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Re: Grounds: Forested Area
August 14, 2014 09:56PM
The Grounds – Forested Area

The trees fell silent as scores of wild birds flew away in fear. The rumbling of earth could mean only one thing. The Giant was now out in the gardens and heading for the wood. His search for the thief thus far had brought up nothing, except a good meal from the Kitsune in the kitchen. At least for now the Giant’s belly was full, but his mind had only one thought and that was to find the girl who took his gold, and wounded his pride.

Douglas leaned against a tree, which bent slightly due to the Giant’s considerable bulk. He scratched his backside through his kilt and snorted angrily. What kind of woman would even have a drinking game with a Giant and think she could win? There were now a lot of questions as to just how she did it. Was she able to drink without any effect, and if so…why drink in the first place?

Thinking back, the girl that was in the cellar at the time acted rather peculiar. How could she have missed the other girl, who must have hung around for a while after the Giant had passed out from the drink. Were all the women in this mansion plotting against him?

One thing was for certain. No one ever escaped the grounds, which meant that it was merely a matter of time before the Giant would catch up with the girl that stole from him. Pushing himself off the tree, which showered down a bough full of leaves, he continued his search.


Re: Grounds: Forested Area
August 16, 2014 08:29AM
I opened it!, her sudden outburst caused the demon to flinch and shoot her an awkward glance while he subtly leaned a little bit away from her. Opened it? Opened what, exactly? A door? A door to her memories, maybe? ”…Do you think it will?” He asked, ”Kill you, I mean… What if it does?” Roman peeked at her hands, watching them change their shapes on their own, without her seeming to notice. Creepy indeed. ”What if…. That’s the punishment for trying to retrieve our memories. Death.” He scoffed a bit, well aware that she was thinking out loud and wasn’t paying attention to much.
He was curious about his memories aswell, of course. So far he has only figured out small pieces of himself and he figured it all out on his own. His powers, what he is.. He’s constantly wondering what a thing like him could be doing in another life. A shapeshifting demon… What a concept. He could not have been a good person…Monster. Whatever.
”[i]Hi.[/b]” He mumbled, when she finally came out of her thoughts and remembered he sat there. ”It’s like we all have permanent amnesia..” Roman looked around himself a bit as he spoke, squinting a bit at seeing a flock of birds flee out of the trees, then a rumble.. Was the giant out here already? Had he tracked her down at last? Impossible…He scoffed, slowly getting to his feet. But before he straightened himself up completely, he bent down a bit, one hand on his knee while the other pointed at her. ”Save those thoughts…You shouldn’t talk too much about it, the caretaker will hear you.
It wasn’t like he cared too much about getting in trouble. However he did care about staying alive, and the caretaker had a scary rumor about her after all. ”We have company now.. The giant is out here somewhere.

Re: Grounds: Forested Area
August 16, 2014 12:11PM
Amaria blinked at Roman then began to get up herself as he spoke of the giant. “You don’t say?” She replied sarcastically to his mention of their new company. “As if the ground shaking wasn’t enough to let me know.” She glanced up at the sky as the flock of birds fled. “We could have continued sitting. If anything, standing now makes us more suspicious.” A pause. “It’s not as if he’ll recognize me, you know. He hasn’t seen this form. And, if worse comes to worse, I can pretend I don’t even speak English.”

She smirked. “Est-ce que tu parle le francais?” (Do you speak French?) Yes, she’d referred to him in the ‘tu’ form rather than ‘vous,’ choosing to address him as a friend might to another. ‘Vous’ signified politeness and speaking to one that you didn’t quite know… not that she expected him to know that. Amaria couldn’t quite place why she knew French, but she did know that she knew it almost as well as English.

“All I know is,” Amaria randomly picked up their previous topic, “I will get my memories back. I don’t know how, but I will somehow. I need to know who I was.” She turned towards the sound of thundering footsteps then, seeming to quickly drop the discussion. She went to her tree again, climbing up it to a branch above so that she was just a bit above Roman in height as she laid down on the branch.

Ah, so she was making them appear as a couple of people merely hanging out. Nothing suspicious in that, right? “I hope you’ve brushed up on French.” She mumbled, listening as the lumbering footsteps of the giant became louder. Of course, she was grinning slyly, though her facial expression turned into a laugh of delight.

This was a game to her, nothing quite more than that. She remained unworried, her form foreign to the foe upon them.

Oh how she got joy from this. Sanity was not her forte.

Re: Grounds: Forested Area
August 17, 2014 07:53PM
Grounds – Forested Area

It was due to the Giant’s height that he was able to see that the trees did not just contain wildlife or leaves, but a pair conversing. How…bloody odd. What on earth would people be doing lounging around in trees? Lumbering forward to get a better view it saddened him to see that the female one was not the one he sought. This search for the thief had bore no fruit so far and he was starting to grow weary of it. Sad thing was, she robbed him of his gold, she poured out the best scotch he could possibly ever get and all he was left to show for it was a stinking white frilly pirate shirt.

Approaching the tree, the Giant called out;

“You seen a thieving little git….about yay high….and…jingling with coins that she stole from me?’

He didn’t have a right clue to what she actually looked like, so he was going off what he remembered, which really wasn’t very much.

The Giant stood there waiting for an answer, though he doubted that either could tell him anything. Probably been sniffing the leaves and getting high….or something.




Re: Grounds: Forested Area
August 20, 2014 11:35AM
He didn’t feel like sitting anymore. His legs grew restless now and then and he’d wander around a bit, kick a few pebbles… It’s easy to say he gets bored fast. ”Dude, we’re the exact opposite of suspicious.” Roman grumbled with a snort, ”you literally have a whole new face on, new body, new everything. Plus he has never seen me before, has he? I’m an excellent actor and a liar, you’re as safe as the bank, love.” Grinning mischievously, he threw her a playful look, but right afterwards it quickly vanished when she began to speak French. He stared blankly for a few seconds, listening to her… Slowly, he sneered, his nose wrinkled as she squinted at her. ”Sorry mate. French isn’t my area. I know German though, for some reason.” Chuckling a bit half-heartedly, he’d eventually sit back down by the tree- after she had climbed up that is. ”Monkey..” He scoffed under his breath, fiddling around with a couple bracelets hanging loosely around his wrist. ”Woman, getting your memories back ain’t going to be easy… But i’m sure you already know that. Maybe i’ll help, ain’t got nothin else to do around here anyway.” Roman muttered, pursing his lips a bit and then sending the woman in the tree a brief thumbs up when she referred back to the French. Of course, he had not brushed up on the language at all. As a demon he should be able to simply pick up the language and automatically know every word.. But he isn’t quite sure how to just to that yet, hopefully he’ll figure it out as soon as possible. The giant reached them eventually, standing up not too far away. Roman eyed him with one eyebrow arched and, for a moment, a sudden sting of temptation struck him. A classic betrayal, it would taste good to his sinful self but…No, he didn’t say anything about Amaria’s little secret and shrugged instead, sending off a slight smirk. ”Sorry mate, you’ll have to be a bit more specific…” He said, gesturing loosely with his hand towards him. ”Any idea how she looks…?

Re: Grounds: Forested Area
August 20, 2014 08:44PM
Amaria stared at Roman as Douglas appeared.. for a moment, perhaps a split-second, she thought he’d betray her. It was on his face, the words just on the tip of the tongue.. as he spoke a silent breath of relief released from her that, frankly, she’d not realized was being held. “You know, hair color, eyes.. something? I’d really love to help you out here, but you’re a bit too vague.” Accents. Now she took on a Dublin Irish one, different from her original old London speak that he’d first heard. Her lips pursed as she stared at Douglas, almost seeming to be looking through him. Quite unnerving, really.

Especially how she hung off of the tree branch, gazing at him as a monkey might, peering through strands of the pitch blackness that was this form’s hair. “Though not sure why you’d be looking for a thief in the forest? That’s kind of impractical, innit?” For now she hoped to freak him out with the thoughts that she may be insane, her eyes continuing to stare at him unblinkingly. She was almost tempted to use her glamour, to make him turn around and stop looking for her.. oh, but this was quite fun… dangerous, but fun. Especially when she could see his reaction at his returned coin purse. Not like she had much to spend money on here, anyway — there was no purpose.

Re: Grounds: Forested Area
August 20, 2014 11:05PM
Grounds – Forested Area

Staring at the girl as though she had something odd between her eyes, the Giant let out a loud grunt and threw up both arms in frustration. He didn’t have the girl’s hair colour or eye colour for that matter. The Giant had very little to go on, and when you add to the fact that he was now searching a part of the grounds that she wouldn’t be seen dead in, he started to doubt himself. What would a thief be doing in the grounds? Pissing on a small hedge? Not bloody likely. No…from memory the girl liked a drink. She liked it a lot. And she was able to hold her own in the drinking game. If there was any place that the girl might end up again, it would be the cellar. But…she would also know that the Giant would be looking for her.

The girl that stared at him from the bough of the tree was also a bit unsettling. The way she continued to stare at him, without blinking. Another freaking loony. Was this whole Mansion filled with mad hatters and sneaky wenches? It appeared to be the case.

Lifting up what was the white frilly shirt, the Giant dropped it from his hand and then stomped on it till it was well covered in mud.

“THAT is what I think of frilly shirts!” he stormed, as he gave a few good jumps on it for good measure.

Duggie realized he had lost his pride, and his gold. The giant had been through enough. He glared at the pair in the tree and then with a raised brow growled.

“What you two lookin’ at?”

Turning on his heel, he stormed off into the distance. He was the grounds keeper after all and had a job to do. Thankfully for Amaria she got away with blue murder….for now.


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