The Marulos – Aeternam Venustas (RP) – TRC.


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Welcome to the home of The Marulos, one of the richest families to ever come out of Europe. The estate covers a very large area as not only Count Virgo Marulo and his wife, Elvira and their 4 children live here, but they also house Virgo’s entire werewolf pack. There is also a smaller house on the grounds of the estate where their only son, Damion lives with his Alpha mate, Sam Malone (who built both the mansion for The Marulos and the smaller house for himself and Damion).

Clan Name:
Lupus Sarcina

Virgo Marulo

Elvira Marulo
(A succubus demon, but the acknowledged Beta of the pack)

Next in Line:
Dominique Marulo (their eldest daughter)

Clan Motto:
“Integer ante omnes”
(Translation: “Family Before All Others”)

Clan Size:
About 300 werewolves

A day ago

Pool area, Marulo Estate.


The day was a truly warm one, as the summer sun beat down on the pool area that was at the back of the newly built Marulo estate.  Doing laps for the past hour, Virgo was freestyling back and forth, much like an Olympic swimmer, with precision as he went through the tumble turns and back again.  The water glistened as it lapped the sides of the pool where Gerald stood faithfully – towel at the ready.  Finally Virgo made the last sweeping turn and came back to touch the other end, pleased to having had a good work out.  He flipped back his hair, as he swam to the side of the pool and clamboured out.  Dripping onto the granite tiled flooring, Gerald was at the ready and handed Virgo his towel.  Wearing only small speedos, he was typical of his race – packing those speedos like no one’s business.

“Thanks Gerald.  Elvira up yet?”  He quizzed, wondering if his wife was enjoying her lie in.  With the kids now grown they had more time for each other, but Virgo still had his morning rituals and in summer, the day started with a swim.

“No Sir, I believe Sally is checking in on her now.”  Gerald had been with the family as long as could be remembered.  A proud and valued member of the Pack, he served his Master and Lord faithfully and flawlessly all this time.  Virgo gave Gerald a wolfish grin, as he contemplated going up to their master suite and shaking down the excess water on her while she slept.  Gerald knew that wicked glimmer and chuckled.  “I know that look Sir.  Sally would have your hide tanned, regardless of her place.”  


Virgo let out a roar of laughter and slapped Gerald’s back.  “A man can dream…can’t he?”  

Together the two walked towards the patio entrance, where another staffer was ready with yet another towel.  Virgo took it with a wink and wrapped it around himself.  He had a tight schedule that day and already was famished for breakfast.  No doubt Cookie would need to have her wits about her.


“I could eat a horse.”  Virgo stated, rubbing the towel on his head.

“Which one, Sir?” Gerald asked with a bemused expression.

“Yours if you’re not careful.”  

Again the two men laughed, but Virgo then looked serious.  He really was hungry.


A day ago

Family Dining Room

As Virgo was going for his morning swim, his long-time wife and mate, Elvira was in fact sitting at the dining room table, enjoying a cup of coffee and a bagel with cream cheese. Some would be shocked by this as Elvira was a born and bred English woman who lived and died by a great cup of tea. But after a business trip to the Americas with her husband, she had discovered the joy that is Starbucks and had become a convert.

She was also a woman who had become enamored of the current styles of American dress. Her old Victorian-style dresses made way for more modern lines, such as knee-length figure-hugging skirts and tight tops that exposed a nice amount of cleavage. Even her husband loved those types of clothes on her and he did everything possible to try and get her out of them, much to her everlasting amusement.


Sally wandered in from the kitchen, a coffee pot cradled carefully in her hands. She leaned in to refill Elvira’s cup as the latter was reading the newspaper. Elvira glanced up briefly with a smile.

“Thank you, Sally.”

“Mhm.” Sally stated, sounding distracted. Elvira looked at her long-time servant over the top of the paper, one eyebrow arched in question.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” Sally muttered.

“Sally, how long have you been my servant?”

“Hmm…a couple of centuries now.”

“I can tell when something is bothering you. Spill.” Elvira pointed to a chair, indicating Sally should sit.

“I miss the girls.” Sally stated after a lengthy silence.

“Athena and Dominique?”


“I miss them, too.” Elvira sighed.

“Have you heard from them?”

“Athena is with her troupe in Russia and Dominique is in Japan. From what she told me when she called the other night, her latest single has gone Platinum.”

“Did you ever imagine she would be so popular with her music?”

“She was a singer in a burlesque club, for Hell’s sake!” Elvira chuckled. “I never thought her voice would get her this far.”

“Neither did I. And Athena…she’s amazing.” Sally sighed.

“All my girls are amazing. It’s hard to play favorites with them.”

“And you shouldn’t have to.” Sally smiled, getting to her feet. There was the sound of male voices coming nearer and both women turned toward the open doors to see Gerald and Virgo talking animatedly between them. Elvira felt her mouth go dry as she looked over her husband’s well-toned physique. The centuries had been VERY kind to her mate. There wasn’t an anounce of fat on him and he looked very enticing in his choice of swimwear. Even her succubus sat up and took notice. The man never failed to make her melt like butter, no matter what he did or wore.

Sally must have noticed the look on Elvira’s face for she swiftly jabbed her mistress in the shoulder with her elbow. Elvira whipped her head around to glare at her, wondering why she did that.

“You’ve got a bit of drool on your chin.” Sally chuckled before she headed back into the kitchen. Embarassed, Elvira grabbed a napkin to wipe her face before she dived behind the newspaper. It would only server her right if her husband had heard Sally’s remarks.

20 hours ago

Dining Room – Marulo Estate


The sound of voices coming from the dining room, along with the subtle smells of a good morning breakfast had Virgo turn sharply towards the Dining room.  He could see Sally and his adored wife Elvira deep in conversation.  Course, he was still fresh out of the pool, with just a towel around his waist and one in his hand that he used to dry his hair.  Virgo was actually surprised that his beautiful wife was out of bed.  Tossing the wet towel over his shoulder to one of the staffers, he sauntered in, bare chested and still glistening in places.

“Good morning, Ladies.”

Virgo made a bee line for the delicious spread, while Cookie came in with a tray covered plate of bacon.  She gasped as she saw the near naked Count hovering over the danishes.  “Sir!”  Cookie said abrubtly, the tray in her hand shaking.  Virgo looked up, slightly amused and then took the tray from her trembling hands.  Had the woman not seen a man fresh out of the pool before.  “I’ll take that off your hands, Cookie.” Gerald couldn’t hide his smile if he tried as the poor woman huffed and then didn’t know where to look.  “Oh my!”  Cookie blustered, while Gerald coughed loud enough with his curled fist near covering his mouth.  Virgo glanced over at him and raised a brow.  “Shouldn’t you get dressed, Sir?’  Gerald asked, as a flushed faced Cookie went back to the kitchen empty handed.  Virgo looked down at his wet towel around his waist, and then tore it off, leaving only the speedos on.  He tossed the second towel to the nearest staffer and then looked back at Gerald and asked;  “Better?”  

Gerald rolled his eyes, as Virgo took a piece of bacon, and took a bite.  He then wandered over to his wife, who was sitting so daintly in her chair at the table.  Grinning at Sally, he then rubbed his bulge against the back of the chair that Elvira was sitting in, and chortled.  “Elvira loves it.”  He bent down and nipped at her neck, his breath ripe with the scent of cooked bacon.  Knowing that this was likely to cause a scandal he then grabbed the nearest paper, and went upstairs to get dressed for the day, leaving the rest of those in the room to discuss the morning’s news.  From the stairs Virgo sung out;

“Love you, hunny!”

All these years, and Virgo was still as cheeky as when they first met.


Coming back down a good ten minutes later, Virgo was dressed in a day suit in black, with matching shoes and a white shirt, with black tie.  He had a business meeting that morning, and having showered and looking presentable, he was ready to join Elvira for breakfast.  Taking a seat beside her, he reached for the coffee pot and poured himself a cup.  Blowing on the steaming brew, he asked his beloved;

“Heard from the kids?”


16 hours ago

Dining Room

Cookie came in with the tray of bacon she’d been dishing up when she stopped dead in her tracks upon seeing Virgo. The woman, after centuries of being their cook had never gotten used to Virgo’s overt displays of sexuality and today was no exception. The woman was simply scandalized and didn’t know where to turn her gaze.

Virgo, as was his usual, took no notice, even going so far as to take off the towel around his waist and tossing it to Gerald. Elvira nearly swallowed her tongue.

“That is definitely NOT better!” she sent to him through their thoughts.

With a grin, he sauntered up behind her, rubbing his lower body against her back and she had to clamp down tight on the urge to turn in her seat and take him into her mouth then and there. Succubus by nature, it was a struggle not to try and shock the watching staff, although they had done that on more then one occasion over the years.

“Tease!” She snarled as he turned and headed to their room to dress for the day.

He laughed as he left the room, calling out to her as he did. “Love you, hunny!”

“Love you, too.” she giggled.

“He will never change.” Gerald chuckled, shaking his head as bent to kiss Sally on the cheek.

“Do you really expect him to?” Elvira wondered.

“Our lives would be boring if he did.”


Virgo came back down ten minutes later, dressed immaculately in a three-piece business suit. He had taken to the current men’s fashions like a child in a candy store and had a whole closet in their room with just these types of suits.

He sat beside her, pouring himself a cup of coffee. He made it to his own specifications before looking at his wife beside him.

“Heard from the kids?”

“Mhm. Dominique called me last night. She’s in Japan at the moment. She tells me the tour is doing really well but she’s feeling a bit homesick. According to her schedule, she has one more date in Italy then she’ll be coming home for the US leg of her tour. After I ended the call with her, I got a text message from Athena. She’s really enjoying Russia.” She sighed, thinking about her two girls. She missed them when they weren’t home with her. Elvira was definitely feeling Empty Nest Syndrome. With Damion and Sam living in their own home (even if it was on the estate) and Artemis working daily at the factory…She sighed again. She needed to find something to do before she went stir-crazy.

16 hours ago

Dining Room – Marulo Estate.


As always, Virgo was delighted to get news about the children. Long time grown, they had made names for themselves, in entertainment and business which made Virgo a very proud man.  The only down side to this, was that they were so far from home.  The Alpha knew that his wife pined for the children, as they were the true light in her life.  While having two of them close, such as Damion and Artemis; they had some social interaction.  Virgo nodded and showed a wide smile on hearing how well the girls were doing.  The years had made the world smaller, what with planes and the newest social technology which Virgo was still trying to embrace.  It was one thing to look the part in a modern world, but a whole nother thing to understand the changes.  He had long ago accepted his son’s choice to be with a man, and this had led to many happy years for the family.  Why, his son in law as he liked to call him, Sam Malone had designed the wonderful mansion that they called home.  A credit to his talent and skill.

“Dominique is heading back here?  Wonderful.  Soon as she touches down, we have to have her come stay.  Gerald, make sure her old room is ready for her.  I want everything just perfect.”

As Dominique was the next head of the family, Virgo always wanted her to know where her true home was. He reached under the table and ran his hand across his wife’s thigh, smirking as he did so, and a light throaty growl could be heard.  He was always touchy feely when it came to Elvira.  He knew he teased her terribly when he had come in from the pool, but that was something he just couldn’t help.  He was just like that around her.  Hell, if he could, he would have gone starkers.

Only a text message from Athena?  Virgo took out his cell and checked.  Sadly, the girl only seemed to text her mother.  He stabbed at the device a few times, then grunted.  “Can never understand these things.”  Virgo tossed the cell on the table with a dull thud, before looking back at his wife.  He could tell she was unsettled.  He thought for a moment.

“Did you want to come to the office with me today?  Get out of the house?  I could suggest we go and…make more babies if that would give you something to do.”

Did he really just suggest that?  Gerald coughed.  “Remember how sick Elvira got last time she had the twins?”  

Virgo suddenly remembered and then frowned.  He had totally forgotten about that.  He then thought some more.  Beaming, he asked her;  “How about we get involved with the local horse club?  I love seeing you ride…”  Again with the innuendo.


3 hours ago

Sam and Damion’s Residence – Marulo Estate.


Sam Malone was now heralded as a man of vision when it came to the types of buildings and houses that he created with his astute mind for detail and passion for the enviroment.  Having created the sprawling Marulo house, he went on to make one for his lover and mate Damion, but one that would fit in perfectly with the charm and serenity of the New Hampshire area.  Set within the same grounds as Damion’s parents abode, this charming lake side condo had everything a man could ever dream of.  With a spacious floor plan, mutiple levels and walls of glass that allowed the outside to come in, it was a jewel in the estate.  No expense was spared in it’s creation, and Sam made sure to put his own special touch on the design, but allowed Damion free reign on the interior design and furnishings.  Needless to say the result was simply magnificent.

The modern day Sam Malone, had adjusted to the changes that time brought since the heady days of the roaring twenties, when he first met his lover, Damion Marulo.  Their love and courtship was sorely tested by the fact that his father; Virgo had a great deal of trouble accepting the pairing.  He had hoped that Damion would be the next great Alpha to lead the family pack.  That role would fall instead to his sister, Dominique; who was travelling the world in the modern day.  A singer with extroidnary talent, she also had the strong will and determination to one day lead the clan to greatness as her father Virgo had done.

This day had Sam in the kitchen, going over some emails on his notepad while he waited for his coffee to brew.  Dressed impeccably in a smart business suit, he had to go into town to visit with a new client, who had come all the way from upstate New York to put forward ideas for a new housing developement.  The subtle scent of the coffee brewing would be sure to wake his lover Damion from his slumber.

Finishing his emails, he decided to wander down the hall and see if Damion was awake.  He opened the door to their master suite and stepped in with a warm smile.


“Early bird gets the coffee.”


3 hours ago

Dining Room

“Dominique is heading back here? Wonderful. Soon as she touches down, we have to have her come stay. Gerald, make sure her old room is ready for her. I want everything just perfect.”

Elvira felt her husband’s hand caressing her thigh, a light teasing growl rumbling past his lips as he did so. She smirked slightly, feeling her skin heat up a few degrees beneath his hand.

“Don’t start something you can’t finish, darling.” she grinned.

As she had mentioned Athena’s text, he yanked out his phone, pressing random buttons. Annoyed, he tossed it across the table, much to Elvira’s amusement. She patted his arm. “Even the best of us cannot understand technology, my love.” she smiled.

“Did you want to come to the office with me today? Get out of the house? I could suggest we go and…make more babies if that would give you something to do.”

“Remember how sick Elvira got last time she had the twins?” Gerald reminded him. Elvira had to agree. Being sick at the levels she had been when pregnant both times was not something she enjoyed. She loved her children, she hated being sick. And she didn’t think she was ready to breed again. The timing was all wrong.

“Virgo, I know how much you’d like a large family, but I’m not ready just yet.” she told him, hoping he wouldn’t be too disappointed.

“How about we get involved with the local horse club? I love seeing you ride…”

She chuckled darkly and squeezed in closer to him, running her fingers slowly along his inner thigh.

“You just love seeing me in tight pants.” she whispered into his ear, her warm breath sending shivers down his spine.

Sally rolled her eyes at the two of them. After centuries and 4 children together, they were still a couple very much in love.

She shared a look with Gerald, the two of them quietly leaving the Marulos to their breakfast.


Sam and Damion’s Bedroom

Sam had been awake for much longer then Damion. Damion had worked late at the plant the night before, crawling into bed just after 2 am that morning. He was still asleep when Sam went to check on him.

Laying in bed, Damion was oblivious to his mate’s presence, still deeply asleep. The sunlight from the wide windows blanketed his skin in its bright hues, turning Damion’s skin nearly bronze. He wore no shirt, choosing to sleep in a pair of loose sleeping pants that rode low on his hips. He had an arm thrown over his eyes, instinctively blocking out the light of the new day as his body caught up on the sleep he had been missing.

His father had delegated more and more work to his only son, and Damion, in typical Marulo fashion, had brought the company from the bottom to the top, making it one the most successful companies in the world. But it was taking its toll on him and it was beginning to show. But Damion hated to disappoint his father and was glad that his sister had decided to help him.

As he swam up from sleep, feeling a bit warm beneath the rays of the morning sun, a muffled sound caught his attention, that of a door opening.

“Early bird gets the coffee.” a familiar voice murmured near his ear. With a sleepy smile, he came to full wakefulness, removing his arm from his eyes to stare groggily at his husband/mate. He wrapped an arm around Sam’s neck and pulled him in for a deep and loving kiss before drawing back with a small smile.

“Mmm. Good morning.” Damion murmured, his eyes sliding closed as his body wanted to go back to sleep. “What time is it?” he wondered, running his fingers through his hair.


2 hours ago

Marulo Estate
Dining Room.

Out of the corner of Virgo’s eye he could see Gerald and Sally take their leave, so that the couple could speak more freely without being judged.  Virgo as always loved to be touching his wife, and his wandering hand had moved further up her thigh till it slipped to the space within them.  Teasing lightly with his fingers, he held a bemused expression when Elvira stated that he loved to see her in tight pants.  “Pants or not, it doesn’t matter to me.  Watching you ride always has given me a thrill.  Why, is that not how I first met you?  Riding like a wild woman across that open park?”  His voice had a lusty edge – a deep sounding tone that was unmistakable, especially to Elvira.  But as much as he wanted to tease her about the happy memories of another era, he knew that something was troubling her and had been for some time.  He himself was starting to feel like he was behind the times with his own company.  Damion in his mind was doing such a fine job as the new CEO, that Virgo was wondering if he too should start looking at a new venture to keep him busy.  With those dark hues, he stared into his wife’s eyes.

“I think we both need to explore our options on how to spend our days.  Gerald was right about you and being pregnant, as much as I enjoy making our young.  Heh.”

Virgo had not aged in centuries, but time was starting to make things difficult.  Not having the children on hand also meant that he was longing for something more.  Easing back in his chair, though his hand still firmly placed between her thighs, Virgo mused.

“Do you think I have pushed Damion a bit too far with the business?  I mean, its such a success, but I wonder if maybe its time I let go and allow the children to shine.”  Virgo obviously was feeling a little bit more like Elvira than he had come to realize.

A buzzing came from Virgo’s cell phone as it was just out of reach.  The caller name was….”Roxburg.”

Sam and Damion’s Bedroom.

Damion kissed his husband with such love and passion, that Sam couldn’t hold back but return it with his own ignited desire.  A minute or two of heavy petting, and Sam finally came up for air.  He could see that Damion was still tired after his late night and a tad groggy to boot.  Hence the need for coffee.  Asking Sam what time it was, Sam answered; “Just before 8am.  I am pretty sure your first meeting is at….9am.”  Sam it seemed knew Damion’s schedule better than he did.   Pulling back, he looked at the clock.  “Mhm…you have about an hour to get ready.  Want me to go make you some breakfast?”  Sam was usually the one to rise and get things ready for them in the morning, as he knew of his lover’s need for sleep.  He had been working hard to keep up with his father’s wishes, and Sam worried that Damion may suffer from burnout if he wasn’t careful.  Sam went into Damion’s closet and started to hunt for one of Damion’s better suits, leaving his lover to try and wake up some more.


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