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Re: Candi & Licorice – The Chisolm Twins
February 28, 2013 05:34AM
Role play Group : The Death Club

The Chisolm Twins

Taxi cab.


CharlotteCarrendar as Corica
Captain277 as Candice

Captain277: *Candice paced leisurely down the street, paying little mind to the busy sidewalk she found herself currently stuck in. All she could focus on was getting to the Death Club as quickly as possible. Corsica had left much earlier, and thus had the great fortune of avoiding the mess of foot traffic that Candice now had to deal with. She hadn’t dressed for being outside so long, and she didn’t have to look down to know her nipples were more than likely protruding prominently from beneath the thin fabric of her high-cut halter top. Several hands had already rather deliberately groped her ass, their owners lost in the sea of people. Candice didn’t exactly mind the attention, but without Corsica nearby, she had gradually grown painfully aware of just how vulnerable separation from her older sister made her feel. As she neared the club, the crowd seemed to grow, somehow, even more dense, with people pushing frantically past her. More than likely, there had been a car accident which had arrested foot traffic. A sudden, violent roar tore through the alleyways and streets, the shockwave of the blast making the ground beneath her feet shudder slightly. Candice’s eyes went wide with panic suddenly, as she realized that the fleeing crowd, and the noise, were both originating from the same general area; the Death Club. Frantically forcing her way through the crowd with a previously unseen strength, Candice passed through a thick haze of dust and smoke before the shattered, flickering neon bulbs of the club’s facing. Her eyes landed almost instantly on Corsica, stumbling out of the rubble with the help of two vaguely familiar men. Running full speed towards her sister, her legs burning and her breath short, Candice called out her sister’s name, hoping she was alright.*

CharlotteCarrendar:- A crooked military hat, that bore the iron cross, was practically falling off Corsica’s bald head, as she crossed the street, looking dazed and shell shocked. A survivor of the rocket attack of the Death Club, Corsica looked like shit; elegantly wasted to be exact. With one broken shoe, ripped corset, and stockings riddled with holes, she certainly looked a hell of a sight worse than when she had headed out that night, to “entertain” a well respected Czech business man. Last she recalled, she had him in the BDSM room, tied to a chair and strapped to a battery that was feeding him electric shocks, to his nipples and his cock. But with the rocket attack, and the fire sprinklers, coming on in the club, he would have been electrocuted for sure. Great, another death mark to her name. Luckily, she had been paid before the job, so least she could use it towards getting something nice for Candice, like a new ball gag for her mouth, maybe a double ended dildo. One of the rubberneckers, that was driving past the scene, screeched to a halt, and Corsica slammed her hand on the bonnet. “The fuck you learn to drive, ass wipe?!” The driver beeped his horn a few times, and Corsica, well, she was in one of her moods now, and bent over, pulling the remnants of her hot pants down just enough to flash her ass hole at the driver, shocking the driver’s companion. “Yeah…check it, Dick!” She slapped it once, and then pulled up her shorts. Turning her head, just enough, she caught sight of Candice, coming towards her, not wearing a great deal. The hell took her so long, was beyond her, but least she didn’t get caught up in the bombing. Hobbling over to be at her side, she gave her right breast a slap and chuckled, before coughing loudly. “Geez Sis, talk about timing. Have I got a story to tell you.” <3>

Captain277: *Candice watched her sister hobble across the street, a sorry sight to behold. She remembered dressing her sister earlier that morning, and it saddened her to look at all of her loving work ripped and torn to shreds. Flinching as one of the passing cars nearly hit her beloved, Candice started to run out towards her sister before stopping as Corsica handled the matter herself. In spite of the lack of tact, Candice felt relieved to see her sister composing herself in such a manner; it meant she hadn’t been too seriously hurt by whatever had happened here. Corsica seemed to suddenly notice her, and closed the gap quickly, and before Candice could react or even ask Corsica what had happened, the woman had slipped in beside her and groped her in a manner not all that different from the treatment she had received earlier in the crowd. Letting out a quiet moan as her knees went weak, still turned on by her sister’s touch even in the face of calamity, Candice let Corsica finish speaking before she wrapped her pale arm around the bare caramel skin of the woman’s waist.* Not right now Cor. You’re probably in shock. We should get you home, and out of this cold. Can you walk right now?

CharlotteCarrendar:- Well, Candice had that half right, Corsica was in shock. It was the reason for her outrageous outburst and Kodak camera flashing with her ass at the driver. Her defence mechanisms kicking in, and her desperate need to remain in control. The last thing she ever wanted anyone to see her do, was either lose control, come undone, and fall apart. Especially in front of her beloved Sister, Candice. Corsica reached up and straightened her hat, in an effort to cover the fact that her hand was actually trembling. Corsica afraid? Bullshit! Oh how the truth could be anything but. Candice went into Florence Nightingale mode, slipping her arm around Corsica’s waist, and uttering; You’re probably in shock. We should get you home, and out of this cold. Can you walk right now?” Righting herself, and trying to stand tall, but with broken shoes, she said. “You kidding, I could wow them in Milan and walk this path like it was a fucking catwalk.*she lied, her eyes narrowing, as she shot Candice a knowing look* “ But… Just..get us a cab. I got money…I think.” She reached in her torn pocket and pulled out a dirty roll of Euros. “When we get back to the hotel, I am so getting wasted.” <3>

Captain277: *Candice helped her sister away from the club, knowing that it would be next to impossible to get a cab in the middle of all the chaos. Though Corsica put on a tough act, Candice could see that she was in pain, even if she was loath to admit it. Corsica’s pride wouldn’t let her admit weakness, and for a second Candice found herself feeling jealous about her sister’s strong will. A sliver of guilt worked its way into that emotion, and Candi silently chastised herself for the envy. Pretending she only wanted to hold onto Corsica, Candice provided an anchor, maintaining both her sister’s pride and Candi’s own need to serve. After hobbling a couple blocks out of the way, to a spot where the sidewalks were nearly abandoned, but the roads were busy, Candice waved down a cab and gingerly pushed her sister inside. The cab driver couldn’t conceal his concern, both at Corsica’s condition and at the manner in which both were dressed, but in Prague, it didn’t pay to ask questions. Word was already beginning to spread about the violence at the Club, and to pry was to invite trouble. As the cab pulled away from the curb, Candice set one cold hand on the somehow still warm flesh of Corsica’s thigh, stroking her sister’s leg slowly, to try and keep her focused. Her voice barely above a whisper, Candice did her best to mask the worry in her voice.* Is there anything I can do for you Sis?

CharlotteCarrendar:- Being pushed into the foul smelling cab, that was so common this time of night, Corsica fiddled with the seat belt, and then tossed it, tilting her head back and just staring at the ceiling. Another close brush with the law, and danger to boot. Corsica then noted she had a searing pain in her side, but hadn’t bothered to check herself really. Her slender digits slid down her side and touched a wet patch, obviously she was wounded from the wall falling on her and the escort. Corsica squinted and tried to mask the pain, when her sweet sister, slid in beside her and the Driver got the nod to go. Pulling out from the curb, the warm revving of the engine, and the security of no longer walking along a dangerous Prague street, Candice tried to take stock of the night’s events, till she found her sister’s hand touching her thigh. So cold, her digits like icicles, compared to Corsica’s tepid skin. It felt so good. Corsica released a pleasured sigh, catching sight of the driver’s eyes in the rear vision mirror. Great, another voyeur. Men, they were truly all the same, and had one thing on their mind; Sex. Well, if this could earn them a free cab ride, she was all for it. Candice, then did her thing, being so good at serving her Mistress. Corsica mocked a sad pout, and then she drew her finger down between her breasts and said. “It hurts…Here…*she pointed to each breast, that was barely covered by leather*…here…and…down here.” Her fingers danced down between her thighs, where she pulled away the fabric from her crotch. She changed her sitting position, and her red lips of her clit practically winked at her sister, inviting her. “Make it better.” <3>

Captain277: *Candice would never dream of disobeying her sister, but as her cheeks flushed and then bloomed a sudden crimson, made all the more brilliant against the alabaster hue of her skin, Candi felt that odd reluctance again. A million concerns ran through her head, not least of which was whether Corsica should be engaging in any such activity until she had been treated. Even as her mind told her that her sister needed rest, Candice’s body moved in of its own volition. Unbuckling herself from the seat, Candi pulled her legs up off of the floor and leaned over her wounded sibling, slowly lowering her head until her lips brushed against the cool leather strip that ran between Corsica’s cleavage. Peeling her lips back, Candice gripped the article with her teeth and slid further up her sister’s body, tugging the top along with her, forcing her Master’s breasts to spill out and bounce slightly in time with the frantic pace of Corsica’s heart. As Candice released the leather top, she extended her tongue, running the moist, pink tip down Corsica’s chest and up the generous mound of her right breast. Daring to tease Cor for a moment, Candi ran her tongue in tight, playful circles around her areola, before finally succumbing. Wrapping her lips around her sister’s nipple, Candice began to suck, flicking her tongue back and forth over the sensitive stud at strategically appropriate moments. While her mouth worked Corsica’s excessively beautiful breast over, the hand Candice wasn’t using to support her own weight slipped between her sister’s burning-hot thighs, leaving a cool trail behind her as frigid skin clashed with feverish skin. Candice pressed her thumb to Corsica’s clit, rubbing it through the hood in time with the motions of her tongue atop Cor’s nipple.*

CharlotteCarrendar:- Corsica watched her sister, waiting for that reaction, of either total obedience or a slither of doubt getting the better of her. The sad pout was soon lost, and replaced with a more despicable grin. “That’s it Candice, release your inhibitions, and fall to me, you know you want too. You crave me, I am virtually your drug, your aphrodisiac .” This was said, in a sultry voice, as her sister released her breasts from the confines of her bustier, or what was left of it. Her breasts bouncing free, and their pointed pink peaks, just waiting for some special attention. Corsica’s eyes darted to the rear vision mirror, and she could hear the driver grunt, as he started to take the long way round, to reach their hotel. Fine, if he was going to pay for it out of his own meagre wages, then this gave her more time to enjoy her Candy. Corsica’s heart was pounding, a drum deep in her chest, keeping time with the strumming of her fingers up and down Candice’s back. She sucked in her breath and then released a pleasurable moan, when Candice paid attention to her right nipple. She whispered breathlessly; “Good girl..make me feel better. That’s it…right down…Oh yeah. Rub that button. Like a good slut.” The pressure of Candice’s thumb caused Corsica to release some of her feminine wetness,and her fingers should be soaked as soon as she finds the entrance to her pulsating cunny. <3>

Captain277: *Candice shuddered as her sister growled in her ear, and in return she picked up her pace. Breaking her mouth away from Corsica’s now glistening, hard right nipple, Candice pulled her thumb away from her injured sister’s clit. Licking the honey her fingers had picked up during their stay between her Master’s legs as she repositioned herself in the rear of the cab. Shifting around for a few seconds longer than she had anticipated, eliciting a few mumbled curses as she hurried to return to her sister before Corsica grew upset, Candice’s head slid between her sister’s thighs eagerly. Rolling her tongue over the slick lips of Corsica’s cunt, Candice let out a high-pitched moan of satisfaction as the familiar, ambrosial taste filled her senses. Slipping under Corsica’s hood, the tip of Candice’s tongue began to flick at her sister’s clit, pulsing against it, cutting side to side, and running in excruciatingly slow circles. No longer needing to use her hands to support her weight, Candice slid her middle finger between Corsica’s ass cheeks and the seat, wriggling around until her fingertip brushed over the tight ring of her sister’s asshole. Prodding and stroking the entrance, but daring to go no further, Candice allowed her other hand to creep up Corsica’s injured body, until at last it came to rest on her previously untouched left breast. Grabbing the entire mound in her hand, Candice began to knead Corsica’s breast, pinching the nipple in between the knuckles of her middle and ring fingers as she worked fervently.*

CharlotteCarrendar;- The sky erupted, with flashes of lightning, and the darkened night clouds, illuminated by the electrical bolts, spreading their spider like veins of pure white and gold. The sound of the heavy rainfall hitting the metal exterior of the cab, added with the windscreen wipers being turned on, created a wonderful melody, that just capped off this night thus far. Like the Gods themselves wept, for the loss and pain, that the night at the Death Club had brought. And here was Corsica, enjoying the sexual favours of her sibling in the back seat of a dirty Prague cab. It was like something out of a twisted porno, and that made it all the more delectable. The right edge corner of her mouth twitched, when her sister took to her cunny with her hot tongue. So skilled in the art of pleasing a woman, she was better than any man could possibly dare. Corsica shuddered, the pleasure blurring with the pain in her side. Blinking back the tears, from the pain in her side, she gripped the door handle, and dug her nails into the velour. Her lips parted, and she released a small laugh, like she needed to express joy at this second. But as soon as Candice muttered her curses and got into a better position on the back seat, and dived between her legs, feverishly licking, Corsica let out a cry, that was laced with passion and pain. “Fuck!” That single word, was so gritty, and to the driver, he practically jumped out of his seat, having slowed the car down, and actually had his cock out, smoothing his hand over the pre covered head. Corsica squirmed in her seat, trying to get comfortable, then that was when Candice’s finger teased her puckered asshole. Oh yeah. If Candice was going to go all out, she was going to be rewarded with a mouth full of jizz. Corsica reached down and placed her free hand behind Candice’s head, and guided her, using her fingers to pinch the back of her neck, then smooth her fingers over the tweaked skin. Repeating in time with her finger’s pressing into her anus. “You thirsty? Want to drink me? Fuck my hole bitch. Suck my lips, Candy!” Corsica started to buck against Candice’s tongue and threw her head back, enjoying her breast being kneaded with more force. Her nipples hardened up, and she growled sensuously. Loving it now. <3>

Captain277: *Candice didn’t know about the cab driver watching them. She had forgotten there was a cab driver. Hell, she’d forgotten there was a cab. The thunderstorm outside was little more than a distant bass rumble in her ears, muffled as they were by her sister’s thighs. Candi’s shoulders tightened up as Corsica pinched her at the neck and forced Candi’s face deeper into her cunt. Gasping for air as she continued to assault her wounded sister’s clit, Candice understood her sister’s gesture. Corsica’s words took a moment to register in Candice’s lust-addled brain. Lapping up her sister’s juices greedily, Candi thrust her middle and ring fingers into her sister’s asshole, which had been lubricated thirty times over by the sheer amount of juice she had been virtually squirting out. As Corsica bucked her hips back and forth, she rode Candice’s fingers, letting Candi leave that hand still so she could focus on swallowing as much of her sister’s nectar as possible. Trying to keep the pace, Candi’s attempts at kneading Corsica’s breast fell behind, so to compromise, she blindly targeted the nipple, pinching, twisting, and pulling it with a harshness her meek form was unaccustomed to. Her sister had somehow temporarily rubbed off on her, and Candice knew that if she didn’t keep things in check, she could very well lose herself again and go absolutely crazy. She tried not to think about how her own thighs were undoubtedly shimmering with how much of her own fluids coated them, or how hard her nipples were, let alone how much she wanted to be violated. That could all wait for the hotel. For now, Candice didn’t exist as anything other than a part of Corsica; a sex toy capable of complete and utter devotion.*

CharlotteCarrendar:- There was no question in Corsica’s mind; no one pleased Corsica as well as Candice did. Her utter devotion and attention to making sure she brought her sister to a full aroused state, meant that she was guaranteed orgasms, time and time again. The driver had reached the hotel, but with the heavy pounding of the rain falling and the wind screen wipers going full pelt, no one could see into the cab. The street outside the hotel was practically deserted, so this made it all the more erotic and reason to finish the fuck session in style. The dull squeak of the leather upholserery that was now sticky from the combined fluids of the twins, was going to be pretty messy and the driver would be having to clean his cab for sure before he could take another fare. The driver could hear the delectable moans, and slapping of skin. The licking and the squeak of the inner springs of the carseat, that was taking a beating. God these girls sure knew how to put on a show. The driver now had a rigid boner, and was beating furiously, hoping to cum, right as the girl getting eaten did. Corsica saw his eyes in the rear vision mirror again, and then made that duck face, like she was about to come. Rolling her lip under her teeth, she snarled loudly and then cried out. “Candy girl…Maaaaa Cummingggg!!!” Gripping the back of Candice’s head, she forced her deep, cumming hard and squirting straight upon her Candi’s tongue. Her tight asshole clenched around the fingers, and she rode in on the wave of pleasure, only slowing from her bucking, to be reduced to shuddering. When done, she gripped Candice’s head, and brought it up from her wet mound, to be face to face. Corsica smiled and then started to softly lick her sister’s tongue and lips, while massaging her right breasts. She whispered between licks. “You’re so good, and you get your reward, upstairs. I promise, after I bandage my side, we are going to wreck that bed.” <3>

Captain277; – *Candice could feel it coming; Corsica’s asshole squeezed around her fingers harder and faster with each second, and her sister’s hip-bucks became increasingly more erratic. Sucking air in through her nose as she continued furiously trying to push her sister over the edge, Candice pushed in all at once as Corsica screamed out that she was coming. Relaxing her jaw, Candi flattened her tongue, letting out a squeal of pleasure as her sister’s cum rushed into her mouth and coated everything. Swallowing desperately as the juice continued pouring down her throat, Candice rode out Corsica’s orgasm alongside her, removing her fingers from her sister’s ass and drawing her lips away from her drenched cunny only once Corsica allowed her to. Drawn up, face to face with her Master, Candice could only pant and gasp, her breath short. She felt Corsica’s tongue flit out now, tasting herself from where her juices had coated Candice’s face. Hands groped and teased Candi’s breasts, but for some reason, Candice was still far away, the sheer force of her sister’s orgasm having given her one as well. Horny, out of breath, and willing to do anything, Candice struggled with maintaining composure. Hearing her sister’s promise, Candi locked eyes with Corsica, her voice barely above a whisper and the smell of Corsica’s cum on her breath.* Should I swallow the driver’s load too, Master? Poor guy’s still trying to blow it.

CharlotteCarrendar:- Tasting her own jizz on her sister’s lips was like licking hot butter, and she smiled, as her sister offered to finish off the cab driver, who could be heard fapping furiously in the front seat. Wow, talk about dropping her inhibition all the way down and being ready to suck off the driver, right after taking her sister so well. An evil smirk flashed over Corsica’s lips, and since she had cum and was recovering, she actually got off on watching her sister do others. The man heard the offer, and unclipped his belt, even going as far, to pull the front seat forward, so he could access the back, his engorged penis clearly visible. He looked like he had been given the key to the city, to have the delectable lips of Candice around his shaft. “Mmm okay, just this once, Candice, since the man is going to make this a free ride, right?” The Driver didn’t wait to for Candice to respond, but he nodded to Corsica, as he got over the seat, and sat, readying himself for her. Corsica grinned, and if Corsica got low to start to suck, Corsica would start fingering her hard, and slapping her ass, just to give her the feeling, her sister was in on the sex act. <3>

*Some part of the usual, shy Candice shuddered as the cab driver eagerly worked his way between the seats and presented his throbbing cock. Corsica gave her permission, and all at once the reluctance Candice had felt disappeared. Bending over her sister’s cum-slick lap to reach the cabbie, Candice caught the string of pre-cum that dangled from the driver’s head with her tongue and pulled it into her mouth, letting the taste mingle with the lingering flavor of her lover and sister. Wrapping her lips around the surprisingly hard head, Candice relaxed her jaw and began to bob her head back and forth, sucking as her tongue ran in circles around the rim of the cabbie’s head. Candi had taken larger cocks before, and the driver’s was small enough for her to take it all the way in without having to deepthroat. Enjoying this fact, she worked at the organ with an uncharacteristic hunger. She felt her sister’s fingers probing her own, untouched slit, and wiggled her ass with pure hedonistic glee each time Corsica slapped her ample cheeks. Corsica’s goading brought out even more of the slut in Candice, and her eyes went suddenly wide as she felt the cabbie’s shaft pulse much sooner than expected. Pulling away from his member, Candice opened her mouth as wide as she could and stuck her tongue out, wrapping one slender hand around the driver’s cock. Stroking furiously, Candi forced him to come before he could even brace himself, and the driver buckled forwards a little bit, shaking his hips and throwing off Candice’s aim as spurts of cum shot out of his head. The majority pooled inside Candice’s mouth, but a few errant shots streaked across her face. Sucking the cock clean of what little cum could be coaxed out of it, Candice turned to face Corsica, mouth still open, and locked eyes with her. Pursing her lips, Candice swallowed the entire load, and licked her lips clean. Thick rivulets of cum trickled over her brow and cheeks, but Candice didn’t pay them any mind. Her hunger sated, she instantly reverted back to her quiet, submissive self, bowing her head.* I am ready to go inside and treat your wounds whenever you are, Cor.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Candice looked a sight, with the jizz from this random cabdriver on her brow and cheeks. Corsica had to suppress a giggle, when she saw it for herself. God, she really went to the extreme, from a simping submissive to a full on cumslut. Corsica wiggled her eyebrows at the driver and then said. “Thanks for the ride. Going to take my sister inside, and finish her off.”- opening the car door, she helped her sister out, even though she was wincing with pain, only to slam the door, and with her sister by the hand, hobble inside the hotel and up to their room, where she planned to lick her sister clean, literally. What had been a disastrous night, turned into yet another Chisolm adventure, but little did the girls realise that there had been a camera in the cab, that captured everything. The driver lay back, still stunned from their attentions, only to then smile at the camera. Who was watching? Well, we all know who. <3>