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Re: Grounds: Garden
August 21, 2014 07:29AM

The Mansion was no fit place for the likes of a Giant. A feared warrior who had felled many a man on the battlefields in the wilds of Scotland. Least, that was what one would think as they saw the sad excuse of a man with shoulders hunched over returning to his part of the Mansion. The Gardens. Oh, it was green and peaceful. Wild animals that were caught up in the dreaded force field were to share the lands with the ginger haired giant.

“I don’t belong here.” Douglas lamented as he trudged along. A branch got caught in his path and whipped around him so fast that it sent a family of squirrels flying faces first into the dirt. All you could see was their wee tails all..fuzzy and standing up amongst the green of the grass and moss.

Taking off his favored pig skin bladder, he brought it up to his lips and tried to squeeze what little drops of scotch remained, but sadly it was as dry as the desert. Douglas tossed the wine bladder to the ground and then found himself a fallen log on which to sit. Few things brought him any comfort in this hellish place. Scotch, and a good yarn. Now after being tricked by the waif like girl in the cellar, and robbed of what few coin he had to buy more, the Giant was feeling a touch sorry for himself.

Oh, he had tried to break through the invisible barrier on the edge of the forest and each time the Giant was thrown back only to land in a heap. It was frustrating to say the least.

“If only I could remember…oh aye….if only.” He like many were lost. Lost to their past…and with not much of a future to look forward too. Looking down at his hand, he rubbed the gold ring he wore on his left hand. Was it significant? Did it mean something in a past life? It was just another mystery. The only thing he knew…was that he was good with an axe. A weapon in the right hands, but to a Groundsman, it was just another tool in the shed.

Douglas placed his hands on his knees and leaned forward letting out a sigh. He wanted to fight…he wanted to do something that would change the lives of people in the Mansion. He longed…for home.


Re: Grounds: Garden
August 22, 2014 06:06PM
“Come back here, you little..!” Quinn called out, running after Mason. While at first she’d been loud, eventually she’d faded to complete silence.. even though she was gaining speed. Something about this. Something about this chase triggered something. She couldn’t quite place what, instead deciding that she would get Mason later as she spotted her giant friend looking rather down. “Duggie!” She screamed, just a few feet from the giant as she had flown silently at full speed.. that had been his only warning.

Barreling into him at unhuman-x miles per hour, the two were knocked down onto the ground and rolled with large thumps. “Hey, look alive, would you?” A grin as they stopped their roll, the 7-foot tall woman straddling him as though this was something they did everyday.. which, really, they did. A grin accompanied this, though she watched Mason as he slowly returned to them. “You know, Doug, that thing that happens every once in awhile?”

By this, she referred to the feelings of her memories returning, often giving her great headaches and terrible pain. Him being her longtime friend, he knew almost everything about her as she did about him. “I think it’s happening.” Though the whole time he she held a grin plastered on her face as pain began to spread behind her eyes and to her ears.. A couple of minutes or so and she might be on the ground, out for the count. Which, had happened before.

Re: Grounds: Garden
August 22, 2014 06:37PM
The Gardens

Though others may have been enjoying the quiet surrounds of the gardens, Douglas was like a big lump on a log. Well, he was in all truth. Shoulders sagging and muttering to himself with his heavy accent. Few would understand what it was like to be such a large brutish looking creature surrounded by…short attractive types. Douglas had the kind of face that only a mother could love.

Douglas would have continued to sit and mope upon that log, but turns out that he was the target for his one and only friend, who was rocketing towards him at such speed, that the impact was going to be spectacular.

“What the….?” Famous last words as he was hit with such force by Quinn that it literally knocked the wind right out of him. Over and over they rolled, collecting all manner of leaf litter, twigs and the odd furry creature till finally coming to a stop with Quinn straddling the Giant…as she did.

“Hey, look alive, would you?” Quinn had already picked that Douglas was on a downer. The Giant lay there as he pulled a disgruntled looking rabbit out from under his kilt, tossing it over his shoulder. The Giant then tried to show something that resembled a smile, but with the lack of a few teeth it looked a bit odd.

“If this is living, lassy…I rather be dead.” The Giant said off the cuff, before showing interest in Quinn’s query about that thing…that happens once in a while.

“Ya shagged a vampire? No…no, I jest. What ‘appened, lass?” Douglas now showing a more genuine expression. He knew about the headaches that came when she got flashes of memory, something that Douglas didn’t get.

“I think it’s happening.”

This usually meant one of two things. She was going to scream from the blinding headache…or pass out cold. Either way, Douglas needed to be ready.

“Oh…aye. Right. “ he found it odd however that she always grinned as the pain accelerated. Kinda like she enjoyed it. Either way, Douglas prepared himself for what was coming.


Douglas closed one eye, squinting it tight and held his breath watching her.


Re: Grounds: Garden
August 22, 2014 06:57PM
Mason ran through the forest dodging branches and jumping over hedges as he ran through the forest. Being a little nosy he plugged his headphones in as he wondered what her taste in music might be. Carrying his luggage it was quite tiring as he still didn’t have a shirt on at the time. Feeling the night breeze he continued running as he saw two figures in the distance. Jogging towards them it appeared to be Quinn and someone he never saw before. Jogging up to them he introduced himself with a friendly smile. “Hey, I’m Mason.” Not one to jump to conclusions as he saw the precarious position, he blew past the obvious and continued to listen to what was going on. “What exactly did she mean by that?” Mason thought as he watched the series of events play out. A grin was on her face but it didn’t seem genuine, almost as if it was stuck in place. “Are you alright?” Mason asked just going out on a hunch. Something just didn’t feel right…

Re: Grounds: Garden
August 22, 2014 07:26PM
The first time this had happened, she’d screamed and held her head, crying in hysterics that she couldn’t see and was blinded. Douglas had been around for that very first one. Needless to say they’d been friends for quite a long time. Though usually the doctor couldn’t do much, only Ophelia could truly help her by taking away the overflow, but the medical wing provided a place to stay and kept the headaches at bay.

Gritting her teeth and locking her jaw, Quinn dug her nails into Douglas for a moment, before looking up at Mason, “I really do apologize.” And suddenly there was searing pain, a hand moving up into her hair and then to her temple, her breathing quick…

And then there was a burst of light. She was running, her paws thudding heavily under her as she watched the woman – well, demon in a human form run away. She knew that it wouldn’t escape her, it was pitiful to try.. and thus she snarled, throwing back her head and howling. The soul was red, it was time.. and with a single leap of all fours she closed the distance with ease, clamping down to the very soul of the demon as she screamed…

Quinn had fallen forwards to the side, almost cuddling into Douglas when she’d fallen to the ground as he’d moved to catch her. Her eyes moved rapidly under their lids, her jaw locked as she breathed a bit quickly while the memory came to her.. When it ceased her eyes stopped moving and she became still, her breathing slowing as she fell into a physical state of sleep.

Re: Grounds: Garden
August 22, 2014 07:39PM
The Gardens

Given the warning by Quinn made things a little easier for the Giant who had been privy to Quinn’s “happenings” before. This time however they had company. Mason showed up just as things were about to go out of control and the Giant called out to him.

“Block ya ears..laddie.”

Sure enough, Quinn let out a blood curdling scream while Douglas winced in pain from the clawing that the girl inflicted on him as the pain in her head intensified. The girl fell slightly forward as she came down from the affects of the release of memory and Douglas was quick to catch her. Propping himself up, he changed his hold on her so that he would be cradling Quinn as he pushed himself up to standing.

With a good grip, the Giant said. “This is a doozy. Right, off to the medical bay. Only place where she can come out of this safely.”

Douglas wasn’t sure if Mason knew where that was, or even if he had been given a tour of the grounds. He knew Quinn though. Douglas’s kilt swayed back and forth as he lumbered off towards the Mansion. The giant’s concern for Quinn was greater than his own woes, or even that of his search for the coin thief. That could all wait. Glancing over his shoulder at Mason, he quirked a brow.

“You always carry your luggage with ya, Mason?” The Giant asked, wondering just how new this creature was. He had picked up on the name of the fellow when he arrived on the scene. For once the Giant was being polite.


Re: Grounds: Garden
August 22, 2014 08:09PM
Mason wasn’t sure exactly what was going on as she was in terrible pain. Analyzing the situation Mason couldn’t even come up with an idea on what to do. Hearing the quick advice given to him by the giant he quickly covered his ears. Even through the cusps of his hands he could still hear her wail as she seemed to be in desperate pain and he was helpless in the situation. It slightly infuriated him even though they just met she was still someone that needed help. Listening to the giant he nodded gathering his composure as he tagged along to see exactly was going on. Seeing the giant noticed his work clothes he changed out of in his bag. Flashing a smile as he let out a small chuckle he said “Well no, I went to the gym straight after work. Just a change of clothes.” Looking at the coma induced Quinn he looked back up at the giant with a condescending smirk on his face seeing as it seemed Quinn should get to the medical bay as fast as possible”Just how fast can you run Mr.Giant?”

Re: Grounds: Garden
August 22, 2014 08:24PM
The Gardens.

“Just how fast can you run Mr.Giant?”

“The name’s Duggie, not Mister Giant!” The Giant roared as he picked up his pace in his race to get Quinn to the medical bay. As his sandal covered feet thundered across the grassy plain, he added with a few huffs and puffs. “Faster than a frog can fart in the dark. Now, get a move on”

None of that probably made any sense to Mason, but the Giant was on a mission. His green and navy kilt was rising and falling as he lept over fallen logs and bounded over rock ornaments. It was quite a sight to see a Giant run, depending on if you were looking up or at a height you couldn’t see under his kilt. Hard to believe a ginger haired giant had hair down there.

Quinn’s body bounced in the Giant’s arms, though he had a pretty good hold of her – she would still appear to be like a rag doll. Her lanky legs flailing about. The Giant had seen her go through this before and it was never pretty. He hoped that the Doctor was in this time, in case her visions would bring about some sort of terrible reaction. It was the Giant’s greatest fear.

He crashed through the doors on the ground floor and sped down the hall, before pounding up the spiral staircase to the floor where the medical bay was.


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