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White wolf

Part Eight

“The Deal”



IceTe3a: His hues were examining Valencia as she casually strolled around in the main hall, his brow arched as she pointed out that Eryda was here in fact she was most likely half way around the work, his lips parted as he came to realize she was stating he was alone. Did she think without Eryda he would be weaker? He chuckled slightly to himself as they both knew the extent of his powers, Valencia saw firsthand how he dispatched her husband with ease the vampire lord.. King of all vampires, yet she stood there proclaiming this? Her mood took a turn for the worse as her face turned hideous, a tendency of vampires when you piss them off enough, ”I grow tired of your insolence. You had your chance to be by my side. Now…you can be a meal for my ladies in waiting. GIRLS…HE’S ALL YOURS!” Valencia finally had given up on him all those years of attempting to turn him into her personal toy and she chose the day he decided to get his weaponry upgraded to turn sour, irony had a weird sense of humor. Watching as she strolled back to her throne taking her seat, as his eyes flicked around the room the forms of female vampires appeared, some through the form of mist others walking out of the shadows while the rest materialized as they came out walking from the many pillars. His eyes scanning the room as he was surrounded by the countless female vampires, all their eyes were on him they were waiting for the day to have their chance at taming the white wolf, oh what a status boost it would be to any one of them to tame him, as few licked their lips while others bared their fangs. There had to be at least two hundred of them, all more beautiful than any other female around; their clothing emphasized their beauty. This would almost be any mundane man’s dream come true if only they weren’t so blood hungry for the forbidden blood.. his blood which has now come into open season. Being a Witcher and not just any Witcher an Albino Witcher his blood constantly replenished itself much like his magic life force so he was a never ending treat to any one of them. He thought to himself just what could he do, his vials could possibly help but not in this situation there were too many, and by now they had packed the room circling in around him as he could hear some of them talking in their sensual ways attempting to handle him with words, if they had their way he would be shared around the room between them in not only feeding but more.. sensual pleasures as well, he wasn’t exactly going to allow them to do that to him, he was no one’s toy let alone fuck toy “Valencia…. His eyes started to glow an immense yellow as they glared past the crowd of females to directly glare at her “ You have declared war on the Witchers.. You will not survive the onslaught that will come in the months to come once this is reported. He knew he had the right to dispatch her and her entire female army that stood in this room, but would rather report back to the Witchers guilds when the annual meeting of the guild leaders happened, so all could know of Valencia actions and where to go from there. A slight smirk appeared across his lips as he placed both palms together, crossing all his finger over each other save his two index fingers which pressed together pointing to the roof. The females taken back from his slight movements as they gave slight space all glanced around at each other as little did they know he was commanding one of his most powerful sigil, one that helped him win the Vampire wars years ago, this sigil.. ‘Pia’ was a holy sigil of light, and could be used and twisted to his own needs. *Flashback* the bloodied grounds laid waste to the countless bodies of the Mundane and Vampires as the two armies went at it with each other, the blood sky was in full affect as storm clouds were partial to this war, thunder and lightning striking around, in the distance the roar of both armies and the high chants of the mundane priests echoed across the lands, he was sent to this war to put an end to it.. so many had died in the past years because of the indifference between the mundane and the vampires, he would force a treaty of peace between the two races or exterminate them those were his orders. Standing there in nothing but his leather jeans and boots, his silver sword on his back he had made it to the battle grounds as the battle was half way through, he placed both palms together in front of his chest as his eyes started to glow an immense white, crossing all his finger over each other one at a time as holy runes started to appear across his skin glowing an immense white that it almost came off as blue his two index fingers which pressed together pointing to the roof finished the ritual as an explosion clapped and echoed, two wings of pure light sprung from his back as he stood there his right palm glowing. Raising his right hand as he gripped his blade the bright light from his palm engulfed the entirety of the blade transforming it into a weapon blessed by heaven itself


This form of sigil was very powerful and rare, he happened upon it while doing a deed for a high priest of the Mundane, his entire body was transformed, leaning forward as his knees bent the wind exploded as he was sent flying forwards into the battle almost like he was hovering on the ground at great speeds. His wings slowly moving about as he passed Mundane and Vampires alike, each stopping their fight as they glanced over at him, he was only after one person Victor.. the king of all vampires, his hues glanced around as he finally saw waves of Mundane flying into the sky as they screamed in terror for the hits of a powerful weapon


“Vicotr..!!!! “ he shouted as he came to a land in the centre of the countless Mundane surrounding the vampire king. “This ends now Victor.. with your head attached or with it separated either way.. this war is over… “ He looked as Victor turned to face him their eyes glaring at each other, Victor charged towards him his weapon held high as he raised his own weapon; charging back they met half way as their swords collided with a great crash of thunder the entire battlefield engulfed in a white glow as their eyes were temporarily blinded from the white blast. *Flashback end* But this time.. he was just going to create a holy light to engulf the room, his eyes were engulfed in pure white as his palms started to glow“Goodbye.. Valencia” The room was engulfed in a white flash as the females screamed out in pain, the ones closer to him were sure to be incinerated as the others would suffer temporary burns. By the time the room came to normal the only thing that stood in his place was a circular burn on the floor as he had made his escape out of the Vampires castle whilst they were distracted and was making his way to find Cali.

He smirked as he watched her slowly unclip her cloak, it gracefully fell down her body onto the floor as it revealed her more or less clothing she chose to wear it left nothing to the imagination as she wore clothing that complimented her bodies figure. He sat up in his chair as his eyes looked her up and down, what a woman he thought to himself, her husband is a lucky man. ”We have a deal.” the words almost caressed his face as he heard them. Watching as her slender fingers gripped the table and tossed it out of the way, she slowly approached him as he watched her sensual movements, only to be pushed down onto his back on the floor he landed with a thud as she stood on top of him, his eyes looking her over with a smirk. His hues shot blood red as he clicked his fingers, his image shrouded under her as his form disappears and the form of her husband appeared laying on his back under her feet, he had taken his form that was obvious was …
IceTe3a: it to make it easier on her? Or to make sure she doesn’t hold back on her end of the deal.. to be rough, a reminder perhaps? “Teach me the meaning of pain..” he said but it came out in her husband’s voice, how would she feel about that?

CharlotteCarrendar: – Valencia’s pride and anger had made her vulnerable in this moment, for though she thought that the Witcher would be no match for the likes of over two hundred vampire maidens attempting to feed and pleasure themselves with his light coloured body she forgot that this was the very same Witcher who had brought about the end of her own husband –the King in a battle that was between mundane and vampire kind. Her sickening laugh was to soon fade away, as did her cruel smile when the Witcher announced that she had brought about a war that would be Witchers guilds versus her very realm for her disrespect. Hissing violently from her fur covered throne, she rose slowly, like a King Cobra that was preparing to strike. Her nails on each hand appeared to lengthen into what would be described as dark talons, while her beautiful dress began to tear and stretch as the true inner beast – the vampire Queen was about to reveal her true form. Grotesque and vile, with skin the colour green, and hair that was flashings of red on black –she was truly the sight that made you want to claw out your own eyes. Each of her maidens followed suit, with great wings unfurling upon their backs. They were all the shape of women, but now the more obvious parts of their anatomy seemed to meld into their skin, again with a sickly hue. Like a corpse that had been animated in a vile display. Horrific would be a good word. All around the Witcher they gathered on mass, wings beating in a show of strength as he did just declare war. Becoming airborne, the Queen hovered in the air and screeched. ”The Witchers guilds shall not know of your report, if you are dead!” She raised her arms and cackled as a sign for all her maidens of blood to attack. But at this moment, it was when the Witcher would unveil his most deadly sigil. A blast of light that was like the very sun itself was shining its light directly into the hallowed sanctum of the Queen. The affect was immediate. As many as a hundred vampire maidens were turned to ash, incinerated by the blast of light. Beyond them, others were suffering serious burns, their eyes turning white and becoming blind. They cried and screamed, reaching out for each other for comfort, as the Queen herself copped a good blast of light. Her body catching fire and she fell from the sky, only to land in a smouldering heap on the floor. Her wings barely able to beat, as she tried in vain to fight to stand again. It was pitiful as it was demoralizing to her kind. The Witcher had won this round, and with the threat of war to come within the coming months, the Queen had truly bitten off far more than she could chew. Her screams and wails could be heard for miles, and this reached the ears of Eryda. The red Witcher was galloping towards the Vampire mountain. Was she too late?

Within the blacksmith shop, the Blood Elf was reeling from what she was seeing now beneath her. The Vampire known as Vlad had changed his image through glamour to be that of her lost husband. The trickery, as it appeared to be worked a treat with the Blood elf, who started to tear off his shirt, her long nails digging into his flesh as she panted like that of a hungry animal. Cali struck a deal with the Vampire to get information, but this being now looked exactly like him, sounded like him. He wanted to know pain. What greater pain was there than to feel he had been lost to her forever. The Blood elf gripped his head in her hands, and seared a bruising kiss to his lips, that also saw her biting at his bottom lip – pulling at it as she bore her weight down on him. <3>

IceTe3a: He watched as she teared up slightly, her finger nails dug into his skin as his skin shivered in response his shirt torn from his very body as she forced a burning kiss upon his lips. Her teeth sinking into his bottom lips as she tugged at it he could feel her weight being pressed down on him. He smiled at her as his hands ran up her back softly his fingers would trail against her skin “ You will be reunited with me soon” he said and once again it came out in her husband’s voice, his lips kissing her back with a fierce passion as his hand reached her hair, his fingers raking through it gently while he continued to kiss her. : Strolling down the main road towards Vlad’s he could hear the crying pain screams of the vampire queen as people rushed up towards the castle to see what was going on they were more curious than worried. He knew he would have to collect Cali and go to the Guild meeting where all the masters meet, he would need to report that he had just brought them into a war again, they would not be happy. As he made his way down the path he could not see Mersa nor Cali as he continued to look around for them through the shops he arched a brow as he walked over towards Vlad’s shop, glancing in he saw the overturned table. With a slight smirk he opened the door to interrupt them“Cali, get off him. Vlad tell her what she wants’ to know, the queen has claimed war on the Witchers guilds we need to leave now. For all our sakes. “ He glanced down to Mersa who was happy to see him, waking up with a big yawn she came to a stand and nuzzled his cheek as she strolled outside, “My weapons better have been done” : Vlad heard the door open and then smelled the White wolf just as he spoke “Cali, get off him. Vlad tell her what she wants’ to know, the queen has claimed war on the Witchers guilds we need to leave now. For all our sakes. “ he got up with ease whilst Cali was on top, coming to a stand he had dragged Cali to her feet as well as he was in shock of what the queen had done“What?! She is crazy.. Please inform them that this is the direct statement of her and no one else wishes to break the treaty” he knew what that meant if he was found with the White wolf or Cali he would have to answer for it, and the treaty could be broken for his kind. He would need to overthrow the queen and put someone else in power of the throne.. perhaps him maybe “We must overthrow the queen.. Go now my friend “ he tossed the newly formed blades to the White wolf and turned towards Cali with a slight smile, his form turned back to his own as he caressed her cheek with the back of his hand “Your husband is a lucky man my dear… You will find him in the Mundane main city of Carthal, under the slave chains of its queen, she is worse than our queen.. If your husband is anything like you, you won’t have long until she disposes of him from boredom “ he of course was referring to her stubborn and defiant ways, as he touched her he showed her exactly where he was being kept through imagery in her mind. “Now go and free your loved one, White wolf.. We will be in touch” : He caught the new swords as he examined them noting how light weight they were, he obviously embuned them with magic whilst restructuring them completely, they were whole new swords, as he strapped them to his back again he walked over to Cali and grabbed her by the hand basically dragging her out of Vlad’s shop “I will tell the guild that this is her doing and try to save the treaty, I believe you should speak for your people Vlad. They need a king, not a slut of a queen” as he walked out of the shop he rounded on Cali as he shook his head glancing at her, throwing her coat at her he sighed “Anything to save your husband huh? Get a move on “ he said as Mersa came to walk up beside him, they started to head straight for the main gates leading towards the large Cravasse.

CharlotteCarrendar:- The Vampire’s trickery was resourceful when he wanted something, and under the glamour guise of the Blood elf male, with the same soothing voice he had invoked within the female the burning need to be reunited with him. Cali seemed to even forget that this man she was kissing, this Vampire was not her husband at all, but his whispered words and stroking had her captivated and she naturally responded with a fervour that was sure to sate his desire to be treated roughly. She was about to rip off her bodice when suddenly she heard the voice of Xo the Witcher coming up behind them. “Cali, get off him. Vlad tell her what she wants’ to know, the queen has claimed war on the Witchers guilds we need to leave now. For all our sakes. “ Cali gasped and looked back over her shoulder to see him standing there, patting the Warg and looking a bit miffed with what he had found. The Vampire was quick to stand on hearing that the Queen had broken the treaty in her wicked scheme to try and tame and make a pet out of Xo. Being almost dragged to her feet, Cali was quick to get her cloak and fasten back around her – suddenly feeling the need to cover herself. She felt sick and dirty when she looked back to see Vlad back to his normal appearance. But the conversation was now between the two men, as the situation had turned dire for them all. No doubt the Queen would recover and then seek to rid the Witcher and his companions from her land. As she strapped back on her pole arm, she felt the touch of the Vampire black smith’s hand to her face. She almost wanted to flinch away since she felt she had dishonoured her husband in her vain attempt to learn of his whereabouts. The Vampire gave the information now freely. ] “Your husband is a lucky man my dear… You will find him in the Mundane main city of Carthal, under the slave chains of its queen, she is worse than our queen.” Cali muttered under her breath a word of thanks, and then with her head bowed she quickly left the Black smith shop, well aware that the Witcher was probably going to roast her for what he had seen her do. She pulled up her hood and waited near the Warg and sure enough the Witcher didn’t disappoint. “Anything to save your husband huh? Get a move on “ Cali shrugged her shoulders as she caught the coat he threw at her and continued to mutter under her breath, her lips still stinging from the Vampire’s kiss. But as they headed out of the township, a great horse thundered up the road, ridden by a woman with flowing red hair. As soon as she came into eyeshot, you could hear her make a loud whooping sound as she brought the horse up to stand on two feet. Bringing the horse down, Eryda recognised Xo and leapt off the horse. She was breathing hard thinking the Vampire Queen finally had him under her spell. Now she could see him walking along with ANOTHER woman? She marched right up to Xo and then took a swing at him. A punch to the jaw. Should it land she would stand with hands on hips and bark. ”I just rode the last ten miles at full gallop cause I was worried about you!” Talk about a way to meet the Mrs. She stared at Cali, who got such a fright, she ran around behind the Warg. ”Whose that?!” Eryda ordered waiting for Xo to speak. <3>

IceTe3a: He watched as Cali walked ahead muttering to herself, he shook his head wondering just what lengths she would go to, to save her husband. He was watching her as he saw a horse riding directly for him, as it came closer he arched a brow noting just who it was. The horse bucked up onto its hinged legs as it came down Eryda came jumping off the horse as she walked straight up to him, she swung a punch at him and it stuck true on the side of his jaw, his head sent flying to the side as he chuckled slightly, noting that Cali ran behind Mersa. “Lovely to see you to darling.. “ he smiled as he came to stand straight again his lip cracked and bleeding slightly, as he glanced back to Cali “That’s Cali, she’s a paying Client. Cali.. Meet Eryda my wife. “ he smiled as he looked Eryda up and down only the kind of look a lover would give, as he walked up to Eryda he wrapped his arm around her waist and turned her so she walked with him, Mersa following suit leaving Cali to cower alone. “ Come on Cali, Eryda.. pleasantries later for now lets get out of here before the Queen finds and kills us. She’s proclaimed war on Witchers Eryda, we need to get to the meeting of the masters and tell them” As they walked down the street they could hear Vlad yelling about how the Queen is jeopardizing their treaty with the Witchers and how she’s proclaimed war, he was making his move. : He waited a while before he would do anything, composing himself he walked straight out the door as the crowd massed in the streets all chatting and wondering as they pointed towards the castle. “My people! The queen has gone crazy!! She announced war on the Witchers guilds, Dooming us all as she breaks the Treaty!! We do not have to stand for this!! I have advised the White wolf none of us wish for a war nor to break the treaty!! He will aid us in our war against the Queen and her army!! To take back our city and continue the treaty !! Make me your king and I shall promise you this and more!! “ he shouted to the masses as he flashed his white fangs. Vlad was a high ranked noble male, stronger than the other males and everyone knew of his blessing so no one opposed him, they all cheered and shouted his name stating they were with him, others now cursing the queens name for trying to bring another war. It was to easy.. all it took was a visit from the White Wolf and he would see himself king of the Vampire realm, he would bring them back up in the ranks of mankind a respectable and powerful race once more.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Eryda cocked a brow when hearing that the cowering Cali was a paying client. ”Really? What the devil is she?’ Eryda may have travelled far and wide across the many lands of their realms but this was the first time she had encountered a blood elf. The ears were so long and those eyebrows. Not at all what Eryda would say was attractive on a woman. Still, she was never one for competition. Having given Xo what she would call a lover’s greeting – ie the punch, she was amused to see he was bleeding. Of course, he looked down at her with a fondness that was reserved for a mate. She cut a striking figure in her leather pants, boots and tight bustier. She was not dainty by any sense of the word, but she had it where it counted. A fullness of figure that would give a man much to explore with wandering hands beneath the furs. Feeling Xo put his arm around her, Eryda walked along casually with him as thought nothing had happened, her horse following along behind the Warg. This left Cali on her own. But Cali got a whiff of the blood that was trickling down the Witcher’s chin and licked her lips, fighting her burning need to feed off him. She had become addicted to his energy, his blood. Little by little becoming more and more caught in his web, whether he understood this yet or not. Hearing that the Queen had broken the treaty and that their lives were in jeopardy if they hung around, Eryda rolled her eyes. ”Let me guess, she tried to woo you to her bed and be her new footstool. When is that woman ever going to learn? Hope you sizzled her ass this time. I have a good mind to go in there and give her a piece of my mind.” Eryda was feisty to say the least, but she knew that there was an urgency in Xo’s voice that he wanted to get to the Guild council as soon as they could. If Vlad could not take control of the Queen’s lands there was going to be another war. Eryda slapped her love’s backside hard as they walked along. ”So what else have I missed? You and this…Cali been causing havoc across the mundane lands?’ <3>

IceTe3a: – He smiled as he walked along the path through the gates over towards the large mountain crevasse “She is a Blood elf, and a paying client, How was the job?” he felt her slap his ass as he arched a brow, glancing over to her he smirked as he heard Mersa walking around behind him with Cali following close “ You could say that, We have been travelling since the Dark forest, took out a den of werewolves. They are massing armies all over the realm “ this was partly why he needed to see the guilds masters to advise them that not only has the vampire queen declared war but the werewolves were massing armies in greater numbers than what they have already seen. “The guild hall is up in the snowy mountains, they meet in a week’s time. We should just make it for when they arrive, If they’ll be happy to see us is another thing entirely” shaking his head he turned to Mersa and climbed up on her. Looking down at Eryda he smirked “This is Mersa, we are pact. She’s a lot smarter and faster than that horse you ride.” he chuckled at his own tease as he pulled Cali up to sit behind him on Mersa. Waiting for Eryda to climb up on her horse he directed Mersa to walk beside the horse as they slowly travelled through the crevasse “We should resupply for the cold weather before we hit the trail, Any suggestions in the closest town? “ : With the vampires now Rallied behind vlad he had all the power and support he needed, no doubt the queen would hear of this. As they charged the castle they found it lacking her presence, as one of the noble females advised she had escaped before they could kill her taking her personal army. This left Vlad with an empty throne, a kingdom, the vampire army without leadership and a castle full of noble females, more sexy.. dangerous females than he could deal with oh but he would try. Slowly he walked up to the throne as the crowd cheered his name, as he turned around standing in front of the throne “Do you accept me as your king!?! Here now and forever more!! the crowd cheering in acceptance as he took his seat they all bowed down onto a knee,. “Good, live your daily lives, leave the hard labor to me. Tonight we party and feast in the new era of the vampires!” the common folk left the castle grounds wondering back to their own homes and place of work, leaving Vlad alone in a castle full of wondering female vampires, leaning back against the throne he rests his chin on his clamped hand, his hues glancing around at the passing females. The castle décor and the castle itself started to change form, suiting to his likings as did his clothing, he would need to choose brides this much was expected of him, but who.. which one, he knew so little and they all knew a lot.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Eryda’s interest in Cali piqued when Xo mentioned she was a blood elf. Immediately she became suspicious, not because the girl was paying but more to how the creature was around her husband. Females, as far as Eryda was concerned could never be trusted. Eyrda was about to ask another question, when Xo asked her about her job. Shrugging lightly, like the last job really was a non event; she smacked her lips and said. ”A pirate king who had gotten himself into a spot of bother with one of the neighbouring kingdoms. Kidnapped the Queen and was rumoured to be doing unspeakable things to her. Eh, so I was hired to do the rescue. When i got to the ship however, from the sounds coming from the Pirate King’s quarters, the damn slag was the one that was doing all the torture. Honestly, the pair deserved each other. All I had to do was show proof and headed back to the Kingdom with the Queen in tow…and last I recall she was hung for her infidelity. “ By the jingling sound coming from Eryda’s purse she had earnt herself a right fee for her efforts. ”King asked me to stay and take her place. Naturally I declined.” This was said with a wink, before she whistled for her horse. On hearing they were off to the guild hall, which was located in the Snowy Mountains, Eryda agreed that they would need to stop for provisions and warmer garb before continuing on. Mounting her horse, after watching Xo help the Blood elf to sit in behind him, Eryda adjusted herself in the saddle, and then added. ”If half of what you have told me is true, the Council is going to be most displeased with …..us.” She had to add the us, since even though it was the Witcher and Cali that caused some of the current strife; she was his partner and mate through thick and thin. Looking ahead, Eryda gave a curt nod as to where to stop for provisions. ”Dante’s pass. That is the last outpost before the trek climb. Should take a few hours tops.” Her horse kept up alongside the Warg, while the Blood elf wrapped her arms around the Witcher. She could still smell the blood on his face, and this made her shiver with an unusual eagerness. Her addiction was getting worse. This would not go unnoticed by Eryda, who was now keeping a close eye on the blood elf. <3>

IceTe3a: – He shrugged lightly as he knew she was right the guild masters would be quite upset with him “When aren’t they upset with me? They lack the ability to control me so this obviously pisses them off “ he smirked as his eyes gleamed yellow, he could feel Cali holding around his waist as they rode, she was being unusually quiet. They headed towards Dante’s pass as Eyrda had suggested “Good idea, it’s along the way and they would have what we need.” He was oblivious to Cali’s new found addiction as he continued to ride east towards Dante’s pass with Eyrda riding along side on her horse “The king would have a death wish to attempt in stealing my wife” he gave Eyrda a smirking sideways glance “Cali’s husband made his way into our realm from another realm, she’s here to look for him. Apparently he’s in a bit of trouble” he was filling in Eyrda of what exactly was going on, eventually he would have to fulfil his bargain with Cali and take her to the Mundane kingdom where he was last seen alive. “ Cali the kingdom of the Mundane is up around the snowy mountains, so the meeting hall is on the way. Are you ok with this?” light slowly started to turn to dark as nightfall came just as they reached the boarders of Dante’s pass, he sighed slightly in relief as it had been a long ride, pointing over to the local tavern “We should spend the night, eat and have a good rest. We can trek on dawn once we get our supplies” he glanced over to Eyrda, suddenly a loud growling roar could be heard as he arched a brow his hues glance over into the distance “Frost trolls seemed to have come down from the mountain, Eyrda why don’t you take this one dear. “ he smirked as his eyes locked over at hers whilst he rode Mersa past her towards the frost trolls, as he strolled through the town closer to the frost trolls he could hear their movements and grunts they were on the edge of town on the other side, so no harm to any townspeople yet perhaps they were after some of the farm animals on that side of town.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Xo had a point with the Witcher council. They usually had a beef with his antics, but that was only because his methods were a little unorthodox. She could never imagine any of them ever being able to control him. Hell, she couldn’t and had known that from the start of their courtship. But in a way, she was a lot like him, being head strong and independent. It was half the reason she would go off on her own adventures to fill her purse and learn more about the ways of others. Knowledge was something they treasured and they always wanted to learn more. Eryda tried not to keep staring at the Blood Elf, who was quietly holding onto the Witcher as they both rode the Warg. It was probably a good thing she held her tongue, as the newly reunited Witcher couple were still discussing the upcoming trade station, and just what Eryda had been doing with herself in the months that he and she had been apart. The red witcher laughed at Xo’s suggestion that he would kill the King if he so dared to steal her from him. Little did the Witcher know just what the King was like. ”The King would be no match for the likes of you, or me dare I say it. A scrawny man, with a comb over. No muscular build. Weak blue eyes and skin that looked spotty from memory. For one, a girl like me would break him like a twig.” She let out another laugh just thinking of it. ”I am honoured with the sentiment however, love.” Eryda said with a smile, as she gave her horse a little kick to keep up with the towering Warg. Her horse was quite a bit smaller and the going was getting rough. Just as they discussed supplies, there was a terrible sound. A long loud growl coming from the distance. Frost trolls. ”Ah, just what I needed after a long ride in the saddle.” She jumped down off her horse and smacked its ass to get it to follow along with the Warg and her mate, who had gone on ahead. She took out her sword and held it defensively as she walked along behind, keeping up the rear. No doubt they were hungry, but whose blood would they lust for. <3>