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Re: Character Biographies
July 31, 2014 02:44AM
Name: Bridgette Beliveau


Age: 25

Race: Human

Job: Baker

Personality: Shy, reclusive, passionate

Relationship Status: Single

Orientation: Heterosexual

Likes: Baking, birds, fashion, makeup, horses, balancing things, reading, yoga

Dislikes: Loud people, critics, staying in any one place for long periods,



-Since before memory erased: Bridgette Beliveau was a renowned circus performer and contortionist that travelled with the Night Circus in the years from 1878 to 1882. She often got star billing for her incredible good looks, and her talents which extended from riding ponies, acrobatics, and super human like feats which had her contort her body in unnatural ways. She could even be folded up to fit into a small suit case. The Ring leader of the Circus, Jacque Pommier had an eye for the young French beauty, but so too did the Circus midget, who often would hover around her caravan in between performances, just so that he may steal glances at her when she was in the midst of changing. After one night seeing the Ring Master propose to the sweet Bridgette, the midget formed a devious plan to do away with her suitor, by poisoning a bottle of wine, that was to be left in his caravan. Little did he know that the bottle would be given to Bridgette that night, and on the first glass, the poor girl lost consciousness and slipped into a coma. Thinking she was dead, the midget found her and buried her body in a shallow grave, not far from the circus tents.


-After arrival at mansion: Bridgette cannot remember anything of her past life. All she knows is she awoke one day to find herself within the Mansion’s walls. Surrounded by a sea of faces that she did not recognize. Finding her way was a daunting task. She was given a job in the kitchens as a baker, and oddly enough had a flair for French pastries. This would prove to be a hit for Bridgette, but as for her social skills she was still lacking in that department. Shy and easily intimidated, she tended to do her tasks then hide up in her room.