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With Ame and Simone heading off for an Italian lunch, across town; Pandora heads to Jane’s flowers to catch up with her bubbly blonde friend. What a surprise is in store for our biker babe.  Welcome to Lipstick Lies!



Re: (RP) Downtown Seattle
July 22, 2014 12:12PM
Once Upon A Time Baby Store – Seattle

Ame got out of her car to only walk around and followed Simone into the store as she walked around to look at all of the things that there was for newborns. the one thing that she did not know was the gender of the child as she picked up a onsie, feeling the cloth and texture as she looked upon the design that a company had placed on the cotton shirt. She continued to look around then glanced up to only see the store clerks look at her and whisper to each other about how she looked. She gave a soft growl under her breath as she did not like to be judged but held her tongue from lashing out at those who judged her just by the way she looked.

With that, she looked over to only see Simone conversing with those two men she had saw previously and decided to walk towards the door, not wanting to be around judging people. All the while she had looked around and shopped, Ame was now guided towards the door by Simone with her saying, “We could look at baby things some other time. How about we go find that steam punk clothing store you were talking about.”

“I think that would be the best idea for right now. The store clerks who were working the cash register was giving me weird looks since I walked in in steam punk clothing. It was like they had never seen such attire before in their fragile lives,” With the tone of Ame’s voice, it was clear that she was annoyed that she did not approve of being judged and it pissed her off. In her mind, she thinks people need to get to know someone before judging. It is not always good to judge books by their covers.

“Then after we do shopping, do you want to come back to my mansion to have some authentic Italian cuisine?” Ame asked Simone, turned to look at her as she stopped by her car, smiling softly as she hoped that Simone would accept though she had to make sure that her dearest friend could not drink an ounce of booze.



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Re: (RP) Downtown Seattle
July 26, 2014 10:23PM
Jane’s Flower Shop

She didn’t know how time worked where he was from but it had been almost 3 weeks since Pandora had seen Brock and she was missing him terribly. She was left worrying for his safety and praying that he was all right.

She had puttered between work and home all that time in an effort to alleviate her boredom but falling asleep at night, alone is when the ache for him became unbearable.

It was beginning to make her feel sick.

She had been sitting at breakfast, nursing a cup of tea, as that was all her stomach seemed to want to keep, when an advertisement in the newspaper caught her attention. It was for Jane’s flowershop, advertising a new shipment of summer roses that were on sale.

“I haven’t seen Jane and Jason since Hawaii.” she murmured. Nodding to herself, she cleaned up the kitchen and headed to her bedroom to dress. True to her word, she had embraced her new color scheme and had a closet full of clothing in not only her standard black and gray, but a variety of bright and airy colors as well. She chose a light pink off shoulder tank and a pair of tight fitting blue jeans before slipping into a pair of black combat boots. Tying her hair up in a messy ponytail, she headed out to the garage for her bike. She slipped on her helmet, pausing for a moment as a wave of dizziness swept over her. She hoped she wasn’t coming down sick.

She waited for the room to stop spinning and after a few moments it did so. Taking no chances, she gave herself another 15 minutes before she deemed herself well enough to go on. She wheeled the bike out of the garage before closing the doors and setting the alarm. Reving the engine, she charged down the driveway and out onto the street, unaware that she was being followed.

She parked on the curb in front of Jane’s and after securing her helmet, went inside. The bell jingled over the door as she entered and she glanced about. The store was slightly busy as both men and women were about buying items for loved ones. The smell of fresh flowers permeated the air and Pandora took a moment to inhale their lush scents.

She looked about for Jane and saw her at the checkout counter, wrapping up an order for an elderly woman. She sauntered over with a smile.

“Hey Janey!” Pandora greeted her warmly.





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Re: (RP) Downtown Seattle
July 27, 2014 02:38AM
Jane’s Flower Shop


Jane’s flower shop was the place where things were blooming. Sales too. It had been a few months since that Hawaiian holiday that ended with both good and bad things happening to Jane. Finding out her so called bride was actually a hustler that conned her out of her life savings, then meeting the man that would sweep her off her feet, the charming Doctor Jason Lumbard. When they got back from the holiday, Jason, with the help of the FBI and local law enforcement set up a sting operation, which would catch Mikayla and her so called husband in a net that was not only televised on the local television stations, but also ended up on many social media outlets like facebook. With the game up, they came clean on previous charges, as well as those placed by lawyers representing Jane. In the end, she was able to recoup her missing money, as well as having her credit record cleared. Mikayla and her husband were now serving eight year sentences, with a no parole clause. This brought piece of mind to Jane, and now she could concentrate on her little flower shop once more, and of course her romance with the attractive Doctor Lumbard.

The days sales for the new shipment of roses was going to be a record breaker for sure. Jane even had to hire some help with the amount of traffic that were flooding through her doors, after a successful marketing campaign in the local press. The register was chiming merrily, and out the back, Kristina, Jane’s apprentice was making up a series of new bouquets for the outside bucket displays. Wearing a purple smock that had the logo “Jane’s flowers and gifts”, Jane was behind the counter, handing over a bunch of lilies to one of her older clients. It was only when she heard the sweet voice of Pandora, that Jane came down off her sales high.

“Panny! Oh my goodness, look at you. All…cherry cheeks!” She came running out from behind the counter and hugged her good friend with much exuberance. Letting her go for but a minute, she giggled and then flashed her left hand at Pandora. “Jason and I got engaged!” she beamed, as the diamond ring on her hand twinkled and sparkled under the flower shop lighting. “I’ve been so busy I haven’t had the chance to send out the announcements.”


It was true. After the arrests of Mikayla and her husband, Jason got down on one knee after a candle lit dinner and proposed to his sweetheart Jane. It wasn’t hard to believe, since they were a match made in heaven in the last days of the Hawaiian holiday. With more customers entering the store, Jane sang out for her mother, who happened to be bringing out more stock, if she would take over the register, so Jane could spend more time with her good friend Pandora. Jane’s mother beamed at Pandora and waved madly, before taking an order of roses from a rather tall man with long black hair.

With the shop being manned, Jane threaded her arm through Pan’s and led her over to the little coffee nook, to sit down and catch up with some gossip.

“So, how’s Brock? Ooo and how is the new house coming along? I know you wanted help with the gardens.”




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Re: (RP) Downtown Seattle
July 28, 2014 07:17AM
Jane’s Flowers – Coffee Shop

Jane was happy to see her and left the shop in her mother’s capable hands so she and Pandora could play catch-up with their lives. Pandora was surprised when Jane announced that she and Jason were engaged but she was very pleased for the vibrant young woman. She had seen in the news that her ex and her so-called husband had been brought up on several Federal charges and were now spending all their free time in prison. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer couple.

“So, how’s Brock? Ooo and how is the new house coming along? I know you wanted help with the gardens.”

“The house is great actually. I finally got things where they needed to be. The gardens and yard could use some of your TLC though.” she grinned. She glanced away for a moment, a sad look in her eyes at the mention of Brock. “I…don’t really know how Brock is. He’s been gone for the past month.” She linked her fingers together before looking up at Jane. There was a look on Jane’s face that Pandora had never seen before. She looked angry. “No! It’s nothing like you’re thinking. We’re not fighting again. He’s a…soldier and he got called in for…active duty for a war from where he’s…originally from.” She mentally slapped herself. That sounded lame by even her standards but how does one tell someone like Jane about where Brock really is? No, Pandora was better off keeping that to herself for now. “I haven’t heard from him and I don’t know if he’s alive or dead. I’m worried, stressed and sick to my stomach thinking something’s happened to him.”

Re: (RP) Downtown Seattle
July 28, 2014 09:24PM
Jane’s Flowers – Coffee Shop

When Pandora turned away a second, Jane reached over and grabbed her hands, rubbing the tops with her thumbs as she listened to the latest dramas that were affecting Pandora’s relationship. Brock was off fighting a war and had left his love at home. Jane’s lips pouted as she listened, and the girl tried her darnedest to show affection for her friend in need.

“Panny…you poor thing. And here I am blabbing on about my engagement, and you are missing your man.” Jane’s voice was chirpy as always but riddled with compassion. She gave Pandora’s hand a pat with her own and then brightened considerably as she had an idea.

“Why don’t Jason and I come and stay the weekend and work on your garden, and we can have a great time. Take your mind off your worries and stress. Hmm?’

Jane truly had Pandora’s best interests at heart.

“I can get Momma to fill in for me here, and besides, Jason is dying to see you again. You know how you two got on on that holiday. He considers you to be like a sister to him.”

Taking her hands away, Jane waits to hear what Pandora thinks of the idea. All around customers are filling in the doors, and there is a great deal of background noise and babble. Jane’s flower shop is not only a wonderful place to buy flowers, it is also a bit of a social hub.

Just then, a booming voice is heard across the room, and a leather clad bikie entered the shop. Jane’s Momma squealed and ran out from behind the counter. “BERT!….You’re back!”

Bert, was Jane’s older brother. A hardened looking sort, but when he opened his mouth…..

“Momma…Momma! Just got back in from the Texas rally. Duke sends his love!” Bert lifted up his Momma and twirled her around, as he wiggled his fingers at Jane. “Janey! I love your hair. Can you get me a light Mocca milkshake with a caramel swirl…and a bagel. I miss those things.”


Jane squealed and then introduced Bert to her friend.

“Panny..meet Bert, my brother!”


Re: (RP) Downtown Seattle
July 28, 2014 09:59PM
Jane’s Flowers

Pandora was never more greatful to have such a great friend as Jane. She never expected when she went to Hawaii that she would ever make another friend in her life. Jane made an offer of her and Jason coming over to spend the weekend at the house so Pandora wouldn’t feel so lonely.

“I couldn’t ask you to disrupt your lives for me, Jane. I wouldn’t feel right about it.” Pandora tried to argue.

“I can get Momma to fill in for me here, and besides, Jason is dying to see you again. You know how you two got on on that holiday. He considers you to be like a sister to him.”

“Jane…” Pandora sighed. Jane gave her the cute baby look that got her anything she wanted and not even Pandora was immune. She sighed. “Okay, fine. I’d enjoy the company.” she smiled.

Jane was about to reply when a booming voice and the excited chattering of Jane’s mother caught everyone’s attention. Pandora looked over to see a large man engulfing Jane’s mother in a hug of epic proportions. Then he spotted Jane and asked for a milkshake, striding over and pulling the perky blonde into another hug.

The two turned to look at Pandora, who had an eyebrow arched in amusement. Despite the man’s rough exterior, he had the same expression on his face that Jane was currently sporting. It was a far-gone conclusion they were related.

“Panny..meet Bert, my brother!”

“Pleasure to meet you, Bert.” Pan grinned, holding out her hand. “I heard you were at a rally? What kind of wheels you ride?”


Re: (RP) Downtown Seattle
July 28, 2014 10:32PM
Jane’s Flowers

Handed his milkshake by one of the staffers in the Flower shop, Bart beamed when asked what kind of wheels he rode and what was the rally about. Moving to the table where Jane and Pandora were sitting, he placed down the milkshake after taking a sip then politely answered Pandora’s questions.

“Harley fat boy. Had it for years and she still rides sweet. The rally was one for the Hospital up there in Texas. Ride for charity for the cancer kids. We raise thousands of dollars on the ride across the states, and then have a big picnic fun day for the kids and staff at the hospital.”


His harley was parked out side, and it was a beaut. Bert’s pride and joy. Taking a sip of his milkshake, he asked. “So you’re a friend of Jane’s?’ It was a reasonable question, as he had not met Pandora before. Jane got up and reached for his bagel and then placed it before her brother.

“We met on my doomed Haiwaiin holiday. She’s a bike enthusiast too!” Jane said with a lot of pride.

“Oh? That bike out the front was yours?’ Now it seemed Pandora had made a new like minded friend, when it came to machines. “She’s a beaut.”


Re: (RP) Downtown Seattle
July 28, 2014 10:53PM
Jane’s Flowers

When Bert stated what kind of wheels he had, Pandora had to bite the inside of her cheek to keep from drooling. Harley Fat Boys were simply gorgeous pieces of art. The horsepower alone was enough to make her want to cream her jeans. He explained about the rally and how the money raised was used for the hospital children’s cancer ward. She comended him on doing such a worthy cause.

He wanted to know how Pandora knew his sister and Jane explained how they met in Hawaii and the fact that Pandora was a bike lover herself. Bert looked intrigued.

“Oh? That bike out the front was yours?”

“Yep!” Pandora grinned. “A 1998 MV Agusta F4CC. Built her engine myself. She’s my pride and joy.”

“She’s a beaut.” Bert agreed.

“Had a bit of a bad moment some months ago. Bad crash, had to rebuild her frame and exhaust system. Scared the hell out of me. Only one man I trust to touch my baby and it’s a sad thing there’s only one motorcycle repair shop in this whole damn town. Looking to open my own shop soon. Just haven’t found the right place for it.”


Re: (RP) Downtown Seattle
July 29, 2014 05:44PM
Jane’s Flowers

Bert was very interested to hear Pandora’s tale about how she had a bad crash on the bike outside. To look at it, you wouldn’t have ever believed that it had fallen over, let alone been nearly written off. A complete rebuild of the frame and exhaust would have been a great deal of painstaking work. A true mechanic took care of Pandora’s baby and Bert nodded in agreement that there was only one decent repair shop in town. When she said that she was looking to open her own shop, and that she had yet to find the right place, Bert suddenly brightened.

“I happen to own a large industrial complex that has a vacant section, ideal for your needs. The guy that had it before ended up having to move his business out of state due to family issues. A divorce or something. Anyways, the rent is pretty fair, and it has enough power to meet the needs of a bike shop. Plus…I happen to know that you would get a flood of customers, since…well, I could use someone talented to take care of my Fat Boy. What do you say?”

Jane was practically bouncing in her seat at the idea.

“Panny….that sounds like a great idea. Bert is a great landlord, and his biker group would be your first customers. Think about all that leather and chrome.” Jane was more enthusiastic than Bert. Bert stared at his sister oddly.

“Since when did you have a leather fetish?’

“Err…..I hung out with your pals…it…happens.”

Bert chortled at the idea of his sister being a biker babe. “You just stick to the Doctor. By the way, how is Jason?”

Jason and Bert had become good friends since he hooked up with Bert’s sister Jane. “He’s overworked, as usual. But I am going to twist his arm so that we can spend the weekend at Pandora’s.” She gave Pandora a wink cause she knew this had been discussed.


Bert finished off his bagel, then stood up with his milkshake in hand. “I’m going to talk to Momma before I head back home to do some cleaning.” He then offered his hand to Pandora. “Nice meeting you, Miss Pan.” He left one of his business cards with Pandora, so she could contact him later about the shop space in his lot.


Re: (RP) Downtown Seattle
July 29, 2014 09:45PM
Jane’s Flowers

“I happen to own a large industrial complex that has a vacant section, ideal for your needs. The guy that had it before ended up having to move his business out of state due to family issues. A divorce or something. Anyways, the rent is pretty fair, and it has enough power to meet the needs of a bike shop. Plus…I happen to know that you would get a flood of customers, since…well, I could use someone talented to take care of my Fat Boy. What do you say?” Bert stated. Pandora stared at him in surprise as he handed her his business card.

“Thank you!” she told him. “I’ll definitely think about it.” She slipped his card into her jeans pocket as he went off to speak to his mother. She looked at Jane with a grin on her face. “Your brother is something else.” she complimented her.


Once Upon A Time Baby Store

And just like that, the conversation was over. Simone and her friend left the store, Simone holding the business card Jim had given her. Once they were gone, Jim looked at Tom, who was looking a bit sad at the way the talk had ended.

“I got carried away again, didn’t I?” Thomas stated in a morose tone. It broke Jim’s heart.

“I’m sorry, babe. I was just trying to be realistic. We know absolutely nothing personal about her and she doesn’t know us. I know you want a baby badly. I do as well. But we have to do this right. I do not want repeat of last time. It nearly killed us.” Jim explained, wrapping his lover in his arms for a comforting hug. “I didn’t mean to upset you.” Jim sighed, pressing a kiss to Tom’s lips, letting him know he was not angry with his lover.

“You …wanna go get a bite?…A coffee?” Tom sighed. Jim hated seeing him so down in the dumps and he took his hand, giving it a squeeze.

“Tell you what…I’ll take you to that French restaurant you like so much and you can have anything off the menu you want. Even those expensive oysters you keep drooling over.” Jim stepped close, wrapping an arm around Thomas’s waist. “Then we can go home and…” He whispered something down and dirty into Thomas’s ear, hoping to put a grin on his partner’s face.

Re: (RP) Downtown Seattle
July 30, 2014 02:52AM
Jane’s Flowers

Jane couldn’t help but agree. Her brother Bert was a real original. All rough looking but beneath it all he was a cuddly teddy bear, who would help anyone he could. Watching Pandora pocket the business card, she smiled. “He’ll give you a good deal. I know it.”The bubbly blonde smirked as she heard her mother whoop at being picked up in a bear hug by her son. He was much like his father in a lot of ways, and keen on showing affection any way he could. Jane’s family were like that. Close knit and incredibly loving.

The register continued to chime, as more patrons entered the doors. The newest batch of roses was a huge hit and Jane was selling them at a reasonable price per bunch.

Jane took out her cell and asked Pandora for her address, so that Jason and her would be able to find it easily without getting lost.

“I’m so excited to see your new home, Panny. We are going to have a wonderful time this weekend, with me in your garden, and Jason cooking in your kitchen.”

Once Upon a Time Baby Store

How could Tom possibly stay pouty when his lover kindly offered to take him to his favorite French restaurant. His eyes lit up at the thought of devouring a dozen oysters in the ambiance of a classic french setting with classical music being played in the background. Thomas was something of a hopeless romantic at times.

Feeling Jim wrap his arms around him, and then kiss his lips softly, there was no way he could remain in a dour mood.
Not only that, Jim was happy to take him home afterwards for some afternoon delight.

“Race you to the car!” Thomas said in a voice loud enough to be heard by the sales people in the baby store. Who would have known that the way to a man’s heart was…well…you guess the rest.

Outside Once upon a Time

Simone watched as the gay couple went out of the store and then headed off to the car park where they had their car. She was concerned about how keen Thomas was over wanting to adopt her baby. The idea to adopt the child out had just come to her, then and there. It all felt a bit overwhelming when Thomas looked like he was going to jump at her and shake the baby out of her body.

Rubbing her hand over her small swollen belly, she went to get in Ame’s car. Ame had been really kind to Simone, considering everything that had happened, and letting her stay at her home for the duration of the pregnancy. Time would tell of course just how that would go. Could Simone ever behave?

Getting in the passenger side door, she closed it with a click and threaded the seat belt over herself.

“Lunch then?” Simone asked, ready to enjoy some Italian fare.