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The Life and Times of an Aussie Girl – the Dixie Stories 

Our little boy. 



CharlotteCarrendar: And so throughout the night, Dixie would get up at midnight, then at three and finally she was up again at six. Standing in the kitchen, she was making herself a cup of coffee – holding the baby in her arm and rocking him back and forth. It was the first morning since coming home from the hospital, and she was right into the thick of it. With coffee carefully in hand she padded across to the large lounge in the media room, where she placed down the cup on the coffee table, and then eased herself into the leather chair that was perfect for feeding. Milo was a little fidgety as his tiny hands pawed at her breast. He knew the smell of his Mummy, and as soon as Dixie had her night shirt opened, she placed him up to her breast which he took to with gusto. The moment he latched on, Dixie mouthed “Ow” as it was slightly painful, but after a minute or two Milo was feeding properly and Dixie started to relax, rubbing his back gently. She had really hoped that her constant getting in and out of bed had not bothered Logan too much. It was a big change for both of them. <3>

IceTea: With the baby safely tucked into bed, Logan and Dixie had gone to bed, he knew she would be up every so often to check on the newly born baby as she was still getting used to the idea. Time passed as she left the room once more leaving him alone in the room, yawning slightly as he was in deep sleep his arms and legs sprawled out as his right arm reached down slowly scratching at his bare abs eventually his arm flopped up behind his pillow. His stomach grumbled slightly as the two dogs laid sleeping on the edge of the bed, suddenly he let one rip slightly unlike him but it vibrated the bed with force as Jack growled in response, out of instinct his eyes opened up as his hand gripped his pistol which laid under the pillow raising it in the air as he came up with sleepy eyes “Awha..!?” he looks around slowly as jack stood up and started to bark, he had woken himself up by his own fart, the smell wafting in the air as he coughed slightly glancing over where Dixie slept she had gone that’s when he noticed the lights on “Bed jack, you’re taking the blame for that one! “ he chuckled slightly as he flipped the gun under the pillow. Giving jack a slight pat as he sprawled out on the beds edge again slowly drifting off to sleep, coming to a stand he took a glance at the time 6:13am, it was early but not too early for him. Slipping on a pair of jeans he half padded out through the hallway with only his jeans on, ruffling the back of his head with his hand he yawned as he finally came to stand at the doorway of the lounge room where Dixie was feeding the baby“Lil buggers stealing my job” he smirked as he leant against the frame with his arms folded into his chest giving Dixie a wink. Walking over to her and the baby he planted a soft kiss on the baby’s head and then kissed her lips softly “Mornin Jr, darling. While you’re feeding him, you want some grub?” he smiled as he stood in front of her.

CharlotteCarrendar: Dixie’s ears pricked when she heard Jack barking. The slightest thing it seemed set him off, and thankfully he had yet to do that around the baby. The next sound was from the bedroom, and Dixie then realized that Logan must have just woken up. ”Jack okay?” She sung out, wondering if he was barking at something outside. Going back to nursing Milo, she was then happy to see Logan appearing in the door way, and leaning with a cheeky smile. Declaring that Milo had stolen his job. Dixie let out a laugh at that very notion. ”You’re just going to have to learn how to share.”This was said with a smirk. Dixie chewed her lip as she watched Logan approach, wondering what he was going to do, or say next. She wouldn’t put it past him to try and snuggle her other breast like he would mark it as his. Her two boys. Instead he kissed them both – Milo on the head and Dixie on the lips. A perfect morning greeting. ”You can come back and do that anytime.” Dixie said, taking Milo off her breast and then placing him up onto her shoulder to burp as she rubbed his back. Logan spoke of some breakfast and she couldn’t possibly say no. ”Only if you’re cooking.” she answered, happy to see him so ready to help out. <3>

IceTea: He chuckles and gives her a wink “ Yeah, I’m cooking although ill take you up on that offer later.” he nodded slightly as he watched as she burped the baby with a smile on his face he arched a brow “Gonna have to get the lil tucker some boots and leather soon, oh and erm jack scared himself when he farted” smirking slightly he turned to head towards the kitchen as he let out a slight snicker “ Eggs, bacon, tomato’s toast and mushies alright?” he knew she needed to keep her energy up so he would need to make sure she ate well. As he made his way to the kitchen he slowly started to pull out everything he needed from frying pans to knives and the ingredients “Scrambled or fried?” he let out a soft holler, as he started to dice up the mushrooms and tomato’s once they were done he went to the tomato’s slicing them in quarters so they would roast up nicely. Melting some butter he placed some crushed garlic in the mix and threw the mushrooms in there to marinate as he started to pre heat the two frying pans, one for the bacon the other for the mushies and tomato’s. As they came to temperature he threw in a helping of butter on the heated pans and threw the bacon into one as it sizzled almost instantly, and the mushrooms in the other so they could slowly stew in the marinate. Throwing four bits of toast in the toaster he pulled out some butter and vegemite intending to give her one buttered and the other with the butter and vegemite. The room filled with the aroma of cooking food. “ We have today to ourselves and the rest of the week, what would you like to do?” he smiled as he turned the bacon over and threw the tomato’s in with the mushrooms to cook. The toast eventually popped out as they came perfect golden color, buttering them up and putting vegemite on one for each of them he set it on the plate. As he took two forks and knives, with a bottle of orange juice and two cups to the outside table and chairs placing them there “We can eat outside and enjoy our view” he smiled as he came back into the kitchen.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Dixie made a small woohoo sound, before she heard little Milo bring up some wind. Amazing such a little baby could make such a noise. Speaking of noises, when Logan mentioned that Jack was barking at his own fart, the young Aussie had a hard time believing it. She actually got up out of the chair and wandered into the bedroom. Sure enough the lingering smell of a fart remained, and Dixie, who was patting Milo’s back looked at Jack with a curious expression. ”Did you do that, Jack?” The dog whimpered and went under the bed, much to Dixie’s laughter. ”Cheeky dog.” Least Boof didn’t fart…or at least she didn’t think he did. Moving back into the main lounge area, there was a small rocker that was ideal to put Milo down in, but then before she could do that, she smelt something…that wasn’t Jack.”Annnnnd change time. Be right back.” Yes, Milo had filled his nappy. This was going to be the other pastime aside from feeding. The changing. Walking Milo into the nursery, Dixie laid him out gently on the change table, while Logan was cooking up a storm in the kitchen. It was a good thing that Dixie changed the baby so far away. No sooner had she opened the nappy, she practically went cross eyed. ”Ewww…nasty.” Not one of the fun parts of being a mum, but it was a job that had to be done. Dixie made many other faces, while Milo gurgling and kicking his feet about – not a care in the world. It wasn’t long before he was all cleaned up and being picked up from the change mat. Milo was now wide awake and playful, so Dixie took him back to the rocker in the media room only to hear Logan ask what she wanted to do that day. Dixe made a joke. ”Sleep?” Course she knew she would get a bit of that later. There was a ringing at the door, which set off the dogs. Dixie headed down after them only to see a delivery man at the door with flowers. Tipping the delivery man and calling off the dogs, she was happy to see they were from Mia. There was a note attached, that said. “I’d be honoured.” Dixie made a whoop sound. Mia and Steve were to be Milo’s God parents when the time came. Dixie came back to the outdoor area, dogs in tow and then went to wrap her arms around Logan as he set the table. I just want to enjoy you.” <3>

IceTea: He was cooking the eggs as she hadn’t answered him back he decided to just cook scrambled eggs with chopped chives in the mix, slowly the food was coming together as he heard her go off into the distance with Milo followed by some strange noises, he must have shat his diaper as he smirked slightly at the thought of Dixie dealing with that issue. The Mushrooms were roasted perfectly in the garlic butter with the tomato’s as he took it off the fire and places them on both plates near the toasts. Soon to come was the bacon as he heard the doorbell ring, he glanced back as he watched Jack and boof racing around barking at the door, Dixie came in soon enough to answer the door coming back with a bunch of flowers. Arching a brow he smirked as he heard her joke about sleep than rebuttal with wanting to enjoy time with him. “Flowers? Who they from” as he placed the bacon and eggs on the plates he felt jack jumping up around him with boof sitting patiently whilst licking his chops “alright you two give me a second” jack barking happily as he raced in between his legs, grumbling slightly at the playful dog he went for the fridge, pulling out two cans of dog food, he grabbed their bowls and poured it half full with kibble and mixed it with wet dog food “They got to have a bit of both to get big and strong” he smiled placing the bowls on the floor as jack didn’t wait, his head dived in to the bowl as he started to scoff the food down before the bowl hit the floor, boof being more patient lazed over to the bowl and ate calmly . washing his hands he smiled slightly as he grabbed the two plates and walked over to Dixie “Eating outside, come on” he smirked as he pushed her along with his hip playfully, as he led her outside to the table he placed down one plate for her and a plate for him, pouring them both a cup of orange juice. “Well, I gotta work on my private project for a bit, almost done with it but apart from that i’m all yours” he smiled as he kissed her cheek, his private project was a surprise for Dixie, slowly he had been fixing up a old car. He had imported a rolling shell of a 1955 ford mustang convertible, it was pretty much complete, all painted, the seats all brand new leather, brand new 375 big block. He was just tinkering with the engine, he kept it hidden under a old car tarp so she wouldn’t notice but he reckoned he’d be giving it to her today at some point.

CharlotteCarrendar:- ”Oh these are from Mia and Steve. Remember the couple in hospital that we went to see….then I ended up staying?” Dixie cheerfully reminded Logan as he was dishing up the bacon and egg breakfast. Dixie went to find a vase for the flowers, before having to step over the hungry dogs that were both hanging out for a feed. She had to wonder, just how big the dogs were going to get, especially with such appetites, though Jack seemed to have a bigger hunger than Boof. It was something of a mad house already. Barking dogs, and a happy baby playing in his rocker wiggling and kicking his feet. Every so often you hear a bit of laughter followed by a small grunting sound. If he was filling his nappy again, Dixie would find out all too soon. Happily going outside to enjoy breakfast, Dixie sat herself down, as Logan mentioned that he had a private project that he was working on, but almost done. After that, he would be hers for the rest of the week. As Dixie tucked into her breakfast, which was simply the best she ever had, she looked down to the garage, wondering just what was so secret in there. Dixie was eager to know what this project was, but didn’t want to force Logan to tell her. Maybe it was dog houses for the pups? Or the start of a fort for Milo. Either way, it was going to be worth the wait. ”I’ll do the dishes and clean the kitchen….and…*she laughs*…get dressed.” Yes, she was still in her nightshirt. <3>

iceTe3a: – He was tucking into his breaky as he heard her giggle looking her up and down as he notices she was in her night shirt, he smirked slightly as he arched a brow while scoffing down a strip of bacon “ I think you look fine in that “giving her a cheeky wink as he continued to eat his breakfast hearing that she’d wash up he arched a brow “I’ll give a hand, you’re not to do all the work missy” he finished his plate as he sat back and sipped on his OJ waiting for her to finish. Jack came scrambling out and barked obviously asking for more food “To slow buddy, all gone” he said with a slight smirk as jack whined slightly and ran off down to the yard. A slight chuckle escaped his lips once she was finished he took both plates and headed off to the kitchen to help wash up the mess he had made “I should be done with my project soon enough, I’ll give you a holler when I need ya until then, you stay up here and play with the bubs and relax”he gave he a smile, as he came in behind her and cuddles her close to him, leaning in he kissed the top of her head before spanking her ass lightly and pulling away. With the dishes done he stretched out and yawned slightly not bothered that he was only in a pair of jeans as he slipped on his biker boots “Right, I’ll be down there if you need me, gimme a yell” leaving her behind he walked down to his shed as he lit up a cigarette with Jack in behind him. As he came into the garage Jack laid down at the front, pulling the tarp off there stood a dark purple mustang with white racing stripes, he whistled slightly as he walked over to his radio and turned it on jamming some old school tunes. Popping the trunk he set off to work on the engine as his head was deep in the engine bay of the car, he would be working on this for a few more hours.

CharlotteCarrendar:- Dixie eased back when her breakfast was done, and she gave her now much smaller belly a pat. She really enjoyed having Logan cook for her, and she couldn’t remember the last time she had had such a wonderful meal. Feeling Logan’s eyes looking her up and down as she mentioned she would need to get dressed, then having him say he thought she looked fine, she wrinkled up her nose and gave his lips a quick kiss. ”Yeah, but I gotta get ready for the day sometime. As good as it would be to hang around like this.” Smirking, she helped bring everything inside, still checking on Milo, who was still gurgling happily in his rocker. The baby was just so alive and full of beans it seemed after a feed and a change. No doubt he was going to be up for hours. Getting him into a routine, or learning how was going to be part of the fun for that week. With the kitchen cleaned soon after, and Logan giving Dixie a close cuddle and a kiss on the top of the head, Logan would head off down to the garage, and start work again on his project. Part of Dixie wanted to sneak down after him, but he had given strict instructions that she was to enjoy the next few hours and enjoy the baby. Being left on her own, she went to take Milo out of the bouncer and walk him into her room, where she laid him down in the crib for safety, then went into the bathroom to shower and get dressed. There was a baby monitor in the bathroom, and Dixie kept her ear out to listen to Milo as she showered. Being a new mum, she was nervous about a lot of things, and being parted from her baby was one of them. But she needed to learn to work with what she had, and before long she had finished showering, and had dressed herself in jeans and an oversized T shirt. Old habits died hard on Dix. She again picked up the baby, and wandered back out to the main living area. Milo was gurgling and smiling, then he got a run of the hiccups. It was like the baby was constantly making noise. Dixie sat herself down on the big couch, curled up at one corner, and rested the baby on the crook of her knee as she stroked his head and let him curl his fingers around her finger. <3>

IceTe3a: – He was hard at work tinkering with the engine whilst his boot tapped against the concrete floor to the beat of the old tunes, he heard Jack growling from time to time as he noticed Jack could hear the cars passing by, the dog would be a good guard dog that was for sure. Time passed by as he was finally done and happy with the engine, shutting the hood he quickly buffered and polished the car so she would come up shining like usual, looking down at the personalized plates that were legally registered they said “ aussiegal”, a slight smirk across his lips as he was proud of his work. He didn’t want her to hear the engine so he threw it into neutral and took off the hand break slowly wheeling it out onto the concrete out of the garage, so it would shine in the morning sun, with the keys in his pocket he let out a large whistle.“Come on down love, leave Milo upstairs for a second” Jack hearing him whistle quickly raced over to him and jumped on his leg growling playfully, giving Jack a quick pat on the head he went around the side of the house to wait for Dixie. Once she met him there, he had a cheeky grin on his face as he turned around behind her and covered her eyes “This way love, straight ahead” he would lead her out towards the front of the 55 mustang and stop her in her tracks right in front of it “ stop right there.. three.. two.. one!” he uncovered her eyes and let her have a look for a moment before dangling the set of keys in front of her face “ Surprise? “ he said slightly blushing as he ruffled the back of his head hoping she would like the car.

CharlotteCarrendar:- Dixie had somehow managed to get little Milo to fall asleep. Miracles happen, and she was taking the baby into their bed room, when she heard Logan sing out that he wanted her to come downstairs, and to leave Milo upstairs. Unsure of what he wanted, Dixie carefully placed Milo into his crib, then snatched the monitor and tip toed outside, closing the door gently. She then hurried across the main room, out the back veranda and down the stairs. She would find him waiting for her just around the corner from the bottom of the stairs. To her surprise, she found him putting his hand over her eyes, and then turning her around. ”What’s going on?” Dixie asked, genuinely having no clue of what it was Logan had to show her. Jack couldn’t seem to stop barking, and together, the three of them went around the side where he led her right up to the surprise. It was when he stopped her and then took his hands away, that she would first see the jangling keys…and then…”Oh..my..God…it’s a car!” The young Aussie squealed. She instantly turned around and gripped Logan’s arms. ”A car? You…got me a car?!” You could hear the shock and surprise in her voice and she was almost teary. She immediately put her arms around Logan and hugged him close. He would hear her muffled voice coming up from his chest. ”I’m gonna cry.” <3>

IceTe3a: He couldn’t help but laugh as he heard her squeal out in joy, a slight smirk as she cuddled him tight, he cuddled back and kissed her head “I built you the car from the ground up” he picked her up and raised her to his eye level kissing her lips and placing her down “She’s got a big block 375 in her brand new, everythings brand new.. convertible .. manual, for you and the baby, safer than any car out on that road and twice as fast” he gave her a nudge as he pointed to the car and handed her the keys, “Go on, give her a gander! “ he ushered her over and opened the driver’s side door for her “Huge boot space for all your shopping needs, and lots of seats for you, your friends and the baby” he knew that she would need a car to get around and do her own thing from time to time and this was the perfect car, and it just showed her aussie pride with the plates as he smirked leaning against the car still proud of his work he was happy that she loved the car “ Hope you love it!! She’s all yours so treat her well, and use her all the time!” he smirked and pulled her into a cuddle as he looked up at the house and back down to her “We’re going to be fine, darling I just know it” a sigh of relief escaped his lips as he leaned against the car once more, checking it over slowly making sure he didn’t forget anything important.

CharlotteCarrendar:- It was hard for Dixie not to be emotional when she realized just how much Logan had done for her. He had built the car virtually from the ground up and made sure it was big enough and safe enough for her and the baby. She felt him nudge her gently from behind, as she tried to wipe away the tears, though nothing could wipe the smile from her face. The car was simply beautiful. Perfection. It even had personalized plates. Dixie could hear the eagerness in Logan’s voice for her to take a good look at the car, and she didn’t need to be told twice. Running her finger along the side, admiring the paint work, which was incredible. Glancing back over her shoulder at him, she made a “Weeeeee” sound which clearly showed how much she adored the car. Dixie was to use it and use it well. All the time, in fact. She got in the driver’s seat and then….she sat there, fingers curled around the steering wheel, and she inhaled the car’s smell. It’s a girl thing. Dixie let out a happy sigh, before getting out of the car again and running around to Logan and practically leaping on him like a koala would. Legs around his waist and she was face to face with him. ”I love the car…and most of all…I love you.” She kissed him happily, never being able to take her eyes off him. <3>

IceTe3a: He heard her excited squeal once more as he smiled watching her get into the seat of the car, he had to admit it suited her down to the bone as he smirked. “My biker girl” giving her a light wink as he arched a brow as she ran over to him and literally jumped into the air wrapping her arms and legs around him as she kissed him, he caught her mid flight as his right arm sleeked in under her ass giving her support, kissing her back with the same passion he smiled “And I love you and our son, Milo” his smile was bright and large as he couldn’t wipe it from his face, a slight cuddle as he held her in his arms “Now you know what I was doing, Now I’m all yours for the rest of the week” he chuckled slightly as he kissed her cheek and set her on the ground. “If you want we can give her a spin once Milo’s had his nap, perhaps go out for lunch or something” he ruffled the back of his head once more, it was becoming a habit. Taking her hand into his he lead her around the house as Jack followed closely, “ So, you ever thought you’d settle down like this? I never thought I’d date let alone settle down” he chuckled lightly as he looked at her giving her a wink “I’m glad I did though.”he watched as Jack barked happily and raced off to the back yard where boof was laying down, obviously happy to see his pal as the two started to play. He stopped in the backyard and started pointing slightly at area’s “A play gym for Milo, and his fort there.. a nice pool and bbq area, watcha think?” he was already making plan’s for the future new upgrades to their house. As they came to a couple of the chairs on the veranda he sat down and pulled her to sit on his lap “So, gonna work in the tattoo shop still? Or you wanna come work with me over at the garage’s and shop behind our house” he smiled as he remembered that he set her up her own art studio in one of the rooms of the house.

CharlotteCarrendar: – They were now a real family. It was more than Dixie could have ever hoped for, and she wanted to pinch herself to make sure this all wasn’t just a dream. Logan had finished the big surprise and now was ready to spend the week just with her and the baby. Thoughts turned to taking the car out and maybe even grabbing lunch on the go. ”We could go to Molly’s. Can you imagine the look on his face when we rock in with Milo?’ Dixie said, all excited. She knew how much Logan enjoyed the feed there. A bit of Australia in the middle of Europe. Walking around the yard, while the dogs played at their feet, Logan pointed out jus where everything he was planning to add was going to go, such as Milo’s fort and one day even a pool. A barbeque area would be great for parties, and no doubt they would be having a few once things settled down and they got back to normal. This week was all about settling in at home. Dixie had her arm slinked around Logan’s waist when he asked if she was going to go back to work at the tattoo shop. At first she hadn’t really let it cross her mind, but now, knowing how it felt to be home, she didn’t want to be too far away from Milo. A tattoo shop was no place for a baby. ”I might take you up on working at the garage. I’d just feel it would be better to be closer to home.”She had her priorities right. The baby, and of course Logan. ”So long as you don’t mind me being around so much.” she said with a smirk. <3>

IceTe3a: He looked down at her and smiled as she made her choice to work with him, kissing her lips softly as he pulled her in for a cuddle “If I had it my way, you’d never leave my side, either of you” he smirked and cuddled her again “ You can manage the boys that work there, and run the shop like the big boss would! I’ll work the cars” he smirked and gave her a wink “You don’t need to quit being an artist, we have a full room dedicated to that anyway” he chuckled as he came to rest his chin on her shoulder “Gotta link you to my bank, and get you a direct card too. Just don’t blow all my millions too quick” he smirked, for such a young guy he had saved quite a lot over the years from leading the club, whilst other boys blew it on fancy toys but they all had their savings, he was smarter with his. His more shady side of work was the main income for him as it paid really well, “ Either way, we have a few things to set up still, Yeah molly’s would be great! “ nodding in agreement as he looked back to listen out for Milo, not hearing a peep as he figured the baby was fast asleep “ Tired love? If you need a nap, just go take one. I can watch the bubs for awhile” he kissed her neck gently as he looked down at the dogs playing in the yard “And those two” he chuckled lightly as he shook his head

CharlotteCarrendar:- Truth be told, Dixie had been up most of the night. Whether it showed was neither here nor there, but when Logan offered her a chance to grab a nap before they headed out to lunch, she was going to grab that brass ring with both hand. ”YOU..are a lifesaver.” Even if it was just two hours of sleep, it meant she would be bright and ready to go out and have a good time at Molly’s. The baby may well still be asleep, and she checked the baby monitor to hear the baby sleeping soundly. She gave over the monitor to Logan and winked. ”When we have lunch…it’s Aussie pies and beer battered chips.” she said with an excited voice. Dixie took Logan’s hand and led him up the stairs, the dogs of course following as they tended to do. Maybe they thought they would get another feed. Reaching the top, Dixie smacked Logan’s backside in a cheeky manner, and then happily went off to their bedroom. She checked in on Milo, letting her finger grace the top of his head, before she went to lay down for a spell on their bed. She was truly grateful, that Logan was thinking of her and the baby’s well being. He was simply a terrific dad. <3>

IceTe3a: He was led along by her hand as they went up the stairs he copped a spank on the ass and the baby monitor, he smirked slightly as he watched her walk off to their bedroom to go have a nap. He walked around the house to make sure all the doors were properly locked, even though this place was a fortress he still liked to keep the doors locked, jack and boof started running around as he grabbed them by the scruff of their necks pulling them up to his eye level ”Oh no, you two are keeping quiet, let mummy sleep” he smirked slightly as he placed them down on the ground and pointed to the lounge room, he watched as they took their spots in the lounge room and Jack started chewing on a toy whilst Boof laid there happily catching his breath with a slight yawn. After awhile he could hear the baby start to stir in the monitor, bring it to his lips “Shhh… big daddy coming to save you, over and out”
he whispered in to the baby monitor not realizing it was only a receiver and not a two way walky talky. He quietly crept into the room and sure enough Milo was wide awake and wiggling about, he picked him up gently and took him out of the room closing the door behind him, glancing down at Milo as he noticed a smile he arched a brow “You better not have…he turned milo around and brought his bum to his nose and.. *Sniff Sniff* “Nope.. just happy huh” he chuckled lightly as he walked out to the veranda with the two dogs in tow. Milo was gurgling and happily smiling in his arm as he walked down to the grass and laid flat on his back with Milo on his stomach “ Neeerrwwww!!!” he picked Milo up in his arms and waved him around in the air gently like a airplane, as Milo giggled happily, he smirked in response. “Whose my tough biker baby!” he poked Milo’s nose who in turn wrinkled his face, they played around for awhile with Milo happily entertained and giggling away. Soon after he brought Milo in for a feed, brewing a fresh formula, he fed Milo and burped him as he took him back outside on the grass and laid back down with Milo sitting on his chest “more airplane?” he asked as he noticed Milo yawning, he yawned back in kind “ That’s cruel” he said in a half yawn voice, as Milo curled up on his chest, he smiled and held him with his left arm, Jack and Boof both curled up in between his legs as he chuckled slightly “Nap time for all of us huh? he pulled a small baby blanket over Milo and closed his eyes as his right arm sagged down along the grass, with his left arm gently holding Milo on his chest, the four boys were all curled up amongst each other napping on the green lawn whilst mummy got a nice nap in.

CharlotteCarrendar:- Dixie finally stirred, and to her surprise there was not a sound in the house. It was quiet. Too quiet. Even the dogs were not causing a fuss or noise. ”This isn’t right.” Instantly, Dixie climbed out of bed. Milo was not in his crib. Okay, so he must be out in the living room with Logan. Dixie ran her fingers through her hair as she crept out, thinking they were there. No. No sign of them. Looking around quickly, Dixie started to fret. As new mothers do. She headed all over the house, searching each room. Whispering Logan and Milo’s names, like doing that would have Logan answer at least. Still no sign of them. Dixie went to the back veranda. Surely they wouldn’t have gone out without her. By now she was almost pulling out her hair…until she looked down. There, far below in the backyard, was the four of them. Logan, Milo..who was asleep on Logan’s chest, and the two dogs…who were surprisingly, also asleep. ”Look at that.” Dixie thought to herself. Logan must have done such a good job with the feeding and playing that he wore himself out. Dixie slowly crept down the stairs and then she started to walk on the grass, before getting down on her hands and knees and crawling the last few feet. Milo was a picture of innocence, nestled close to Logan’s chest beneath the small baby blanket. Dixie couldn’t help but lay down beside them. Boof lifted his head only to let his muzzle rest on Dixie’s leg as she gently played with Logan’s hair, enjoying this quiet family moment. <3>

IceTe3a: They all were fast asleep unknown to them that Dixie was running through the house stressing with no knowledge of their where bout. Snoring lightly with Milo nuzzled into his chest, as it slowly raised and lowered with each breath Logan was taking, suddenly he felt slight weight on his right arm, as Dixie laid down next to him and curled in against him, his right arm tucked under her wrapped around her side by natural instinct as he cuddled her in. slowly he yawned as he felt his hair being stroked, his eyelids opened slowly as her face came into view. With a light smile he looked down to see Milo sleeping happily on his chest “We must have nodded off while playing” he whispered to her with a smile, as he pulled her in for a kiss on the lips, Jack opened an eye and huffed before closing it. “I think I did alright..” he nodded slowly, reassuring himself. As he sat up, Milo sunk down into his arm still sleeping quietly, the dogs got up with a stretch and walked off to find somewhere cool to sleep as he smiled and looked over at Dixie “How’d you sleep love?” giving her a kiss on the cheek he stood up towing them both up as he led her over and up to the balcony to sit in the chair, as she sat down he passed her Milo as he knew she would have been worried about him.

CharlotteCarrendar: – ”Like a baby.” Dixie answered when asked how she slept. She really needed it and now felt energized to get through the rest of the day. She happily got pulled to her feet and then the trio went back up to the veranda, where Dixie sat and got to hold Milo again. ”You know…you did a great job. I mean, look at him, he is still sleeping.” Dixie was really proud of how Logan was with Milo. The couple had not really been together a long time, and yet they worked so well as a team to ensure Milo’s health and happiness. ”Cute to see the dogs asleep too, though.” She had to admit, catching them like that was a moment she would not easily forget. Dixie then blurted. ”Can you imagine Milo in little biker leathers?’ The very idea made her giggle. <3>

IceTea: He smirked as he heard her rave on about how cute they all where “Well.. first we were playing airplanes next minute we fell asleep! “ he chuckled as he ruffled the back of his head, arching a brow when she said if he could imagine Milo in leathers “Oh he’s wearing the biker gear” smirks and gives her a wink as he walks off to the kitchen and comes back with two beers, popping the lids he passes one to Dixie and smirks “ Pre drink to prep you for Molly” he chuckles as he puts a shirt on, arching a brow he smirks “Let’s take your car to Molly’s today” he knew she would love the idea, as he pointed down to the baby car seat next to his chair, it seemed he had already intended to do just as he said prior. With a shrug of his shoulders he laughed “ I like to plan ahead” taking a sip from his beer he sighed with relief completely enjoying his time with his family.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Dixie took a small sip from the beer and let out an “ahh” sound. Been a while since she had tasted beer, that was for sure. Setting down the can, she remembered that if they were going to go out she would need to pack a bag. ”I’m glad you thought of the chair, but I know that if we go out, that Milo is going to need to be changed. Possibly formula. I don’t think breast feeding in public is a good idea.” She wasn’t sure what the laws were, but she was not about to chance it. Handing Milo over to Logan, she said,” I’ll be right back.”Getting up, she went and prepped a formula bottle, and extra teets, and then went to get a change bag, with clothes, diapers and wipes as well lotions, and more cotton. You would think she was packing for a full days outing and not just for lunch. Coming back to the veranda, Dixie took the keys to her new car and squealed. ”Ready to go?’ Dixie knew the dogs would need to be locked up so that they didn’t get out onto the road when she pulled the car out. The young Aussie was really excited, and a bit nervous. Riding the bike was one thing….driving her first car was another. <3>

IceTea: He watched as Milo was handed to him, and Dixie disappeared he smirked as he watched Milo whilst sipping beer, wetting his thumb with some of the beer he placed it against Milo’s lips and allowed him to taste the beer “ ‘Av some of the good stuff, son” he said with a proud smile against his lips, as Dixie came back and possibly caught him in the act he nodded after hearing her squeal. Giving a light whistle as the dogs ran upstairs he nodded towards the door as they raced in. He shut the door and locked it, as he walked down towards Dixie’s new car “Lets go hun, ready to test her out? Tell me how she handles” he smirked and opened the passenger side door, he leaned in with Milo in one hand and placed him in the baby seat, securing it tight to the back seat he then sat in the front and did his own seatbelt up as he waited for Dixie to get in. “You can drive, right?” he smirked playfully as he poked his tongue out teasing her.

CharlotteCarrendar: – ”Can I drive? What kind of question is that?” The Aussie gal said, smirking as he got into the front seat beside her after making sure Milo was properly restrained in the back with the car seat. Before putting the keys in the ignition, Dixie said. ”I used to borrow my Dad’s old Holden, but if you ask me it wasn’t road worthy. Nothing like this.”Dixie said, running her hand across the dash lovingly. Dixie wiggled in her seat after putting on her seat belt and checking the rear vision mirror. ”Can I drive?” Dixie whispered under her breath as she checked the handbrake, and then put her foot down on the clutch and started the car. The car…roared to life. It was a sound that sent a shiver through Dixie’s body. You could see she was so excited, she even biting her own tongue – a slither of pink sticking out between her lips. With the car in first, she slowly increased the pressure on the accelerator and the car left the drive way. Not too fast, as she was cautious as she indicated to turn out onto the busy road. Soon, they were off, driving down the main road and Dixie geared changed up effortlessly. The car handled like a dream, and Dixie kept making happy noises as she drove along. Sure, she might have been a bit nervous with Logan teasing her, but this was her little families first day out. <3>

IceTe3a: He smirked at her reaction and wiggled an eyebrow “Naw don’t think you can love… Just shitting ya” he chuckled lightly as he heard the engine come to life with a mighty roar, Milo giggled at the sound as he looked back at the smiling baby “He’s one of us alright “ laughing as the car took off down the street he watched as Dixie handled the car perfectly. He thought the engine might be too powerful for her but she was handling it with ease, “You realize Molly doesn’t know about us yet, right?” he smirked, not worried but he knew Dixie may get slightly shy and start blushing. “I believe last time we were there.. you were showing an Aussie outlaw where to get a pie as a favour, now we return and we’re dating. Ha!! Go figure” the car was turning heads, as it wasn’t the usual car that went down the roads of this town they were sure to make a name for themselves, first the bikes now the old school v8’s. Leaning in, he pressed a button as a LED screen popped out of the centre console, the screen lit up with all the options as he pressed play “I did you a favor and added a sound system with a LED touch screen Player, its all USB storage and..” he presses the play again as Aussie rock comes on,


“I pre loaded all the Aussie rock onto the storage system, enjoy” he chuckled as it started blasting, Milo was giggling and wiggling in his seat, it almost looked like he was dancing to the music.

CharlotteCarrendar:- The familiar sounds of her own home grown Oz rock on what was a beast of a sound system made Dixie love the car all the more. Milo too was making a fuss in the back, in a good way. He sure was one of them, as Logan put it. ”Fast cars and oz tracks. Yep, battler blood runs in his veins.” Dixie chortled, as she turned the corner and took them closer to Molly’s. One thing she had forgotten, was that when she had taken Logan to Molly’s last time, they were just friends, or rather she was showing him her favourite place to eat. Molly and his wife wouldn’t know anything about how they were now a couple, or the fact that little Milo had been born. No doubt they were in for a shock, but a good one too. You had to admit that Logan and Dixie made the perfect pair. Dixie found a car space only a short walk from the Oz cafe, or Molly’s place. Turning off the engine, Dixie was nervous now about taking the baby into the cafe. She turned to Logan and asked. ”Do you want to carry in the capsule while I get the bag?’ It was not normally like Dixie to be nervous, but this was her first outing since home. There was already quite a crowd at the cafe that was spilling out onto the street. Few bikers too, travellers by the looks of things. Things were going to get rowdy. <3>

IceTea: As they pulled into the car spot the car turned off, as the engine kept running until it cooled down and finally came quiet. He smirked as Dixie was starting to get nervous, he shook his head and kissed her lips holding them there for a moment “Relax hun.. Everything will be fine” he walked over to the other side of the car and picked Milo out of the seat, holding him in one arm, he slung the bag against his other shoulder and walked over to Dixie “No need for the baby carrier, I’ll hold him when you’re arms are tired hun” he smiled and wrapped his free arm around her waist, as they were walking towards the bar he noticed the bikes in the front and smirked slightly, some local European bikies must have stopped by for a drink, there they were out the front sipping their beers, and there he was with his patched vest. As he walked up they took one look at him and gave way to let them pass, as Logan’s face went serious and stern, giving a slight nod. It was almost like he was giving a ‘Don’t fuck with me ‘ look, and he actually was, as he pushed Dixie into the bar he looked around as nothing had changed. “We both grew up in bar’s as every Aussie kid did, we shouldn’t deprive Milo of a true Aussie childhood, let’s have some fun” he smirked. When it came to babies and Aussies, everyone in the pub was liable for looking after the kids no matter who they were, everyone shared the same responsibility. He smirked as he walked in “ Aussie aussie aussie” no sooner had he said that, the Aussie response was shouted back “ Oi Oi OI “ he chuckled and nudged Dixie playfully, as he gave her a reassuring wink.

CharlotteCarrendar:- The voice of Logan singing out Aussie Aussie Aussie brought out one very familiar face from the kitchen. None other than Molly himself. “LOGAN…DIXIE…and…a baby?” He was shocked as he was happy to see them. Molly’s wife heard the word baby and came flying out of the kitchen, then held up her hands and clapped them together, before going off with congratulations in Czech. She was so excited that some of the local ladies in the bar all joined in, and soon the women were flocking around Logan like chickens about to be feed in the morning. Everyone wanted to nurse the new baby. Dixie made a meep sound as she watched it all unfold. Molly came and gave Dixie a big hug before calling out over the din. ”I get you both a good Aussie lunch…okay? What is with my wife? She never act this happy to see me! Hahaha. All the women love the baby. What is the baby’s name? Hehehe…Looks like you, Logan.” Talk about being descended on. <3>

IceTea: He heard the voice of Molly and than her wife’s as she came racing out the kitchen, and then the females in the pub started to swarm around him looking at the baby “Erm.. help.. he was chuckling slightly as they started to squish him in between the sea of ladies “Girls… give the blokes some room to breathe, you’ll all get a chance to cuddle the bundle of joy” he chuckled again as they all slowly went back to their seats, he turned to see Molly and his wife near Dixie “G’day you two, here for your Aussie grub! as he heard Molly say the last part “Looks like you, Logan “ he smiled lightly and kissed the babies head, walking over to Dixie’s side he nodded “ He’s my child, there’s no doubt about it.. Oh and me and Dixie are a thing now” he smirked and nudged Dixie to add to the pile of emotion going around at the current time, he didn’t know how Dixie would react to what Molly had said, but even though Logan wasn’t Milo’s biological father, he knew in his heart he would be his one and only father that Milo needed. “ How about we start with a beer, let’s get a table and we can catch up” he chuckled lightly as he kissed Dixie’s head.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Never before had Dixie truly seen Logan in his element as he was in handling Molly’s questions and of course the sea of women that were all dying to touch and hold little Milo. Dixie was used to the quiet of the house, well..that and the pups…but this, this was like something out of a strange Aussie movie. She knew everyone meant well, even Molly when he said that Milo looked just like Logan. Dixie almost wanted to hide in behind Logan, cause this was just a bit much. But Logan was a champ. He really was. When he said how Milo was his son..and that he and Dixie were a couple, it made for many nearby to cheer. Everyone who had seen the couple at the bar before, knew…that they were made for each other. Dixie felt the wave of reassurance when Logan brought her close to him. He was like this tower of strength, when she really needed it most. At his suggestion that the y get a table and catch up, all were in agreeance. Molly’s wife Greta, asked Logan and Dixie if she could have a hold of the baby, and Dixie nodded, as she could see that Greta would be very gentle. Molly, he was already getting their order and arranging beers. The bar took on a real festive atmosphere…almost party like. It was quite surreal. Bringing back some beers, Molly joined Logan and Dixie at the table.”I wasn’t going to say it before..but…I am happy that you two are together. Dixie…she’s a good girl. Needs a strong bloke like you, Logan.”<3>