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(RP) The War of Demons and Angels.
November 21, 2013 11:20PM

Re: (RP) The War of Demons and Angels.
November 25, 2013 05:24PM
The BattlementsIt had taken a full days ride to reach the forested hills of the borders to the Vaas lands. Man and beast, Angel and Elf, side by side they marched and rode. Carts laden with the supplies for war trundled along the muddy tracks, as the brave knights rode proudly upon their noble steeds. One such was Sir Wayne, who was General of his King’s Army. Sworn by oath to serve his King till death, and lead his men to victory. Riding past a wave of ten thousand soldiers, many that carried bows and swords, he roared out on the top of his lungs for all the army of the House of Casterly to hear.“STRENGTH AND HONOR!”


This brought a resounding cheer from his men, which lifted their fists to mark respect for their leader, their General.

Line upon line of bowmen were now in the foot hills, where in the distance they could see the rise of darkness, as though hell itself had unleashed its own vile army against them. Hordes of orcs, trolls, and demons. Fires were lit along each of the rows of bowmen, who stood at the ready to fire as soon as the call was given.

Well back, the King and the Throne Ira sat high in the saddle, as they both marveled at the sight of the fifty thousand soldiers, that had come to fight for the sanctity and peace of all of the Vaas lands. Many this day would die. But truth be told, in death there is glory…..for to fight under the banner of God, is to bring ever lasting life through him.

“For Orion.” King Henry uttered, and Ira nodded. “As God is our witness, may our army be victorious.”


Re: (RP) The War of Demons and Angels.
November 27, 2013 12:33AM
The BattlementsThe Hordes Swarm had made a wide swath. The knights in dark garb surrounded by an array of dark creatures.
The nightmare that it had become upon the land was unlike anything that many had ever experienced.
King Brandon was ready for the real battle. His soldiers were hardened and trained. Having come from the wars, they were
not unversed in handling carnage. As the snarls and roars of the trolls and orcs could be heard the rest of the horde also threw up war cries. The mood became even more dark. The King’s shadow lengthened the field as he threw his presence over them. The power of his dominance emboldening them and increasing their fury. The blood rang in their ears as the finally reached the edge of the battle.The King as High General of the armies ordered the flags to send forth the horde in divisions across the field. In his new armor he looked like even more evil, his true form was emboldened by its power. The holy protection it afforded made it even more dark, hideous and evil. The knights he kept in a tight formation as was his want around himself. Allowing joffrey to lead the array of demons. The Orcs and Trolls began a smash and move tactic moving in two different directions upon the field to flank the angels forces. The witches took to air begining to unleash their magical fury upon them. The Warlocks led by Magnus worked in the vanguard to guard the rear of the army preparing a magical attack. The nature of which was guarded but involved a very special feather.

As the King waved the flags above the onslaught and the cries were screamed with fury he yelled loudly…
” Kill them all! Leave no angels alive!” 


Re: (RP) The War of Demons and Angels.
November 27, 2013 03:20PM
The Battlements
Calypso watched as the calm before the storm unfurled itself before her. The two armies stood, completely at the ready, but the angels stood silent, calm. The demons, on the other hand… well. No one could expect much from a kingdom based on chaos itself. The angel had ridden alongside Lady Winona, who was less calm than the angels. The half-elven, half-Fae hunter looked ferociously livid, but retained her beauty, which, even though the procession consisted primarily of males, was unmatched in either army, if not in either kingdoms. Lucius was all but holding the fiery haired fighter’s horse back, with much struggle considering he had to maintain his own horse, which seemed rather cowardly. Calypso held her hand out to help, and her help was accepted by the son of Storwick, though he received a heated glare from both women. Aside from their small commotion, the angels stood in order, a beautiful force of the Heavens about to face the horrors of Hell.The female angel’s eyes found Sir Wayne and, though she doubted his eyes would focus on any one soldier (let alone her, for that matter), she nodded almost subconsciously. Winona took this movement as some sort of signal to speak. “I don’t remember you, and I know as well as I know myself that I would remember a female knight of Casterly. Of course, you don’t bear any significations… so how on God’s green earth did you manage to convince Wayne to let you on a battlefield?” “Not that she couldn’t hold her own.” Winona’s eyes snapped to Lucius, the hazel orbs a little wide, but the effect dulled by a single raised eyebrow, rather than two. “You know her?” “My name is-” “Her name is Calypso Astheroshe. As in, the filthy mutant Astheroshes that tried to kill the Prince.” Once again, Winona’s eyes snapped in another direction, but this time at Calypso, whose face held much more than the subtle discontent for the warlock that they had earlier. “My name is Calypso. I renounced the name Astheroshe long ago, and adopted the name Aphels, which I renounced when I was imprisoned for crimes that I should have been killed for. I know my mistakes, and I know what my husband did, but I serve the House of Casterly as well as you – better than you even, as you so proudly proclaim you serve no one, Lucius.” “Such mannered speech from something that shouldn’t be alive.” Winona was now confused, looking between angel and wizard with a furrowed brow. Some of the knights around them looked a little annoyed that the three seemed so casual in the face of war, but it was nothing that Sir Wayne, or God forbid the King, would notice. Hopefully.

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November 29, 2013 11:29PM
The BattlementsHigh above the clouds that looked down upon the two armies that were lined up in formations to take on each other in a showdown between good and evil, the winged angels with glistening swords held on high awaited the signal from the King Henry of Casterly. Bowmen by the thousands had now lowered their bolts to set fire to the tips so that when raised on high, they would fire them into the oncoming orc and troll brigades of the Brax army.On his horse, the General had ridden to the back, where the forests was teeming with light horsemen. They were the second wave, that when given the signal, would commence their attack to slow the oncoming tide of the demon forces of Prince Joffrey. Sir Wayne rode his horse gallantly, past the many rows of horsemen, that were all wearing armor and chain mail, the crest of Casterly upon their chest plates. Helms of the finest metals adorned with the wings of angels, to show their allegiance, glinted with gold, capturing the last rays of light.“Sons of Evil wish to crush the light and drive us back from our own lands. Murder our people and desecrate the name of Casterly. Murderers most foul, will not have victory over us. Not while we have the Lord himself as our guiding hand. Fight for justice…fight for freedom…FIGHT FOR THE VAAS LANDS!” Sir Wayne roared, as the battle horns were sounded. Sir Reginald, who was part of the archery lines raised his arm.



Immediately, those bowmen fired off volley after volley of flaming arrows, that illuminated the night sky. The war had begun, and then the horns blastered as the King himself joined with the light horseman. His brother, Ira the Throne of God did so as well. They would be brother at arms, till the very end. The charge of the calvalry began, as ten thousand horseman broke from the ranks of the archers and foot soldiers, who ran in after the massive wave of horseman. The deafening sound of horses charging across the planes, was a sight few would ever forget. With right hands clasped upon swords, and their left hands holding the reigns, they thundered towards the King’s army, and his knights.


Prince Sirus heard the roar and kicked off his horse, part of the front wave of horseman. He wore the emblem of Casterly, but also the ribbon of Tempest. His final moment with her etched into his memory, and if he should die on this battle field, then he would have at least known what it was like to have loved another. Riding in hard behind him was Klaus, the unwilling squire. Caught up in this war, he made a promise to a dying King that he would protect Prince Sirus with his life. This was not how he saw himself doing it, but none the less, he roared with pride as he rode the enormous draught horse into battle.


Closer and closer the horseman came, as the fired arrows that were aflame, started to rain down on the orcs from high above. Many would get their targets, with the blooded cries of the wounded being drowned out by the thundering hooves of the Casterly light horse. The King was one of the first in, and with the sweep of his sword, an orc’s head was cleanly decapitated, and left a headless body standing, before crumpling in a heap on a soon to be blood red battle field.



Re: (RP) The War of Demons and Angels.
November 30, 2013 12:39AM
The BattlementsDrakkar was tight against his lord and master. watching his back. The battle had become heavy as the angels roared into the thick of it with cavalry charging the orcs ahead of the line. He held his sword in a battle hardened stance. His black armor almost cloaked him in darkness as the others near him seemed to create their own auras of darkness. He was alert however. As his master had bid him he would be ready for anything. Not sure what he had meant but knowing that he must watch all sides.The Orcs Battalion Commander dealing with the onslaught rallied his troops and began to bring them in a tighter formation shouting in Orcish..

“Nar Mat Kordh-Ishi”
(Translation ~Do not die in bed.~)


The battalion of Orcs Reinforced by the line of trolls began to hack and slash their way through their lines. Holding their shields some were able to stop the raining volleys others fell but non waivered as they continued the charge.
Rending and Tearing any that managed to fall in their path and were not felled by the first rush of their cavalry.

Magnus had begun the invocation and was working behind the knights. The quiet that seemed to pervade the group of warlocks seemed eerie as it was almost devoid of any sound as if a vacuum existed over that section of the battle.
A blackness was slowly enveloping the field from the rear. The very air was sparking and could be seen from a distance as a power slowly enveloping them in darkness.


Re: (RP) The War of Demons and Angels.
December 01, 2013 02:21AM
The Battlements
As Prince Joffrey rode Scorn further into the battlements, the horse started to change from that of the black stallion, to a flame engulfed skeletal beast. You could actually see the skull of its head, as it snorted and brayed loudly; a sick and twisted sound, that had even the other demons that the Prince rode along side quaking in fear. The Prince himself now looked inhuman in his charmed armour, the black plating shimmering as though it itself was alive. The eyes of the snake demon glowered from within the helm and he licked at the air with his snake like tongue, tasting fear, dread and above all that of the heavy scent of angels in the air.So…they had brought their full armies to face that of the House of Brax. For too long had this unlikely union between the houses brought nothing but pain, heartbreak and sorrow to each that had been caught up in the lives of Selene and Joffrey. Right from the word go, Joffrey had bent over backwards, to please his angel bride, then his daughter; Tempest, but nothing…nothing good ever came from it. Prince Joffrey was pushed to the brink of death, and this gave the chance for the Snake demon to take hold of Joffrey’s weakened state. Now, he was leading the demon throng of his Father’s army, with the vial of the essence of the Throne of God held beneath his breast plate.

~Things aren’t always what they seem, get out of my way….You’re in my DREAM!~

The first wave of the light horse of the Angel army headed straight for the orcs front line, with the beasts taking the brunt of the attack, along with the flaming arrows hurtling down from the skies, fired at will by the elven lines. The trolls came into their own, hacking and slashing, with both angel and horse falling foul to the might of the troll garrison. Now with the thick of the fighting underway, it was the soldiers on foot that began their charge, and as the orcs lowered their long spears, to take up the oncoming mass, the Prince of Brax raised his sword and roared for all his demon brother to hear.

“KUKaeoh-seew seeah seewae waheezae ah-bae PEohz-seeae-lu-deoo oh-fe-kuk oh-de-de qwah zae-lu-jaeae wae-lu!”

(translation : “Death to the house of Casterly and all who serve her!”)

This was the sign, and the roar of the trumpets sounded as over an army five thousand strong of all manner of demonic creatures, took to the skies, as well as thundered forward on mass. A teeming sea of horned and winged creatures, led by the Prince, who rode high in the saddle, right towards the wave of soldiers and Knights on their horses. As he approached one knight, he swung with his demon blade, the metal singing through the air as it met with the Knight’s chest plate, knocking him clean off his mount and falling into a heap on the ground. Laughing with a twisted rise to his voice, Prince Joffrey jumped free from his horse, and went straight to the fallen Angel, raising his blade with the point faced down, and then slammed it clean into the armour, piercing it easily and a spray of blood shot up from the entrance wound, smearing Prince Joffrey’s blackened armour. The Prince twisted the sword for good measure and then reefed it out, his head turning left and right, till finding another target for his blood lust. All around him, demons took on the angel soldiers; the sound of death rising, screams of horror and then the clash of metal as swords were used to strike blows. At this point it was hard to tell who had the upper hand.