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Re: [RP] The Vaas plains
November 21, 2013 04:07AM
Training Grounds


The trumpets blastered to herald that the King and his brother Ira were approaching through the throng of many Knights and soldiers, that were marching on their way to the battlefront on the edge of the Vaas Lands. The sound alerted Sir Wayne and Sir Reginald, that both raised their heads to see the King coming.


The Queen of Elves had with her a small group of companions, that all spoke out of turn it seemed, and this was confusing the Knights, as to why they were down at the training camps and not up at the palace to speak with Queen Metia.

“Seeing as I would recognize Reginald on a raging battlefield, you must be Sir Wayne Ahorld. As I am sure your loyal knight has informed you, I am Celandiam of the Free Elves.” Her introduction, had Sir Wayne bow respectfully, while in behind him Sir Reginald was looking at her oddly. She knew of him? ” Lady Johanna Jameson of Stormwind Keep has entrusted me with her daughter, young Lady Karena,” The Knights glanced at the young angel, that the Queen of Elves gestured to and they nodded politely, then went back to paying heed to the Queen as she continued. “So that she might find peace and safety from an unknown enemy within her mother’s home kingdom. On our travels to these Plains, we caught word of the war that will soon wage between House Casterly and House Brax.”

At mention of this, the Knight felt he must interject. “We are at war with the House of Brax, as you can see the army does march on towards the battlements, it is why we are in the middle of having our squires and servants pack out tents, and bring the carts.” You could see in behind that tent after tent was coming down, and that the hand maidens, and squires were working in a hurried pace to get their jobs done quickly.

But as he spoke, the more the Queen introduced, Lucian and Winona, a fight or squabbling started, that was rather ill timed. The King was now approaching and he himself saw that the Queen of Elves was speaking with his Knights. He pulled up hard on his reigns, and adjusted himself in his saddle, before addressing the gathering.

“What seems to be the problem, Sir Arhold?” At first he didn’t realize that the travelers were in fact royal, not until he spied Lucius. “Ah…our allies, of course. We are on the march to the edge of our borders. Are you down here ready to mount up and come into battle?” He asked sternly, as his brother Ira looked on, both angels upon their horses.



Re: [RP] The Vaas plains
November 21, 2013 09:32PM
Training Grounds

Celandiam settled her now somewhat more proper gaze on King Henry. “Lucius and Winona have indeed come to offer their assistance to the House of Casterly. It seems, however, they would be more suited to fight the war on the House’s behalf.” Karena bit back a giggle. “Young Lady Karena and I will return to Castle Haven to discuss other matters with your wife and Queen, Metia.” She turned to address all three of the Casterly men. “I haven’t the slightest doubts in your house and your men… and women. Once this war is won, may we find peace in all the lands. But that is for another time. We will meet again. Goodbye and best of luck, though you need it naught.” She nodded to each, then swept toward her loyal warlock. “Lucius, if you will.” The black haired man tore his glare away from Winona to bow his head to his queen. “Behave yourself. And you as well, Winona.” “Of course, m’lady.” Lucius muttered something profane under his breath, directed at Winona, before he raised his fist and Karena and the Daughter of the Moon disappeared in another flash of light.

Winona turned to Henry and tried not to smile. “It is good to be among the knights of Casterly again, sire. I intend to serve as I once did.” Lucius glared at the fiery haired elf once more, but managed to cease so and lay his eyes on the King of Angels. This was going to be an interesting journey, if a short war.

Meanwhile, Calypso had watched the scene unfold, and leaned over to whisper to Estelle while maintaining the calm of the beautiful, albeit plain and common, steed she was to ride. “You should tell Sir Wayne that everyone needs to watch their backs when Lucius is around. Particularly the women and non-angel knights. He’s nothing like his father or brother. The Elf Queen has him on a tight leash, but she can only maintain it when she can see him. Now that she’s gone, he’s free, and free cold men are always followed by danger, more closely if they posses magic lesser than he. He is the son of Storwick the Great, and he hasn’t a moral bone in his body.” While her words were completely serious, her new voice made her sound like a gossiping handmaiden, which might have made the message better. She might’ve told Sir Wayne herself, but she didn’t want to get into how she knew Lucius, because it was no story to be told at the gates of war.

Re: [RP] The Vaas plains
November 21, 2013 11:00PM
The March to the Battlements.

It was a procession like no other. Tens of thousands had joined the call by the King to fight for good and justice against the tyranny of the Leaders of the House of Brax. One such son, who though not an angel, or even a Knight for that matter was caught up in amongst the many thousands, with his trusted squire Klaus. Klaus did look majestic in his own right atop the massive clysdale, however when it raised its swishy tail and dropped a large load of manure on the road, many knights had to guide their horses around it, including Sirus. Sirus waved his hand in front of his face, and then kicked his horse along, so he could be riding alongside his squire. Klaus looked pained.

“I want to go back to the Willow…the Castle. Your Mother could forgive you and we could go back and be happy, safe….and in the arms of beautiful women.” Klaus said hopefully, willing to turn the large beast of a horse around on the mere mention of acceptance by the Prince to agree to such a plan. Sirus was not as obliging however.


“No…we are now part of the Angel army, and we can go home, after the war is won.”

“But we could die!” Klaus lamented, adjusting himself in the saddle, causing the horse to cough violently.

“You don’t know that. I say we have a good thirty percent chance of coming out of this unscathed.” Sirus mentioned, then looking at Klaus for his reaction.

“Thirty percent?…They aren’t odds, that’s a death sentence.”

“Maybe….but hey, I kissed a girl, so should I die, I can die knowing that somewhere out there, is a girl that liked me.”

“But I’m a virgin! I can’t die yet. Oh please can we go back? Just one night, a whore, twelve drinks…THEN we come back and fight.”


“I hate you, Sire.”

“Many do, Klaus….many do.”


Training Camp – The Final hour

Tents of all colours and descriptions were falling as the squires and hand maidens toiled on valiantly to get all ready in earnest for the push to the battlements. Already scores of men and horses had passed through the training grounds, which was becoming sparse as the weapons and carts were prepared for the move.

With the Queen having offered Winona and Lucius to the King and house of Casterly to fight, she and her Lady Karena vanished in a blaze of light on their way back to the Castle, where they would find the Queen Metia and her daughter Selene, with granddaughter Tempest and grandson Lucan. At the very least they should be able to offer them a safe house and protection, while the rest of the Kingdom went off to fight.

The King listened to Winona say how pleased she was to be back amongst the Knights of the Casterly, though the one known as Lucius was not so pleased, taking glances at the fiery red elf and then keeping his thoughts to that of a low mumbling sound. The King pointed to the corale where they had additional horses, a few left. “Mount up, and be sure to have your weapons, and join us on the march. We can no longer stand by, we must head to the front of the war, before the hordes of the House of Brax cross our borders. Time is of the essence.” That being said, he started to ride on with Ira, who had already joined the procession of thousands.

Sir Wayne and Sir Reginald were now dismissed, and went to get their mounts, passing Gerald, Calypso and Estelle, who had placed the last of the tents and weapons on the cart. The ox that was to pull it was already getting antsy. Estelle had already had Calypso in her ear about the one known as Lucius, and she wrinkled up her nose, especially at the timing of such crucial information.


“If you are right about that man, then you should ride alongside Sir Wayne and tell him. I must drive the cart, and am not allowed to ride into battle, only you have been granted such a right.” This being said, she gathered her skirts, and made her way to the driver’s seat of the cart, and got on board, as Gerald was eating a rosy apple and climbed in next to her. Now the entire training camp was taken down, and all started on their march to the battlefields.