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Re: (RP Fourm) Dark Ages
October 24, 2013 09:12PM
Gabriel soon reached the building that was helping create the alley way as her body pressed itself against the tough brick, listening in on the conversation between the child and the man. One of her hands still rest upon the hilt of her katana, waiting for the right moment to strike the two who was intending to hurt the lonely little one who name was Sarah. The way that the man taunted her made her even the more angry than she had been in her existence since it really takes a large amount to make her this pissed. Her lips curled back even more then decided to look into the alley way to only see Sarah throw the lightning at Relic but she blinked at the power that the child had displayed before her. She was now curious about her and what she was. But her thoughts were stopped by the sound of a giant sword extending and digging into the blacktop of the alley way. Her eyes trailed up the sword to see an even smaller girl on the roof top then jump down from the high height and land perfectly unharmed. Gabriel tilted her head to listen closer to the conversation.

So Relic and Coraline are their names, eh? Well they just have ticked off someone who fights demons for a living. With that said in Gabriel’s mind, she inhaled and pushed off the wall she was standing against but before she took a step to enter the alley way, she froze in place, her eyes widened as foreign memories began to flash right before her eyes. A memory of a tournament came to light with a lot of competitors going against each other at the same time but the vision was confusing to her but the only words she heard from this vision/memory was a name, Dao Tsu Arren. She blinked multiple times then shook her head almost violently to clear her mind. Once that was done, she had the strangest urge to pray to this Arren and she did not understand why this urge came up from out of no where. Though she did not have enough options to choose, she decided to pray to him.

“Dao Tsu Arren, I know I have not prayed to you before but please hear my eager plea. I need your help to guide me in the fight that is about to unfold before me for these two oponents look like they will be difficult to face. So please, guide me as to do what is right for I have not fought against Knights of their power magnitude.” she whispered to herself then inhaled sharply then exhaling silently, now ready to fight a fierce battle.

She held her head up high and turned down the alley way, slowly drawing her katana from its sheath, “You two Knights, step away from the little girl and let her go!” she yelled, her voice being louder than normal from the anger she had held back. Her bright blue eyes seemingly piercing straight into their eyes, her lips pulling back to let out a louder growl from earlier. She positioned her right foot and leg in front while the left helped keep her balance, finally drawing her katana out, now placing her free hand on the bottom of the hilt and prepared herself for battle.

Re: (RP Fourm) Dark Ages
October 25, 2013 10:35AM
-Arren waste playing games nore was he getting her coffee as he looked into her eyes as he spoke.- “The Tea is not here for looks or is it going to be waster Charlotte. The Tea you see before you are two choices. You can choose to either know the truth or simply walk away from all this chaos.” -he pointed to the Tea cup to his left and then to his right.- “left is red which is filled with an power full magic that will allow you ask questions in full no lies, no judgment, no deception. To my right is a normal tea that is filled with a direct drug that will let you forget everything that you have known with Conan. He will vanish from your mind. Once you choose all questions will be answered.” -he waited for her to choose as sat there with his hands down on the stone.-

-It seemed that the knight’s were being watched as they turned around only to direct there attention to Gabriel. They both were questioning her look as Relic said to her.- “Why doesn’t the priestess move along before she gets hurt.” -he brought his finger to his mouth only to bit the skin off tip of it as he started to bleed. The blood from his finger started to move like a whip as he was controlling his own blood. Using it like he whip he motioned his hand forward only to have his blood harden. The blood was moving towards Gabriel like a dart about ready to strike her aiming from her neck right on the vital point with no intentions of backing down. It seemed Sarah was in shock form the lady trying to help her, as the other girl stood there laughing sadistically as Relic attempted to strike her.-


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Re: (RP Fourm) Dark Ages
October 25, 2013 10:45AM
Raising a well shaped brow, Charlotte realized that this was not an ordinary tea he was talking about. As much as she preferred coffee, he wasn’t about to get her any. He explained that she had to chose, between the two offered cups. One, would be filled with a powerful magic, that allowed her to ask questions in full with no lies, judgement or deception. The other would erase her mind of Conan, and he would simply vanish.

“So you are asking me, to chose between gaining knowledge and losing my memory of Conan. I can’t simply afford to forget him. Not after everything he has been through with me and the children.”

That said, she reached for the cup of tea, the red one, that was on his left. She held it up to her lips, staring at Arren suspiciously, then started to drink the tea, finishing it in one go and setting the empty cup down beside her. For measure, she opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue.

“There…I drank it. Okay…why..why do I feel funny?” Charlotte said, as the view from her eyes started to blur. She raised her hand in front of her face, and it was like there was two of them. “Woooooo.”


Re: (RP Fourm) Dark Ages
October 25, 2013 06:26PM
– Jalal began to make a complex device. He nodded to Imay but seemed already lost in what he was doing. He knew the design would be a pyramid. At it’s purest form the pyramid was the easiest and most pure way for any shape to call forth any being or spirit. If he were to be able to call any of them with this it would need to be with the pyramid spell form. Imay mentioned…
“Oh and before I forget careful with any crimson skin, or scales in their it has a touch of demonic energy.” 

Jalal had never heard of a pairing of demons and dragon kind as far as he had known such was impossible. Especially given their natures. Demons were beings of chaos and sought to constantly destroy anything that created, Dragons were those who came from dreams as he had been taught. He did not understand why any Dragon would have submitted to that or how a offspring could have even come to be. His mind spun with questions, this spell might very well backfire when he made this as if any of the crimson material was used it would end up allowing the demonic blood to taint the spell form. He was not sure what would happen if that occured. A rift like that could even call the Splugorth into this world, It could be a curse rather than a gift.

Jalal’s demeanor changed vastly as he cleaned away every bit of red material, placing it into a seperate container. His enhance vision allowed him to inspect every inch of the material and seperate all of it carefully. He offered a silent prayer as he began working it into a tiny pyramid Speaking in true Atlantean of the names of the first Dragons…

” Siksta Svant Ith, Thurkear Welun Jaxo” he said in solemnly


He finally finished the carving chanting the power of the ley lines themselves into the object. As he did he began to glow and the power of the nearby lines began to intersect within him and draw into him and through him flowing into the object of his creation forming into a small pyramid..


Re: (RP Fourm) Dark Ages
October 25, 2013 09:10PM
-Imay looked up from his crystal as he heard Jalal speak in Atlantean, and felt power start to build in the room. Imay was looking at the pyramid with worry. “Um before you finish you might want to think where you are right now.” Imay said hesitantly, and walked over to where Jalal put the crimson parts. “And is there a reason you passed up the crimson half of that bag?” Imay had then asked truly curious knowing that half was actually more potent in magical application.


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Re: (RP Fourm) Dark Ages
October 25, 2013 10:35PM
“Heh. I do not plan on moving along and let you get away with your actions.” Gabriel spoke dominantly then glared at Relic’s choice of moves, watching him bite into his flesh to only draw out blood.

She held a stern but fearless expression on her face as another loud but deep growl sounded from her petite frame then dashed to the side at a faster rate than normal. Though Gabriel’s wooden sandals were heavy, she was taking steps that were like feathers landing on the ground for she had trained herself to be silent while hunting all sorts of evil entities and creatures. Her robes wildly flickered from her fast footwork as she ran closer over to the trio in the middle of the alleyway, holding the point of her katana down until the last moment. Gabriel then jumped into the air, her momentum had greatly increased then landed behind both Relic and Coraline, swinging her body around along with holding out the sharpness of her blade out towards them, piveting on her feet to help her move her torso and lower body. Her hair flared out and a wide circular shape as each strand had a small but thin trail of visible sound following them though the same could be seen with her katana but larger in size.

Re: (RP Fourm) Dark Ages
October 26, 2013 01:57AM
-Arren watched as Charlotte downed the Tea as she said before Conan meant to much to her. He smiled as he said.- “I am glad that my son in law means something to you. He needs someone who is willing to be there and not use him.” -She would in fact start to feel weird as she did. The magic that was in that tea was something Arren has used once before. It would take Charlotte’s mind and soul into another state she would start to feel like she is being sucked into another dimension which was right her mind and soul was being taken to another place rather than her staying here to ask Arren the questions she would be sent to talk with another. Arren nodded to her as he said.- “You have two hours too get all the answers you want. It is not me who the answers you seek. I shall wait for your return Charlotte.” -Her mind and soul would be taken to a place this place would be the afterlife. She would appear in the afterlife one that had a special being there that she would know. She would notice the surrounding were that in a room such as like a ball room that had been empty if she looked around the room she would notice on the wall a very familiar symbol it had three triangles that were stacked in a pyramid style. She has only seen this symbol once before in fact on the same keep sake she wore around her neck. It was that of the Gorya. The ball room was in fact huge and grand with giant open window’s if she was to look at the middle of where the windows sit she would see a man facing towards them looking out into the mist of the afterlife. His hair was black as a winter midnight sky, his skin pale as low shine silk. He was different that what she could remember without his weapons and his normal clothes he was wearing a dress of a prince that was black and sliver having shoulder pads with tassels hanging of the side of them. The mark on his arm of that of his rank. It was that of the commander of the Goryan army. The man turned around as he looked at Charlotte.- “I guess I get to give you the dance I promised you so very long ago my dear friend.” -his face revealed only to show it was her friend that had died it was Shadow Eris Gorya. He smiled as walked towards her with his normal stride only for her to see his face in closer detail. This was by far a sight she would not want to miss.-

-While Arren would notice as he said his words he felt someone praying to him as he closed his eyes calling out to the person who prayed to him. “You have called on me give yourself strength and open your mind. I Shall guide you through this fight you seek guidance in.” he did not know who this possibly could be until she opened her mind he could not assist her till then.-

-Relic had thought the priestess to be harmless as she had gotten between them. She attempted to spin around trying to cut them. However she was not fast enough as Coraline moved her giant sword around to stop her motion from spinning. Only to allow Relic to move away from the back as he regained his position only to watch the priestess launch such a accelerated attack upon them he was unsure what to do as he looked to Coraline wondering if she could handle such an attack. Sarah started to tremble again thinking she should run but couldn’t move an inch from fear. At heart she knew she could help however she was hungry, tired and most of all out of energy. Coraline said to Relic.- “It seems we will need to stop this lady before we can grab the key Relic.” -Relic nodded as he reached into his jacket pulling out a vial of dark crimson liquid as he tossed it towards the priestess wondering if she would see this coming. If this vial would come near her within ten inches of her it would explode into a burst of tiny harden blood spikes. This was a test of her speed.–

Re: (RP Fourm) Dark Ages
October 26, 2013 02:17AM
Everything was starting to go blurry, especially from the view Charlotte had after downing the tea. She can’t even remember setting down the cup. Like a vortex trying to pull her away from her own body all she could hear was the last words of Arren, before she faded away entirely.

“You have two hours too get all the answers you want. It is not me who the answers you seek. I shall wait for your return Charlotte.” 

From that moment, everything in that time went to black.

Colours like a kaleidoscope swirled and danced as Charlotte roused from her state of unconsciousness, only to find herself in a new place all together. Her green eyes darted around the room, as she started to get feeling in her body. Charlotte’s breathing was labored, due to the shock of the shift into the afterlife.

“Where am I?” She asked herself in a quiet voice, subdued by the magnitude of what Arren had done. The bebilith maid swallowed and touched herself to see that this was real and not a dream “I am never drinking tea again.” She thought to herself, as the sudden realization of where she actually was hit home.

An opulent ball room. Magnificent in size and grander. Must have been hundreds of years old. A vast expanse of space, marble floors and columns, with rich designs in the architraves, and cornices. It was almost fairy tale like, and Charlotte wondered when Prince Charming would step out from behind a door and try to fit her with a glass slipper.

Spinning around slowly, the image on one of the walls, was a picture of three pyramids. Narrowing her gaze, Charlotte recognized this, and wondered where on earth she had seen it before. Only when she looked over at the windows, did she see what could well have been the fairy tale Prince after all. With jet black hair and wearing a suit fit for a royal, she had to wonder who he really was.

But when he turned around, Charlotte’s heart almost stopped. It was Shadow Eris Gorya.


“No…no….it can’t be you.” Charlotte started to take a step back, and shook her head. “You’re dead. I got the letter. You can’t be alive. No…Wait…does that mean, I’m dead? I SHOULD NEVER HAVE DRUNK THE TEA!”

Poor Charlotte thought..she had died. But had she?



Re: (RP Fourm) Dark Ages
October 26, 2013 02:58AM
-Jalal felt the power resonate within him and arc around his form as he used the material. It was a rebounding factor. He had felt the power here before and knew it was a powerful place but as he drew energy realized it was a higher nexus. One of the truly rare ley line access points. He wasnt sure exactly where they were now as he had begun the draw he felt driven to complete the final draw of energy. Luckily for the purpose he had in mind he was able to seal the final bit he needed within it easily without disturbing the nexus further. He was in a trance, dreaming, while awake…. he saw many things.


He heard in his trance state Imay say….

“Um before you finish you might want to think where you are right now.” 

Jalal hopefully did not disturb to much the denizens here with his draw of the planes energy.
As he slowly came out of the trance he looked towards Imay and said..
” It is done. I hope I have not disturbed the powers over much Imay. “

He turned and looking seriously, was in an odd sense of calm.

The Crimson material he had already stored away for later use. “This particular spell would have wrecked havoc in a place like this had I used that crimson material. i needed to use only the purest energy in a pure nexus or else draw forth possible entities. That would not be well as we are guests. I fear I may have already overstepped my bounds but this may help our cause much and was done in but the purest of ways. I think we all should be pleased. “

Re: (RP Fourm) Dark Ages
October 26, 2013 03:36AM
-“To be honest I was worried you might be trying to summon something without my uncle’s permisison. Though with those crimson materials, the most likely creature to be brought would be my goddaughter, especially since what you used came from her, and the rest from her uncle.” Imay spoke calmly as he stretched his arm out towards Jalal and removed his glove showing scars on his arms that matched the pattern of some of the crimson skin pieces. “Though if Nesuki did show up I’m sure uncle wouldn’t be to upset.” Imay said with a smile growing on his face, before he walked back to the crystal waving to Jalal to come take a look as Nesuki’s image still stood in the crystal’s center slowly dancing.