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The Life and Times of an Aussie Girl – the Dixie Stories 

Under attack 



IceTe3a: As they made it to the table he overheard Greta wanting to handle the baby, he smiled lightly after Dixie had given the ok; slipping Milo gently into Greta’s arms. He took a seat down at the table and pulled Dixie down to sit in his lap as he smiled lightly, whilst listening to Molly’s opinion on them “ She’s my Sheila alright, nothing makes me happier than being with her” his arms wrapped loosely around her waist as he held her close to him, looking around the pub it was the same as last time, everyone here was a local and friendly. A great atmosphere to be sure, something most pubs had which is why he loved true blue pubs so much. “Anyway, though we’d hit town for some lunch with the family and have a beer or two, so Dixie can test out her new car” a almost proud look came across his face when he said the last part about the car, his hues glancing out towards her hot ride as they flashed back towards Molly and over to Greta who obviously was enjoying handling Milo, as most females enjoyed a new born. He chuckled slightly “Couldn’t resist your Aussie food either Molly” a strong smile came out on his face as he leaned back into his chair, wondering if anyone else they knew was around here.

CharlotteCarrendar:- A young mother is usually pretty nervous when someone that they don’t know all that well is holding their newborn. Dixie was a bit hesitant, her hands held up as though ready to catch the baby in case – heaven forbid, she dropped him. Greta noted Dixie’s concern and she handled it like a pro. ”I have …a five.” She meant children, which also was her way of saying that she would take care of little Milo while Logan and Dix caught up with Molly. Feeling a little better about the situation, Dixie let Logan pull her down onto his lap and with a last sigh of relief she allowed herself to relax. The loud music playing and the crush of patrons reminded her a little of her days or nights working at the Death club. Part of her missed it, but it also brought back suppressed feelings about Dem. The man that went to Russia and never returned. Dixie tilted her head back and closed her eyes for a moment, letting the talk and banter go over her as she tried to clear her thoughts and just enjoy the outing. Of course, when Logan mentioned the new car and gestured for Molly to take a look at where it was parked outside, Molly’s jaw fell open. ”Now that’s…a work of art, mate.” Molly appreciated a good looking car as much as he did a good looking Shelia. He smirked at Logan’s remark that he couldn’t resist Molly’s Aussie fare. It was a touch of home in the middle of Europe. The Australian restaurateur beamed with pride. ”Won’t find no better pies than at my place, Logan.” He had brought over the original recipe from his mother’s bakery back in St Kilda. <3>

IceTe3a: – He watched as Molly admired Dixie’s new car as he nodded in agreement with what Molly was saying. “ Any pie is a good pie to me, as long as it’s Aussie made” he smirked proudly as he kissed Dixie on the neck “You know, I should tell my boys about this place, they’re most likely killing for a pie and some Aussie tucker by now” he let out a chuckle as he smiled and looked up to Molly “They’re bikers as well, but a good bunch of blokes. “ He looked over at Greta as he checked on Milo, he did trust her with him but he was protective over the little bloke all the same. “ How about a beer and a pie, love?” he smiled as he looked down to her while she sat on his lap. He was more relaxed now that he was in the pub as his vest draped down allowing his chest to be uncovered a simple sigh of relief. “I wonder what our other little babies are getting up to, If I know jack.. he’d be making a mess right about now” another roaring laugh escaped his lips when the music changed to some hard Aussie rock, his black leather biker boot tapped harshly against the floor to the beat as his head slightly bobbed around. “ Almost makes you feel like dancing, don’t it?” he smirked.

CharlotteCarrendar:- The words that Logan said about how the beat of the music had you almost feel like dancing made Dixie jolt back to reality. ”Huh? Oh..the music. Yeah…yeah it does. Can you excuse me a moment?” Dixie pushed herself off Logan’s lap and then went for the ladies room, but on the way one of the old customers from the Death Club pulled her up. ”Hey…its the Skip from DC…How’s Dem?” The words hit Dixie from out of nowhere, and she looked physically sick.”Don’t call me that!” Dixie growled as she pushed past the patron, who looked truly confused by her behaviour. No one had called her Skip since the DC days….and again the name of her lost lover was brought up. Dixie reached the ladies and pushed the door open, only to enter and then it began. She started hyperventilating. Walking in small circles. Was it the hormones or maybe she had not truly accepted that he was gone out of her life. Either way, Dixie was having a meltdown….that no one could see. <3>

IceTe3a: He was waiting for her response as it took awhile for her to register it, he watched as she excused herself and stood up walking off leaving him with Greta and Molly. He arched a brow slightly and glanced back to Molly “Huh.. How about that beer?” came to a stand and walked over to the bar grabbing two beers and walked back to Molly and Greta where he took a seat and passed one over to Molly. “ Have a drink with me mate. “ in the back of his mind he wondered where Dixie ran off to, it was unlike her to just run off like that without a reason, but thought nothing of it for now as she wasn’t gone for long. “ Do ya miss Strya, mate?” he smirked as he looked up at Greta nursing Milo, the other females in the bar kept looking over at Milo everytime he giggled from Greta’s playing. “I know I miss it sometimes, but it can’t be helped. he took a sip of beer as he let out a sigh of relief.

CharlotteCarrendar:- Dixie was waving her hands, trying to stop the flood that was coming. The wave of panic hit her like a freak wave and she was reeling. How can a man just disappear? No word for months…no text…nothing. The people that were supposed to be watching out for her – again no sign of them. Dixie fell back against a tiled wall, as another girl came through the door and gave the Aussie a sideways glance as she went into a stall. In all this time, she faced everything on her own, till Logan had come into her life. He took her out of the dark garage and gave her everything….everything that Dem had promised. Feelings of self doubt, about how she just carried on as though she was this unfeeling…horrid bitch. She hadn’t grieved mainly cause she truly didn’t know. Closing her eyes, Dixie kept saying to herself that she loved Logan. She did. But why was the ghost of the man that walked out of her life hovering about her like a ghoul. Dixie pushed herself from the wall and went to splash cold water on her face, only to look up and see a different girl looking back at her. She’d changed since her days at the Death Club. You could say she grew up. The Aussie girl didn’t really have a choice. She must have stood there a good ten minutes. Staring at herself. <3>

IceTe3a: Taking another sip of his beer it was half done and gone warm which was unlike him, time had passed and it felt like at least a good thirty minutes had passed since Dixie left them. He was starting to get worried as he chatted to Molly, he could hear Milo’s giggles in the background as he sighed slightly finally he was to worried to sit there and not check up on her. “ Molly, Greta, Look after Milo for awhile would ya? I’m gonna go check on Dix.” he smiled as they nodded, he took a stand as he looked around the pub, slowly walking to the back of the pub pushing past the people who were standing around. Half pissed random people bumping into him along his way as he grumbled slightly, with his hand wet with beer he looked around not able to find her. At this point he was getting worried more and more, as a guy bumped into him spilling his beer all over his bare chest, he growled loudly as he peered down at the man who told him to watch it.“Take a seat.. you’ve had enough bud” normally he’d wipe the man clean out but this was not the time nor the place, especially with Milo being in the bar and this being Mollies bar. As he came to stand in front of the female’s toilets he knocked on the door “Oi love, you alright in there?” he asked wondering if she was even in the toilet, he didn’t wait and being his usual self he opened the door and walked right into the female’s toilets to find her staring at the mirror“Everything ok, Hun?” he said as he leaned against the bathroom wall.

CharlotteCarrendar:- It was as though she had fallen so deep into her own thoughts that the voice of Logan was almost missed. At first she just continued to stare into her reflection, then she finally roused and turned her head slowly to see Logan standing there, leaning against the tiled wall. To look at Dixie’s face, you could see the mascara lines from where a few tears had fallen, and the first thing she did was tried to wipe those away. ”Maybe..I wasn’t ready for my big day out yet.” Course this was an excuse for the truth, and she shook her head having made a promise to herself not to keep anything from Logan. Wiping her face, she turned slightly on the ball of her right foot and then faced him. ”I don’t understand….what I am feeling right now.” She had never discussed her thoughts about the disappearance of Dem, or why she had not felt anything till now. ”I’m…a cold hearted bitch. I have to be. What kind of person just…forgets another like he was nothing.” The rawness of her statement cut her own heart like a knife. The hormones were really tying her up in knots. ”I don’t know if he is dead…I don’t know what happened. But look at me? Why can’t I feel…like I am supposed too?” she was starting to ramble, and one patron quickly ducked out of the ladies room to give them privacy. <3>

IceTe3a: – He finally caught her attention as she turned to face him and explain what was going on, noticing her makeup was stained from tears previously shed he smiled lightly as he looked down at her, now fully understanding what she was going through. Shaking his head slightly he kneeled down so they were at eye level “You, cold and heartless? he chuckled slightly at the thought of it. “ It’s to be expected that you still have some feelings for that guy, love. But remember, he left you alone for how long, in a state in which no female should be left in. Better yet, He left you pregnant and living in a small back room hardly a place for a young female let alone a child, So don’t judge yourself to harshly, it’s human nature to move on. he smiled lightly as he sunk down to the floor his legs stretched out in front of him as he dragged her down to sit on his lap. Taking his vest off he started to wipe the tears and spoilt makeup away. “ Why you go to put make up on when you already look stunning without it is beyond me” once he had cleaned her face up he let his vest slide down to rest on the floor as he cuddled her in close to him “ Whatever it is, we’re here to work it out together. I’ll always be by your side to help you out, love” he sighed happily as he knew she was safe, just in an emotional state which he should have expected, knowing she had gone through so much. “You’re a true Aussie battler love, holding it all together while soldiering on. Stiffen up that bottom lip, don’t shed a tear for someone who leaves you like that. I think you need a beer and a bloody good pie” he smirked slightly as his chin came to rest on her head“As for not being ready, I think you need this. You need to let your hair down and go wild.

CharlotteCarrendar: – The voice of reason. That is exactly what Logan was. He wasn’t mad to see her like this. Concerned naturally, but when he put things into perspective the truth of the matter was that Dixie was beating herself up over something she simply had no control over. Dixie waited…alone for months. With no communication, no word and a lot of empty promises. Yes, it was only fair that she feel something, but perhaps her coping mechanism was to shut herself off from the hurt…the guilt. The Aussie battler had moved on with her life and no one could fault her for it. Logan didn’t. He saw her as being strong for what she did do. You could feel the weight starting to come off, as Logan took his vest off and wiped the tears and stained mascara away. In truth she didn’t need the makeup. That came from her days in the club. She was unique, and was only now starting to see it for herself. ”Old habits die hard.” she said softly when quizzed about why she wore make up at all. Every point Logan made, Dixie couldn’t argue or fault. He was right. She needed to be out. Needed to be Dixie again. The man that had saved her was here with her now. Logan was a loving partner and doting father to Milo. He was everything she needed and now…she needed a cuddle. Course, he had to bring up that she also needed a good Aussie pie and a beer. ”I think you’re right.” The warmth returning to her voice. Logan had a gift. Unique as it was. He could tame Dixie and make the grey clouds go away. Dixie cuddled into Logan and took a deep breath. She was again ready to face the world. This time with no make up…no masks. ”Think they have mushy peas?”<3>

IceTe3a: He was holding her close to him with his arms around her, his smile was never wavering as he fully had trust in her and loved her without fault. A happy sigh of relief as he heard her say he was right, than she asked if they had mushy pea’s he smirked “They bloody better” [b/] as he gave her a quick reassuring hug and picked her up onto her feet as he stood, giving her a look over, he smirked as he was being cheeky again. Poking her cheek than her breast, stomach and lastly her ass [b] “ Just checking your all there love” he gave her a playful wink before leaning in and smacking her lips with his, leaving a passionate kiss with a beer flavor tingling with it. Pulling back he took her hand and nodded “As for Milo, little tike is a ladies’ man. Now let’s enjoy ourselves, while Milo is enjoying himself with all that attention. Don’t worry It’s not like you weren’t shared around at the pub when you were a little tike. “ he smirked giving her a slap on the ass playfully, trying to bring his aussie shelia back into life. As they made their way out of the toilet he smiled as he looked around, he could hear Milo’s giggles over the crowd and the females awing at his cute giggles, all the while Greta was the only one holding him while she was eyeing off the other females. “Molly, Two pies with mushy pea’s yeah mate? And crank up the Aus rock!” he smirked as he looked back at Dixie with a smile.

CharlotteCarrendar: As the couple emerged from the loos, Molly heard Logan shout for Aussie pies with peas….and some Aussie rock to really get the place jumping. Molly did some sly moves across the timber floors and slammed his fist on the juke box.

The music came out and flooded the airwaves of the pub, as Dixie took Logan’s hand and danced him out to a small clearing in the crowd. This song was a classic but a favourite too many an Aussie or expat. The colour had returned to Dixie’s face and she did a little boot scoot as she let Logan take the lead. Greta was swaying back and forth holding onto Milo, who was gurgling happily. A few in the bar all cheered and sang along with the chorus. Molly tipped an imaginary hat and headed out the kitchen to put on Logan and Dixie’s order as the crowd all started to dance to the music that was playing. <3>

IceTe3a: He smirks as she started to wiggle and dance as she dragged him into a clearing on the dance floor, the music started pumping loud and you could see Dixie was once more her normal self. He returned in kind as he grabbed a hold of his Shelia and started dancing around with her, in a slight rock style. Spinning her outwards and back into his arms as they rocked around on the dance floor to the music. Milo’s playful screams of delight could just be heard over the music as Greta was wiggling him around to the music, everyone was enjoying themselves as they all started to dance around to the tune. He brought her in for a kiss and a reassuring hug then continued to dance around her, doing all sorts of wacky Aussie dance styles. He could smell the foods cooking as Molly was busy in the kitchen cooking up a few pies for them, but he was too busy dancing around like an idiot to care, as he picked Dixie up and swung her around the room in his arms, while smiling. Nothing could ruin a moment like this, it was perfect and he was enjoying every moment of it, even if it was only noon. He smirked slightly as he stopped and pulled her into a cuddle “Shall we eat and then get back to having fun?” he smirked.


CharlotteCarrendar:- Outside the cafe a black motorcycle pulls up with a rider and his lady. The girl gets off the bike and leaves her helmet on, as she motions to the rider who simply nods. She checks the licence plate of Dixie’s car and then looks into the cafe where she can see Logan dancing with Dixie being swung around the room. It was an idyllic opportunity, to create panic and to get a mark at the same time. Little did Dixie know that Logan had a price on his head. As Leader of the Nomads he was well known throughout Europe. The woman strolled into the cafe pub in a non chalant fashion, though a few people wondered why the woman had her biker helmet on. “Shall we eat and then get back to having fun?” Logan said to Dixie, who smiled and pulled away as she turned towards Greta who was still bouncing Milo in her arms. The next moment would be one that would have the entire room of people duck for cover. The biker pulled out a revolver and then made aim as she whistled through the helm. [b]”Time to die.” She fired two shots, before fleeing the room and jumping on the waiting motorcycle, that sped off into the traffic. Everything from that moment was in slow motion, as Dixie turned around and watched Logan fall. Blood splattering her clothes. ”NOOOO!”<3>

IceTe3a: He was laughing loudly as the music roared in the background, he watched as Dixie agreed they should go eat. As they walked towards the table he felt Dix pull away, he turns to look at her as she walked over to Greta and Milo. Chuckling as he ruffled his hair on the back of his head while watching the bright smile on both of their faces, then he heard the whistle as he glanced forward. A woman stood with a bike helmet blocking her face “Time to die” he heard her say as a smirk came across his face, his eyes piercing through the helmet with a deathly stare as the people in the room screamed in fear as the rogue woman pulled out a .45 revolver, two shots echo’d though the bar as the bullets ripped through his body with ease, spraying blood across the room. He heard the bike pull away on the street as he fell down onto his back with a grunt, blood trickling out of the fresh wounds as he grit his teeth and let out a half laugh “Heh.. I’ll have to take a raincheck on that pie” he said in a slightly pain filled voice as he heard Dixie scream out in terror, Milo started crying from the drama. His hues slowly look up to Dixie while he held a smile, his right arm slowly reaches for Dixie as a sigh escapes his lips, his body goes limp as he passes out from the shock caused from the gun shots.

CharlotteCarrendar:- Dixie had thought she left the world of the mafia and the people that had destroyed the Death club behind her, but in that split second her whole world was coming down around her. Greta pulled Milo close to her as Molly ushered his wife and Dixie’s child out of harm’s way as Dixie ran to where Logan fell. Her eyes wide and terrified as she took Logan’s hand and brought it to her lips. Stifling another scream from what she was seeing – the blood oozing out of his chest, she trembled as Logan slipped from consciousness. ”Logan?….LOGAN?!” Looking up as other patrons were now starting to crowd around them, Dixie screamed. ”Someone call an ambulance!!” The Aussie girl then pressed her hand down over where he had been shot as blood was spurting out onto her hand. A few people pulled out their cellphones and were calling for help, while the bikers outside were all tearing after the assassin who by now had a good head start. What was supposed to be a lunch out for the small family had turned into a nightmare. Dixie dragged Logan up to her lap and rocked back and forth, tears running down her face. ”SOMEONE HELP US!!” <3>

IceTe3a: The Ambulance came screaming down the street with its sirens blaring out loudly and the horn honking to move people aside, a drive by had taken place down at a local pub and one man was injured as they rushed towards the pub, pulling up in front of the pub, the two medics jumped out with their bags in hand as they raced through the crowd to find the man laying on the floor with a female screaming and crying out while cuddling him. “Miss, please give us room to work” they said as one ushered her away from logan’s body, which lay motionless on the floor. The other examined his gunshots while putting pressure pads on the wounds “Through and through, the pads will slow down the bleeding but there may be internal damage. We need to get him to the hospital fast” the other rushed out and came back with the trolley to help them move the man with ease. Soon the Police showed up and started to ask questions and get information from the witness’s. “ We’re taking him to the closest hospital, you can see him there.” they picked him up and put him on the trolley as they raced out towards the ambulance and pushed him into the back, then moved him onto a stable bed. One ran to the driver’s seat as the other started closing the doors while he sat in back. The police came up to Molly and started questioning him about what had happened and who was the man that got shot, the usual questions were asked.

CharlotteCarrendar:- The bright flashing lights of ambulances and the police were soon radiating off everything, as Logan was ushered onto a gurney and then raced out to the waiting ambulance. Molly was busy trying to recount everything he saw as were other witnesses that spoke of a helmet wearing gunman, who was thought to be a woman due to her body type. Milo was screaming in Greta’s arms, as Dixie followed the gurney out to the hospital, but then told that she would have to wait to see him again after they get him there. The doors were slammed shut as the ambulance then took off at speed. Dixie stood there not knowing what to do. It was a horror that could not even be described. Everything was fine…and then boom, Logan was taken away from her. Now fighting for his very life. Dixie felt like she was in a state of shock, would she even be able to drive in this state? The police approached her for more details, and she looked like a possum caught in the spot lights of a truck. One of the bikers that hadn’t taken off with the others after the assailant approached Dixie. He knew who she was, though he could see she wasn’t dealing with any of this at all. ”Dixie? Get Greta to look after the baby. I’ll take you to the hospital…okay?’ Dixie looked at this man, not even sure of who he was. She was in no state of mind to make decisions. Molly urged her to go with the biker, who asked for the keys to her car.”Come on..let me take you.” Trembling, she handed over the keys to her car and followed the biker to her car. <3>


IceTe3a: – The ambulance sped off as the man in the back took care of Logan’s wounds the best he could, administering an IV drip as he put pressure on the wounds to stop the bleeding. The Ambulance soon came to the hospital where the emergency team of doctors where waiting, they pulled him out and examined him while racing him to the emergency room. “He’s going to need to get under the knife now” they disappeared into the emergency room for hours on end as they cleaned out his wounds and stitched him back up, slowly they needed to reintroduce blood back into his body to account for the blood that had been lost. It took 12 hours under the knife and a few new scars, but Logan finally became stable enough, they kept him in the emergency room on the prep table for another two hours just to be sure. Once they were sure they released him into a private hospital room, where they placed him into the bed and tucked him in, the heart rate monitor beeping as per usual with his heart rate, whilst he laid there in a stable state almost sleeping it off.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Jackson, the biker that drove Dixie to the hospital stayed pretty much by her side as she waited hours while Ice went under the knife. Soon Molly and Greta arrived with baby Milo who was now sleeping after all the excitement had worn him out completely. Dixie was a bundle of nerves as she kept looking up every time a Doctor or Nurse walked past. Hours without any word were tearing her apart. Jackson brought back another coffee from the cafeteria and handed it to Dixie as he took a seat beside her. ”Any idea who would want to kill Logan?’ He said point blank. Dixie held the steaming cup of coffee in her hands and stared at him. ”I have no idea. He never spoke of any enemies. Not once.” Jackson nodded but pursed his lips together at the same time. ”You do realize how high up he is? Guy like him would be worth a mint dead.” This had Dixie growl. ”Stop saying that. You don’t know him.” Jackson shrugged and then went to light a cigarette, before a nurse came up and berated him, since it was against hospital policy.”Maybe…I do.” As this was said, Dixie just stared at Jackson oddly, before a Doctor finally came out. ”He pulled through. We have him in a private room. Just this way.” Dixie and the others all got up, Jackson was the last to rise. All followed the Doctor into the room where Logan was laying on a bed, with monitor’s beeping quietly in behind him. Dixie crossed the room and then just stood there, scared. ”Logan?”<3>

IceTe3a: His body was in a stable condition and slowly it was healing itself as it came over the shock of the wounds. He could hear Dixie’s voice echo though his ears but everything was darkness as he groaned slightly, by the time his eyes slowly opened it had been hours since everyone had entered his room. He coughed lightly and smiled as his eyes searched the room for his Dixie. “Where’s my Aussie girl?” he smiled lightly as he sat up slowly. His body still coming to terms with what happened, as his phone continued to vibrate from the messages that had been left. Obviously his boys had heard the news and were think and thin arguing about what they should do, retaliate or wait for orders, his arm stretched out as he yawned slightly and pat the bed he was laying on, asking Dixie to come lay with him. “Sorry, didn’t mean to scare you like that love” he chuckled and coughed lightly as he waited for her to come to him. He knew he had to answer his phone but that could wait for later, he just wanted her in his arms; he looked over to Molly and Greta who held sleeping Milo and he nodded in sign of thanks “Still wanting that Pie, Molly” he smirked as he looked back to Dixie.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Molly chuckled lightly especially to hear that Logan hadn’t lost his sense of humor. He quietly ushered Greta and Milo out of the room to give Dixie and Logan some privacy, while Jackson seemed to lurk, but then followed suit. As to why Jackson was hanging around, was anyone’s guess, but Dixie only had eyes for Logan. She did as he wished and she crawled onto the bed with him, lying at his side. Her eyes filled with worry and love at the same time. Dixie realized something enormous at that moment. Just how lost she would be if something had happened to him. She turned his head with her left hand and then kissed him softly. He would feel all the love she had for him as she broke the kiss and whispered. ”You had me so scared.” She couldn’t deny that, even if she tried. ”I don’t understand why someone would do this.” Maybe he had answers to that question. Dixie continued to stroke his hair, trying to calm herself, as much as to reassure him she was there for him. <3>