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Re: Hallways
August 10, 2014 04:06AM
The Hallways.

When you have an angered half drunk Giant roaming the halls in search of a thief and he happens to be carrying a frilly shirt, you would be smart to approach with caution if at all. The kilt wearing Giant was furious. He had set a new mission for himself. Find the girl that had tricked him into the drinking game, wasted all the precious Scotch in the cellars, and took his money purse. His size 16 feet pounded the floor, sending through a shock wave that made the very floor boards jump in their places. Duggie grit his teeth and was heard to be calling out obscenities, about small breasted little harlots.

The Giant turned the corner, and thundered down yet another hallway – peering through every open door he came to in order to catch Amaria and shake her down for his coin purse. That was the immediate plan, but of course as his anger grew he started to see himself doing much more horrible things. Such as hanging her from a tree in the garden, or…drowning her in one of the Mansion’s many pools. Thieves…in his mind had no place in the Mansion, especially female ones. The girl had made an enemy of the Giant, the moment she stole his coin purse. Oh, he still had the frilly shirt scrunched unceremoniously in his hand. He had plans for that too. But wearing it, was not one of them.

Douglas was going to find that girl….if it was the last thing he ever did.


Re: Hallways
August 10, 2014 04:53PM
The Hallways.
Niko had been minding his own business for once, tucked away in one of the side rooms reading a cookbook from the library on the floor. Lying on his stomach and idly flitting his tail back and forth, he had enjoyed relative peace and quiet for a few recipes before there was suddenly this huge rumbling in the halls. His chin that had been resting in his hands was suddenly displaced and he faceplanted into the floor, immediately sitting up and rubbing his nose in pain. The continued tremors vibrated the floor so roughly Niko’s balance was thrown off and he fell again on his side.

Niko jumped up to his feet and raced to the door, but before he could reach the handle, it was flung open by the other side. Niko’s eyes widened as he looked up at the imposing and towering figure on the other side, this man was impossibly tall! Was he an Oni? He only vaguely remembered Oni, but what stuck out most was their nasty temper and their strength.

“Friend, friend, why are you on a rampage?” he asked with a foxy smile, despite never having met this giant man before. He noticed the giant was holding a girly skirt in his hand, but for what reason? “Calm yourself and tell me what’s the matter? If it’s dresses you want, I’m sure we can find one in your size” he snickered to himself, keeping up his “innocent” smile all the same.



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Re: Hallways
August 10, 2014 07:22PM
The Hallways.

Friend, friend, why are you on a rampage?” That would be the first thing that Duggie heard as he was making his search for the wicked little thief from the cellar. The imposing sight of the Giant clearly had not fazed the little fox like creature, who was smiling up at the Giant as though partially amused by what he was seeing. A red haired kilt wearing mountain of a man who happened to be clutching a frilly pirate looking shirt.

“Some evil bitch robbed meh of my bag of gold!'” the Giant roared, his veins again appearing on the sides of his thick neck. His ginger and silver coloured beard bristling as he jutted out his bottom lip. Well, the Giant told part of why he was upset, the mystery of the shirt was about to be told, but when the little foxy person asked him if he was after dresses, Duggie’s reddish eyebrows near shot up into his leather skull cap.

“Dresses? What kind of poncy git do you take me for? I’m a Scot…not a bleeding Jesse.” Now, you have to remember, seeing a Giant wearing a kilt, was quite a view, especially for the likes of Niko. He could see the fox creature was staring up with innocent eyes, but his snicker showed he was being cheeky to boot.

The foxy chef was walking on dangerous ground indeed, however, the Giant wondered for a moment. If the Foxy chef knew where to get a dress, maybe he could find where the girl had gotten the frilly shirt from and that way he could track down the evil wench who drank him under the table.

“Who in this hell hole of a House, makes these shirts?” Duggie asked of the Fox.


Re: Hallways
August 10, 2014 09:44PM
The Hallways.
“Robbed of your bag of gold? How unfortunate indeed” Niko replied, his eyes lighting up at the mention of it. He didn’t blame whoever the evil bitch was for stealing it, but she probably could have done a better job of it. He also didn’t know what purpose she’d use it for either, unless she was a troublemaker at heart like himself.

“I don’t know what a Scot or a Jesse is, but you don’t have to get angry at me, I just thought because you were wearing a skirt too that…..Nevermind!” Niko’s voice gradually trailed off as he ended that train of thought. This man didn’t seem to like that he implied he wore dresses, so skirts would probably be a bad thing to mention too. But what if it was a manly skirt? Maybe that would change his mind? Who knows, gotta watch out for that temper….

“I don’t know anything about making clothes, I’m just a chef, I work in the kitchen. But if I had to guess it would be one of the maids. Now maybe you can tell me what the evil bitch looks like, maybe I’ll recognize her. And we can ask around and find the gold!”

Re: Hallways
August 10, 2014 10:00PM
The Hallways.

“IT’S A KILT!” The Giant roared quite offended to be told that he looked like he was wearing a skirt. What was it with this bunch of mad creatures that lived in this Mansion. Frilly shirts, dresses and skirts…on a warrior? A Scot? They all needed a good beating with a blunt object, that was what Duggie felt. It was hard for the Giant to restrain himself, as he grit his teeth and snarled at the little Foxy person.

Turns out the Fox was a chef, which made about as much sense as a Giant being a groundskeeper. Everyone in the mansion had to take a position when they had entered, and naturally being a Giant the great outdoors suited him a lot better than being a Butler…or a maid for that matter. The Giant’s head kept turning, left and then right as though he was trying to catch sight of that cheeky wench from the cellar. The Fox asked what the girl looked like and the Giant actually had to scratch his head to think.

“She…had…small tits. Flat as a board…and…she…had a bottle with her. Some poncy wine. I don’t really remember. She was….short. I think. Cheeky bitch!” If he had been trying to describe the girl to a police sketch artist he could have drawn just about any woman from the Mansion.

The Giant thought about where the Maids must hang out. Did the Mansion have a cleaning supplies room? He only knew of the big garden shed where he kept his tools. He racked his brain for a moment. Think…think. Did the Mansion have a sewing room?

The only way that they were going to find the girl was to hunt…every single room of the place. The Giant wanted first and foremost to throttle the girl…and get his gold back. THEN make her wear the shirt.

“Right!…..You…are coming with me!”

It wasn’t a request….


Re: Hallways
August 10, 2014 11:22PM
The Hallways.
Niko threw his hands up in defense when the giant man roared about his kilt, clearly that was a hot button issue that he was touching on. He had almost jumped right out of his clothes and bolted down the hall. It was quite frightening on the receiving end of the giant’s wrath, but he had more than a few tricks to get himself out of sticky situations like these to fall back on.

“Hmm, that really doesn’t stand out like anyone in particular….” Niko thought, the giant hadn’t even mentioned anything helpful besides gender. It was probably because he was so simpleminded, or at least that was the impression he was getting from the giant man. He seemed very committed at the least, which would make it difficult to get away now if he needed to.

“Aye aye, captain” Niko grinned, mock saluting the giant. It wasn’t like he really had a choice in saying no, if he ran he was sure the giant was gonna chase him. If he did escape, he did not particularly want to live always looking out for an angry giant either. “Gimme that for a second! Let me sniff it” he said impatiently, reaching up towards the impossibly far away shirt. He had a pretty darn good sense of smell as a kitsune, so maybe if he caught a scent on the shirt he could find the owner. “I have an excellent nose, just so you know” he shrugged, passing it off as modesty when he clearly didn’t mean it.

Re: Hallways
August 11, 2014 05:27AM
The Hallways.

When the Giant had been playing the drinking game with the girl in the cellar, there wasn’t a great deal of light, so really he didn’t get a very good look at her. He knew one thing though. The moment he did find her, she would be the first woman to flee. Even if he had to shake down every maid in the whole house, he was going to find her, one way or another. Little did the Giant realize in his angered state that he was giving Niko a bit of a fright. I mean, he was a very large and imposing Scot with a full head of ginger hair that was like a massive red wire Brillo pad that curled out in all directions. If you had met this same man on the battle field, you would surely run the other way, than want to go a few rounds with him with a sword. He could easily rip a man’s head clean off his shoulders, if he was mad enough.

The fox person was not all that good at being able to figure out who the girl may be from the Giant’s very…broad description. It could be anyone. But was Niko about to argue with the Giant, at the risk of being turned into a new hat? Probably not.

“Aye aye, captain” The cheeky Niko replied with a wicked grin as he gave the Giant a mock salute. Honest, if the Giant was in a right frame of mind, he would have pummeled the fox right into the floor. But instead when the fox asked to sniff the frilly shirt, the Giant could see that the little fur ball might be of great assistance. Duggie leaned forward and held the shirt so that the little fellow could get a good whiff. Niko was now the Giant’s own personal bloodhound. Between the pair of them…they were bound to find the girl, but the Mansion was large so it was going to take time.

“Let’s start….in the kitchen, laddy.” The Giant ordered, and turned on his heel and started down the hall for the first place he thought the girl might be.


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