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Re: {RP} Cloudtop Penthouses
November 21, 2013 10:10PM
Penthouse 3 – Sam Malone

Sam chuckled softly under his breath, to see how timid Damion was being over something simple as a muscle moving under his hands, a simple flex was all it was in response to Damion’s touch. When Damion withdrew his hands, Sam shook his head as though trying to explain that it was all okay.

“I’m sorry. Did I hurt you?” Damion whispered, looking up at Sam so innocently. Sam knew there was one way to show him it was natural.

“It was exciting me, not hurting. Look, allow me.” Sam brought his own hands up and gently guided them over Damion’s chest, then up to his shoulders, which he kneaded, and went on to dance his finger tips down his arms. Sam’s eyes were warm and kind, and his method was gentle and slow again. It seemed to be the way with him, though he had a better sense of control than Damion. One hand did drop lower, and started to massage Damion’s growing manhood, as Sam watched his face for his reaction. “Does this excite you?”


Re: {RP} Cloudtop Penthouses
November 21, 2013 11:15PM
“It was exciting me, not hurting. Look, allow me.” Sam reassured him. Damion watched as Sam repeated his actions, slowly and gently, making Damion quiver beneath his hand.

“Oh!” Damion grinned, blushing fiercely. Sam’s hand dropped lower and began to massage Damion’s hardness. Damion sucked in a breath and bit his lip to stifle the moan that threatened to escape.

“Does this excite you? Sam asked. Damion didn’t think he had enough air to speak, let alone think about how he was feeling. But if the mind-numbing pleasure streaking through his body was anything to go by, he was very excited.

“Yes!” he gasped, clutching at Sam’s shoulders as if to anchor himself in the here and now. He stepped forward and dropped his head to Sam’s shoulder, trembling and moaning as Sam stroked him to full hardness.

Re: {RP} Cloudtop Penthouses
November 21, 2013 11:41PM
Penthouse 3 – Sam Malone

Sam felt the tightening of Damion’s grip on his shoulders, trying to steady himself, as his knees were almost set to buckle from the feelings that were now racing through him. A raging wild fire that was a heat to inflame his passions within. Now, it had reached a point where Sam wanted to let Damion experience more pleasures of the flesh. He whispered into Damion’s ear as his own breathing became ragged. “Just enjoy me.”

Sam moved around so that he was now at Damion’s back, and he reached around, with a firm hold on Damion’s hardened cock, and started stronger massaging, all the while, he rubbed his own hard member between Damion’s ass cheeks. Sam kissed and sucked on Damion’s neck, with his tongue flicking the skin, all the while his body was now writhing with Damion’s Panting hard, his peaked nipples traced across Damion’s soft back, and the tension between them was building. It wasn’t full on fucking, but it gave the sensation that the Alpha was in control of Damion’s pleasure. He grinded his own cock up and down the insides of Damion’s cheeks, while now using both hands on Damion; one massaging his balls, the other pulling his cock in a steady rhythm.

“My baby…” Sam uttered as he rubbed his stubbled cheek against Damion’s.

Re: {RP} Cloudtop Penthouses
November 22, 2013 12:19AM
Sam held on to Damion as much as he was able, leaning in to whisper in his ear as he continued to stroke him. “Just enjoy me.

So saying, Sam moved around until he was at Damion’s back. He reached around his waist and began to stroke him in earnest. Damion cried out, clutching at Sam’s arms as his eyes rolled back into his head. He tried to pull air into his lungs, especially when Sam pressed in behind him, rubbing his own hardness between his cheeks.

Damion couldn’t stop the moans that escaped him. With the double sensations of Sam’s hand on his cock and his hardness firmly pressed into him from behind, Damion began to wonder if he would simply spontaneously combust where he stood. Sam kissed, nibbled and licked at the skin of Damion’s neck, his body writhing against Damion’s as the passions flared between the two men. Damion was panting hard, his body jerking in Sam’s grip as his mate’s other hand moved to caress his balls. Damion couldn’t help his reactions. Every jerk on his cock sent him grinding against the hardness at his back. His breathing was harsh and rapid and he felt lightheaded.

“My baby…” Sam moaned behind him as he rubbed his stubbled cheek against Damion’s smooth one.

“Sam…God…Sam!” Damion cried out, his whole body flashing between hot and cold as the sensations mounted. Their bodies writhed together, a fine sheen of sweat making their movements more fluid. Damion felt an unknown force moving through his body and thought he was dying. It felt very strange and it was something he’d never experienced before in his life.

A moment later, his whole body went ridgid in Sam’s arms and with a cry of his name, Damion experienced his very first true orgasm…that paled in comparison to the one he experienced previously with Sam. His ejaculate shot from his body in a stream, covering Sam’s hand and the floor at his feet in its pearl luminescence. His body spasmed with each jerk of Sam’s hand, as if he wanted to pull each tremor from him through Damion’s cock. Damion unconciously squeezed the cheeks of his ass around Sam’s cock, the slickness of their mingled sweat creating a delicious friction over Sam’s own cock.

Re: {RP} Cloudtop Penthouses
November 22, 2013 12:32AM
Penthouse 3 – Sam Malone

Sam’s hand continued to stroke out each jet of jism, that splattered over his own hand and the floor at their feet. The continued writhing went on unabaited, as both men were now swept up in a craze of unadulterated lust. Feeling Damion clench his ass cheeks upon Sam’s member as it slid between them gave him a feeling that was indescribable. Sam tilted his head back, and continued to work his member between the tight fold, which had now built up a lathering of sweat that gave off a masculine odour Sam couldn’t resist. Hearing Damon cry out his name, made Sam release his hand from Damion’s balls and take his cheek to turn his face enough that he could kiss him hungrily, as he continued to more or less hump him from behind. The Alpha had pleased his mate….that was obvious, and now he wanted to finish what was started. He brought his jizz covered hand around and lacquered his own throbbing member with it, as he broke the kiss.

“You’re my wolf…down on all fours.” he said in a husky voice, as he continued to work Damion’s cream all over his member. Lubrication was the key to this…and Sam knew it would hurt Damion if he didn’t. But Sam was so heady, that he was struggling to think. If Damion got down on all fours, Sam would get in behind him, to take him properly.



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Re: {RP} Cloudtop Penthouses
November 22, 2013 12:41AM
Damion panted and gasped before Sam turned his head and pulled him into a passionate kiss that left Damion reeling. Sam pulled away just as quickly and brought his hand, now covered in Damion’s seed to his own hardness. Damion watched him, pupils blown, licking his lips as he stared at Sam with unadulterated lust.

“You’re my wolf…down on all fours.” Sam ordered, his voice husky with need.

Damion whimpered and did what he was bid without hesitation. The time for waiting was over.

He was ready for his mate to claim him fully.

He spared a brief thought for his father, but at that moment…what his father wanted and what Damion wanted were two completely different things. Damion was right where he wanted to be, and if his father had a problem with his son’s choices…Damion knew he would have a place to go.

“Sam…please…” Damion begged his mate, his oversensatized body writhing beneath his mate’s hungry gaze, the rounded globes of his ass a sweet temptation to the one who was about to claim him for his own.

Re: {RP} Cloudtop Penthouses
November 22, 2013 12:51AM
Penthouse 3 – Sam Malone

Such a sweet delicious sound was that of Damion whimpering, wanting more attentions from his mate. What was to come however, would be the final act in their coupling, that made them whole with the other. Sam could only smile and nod as his lover went down as told, and got into the position favoured by wolves. Sam lowered to his knees, and as Damion begged softly “Sam…please…” Sam used one hand to gently stroke his back, while two of his fingers made their way to his puckered rim, that was sure to flinch as soon as it was touched. Sam rubbed the tip of his cock that was well lubricated against Damion’s tight hole, and then slowly fed in the two fingers, as he hunched over Damion’s back, and started to kiss along his spine. This was again slowing down the action. Why? Cause if this was not done carefully, it may well hurt and scar Damion, and Sam didn’t want this to be as painful as it could be. The twin digits started to pump his ass slowly, one finger curling to widen Damion’s insides, but this would also stimulate Damion’s prostate gland, which was incredibly sensitive, much like a woman’s G spot.

You could hear the throaty growl of the Alpha as he worked Damion’s ass….preparing it for what was to come. When he had done it for enough, he then withdrew his fingers, and with his own member leaking pre, he pushed the head to the rim, and whispered. “This will burn for a few seconds….but once it stops, you will enjoy it. I promise.” That said, he slowly pushed in an inch, and his hand rested upon Damion’s hips, so he could gauge how far and how soon to enter.


Re: {RP} Cloudtop Penthouses
November 22, 2013 01:12AM
Rather than watching what Sam was doing, Damion concentrated on breathing. Though this was his first time, he was somewhat familiar with the mechanics involved, and knew his first time might be painful to him. He trembled when Sam touched his back, but he did not move away. Sam rubbed his spine gently, a calming presence to the nervous young man beneath him. He felt the fingers at his backside and he visibly flinched. There was a pause and Damion took a moment to take a deep, steady breath. The press of Sam’s cock against his hole was an interesting sensation, and knowing that it was Sam that was doing it, brought Damion’s anxiety levels down considerably.

There was a press of two fingers slowly into his body and the press of lips against his spine. Damion hissed at the feeling. It wasn’t uncomfortable, but it felt very strange. He continued to concentrate on breathing, and reveled in the press of Sam’s lips along his back.

“I’m okay.” he whispered, reassuring his mate that he was fine. Taking that as a positive sign, Sam began to pump his fingers slowly in and out, one finger curling upward and pressing against something that made Damion see stars. He gasped with surprise and pressed back against Sam’s questing fingers.

As Sam worked him, getting him properly ready for what was to come, Damion was slowly getting into the feeling. Every time Sam pressed against his prostate, Damion’s flagging erection was slowly coming back to life. He heard Sam’s throaty growl and whimpered once again.

After some time, Sam slowly withdrew his fingers and Damion felt the blunt head of his cock pressing against his ring of flesh. He took another deep breath and spread his legs a little wider.

“This will burn for a few seconds….but once it stops, you will enjoy it. I promise.” Sam whispered.

Damion nodded and looked over his shoulder at Sam. “I trust you, love.” he mumured.

Sam slowly began to push in and Damion clenched hard around him before the first inch was in. Sam paused again, rubbing Damion’s back as Damion took time to get used to the feeling. His head dropped low and he breathed through his nose, slowly relaxing himself around Sam’s hardness. It was difficult at first, as his natural reaction was to clench tightly. But this was his mate…and he trusted him not to hurt him. Damion took a deep breath and relaxed slowly over the next few minutes. Inch by inch he felt Sam push his way into his body until with a grunt from Damion, Sam got passed his O-ring. Damion’s eyes went wide at the feel of his mate pressed completely into his body. He felt full, but not uncomfortably so and it was kind of pleasant. He twitched his hips and felt Sam throb within him, pressing against his prostate once more.

“Oh!” Damion gasped, throwing his head back as his waning passions surged forward once more.

Re: {RP} Cloudtop Penthouses
November 22, 2013 01:26AM
Penthouse 3 – Sam Malone

~When Two become One.~

Sam held still the moment he had entered Damion fully. He could tell he reached the point when Damion grunted and then murmered that he trusted and loved him. Seeing him look back, Sam’s face softened, then he tilted his head back as he withdrew slowly, pulling back his hips, his hands smoothly dragging back over Damion’s sides, till he had almost pulled out fully. Sam stopped and then he chewed his bottom lip as the tightness was addictive. An almost grainy feeling within Damion, against Sam’s slick member. He spat down on his member, and rubbed it in to lubricate it further, and then he moved his hands upward as he started to push in again, slowly…ever slowly, filling his lover. His head tipped forward, and droplets of sweat hung on the tips of his hair, as he grunted from the pleasure that he was experiencing. Damion’s breathing technique was helping him cope with relaxing his inner muscles to accept Sam’s girth. Once he reached him fully inside again, Sam bent forward and again kissed Damion’s back. From here it began, slow, precise movements. It felt incredible, and was true love making on his part.

Two had become one.


Re: {RP} Cloudtop Penthouses
November 22, 2013 01:35AM
Damion took pleasure in Sam’s kisses upon his back and he smiled. Sam pulled out slowly, rubbing against his prostate and Damion couldn’t help but whimper at the feeling. Sam’s hands ran over his heated skin, little pinpricks of pleasure and reassurance that he was loved. A moment later and Sam was pressing back in and the feeling was amplified. Damon moaned long and loud, the feeling indescribeable.

This went on for several minutes, Sam using slow and precise strokes to tease and tantalize Damion until Damion was a panting, writhing bundle of need. Both the man and the wolf felt a contentment within them they’d never felt before…and it was all because of their Alpha.

Damion twitched his hips and gasped as this brought Sam deep into his body. He reached back and squeezed Sam’s left ass cheek, begging him without words to claim him, mind, body and soul.

His whole being was ready.

“Sam…now…please!” Damion begged, feeling his wolf coming to the surface.


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Re: {RP} Cloudtop Penthouses
November 22, 2013 01:47AM
Penthouse 3 – Sam Malone

That feeling when Damion reached around and squeezed Sam’s left ass cheek, was his way of begging Sam, to mark him, and claim his beta once and for all. His body was now ready and he had reached a point where his body accepted Sam’s girth willingly.


The Alpha felt and heard the beta beg for his mate, and this brought out the full wolf that had been holding back all this time. He arched his back proudly, and gripped Damion’s hips forcibly, pushing his way into him in one hard thrust that was sure to send Damion’s mind spiraling. He withdrew and then it began, a series of hard pumping of his thick member, that was being milked now by Damion’s inner muscles.

“Damion….ah Fuck!” Skin started to slap skin, as their bodies smacked against each other, the fire of Damion’s ring heating up Sam and he was now lost to his desires. He reached for Damion’s hair and gripped it, tilting his head back, before lowering his upper body and nipping at the back of Damion’s shoulder blade. Sam now was riding Damion hard, his balls slapping against Damion’s. He was so close…so close.

“Damion….God!…I’m cumming!” He roared and stiffened as he pushed inside him fully, and started to throb as he began to fill Damion with his seed. His continued growls and moans filled the room.


Re: {RP} Cloudtop Penthouses
November 22, 2013 02:00AM
That seemed to be the signal Sam was waiting for. With one hard thrust, he was inside of his mate and Damion cried out Sam’s name with desire coloring his tone. Sam withdrew, grabbed his hips and thrust hard and fast into his mate’s body. Damion clenched around him with each hard thrust, his prostate getting hammered at each blow.

His cries mingled with Sam’s as they were now mated for all time. Sam gripped Damion’s hair, pulling his head back as Sam lowered his upper body and nipped at Damion’s shoulder.

The sounds of Sam’s balls slapping against Damion’s thighs was music to the young were’s ears and he growled out his desire. He felt the repeated sensation of an orgasm approaching and urged Sam to go faster.

“Damion…ah Fuck!” Sam cried out.

“Sam! Yes! Ah! So…close…so…good!” Damion groaned. Damion’s toes began to curl and he reached between his legs to stroke himself against Sam’s thrusting.

“Damion….God!…I’m cumming!” Sam shouted, pounding hard against Damion’s prostate before he stiffened. He pushed inside a final time and Damion felt the throbbing wetness within him as Sam filled him with his seed. This tipped Damion over the edge and he cried out his own orgasm, spurting all over his hand and the floor beneath his body.

Both men quivered together as they came down from their orgasmic high. Damion pressed his fevered head to the cool floor and for some reason, burst into tears. Great hitching sobs that were nearly painful in their intensity.

For the first time in his life, Damion felt truly free. He felt Sam disengage from him and was pulled into his arms.

“I’m sorry…I don’t mean to cry…but that was the single, most wonderful experience of my life.” Damion whispered, pressing his face into Sam’s shoulder. “I love you, Sam.” Damion sniffled.

Re: {RP} Cloudtop Penthouses
November 22, 2013 02:11AM
Penthouse 3 – Sam Malone

“I’m sorry…I don’t mean to cry…but that was the single, most wonderful experience of my life.” Damion whispered through his tears, as Sam cradled his body against his. Sam himself was still trembling from the aftershocks, not having experienced anything as intense as this before. He was completely out of breath, and though his gasps, he said back softly.

“It’s okay to cry, I am almost there myself.” An admission that Sam was now feeling that same wave of emotion hitting him. Soothingly, he nuzzled Damion’s head, making that sound that he had done before in the shower the last time, since it was his place as Alpha to comfort his mate. “Damion, I love you so much. I’m never letting you go. You are claimed…and are mine.”

He gently raised Damion’s chin with his finger, and then kissed him with all the love he had in him. He wanted Damion to know, his place was at his side, no matter what happened. They were now each other’s. He caressed Damion’s head, with loving strokes, his other arm around him in a firm hold. They may have ended up on the cold floor, but it was heaven…better than any bed.

Breaking the kiss, Sam looked deeply into Damion’s eyes then rested his forehead to his, still trying to catch his breath. His body slick and sticky, but he didn’t seem to care. So long as he had Damion, nothing in the world mattered.


Re: {RP} Cloudtop Penthouses new
November 22, 2013 06:43AM
Sam nuzzled into Damion as they clutched at each other. Damion hugged Sam tightly as their bodies trembled together. Both out of breath, but feeling the love they had for one another pouring through their bond.

“Damion, I love you so much. I’m never letting you go. You are claimed…and are mine.”

Sam raised his chin and kissed him and Damion could practically taste his emotions in that kiss. Sam caressed his hair, while still holding him firmly.

Neither cared they were still on the floor and as Sam rested his forehead against his, looking deeply into his eyes, Damion knew that together, they could get through anything.

This was worth fighting for and if he had to beat his father over the head about it, then that is what he would do.

Once they were able to move, both of them got to their feet and headed for the shower, taking turns washing each other inbetween hot teasing kisses and long strokes.

It was late when the two men fell into bed together, Damion snuggling into Sam’s body as they drifted off to sleep.