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Re: Character Biographies
August 08, 2014 09:52PM
Douglas “Duggie” McGee.


Race : Giant.
Gender: Male
Age : 32
Height : 8’7”
Hair : Ginger
Beard: Ginger – silver.
Moustache: Ginger.
Eyes : Brown-Green flecks
Personality: A gruff and ruthless warrior, he is known to have an eye for the ladies, and is very chatty after a tankard of ale…or two…maybe three.
Passions : Food and fighting.

Physical appearance: A mountain of a man, broad shouldered with large hands and feet. Wide neck; with a square jaw line. Rugged features, deep frown lines on forehead. Dark shadows under eyes. Missing one of his front teeth from a fight.
Skin : Dark olive.
Clothing: Kilts and tartan cloth. Leather hat, with studs. Woven leather sandals.

Previous Life. A Scottish Warrior from the highlands, Douglas was well known for his hunting skills as well as fighting. No man dared to want to know what lay beneath his kilt, we only know it’s not a pretty sight. A battle with the British ended tragically, with the warrior receiving what was to be a fatal sword strike to the chest…only to wake up and find himself in the Mansion.

While not knowing how he came to be in the Mansion, he soon turned his hand to becoming a Grounds keeper. He preferred the wide outdoors, since he kept knocking his head on the door ways of the Mansion, that were built for people of shorter stature.