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For those that have followed the Shane/Carmen Vampire story series for the last year, we are continuing the series at the new Role play forum.  This is the very first posting along with an explanation of the role play to date.  

Queen B

Manoir de Sang

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Welcome to Manoir de Sang (roughly translates to “Mansion of Blood”), home of Vampire District Attorney Shane Williamson and his mate, Carmen, who runs the local branch of Internal Affairs for the state. The estate is massive, with an attached multi-car garage that houses Shane’s extensive and expensive car collection, large in-ground pool and a poolhouse that was converted into a set of apartments for Shane’s best friend and local witch, Amelia Reed. One would think that there was nothing odd about the house and grounds. But if one were to investigate, they would discover that beneath the home are massive caverns housing Shane’s vampire coven. Shane and Carmen protect all who seek sanctuary within their walls, Shane having done this for over a millenia before Carmen came into his life and shared his burden. Woe be the one who tries to harm this unusual family.


Shane Williamson & Carmen Marquez-Williamson
David Razor (a vampire) – Shane’s brother
Misty Whiteside (vampire)
Bianca Roco (vampire)
Jarvis McQueen (vampire)
Amelia Reed (witch) – Shane’s best friend
Mary Peterson (human turned vampire) – Carmen’s assistant
Eric and Ethan (human) – Carmen’s Blood Dolls
Tala (a white wolf) – Carmen’s Familiar and pet

Pops In For Visits:

Dyna James (witch) – Carmen’s BFF
Booker Washington (werewolf) – Dyna’s boyfriend and Carmen’s BFF
Rae Bradford (witch) – Booker’s niece
Charmaine (witch) – Rae’s tutor and Amelia’s BFF

Aug 1 14 3:04 AM

Last time…

Shane and Carmen’s estate – Kitchen/ family room

Little did the Egyptian Queen holding control of Carmen’s body understand just how close Carmen was to all the people that inhabited the Williamson Estate. It was like a real family, and acted like one in the modern era. Shane of course was the head, but Carmen was the Queen so she usually had the final word when it came to how the house was run, as well as those that served under them.

Bianca was dishing up a meal in the dog bowl for Tala, when the back sliding door opened from the pool and Amelia wandered in. Now the Witch was just as much a part of the family, as the vampires were and given special privileges since she was residing in the pool house. She had missed a lot of the excitement of late, but she had spotted Carmen return home with Shane and thought she would come over to welcome her back. 


Amelia approached Carmen for one of her usual hugs, which she did a lot. Amelia was just the kind of girl who shared affection easily. What happened next would leave Amelia reeling. As Amelia went to put her arms around Carmen, she suddenly got a flash of another woman, a top a throne all dressed in Egyptian finery. She was seated beside a man, who for the life of Amelia seemed so familiar it was scary. But it wasn’t Shane. The woman was laughing as a woman was being tied to a stake in the middle of a chamber. The chamber had a special dome like roof, and when the Queen raised the blood chalice, the dome roof top started to inch back, causing a small ray of sunlight to beat down on the woman tied to the post. It was cooking the girl alive. Was she another vampire? The man on the throne next to her was laughing and then taking up the Queen/Carmen’s hand and kissing it. They were both enjoying watching the woman turn to ash. Amelia instantly drew back and stared at Carmen with a horrified face. She looked at Jarvis, who had just come down the stairs and saw Amelia standing there, stunned. 


“Amelia…what is it?”

Amelia cringed and then fled the house, running across to the pool house and slamming the door. No vampires could enter the pool house, except Shane…or Bianca.

Shane re entered the room only to see Amelia running out. He glanced at Mary, who was looking at Carmen oddly too, then he looked at Carmen.

“Is everything alright?” Clearly…it was far from that. 



Shane and Carmen’s Bedroom
Neema took a deep breath before she turned to open the door. Shane’s facial expression was one of worry and concern. Seeing this, Carmen’s subconcious was suffused with love.

-Take that, bitch!- she thought savagely.

Neema growled at her before she prepared to put on the performance of a lifetime.

“I’m fine. Drinking that blood must have affected me a bit. I’m feeling a bit off. I’ll be right as rain by tomorrow.” She gave him a smile full of love while inside, she wanted to throw up.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed her body tight to his.

“We still have some time before daybreak.” she purred, scraping her nails along the sensitive skin of his neck. She slipped her mouth over his, lips caressing in a seductive dance.

It was enough to make her physically ill…but it had to be done.

Aug 1 14 6:30 AM

Shane and Carmen’s Bedroom.


It was not normal for Shane to actually pull back from his love, especially when she was giving him a sizzling hot kiss.  Shane was often very much intune with his beloved, but there was something off in the way she was acting.  Blood did not normally affect her moods, and when she had fed on the archeologist, she seemed perfectly fine afterwards.  It was only the reactions that everyone else was having that had him concerned.  Shane let out something of a concerned growling noise, and then instead he raised his hand to her left cheek cupping it.  His sea coloured blue eyes locked on hers as though he was trying to speak to her mind.  The problem was he was not getting a response.  ~Can you hear me?~ He said to her mind.  Still nothing.  Taking her at her word, saying how she would be fine in the next eve, he did something out of character.

“Since the blood has made you ill, I suggest you get some rest.  Feel free to call up the twins if you wish….for that sort of affection.”

The blonde Vampire then drew his hand back, and headed to the door.  He gave her one last look, before leaving her to her own devices.  Shane was not stupid.  He had a suspicion that something wasn’t right, and would go back down stairs to talk to Mary, possibly Amelia since she had fled after touching Carmen.  With the door closed behind him, Carmen or Neema could rest.  But would she?


A day ago

Inside Neema’s mind, Carmen was laughing her head off at Shane’s rebuff.

=What’s so damn funny?= Neema snarled at the woman.

-Shane knows on some level that you’re not me and I think that’s the funniest, fucking thing in the world!-

=I should kill you now and be done with you.=

-You can try, Little Bitch. You can certainly try, but if you do that, well…Shane will know…and there would be nowhere you can hide from his wrath.-

Neema raged because she knew Carmen was right. She could easily detected the bond between Carmen and her mate and that there was no way to break it without Shane knowing about it. She paced back and forth in the room, wondering what to do next. She couldn’t search the house with everyone still awake. Sunlight was less then 2 hours away. She would have to do her searching then.

There was a knock on the closed door and wondering who it could be, Neema moved closer.

“Who is it?” she demanded.

“It’s Ethan and Evan, Mistress. We are but your humble servants. We sensed your disquiet and were concerned.” came a male voice through the door. Neema yanked open the door and saw the twins standing there.


She frowned. “Why are you here?”

“We sensed your upset.” the one on the right said.

=Who are these fools?= she demanded, staring at the two of them.

-That’s for me to know and you to never find out.- Carmen snickered.

It took everything in her to not start going on a tear. Neema took a deep breath as she stared at the two men before her.

“I am fine. Just tired. Thank you for your concern.”

“Is there anything we can help you with?” the one on the left asked.

“No. I just need sleep. Thank you.” And with that, she closed the door in their faces. Evan looked at his brother, a frown marring his features. Ethan shook his head and directed his brother away from the closed door.

“Who was that?” Ethan wondered.

“I do not know, but that is not our Mistress. Something happened when they went to the museum.” Evan replied.

“We need to tell the Master.”

“Let’s go.” The two men went in search of their coven Master, worried about the state of affairs in the house.

Mary was in the lounge when the twins appeared.

“Have you seen the Master?” Ethan asked.

“Yes, he just went out to the poolhouse to speak to Amelia. Why?”

“There is something wrong with our Mistress. She is not her.” Evan stated. Mary jumped to her feet, startling them both.

“I KNEW IT!” she crowed. She grabbed them both by the arms and yanked them onto the couch. “Tell me everything.” She demanded…

A day ago


Amelia’s Pool House.


Lighting a few candles in her lounge area, Amelia was getting ready to do some meditation to ease her troubled mind after the horrors she saw when she touched Carmen.  Something was not right in that house.  She even glanced over her shoulder to stare at the large manor, only to see a shadow that lurked outside her door.  The pool house was off limits but to only a handful of those that resided within Shane and Carmen’s house.  And that was pretty much Shane and Carmen.  Jarvis was simply not allowed, after he had shown time and again he could not seem to restrain himself around Amelia.  The poor fool could only love her from afar, until such times he could control his urges – his desire to make her like him.

Shane stood outside Amelia’s door, clearly troubled by what he had just experienced.  A coldness to his love that was never there before.  His inner voice trying to find hers and getting nothing but silence.  Something had happened at the Museum.  He was sure of it now.  In a way, he felt the only person that could possibly understand was Amelia.  Her reaction to flee the house now put weight to his concerns.  Shane tapped lightly on the door, only for it to open all by itself.  Charmed by the witch that dwelled within.

“You sensed it too?”  That was Amelia’s question as she turned away from her arrangement of candles and blew out the large striker match.

Shane entered, his hands behind his back and the door closed in behind him.  With a grim expression he nodded.  “I know my wife.  That…creature in our bedroom right now, is not her.”  

Amelia set down the dead match, and crossed the floor to where Shane was standing.  She stared up at him with inquisitive eyes.  “What exactly did you do tonight, before you both came home?”  Amelia was sure that whatever they did, had something to do with this change in Carmen.  Shane took a seat on Amelia’s black leather couch and she followed over to sit beside him.  He leaned back, as he started to recant the night’s events.

“We went to the museum.  More or less for answers to the riddle of the box that we found at Vincent’s burnt out manor.  It was covered in Egyptian hieroglyphics….”    Amelia sat bolt upright on hearing what he said.  “Shane!  When I went to hug Carmen, I had a vision.  It was not of this time, it was not even in this country.  It was…in Egypt.”  Now, Shane’s brows furrowed.  “What did you see?”  He turned his body to face Amelia’s.  Her hindsight and visions were proving to be astonishing, to say the least.  Amelia took Shane’s hands in hers and then she opened up her mind, so that Shane himself could see exactly what Amelia had.   An Eygptian Goddess.  A woman of great beauty upon a throne of Gold and jewels.  She looked exactly like Carmen.  Amelia’s body trembled and her pupils moved rapidly under her closed lids.  The further that Shane pressed on to see the vision, the more it hurt the girl.  A sacrifice of….a vampire to the Sun.

Shane suddenly let go of Amelia’s hands as the vision disappeared.  The woman in the vision….could that be who had taken over Carmen’s mind….her body?

Suddenly Shane jumped to his feet.

“The box!”  He yelled out.  The creature in Carmen must be after the box.  The one that he found in Vincent’s safe.  “I need to wake up that blood doll we brought back from the museum.  That box….there is something inside that box….that everyone wants.”  Amelia had no idea about the box, but its mystery was to become the centre point to why Carmen changed.  Amelia reached for Shane’s hand.  “What about Carmen?”  She was sure that Carmen was possessed by whoever previously owned the box.  Shane rushed for the door.  He called out over his shoulder.  “I want you to figure out a way, to free her from that bitch in her head!”  

As Shane left the pool house, Amelia went to call Charmaine.  She was going to need the help of her sister witches for this.


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