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White Wolf 

Part Nine 




IceTe3a: He watches as Eryda jumped off her horse, with sword in hand she took lead after accepting his request, you could smell them before you could see them as they gave off a most unpleasant odour. “ Frost trolls are a lot stronger than were’s, you best stay on Mersa for safety Cali.” he slid off Mersa leaving Cali to sit on her by her lonesome, as he watched Eryda’s figure walk up into the distance he followed suit keeping his distance enough to give her room but he still wanted to watch her fight the vial creatures. With Mersa and Eryda’s horse following up behind, the townspeople had their doors locked fully aware of the situation by now some even peeked through the windows to watch the upcoming battle. “ I will step in if you can’t handle it” he smirked whilst he said this, almost a playful taunt he knew she would bite back as he looked her up and down with an arched brow, he loved her for her personality and her body. The frost trolls had seemed to have broken into the towns live stock as the cries of animals started to echo throughout the mountain terrain, it was up to Eryda to deal with them this time, he stood there waiting for the battle to start, his lip still bleeding as the trail of blood started to drip down to his chin it didn’t bother him and it never came to him that it may drive Cali stir crazy.

CharlotteCarrendar: – With each step carefully taken, Eryda listened for signs of where the Frost trolls were in the vicinity of the town. Shutters and doors slammed, while frightened villagers huddled inside, knowing better than to take on such beasts on their own. More powerful and vicious than the weres they lived up to their namesake. Xo of course alighted from the Warg and advised Cali to remain on the massive wolf like beast. The blood Elf’s face grew sad from not being able to join in the battle, but she knew better now than to argue with the Witcher. Especially now that his wife had joined them in their quest. Up ahead, Eryda came to a stop – her ears pricked to hear the sounds of animals being slaughtered and most terribly by the Frost trolls. The cattle yards no doubt is where the Frost trolls struck. About to take a step in that direction, she overheard her mate say that he would step in if she could not handle it. A light shake of her head was all he got from her. To think that she needed his help when it came to a pack of Frost trolls. ”Protect your client.” She shot back with as she took off towards the animal enclosure in a sprint. Her speed and agility were well noted. Leaping up onto a railing, she could see four frost trolls, two of which were fighting over a cow, the other two were already half way through some sheep. Balancing on the railing, she then leapt down doing a forward somersault. A loud cry erupting from her lips that was sure to get their attention all too late. The first Frost troll reared up, covered in sheeps blood, and she drove her sword right into it’s chest, and then tore the blade upwards – cutting it right open up to its neck. It shrieked horribly, dropping to its knees, while the others released their kills and moved in on the red witcher. <3>

IceTe3a: He watched as she ran off into the darkness seeking out the frost trolls, she could handle herself he knew that for a fact. Turning back he walked towards Cali as he came to a stop just next to her left leg, glancing around the town they were used to the frost trolls in a town like this, no one really bothered they all knew what to do. Most men ventured to the local tavern in groups to make it slightly safer, the streets were lit with burning torches, fire was something frost trolls despised, it resembled light and fire of course, two things they were weak against. They would need to find a room to spend the night in for the night after Eryda was through playing with the trolls, he glanced up to Cali as he wondered just how long she could last without feeding, would she be hungry again it had been quite awhile since she last fed. “ After the masters are alerted to this, we venture to the mundane, be prepared for anything once we are there.” He turned his back to Cali as he peered around in the darkness keeping a look out, he could hear Eryda screaming out a warriors battle cry as he knew the fight was now in full force. A slight smirk chiseled its way across his face as he knew she would do him proud. : Vlad was sitting on his throne his eyes closed as the day turned to night, for the vampires who never slept this meant nothing. He was thinking.. planning his next move, but first he needed the formalities out of the way, to convene a council, put people in their proper titles such as commanders in the new army and to help run the kingdom, lastly he needed to choose a bride.. he could smell the sweet scent of the many females that roamed these halls, wearing clothing that only showed off and emphasized their features, as they seductively walked about while eyeing him off. They all wanted to be his bride, although female vampires were the dominate ones in the vampire race and the higher ranking of the sex’s he was their king and they needed to equally show him respect without making themselves look weak or less dominate than he, it was a chess game something that needed to either be done boldly or delicately and over time; who chose what path was up to each female. Although each female was.. as beautiful as the last, that was his problem they each were just as beautiful as each other. Although his own preferences were known throughout the kingdom, much like his blessings of silver. He was the strongest and tallest male vampire in the kingdom a true warrior, but the female he would want by his side.. was yet to show herself, he imagined her with black hair much like his own.

CharlotteCarrendar:- The closeness now between Cali and the Witcher had her finding herself almost salivating. It was hard to describe, let alone contain such a craving that she had for his life force – his essence. She could still see the stain from drops of blood that trailed along his bottom lip and she licked her only lips. If only…if only. The torchlight was the only light offered that night to ward off those lurking in the shadows. But with her shining green eyes, Cali could see perfectly well in the dark. Brought back to what he was saying when Xo mentioned the mundane village being their port of call after they deal with the council, she remembered that that was where her husband was. Some hideous mundane Queen had him her slave, and that was something she was going to fight to change. Staying seated on the Warg, Cali offered. ”We can start off again before dawn. Once your mate has finished dealing with the Frost trolls.” What she wanted to say or rather ask was how would his mate feel if she needed to feed off him in her presence. That was always in the back of her mind. In the distance, you could hear Eryda’s blood curdling war cry. A head rolled out from under one of the cattle yard fences, as she felled yet another Frost troll where he stood. The other two knew that if they continued to fight, she would end them as well, and so they both gave up their kills and fled off into the night. Her face bloody and her chest heaving from exertion, she sheathed her blade, and simply started to walk back towards where she had left Xo and the Blood Elf. No doubt she was going to need a bath. :: In the Vampire castle, word had spread of the rise of the new King, as the former Queen had made a hasty retreat after her declaration of war with the Witcher race. Now all the females of the court were passing the King’s throne, each more beautiful than the next. But one of the last to bring up the rear was a girl that was far different than all the others. She had skin like porcelain, eyes the reddest of red that were hued with a light grey sheen. Full lips and onxy coloured hair that flowed down and rested just above her ass. Taller than the rest, she walked with a refined air. A noble, there was no question about it, and one that would be ideal as a future bride of the new King. Her name…Xyira. <3>

IceTe3a: He heard the soft footsteps that had to be his wife Eryda as he turned around, watching as she came out of the darkness covered in blood and sweat with a simple smirk. He smiled as he walked up to greet her, grabbing her shin with his index finger and thumb he moved her face around as his yellow hues examined her fine skin, looking for any wounds that may have occurred, he was very protective of her and this was one of his ways of showing her he loved her. Reaching into his jacket with his free hand he pulled out a concoction of herbs in liquid form, something he always brewed up for Eryda to keep her fit and healing strong, since she didn’t have the same healing replenishment he did; his alchemy helped her healing and usually gave her a few vials before she left amongst teaching her basic herbology and alchemy. His thumb let go of her chin only to press against her bottom lip, pressing down on it her lips parted willingly as he poped the top of the vial “Drink this, darling. “ he said simply as he placed the open vial to her lips as he slowly tipped it into her mouth he watched with a slight smile of a lover. Waiting for her to finish drinking he closed the cap and placed it into his jacket once more, his thumb slipped from her lips as they bounced close, now taking her chin again he pulled her in slowly bringing her to a kiss as he kissed her with a loving passion for but a moment before pulling back “Well done “ he said as he turned to face the same way she was, his arm wrapped around her back as his fingers wrapped gently around her side. Leading her towards Cali he nodded towards the Tavern “Food some drink and find a room for the night, then we shall resupply and continue. Cali, go ahead into the Tavern I need to speak to Eryda alone for a moment” he said this while looking at Cali, as he waited for her to leave and enter the Tavern he turned to face his lover and smiled. “Cali.. needs to feed, She feeds on the magical life force of others. As you know my life force cannot be drained so easily.”he sighed slightly as his eyes met hers, he went silent for a moment “She’s feeding off mine, so she doesn’t kill others it’s for the best until the jobs done. “ he didn’t know how Eryda would take this, he only knew she could quite possibly be pissed that someone else was touching what was rightfully hers. : As they passed, he sat there listening to their feet tapping against the floor, he did not bother to open an eye to glance at any of them. He was waiting to see who would be brave enough, it was no secret he liked it rough, he liked his women to be beautiful and affectionate but dominating and rough at the same time, a rare thing to find in deed like the perfect blood flower. A scent hit his nose as he took it in, his eyes shot open as he glanced directly at one particular female for a moment, she was beautiful.. stunning even, taller than the rest of the females by far; her skin looked soft and delicate as her eyes had a look to them that could not be denied, he was examining her for but a second before he closed his eyes again. It was more than he gave to any other female before she had obviously sparked his interest for a moment, he couldn’t deny that she looked exactly like the female he would want, but looks were not everything to him as he leaned back into his chair the back of his head resting against the throne itself as each arm spread against the arm rest, he wanted a female that wasn’t afraid to inflict pain.. to dominate.. to love. He wanted more than someone who just wanted to improve their social status but that was a hard find, although the female vampires took quite easy to harming males, using them as their toys he wanted all that and more he wanted a female to claim him as hers and only want him. Soon he would have to retire from his throne and start working through other details that needed his attention.

CharlotteCarrendar:- With a welcoming gaze the red witcher stopped before her mate, and allowed him to administer the vial that would help replenish her after her battle with the Frost trolls. She closed her eyes, drinking down the last drop, till opening them and finding that her love had swept her into his arms and sealed the drink with a kiss. She kissed back just as fiercely, only to then be swung back in the direction of the Warg and of course the blood elf. The Blood elf had waited quietly, not really ready to try and engage in conversation with Eryda. She just didn’t feel it was her place. The couple walked back together – unified, and this made up for all the months that they were apart. Already in the back of Eryda’s mind she was planning how to spend their first night alone together, but as she thought this, Xo went to ask the Blood Elf to go off ahead, as he wished to speak to Eryda alone. Once the two had been left, Eryda looked at Xo quizzically, wondering what it was that he wanted to talk to her about without the Blood elf in ear shot. What he had to say had her jaw fall open. ”She feeds off you?” It seemed simply to incredulous to believe, till it was explained that it stopped her killing anything else along the way out of hunger. ”Forgive me, but…I really don’t like another woman…sinking her fangs into you, let alone touching you. It was bad enough that I thought Valencia had finally gotten her way.” Eryda broke free from his hold, as she turned her back for a moment. Normally she wouldn’t care, for she knew that his love for her was true but she had never come across this type of situation before. She didn’t doubt Xo’s fidelity, she simply didn’t like the idea of another woman getting ideas. Looking back over her shoulder, she had to ask. ”What if she becomes addicted to you? Hmm? Have you ever considered that?” It was a very good question. :: Xyria stopped before the King, and went into a low curtsey that showed off ample bosom that was strapped down beneath what was a Victorian styled gown. Sheer black cloth only accentuated the smooth curves of her form. ”M’lord.” her voice was rich and sultry, but had a rough edge to it. ”I am Xyria, a dark child with very strong tastes in the exotic.” The smile that appeared on her lips oozed sexuality and prowess. She could have any man that she so desired, and right now, she wanted the King. Boldly she took the steps up that led to the throne, and then circled the throne, like a black panther that stalked its prey. Her scent was unlike the others, leaving one light headed. She finally stopped at the side of the throne, and purred. ”Shall we play a game?” <3>

IceTe3a: A simple smile against his lips as he knew Eryda was jealous of the thought in another woman touching him, her question was well within reason as she turned her back to him. Walking up slowly to her, he wrapped his arms around her waist as he pulled her back in against his chest, his chin simply came to rest on her shoulder. He kept quiet for a moment as he thought about the question as he gave her a sideways glance “We will have to do better than that, re unite her with her husband and send them on their way before it happens.. he chuckled slightly as he gave her a light nudge “Kind of sounds like a challenge, suited for people of our skill, think we’re up for the challenge? It should prove dangerous… She will need to feed tonight. he smiled and kissed her neck giving her a light squeeze “I will organize her a separate room away from ours, allow her to feed and then, come back to you just in time for your bath. Go now get us a room and wait for me” He smiled as he led her into the tavern, giving Eryda a slap on the ass he left her on her on for a small while. He walked over to the counter and paid for two rooms on opposite ends of the building throwing Eryda the key to their room he smiled giving her a wink. As he turned he could see Cali in the far end, slowly he approached her, his fresh blood still dripping from his lip “Come I will show you to your room, and you need to feed” he took her by the arm and slowly lead her down the hall to her room, as he opened the door he placed the key on the side table by the door and walked straight in waiting for cali to walk through he was standing with his back to her in the middle of the room. : He could hear her footsteps as she came up and introduced herself as Xyria, he listened as she circled his throne, her scent was seductive and potent to capture the heart of any man. He did not show off that he was interested though as she continued to examine him, he wanted to see just what she was going to do. She had proposed to play a game, he did not want to come off easy or desperate as he waved her off “I am no child, go play games with the children if you must” he made it look like a denial but he wanted to see just how far she was willing to go.

CharlotteCarrendar; – Eryda simply hated the feelings of jealousy. The rise of what was like a nasty green goblin within her that she wanted desperately to swat away. But it had been months since she had spent but one night alone with him, and this was what she sought more than anything. His arms enveloping her, while resting his chin on her shoulder showed that he had the utmost respect and love for her. The key to stopping Cali getting addicted was to reunite her with her blood elf husband as soon as they could. That was the challenge. Eryda let out a sigh and then nodded in agreement, she was never one to shy from a task and this was how she needed to look at it. The Blood elf did not love her mate, she simply needed his essence the same way others needed food to live, air to breathe. She wrinkled up her nose, when Xo said he had to go and let Cali feed on him and that he would do it in a room that was as far from their own – on the other side of the tavern. Knowing that she was bloody and with torn clothing, she accepted that she needed to go and have a bath, and pushed off to do so, but only with Xo slapping her arse on the way. Eryda left him with a knowing smile, before ascending the stairs in the tavern to a room that would be perfect for their needs. A warm bath was just what the doctor ordered. Cali; who had been waiting for the Witcher saw the red Witcher go the opposite way to Xo and She was brought along by the arm to what would be her room. “Come I will show you to your room, and you need to feed” There was not mistaking the hunger she was feeling, and when he led her into her own room he stood in the middle of the room like he was waiting for her. Tentatively she shut the door behind her and crossed the floor. Her eyes sweeping over him till coming to his lip, that had the drop of rich blood. She didn’t mention the red witcher, or speak of her husband. She went up on her tip toes and kissed away the blood that was over his lips. A soft purr escaping as she let her lips trail down to his neck, her body heaving as the need grew stronger. A gasp and she began to feed at the spot between his shoulder and neck, her nails digging into his form. It wasn’t sexual, but it was damn close. :: Xyria smirked as the new King said he was not a child, and didn’t wish to play games. The black haired vampire ran her tongue across her top row of teeth and then was shocking. Xyria straddled him in his throne and ran her claws through his hair, making no mistake that she was ballsy enough to try such a move at the chance of rejection. ”I take no prisoners, M’lord…only toys. Not the kind for a child, either.” Her nails extended and he would feel them press into his scalp. <3>

IceTe3a: He waited as he heard Cali close the door behind her, the room went dark but he could still see as he heard her feet padding against the wood floor she circled round, his eyes glanced down to her as she came up and kissed his lips almost sucking on them, a brow arched as he knew if Eryda knew about this they would both be dead on the floor quick smart. She wasted no time as her teeth sunk into his neck just down near his shoulder, her lips pressed forcefully against his skin as he came down to a kneel to her will, he could feel her purring against his skin as she fed off him, he could feel his life essence seeping into her mouth as she sucked down with force. He allowed this to go on for awhile and wondered if she would be able to hold herself back, as time passed by he pressed his fingers against her shoulders“Enough cali? “ she had been feeding off him for some time and he wondered if she had her fill yet. : vlad heard what she said and arched a brow slightly as she came down to straddle his lap on the throne, his eyes opened slightly as he looked up at her, his eyes looking deeply into hers as her nails dug down into his scalp “Can you handle me though? Can you tame me? “ he smirked as his eyes almost dared her to, it went unnoticed but the other females slowly disappeared from the room leaving the two alone, Xyria had said she wanted him as her personal toy, but would she really? He wondered just how dominate she was and if she would even be able to utilize him for only her needs.

CharlotteCarrendar:- Cali fed so strongly that it brought Xo to his knees, unlike other times when he had simply stood and watched her. Only when he pressed his fingers to her shoulders and uttered if it was enough, she withdrew from him. Cali appeared almost groggy with the sheer amount of energy she had just consumed. Her lips parted and she breathed heavily through her mouth. ”I don’t know what came over me, Witcher.” It was true, the addiction had taken a firm hold of her being. She looked away timidly, and brought a hand up to her mouth as though trying to wipe it clean, like she had gorged herself. Looking about the room, she gathered herself, and then realized that the Red Witcher would be waiting for him. ”You should go. I will be ready to leave at first light.” Cali stood there and waited for the Witcher to take his leave. Meanwhile up the other end of the tavern, Eryda was peeling off her blooded and torn clothes, leaving a trail right up to the large wooden slat bath. Steam rose from the tepid water, and she reached up to tie back her hair so that it was no longer sitting on her shoulders. She threw one leg over and then the other, before sinking beneath the waters till it was up to her neck. The light sound of the water lapping the sides was the only thing heard, as Eryda was bathed in a simple candle light. The Red witcher reached for a bar of soap and then started to wash the stain of blood from her body, all the while missing her beloved, who was alone in a room with the Blood elf. :: Xyria stared straight into the new King’s eyes as he asked her but a simple question; could she tame him? A dare? Or a challenge? All the other women had left the chambers leaving the new King to explore this woman that had taken her place on his lap. ”Even the most deadly creature becomes putty in the hands of a skilled lover.” She extended her claws further and glanced behind her to see that they were indeed alone. ”Question is, can you sate my lust?” The words were edged a wicked tone. Xyria ripped back the King’s coat and shirt, exposing to her his chest. She sunk her claws into the soft flesh between his shoulders and chest and dragged them down as she licked at his lips. Toying with him. <3>

IceTe3a: As she got off him and came to a stand he could see a surprising feature across her face, she seemed to be in shock he could not help but to wonder why as he came to a stand himself, he ran his fingers against the spot where her lips were pursed against his skin feeling the bite marks as they slowly healed. It only took moments for his body to react and start to take care of itself, of course this would increase the scent of his magical essence in the room as his body was using it to repair what injury he had sustained. “I intend to, we will come for you at first light to gather supplies then be on our way, goodnight Cali” he said as he turned and headed for the door. Opening the door as he went through he left Cali alone to her thoughts whilst the door closed, stretching his neck slightly he walked across the hall and up the stairs towards his own room as he took note at the weary travelers who had come to find food and drink for the night, he had spent enough time away from his wife and didn’t bother wasting time as he quietly came to the door with a slight smirk he opened it without a sound. Coming into the room he closed it just as quietly, noticing Eryda had just slipped into the bath he smiled, taking off his shirt and weaponry as it laid down on the table without a sound he was now shirtless creeping up to her back as she laid there. Slowly he descended onto his knees directly behind her as he kissed her neck gently whilst his hands ran down her shoulders slowly looping around bringing her into a cuddle “I am yours once more my love” : He felt as her nails grew further they dug down into his scalp as they slowly coursed through his hair, a slight smile of amusement as their eyes were looking into each others, . ”Even the most deadly creature becomes putty in the hands of a skilled lover.” she rebutted as a slight chuckle escaped his lips, “Perhaps, a skilled lover and a dominate master.. Pain is pleasure they both work as equal wouldn’t you say? he could feel her weight pressing down on his lap as she sat there straddling him, her eyes examining his form as her claws sunk down into his shoulders slowly they dragged down onto his bare chest grazing the skin they passed over ”Question is, can you sate my lust?” a simple smile as his lips parted “I wouldn’t be who I was if I could not do that and more.. There is only one way to find out isn’t there my dear?”he just tempted her to utilize him, treat him like an object of hers as that is all males were to the females of their race. His eyes wondering up and down her form as he wondered if she could be the one, the only female he would need to feed his every needs which in turn was the needs of the female, it was common that the king or queen would take more than one to fill their needs but on occasion they were lucky enough to find that single one that met their every desire, but was she able to?

CharlotteCarrendar: – Left alone in her room, Cali looked away from the door that the Witcher had just gone through. He had been polite to her after she had fed, and not made light of the fact that she sensed that perhaps her actions had gone too far. Cali couldn’t possibly imagine what would happen if her desire to feed became so great that she lost herself in a terrible frenzy. It had not ever happened to her before, but she knew of those that had such sore addictions it drove them crazy not to get their fill. Slowly, Cali sat herself down on her bunk. She brought her fingers up to her lips, where she could still feel the sensation of warmth from the Witcher’s body. The blood elf knew she would have to find her husband and fast…leaving this place behind and hunt on the plentiful beings in her own world. To stay too long here, she endangered everything. :: The light splash of water was heard as Eryda washed herself down with the soap covered sponge. Dabbing lightly, and her back to the door, she did not hear her husband enter silently. Only when he draped his arms around her and kissed her neck, did she show a smile. At last, time alone for the pair. Xo said he was hers once more, and she didn’t doubt it for a second. Turning in the bath so that the pair were facing each other. Her eyes trailed down his neck, and she saw the remains of what was the blood elf’s fang marks into his skin. Eryda had to fight back her feelings of jealousy once more, and so she brushed her lips to that of her husband’s. ”Show me you are mine.” she whispered in a husky voice. It was not just a request. :: The Vampire maiden with hair the darkest onyx had toyed with the new King. Long deep scratches now graced his flesh, and her fingers danced across these same scratches till she zeroed in on her future lover. Her head tilted back slightly, and the long white ivory dog teeth extended beyond her crimson lips. She seized the back of the Vampire King’s head and tore his scalp to the left, exposing his neck for her delight. A wild cry and she sunk her own fangs deep into his supple skin – piercing the flesh and she gripped his arm with her free hand, whilst feasting on him with a wicked sense of rough play. <3>

IceTe3a: He smiled as he watched Eryda flip around in the bath so she was laying on her stomach and facing him, he smirked as she asked him to prove he was really hers, he didn’t need her to say it twice as his arms linked behind her neck gently, leaning in his lips met hers with passion as he held the kiss, his right hand sliding down to cup her cheek for the briefest of moments. Pulling back slightly he looked down and smiled “If you miss me that much, you should never leave” he laughed playfully as he knew she was a free spirit and truly loved him but her work was her work and she went where it took her, regardless if it led her away from him. It was no lie he did prefer her to travel with him and would much rather her to always be by his side but this was not always the case. Gripping her shoulders softly he flipped her onto her back as he kicked his shoes off, stepping in the bath he sat on the edge as his legs were inside, he leaned her in against his legs as he took up the sponge and soap slowly he rubbed it over her body as his hand explored her whilst cleaning, he started with her chest as he leaned down and kissed her neck with a soft peck. “ Do you plan to stay for good this time and find work together?” he smiled as he knew it was on the cards for them to permanently stay together at one stage. : He watched as she leaned back slightly her long white teeth extended past her lips as his head was ripped to the side exposing his neck, soon came the pinch from her teeth biting down in his neck as he gasped slightly, he could feel her slowly drinking from him as her hand gripped down against his arm, his blood would have a powerful flow about it, something rare in the vampire men as he was the strongest of them all to date. His arms wrapped around her as he took her in closer to his body, this was a gesture of acceptance, he had chosen his bride. It would be officially sealed later but for now the two have expressed their interest in each other, and both had accepted to spend their eternal life with each other, him as her personal toy and object. This was all a part of Vlad’s plan as it was the first step in securing his title to the throne next he would have to give out titles and positions in the kingdom to those worthy to keep it running, it would be a long few weeks before the kingdom was like its former glory back before the vampire wars.

CharlotteCarrendar; – That first kiss. Such raw passion displayed was just what Eryda needed from Xo. This was proof without a doubt. It was like he was claiming her all over again, and thoughts of the Blood elf soon faded into nothingness. To see his smile, and then tell her that she should never leave him, brought a slight shrug of the shoulders. Eryda had only ever known the life of a loner and up till now it had suited her. Meeting up with her lover on brief occasions like this, then going their separate ways to where they are needed. Kings and nobles with money to spare that needed the expertise of a Witcher to deal and do what no one else would. But nights were often lonely ones and Eryda never took another man to lay with her out of need. This is what made their meetings so good. Sharing what little time they had together made it all the more romantic. Eryda allowed him to move her so that when he entered the bath she would be laying with her back to his chest. This enabled him to massage and wash her cares away. Thinking for a moment, Eryda offered. ”I have a feeling you need me more than ever with all that has come to pass in my absence. The Council will not be pleased, and then of course there is the war…and returning the Blood elf to her husband. I know I will be happy to see the back of her.” Was that another touch of jealousy? Eryda couldn’t help it. She turned her head so she could see the Witcher’s face. ”Maybe it is time, I came home for good.” That was her way of saying yes, that she would work with him and travel wherever he would go. :: The feeding frenzy from the black haired Vampire maiden was more than enough to prove that she was worthy to be the new King’s mate. She drew her head back and then gripped the sides of his face, kissing him hungrily, all the while writhing upon his lap. Taking all she could from his body in a show of unbridled lust. Her cries of passion filling the empty hall as she used him and well. His arms wrapping around her only confirmed this fact. Breaking the kiss, her eyes dilated and blood staining her lips and chin, she softened slightly. ”I am yours…as you are mine.” <3>

IceTe3a: -He smiled finally hearing that she was willing to stay by his side for good, each night they were apart he was in constant worry, never fully knowing if they would be reunited. A sigh of relief as his free hand started to massage the knots in her body allowing her muscles to relax once more. Slowly he would wash her body all over until she was clean, dropping the sponge into the water he went to work on her body giving it a deep and strong massage to allow her to relax, reaching over the side with one hand he pulled out a purple liquid filled vial, popping it he allowed 3 drops to hit the water as it was a potent mixture of flowers mainly lavender which was rare and unknown to most, it would give off a strong relaxing scent to help relax the body, calm the steel like nerves as well as heal the body from any wounds she may have within the warm waters. He always had a vial made up but only ever used it when they were together, kings and queens have paid handsomely for even a single vial of this was worth a kings ransom, he was the only one who knew how to make it and where to get the required ingredients “ I’m glad to hear you say that love, It takes worrying off my mind and only shows more room for love. Please relax and allow me to work your tolling work out of your body” slowly but surely he massaged each muscle on her body skillfully, having learned all the proper pressure pads on one’s body was key as it helped with the healing process as well Eryda seemed to enjoy it. He smiled as he wrapped his arms around her waist and started working on her legs whilst his chin laid upon her shoulder. : He felt her pull back as he smiled looking up at her, she kissed him with a fierce passion to show her delight in her new toy and new found title. Leaning back she advised that they were each others, he nodded in agreement as he smiled “We have a lot of work to bring our race and kingdom up to its former glory my darling, I wish you by my side for each step and each decision” He just told her that he indeed wanted her by his side and furthermore her hand in raising their race to its former glory and then some, such power given to the bride of the king was a rarity but that is how Vlad was, as long as she could satisfy his needs to be utilized as such an object.. her object and she stayed faithful to him only; he would be more than happy to entice her with more stature and please her beyond her wildest dreams.

CharlotteCarrendar: – The subtle fragrances rose with the steam as the vials did their work to make this bath all the more relaxing and tranquil. Eryda could feel the delight and release of tension from her body, which at times was weary from all the battles and fights that she got into. The red haired witcher’s lips parted as she released soft sighs. His hands feeling for her pressure points and knowing just where to rub and where to be gentle. Xo was more than skilled. Years of learning, had meant that he could provide well for any woman he did so chose, and there was no one above Eryda. There was nothing to the pair could not accomplish together. Eryda bowed her head as she felt the press of Xo’s chin on her shoulder, his hands working her thighs thoroughly. ”I’d forgotten how good this feels.’ Her voice; almost breathless at his touch. The love that he exuded from his gentle ways only reinforcing her love for him. Eryda brought her hand up from the water, and cupped it to Xo’s cheek. A rare display of affection that she afforded no other man. Would they get much sleep this night? That remained to be seen. For now they simply enjoyed each other’s touch and the intimacy from being alone. :: Xyria had passed the test to show her dominance towards the King. A display that meant she was fit to rule alongside him. But there was much to be done. The former Queen had done a great deal of damage, and soon it may come to pass that a war would be waged. Xyria was unafraid. Still straddling his lap, and running her slender fingers along his face she answered his call. ”Our race will rise to greatness, and all who doubted us shall be put to shame.” <3>

IceTe3a: Feeling the soft touch of her hand cupping against his cheek made his skin shiver as he rubbed his cheek against her open palm slowly as he enjoyed her touch, his fingers slowly dragged up her legs and came to rest on her stomach as he worked the pressure pads on her stomach, making sure to be firm but gentle. [b] “ You’ve been gone for far too long, I make sure you’re in perfect shape before I let you leave anywhere” he smiled lightly as he kissed her fingertips, it was true he sometimes made excuses to force her to stay in his company for a day or two longer until he knew she was fully recovered, even if she never realized it. “ I believe the masters will be pleased that you’ve chosen to stay with me from now on, we have a lot of work on our hands between reuniting the lost love of Cali and her husband and finding the Vampire queen and dealing with her and her army.” he smiles knowing the days ahead would be long and hard but they will be together which will make it all worthwhile. He continued to work her body with his fingers making sure to massage each muscle into relaxing, this was something he only ever did for her a more personal gesture than something he’d commonly use freely on anyone. The night was getting late as they had spent a great deal of time in the water, it was now slightly warm as he chuckled. ” time always seems to fly whilst I am with you” he got out of the bath soaking wet as he walked over and picked up a drying cloth, walking back to the tub he stood there waiting for Eryda to climb out so he may dry her down. : “Indeed it will, we need to make sure the witchers treaty with our race stays true. “he smiled as he looked up into her eyes, her skin rubbing against him almost drove him crazy as he knew she was now his and his alone. Knowing full well of what work would be needed to be done just to get the kingdom up and running again, he pressed his fingers to her lips gently as he ran them across tracing the outline “Where do you suggest we start my dear? “ His eyes watching hers with deep love for her, a bond like this is not something that came easy as to pick a life partner for eternity was a rare sight but it was common, the rarity of it working out for eternity was the hard part, although he could not see any issue with having Xyria by his side for eternity, her beauty was unrivalled none could stand in her shadow let alone by her side although he had never seen her before.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Rising up from the now cooling waters, the droplets ran down Eryda’s bare skin and there was a subtle sound as she stepped out of the bath and into the towel, that Xo had waiting for her. She treasured his affection, and he made her feel truly blessed. No other would receive such attentions and this made her smile all the more. Feeling his large calloused hands rub the towel over her body, she felt totally unashamed in her nakedness. The soft light of the candles illuminated the pair as the stood facing each other. Xo spoke of how he would ensure that she was in perfect health and shape for when she ever did leave. Perhaps she needed to reinforce what she had already agreed too. With her soft hues gazing up at him, she made her vow true. ”I say it here and now, I’m not leaving you again. No amount of gold, or treasure….no adventure is greater than the journey I take this night with you.” Eryda slowly took the drying cloth, and now it was her turn to do the honor of drying his body. Gently her hands moved, working to dry each and every inch of his body. Praising him almost. When at last they were dry, she draped the towel on a chair, and then took his hand. Leading him to the bed, she gestured for him to lay. When he had done so, she crawled into bed, and her body half covered his own. Skin to skin, beneath a wool cover; Eryda’s hands danced across his chest and down his side. Fingers strumming, while she stole kisses that ran from his neck to his chin. She would make him remember this night, the reunion of the Witchers. The morning would be the start of the new adventure but for now she just wanted him to herself. :: Xyria rose from the King’s lap and her dress flowed down to the floor as she stood before her King. Hand extended for him to take and rise himself. So much was to be done now, and the people, the vampires of the Kingdom needed reassurance that the new King and his chosen could lead them to greatness. Xyria had stood out from all the other women of the court. Unlike her predecessor, she had no interest at all in the likes of the Witcher. She wanted a man to dominate, and found that in the new King. ”Let us show the Kingdom, the future of the Monarchy.” <3>

IceTe3a: Watching as she slowly dried his body, he stood there naked in form though it hardly fazed him, it allowed her to see all his old scarring and his new scars from battle a symbol of his skills no doubt. He heard her promise to him that there was nothing in the world that could drag her away from his side anymore, she now preferred to be with him as he smiled, he was happy with her decision and knew it was hers fully as he’d never force her against her will. As she lead him towards the bed he laid down on his back, his hues watching her as she came to lay ontop her fingers working their way against his skin as he shivers in kind, feeling her lips press to his for a brief moment before she started to kiss down his neck, his arms wrapping around her as he knew she was showing her appreciation towards him. He was happy to have her by his side and still in love with him, that was more than he could ask for. He leans in and kisses her with passion as his fingers slowly trace her back muscles, “ Darling, your presence will always make me happy and be more than enough for me” his fingers grasp under her chin as he kisses her again with a strong passion almost forcing their lips against each other, a slight smirk as his teeth nip against her bottom lips playfully. “ Perhaps now I can protect you and keep you from harm “ giving her a cheeky wink as he knew she could more than easily handle herself in any battle. : Watching as she came to stand in front of him, he almost missed the feeling of her weight against him as he felt her fingers slide from him only to ask for him to rise with her, he accepted the gesture and rose to come standing behind her, their bodies pressed together as he stood taller than she was. She wanted to take a stroll through the town to allow the towns people to see their new king and queen? He smiled at the gesture and nodded “A casual stroll would be good” he smiled gently as he walked to her side, gently he took her hand and guided her out of the castle towards the town. People would cheer or bow in respect for their new king and queen, it would be obvious that he had chosen her as his bride. It would become lawfully official later once time allowed it but for now for them it was already official .

CharlotteCarrendar: – A wry smile came to Eryda’s lips when told that now Xo would be able to protect and keep her from harm. It had been a long time since a man offered to do that for her. She let out a light giggle, and moved to be on top of him completely, and then posed a cheeky question. ”Who is going to protect you from me?’ This was sealed with a lover’s kiss, as in the background the candles were now burning low, with wax dripping to form puddles on the floor. This was when the couple would unite properly, making love beneath the warm covers, their bodies the perfect fit to the other. :; With Xyria and Vlad leaving the main audience chamber to the warmth of the gathered crowd, Vlad could be pleased with the acceptance of Xyria so readily. She may have proved to him to be worthy, but she was yet to do so publicly. :; In a land a good two days ride away, in a run down castle that had been abandoned by its host, the former Queen was screaming and plotting her revenge, as a healer tried to work on her scarred flesh. She pushed the girl away and a bowl of foul smelling ointment hit the floor, sizzling on the stone tile. ”I WILL HAVE MY REVENGE ON THE WITCHER…AND ALL HE CARES FOR!….THIS IS NOT OVER…THIS IS NOT OVER!!!” <3>