Intergalactic Space Port – Beyond Jupiter : TRC.


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The landing zones for starships across the galaxy. Where ship and crews go to rest, relax and repair.
On every inhabitable planet with a fully populated city, across the entire galaxy.

Aug 3 14 3:05 PM

Avalon Space Port.


Avalon Space Port.  One of the galaxies busiest ports with over 1000 ships arriving at any given day.  Massive space liners and the vast Imperial bulk crusiers were known to be either built or have their main base there.  One such ship that was docked on Raft 783 – 4 was the Asarai Class 4 battle cruiser “Orega IV”.  A ship of such magnitude that it was said to be crewed by no less than five hundred personnel.  Its Commander, was none other than Siridus Ja’Crysatal, a decorated fleet Admiral with over eighteen years service on board the Imperial ships.  Having been granted the rights to take the helm of the latest Asarai to be constructed on Avalon, he and his crew were having some much needed down time, before heading off on their next mission.

Strolling along the observation viewing deck that ran along side the Orega IV, Siridus had his hands behind his back -tapping them silently as he observed the sleek lines of his newest ship.  His second in command, Lietuenant Lordes Reece walked along beside his Commander, and noted the Admiral’s interest in the ship.

“They say they got this one completed in just over a year, Sir.”

It was hard to believe, but with the amount of technicians and machines that the Imperium employed it was little wonder.  Siridus came to a stop and turned to place his hands on the guard rail, his sea blue eyes taking in much of the ship’s sleek design.

“It’s amazing what mankind is capable of, Lordes.  Such wonders that I marvel at the craftsmanship and dedication of the Masters.”

“Indeed.”  Lordes added, his chest swelling with pride since it was going to be their job to take it on it’s maiden voyage.  He glanced at his Commander and then asked.  “Shall we go to the Rogue’s bar for a drink, before the ceremony, Sir?”  It was customary to always have the main deck crew gather for a celebration drink before launch.  Siridus offered a half smile, knowing this was the done thing.  “Give me another hour, and I shall meet you there.”  Lordes stepped back and saluted his Commander, before hot footing it to his temporary quarters to alert the other officers.

Left on his own, to take in his ship one last time, he thought to himself.  “The stars shall pale in significance to you when launch comes tommorow.  Till then…”  He released his hands from the rails, and headed down to the nearest lift that would take him to the transport docks, and from there to Rogues’ bar.


Aug 3 14 5:16 PM

Avalon Space Port

Raft # 4256

The Crusader had been docked there for over a month for repairs and refits since the last engagement with a band space pirates had heavily damaged the Quesar class 5 heavy strike cruiser. The captain of this vessel was none other then Cadeus Centiro or better known as the prowler among the imperial fleet admirals. Cadeus was sitting in the command throne of the vessel going over the reports before an officer walked up to him and spoke calmly. “Milord The refits and repairs are done…” Cadeus would smile slightly before looking up from his reports and speaking with a gravelly voice. “Good send a message to all crew dirt side to have them report back immediately. We leave in four hours.” The officer would nod before scuttling away to dispense the crew recall message to the crew of six hundred and fifty. Slowly with the sound of whirring gears the captain would stand to his full eight foot two inch tall stature before barking out to the servitors. “Prepare to disconnect from the raft when I give the word..” The servitor’s did not answer but silently complied with the order as they where lobotomized criminals sentenced to serve upon the vessels of the Imperium. Cadeus Centiro would then look around with steely grey eyes before walking off the bridge of the vessel and heading to his quarters. As he walked from the bridge his footfalls made dull thumps thanks to his ceramite battle plate that was standard issue for his kind. What was Cadeus Centiro? he was once a normal human being but now he was a genetically enhanced and altered human or better known among the populace of the Imperium an angel of death. He had served the Imperium faithfully for over 300 years to date seeing much combat and space warfare.

~four hours later~

With the crew aboard The Crusader would disengage from the raft before powering away slowly with her plasma drives burning bright. It wasn’t long before the monolithic ship reached it’s departure point and its warp drives powered up. Once the warp drive’s began to power up the gellar field crackled into existence and wreathed the ship in a protective bubble so that the warp travel would not damage the ship. Then in a blink of an eye The crusader jetted forward and was gone into the warp as it travelled to its next destination where ever it may be.


Aug 8 14 1:57 AM

Rogue’s Bar – Avalon Space Port.


Rogue’s Bar.


One of the last rites of any Imperial crew was to go and have a drink at Rogue’s bar if they were docked at Avalon.  A popular drinking hole for all walks of space traveller or officer, it was a true mix of what the galaxy had to offer.  From bounty hunters and traders, officers and some of Avalon’s cyber bots; it was where you went to gamble, drink….or just plain forget.  The docks shuttle bus cruised on up to the main entrance stairwell, that was illuminated with a purplish fluro lighting.  Holographic scenes from the major Junko corporation flashed wild insignias and asian girls in all too tight uniforms plugged the latest fad drink or new music video.  Everything on Avalon had a price tag.  Only thing was, could you afford it.

Siridus stepped off the hovering shuttle and onto the crowded sidewalk.  Patrons to Rogue’s were spilling out onto the upper floor balconys.  No doubt he would find his flight crew here.  Pulling smartly on the edges of his jacket, he strode up the stairs, passed the watchful eyes of the Geisha good girls.  Dressed in doll like dresses and with painted faces and over done make up.  So extreme.  Couldn’t girls just look their age?  That is what Siridus always wondered.  Half of them were probably underage.  Seeing a man in such a high ranking uniform, many stepped back to allow him passage into the main doors of the bar.


“Commander!”  From within the crowd, a single arm was upstretched and waving at Siridus to try and gain his attention.  It was none other than his navigation officer Preta Dominqure’.  She was dressed in her full military suit, complete with bars on her sleeves.  Her platinum blonde hair cropped into a fashionable, yet neat style, that came down just to rest on her shoulders.  “Thought you weren’t going to make it, Sir.”  Pushing past a few lower officers, she came up alongside the Commander as he took a seat at the bar.  She checked her wrist comm for the time and then smiled.  “Checking on your new favourite lady?”  That was how they regarded the ships, as it was something of an inside joke with how the Commander had gone over every stage of her construction.  Siridus lifted a finger to the bar keep, who was quick to pour him a scotch and dry, setting it down on a small metal disk in front of him.  The Commander took up the glass and tipped it slightly; the ice cubes clinking against the side of the glass in a swirl of the amber coloured fluid.  “Aye…and she is in perfect shape, Preta.”  The Commander was on a first name basis with his navigation officer, since they had done four tours before on their older ship; the Nakora V.  That ship had been decommissioned, and was doing bulk haulage to the outer system.  Nothing in the Imperials control was ever wasted.

Preta smiled to see the Commander in such good spirits.  She knew what this new command meant to him.  Glancing around at the other patrons, she could see that their crew was having the time of their lives.  Dancing and hitting on the Geisha girls.  ~You’re only young once.~  She thought to herself, taking a sip of her lime coloured cocktail.  It was no secret that she had an eye for the Commander, but he seemed to be always distracted.  Once he got on the helm of his latest ship, he was strictly business.  That was how he liked it.  All for the Imperium.


Imperial Shuttle Bay #64 – Avalon Space Port.

Imperial Shuttle XER-781

“Estimated arrival to dock at Avalon is in fifteen minutes, Lieutenant.”  The navigational officer reported, as the Imperial shuttle was now entering the planet’s atmosphere.  Watching from her command chair, the Lieutenant surveyed the holographic images that appeared on screens to the right of her chair. It had been a long journey from the Iscara system and with the Ambassador wanting updates every hour, the Lieutenant was more than relieved to be at the end of the flight.  Rising from her chair she instructed the crew.  “Ensure the shuttle bay are ready to receive.  After the Ambassador and her cargo are delivered safe and sound, you are all entitled to four days of RnR.”  This announcement brought about a cheer from the crew, who were all looking forward to the spoils and delights that Avalon had to offer.  The Lieutenant gave a half smile, before heading to the Ambassador’s quarters.  As she passed through the sensored doors, they parted with a light hush as the pressure changed, and allowed Lieutenant Nyra to head down the corridor.  This was her tenth trip to Avalon, which usually were diplomatic runs.  This one however was different.  Little did her crew know the importance behind this mission.  Wearing the regal mauve suit that defined her rank, she cut a svelte figure; her hair was cropped short to the nape of her neck.  Ebony tresses always brushed to perfection, that gave off a strange hue as she passed underneath the artificial lighting of the ship.

Approaching the Ambassador’s door, Nyra came up to the assigned guards that were stationed just outside.  The Ambassador was guarded around the clock, for reasons that would become clear.  Stepping before the pair, the Lieutenant snapped her heels together and stood arms at her sides.  “I have come to inform the Ambassador that we are about…”  Just as she was making her presence known, a voice was heard from inside.  “No need for the formalities, Nyra.  Come in.”  The two guards stood aside as the doors opened.  The Lieutenant pulled smartly upon her jacket and made her way into the Ambassador’s quarters.  Once the door closed behind her, the Lieutenant grinned.

Standing at the viewing port dressed in what was a black tight fitting suit baring the crest of her family on her collar was the Ambassador.  She had her hands behind her with her fingers interlocked while she observed the beauty of Avalon as they continued their descent.


“It is even more beautiful than I could have ever imagined, Nyra.”

“Indeed it is, your Highness.”

Smirking as the Ambassador heard Nyra use a royal term, the diminutive woman turned slightly.  Her teal coloured hair falling like a veil from her shoulders as she encountered her dearest friend.  “I thought we agreed that you would not use that phrase, Nyra.  People could get suspicious.”  A chime of laughter was heard as Nyra glanced downward, but still kept a smile upon her face.  The Lieutenant couldn’t help herself now that they were speaking so casually.  “Forgive me, but is it not my duty to show respect or risk being sent to the mining stations of Quara?”  Again the Imperial Princess laughed.  “Somehow I can’t imagine you mining for Zorox, Nyra.”  The Lieutenant raised her head and now watched as Aranel approached her dear friend.  With a delicate hand she reached out to touch the Lietenant’s cheek.  Her jade coloured irises locking on those of the Lieutenant.  “I shall never forget what you have done for me.  I am sure when they realize I am gone, that there will be some sort of inquiry, however a girl’s got to do, what a girl’s got to do.” Aranel lowered her hand as the Lieutenant blushed slightly.  Nyra couldn’t help but voice her concern.  “And your Father?”  At the mention of her Father, Aranel shrugged her shoulders.  “He has more to worry about than me, I assure you.  I heard his latest concubine had run off with some..”  Aranel twirled her right hand in a non chalant fashion, before continuing.  “..dark Lord of Trata….or something.”  The Lieutenant rolled her eyes and then sighed.  Her wrist comm chimed, and Nyra ran her finger over the device.  “Docking in two minutes, Lieutenant.”  It was the bridge.  “Right, I’ll be there.”  She signed off, and turned her attentions back to Aranel.  “I have assigned a crew to help you get your possessions on board the Orega IV once we have landed safely.”  At this, the Lieutenant took her leave and returned to the front of the ship, leaving Aranel to her thoughts.  Her dreams of being part of the crew of the Orega were about to come true.  Question was, were the crew ready for Aranel?


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  1. I always had a soft spot for this song, somewhat against my better judgement. 🙂

  2. Hello. I was wondering if you had ever seen my Website, I’ve been reading your work for quite some time and I really like it. Here is my site, Check it out, it has a lot of science fiction/fantasy work on it, and some of my characters can be accessed by pressing the button on the top right-hand corner of the screen and clicking on “Pages.” Enjoy.

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