Downtown Haven (1) – Aeternam Venustas (RP) – TRC


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Skull and Shade were more alike than they wanted to admit.  Both weres in a city that never slept.  Will Shade come around when Skull makes a peace offering?



Jul 29 14 5:49 AM

Warehouse District

-she had been so wrong, so wrong to come that close to a man she knew wasn’t human, but it had been years, and she meant years, sense she had encountered another being as such. It was like the rest of the packs, that knew about her dear daddy, didn’t want his bastard in there packs…like she was gonna be some disease that would slowly poison the pack dynamics.

She might have been full of herself if only a little bit, thinking like this was gonna be like any street punk, where she’s to fast, her blows coming at them one after another and they can’t seem to get away from them. She felt the impact on her elbow she jumped forward slightly straightening out her arm, she had half expected the blow to have continued and the man snap her arm, it wouldn’t have been uncommon in the area. His large hands circled her wrist in a tight vice, she could easily strike him with her other fist, but he had already proven he was fast enough to avoid the blow. However she could go with it still, and allow him to grab her other wrist…but that would leave his neither open for a well aimed kick to the crotch.

But she was trying to make a point that she wasn’t that stupid wasn’t she…maybe this should be a moment where she picks her battles, and this one, she wasn’t picking. Noticing how close he was she tilted her head downward just a little bit and peaked up at him through the locks of hair that fell in her face, going for the doe eyed look.

“You steal these too?  Don’t look like you could afford such pretty things.  Unless you got a sugar daddy. “ he asked her, she cracked a smile, “not every pick do you find a wallet, they some pretty engagement rings huh,” she responded softly.

Why hadn’t she pawned them, well, cause with how things are now-a-days she was suspicious enough to believe they can trace the stolen good right back to her, so why part with the pretty things…especially when they do as good a job as brass knuckles.

He quietly had the gull to sniff her again, much to her irritation but she tried to keep her cool,  Now, I am going to let you go…but you gotta cool your jets, or we are going to get down and dirty.  I may not like to smack a girl, but I will lay you on your ass. he said.

That was fine by her because once he did, she was gonna turn tail and bolt, dog in toe, and hope she can out run him…if not out fight him.-

Jul 30 14 12:17 AM

Warehouse District.


“Not every pick do you find a wallet, they some pretty engagement rings huh,

Her voice was a lot softer which surprised Skull somewhat.  Maybe she could see that she had met her match in this young turk.  He didn’t really want to hurt the girl, just put a stop to the punch, but he used the intervention as a way to taunt her just the same.  There was something in her actions that showed she was no ordinary street rat.  Her speed, was not human, then again neither was his.  He mouthed the numbers…3…2…1, and then released his hold on her wrist to see what she would do next.  A good kick in the balls maybe?  He was ready for that as it was a good trick that girls liked to do to unsuspecting males.  But, she didn’t.  Instead, she turned fast on the ball of her heel and went for the bolt.  To run back down the alley with her rope teethered dog in tow.  Poor mutt.  Skull would never want to be lead around like that.  Skull shook his hand with a light flick of the wrist, then stuffed his hands in his pockets and slowly walked along the same path that she had ran down.

Was he stalking the girl?  To be honest, he’d gotten a good whiff of her scent, and would be able to find her no matter where she ran too.  The girl amused him in more ways than one.  He also had to wonder….was she what he thought she was?

Could it be possible, that they were both weres on the loose in the warehouse district of Haven?  Skull was a loner, always had been.  Maybe it was time to get with a pack.  Maybe, she was the way into one.


Jul 30 14 7:10 AM

Warehouse District

-Shade ran and her terrier though a small dog as he was, was a little champion that kept pace with his mistress at her human run, but seeing as human speed was proving useless she swooped down scooping up Hercules into her arms and pushed her body just a little further.

Faster then normal humans she zoomed past many street bums leaving them dazed looks and some even taking second glances at there drinks before pouring out the contents all over the side walk. Shade quickly came upon her ‘den’ which was a condemned building that was starting to fall a part. It was a old hotel that really any normal person shouldn’t be staying in, but she wasn’t normal wasn’t she.

She darted around the back, dashing into the shadows before anyone noticed her and found the boarded up window, her own form of locking the door. She ripped out the board nails and all and slide inside, replacing the board on the other side and picking up her handy little hammer and putting the blank back into place. She finally set Hercules down and untied the rope from around his neck. The dog sniffed the ground and ran off somewhere to do what what ever a dog does when it’s let to it’s own devices.

As for shade she stripped off the jacket and made her way to the decrypted staircase and ascended to the second floor, dropping articles of clothing along the way till she was left only in her underwear and panties. Seeing as everyone in the area knew this was her space, she had nothing to fear. Even anyone was stupid enough to come in here, they don’t ever leave again. A werewolf has to eat sometime right.

She found the one room where a bed had managed to not be carried off, this was wear she kept most of her things. She through back the thin blankets and threw herself onto the bare mattress and curled into a ball closing her eyes she tucked her arms under her head and curled her legs into her chest. She let her mind wander, thinking about the times when she had a warm meal waiting for her on the table, before the wolves showed up, before her father bet his pack rights on gambling with the big bad vamps.

Jul 31 14 2:34 PM

Warehouse District.


Long ago, there wasn’t warehouses and decrepid buildings in Saint’s row.  There was a time that the streets were full of colour and life.  Buildings that were filled with people from all walks of life.  A bustling part of the city, and there was one hotel that many people frequented.  A grand building built by an Italian craftsman who had used this as a way to bring a little bit of Italy into the Downtown part of Haven.  The Regal Hotel, which truly lived up to its name, had the most grand foyer, with a winding staircase and at the centre of the foyer a beautiful marble fountain.  With a full restuarant, piano bar and of course spa for the more discerning guests, it was THE place to stay.  But that was so long ago, and now the building was but a shell – a shadow of its glorious past.  The paint work had long since faded and the stone work was chipped and dented.  Windows all boarded up to stop further vandalisation and squatters, though it was not uncommon for the roof to house up to a hundred pigeons at a time.  Graffetti and crude slogans were painted on what was once gleaming white walls of the outer entrance.  Car bodies now lined the street before it, when in years past, a procession of the most expensive cars you could imagine would drive on up to the valet to be parked, as the elite had come to stay at the Regal.

It was where Shade had made a home, and this was where Skull followed the girl too.  He kept well back of course, since it was a hell of a lot easier to keep track of her movements, also incase any others were following her.  He had a bit of a shine for the girl.  Why?  Cause she was not afraid to stand up for herself.  She was a street kid….like him.  Whereas Shade had been unlucky in her pick pocketing, Skull had more luck, and had about fifty dollars on him.  More than enough to buy a good meal.  Checking over the road, there was an old chinese restaurant that still did business, surprisingly.  Skull ran across the street, and went inside, placing an order of beef and noodles, fried rice, wantons and some chicken with cashew nuts.   A hearty meal for a starving girl and her dog.  Gathering up the boxes, he paid the owner, and then headed out to the back of the hotel, where he had watched the girl enter.  Setting down the meal, which was in boxes, he prized upon the boards that had been haphazardly hammered back up.  Slipping in and taking the meals, he replaced the boards.  The sounds of pigeons flapping about was the only sound, aside from the sound of the little dog barking.

Going up the old stair case, Skull chuckled to himself.  He remembered the early days when he used this same place as a squat.  No doubt this girl was fairly new to the area.

Soon he came across the girl’s room, which was fairly easy since she left a trail of clothing to mark the way.  Skull started to wonder if she was nude by what he was finding.  Entering her room, the smell of the chinese was bound to rouse her, if she was truly asleep.

“I brought a peace offering, since we got off on the wrong foot.”  Skull said, setting down the boxes of chinese on a rickety table near where she slept.



Aug 6 14 5:45 AM

Abandoned Hotel: Warehouse District

-she could hear Hercules barking somewhere in the abandoned hotel, probably at some flock of birds roosting. She didn’t mind, the dog had the run of the place for the most part, and he had to do something fun to pass the time instead of stay tied up to her wrist all the time when ever they would go out. Lucky for her the city couldn’t care less if she was actually feeding Hercules, so long as he wasn’t running wild around the city.

She heard the stairs creek from her chosen room, for a moment she assumed it was Hercules come to find her and cuddle with his mistress. But the sound suggested something with a heavier step then the terrier mutt. Rousing slightly Shade scooted to the other side of the bed and dropped her hand to the ground and felt around till she felt the cool handle of a blade. To think she kept a machete was silly, but in this run down slum, you keep with you what you got.

She had stripped all the way up the stairs, the intruder had a perfect trail to her bedroom. She was ok with that, she rather they track her down instantly, then be hiding somewhere in the building ready to jump her around the corner. Granted she would sniff them out before they got to jumping, but she still hated the very thought of a surprise waiting for her, bullets still hurt.

The first thing she noticed was the distinct smell of the very man she had encountered earlier but it was followed by another smell that had her turning over instantly with surprise.

I brought a peace offering, since we got off on the wrong foot. he said as he was setting down Chinese food on a old table. He might as well have been offering her the holy grail to her in offering.

Oh my fucking god, your a Saint!” she practically shrieked and leaped across the room abandoning the machete on the bed and making a starved dive for the table of food.

However she stopped inches from the table and backed away…a strange look crossed her face and hard eyes flicked towards his direction as she gave his person a mistrusting look over, “what’s the catch,” she bite out.


Nothing in this world was free, a hard lesson learned.-

Aug 6 14 6:05 AM

Abandoned Hotel, Warehouse District.


The girl was out of the bed like a rocket.  A sudden clunk sound followed, and Skull realized that the girl dropped her weapon.  Yes, she was going to use a weapon on this….her stomach’s savior.  Course, before she dived right in head first like a pig at slop time, she hesitated.  The girl wasn’t stupid, far from it.  Nothing in this world is free they say, but when you are down on your luck, it is surprising what someone with nothing has to give.  Skull knew the girl was hungry.  Why else would she be pick pocketing and then going straight to bed without getting a feed.  It was nothing to be ashamed of.  Skull had been there.  He lived the mean streets, but there was a saying.  Honor amongest theives.  Seeing her hold up and quiz him with a raised brow, Skull simply shrugged and took a box with some chop sticks for himself.  This left her the bulk of the meal for her and her dog.

“Not every gift comes with a string attatched.  But, if you wait, its going to get cold fast.”

Skull sat down on the floor, as there was little to no furniture aside from the bed and the rickety table.  He opened up the box and then raised it to his nose, breathing in the delicious scent.  “No one does Chinese food like Tan.  I swear it.”  It was then he skillfully started to use the chopsticks, slurping in the saucy noodles, as he checked out Shade with one eye.

“I feel a tad overdressed here.  Fancy putting on some clothes?”  With a chuckle, he continued to eat.  He wasn’t going to force the girl to eat, but he wasn’t going to wait around either.  Good food was best enjoyed hot.  He looked around for the dog that had been on the rope lead and whistled.  “Rin tin tin…you’re missing out, buddy.”  


If it was one thing about Skull, he had a good heart.  Only thing was it was buried deep.


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