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White Wolf 

Part Ten 

”Jealousy and Revenge.” 



IceTe3a: The early morning chill set in fast as it seeped through the tiny cracks of the window sill, last night’s union was a show of passion and true love between himself and his wife Eryda. Slowly his eyes opened revelling his bright yellow hues, glancing to the right side of him was Eryda half covered on top of his chest as she slept soundly, a simple smile was on his face as he slowly rose out of bed allowing Eryda to sleep in. Slowly he strolled; passing windows as he opened them to allow the cooling breeze into the room, taking out his pipe which was stuffed with fresh tobacco, a simple spark allowed the tobacco the start smouldering as he continued to puff away at it. It wouldn’t be long before Eryda was awake as he knew they would need to gather what supplies they need to make the trip up to the guild masters meeting place, but not before they got something to eat. Quietly he starts to strap on his blackened leather pants and torso, preparing himself for the trials ahead. Once he was ready he smiled as he walked over to the bed once more, leaning in he kissed her cheek, “We need to make a move on darling” as he leaned against the wall waiting for her to wake up, he wondered how Cali was faring. : The kingdom had accepted Vlad’s new bride to be Xyria was everything he needed and more, as he smiled looking her over again, his teeth bared slightly as he held her hand gently “Come, shall we entertain ourselves for the night.” now came the true test, Vlad had accepted her into his arms and called her his own. But he wanted to see how dominate she was.. being a noble female she like all others thought of males of nothing more than toys to entertain themselves with, she boasting so much but would she be able to step up to her word. The doors to the balcony shut as he lead them back into the throne room which they were completely alone, no one dare disturb them at this hour. “Politics can wait for another day, wouldn’t you say” he smirked as he took to his throne again, looking her form over slowly.

CharlotteCarrendar: At the other end of the hall, Cali was already up. Seated on the edge of her bed, she was threading on her gauntlets and snapping them into place, before placing on her shoulder guards. Her fingers moving slowly over her flesh with care as she stared forward. Cali’s mind was in a right state. She couldn’t get the Witcher out of her mind. Even when her eyes closed, that raw pounding need filled her and she was brought little to no relief. Her curse had now erupted into something far more dangerous. She tipped her head slightly forward as her hand lowered from the spiked shoulder guard. When she had arrived in the lands, her first thought – her only thought was to find her husband, her mate and bring him home. That was before she had tasted the Witcher’s never ending renewable energy. His magics….his power was intoxicating. Like a fine wine to that of a drunken fool. Cali’s lips parted as she tried to stifle a cry of desperation. The blood elf was now starting to regret ever having met the Witcher. The night before she had him fall to his knees at her feet and she fed in what was a state of bliss. She engorged herself to the point she was almost sick. Cali slowly opened her eyes and went to stand. Her head shaking as she snarled – angry at herself. ~”What if I lose control? What if…I have a frenzy?”~ this was what was raging in her mind. Cali had to be strong. She had to remember what she was searching for. Before it was too late. Gathering her pole arm, she headed for the door and went out to the hall. The Blood elf knew that the Witcher was with his love – his mate. Dread filled her. Slowly she headed downstairs to wait for the time to leave. :: The throne chambers of the Vampires were abandoned by all the servants and court in waiting. A wise move, for the newly anointed Queen and her King needed alone time, in order to truly cement this relationship. She had said she could be the dominant, and she wanted to do more than prove herself. With stealth she approached her King, walking around him and then as she stood in behind, she reached around, tearing the very buttons from his shirt as his material gave way and she gave one last tug as it fell to the ground. His back fully exposed to her she licked her lips in anticipation. A lone hand moved to the back of his head and seized his scalp, yanking it back to her as she bent her head, her lips to his ear. ”I mark my prize….with lust.” She no sooner dug her claws into his chest from behind and dragged them to make him feel her need to be ravenous with him. :: In the other end of the tavern Eryda stirred to the Witcher’s kiss. ”Mmmm more time…more…that.” The red haired witcher mused, before rolling over, her sheet slipping away to expose her ripe bosom to his gaze. ”Good Morning, my love.” She mused as she slipped out from the covers and brought him into her arms. ”I’m hungry.” Her eyes danced as she winked at him, so happy to be with him again.<3>

IceTe3a: He watched as she rose from her bed, his eyes looking over her perfect form, as she brought him into her arms he kissed her neck softly “ We shall eat before we resupply or you could have a go at feeding off me ” his arms wrapped around her naked form as he drew her in closer with a smirk against his lips. He was happy that they were finally together and they could work as a team becoming more powerful to no ends. His fingers trail up her back as he slaps her ass “Get dressed, I’ll meet you downstairs for a meal “ he smirked as he walked his way out of the room and downstairs where he noticed the empty tavern with only few here for a morning meal, Cali was the last he noticed as he gave her a slight nod before coming to sit at the same table “How do you fare Cali? “ he knew that Cali was finding it hard having Eryda around, she almost seemed shy which wasn’t like her. “We eat, resupply than move out” he leaned against the table slightly and glanced her over “Tell me if you need to feed again, no need to make you starve” he smiled lightly as he just offered himself up to her once more. “:he watched as she slowly walked and disappeared behind him, he heard her words as his skin shivered, as her claws dug into his chest and grazed their way up, his lips parted slightly as he growled playfully. “ I am your object after all” he smirked as his eyes glowed a dark red, wanting to see her wild side, as he gripped her wrist and swung her to stand in front, he pulled her to stand on the throne towering him as he leaned in and kissed her skin softly “ I am yours” slowly he looked up towards her, his eyes getting lost in hers almost hypnotizing him into a state, his fingers ran from her legs up her stomach slowly towards her chest, he wanted her to go wild and have her way with him, “And just what object do you see me as in this moment” he smirks as he was interested to see how devious she was.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Eryda laughed at her mate’s suggestion that she feed off of him. She was a witcher, like he and she did not feed off another creature. Not like Cali would. For a moment, Eryda’s eyes darkened. The knowledge that the Blood elf fed on her mate last night still heavy in her mind. She had to push back any jealous thoughts. It would only serve to corrupt her and that was the last thing she needed. Eryda had decided to stay at her mate’s side rather than go off on her own like so many times before. This was going to work for them. It had too. His kiss was full of love and admiration and when breaking it, he urged her to dress so that they may be on their way. ”Of course. I shan’t be long.” Eryda said, as she watched her beloved leave their room. Left to her own devices, she dressed quickly, and thought about the day that was ahead of them. A meeting with the council. Oh there would be harsh words said, she knew that for a fact. A war with the Vampire Queen was a very real possibility, and the other witchers would be none too happy with that turn of events. They were supposed to be neutral. Yet now they had to take a side against the Vampires, whose alliance had been broken by the Queen’s lustful taste for the Witcher. What was it with women and her mate, Eryda wondered. All she knew was that she loved him with a whole heart, and nothing could ever change that. Down at the food hall of the Tavern, Cali was leaning against one of the support beams, with no interest in feeding on that of mortal food. While many around her did eat, the kind of food she needed was talking to her. She actually averted her gaze when the Witcher offered himself if she needed a feed. It took every ounce of her being to say. ”No, I’m good for now.” She wasn’t really, but she felt she had to lie. Dare he see the glowing green hues that were a strong signal of that need. She appeared by her body language as though ready to make a move. Course, they had to wait for Eryda. :: The Queen loved the King’s enthusiasm, the wild fire of red in his eyes. The way he seized her wrist and pulled her around before him to follow him to the throne where he stood her on the seat so she towered over him. She felt the light press of his lips on her skin, and she gazed down at him, her urges rising and building within her form. Her lips parted as she snarled at him ”You are mine…and will do what I want. You are my toy for pleasure.” Her feet parted and she tore away the flimsy cloth that covered her lower regions. Gripping his head, she forced his head forward, and ordered him abruptly. ”Tease me with your tongue” He would be unable to resists, as her clawed hands worked his head forward, nails digging in as she let out a cry of passion. <3>

IceTe3a: He looks Cali over slightly, as he nods “As you wish” he orders a meal for himself and Eryda while they wait for her, he glances back to Cali “After we’ve informed the guild masters we make way to your husband, I dare say this Is the last town we will be in before there, I suggest stocking up on what you need before we leave.” As the inn keeper brought over two plates of various cooked meats and foods he was tossed a few gold coins for the food and sent on his way. Glancing up at the stairs he noticed Eryda walking down towards them, as he smiled lightly at her. As he set into his meal he knew Mersa would be outside waiting for them, wanting a meal of her own, he would have to stop off at the meat vendor to find a suitable meal for her. He smiles as he welcomes his wife to the table, still chowing down on the cooked meats, “The masters won’t be pleased with me being there let alone single handedly starting another vampire war”he glanced between Cali and Eryda expecting an answer of some kind. : he saw her rip of her clothing as she claimed him as her own once more, his head gripped slightly as his teeth bared slightly, he could feel her nails digging in as she demanded he pleased her with his tongue, without choice his head was slowly forced down towards her, his hand gently gripping behind her leg as he licked his way up her inner thigh slowly, his teeth grew as they grazed against her skin. All the while his body was shivering from her nails digging into his flesh, the feeling of her dominating him was more than enough proof to what her claims where, but he was more than happy to appease her. Slowly he made his way up closer and closer to her folds, working his tongue as he did, hearing her cries of passion had his body shiver even more.


CharlotteCarrendar:- Eryda cannot help but notice Cali the blood elf who was standing a few feet from where Xo was eating his meal. The two women exchanged a glance, before Cali gripped the edge of her cloak and headed outside wordlessly. There was an uneasy feeling, and Eryda had to brush it back as she took her seat opposite her husband.”Are the Guild masters ever pleased with anything you do?” It was a fair question, and had more to do with how this Vampire war could have been averted. But knowing the Vampire Queen, she would have gone after Xo no matter what had happened. Tucking into a piece of bacon, Eryda dipped it into some egg, before popping it into her mouth and chewing thoughtfully. She didn’t bring up the fact that she had seen the Blood Elf, nor did she want to get into another discussion about the woman. The sooner they found her mate and sent her and her husband back to their own world, the better. It was one last thing to worry about. Taking a sip of juice, the red witcher held her cup for a moment, before asking; ”I bet the Guild will be surprised to see us together.” Eryda knew that many felt Xo was a loner, and to have his woman back, there had to be a darn good reason. :: Xiyra let out a growl of distinct pleasure as her toy worked his tongue between her warm folds of flesh. So eager was she to be pleased by this her King, she gripped his head forcefully whilst her hips began to push forward so she could direct his tongue further. ”Please me! Deeper!” A throaty call singing out as her body glistened from beads of perspiration that ran down her body. Her long nails pierced the flesh of his scalp, and dragged across as she used him to satisfy her thirst for lust. Standing upon the throne, she was an imposing sight. Almost in a trance like dance – her body fully exposed, though he would not see it. Her head tipped forward as she let out a loud gasp and her tongue slithered out and licked her full lips- <3>

Ice Te3a: – He watched as Cali disappeared whilst he was eating, he assumed she went to stock up her supplies. As Erdya came to sit in front of him and start to eat her meal, he was half way done as he continued to scoff it down, hearing her ask if the guild masters are ever pleased. “They are displeased because they know, I cannot be controlled. It’s been years since I’ve stepped into a guild hall of the witchers” he smirked slightly as his yellow piercing eyes were casually glancing over at her. He finished his meal and leaned back with a happy sigh of relief as he smirked at her next comment and nodded slightly “ Reason.. Simple, I prefer you to be with me, without you the nights are long and cold.”he glanced outside a window as he saw Mersa laying there patiently for them to come outside, people were keeping their distance “ We are wasting daylight, once you’re done we shall resupply” he waited for her to complete her meal before he got up and escorted her out of the tavern, turning around he kissed her cheek softly as his fingers slowly slipped out of her hand “Meet back in ten” he knew they both needed to resupply but they both utilized different methods, so he went off to his own shops with Mersa in tow, the first shop he stopped at was a local meat vendor, purchasing a large deer like leg he threw it in the air as Mersa caught it in her mouth, happily laying chomping on the fresh meat. He left her alone to finish her morning meal as he went through various shops and purchased herbs and plants as well as other alchemy ingredients some which the mundane would question what he intended to do with. He stopped at a trinket shop as his senses picked up a magical aura, he walked through as his eyes scanned through the various jewels and trinkets finally coming to a ruby stone encrusted with gold setting and a necklace feeding through, picking it up he knew it was a magical relic. One from the ancient mages, it affected ones magical powers increasing the strength and magical flow throughout the body. Something you would find on powerful wizards or witches, to amplify their power and allow them to use more magic without becoming too over exhausted. Taking it to the counter he pulled out a solid gold coin, the shop keeper thinking no worth of the necklace snatched the coin up, if only he knew its true value.. it wouldn’t be so easily parted. Walking out he met up with Cali and nodded slightly, “We’re leaving now.” Eryda came up behind with Mersa following behind, a bare bone in her mouth as she looked happy. Walking over to Eryda he greeted her with a lovers kiss, as he slipped the necklace around her neck allowing the ruby jewel to hang against her chest, she would almost instantly feel the effects “A gift.. for you my darling” A simple smile and love in his eyes was all the emotion he showed, a rare feat for anyone else by Erdya. : With her fingers gripping his head with force, he heard her moan and cry to his tongue, her hands dragged him in; forcing his tongue in deeper as he continued to work her and pleasure her to her exact needs. His skin crawling as he could feel her nails digging into his scalp, his right hand gripping her leg with slight force to keep him balanced as he pulled her leg inwards off the arm rest and onto the air letting go, a playful teasing tactic whilst he pleasured her.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Some distance away, the displaced Vampire Queen was already in the middle of plotting her revenge against the likes of the Witcher and his followers. One of her lower servants dragged before her one of the Mundane that had been captured just outside the town where the Witcher was currently staying. The wretch was thrown in a heap unceremoniously by the vampire servant who bared his fangs at the man, before giving him a hefty kick in the sides. ”Bow your head, you are in the presence of greatness.” The vampire guard ordered, as the Queen stopped her pacing and glanced down at the fallen mundane. She slowly raised her head and stared at the guard. ”Well…what is it with bringing such a piece of filth before me.” Her tone was heavy and she waited impatiently for an answer, tapping her foot. ”Captured this piece of meat outside a town that is said to be where the Witcher is.” The guard bowed low before the Queen, before giving the mundane another kick. The man cried out as the Queen descended the stairs and then ripped the hapless mundane up and off the floor. Her scarred face more than enough to scare anyone witless.”Speak…before I end your worthless life.” The man cried out as her nails pierced his flesh and he blurted. ”The…White wolf. He has the red witcher with him. They are off to the …the..guild.” This was indeed not what the Queen wanted to hear. So that bitch with the red hair was back in her lands. Dropping the mundane without a care or thought, the Queen started to plot. ”Send out spotters. As soon as they leave the enclave of mundane…we set upon them on the road to the Guild!” She then put out the order to her guards, to send out a garrison. ”Kill all but the Witcher. For he is mine.” :: Eryda had wandered around the market stalls, picking up supplies for the long road ahead, this was when she spotted Cali going over to meet with Xo and the Warg. Eryda paused a moment, her brown eyes narrowing. She hated feeling jealousy, for her mate had not done anything to show he loved any other but her, but still…she worried. Approaching the Witcher, she was taken into his arms, and then given a special trinket. A necklace that contained a magical ruby. Instantly she felt the wave of magic wash over her, and this brought about a smile. ”You spoil me so.” She said in a voice that was only meant for him to hear. Cali mounted the Warg, ready to move on, as Eryda got her horse. Now it was time to move on. :: The Queen’s hips thrust back and forth as the King’s head was now pressed deep to her. Higher and higher her cries grew, until he had brought about release. She shivered from the shock as the new Queen would tame her beloved. Xiyra only drew back, when she was thoroughly spent. <3>

IceTe3a: He smirked as he heard how pleased she was with his gift, he watched as she got up on her horse and Cali was sat on Mersa, he sighed lightly as he walked over and jumped up on top of Mersa as they took off with Eryda’s horse following in tow behind. “Let’s get a move on” as he lead Mersa along the path towards the guild hall, only thing was the trail led up the snowy mountain, which was a treacherous path in its own full of natural dangers. Let alone the monsters that live on the mountain terrain it was defiantly a dangerous path to take, as they reached the path it was sure signs that they were on the right path as the dirt met with the snowy plains, he smirked as Mersa shook her fur with the change of temperature, he wasn’t bothered to much the temperature’s never bothered him too much. You could hear the howls of wolves and other creatures in the distance as the wind picked up and the snow started to fall “ Cover up and stay warm”he said as Mersa picked up the pace as they passed through the mountain trail as his hair whipped around with the winds he almost was camouflaged with the white snow as his yellow eyes glanced over to his wife Eryda as he smiled lightly. “We should reach the Guild hall by noon” : He heard her pleasure moans until she finally got down off him totally satisfied with being pleasured. He wiped his mouth and smirked slightly “Done already? “ he leaned back against the throne as he sighed pleased with the union with him and his new wife. “ We are perfect for each other” he smirked as his eyes show a blood red.


CharlotteCarrendar:- The wind upon the mountain had a distinct chill as snowflakes started to fall. Cali pulled her cloak around her tighter, and reached for her hood, to cover her blonde locks from the falling snow. She was not used to these changes in temperature, unlike the Witcher who took it in his stride. Eryda rode on in behind the warg, though she was dressed a little better for the change in weather. Wearing the special jewelled necklace, that shone out beneath her fur cloak, she smiled as the heard Xo call out that they were to cover up and stay warm. No doubt riding the Warg would be warm to have between your thighs. As they made through one snow covered pass, there were shrieking shadows, that seemed to zip between the trees and snow covered rocks. Something or someone was following them. Eryda’s ears pricked to the sound. Was it a wolf, or something larger? Witcher assured his wife that they would be at the guild by noon, which was reassuring, but she sung out back to him. ”I fear that trouble may befall us by then…or at the very least cause us to be late.” :: As the Queen climbed down off the throne, she snatched up her discarded robe and draped it around herself. A smug expression as she still had a colouring to her cheeks to show she had been more than satisfied by the King’s attentions. ”Indeed we are suited. And yes…I was very satisfied. Next time however I think I might restrain you.” Such a tease. <3>

IceTe3a: His eyes looked around through the snowy fields and falling snow as he tried to scan the area for any beast that may be stalking them after hearing his wife’s warning. “Perhaps you are right” he stated as he continued to scan the area, no doubt something was out there most likely in plain sight to them as most creatures up here relied on blending into their surroundings to hunt their prey. Perhaps a wolf.. or another pack of trolls had found them, although you’d be able to hear and smell a troll as they weren’t the silent stalkers, but this creature was. “Best we press on until we find our stalker “ there was no use wasting time searching for something that didn’t want to be seen, surely enough it would show itself at one point of time. As they trekked on you could see trails from various creatures that had used this path previously, more so a dire bear seemed to use this path as a game trail of sorts, the foot print was larger almost three times the size of a normal bear although he doubt that was the creature stalking us as they preferred a more brutal and front on approach to hunting. As time passed they climbs up the mountain’s trail, about three quarters of the way soon they would be on the peek which would flatten out and turn into snowy forests and open plains, in the middle was the grand hall in which all the guild masters met, no one but the masters and their second in command were allowed at this sacred place. : he watched her with content as she was still recovering from the playtime, her words of restraint could be a thing of the future had him smirking, a single brow arched as his lips parted “If only you could pin me down” he came to a tall stand and walked around her slowly before coming to a stop in front of her, it was true his strength was unrivalled though he never used it to gain more stature, would she be able to pin him down on the floor? She would have to use tactics and trickery for an advantage over him, that much was for sure. His fingers caressed her cheek gently as they slid down her neck and across the side of her stomach with grace “What plans do we need to discuss, I know we need to bring people to titles of power.. commander of the army so forth.. but, it all seems dull to be honest” he smirked as he looked her up and down slowly.

CharlotteCarrendar:- A large gust of wind, and then the dark shadow rocketed out from behind a large tree – flying straight at Eryda and knocked her fair off her horse. ”Arrrrrgh!” The red witcher let out a scream as she was taken by surprise by this creature. The black hooded being forced the Red witcher into the snow. As it tried to choke the red witcher on the ground, Eryda fought valiantly to kick the creature off her. No doubt one of the servants of the vampire Queen’s whose order was to destroy the companions of the Witcher. Cali turned to look back and saw Eryda’s horse rear up and then run off in fright, as the two wrestled on the ground. She leapt off the back of the Warg. Her cloak flying off her shoulders as she extended her arms. Green flaring orbs building up upon each hand as she chanted a magical incantation to give her more power. This would drain her in the long run, but for now, she had a gut feeling she needed to save Eryda. Eryda kept trying to strike out at the shadow being whose hood flew back to reveal a bald head, covered in scars and scratches. It screeched loudly each time Eryda tried to strike its head, while it drew it’s claws tighter around her neck. :: Xirya laughed at the King’s taunt that he would love to see her try to pin him down. He rose from the throne, his size alone made him an imposing sight and this pleased the Queen all the more. ”You don’t want to discuss armies and tactics. Not…when there are pleasures of the flesh to be had.” Her hand reached out and she caressed his cheek. She went as far to chew her bottom lip, still coming down from the dizzying high that he took her. ”Enough chain and leather and you would be surprised what I could do.” The Queen mused. ”That….is what you want, isn’t it?” <3>

IceTe3a: Hearing his wife’s screams his head turned to face her as he saw Erdya’s horse run off into the distance, Erdya on the floor with a cloaked figure on top of her, he noticed Cali had dismounted and gone to Erdya’s aid. He smirked slightly as he dismounted Mersa, “Mersa.. Get the horse back here.. Alive please” Mersa grunted and ran off after the horse in order to bring it back to them. He stood there and watched as the two girls struggled with the creature, it was obviously sent from the vampire queen to do her bidding. His arms folded into his chest as he knew they were more than a match for this creature. Suddenly another screech came from the distance as he felt the sense of another creature coming from the side, raising his right arm he caught the creatures neck mid flight as he continued to watch his Wife and Cali battle the other creatures, squeezing the neck of the creature until he heard a crack his eyes were glowing yellow as he was pissed that someone would dare attack his wife, this always made him unaware of his strength as he tossed it off the mountain cliff “She will pay for this insult.. Eryda enough toying around” he heard footsteps as he glanced back it was Mersa with the horses reigns in her mouth leading it back to them, he smirked slightly and gave Mersa a pat on the head as he grabbed the horse’s reigns and waited for the girls to finish toying with the creature. : he nuzzled the fingers of his new wife and smiled as he nipped the tip of her finger. Hearing her prefer pleasure and play over the antics of the kingdom was a surprise to him but one he rather enjoyed her preference, “To be under you? Of course, Do I as a male not belong under the heel of your boot” he smirked as he was only stating the truth of how females felt of males, he bit at the air as he wiggled a finger at her daring her to pin him down and attempt her worst, “Let’s see what pain you can inflict” he winked at her as he enjoyed playing these games with his new wife.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Cali started a slow march to where the two were wrestling on the ground. The thunderous sound of the Warg racing off to get back Eryda’s horse would have the blood elf turn her head momentarily, before settling back on the two that were still in the midst of a fight. Oddly enough the Witcher did not intervene. Perhaps he was curious to learn how the two women would dispatch the assassin. Obviously it had been sent by the Vampire Queen. Another tried to make an attack on the Witcher himself, but he was faster – gripping the creature’s neck and breaking it as though it was a twig. He ordered for Eryda to stop toying around, and you could hear the red Witcher laugh at her husband’s demand.”With pleasure.” An earthy growl escaping her lips as the red ruby crystal that she wore around her neck glowing fiercely as she brought her head up from the ground and head butted the creature fair in the forehead. It reared back grabbing the sides of its head when Eryda then used her fists. Joined together she brought them forward to slam into the creature’s chest, causing him to roll off winded. At this, Eryda leapt to her feet and then shook off the snow, as the creature tried to grab for her ankle. As it did this however, Cali’s green orbs had charged enough that she fired them at the creature causing it to go into a series of convulsions. Squirming and writhing upon the snow in agony. It was highly likely that the being had never before encountered a Blood elf before, but this would be it’s undoing. Taking off her pole arm, Cali twirled it before slamming it into the ground creating a tremor like shockwave, that threw the creature skyward. Airborne, it flipped over and the Blood elf let out a violent scream as she absorbed the energy of the shadow creature in one go. Eryda walked right past Cali and simply went to take the reigns for her horse from Mersa’s mouth. ”Thank you. Shall we?’ She said simply, getting onto her horse as Cali was still panting heavily. The red witcher smirked and gave her horse a light kick and started off again. She wasn’t waiting up, and this would leave Cali behind if she was not careful. :: The Vampire Queen loved her King’s teasing. He wanted pain, loved torture and the Queen was more than happy to oblige him. She walked around him simply so he couldn’t see what she was doing, and then took out a leather strap. Grabbing his hands behind his back, she tied them together, and tried to force him, stomach down onto the floor. <3>