

“Isn’t that the most gorgeous thing you ever did see?’ Bubbling with her enthusiasm, as much as ever. The ditzy blonde was practically bouncing in her seat, excited to be spending the weekend with Pandora and helping her with the garden. Jason could only smirk in response to Jane’s high pitch questioning. He on the other hand found the view in the front seat of the sedan to be more beautiful. “Oh I don’t know, I think you’re gorgeous.” Jason winked at Jane as she started to make a cat like pawing action at him, before undoing her seat belt and then fussing with the door. They had brought an overnight bag each, as well as gardening supplies, some plants and seedling packets in the boot. “You get the luggage and I will carry in the supplies.”

Once they had unloaded the car, and Jane had taken most of her gardening supplies to the garage, they then walked up the garden path and up onto the veranda.

Jason set down the luggage while Jane rang the bell only to see a flushed looking Pandora answer the door.

“Hey, come on in. Sorry to rush but I have dinner going on the stove.”

At that moment, she rushed back into the kitchen, and fussed madly about while Jason smirked and ushered his fiance’ inside. You could smell the richness of the garlic sauce and the benches were a bit of a sight. Jane giggled as she came in and came up alongside Pandora as she cooked, giving her a little hip bump as she was greeted in turn with a hug. Jason smiled broadly to see Pandora so full of life.

“I thought Brock was the chef in the house.” This was what he had heard, from the many times he had spoken to Pandora after she got back with Brock in Hawaii. He glanced over the simmering pot of spaghetti sauce and the cooked noodles in the strainer. He snuck over and sampled a string of pasta to see if it was perfect. He smacked his lips and said. “Not bad…could use a touch of salt.”

Jane squeaked. “Oh, it doesn’t need salt. Stop being so picky.” Jane hated to think that Jason was criticizing Pandora’s efforts. It was then Jane noticed that Pandora’s face was a little blotchy. She reached up and caressed her cheek softly.“Are you okay, Panda?” For some reason, everyone loved to call her Panda.

Jason picked up on this and wandered over, his brows knitting as he too became concerned. “Did we arrive at a bad time?’

It was a good question.


Re: (RP) 2989 Northwest Esplanade, Seattle
August 18, 2014 06:25AM

“Are you okay, Panda?” Jane asked, looking at her with some concern. Pan laughed off the question, though it sounded a bit forced on her part.

“I’m fine. Just fine. It’s warm in here, is all. And I was chopping an onion. No biggie.” she grinned. She wanted to cringe at how stupid she sounded.

Now Jason was looking at her with concern as well.

“Did we arrive at a bad time?”

“No…no. I’m just…happy you guys are here.” she smiled. “Oh! Manners. You guys want a beer or something?” she wondered, darting around them both to go to the fridge. “It’s just me here so I had to go shopping today. I did pick up some wine and a couple of cases of beer. Or I have soda, water and lemonade. Your choice. Just make yourselves at home.” she grinned. “I’m just going to go take your bags up to the guest room. I forgot to make up the bed in there so I’m going to go do that.” She turned off the sauce on the stove as it was done and removed the bread from the oven, glad she hadn’t burnt either.

She looked at them both. “Be right back. Go ahead and start eating if you’d like. Plates are in the cabinet next to the fridge and silverware are in the drawer next to the stove.” And with that she was out of the kitchen as if the hounds of hell were after her, leaving her friends staring after her.

It was a given that nobody had ever seen this side of Pandora and it was a bit shocking.

Pandora’s Bathroom

After making up the bed in the guest room and settling their things nearby to be unpacked later, Pandora darted into her own bathroom and sank down on the edge of the tub. The test stick was still sitting on the sink where she dropped it and she looked at it again to make sure she hadn’t imagined it.

Her emotions were all over the place and she couldn’t take it anymore. Her head dropped into her hands and she broke down into tears, trying to muffle her sobs so her friends couldn’t hear her (wishful thinking on her part).

Alone and pregnant…and missing Brock like crazy.

It was a lot to deal with.

Re: (RP) 2989 Northwest Esplanade, Seattle
August 18, 2014 08:02AM
The Kitchen

Both Jason and Jane just stood there as Pandora turned into this whirlwind. Talking one hundred miles per hour and darting about the kitchen like the Flash. It was concerning as it was unsettling to watch. The couple exchanged a glance, barely able to get a word in as Pandora snatched up their over night bags and dashed out of the room as though her tail was on fire.

When she was out of sight, Jane was the first to remark. “Okay…what in the hell was that?” She wasn’t stupid, well, anyone could see that something was deeply troubling Pandora and she was doing one hell of a performance to keep her guests from guessing. Neither felt like eating without her, and Jason was alert to there being something really wrong.

“Jane, love. You set up the table and get us all a drink, I am going upstairs to check on Pan.”


Jane immediately went to the fridge and took out a bottle of wine, and then turned to get some glasses, as Jason left the room.

Pandora’s Bathroom

Walking up the stairs, Jason cautiously looked around as he padded down to where Pandora’s room was. He peeked inside and whispered her name, only to see the bathroom door closed. From within, there was a muffled sound. The sound of crying. Sighing, Jason wandered through and then he hesitated before knocking lightly.

“Now…when have we ever kept secrets from each other, Pan?” He said in a soft voice. He pressed his hand to the door, and bowed his head, thinking that this might be a hormonal problem, coupled with the fact that Brock was away and Pandora was dealing with it all on her own.

“Best thing in the world, is to talk about our problems.”

He then stood back and waited for her to open the door.


Re: (RP) 2989 Northwest Esplanade, Seattle
August 18, 2014 08:09AM
Pandora’s Bathroom

Pandora heard the knock at the door and inhaled sharply. She had a feeling her friends knew she wasn’t being herself, and it was a testament to their short friendship that they knew her as well as she knew herself.

“What?” she snapped, wiping her face. She hated feeling so weak.

“Now…when have we ever kept secrets from each other, Pan?” she heard Jason’s voice come through the door. “Best thing in the world, is to talk about our problems.”

She could hear the concern, patience and worry in his voice and a fresh wave of tears blurred her vision. A lump formed in her throat and she couldn’t even form the words that were on the tip of her tongue. She swiped at her eyes again but her tears continued to fall without her permission.

“Oh what the hell! You’re going to find out one way or another.” she muttered, getting to her feet. She opened the door, pressed the test stick into his hand and moved to sit on her bed. She looked so sad and pathetic, it was heartbreaking.

Re: (RP) 2989 Northwest Esplanade, Seattle
August 18, 2014 08:17AM
Pandora’s Bathroom

The door finally opened and it was a tear streaked face that met Jason’s gaze. Before he had a chance to speak, she thrust a pregnancy test stick into his hand, blurting that he was going to find out one way or another. Letting her past, he stared down at the stick, and of course the result. The unmistakable two lines.

Pandora was pregnant.

Slowly, a smile crossed Jason’s face and he could feel a swell of happiness from within. “This explains a lot.” He was about to say that Jane would go crazy when she found out, only he then saw how sad Pandora looked. It really was a heart breaking sight.

“Pandora.” Jason always had THAT voice, when he was talking to a patient, but this was a little different given the circumstance. He crossed the floor and sat down on the bed beside her, placing an arm around her reassuringly. “Don’t go thinking you have to struggle with this all on your own, kiddo.” He drew her closer and held the stick out before them both.

“Do you know how many people pray for this sort of result?”

Jason kissed the top of her head as he knew she was still wrought with worry and sadness. It would have a lot to do with the fact that Brock was not there to celebrate this happy tiding. “Brock will be over the moon when he finds out.” This is something that Jason was sure of. Jason handed her back the stick and said; “You’re going to be a great Mommy.”


Re: (RP) 2989 Northwest Esplanade, Seattle
August 18, 2014 11:23PM
Pandora’s Bedroom

“Pandora.” Jason sighed, causing her to wince at his tone. The last time she heard that from him, she had been yelling at him and kicking him out of her hotel room. But he surprised her by sitting next to her and placing his arm around her shoulders.

“Don’t go thinking you have to struggle with this all on your own, kiddo. Do you know how many people pray for this sort of result? Brock will be over the moon when he finds out.”

“I know that, Jason…and I’m happy about it, despite everything…but…” she sighed, raking her fingers through her hair. “Brock’s not here. I don’t know where he is, if he’s safe, or when he’s coming back. I don’t know if he’s alive or dead. How am I supposed to tell our child about where he is and why he left us alone?”

She looked down at the stick pressed into her hand by Jason.

“You’re going to be a great Mommy.”

“Oh yes. Shining example of motherhood I had. Willing to sell her daughter’s body for an ounce of coke to her pimp husband.” she snorted. She looked at the two lines denoting her pregnant state before looking at Jason. “Do you think so?” She sounded so uncharacteristically lost.

As Jason rushed to reassure her that Pandora would be a fantastic mother, the sound of the doorbell pealed through the house. Frowning, Pandora went to the window and looked to see who could be at her door. Her eyes widened in shock and without a word to Jason, she ran from the room, flying down the stairs at a neck-breaking pace.

She tossed open the door and with a scream of happiness, enveloped the two young men who were standing on her porch.

“Oh my god! What are you guys doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be at school?” she exclaimed as she stepped back. Jason and Jane would see two identical young men standing in the door and most likely wonder who they were.

“We’re on summer break.” the one on the left said.

“And we decided to come see you.” stated the one on the right. Pandora threw her arms around them again as they shared a three-way hug.

“I am so glad to see you both. I’ve missed you so much.” Pandora whispered, tears clogging her throat.

“Hey, sis? What’s with the waterworks?” came the expected question. Pandora stepped back with a laugh, grabbing them by their hands and pulling them into the house.

“It’s nothing. I’ll tell you later.” She saw Jason and Jane and laughed, forgetting that her friends were there for the moment.

“Jason Lumbard, Jane Harrison – meet my brothers, Caleb and Caden.” she introduced.

“Nice to meet you!” the twins stated in unison, friendly smiles on their faces. Pandora looked at her brothers.

“How long are you guys in town for?”

Caleb looked at his brother in silent conversation before they both turned to look at their sister.

“Permanently, actually.” Caden stated. Pandora’s eyes widened.

“What? What about school? You can’t just up and leave like that!” she exclaimed.

“We didn’t.” Caleb told her. She glared at them both, hands on her hips.

“Explain! Now!” she demanded. In reply, Caden handed his sister a letter. “What’s this?”

“Read it, sis.” he urged. Frowning at them both, she directed her gaze down at the words on the paper. It was on college letterhead and it took her a moment to process what she was reading.

“Why does this say that you both have been accepted as transfers to Washington State?”

“Because we have.” Caleb grinned.

“You’re moving here?”

“Yes.” they both answered.


“One, to be close to you of course. And two, because they have a better medical program then the one back home.”

“Jesus, you two.” Pandora sniffled, hugging them both once more. “What am I going to do with you?”

“How about some food? I thought I smelled spaghetti.” Caden grinned.

“You did. We were just about to eat.” Pandora laughed. “And…we have a lot to talk about.” She realized she neglected to tell her brothers about her and Brock being together again…among other things. This was going to be an enlightening conversation – doubly so since Jane didn’t have a single idea about Pandora’s own abilities.

Re: (RP) 2989 Northwest Esplanade, Seattle
August 19, 2014 05:19AM
Pandora’s Kitchen

Jane was placing out the cutlery on the dining table, when she heard the doorbell ring. The blonde florist didn’t know that Pandora was expecting others, until she heard the sound of a scream from the second floor, and then Pandora coming flying down the stairs to greet whoever it was. Wiping her hands on her jeans, Jane started for the hall only to be met by Jason, who wasn’t as fast coming down the stairs. He had a bemused expression and naturally Jane was curious. She tugged at his shirt to pull him aside and whispered.

“What’s going on?” Thinking that Jason must have known by now as to why Pandora was acting so strange earlier. Jason silenced his love by kissing her lips and then winking. “It’s not for me to say.” He whispered back, before placing an arm around her and guiding the confused young blonde out into the foyer, where Pandora was greeting her brothers enthusiastically.

Being the gracious hostess that she was, Pandora lead the introductions.

“Jason Lumbard, Jane Harrison – meet my brothers, Caleb and Caden.”

The twins both chimed in that they were delighted to meet Jason and Jane, and Jason did a short wave while Jane was still prodding Jason’s side, trying to get more out of him of what happened upstairs. Jason slapped her backside to get her to quit and he then said.

“Nice to meet you boys.”

Jane grumbled then she put on her bright fifty watt smile. “Hello!” Her head tilting to the side and she said through gritted teeth to Jason. “I hate secrets.”

On hearing that the boys were hungry, Jane remembered that she had been setting places at the table. She dashed back into the kitchen to help get out the extra plates and cutlery needed while Jason could only smirk and nod at Pandora’s comment that there was a lot to discuss.

“Pan’s right about that.”


Re: (RP) 2989 Northwest Esplanade, Seattle
August 19, 2014 08:56PM

And so, over a nice dinner of spaghetti and garlic bread, Pandora told the same story to Jane (and in turn, her brothers) about Brock that she had given Erica the night of July 4th; who Brock really was, his abilities and powers, and why he wasn’t here now. She also told Jane about how she was able to light fires with a though, demonstrating quickly by lighting her own hand on fire and extinguishing the flames a moment later.

“I didn’t want anyone to find out, but it’s kind of necessary right now.” Pandora stated, taking a sip of ice tea.

“Why?” Caleb wondered. She set down her cup and took a deep breath. This was the moment of truth.

“I’m pregnant.” she stated, a small smile of happiness on her face.

Nobody said anything for a very long moment, making her nervous that she’d done something wrong. Caden was the first to react. He left his seat and approached his sister. Pandora was slightly worried about what he would do, but she had nothing to fear as he hauled her to her feet and pulled her into a tight hug.

“I am so happy for you, sis. This is awesome news.” Caden grinned.

“You’re not mad?”

“Mad? Why would I be mad about this? You’re going to be a mom!” he grinned, then his eyes went wide. “I’m going to be an uncle!” he cheered, fist pumping in the air. Caleb joined brother and sister in the happy little celebration.

“This kid is going to be spoiled rotten.” Caleb snickered.

Pandora smiled at her brothers, happy that they were happy about the new edition coming into their lives. She turned to look at Jane, who had yet to say a word.

“Janey? What do you think of all this?”


Carrendar DynastyLadyBelzA PirateA PirateRoleplayerLipstick Lies!SkypeA PirateA Pirate

Pandora finally turned to Jane to ask her take on all this, and for the first part Jane just sat there, with a grinning Jason sitting beside her.

“Janey? What do you think of all this?”

“I’m just….shocked. You must have conceived while we were all in Hawaii. Man, what did they put in those cocktails?”

It took a moment for Jane to get her head around it all, and when she did, she suddenly made a loud whooping sound.“You’re having a little bitty baby!” The ditzy blonde clapped repeatedly and Jason wrapped an arm around her as the penny finally dropped.

“Ooo you are going to have a baby belly for the wedding. I wonder if you should wear a floral dress…rather than the pink.” Jane wasn’t sure if she had asked Pandora to be her Matron of honor as yet, but in all the madness she was now blurting out things that had nothing to do with the baby.


666 Mockingbird Lane – Aeternam Venustas (RP) – TRC.


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666 Mockingbird Lane
Welcome to the home of Vladmir Dracula, Count Dracula.
He has come to this small hamlet, in search of something he’d thought lost many centuries before.
Along with his generals, Emilia and Rheksas, he has plans…many plans…
And this small town will never be the same again.
Vlad’s Mansion – Sitting Room

Vlad remained in his seat as Emilia paced and ranted at him. He wasn’t really listening, but thinking of how much he was disappointed in the young woman. He trusted her above all others, had been honest with her from the very beginning and she still did not heed his warnings. He could not recall one single instance in their centuries together where he encouraged her in her current behavior.


“I did everything you ever asked, including tonight, my….Lord. But again, you only care for that….woman. How many how many centuries has it been? Hmm? And you still pine for her…I may be a General…but I am after all, a woman. A woman who has lived all these years loving but one man. My only crime is that I wasn’t enough for you.” And there it was, in the open for all to hear. He continued to stare at her, expressionless as he thought of what he should do. And still she issued ultimatums. “So, you have a choice, my Lord. End this life or banish me. It’s obvious I am no longer of use to you.” And she dared to stand before him, hands on hips, like a nagging fishwife? It was time to teach her who exactly was the Master and who was the Childe in this relationship.


His body was a blur as he launched himself from his seated position. The chair he had been in, slammed backward into the wall, smashing into pieces with the force of his ire. This went unnoticed as he pressed Emilia across the room into the wall, a single hand around her throat, his talons pressed tightly against her skin. His face was inches from her own and she would be able to see the rage in the blackness of his eyes.

“You dare!” he hissed. “I took you in when you had nowhere else to go! Your own pack tossed you aside and left you to die and out of the KINDNESS of my non-existent heart, I claimed you as My Childe! And you would dare challenge me in such a way!?” It had been many years since Vlad’s temper had been let loose in such a way, the last time had been just before he was turned. This was the first time ever that anyone had felt the full force of his rage. Emilia would be his target. “Not once have I EVER lead you to believe there would be more between us! Not ONCE did I give you ideas that I would take you as a lover! Yes, you are valuable to me! Your skills as an assassin are beyond reproach! But you are my CHILDE! And that is all you will EVER be to me!” he snarled.

Vlad had learned a lot about their race over the years and he had decided at one time that he was never going to do to one of his children that he was about to do to Emilia…but she had brought this upon herself.

“Rheksas! I know you are nearby! Present yourself before me!” he commanded, his aura flaring so heavily in the room that the candles that were lit flickered and died, leaving the room cloaked in shadows. He felt, more than saw Rheksas come up from behind him. Vlad kept his eyes on Emilia and spoke the ritual words to bind her lifeforce to that of Rheksas’s, in a sense, giving Emilia to the man as his blood-wife:

I, Vladmir Dracul, Lord of the Undead
Give of my servant, Emilia
Bound by Blood
To serve for all time
This man of Rheksas.

He shall take of her flesh
To forge this bond
Of Master to Wife
Blood to Blood

Let him forge this bond
With my curse
Forever more bound
Soul to soul.

We are Immortal.
We are Undying.
And nothing can sever
the bond they have sealed.

So I say it…so shall it be.

As Vlad spoke, his power could be felt exponentially and a thin thread of light, as red as blood began to form between Rheksas and Emilia. It was a power neither of them had felt before and had the effect of like being struck by lightning. It was controlled by Vlad alone, the power commanding Rheksas to take Emilia’s blood, to bind her to him forevermore as his Wife.

Vlad’s Mansion Sitting Room.


Vlad’s Mansion Sitting Room.

Was this to be the end of her existance  Years, thousands of years and it had all come down to this moment.  The Child deifies the Master.  Eyes burning as they stared each other down.  But they were not alone.  No, for the other in the triangle was watching, waiting in the shadows.  Rheksas.  The General of Vlad had also watched this game for many centuries, and while his own dead heart did smolder for Emilia he knew that he would never get a look in.  That was…until now.

Vlad was fast like lightning off his seat and rocketed across the room with Emilia caught in the grasp of his taloned claw.  Defiance would never ever be tolerated, but the girl was of worth, there was no mistaking this.  As much as he was angered to the point of just ending her, he also realized that he needed her for her skills and loyalty up till now had been flawless.  Struggling beneath the cold clasp of Vlad’s hand, electric blue eyes turned to that of Rheksas who was a looming shadow not far in behind.  What was he waiting for?  The words of his Master of course.  He did not want to see Emilia ended this way, but if it was the will of the Master than so be it.

Emilia’s face was riddled in the foul spittle of the Count’s rage as he berated her as a Master would of it’s child.  She had disobeyed him one last time and no more shall she ever think of herself as being anything more to him than a child….a servant.  Emilia shivered beneath the Count’s grip as the words rained down and hit her with a torrent to make her see just how she was in her longing for something that could never be.  She had remembered when the Count had taken her, when she was abandoned by her own – cast into the wilderness only to be accepted to the Count’s coven with an open hand.  Emilia would never bite that hand again.

“Rheksas! I know you are nearby! Present yourself before me!”  The Count ordered, still with his taloned hand buried deep around Emilia’s neck.

“My lord, I present myself unto you.”  This was said with a bow, as he slowly rose and continued to observe what well could be the General’s end.  His eyes locked on Emilia’s, waiting for the end.

It was then, much to the shock of both Generals, that the Count made his will known, and effectively gave the unlife of Emilia to the complete control of Rheksas.  Both were struck by the same shock of power that came from the Count’s decree.  A fine red line joined each to the other, as their bodies both shook and quaked as though struck by a lightning like force.  This blood binding was an ancient ritual, designed to ensure that the bond could never be broken, and each would continue to serve Vlad faithfully for eternity.  It also meant that Rheksas would gain the prize he had wanted for so long.  It was no secret to the Count of the General’s feelings for Emilia and now she could never say no.


The moment the Count released his grip from Emilia and stepped away, the General Rheksas moved to take his place.  Emilia was still pinned hard to the wall as though by the force of the ritual’s words.  Rheksas stared back at the Count, almost incredulously, before he moved his right hand up and swept back a portion of Emilia’s hair.  How he had longed for this moment.  He had touched her before, but only in care of her wellbeing.  This was to be the first touch of a husband to blood wife.  Eternal servants of Vladmir.  Emilia had no say.  She could not move even if she dared to try.  Her steel blue eyes met with the deep chocolate ones of Rheksas.  With speed he came down on her, sinking his fangs into the soft skin of her neck, and started to feed as her arms were seen reaching out around his body, fingers curling ever slightly.  Rheksas growled and took her with all the enjoyment of a man that loved the woman that was given unto him.  She tasted like no other, and he became almost intoxicated by her, her writhing only exciting him all the more.  This would surely be a show to watch and enjoy no doubt.

When Rheksas had taken his fill, he withdrew his fangs and then licked at the wound to make it close over.  But still his hands continued to wander over her.  She was now inside him, and Rheksas wanted to complete this union of blood in the most intimate way.  His lips moved from her neck up to her chin, then closed over her mouth and hungrily feasted on her tongue.  Emilia put up little resistance to his intentions.  She could no longer fight what was her new Master – her husband.  Slowing, the General moved back slightly, and then pressed his lips to Emilia’s forehead, before turning back to his Lord, the Count.

“My blood wife will no longer be a problem to you, my Lord.”  Rheksas’s lips were still wet from his new bride’s blood and he licked his lips with a half smile.  This had worked out better than he imagined.  Rheksas would keep Emila well under his watch, and between them, they would continue to serve the Count as they had done…now without issue.  Emila remained quiet, the anger had been released out of her when Rheksas fed.  She knew best not to disobey and kept close to Rheksas.