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Chapter Twenty 




IceTe3a: He watches as she slowly walked forward and he arched a brow as she slowly undid his shirt buttons, he moved his shoulders about as his shirt slid off with ease falling onto the ground leaving his bare torso for her to press up against. “To do with, as you see fit. I believe those were the terms he smirked as he felt her palms pressing against his chest, he reached down wrapped his arms around her body gently, as he gave her room to move about in his arms “In that case, why don’t you use me as you see fit “ smirking as he dimmed the lights in the room, he leaned down and kisses her lips for a moment but pulled back again leaving her to want more, as he had just dared her to take him if she saw fit. His breathing was slow and paced as her palms would raise and fall with the movements of his breath, as his eyes look her up and down slowly, he rips her shirt off her back with ease as he tosses it to the side without a care. He was toying with her, but in a playful way as he wanted to see her like she was the first time she forced him. He obviously liked her the way she was as he pulled her in with a smirk “Or can’t you grab a hold of what you need and take lead? “he said with a playful smirk as his eyes met hers.

CharlotteCarrendar:- A wry smirk appeared upon Rain’s lips as she reached up to the sides of his head and then massaged gently without touching his sensors. With the ability of her mind link she started to switch on the sound system to play something sultry in the background, while the room lights started to dim giving off a more intimate effect. ”You like me to be…on top, don’t you?” she mused softly, her tongue just touching the edge of her lip – running it along as she could see that Adam’s breath was slowing – regulating. A hand moved downward to the top of Adam’s jeans and she kept her eyes trained upon him, whilst lithe fingers moved swiftly to undo the button, then slowly pull down the zip. The noise making her smile all the more. ”I think I got what I want.” She reached inside his jeans and felt around for what would be his growing hardness. ”All I have to do is…grab hold and lead.” Rain smoothed her fingers across the surface of his skin, tempting with her digits before taking a firm grip – her fingers locking around the shaft. <3>

IceTea: His skin shivered as her fingers ran against his flesh, hearing the music play on softly as he smirks from her response “I Suppose.. I’ve gotten used to the idea of you in control” a simple wink and a smirk was all he did afterwards. Feeling her hand move lower as she undid his jean’s, his lips parted slightly as her fingers took grasp of his hardening shaft. His back arches slightly as his chest presses against hers, his skin rubbing against hers, a growl of passion escapes his lips as his hues glance into hers. Rolling on top of her he took control as he ripped what little clothing she had left, determinant to make this night one for the ages. The mood was set right and there was no one to bother them as their bodies entwined for the rest of the night. Morning rise as the two had fallen asleep in each other’s arm s after a night filled of passionate love, the warm sun’s rays simulated by the lighting system in the room warmed their skin as he groaned slightly and nuzzled his head into her chest trying to escape the sunlight, the night was for fun but the light brought on a new day and the tasks ahead would prove difficult for them both with the need to establish a new crew they could trust and finding Rain’s fathers location once and for all. These were their set goals for today, but Adam wanted to stay in her arms just a while longer as he continues to nestle his head on her chest and groaning “ Just.. a little longer.. stupid light.. he sighed slightly as he peaked out from her chest to look up at her with one half open eye.
CharlotteCarrendar: – The light was sign that the night was truly at an end, and Rain didn’t want to rise either. She nestled close to Adam, her cheek to his chest as she murmured in response to his claim that he just wanted a little bit longer. Turning her face to his chest, she kissed his bare flesh before pushing herself upright and then stretching. The sheet falling back and exposing her naked torso. The filtered rays of light brought out the pink in her cheeks, and she could only smile down at Adam, who had given her a night to remember. ”Longer we stay in means the longer will be on the road.”She pushed off the covers and swung her legs over the side of the bed. Reaching up, she ran her fingers through her hair and got up to standing. Rain walked over to the bathroom, and you could hear the sound of the shower running, as she hummed lightly to herself. In the back of her mind, her thoughts of her father weighed heavily. They needed to find him, but first they needed a crew to help with the location and dealing with the Source and the Brotherhood, who were now both sworn enemies. They were running the fine line between two powerful organisations that wanted nothing more than to wipe them both off the map. <3>

IceTe3a: He watched as she got up out of bed with a valid response, he sighed slightly and nuzzled the bed “Yeah.. time to get serious I suppose” he groaned slightly as he flipped himself off the bed and onto a stand, the sheets fell to the floor as he stood towering in his naked form, all his previous battle scars were there for the world to see. He smirked as he heard the shower running and walked in after her Don’t mind if I do” he said playfully, as he joined her in the shower. Scrubbing himself down as he helped her scrub herself down every now and then accompanied by a kiss to her flesh, eventually he hopped out and dried himself down partially. Walking to his closet he got dressed and came out wearing his black leather military boots, thick black combat pants and a black singlet which was a tight fit. Sitting on the bed he strapped his Bowie knife to his right thigh on top of his jeans and grabbed his custom built USP .45 holstering it, in its holster which he swung around and strapped so it came to rest under his right arm just on the side of his chest. His thick black hair was messy but almost looked styled which was natural for him, he arched a brow and gave a wolf whistle as he watched her strut around naked watching her get dressed “So what’s the plan of attack” he said as he came to a stand and was ready for the day.

CharlotteCarrendar:- The shower got pretty steamy and that was not just from the temperature of the water. Adam helped himself to the soap and not only washed himself, but gave Rain a good scrubbing as well. She couldn’t help but chuckle as he did this, but it was also time saving and getting them back on track. Turning off the water faucet, Rain stepped out and took her own towel, rubbing herself down thoroughly, before heading out to find her own foot locker of clothing. For a slight of a girl, she wore the whole black army kit well, and with her hair brushed back slick – with aviator sunglasses, Rain sure looked the part. You could see the good tone of her muscle in her arms as she strapped on a knife belt and then holstered her fire arms. Adam asked about the plan of attack, and to this she responded. ”Grab a quick bite, then Eve and head on out. We might be best to keep off what highways are open. That would make us a sitting duck. Perhaps go over some of the pre war maps to see what roads would be less likely to be under radar surveillance.”Tapping her military boot to the hardened floor, she headed to the door and opened it, only to see Eve standing ready and waiting. ”We go now?’ She asked. <3>

IceTe3a: He nodded in agreement as he looked smirked at her, walking up to her as she was fully dressed he undid her hair as she usually did it in a pony tail. “Keep it down and flowing, it suits you better” he smiled lightly as he heard her say they should get something to eat and grab eve, suddenly the door opens as Eve stood there asking if they were going yet. He shook his head and arched a brow “Eve.. We need to eat first, and this will be a combat mission.. Shouldn’t you stay here at the labs and conduct studies to better help our situation? Besides, who’s going to feed the deer this morning, they’ll be expecting their food upstairs in the next hour” he smiled lightly as he had always fed the deer at the front of the cabin, at about this time. He knew Eve wouldn’t be any help in a combat fight she was more suited to the Lab’s studying and researching, giving information and backup from here. He smiled as he nodded towards the door and walked towards the kitchen to grab a bite “Come on you two” as they reached the kitchen, he poured himself a glass of cereal and milk almost woofing it down as he sighed in relief a record time almost of downing a bowl of cereal in a minute flat. “Eve, I’d feel more comfortable if you would give us Intel reports while you study here. We may need help from the home base and we’ll be sending new recruits back. I’m putting you in charge with medical procedures as well, check them through and through, make sure they have no sickness or any listening bugs of any kind.. we need to be able to trust the new people. Can you handle a role like this? He smiled slightly as he looked over at Rain wondering if she would agree with what he had just said “Oh and Eve.. turn your emotional chip back on, you’re as human as me. No need to pretend to be a robot” he knew she had turned if off from the last time they met when she took him apart back at Zen, she was human like, you would never have guessed she was the doctors creation.

CharlotteCarrendar:- Eve tilted her head as Adam spoke to her. It was true that she had turned off her emotional card chip and so when she turned it back on, it was like she was a completely different individual. Rain stood in behind as Adam spoke to Eve about the need for someone to stay behind and feed the deer. Eve would just love that. Truth be told, Eve would be a liability whilst trying to out manoeuvre the rebels and the Brotherhood. It was best that she stayed behind and acted as the ears and eyes via the computer networks. ”You are right of course, Adam.” The tone in Eve’s voice changing, and she stepped back to allow Adam and Rain to leave their room and head to the kitchen for some breakfast. Cereal was the fastest food to eat and Rain took up a bowl, while Eve was making mention she was more than capable of managing things from the bunker. ”You can count on me….Good luck.” Leaving Rain and Adam to finish their breakfast, Rain had to admit that Adam sure had a way with Eve. ”You ask me she was starting to get a bit…stalker like.” Rain couldn’t help this feeling, but now seeing Eve acting normal, gave her a feeling of relief. Washing up her dishes and then putting them on the dish rack, Rain was ready to go. Taking one last look around her she knew it might be a while before they returned. She made a promise to herself that she would come home again, for this was now what she regarded that as. <3>

IceTe3a: He smiled as he looked over at Rain, waiting for her to finish eating he chuckled at her response “Indeed she was, that’s why I asked her to be normal again. She’s quite mature and intelligent once she’s fully functioning.” Once they were both finished he lead her down a path towards the armory which doubled as the vehicle bunker as well, as they walked through pieces of tech, gadgets and weaponry were neatly sorted out. He took a few extra clips for his USP and M4, picking up his M4 which was customized as well most noted with a variable scope he slung it around his shoulder and pulled out a large duffle bag, throwing in bits and pieces they may need including a few MRE’s (Meal ready-to-eat) packs. Shoving them all in the back of a black Hummer which was militarized, he walked back to the armory and pulled out the m107 with a few more clips ”Just in case.. “ he smirked as he threw it in the back. “Shall we share the drivers seat? Would be weird if we didn’t” as he waited for her to get all the gear and took his seat in the driver’s side he waited for Rain to come sit on his lap and take control of the wheel, like she usually did; it was something he was used to by now.

CharlotteCarrendar:- ”Course.” Rain replied when asked if they would share the driver’s seat. It was something they had been doing now since they met, so why stop now. Getting out her own duffle bag from the armory, that included some hand grenades and meal packs, as well as clips for her M4, she made sure she had enough weapons on hand in case things turned nasty – as they just well might. Dumping her gear in the back, Rain closed the back of the vehicle and then made her way around to the driver’s side where Adam was already seated. Smiling, she clamoured in and sat herself down well upon his lap. She had to admit he made a better seat than the usual car seats. Way better. Wriggling to get herself comfortable, she wound her hair back behind her ear, and then using her technopathic ability, started up the vehicle with ease. Her eyes roving across the dash as she checked that the vehicle was in top condition and ready for the hard road ahead. Pulling the door closed, she pulled across her seat belt and clipped it into place. One last look at the farm and she let out something of a sigh. ”Tell me we will return?” <3>

IceTe3a: He smiled as he saw she appeared next to him, finally ready to get a move on; as she climbed into the hummer he felt her sit down on his lap, as she wiggled around he leaned back slightly and shifted his weight, feeling her weight pressing down on top of him as she wiggled about had him set back as he was almost blushing. He watched as she examined the car before starting it, he felt the seat belt done up as she pressed against his chest and her weight came down more in all retrospect he was a chair for her. Hearing her ask if they will return he smiled playfully “Perhaps I’ll bring you back.. If you stop this torture and by that I mean wiggling your ass around” he chuckled slightly as they drove onto the road, slowly they approached his auto turret guarded gate as it opened up for them already have scanning their ID signals. As the Hummer drove through the gates it closed behind them and they hit the main road as the countryside slowly passed them they were heading for the city. “We need to be careful, people can’t be suspicious while we’re there.. if they figure out who you are with me it could be bad. So.. you have to go back to treating me like your equipment, nothing more. “ his arms wrapped around her waist gently as he smiled “We will both know the truth about our feelings, but to remain unsuspicious you can’t hold back.. at all. Think you can handle that or have you grown too soft?” he smirked playfully as the city came closer and closer to them. His right eye HUD activated as he started hacking both the Rebels and ZEN’s network systems employing data into it, it beeped while it was done “ You’re now registered in both Zen and Rebel networks with your Serial codes as a Commander and I am your combat equipment, so play the cards right. It won’t work on anyone who already knows us and what we’ve done” the roar of the engine was the only noise to be heard as he wondered if she would be able to play the role she was so good at back in the early days.

CharlotteCarrendar: The early days for Rain and Adam were difficult to say the least. Yes, she had fallen in love with the man that in her mind for the longest time was nothing more than a machine. But he became so much more. A wave of doubt crossed her mind as she drove the hummer along. Could she go back to acting like the cold hearted bitch she had been for most of her life? It surely would just be like putting on a pair of old comfortable shoes, but she had changed so much and the thought to have to go back to that pained her. She felt it within her chest and tried to hide this from Adam. The fun and playful banter of how she was torturing him with her wiggling was soon forgotten, as her facial features hardened. Adam was right. To be anything other than how she was before would betray them both. But when Adam wrapped his arms around her waist, telling her that they both knew the truth of the depth of real feelings, she wanted to never have him let her go. A stiff upper lip was going to be needed and she would need to play the role of her life in front of those she once knew and those that they would come across. ”I can be a hard ass.” she stated firmly, but that might well make him chuckle considering how she was sitting on him. The city lights were now approaching and the game was definitely on. First port of call would be Sam’s junkyard. Military vehicles were out and about scouting the roads, while the Night patrol hover cars controlled the skies. <3>

IceTe3a: He smirked as he heard she could be a bad ass, he knew it would be tough for them both but it had to be done, nodding as he agreed with her “You’re going to have to put on quite the show.. Cold, heartless.. I’m a piece of equipment, nothing more. Can’t give any excuses” he smirked and kissed her neck as they reached the city limits “The act starts as soon as we reach the city.. not when we’re in it, as soon as we cross the city border, if anyone looks in and see’s us as lovers and later like our act, we will fail. “ he smiled as he watched the borders come closer, he sighed“Remember it is a must, our lives depend on it.. I love you” a simple chuckle as he just realized the slight pun in what she had said, she was going to be a hard ass and she was sitting on him, it was a cute joke or at least it was to him. He knew exactly where she was heading first, to the junk yard where those other two men were last seen.. the two he had scared. He wondered if they would help out last time he remembered he had threatened to kill them the next time they met. A simple smirk against his face as he knew he had an act to play as well, the deadly ghost assassin, all the rumors about him that made up his name.. his legend, it had been awhile since he had to be his normal self, this loving side of him was for Rain only and no one else. He smiled and kissed her one last time just as they passed the borders of the city, the guard patrol and check station would be coming up momentarily. With his lips still pressed to her skin he wondered if she would be able to do what was asked, and how well she would be able to do it.

CharlotteCarrendar: – A piece of equipment. Adam said this over and over and Rain could only nod as the lights of the city started to illuminate her face. The moment they crossed the line, she would have to lower the mask that would be in place at all times. No one would see the truth, the extent of her feelings. ”Cold…heartless…got it.” Rain knew their lives depended on the accuracy of the portrayal. Swallowing hard, she heard his final admission of love, before kissing her. She wanted to turn the hummer around, but then she remembered the reason why she was doing this – to save her father. ”Forever yours, Adam.” The emotion in her voice would be unmistakable as they sped towards the first check point. Rain’s eyes dulled over as she knew now was the time. Slowing down the vehicle as it approached the boom gates, Rain activated the driver’s side window to lower so that the guard may approach. Stony faced she waited. The guard within the booth looked up from his desk where he had been going over the lists of the most wanted. To catch one at a check point meant a bonus year’s salary, so it made the task of stopping outlaws all the more lucrative. Stretching, he pushed himself out and away from his desk, before exiting the check point booth and then holding up a scanner which detailed the car and its occupants. It was a nervous wait. <3>

IceTe3a: As they rolled towards the checkpoint he was hoping his new serial numbers for them both would work, he knew they would but there was always that bit of uncertainty. As they rolled up to the checkpoint he watched as the window came down, he noticed a guy sitting at a desk in the booth only to come to a stand and scan the car. He eyes the Soldier off as he himself scans the Soldier for change in emotions, anything registered from the normal would find two bullets in this soldiers chest, he watched close as the soldiers scan was taking longer than expected. They checking every inch of the car, obviously they wanted both Rain and him in their grasps badly, to the point where it was basically known as marshal law around here now. He noticed as the guard started to head towards the front of the car, it felt like he had some questions to ask; a simple sigh escaped his lips “Great.. what does he want” he said softly so only Rain could hear, his eyes scanning the area for the other guards on the ground and a few on the roof top, security was tight.

CharlotteCarrendar:- Cold as ice, that was how Rain was to play it and as the window wound down with the automated sound before clicking into place, she turned her head ever slowly towards the guard who was now approaching the window. Her eyes flickered from the device he was holding in his hand to his face and slowly she turned off the ignition to the hummer. With a voice that had a tinge of an accent to it, Rain said simply ”Problem?’ The guard glanced up at Rain’s face, then took in that she was sitting on a man within the car. This in itself was unusual to say the least. As the man took a moment to pause before answering, the phone within the booth started to ring. Annoyed the Guard gestured with his finger. ”Wait..a moment.” Watching him go inside, this was when Rain pulled out the stops. She had purposely made the phone ring to buy time and had set up a recorded message on the other end of the phone line, while checking the device that the guard held loosely in his hand. Yes, it had picked up an abnormality, but then the red light beside it suddenly changed to green. Shouting to the receiver on the phone, he then slammed down the handle, before looking at the screening device to see the code change. Muttering an obscenity he came back out and banged his fist on the boom gate lever button, so it was slowly rising. Turning her head back to face forward, she started the Hummer with a loud roar of its engine, before driving through the check point. One down…many more obstacles to come. <3>

IceTe3a: – He watched as the man came from looking at Rain and back to him and then back again, he was about to ring the guards neck for even staring at him like that, he hated Zen with a passion let alone the looks he was always given, this just reminded him. As he watched Rain’s trick play out he smirked lightly and looked forward already knowing what the outcome would be, and as suspected the boom gate raised as the hummer turned on and drove through, the window going up as he sighed slightly “Close call, smart thinking on that one.” he smirked slightly and continued to scan the area for more Zen guards, “They’ve beefed up their armed forces, look robotics” as they passed a street there stood a Mech, a fully automated combat AI System, he knew Zen was diving into different style mech’s some piloted some automatic. But he never knew they were already on the production stage.


Even though these things were powerful they would prove no issue for him, he was more worried about Rain as she was really only a highly trained human through and through she could still be shot down unlike him, bullets bounced right off him literally. Only special rounds pulsing with pure electricity did any damage to him. The mech was quick to act as it scanned their car and then turned the other way continuing its patrol with a constant scan. He smirked slightly as he arched a brow “This could be fun” as he looked forward he shifted his weight under her and grumbled slightly “Mind moving back abit, you’re kinda crushing my junk” he smiled lightly waiting for a response.

CharlotteCarrendar: – The Zen brotherhood had lifted its game. They were no longer relying on the night patrols to serve its needs but now bringing out the big military hardware and by that it included massive Mechs that Rain had not seen before. Driving past one that ran its scanner systems over the hummer, Rain grit her teeth as she sensed that this was not going to be a simple walk in the park to get to Sam’s junkyard. ”Guess they really see you as a huge threat.” She was right in what she was saying, but seeing the streets under the watch of the Mechs brought it all home. Turning the corner after going through a green light at an intersection, Rain heard Adam complain that she was crushing his junk. Rain moved just enough so this was no longer a problem but she couldn’t help herself but say. ”You never complained about that last night.” She had a point. On the GPS you could see they were about a mile out from Sam’s junkyard. Still with all the beefed up military that was a long way to go. <3>

IceTe3a: He smirks as she shifts her weight, hearing her comment about last night had his lips part slightly as he arched a brow. His fingers run down the side of her leg slowly as he leans in and takes in her scent “I was just going to say, either use it or don’t, or do you enjoy crushing it as well” he chuckled playfully as they drove through the street, they were getting close to that junkyard, but anything could happen between now and then. “Those mechs, you’re going to have to leave them to me and.. is it bad that I want to rip your clothes off right now? Or is now a good time “ he smirked and looked in the review mirror to watch her reaction. He knew apart from her two friends they would need a few more people to help keep their base up and running, he had a few idea’s of people who would fit but wasn’t completely sure yet. Perhaps he could get Blake to join them, at least they’d have someone who enjoyed working with foods although he was always a hard person to handle. By the time he came back to reality he looked around and they were pretty much at the scrap yard.

CharlotteCarrendar: – ”Clothes stay on till we are alone, Adam.” Now was not the time to be teasing Rain about what Adam wanted to do to her as they approached the fortified junkyard. Odd you might think that a simple junkyard would have razor wire and an electrified fence, but it was also the home of the Tinman. A weapons and computer genius. As the hummer pulled up at the gate, the window rolled down on the hummer and Rain extended her hand out and started to type in a code on the intercom box. She worked it fast and soon the gates were rolling back to allow the Hummer entry.”Okay…show time.” Rain said, knowing that she wouldn’t be able to say anything lewd or suggestive to Adam no matter how much she wanted too. Driving slowly past hulking piles of old car bodies and trucks, the hummer finally came to a stop near the silver trailer that was Tin man’s home. A loud thud was heard inside and then the door swung open as a dishevelled looking Sam poked his head out. He was wearing a sleeping cap and was trying to put on a pair of wire rimmed glasses. When he realized who it was, he made a girly like cry and slammed the door shut. He was obviously terrified that Adam had come back to finish him off. Rain rolled her eyes and opened the car door, getting out and then looking back at Adam. ”Come on.” Her tone had changed. It was not like before the city limits. The acting began. <3>

IceTe3a: – He watched as they pulled into the junkyard passing piles of cars as they finally pulled into the shack of a house, the door opened as he saw the man’s head pull out. Arching a brow as a girlish shriek escaped the man’s mouth and the door slammed shut, he smirked with a wicked grin as Rain stepped out of the car and told him to follow “Ahh.. he remembers me” he said in a cold and dangerous tone as he cocked his pistol, stepping out of the car he looked around as he closed the door, he walked up beside Rain and looked down at her “Let me have him for one minute.. I’ll get what we need” in truth he didn’t know exactly what they were doing here, but he knew that kid must have some kind of information, this side of Adam was scary and it was his true self, apart from his love for Rain. This was how he truly was and how he acted towards other people, a killing machine the Ghost assassin you’d never see him coming was his most favorite rumor. He Pulled out his bowie knife and started playing with it in his right hand as he smirked, the coast was clear and this place seemed to have a force field of sorts around it to pry watching eyes away, so they couldn’t be scanned or listened into. He chuckled slightly as he let out a happy sigh and took a step forward past Rain, overstepping what would be his boundaries for the early days but this was how he was before they fell in love “ I told you I’d be back for you…” he said just loud enough for it to echo through the building for the kid to hear.

CharlotteCarrendar:- Within the silver trailer, you could hear yet another shriek of terror as the Tin man was freaking out at the prospect of being murdered in cold blood by the likes of Adam. His panicked footsteps could be heard going back and forth and the trailer was actually bouncing on its wheels as the poor man was like a trapped rabbit in a cage. No way out. You could see his terrified face appear from behind the blinds before disappearing in another fit of terror. Rain stood with her arms folded as she let Adam do his thing. There was no smile, no hint of emotion as she let Adam take the lead. When Sam heard Adam say that he had told him he would be back, another girly scream till finally, the door opened a touch and a pair of white fronts was held out shakily on what was a broom handle. ”Please…please…don’t kill me.” He begged in a whiney tone that was almost childlike. The surrender flag waved around a bit before he stuck his head out and then shot a look at Rain, before holding up the peace sign with his fingers. ”Rayne, please…call him off.” Rain dug the toe of her boot in the ground where she was standing and then cocked her head at Adam. ”Give me a reason why I should.” Dropping the white underwear flag, Sam stammered as he tried to think of a good reason. ”I could help you…yeah. You must need someone like me..right?” <3>