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Leaving Hospital – Prague.
The Dixie Diaries
Bringing Milo home


CharlotteCarrendar: – The first days after Milo’s birth were rough on Dixie. Trying to go from being able to sleep when you wanted to, to suddenly having to feed a baby every three hours meant that she soon discovered the joys and responsibilities of motherhood. Milo’s first bath was a scary experience, as she found little Milo to cry every time she tried to put him in the water. The nurses were a great help, but Dixie prided herself on being independent, and struggled getting through bath time. The nights were spent walking the crib up and down the halls while many other patients were asleep. Dixie would hum an AC/DC song as she made her way up and back trying to get Milo to go to sleep. No sooner would she get back to her ward, it was feeding time again. The day to leave hospital would come and poor Dixie had bags under her eyes from lack of sleep.

Waiting outside the hospital, she stood with Milo in a capsule and bags of gifts at her feet. Logan had said he would organise a car for her, since it would be pretty awkward bringing them both home on the back of a bike. <3>

IceTe3a: He had stayed with Dixie to comfort her throughout this new experience, he managed to be allowed to stay in the hospital room with her over the days until they would clear both Dixie and Milo from the hospital. He had already organized one of his bikers to come drop off the car and take his bike back to their place with strict instructions to not scratch the paint in the slightest. He knew Milo wasn’t his child but he would treat him like he was all the same, honestly he couldn’t wait until the little tike was old enough so he could teach him about engines but for now he was just happy to have a new addition to the family. Finally the day came when they were discharged from the hospital, he had quickly given both Dixie and Milo a kiss before running off with a bulk of the gear to fetch the car, leaving Dixie with a few items and Milo to carry. It didn’t take him long to run down to the car park where he slid into his 1979 chev impala, it stood there on thick walled fat 19” pure black with chrome trimmings, the interior was a light brown leather, as the seats both in the back and front went all the way along with no breaks on them. Turning the engine over she came to life with a grunty v8 roar that would echo throughout the car park, he was quick to drive it outside and come to a rolling stop in front of the hospital right next to Dixie. Quickly he hopped out of the car “I got it love!” racing around the car he smiled as he picked the gifts and clothing bag from Dixie’s hands, giving her a light peck on the cheek he threw them in the back seat. Opening the passenger front door he waited for both Dixie with Milo to slide into the car before he closed the door. Racing back to the other side he jumped into the driver’s seat almost rushing as he wanted to get them both home quickly to settle in so Dixie can relax, with his left arm he slid her over across the seat so she was right next to him, wrapping his arm around her gently he smiled as he looked down to Milo “Ready sweetie? Let’s take the little tucker home, you’re both knackered I bet“ with a light squeeze to show his love to her he drove off towards their home where their pups were surely waiting in anticipation for their return.

CharlotteCarrendar: Hearing the delicious roar of the V8 engine did lift Dixie’s spirits. True to his word, Logan brought the car around, and was an absolute gentleman in helping her get all the gifts, flowers and baby gear into the back seat. With the baby capsule fitted snugly and Dixie was sure that the baby was strapped in securely, she got into the front of the 1979 Chev impala and snuggled beside Logan as he pulled out from the curb. She was so relieved to be out of the hospital. Some of the nurses were great, others she tolerated. Maybe now that she was heading home, she would be able to work into a routine. As the car sped along, the baby gurgled happily. Dixie knew right then and there. ”The baby loves the car. I should have just borrowed this at night.” She said, almost joking. Dixie rested her head on Logan’s shoulder as they drove along and did her best to keep her eyes open. She’d not had a lot of sleep the night before, and it was starting to show. It was then Dixie remembered the puppies. How would they react to the baby? They were babies themselves. So many things started to fill her sleepy mind, and she yawned as they finally pulled into the driveway of the Queenslander. Dixie blinked and rubbed her left eye with her fist before waiting for the car to be parked. Smiling crookedly at Logan, she asked. ”Are you ready for this?’ She was meaning if he was ready for all the sleepless nights and fun that came with a new born. <3>

IceTe3a: As they pulled into the brand new Queenslander he looked over it with a slight smile on his face, as he glanced around at the big property with freshly laid grass it was sitting on 3 acres of prime dirt that was now fitted with the best grass money can buy, so a perfect large enclosed place for the child to play around in when he grew older, it of course was backed off on the large warehouse where the car and bike shop where, it was perfect his work was right next to his home. As he turned the car off he heard Dixie ask if he was ready for this, the 28 year old Biker leaned back as he looked down at her, cupping her cheeks he leaned in as their lips met; his kiss was one of passion as he held her cheeks for a moment before pulling back “Better bloody believe it” he smirked giving her a cheeky wink. Then an aggressive bark and howling echoed as he leaned down slightly and peered up the staircase, there was jack arched up on the top of the stairs barking down at the unknown car. He chuckled as he looked back at Dixie He’s gonna be a protective one” as he got out of the car he walked around to the passenger side as he helped Dixie out of the car, leaning into the car he strapped the bags of clothing against his back and picked up the baby carrier that had Milo laying in it happily, looking down at Milo he smiled as he walked over to Dixie and wrapped his left arm around her pulling her in against him “Welcome home you two, Come on up we go” he leaned down slightly as his arm snaked around Dixies waist and legs lifting her up into his arm as he carried the tired Dixie and Milo towards the house. Jack of course realizing who they were started backing with excitement as boof came scurrying outside letting off an excited back of his own. Walking up the stairs they started to run around his feet as he shook his head with a smirk “Settle down you two, come on.. Inside” With that Jack barked and rushed off inside whilst Boof gave chase happily. As they reached the front door that he had left open, he walked inside and put Dixie down, turning to her he looked down and smiled “you, Bath.. Relax.. now” he smirked as he slapped her ass giving her a light push “I got bubs” walking past her, he went straight for their room and placed the baby carrier down on the floor by the wall, picking Milo up carefully he placed him gently to lay cradling in his left arm, “G’day lil tike, you gonna behave for mummy and daddy?” he smiled as he slightly rocked Milo back and forward, wiggling his right index finger infront of Milo; Milo’s tiny hands gripped his large finger as he let out a tired yawn. “Want a coffee love?” he said as he was still watching Milo, slowly he walked his way towards the kitchen to make himself a Coffee and one for Dixie if she wanted one as well. He was going to more than do his fare share of looking after Milo so Dixie can recover from the last few days, he was already used to working around with using one hand so this would be rather easy.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Jack’s barks and growls were a bit of a surprise. Dixie chuckled when Logan said that the puppy would be the protective one. ”I can see that.” She replied, amused by the puppy’s behaviour. She knew the car was a lot louder than some of the bikes, and that too may have had something to do with the barking. Getting out of the car, Dixie was in awe of how Logan was taking everything in his stride. From putting all the bags of clothes on his back, taking the capsule with one hand, and then hoisting her up on his other hip, he was like Hercules carrying all of his new family up the front stairs. In all honesty, Dixie didn’t mind at all. In fact, she could get used to it. Finally reaching the top landing, he set her down and welcomed her home properly. She reached up and ran her fingers through her hair, as she wondered just what to tackle first, but Logan had it all under control. He put in the order that she was to go and have a bath and relax. The very thought of luxuriating in a tub of bubbles simply made her weak at the knees. ”Really? You sure you will have everything okay with the dogs and the baby and….” but she didn’t even have to finish her sentence. He was already off and away with the baby. Ordering the dogs to settle down, and then scooping up the baby from the carrier and holding him with his left arm whilst cradling Milo gently. Seeing that Logan had it all under control, Dixie headed down the hall, and then turned into their bedroom. Everything was as she left it, and the bed made, the clothes basket empty. Dixie wasn’t returning to a house full of chores, and to her that was an immediate relief. Taking her hair out of her ponytail holder, she released her black locks so they would tumble freely down her back, as she walked into the bathroom. Oh how glad she was that she had arranged to have a large TV put in there. Dixie leaned over and turned on the faucets, letting the bath fill with hot water, as she hummed, and found some bath salts and oils. This was going to be sheer heaven. The first chance she had to take a well earned break from the little one. She heard Logan sing out if she wanted a coffee. Naturally, she sung out. ”You bet!” Dixie still had her love of coffee, right from before the pregnancy. Stripping off, with the bubbles in the bath rising, she tested the water temperature, before stepping into the bath and sinking down up to her shoulders. The relief was more or less instant. <3>

IceTe3a: – He could hear the bath running as he smiled lightly, he heard jack and boof running around excited that they were home the two were playing amongst each other. As he had two cups ready for the water to be boiled he walked over and toasted two pieces of bread, it may have taken a bit longer but with Milo cradled in on hand he managed to do it with ease. Looking down as he saw both pups sitting waiting to be fed, he chuckled slightly as he walks to the fridge, pulling out two steaks he flung them out the window so they landed on the patio, Jack raced outside with boof close behind to find their food for the night. “That’s the pups done, Eh Milo? The toaster popped as he placed them on a plate and buttered them up with butter and vegemite, the water boiled soon after as he poured the hot water into the cups. Placing the plate in between his fingers where he was holding Milo in, he gripped the two cups in the other and walked towards their room once more “Let’s go bug mummy for a sec, shall we?” he smiled down as Milo made some happy sounds. Walking into the bedroom he could hear the water had stopped running he walked in to see her laying down enjoying the bubble bath as he smiled “Here ya go love” he placed the cup of coffee down on the tub with the place of two toasts with butter and vegemite down next to it “Cuppa and a snack, I think we’ll order tucker tonight but for now eat your vegemite” he smirked giving her a wink as he leaned down and kissed the top of her head. “Say bye bye mummy “ he said as he looked down at Milo waiting, [b] “ No? Okay than “ he laughed playfully as he stood up and walked outside “What you wanna order love? Anything you want” he smiled as he leaned against the wall, he placed either hand under Milo’s arms and held him up above him blowing on his small belly in which he would slightly smile before yawning “Lil tuckers knackered! I’ll feed him and throw him into bed, Formula ok?” he glanced down to Dixie not really sure but he had a slight idea, if anything it was pure instincts at best.

CharlotteCarrendar:- Dixie watched Logan come in and being so careful to bring in her favourite vegemite toast and a coffee as she was relaxing in the bath. ”Thanks hun.” Dixie said, eagerly taking a bite from her toast, as she was starving. At the mention of ordering in, Dixie couldn’t agree more. ”I’d kill for some pizza.” Having had hospital food, she lived for the day she could have something as wicked as Pizza. She happily ate her toast in the meantime, as Logan had everything under tight control. He even got the baby to say bye bye to mummy, which made her laugh. Logan was such a natural with Milo, it was hard to believe. Taking a sip of her coffee, she let out a sigh. It was so good to be home. Her thoughts turned to the baby again, which wasn’t hard, when she heard that the baby was tuckered out. ”Finally?” Dixie sang out. She was sure the baby slept when Dixie couldn’t take it anymore. Maybe the homecoming wore the baby out. When Logan asked if formula would be okay for a feed, Dixie didn’t hesitate to answer. ”Yes, I think that is a good idea. Give me a tiny bit longer in the bath, then I can get out and help you.” She felt a tiny pang of guilt for having this time to relax, but Logan was kind enough to look after the baby while she did. Soon she got out of the bath and dried herself down with a fluffy towel, before padding out to her bedroom. Being able to wear clothes again that were her size before the baby came along was a blessing. She soon found some jeans and a large black t shirt, and wound up her hair in a loose bun, before heading out to find Logan, but not before grabbing her empty plate and cup and taking them to the kitchen to clean up. Being home again was a great feeling. She wasn’t being rushed into a schedule, but she knew when she settled, she would have to work out a feeding and sleeping plan for the baby. For now, she wanted to enjoy Logan and their newborn. She went to find where they had disappeared to, since the house was quiet once more.<3>

IceTe3a: – He nodded as she said she wanted Pizza and that formula would be best for the baby, he smiled as he took Milo cradled in his left arm again out of the bath, walking to the Kitchen he picked up the phone and dialled the local pizza place “Yeah two pizza’s one meat, one supreme, delivery, garlic bread coke.. yeah, uhuh. “ as he was ordering the pizza he was reading the formula on how to make it, warming up some water to the right temperature he placed it in the baby bottle with two and a half scoops of the formula “ Yup this address, round the back just come through the gate Cheers” He smiled as he closed the lid on the baby bottle and started to shake it, after a bit he dropped a small amount on his palm to feel the temperature which was spot on warm. As he placed it to Milo’s lips he watched as Milo took the bottle in his hands gently and started to drink the formula, he heard Dixie walk in as he turned around and looked up at her smiling “It’s all good darling, I’ll burp him and put him to bed, you can either relax on the patio or come say good night”he smiled as he walked over to Dixie and kissed her lips gently. Waiting for Milo to finish up, he placed the empty bottle on the table and raised Milo against his chest so Milo’s chin was resting on his shoulder, a few light pats on the back and a burp came out as he chuckled lightly “What a rippa” he gave Dixie a wink, as he thought she might want to hold him before placing him in bed, he turned to Dixie and placed Milo into her arms carefully before walking in behind her. He wrapped his arms around her waist gently and pulled her in to press her back against his chest while he leaned his chin against her “I think we’ll be fine darling, Don’t stress to much I’ll always be around to help out so the work load isn’t all on you” after a few minutes pass from cuddling her he was followed her into their room where a second baby crib was set up right near their bedroom, for the first few weeks the baby would obviously be sleeping in the same room and then moved into his own room which they had fully furnished.

CharlotteCarrendar:- Seeing Logan had everything under control, for a moment Dixie stood with her arms folded, just taking it all in. Her smile was infectious and when she heard Milo burp and Logan’s reaction, she couldn’t help the laughter. It was so adorable. ”Better out than in.” she said, rubbing the baby’s back and sharing a kiss with Logan before he let her take the baby by placing it in her arms. You could see the little fella was starting to fall asleep, his eyelids heavy and he kept yawning. Smiling, Dixie started to walk the baby towards their room, where a small crib had been set up, identical to the one in the baby’s nursery. Feeling Logan wrapping his arms around her and resting his chin on her shoulder, as she set the baby down, and started to tuck him in, Dixie had never felt so much love in her heart. She thought for sure that Milo wouldn’t go to sleep right away, but sure enough, within a few minutes he did. Dixie ran her fingers lightly over the baby’s head, and then slowly pulled her hand back before covering Logan’s hands with her own. ”I don’t know what I would do without you.” She said in a hushed voice, trying not to wake the baby. Dixie turned around in his arms, and whispered. ”Shall we go out to the patio to wait for dinner?’ Dixie knew that the takeout pizza guy should be coming along soon. She wanted to enjoy her down time in Logan’s arms. Milo let out a small hiccup, and Dixie froze for a moment, as though the baby was about to wake up, but taking a quick look, Milo settled again and was sleeping peacefully. As she walked out with Logan she asked. ”Might need to have some of that formula myself if it makes you go to sleep that easily.” <3> [/b]


IceTe3a: He smiled as he felt her resting her hand against his, a slight kiss on the back of her head as she asked if they should go outside and wait for the pizza man, he nodded as he was about to leave he heard Milo hiccup and watched as Dixie stopped mid walk, he snickered slightly to himself as he waited for her to ok the moment and walked out with him in tow. As they walked through the hall and towards the outside patio he smirked as he placed his hands on either side of her waist and picked her up [b]“Oh I’m sure we can find better ways to spend your energy” he smirked as he quietly but with slight haste walked outside to the patio where the two pups were enjoying the large space as they chased each other, you could hardly hear them barking from inside but they were. Setting Dixie down he sat on the chair outside and pulled her down to sit on his lap, where he kissed her neck softly and held her hands gently “I love you Darling, always remember that” as he pulled her in close he was more than content with his new home and new family, he had given the boys the week off so he could settle in with Dixie and the new baby before opening shop so they had a full seven days without anyone having to disturb them for anything. “We have a whole week alone to settle in “ he smiled and kissed her neck once again as he heard the Pizza man pull up, he watched as he walked through the gate and placed the Pizza’s, garlic bread and coke down on the table in front of them. Logan slipped him 50$ which was more than enough “Keep the tip mate” he smiled and nodded as the Pizza guy walked out towards the gate and disappeared, Jack finally took notice and bolted for the gate starting to bark, he chuckled slightly and opened the two boxes of pizza “Dig in love” he said, as he waited for her to start before grabbing a slice for himself and munching into it, he already had two glasses set outside on the table for the coke as he poured them both a glass whilst munching on the pizza. “Feeling better? We still have to tell tito” he nudged her with a smirk

CharlotteCarrendar: – The moment Logan pulled Dixie up to him, taking her hands and declaring his love for her and his new family, Dixie felt the first few tears. She wasn’t normally one to cry at the drop of a hat, but these were happy tears. Her eyes glistened as they shared a kiss. ”I’ll never forget. I love you so much, Logan.” She had to stop herself from full on crying, but course the sound of the pizza man arriving was beautifully timed. With Logan off to pay for it, she snuck inside and grabbed a few tissues, to wipe away her tears. Coming back out, she heard the bark of the dogs, and then the delicious smell of the pizzas. Her mouth was already salivating. She took a seat on his lap, and made herself comfortable, before reaching for that first slice of pizza. One bite and it was like heaven. Dixie made happy sounds as she munched away on the Italian fare. ”You don’t need to ask me twice. I’m famished.” Dixie reached for her glass of coke, taking a sip before another bite of her pizza slice. News that they had the whole week to get settled without worrying about work or anyone bothering them came as a welcomed relief. ”That is just the best news.” She could feel the stress falling away as she settled back onto Logan’s lap. But one thing she had forgotten through everything was….Tito. The gasp that left her mouth as she realized that he had no idea where she was, or the fact she had the baby, would be a real shock for the lanky Italian. ”How could I have forgotten Tito?’ Dixie blurted. She hoped that her former employer was not too cross with her. Hopefully he would understand. ”I’ll drop around during the week. Once I’m settled.” She knew that it was something she should do, but right now Tito could wait. Dixie then asked. ”Were the guys okay about being off work a week?’ <3>

IceTe3a: -He chuckled as she had come to realize she completely forgot about Tito, that Italian would be going off by now that much was for sure. As he finished up his first slice he took a fair gulp of his coke and smiled as he went for a second slice, “Yeah, best pay him a visit sometime this week no need to rush though” as he took another bite he cuddled Dixie happily, He knew she was the one for him and there was nothing anyone could do or say to him that would change his mind. Leaning back he glanced around the yard and smiled “Later on we should put a play gym in for Milo” he nodded to himself in agreement as he heard her ask about the guys having a week off he laughed and shook his head, “Are you kidding? Their most likely getting smashed at some pub having a good time all week, no doubt they’ll thank you “ he smirked as he finished up the second slice of Pizza at this point boof had smelt the food and came running up stairs, jack followed suit obviously curious of what Boof was doing they both sat down near the table looking up as they begged for some pizza “What you think give em a slice each? “ he smiled and kissed the back of her shoulder before resting back with his cup of coke, slowly sipping at it, night came quickly as he threw his jacket around Dixie to keep her warm while they enjoyed their patio whilst eating a well deserved dinner “ We’re going to make great parents, especially you missy”he smirked giving her a light nudge. He cuddled her gently while she continued to eat, he smiled lightly and knew soon she would need some sleep

CharlotteCarrendar:- Dixie watched the two dogs looking up with expectant eyes, and bottomless stomachs. She couldn’t say no to those two. Giving each a slice of pizza, she laughed as they both took off in different directions to enjoy a share of the main meal. Tails wagging and then the sound of slobbering. Dixie went back to relaxing, easing back into Logan’s arms as they enjoyed the night, just the two of them. Both agreed that Tito could be visited later in the week, as he wasn’t really a priority. Dixie giggled at the suggestion of a play gym for Milo. She couldn’t imagine him using one straight away since he was a newborn, but for the future it was a good idea. ”A timber fort.” Dixie suggested, thinking that would be great for a little boy to play in. Happy in the knowledge that Logan’s employees would be thankful for the time off, she felt that everything was working out for the best. Finishing the last of her pizza slice, Dixie let out a small yawn, before settling her head back to rest on Logan’s shoulder. Her fingers lightly strummed his, and before he knew it, his Dixie girl had actually fallen asleep. Right there and then. <3>

IceTe3a: He watched as Dixie fed the two pups a slice of Pizza each, as they ran off in different directions to feast on their earned meals he smirked slightly as he heard Dixie suggest a timber fort ”A timber fort.. with a bar!! And a beer fridge! Pool table~ “ he was raving off to himself almost making it sound like a man cave, as he felt Dixie lean back and relax against him, looking down after awhile he noticed she was asleep, he smirked as he knew it was time to put his baby girl to bed. Slowly he picked her up in his arms without waking her and walked her into the bedroom, removing the quilt and sheets he laid her down on the bed taking her shoes and the jacket off, he left her in her shirt and jeans. Covering her he leaned over and kissed her goodnight, slowly Jack and boof came trotting in and looked up at him as he pointed to the end of the bed, both tails were wagging as they jumped up and curled near each other giving off a yawn. He walked out of the room and around the house checking the doors were locked and switching lights off until finally he came into their room one more, closing the door quietly he walked over to the crib where Milo slept quietly, leaning in; he softly kissed the child’s head with a smile. “You’ll always have me around to be your father, I promise I’ll take good care of both of you”he made sure Milo was covered comfortably before stripping off his shirt and boots, he walked around to the other side of the bed and came to lay down flat on his back, Dixie rolled over towards him as he easily guided her to half rest on his chest with his arm under her and wrapping in to cuddle her closely keeping her warm. With a light smile on his face he closed his eyes and slowly drifted off to sleep whilst thinking of his new family and his fond memories of being with Dixie, it was hard to believe the two had come so far in such little time it was almost surreal but he was thankful for all of it.