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Name : Mammon 


Demon of Greed 

Prince of Greed 


Quote : “No matter what we breed,
We still are made of greed,
This is my kingdom come.”

Age : Untold centuries and then some, but looks to be about Twenty. 

Personality : Materialistic cares little for items, self-indulged. Takes what he wants, when he wants it, Suave, sophisticated, has a silver tongue. 

Relationship status : Single – he just uses women as he sees fit, or takes someone elses. 

Orientation : Straight 

Likes : Women, particularly other men’s. Weakness in others, Gamblers, Wealthy buffoons, Gold, silver and anything shiny, A good fight, The easily lead, 

Dislikes : The poor, Priests, Nuns, good doers. 

Powers: Ability to persuade others, his wit and ability to charm others. Temptation is his favourite card to play. 

Strengths: Not afraid to fight for what he wants when pushed. He won’t back down and is known to use either hand to hand combat, or a sword. Makes no difference to him. 

Weakness: Can be killed by a fellow demon of note. 


Background : Original Prince of the Seven sins, Mammon is the Demon of Greed, and one so hated by his other brothers except for the Demon of Gluttony. Mammon was humble when he began his life, but oh how things change when he got a taste for the sweeter things in life. An opportunist;, a rogue and a player. Don’t leave your valuables lying around when he is near, be it gold or someone you hold dear. A silver tongue and slight of hand and he will rob you of all you hold dear. He cares not even if it is his brothers from whom he steals.

“Deep with each man’s heart lies a love of money.”

In the times before the fall, Mammon was a Seraph serving Marc. However, his heart was filled with desire for money and he joined Lucifer in the rebellion against God. When the War in Heaven was done, Mammon’s sins were far greater than any of the Fallen Ones.

The Prince of Greed, a Balseraph, is one of the most powerful of Hell’s Princes. He however has few enemies because favors from Mammon can be purchased if only given the right price. Likewise several Princes owe Mammon quite a bit and he is not above waiting a few millennia to call in those debts.


Servitors of Mammon generate dissonance by losing money on any of their schemes.



The epitome of lawyers who are only in it for the money, Balseraphs serving Mammon can convince their victims that even the most foolhardy of schemes would be profitable.


Some of Mammon’s most faithful servants, Djinn servitors can tell exactly how much money a person they are attuned to has and how much his victim would like to have.


The experts of the destruction that money causes. Calabim of Mammon all have the Discord of Greedy.


Mammon’s Habbalah can use their resonance, adding their Celestial Forces, to make their victim feel as if spending money makes them happy. However the more money they spend the more the feel that they need more money to make them happy.


Mammon’s Lilim are the epitome of mistresses. They require to be lavished with gifts of fine furs, diamonds etc. However likewise they know how to get this from their men. They add their Celestial Forces to any attempt to Charm [Geas?] a victim into buying them something.


The Shedim of Mammon are the corrupters of young minds. They instill in these children that they must have the latest fashions, the newest video games, the coolest car. They may add their Celestial Forces when trying to inhabit a youth with the Discord of Greed.


These are the ones responsible for spouses swindling their mates of everything they own. Consummate thieves, Impudites often steal just as much money a day as they do essence. Impudites can add their Celestial Forces when trying to charm a victim into giving them money.



Once per day, a Servitor of Mammon can extract (from a human teller only) $100 in local currency multiplied by the Essence spent toward the attunement’s use. However, this money is taken away from someone’s account, mistakenly.


Knight of Commerce

A Knight of Mammon who makes a successful Perception roll knows exactly how much a venture will gain both Gross and Net.

Captain of Swindling

This servitor can create a document that increases the monetary value of a specific item or thing once per day. (i.e., “You want to buy these genuine moon rocks.”)

Baron of Finances

This servitor has the skill of Fast-Talk at level 6, or adds 6 to his existing skill, in any financial matters.


Allied: None
Associated: All Others
Hostile: Haagenti
Enemy: None

Mammon is hostile towards Haagenti because of the “furry little monster’s” claims that Greed falls under gluttony. However, Mammon thinks that Haagenti’s been eating too much bull s#it.


Cause someone to spend all of the money in their wallet in one place.

+1 All the change in a bank manager’s pocket
+2 A check for a frivolous item
+3 A ring made of 14 karat gold
+4 A clean five hundred dollar bill
+5 A Credit Card with a two thousand dollar limit
+6 A Gold Bar from Fort Knox

Beserker armor – collected in ic during the rp at Greed Castle.


The Berserker Armor is a cursed suit of Armor which gives the wearer incredible strength, endurance and the ability not to feel pain. It does this by allowing its users to bypass the natural subconscious limits that prevent them from injuring themselves when using their full strength. It can temporarily fix injuries by binding bleeding wounds, reinforcing broken bones, and fixing dislocated joints, piercing the flesh from within the Armor with thin barbs and spikes if required.

The Skull Knight or another person succeeding his use of the Armor didn’t stop fighting until all of his blood was spilled and all of his bones were destroyed, pierced all over by the Armor before meeting their end.

It can also cause temporary insanity, causing the wearer to enter a “berserker rage”, it was also shown to increase fear as when Guts used it to fight the Makara and was a little in control he felt that the ocean waves are swallowing him and start to see monsters surrounding while it was merely the alligators who were no longer being controlled and Guts attacked them out of fear, and rendering them incapable of distinguishing friend from foe. In the long term, it can cause chronic mental deterioration (such as the strengthening of Guts’ Inner Beast and severe physical effects as well, some of which may be permanent, such as the loss of senses.

It is believed that prolonged use of the Berserker Armor is what caused the Skull Knight to enter his current skeletal form. The Berserker Armor was originally created by Dwarves and it is hinted that there are more than one armor as Schierke said that the Dwarves liked to make this type of armors and Dhaiva recognized the armor as the Plana of Durga, which mean that the Kushan encountered such armor in the past.

It is very durable as it withstood direct attacks from forceful beings such as Grunbeld in his apostle form, and the Makara with out suffering a dent but it doesn’t guarantee the safety of the wearer as the force from such impacts can break and shatter bones, also piercing attacks prove to be more effective as it can make holes in the Armor but it should come from something powerful (e.g. Makara’s bite and the Sea God’s predatory fish’s bite) after some time the holes made on the Armor start to close or “heal” due to it being somewhat magical.

After being used by the Skull Knight, it was kept by the witch Flora for a number of years (possibly centuries or longer) before being given to Guts when she was under attack by a group of Apostles under orders from Griffith to kill her.