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Across town Ame and Simone are finally heading off to lunch, while Pandora stocks up.  Welcome to Lipstick Lies!



Re: (RP) Downtown Seattle
August 12, 2014 10:22AM
Grocery Store

After Pandora gave Jane her address, she realized she didn’t have a lot of food in the house for 3 people for an entire weekend and needed to do some shopping. She went back to her house to pick up Brock’s truck as the bike didn’t have enough compartments for the items she wanted to get.

Grabbing a cart, she started in the fresh fruits and veggies section. Jane had mentioned that Jason wanted to cook for them and tried to recall items a good cook would want to have. The red grapes looked delicious as she passed them and she picked up a large bag.

She quickly made some selections in the other areas, also picking up some steaks, hamburger, chicken and pork chops, thinking she could slap them on the grill that evening. As she was passing the seafood/sushi bar area, the smell of cooked fish assaulted her nostrils and her stomach gave an all-mighty lurch. She pressed a hand over her mouth and one of the clerks saw her looking a bit green.

“Are you all right, miss?” the kind woman asked. Pandora quickly shook her head, griping the handle of her cart in one hand as the other was over her mouth. The clerk grabbed the cart with her hand and wrapped an arm around Pandora’s shoulder and together they moved away from the fish section. Pandora’s stomach heaved again and she thought she was going to be violently ill.

“Bathroom!” she gasped, not knowing how much longer she would be able to hang on.

“Almost there.” the clerk nodded in understanding. The sign for the restroom was directly in front of them and with a staggering lurch, Pandora left her cart and made a break for it.

She was just in time.

The clerk followed her into the bathroom just as Pandora was coughing up everything she’d eaten and drank that day. The smell was horrible but she couldn’t move away from it as her stomach emptied its contents. When she had nothing left and was down to a few dry heaves, she sat back with a sigh, the toilet flushing on its own and removing the smell with it. A cup of water appeared in front of her tear-filled eyes and she took it with a grateful smile. She swished the cool liquid around in her mouth before spitting it in the now-clean toilet then took a small sip to clear her throat.

She finally looked up at the clerk who had helped her.

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. Are you sure you’re okay?”

“Yeah. That was horrible.” She got to her feet, a bit shaky. The clerk reached into the pocket of her apron and pulled out a package of crackers and a Lifesaver breath mint.

“Mhm. Morning sickness shouldn’t be called morning sickness when you have it all day long. Ridiculous. I think a man coined that term. Let him get pregnant, see how he likes it.” the clerk chuckled, turning away to refill Pandora’s cup of water. Pandora froze in shock at the word ‘pregnant’. The clerk turned back and noticed the look and became concerned all over again.

“Did you say…’pregnant’?” she gaped.

“Well…yeah. How far along are you?”

“I’m not pregnant!” Pandora exclaimed. The clerk’s eyes went wide.

“Oh my god! I am so sorry! I thought…oh nevermind what I thought. Having been there myself three times, I know what its like and I just assumed…I am so sorry.” the clerk apologized. Pandora waved her off.

“It’s ok. I did have some new type of coffee this morning. Don’t think I’m used to it yet.” Pandora smiled.

“Are you ok now?”

“I’m fine. I’ll nibble these crackers while I finish my shopping. Thank you for your help.”

“Any time. Enjoy the rest of your day.” the clerk smiled, leaving the bathroom. Pandora moved to the wall of sinks and mirrors, splashing some cold water on her face. She looked at herself in the mirror, noticing how pale and wan she looked.

“Pfft. Pregnant. I don’t think so.” she snorted. Drying her face and hands, she left the bathroom to finish her shopping.

As she was moving through the health aids section, she came across the home pregnancy tests. She stared at them for a full five minutes before shaking her head. “Nope.” She continued past them for the band aids before something made her pause. She backed up a pace, stopping in front of the tests again.

“What if…no…no chance of that happening…” she mumbled. “Still…couldn’t hurt to check…” Her hand reached out, hovering over one of them before she snapped her hand back. She gave a shaky laugh. “No…no way. I can’t be. But I want to be sure…right…” She snatched one off the shelf, tossed it in the cart and rapidly walked away before she changed her mind. It couldn’t hurt. She couldn’t remember if she and Brock used protection the last time they were together and she wasn’t sure if she was ready for that type of complication in her life. This would just be a way to ensure that.

She quickly checked out and loaded the bags into the truck. Now that the deed was done, there was no turning back. She got into the truck and headed for home.

Re: (RP) Downtown Seattle
August 20, 2014 02:01PM
Outside Once Upon A Time

“Aye. Lunch at my place. Let me call my butler to get food prepared. What kind of food do you wish to eat?” Ame looked at Simone as she searched in her purse for her cell to call her house.

Ame though to herself, “Could Simone behave for the duration of her pregnancy? I guess only time will tell though I will have to make sure that she doesnt bring men into my home like she always had done before hand. Before all of this drama bullshit that went down.”

“I will be laying down some rules over lunch at my house then I will be needing help with the planning of the car photo shoot. Are you good with planning? Should we call up your assistent to help out as well?” Ame finally pulled out her cell, waiting for Simone to reply.

Re: (RP) Downtown Seattle
August 20, 2014 08:42PM
Ame’s car – Downtown Seattle

“My assistant? OH…my personal assistant. Right.”

Simone took out her cell phone and started to scroll through the list of contacts that she had until she reached Rhea Bolushi’s number. She quickly tapped it and waited for the call to go through. On the other side of town at a business meeting with one of the stage producers for one of Simone’s upcoming gigs, Rhea was chewing her pencil and rolling her eyes as the costume designer was complaining about a lack of funding for some of the more outrageous outfits.

“I need more than just three thousand. You have to find a way to get others to cut back.”

Rhea felt the vibration of her phone and excused herself as she went to take the call.

“Rhea speaking.”

“Rhe!…It’s Simone. I know what you are going to say…”

Rhea made a duck face, as it had been ages since Simone had decided to contact her. Needless to say, the PA, was not impressed. “Oh, I think I can come up with a few words you have never heard of. Where the hell have you been? Do you know how… She turned away from the arguing producers and then stepped outside so she wasn’t to be heard.“boring these meetings are? Honest to God, I am going to throttle Louis with one of his own feather boas if he keeps bitching.” One of the Directors came out and walked past Rhea as she faked a smile then got back on the phone.

“This hiatus of yours…is a bit ridiculous. You are needed, Simone.”

Simone grimaced as Rhea gave her a bit of a mouthful, before covering the phone and smiling at Ame.

“She misses me.” That wasn’t exactly the truth.

“Simone…we need to catch up and I can fill you in on YOUR schedule. Okay?” Rhea was not pulling any punches, and she wanted a definite date. Simone saw this as a ripe opportunity. “I’m having lunch at Ame’s. Why not come down, I will text you the address. I know you are just going to love her. Got some business proposals.” Simone said with a bright smile as on the other end, Rhea was about to tear her hair out.

“Fine. I’ll see you within the hour. And…Ame.” Rhea then hung up, and pulled on her jacket, before going back into the meeting.


“Sorry, gentleman. My boss finally called in. I’m off to lunch. Just…hold the argument till I get back.”

Rhea would leave the men all sitting there stunned, as she grabbed her Gucci bag and swanned out of the room.

In the car, Simone beamed at Ame.

“I’m starved.”