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~Forbes Home [RP]
March 06, 2014 07:52PM
Home of Liz and Caroline Forbes


Re: ~Forbes Home [RP]
March 20, 2014 12:16AM
Arriving back from seeing Elena, Caroline opened the door to her family home half wondering if her mom Liz was finished her shift. Walking through the hallway, she entered the kitchen only to see a note on the table. Reaching for it after setting down her leather bag, Caroline read that her mom was doing a split shift. It seemed to be the norm of late, and Caroline was not all that surprised.

Going back over her talk with Elena, Caroline realized she really didn’t find out all that much about Damon, and what he was doing there. Course, it was none of her business to pry, but there was clearly a lot more going on than the Blonde was ever going to find out. Glancing at the clock, she saw the time, and realized she would be meeting with Elena later at the Mystic Grill. A chance for another chat? Possibly.

Caroline snatched up her bag, and headed upstairs to shower and change.



Re: ~Forbes Home [RP]
March 23, 2014 11:58AM
Damon parked the car in front of Caroline’s house, and after checking there was no one around, got out the car and used the vampire speed to walk up to the main door.
He knocked a few times, knowing she was there.

“C’mon, Caroline..” He wanted to arrive at the Mikaelson’s manor as soon as possible, before Stefan or rather, Katherine.. could screw everything up again. And he was literally running out of time now.


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Re: ~Forbes Home [RP]
March 23, 2014 05:12PM
Hearing the knock at the door, Caroline came down from getting changed – walking across the foyer, she opened the door only to see Damon standing there.

“Damon? What are you doing here?”

It was a fair question since things weren’t exactly peachy between them.

“Where is Elena? And what is going on with Stefan?”


Re: ~Forbes Home [RP]
March 23, 2014 06:04PM
“Thanks goodness..” Damon sighed in relief when Caroline opened the door “Haven’t you read it on twitter already?” he asked ironically as he walked in, before she could invite him.

“Apparently, Katherine was dying and my brother, who is always a gentleman, ran into your boyfriend’s arms, you know … the crazy original hybrid, and let’s say he made a deal with him.. so now I have to save Stefan’s ass, and I need you to keep Elena entertained meanwhile. And I’m running out of time so I really hope you have a lot of things to tell each other” he grabbed her arm, dragging her outside with him.

Re: ~Forbes Home [RP]
March 24, 2014 01:00AM
Caroline hadn’t even looked at her laptop, since she had been in the shower and then spent ages figuring out what to wear. The look on Damon’s face was one of panic. Now, that in itself was unusual, even more so than being on her front doorstep. The Salvatore elder walked in past her before she could even invite him in.

“Hey…you can’t just do that…Oi!

She chased after him as he rounded on her and then let her know exactly what was going on.

“Apparently, Katherine was dying and my brother, who is always a gentleman, ran into your boyfriend’s arms, you know … the crazy original hybrid.”

Caroline’s reaction was straight up confusion.

“Katherine’s dying?! What? I thought she….” Then it got worse as Damon explained about Stefan running into the comfort of her /boyfriend’s/ arms. “You mean Klaus? What has he got to do with this? WHY AM I ALWAYS THE LAST ONE TO KNOW THESE THINGS?!” Caroline looked like she was about to have a meltdown, when she felt the pull on her arm by Damon. so now I have to save Stefan’s ass, and I need you to keep Elena entertained meanwhile. And I’m running out of time so I really hope you have a lot of things to tell each other”


“Hey…HEY! My purse!” Caroline squeaked as she was dragged outside, to go meet up with Elena, who would be waiting for her at the Grill.

“You’re always in such a rush.”


Re: ~Forbes Home [RP]
April 05, 2014 01:24AM
Caroline’s car pulled up in the driveway after dropping Elena back at the Salvatore Boarding house. Knowing that her friend had enough blood stock to keep her going, meant at least she knew she was not in any immediate danger. Shutting off the engine, she sat in the car a moment – gathering her thoughts of all she had seen and heard that night. For one, Katherine appeared fine. Lexi was back, what a shock. Stefan had turned into the ripper again and then suddenly decided to restock the fridge.

Could it get any more bizarre? And where did Klaus fit into all this? Come to think of it, where was Klaus?

Sighing, Caroline got out of her car and then pressed the key lock before heading back inside her home.

Opening the front door, she sung out the ever cheery; “I’m home….again.”

And again, there was no answer. No messages, no nothing from her mother. Sometimes, Caroline felt like she truly lived alone. The young blonde set down her purse at the front entry table, and checked herself in the mirror, before making her way into the kitchen.

The one thing she had forgotten to do tonight…was eat.



Re: ~Forbes Home [RP]
April 08, 2014 05:41PM
Forbes Home/Kitchen

Caroline’s Ford Fiesta had pulled into the driveway, and as it had it was at this point that Klaus decided to make his appearance known to her, at least from a far; for now. He viewed her every move with precise detail and narrowed it down to the way she got out of the car and turned the knob. He shook his head and moved forward by the time she began shutting the door. And it was then he had to wonder why he wasn’t back in New Orleans killing some defenseless vampire or compelling some poor soul to do his bidding when he asked. Klaus closed his eyes and moved from his place against the post before moving to push the door open as much he could, his eyes coming in view of Caroline.

Her figure was splendidly petite in her tank t-shirt and denim jacket. He held back a laugh as she began turn and make her way into the kitchen, her hands moving to fumble over the refrigerator’s door. He finally moved inside and silently stepped forward through the foyer and to the left before moving to stand in the kitchens entryway.

”I heard you were hungry…” He had said with a rather wider smile than he’d intended to give. He curved it to a grin and lifted his sleeve, made a gesture to her that clearly inclined for her to take a bite. ”Don’t worry, love. I won’t bite…” He laughed internally and kept his gaze fixated on her before shifting his leaning position and waited for her response.

Re: ~Forbes Home [RP]
April 08, 2014 06:09PM
Forbes Home/Kitchen

The night had been a long tired and eventful experience. One that she had been there for Elena, done as Damon asked, and then was left to go home and take care of her own needs. But in her haste she forgot that she only had one blood bag left in the refrigerator and it would barely be enough.

Making her way into the kitchen, she could already feel the pain in her gums – that raw swelling and if she had any mind to, she would have used her speed to get her to the fridge faster. A touch light headed, she went past the breakfast bar, her hand dragging along the surface, till she reached the fridge door and pried it open. Stocked with the normal foods one would expect to see, right in back was the crimson hue of a blood bag, well hidden. Caroline started to smile as she reached inside the fridge and started to take it out. The cool of the plastic feeling so good against her finger tips. She was about to shut the fridge door, when she heard a voice that was distinctive in behind her.

”I heard you were hungry…” 

The shock had her spin around so fast that the blood bag slipped from her fingers and exploded on the floor at her feet. The splatter went up her legs and was now oozing under the fridge. She let out a sharp cry only to see Klaus lighting his sleeve as though motioning for her to bite him. How wicked was he? Scaring her and then causing her to lose the last of her blood stock, before presenting his arm to her in a kind gesture that included a line that he wouldn’t bite.

“Klaus…you scared me. Damn…I was just…”

He would be able to sense her wave of frustration, hunger and slight panic to see him there. Caroline stepped over the blood spill, wringing her hands at the mess, but also the loss of her blood. Would he take advantage of her plight?



Re: ~Forbes Home [RP]
April 08, 2014 07:33PM
Forbes Home/Kitchen

Caroline had spun around so fast he thought she might fall. Especially with the trouble he’d witnessed her have just getting into the kitchen itself. And then it happened, it was sudden, but it was fast. The one thing she’d been craving had dropped from her dainty hands.

The blood bag slipped from her hands and cascaded down onto the floor, splattering the kitchen fridge and drawers with its crimson shading. At the Klaus could only laugh. His arm shifting upwards to meet his right nipple before his hand lifted in unison and cuffed his chin, index finger now caressing his lip while he laughed at her.

”Klaus… you scared me. Damn… I was just…” She began explaining, clearly terrified of his presence. As usual. He kept his smile and eyes fixated on her and he couldn’t help but smile wider at this new found information.

”I’m sorry, love. I only meant to help.” Klaus was many things, but when it came to keeping his words to things and people that meant something to him, he was no joker in the matter. He could sense her frustration, panic, loss and thirst for blood. But he also felt the want. The want for the blood she’d do anything for it. And with this thought in mind Klaus stepped forward, crossed one arm over the other and stood face to face with her, his eyes nearly undressing her as he spoke again. [/b]”Now, what are we to do about this mess.”[/b] He smiled again before continuing.

[/b]” You are far more classier a woman than some strumpet who’d lick the blood off the floor. And after your near end run off into the kitchen, I highly doubt you want to make a run all the way to the hospital to wring a soul dry. So I ask, what other options do you have here, love?” He eyed her and waited for her response before moving to the sink and grabbing a damp cloth, hand outstretched as he handed it to her. ”Here.” He handed it to her with his outstretched hand, his jacket sleeve still pulled up with his skin clearly showing, almost waiting for her to sink her precious teeth into. Whatever the choice, she had to choose soon. For he was ready, but was she?


Re: ~Forbes Home [RP]
April 08, 2014 08:01PM
Forbes Home/Kitchen

The kitchen was a right mess, and to top it off the smell of the spilt blood was only making things worse for her. Caroline was desperate, but not so much that she would do something like lick the blood off the floor. Her eyes darted around from the floor to Klaus and then to the fridge. There was no more, and here was Klaus, more than eager to oblige her if she so dare. The hybrid tried to sugar coat the words that he was only trying to help but if anything he was the one that startled her to drop the blood bag in the first place. Perfect timing perhaps? Caroline’s face was etched with lines of worry and confusion. He always caught her when she least expected it. Denying herself from her true feelings due to all that she knew of Klaus. Caroline was more than aware of how the Salvatore and others viewed him. Now caught in this web of hunger and panic, she struggled to know how to deal with Klaus – gentle words and all.

”Now, what are we to do about this mess.”

“I have to clean it up…I can’t leave the kitchen like this.” But of course, she was growing weaker, and soon would be no use to anyone. Klaus acknowledged the fact that she had already been to the hospital, so he was well aware of her movements that night. How he did was a mystery. Caroline’s breathing became more erratic, as Klaus seemed to be circling her, tempting her to take what he was offering freely. She was fast out of options.

”Here.” Klaus offered his cleaned hand to her, and with his jacket pulled up – the shirt sleeve out of the way he was more than ready for her to sink her growing fangs into him. Caroline knew what this meant to drink from him. The risks….so great. Caroline teetered back and forth on her feet, her eyes slowly closing as though about to faint, but then….

…..her eyes flashed open with a shining red iris and she gripped his hand before she could stop herself. Deep – her fangs descended into his flesh and the sweet sound of her sucking his blood could be heard above the din of silence that the kitchen offered.

Caroline….surrendered to Klaus…then and there.



Re: ~Forbes Home [RP]
April 08, 2014 09:55PM
Forbes Home/Kitchen

In the amount of minutes it had taken her to answer, he was watching her movements, the rise and fall of her chest. And the sudden turns of her head from the fridge, the cabinets and him. Not directly in that order. He always did have impeccable timing when it came to Caroline. Her face now etched with worry lines about her forehead, and a face that simply screamed. “Help. I’m so lost right now.” He scrunched his face up at the situation before following her gaze and then shifting to help her clean up the blood, knowing full well just the smell of it was making her crave for a killing.

All in all though, he could all but wonder what his brother would think of him now. That was until Caroline finally spoke in response to him asking about the mess. “I have to clean it up…I can’t leave the kitchen like this.” He chuckled at this and continued cleaning the mess before falling to look at her again. She was indeed a sight for sore eyes at this moment. How it pained him to see her like this. But he’d done what he could for her. Irregardless of what was said of him, when it came to Caroline he wasn’t about to force himself upon her.

”Now love, think about what it is you want…” She must have known what it’d be like for her if she drank from him. But he also knew the undeniable attraction they had for one another; despite how long Caroline had tried to fight it. She felt something for him, something far beyond that of mere admiration.

Klaus watched as she teetered to and fro, paced back and forth. And then it happened, the inkling feeling she must have gotten, a single stroke of fatal weakness and she fell. Nearly collapsing Klaus wrought his arms around her waist just as she descended upon his wrist. It was her weakness, but also her greatest strength that made her lose out and fall before him. He smiled and wrapped her in his strong arms before moving them to the living room sofa. Laying her down softly as she slowly drank from him. Eyes vain from the thirst as he spoke to her slowly.

”Atta girl.”


Re: ~Forbes Home [RP]
April 08, 2014 10:50PM
Forbes Home/Lounge

Could Klaus see the tear that was running down her cheek as she lost herself into feeding from him? The swirl of emotions, guilt and everything coming to the fore, only to be washed away as she swallowed mouthful after mouthful. Caroline was carried onto the couch in the living room, and there the two of them lay, with Klaus’s back to the side arm, his Caroline laid out against his body. Her hold on him only grew, for the blood was replenishing her – saving her. Stronger she would become from this selfless act to give her his own blood. Would the price for this be too great to repay?

But then her body stopped being so rigid. A wave flowing through her, rekindling her and all due to him. The shallowness of her breath became more steady, and the lines of worry were slowly dissipating, leaving behind her gentle face that was growing more serene by the moment.


Why was it, that Klaus always had a habit of picking the times when she was in the greatest need to be her savior? Did he watch over her the way a Guardian angel does a child? Was it something from his past that had brought him back to her now, to try to show love. Did he even know how to love? Caroline fought the feelings and buried them deep within herself. But now…as she fed upon him, the lid was lifting off those feelings. Rising…higher. She responded to his remark “Atta girl” with a small moan. Pleasure? or was it something more?

For now, Klaus had her in his arms and their bond was now cemented in blood.