Downtown Haven – Aeternam Venustas (RP) – TRC


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Downtown Haven
Downtown Haven is the main part of the city where people go about their day to day lives.
Whether it’s work or play, you can find just about anything in this area.
At the west end, you can find the warehouse district. To the east, you have the low income housing district.
To the north and south are the clubs, businesses and shopping areas.
Please state the location of your character at the beginning of your post.



2 days ago

Warehouse District

-she was alone, had been for awhile. Shade sat curled on the ground beside a dumpster. Watching the street bums, gang of delinquents, and foolish passer byers that thought it be ok to walk through the warehouse district of Haven at night. Not many glanced in her direction, they were wise not to. For those who knew Sadie “Shade” McBride, knew that you didn’t mess with her, you didn’t go near her, and at all costs don’t make eye contact with her. Short curly brown hair and amber colored eyes, she was a girl that was just to thin, just to frail looking. Some assumed she was on some massive kinds of drugs, but never had she touched the stuff in her life. She was just that way you know, her lot in life to be the scrawny bastard of a lousy Alpha who couldn’t keep his pack together much less alive for very long. A lone wolf pushed into the solitary life and not by choice but by stupid decisions and fate.

Beside her, a black and white terrier mutt laid on the ground quiet at the moment and tethered to his masters wrist by means of a ragged rope to a thoughtfully stolen dog collar. Her sweet dog and only ‘pack mate’ and she would tear out the throat of anyone that tried to take the beast from her, the leash was only recently a knew addition, because humans had an issue with roaming loyal pets.

Glancing up her eye narrowed in on one man who was walking with some determination glancing down at his watch, his very nice watch, he seemed like he was in a hurry. She wasn’t the only one watching him, she easily spotted some of the wanna-be-gansters eying the man. No one made a move and they were smart to.

Shade stood up rolling her neck she crossed the road her dog at her heels she checked the road once, twice, then crossed making a beeline for the man. Timing it perfectly the man walked right into her, her hands slipped through his coat like lightning just as she was falling backwards slipping the wallet she had just stolen into the sleeve of her coat. She had even cried out in shock for added effect.

What they hell man!” she cried and leaned forward rubbing her ass where she had landed. Her dog began a repartition of rapid barking at the man.

The man grumbled apologies and offered to help her up, weary of the dog as he was. she swatted his hand to the side and stood on her own, “fuck off, watch where your walking next time!” she snapped at him and slide her hands into her pocket, letting the wallet slide into her coat pocket.

Once down the darkened ally and she was sure she was far enough to where his human eyes couldn’t see her, she smiled, “come on.” she said to her dog and together they jogged down the maze of alleyways…making sure they wouldn’t be so easily caught if the man ever found out.

2 days ago


Old cars that no longer were even registered lined the roads, along with trash cans that were overflowing.  Kids ran out and played on the streets and the singing of some Momma who was hanging out her laundry created a feeling that though this was the rough end of town, that life went on.  A daily struggle for many, but to others this was all they knew.  Pimps, pick pockets and prostitutes.  The three P’s.  Gangs were rife and murders..well, they were so regular now that no one seemed to care.  The wail of a siren, the blaring of a fire truck….the echo of another ambulance.  The air was rich with smog and exhaust fumes, mixed in with some home cooking.  It was the Down Town.  Way…down town.

Walking along and kicking a can, we have Skull, a regular kid of these parts.  Skin tight jeans, sneakers, ripped t and hoody.  He didn’t wear colours, cause he was part of no gang.  He was a loner.  Liked his own company, but was ready with a knife if he had to fight for his life.  Knives against guns are often a death in the making, but Skull had speed, and agility.  Not to mention, he was a cool dude.  Never phased and death didn’t scare him.

Minding his own, he happened to see a well to do get into a jam with a slight of a girl and her rope tied mutt.  Watching with a raised brow, he saw the trick.  Watched her hand move slyly into the guy’s coat.  Oldest trick in the book.  Bemused at her antics, and her language to the hapless guy who just got ripped of his wallet, Skull decided to follow the young miss.  He was bored, and she could prove to be the day’s entertainment.

Jogging across the street he followed her down the dark maze of alleys which he knew like the back of his hand.   He whistled as he walked along.  Then leapt up onto an old car body and did a MJ move, complete with crotch grab.  If that didn’t get her attention….nothing would



2 days ago

Warehouse District

-Shade had sensed someone following her, but she didn’t pay much attention to the tail. If they were smart they would eventually get the hint, or someone good Samaritan would tell them, they were in for a world of hurt if they didn’t stop right now. Seems like that wasn’t going to happen.

Whatever she didn’t care, she stopped walking and turned to lean on a brick wall, wearing torn up and dirty jeans, the tares ran all the way up to her hip line to show the pretty pink panties peaking beneath. Her shirt was what was left of a Billy Idol T she scooped off someone’s cloths line…it looked nice, so she took it. Course now all you could see was the name scribbled across the top and some hair, she at some point got into a knife fight with a idiot and lost most of the shirt to blood and tares. As for her coat, it was fairly new, she took it from a gang bitch, tore off the gang members lettering afterward, though she thought that sort of gang marking died off years ago, whatever it worked for her needs.

She pulled out the wallet and flipped it open, strumming through the wallet she discovered that the man didn’t have any cash on him, all he had was cards.

Fuck!” she snapped and kicked the nearest trash pile, disturbing a few rats that scurried across the ground, her dog had to make his displeasure known to, as he started a serious of barking at them.

Just at that moment though, she heard a loud thump of something hitting metal and the loud shout of “Hey!

Turning her amber gaze on the youth that so foolishly called on her, she had a feeling it had been him that had been tailing her. Well he had her attention now, and she wasn’t to happy to see him grabbing his crotch at her either.

Can I help you,” she shouted back, the dog really started barking then.

Glancing down she snapped her finger at her dog, “Hercules…shut it,” she snapped, the dog whined and laid down, going quiet.

You must not be to bright if you decided to follow me,” she said, a feral grin spreading across her face.-

2 days ago

Warehouse District.



Skull found the girl’s demeanor to be amusing.  Telling him that he wasn’t too bright to be following her.  That was a laugh.  Skull leapt down off the car and landed with a grace that was unmistakable.  He reached up and rubbed under his chin thoughtfully, before saying;

“Well expecting there to be cash in a wallet from a guy like that, down in the hood?  Err…heh, I ain’t the one that is stupid.”

He sauntered over, getting closer to her and asked with a bemused expression;  “It was full of cards, right?”  Skull knew that it would be, and winked at the sassy street girl just to add insult to injury.  “Who in their right mind carries wads of cash, unless they just got a big win at the races?  And we are far far from that.”  

Skull looked down at the dog on the rope lead and bared his fangs at him.  Showing he was much more of an animal than the mutt.  “Grrrr…ruff ruff!”  He barked, before flicking back his hoodie and revealing a shock of black hair.  To get a better look at him, you could see that he had the most unusual eyes and the angle of his face.  It wasn’t round, or curved.  More pointed and angular.  He checked out the girl again, and even leaned in to sniff her.

“Ever heard of having a bath?”

Oh what a shocker.


3 hours ago

Warehouse District

Well expecting there to be cash in a wallet from a guy like that, down in the hood?  Err…heh, I ain’t the one that is stupid.” he said back to her after he jumped down from the top of the car.

Shade pushed off the wall and stood up with a legs braced slightly a part, narrowing her gaze as he continued talking to her.  It was full of cards, right? he said to her, and had the balls to wink at her like it was some kind of inside joke. Who in their right mind carries wads of cash, unless they just got a big win at the races?  And we are far far from that.”  

So what if it was just cards, some people are stupid, I’d have been more stupid if I hadn’t taken the chance…and he just happen to be loaded,” she snorted. He growled at her dog and her amber gaze zeroed in on the fangs in his mouth, her nose twitched, instinct telling her not all was as it appeared.

He threw back the hood of his hoodie revealing black hair a face that was clearly not as young as she had assumed he would be, as most in the area were wanna-be punks. No he was older though she couldn’t pinpoint the exact age. He also had unnsual eyes and as he drew closer to her he started sniffing.

She made a face, one between shock and a sneer, Ever heard of having a bath? he said.

Shade reared back her fist and swung at his face, her intention was to leave a permanent print on his face with her pretty rings, stolen, but pretty, “fuck off!!“-

6 minutes ago

Warehouse District.


Skull was street wise, savvy and great to have in a fight.  Sure, he was giving this girl a hard time, and why not?  She looked like she could take it.  Course, he had to go and make the disrespectful comment about whether she knew what a bath was or using one.  The girl reacted angrily and swiftly, but Skull was quick.  He could see that she was going for a punch, the way she drew her arm back.  Oh this was going to hurt… of them.  With lightning reflexes that came from his own race, his left hand shot out and gripped her right wrist, while his right hand came up from underneath and aimed to smack hard against her elbow.  While being in the grip of his left hand, this would incapacitate her well and truly.  Also bring them real close.  Snickering as he had her right where he wanted her, he turned his left hand to check her pretty rings, which would have made quite the marking on his face.

“You steal these too?  Don’t look like you could afford such pretty things.  Unless you got a sugar daddy.”

Skull sniffed her again now they were in close proximity.  His head cocked to the right slightly and he whispered with a dark tone;  “Now, I am going to let you go…but you gotta cool your jets, or we are going to get down and dirty.  I may not like to smack a girl, but I will lay you on your ass.”


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