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White Wolf

Part Seven

“The Red Witcher”



IceTe3a: His hues following her slowly as she offered him a drink of blood, a slight smirk from her next comment as he grunted “Playing coy are we.. Valencia? “ his eyes flickered around the room as all the other female vampires had left as per her orders. “Every fort has its weaknesses Valencia… Would you like me to attack your grand city to show you the flaws? “ he smirked as his head turned as she started to walk around him, he continued to keep an eye on him whilst she circled him “ There would be more than one den, and who knows how many Weres, I came to ask if you were to do anything. Nothing more, Nothing less Valencia” he knew exactly what she really wanted as the back of her hand caressed the right side of his face, his hues glance into hers unfazed at all, allowing her to linger for but a moment before he brushed her off. He walked over to the table that sat centre in the room as he leaned back against it, his arms folded over his chest. “The treaty states we are not allies but under a long peace. We will not help you in any war, In saying that Valencia.. Don’t give me wrong reason to come back here” he glanced over at her, as he left it to her to understand his threat. “if you know of the wolves at your door then my work is done here, I’ll take my leave. Unless we have anything else to bring to the table” slowly he scanned to room wondering if the other female vampires were around, it wasn’t smart of him to walk in alone and unarmed in a castle full of female Vampires, but he didn’t worry.

Vlad watched as his eyes glowed a bright red, suddenly the old female vampire exploded leaving a bloody puddle on the floor. The crowd started to wonder off as the entertainment had finally finished, people wondered back to their usual jobs leaving Vlad standing there watching the elf s he could hear her breath. His eyes flickered to the Warg as he smirked, walking up to Cali he passed the Warg as she gave him one sniff and noting he had Xo’s scent on him. “Quite a display of power, elf. No doubt you’re with the White wolf? “ he chuckled as his fingers briskly clawed through the Wargs fur, she let of a murmur as she was enjoying the pat. Obviously Mersa knew Vlad was a friend of Xo’s from the strong scent coming from him, she could smell him but not his blood so she had obviously put two and two together. “You keep what you kill in this town, take what wears you want from the old hags shop then come visit me at my blacksmith, I’m sure you’ll find something useful in there” He then left her in the street as he walked back to his shop, wondering just what her story was. He overheard her asking about a male’s location and caught the entire convocation between the two, she obviously lost someone dear and was searching for him, perhaps with the White Wolfs help. Opening his door, it swung casually as he entered it closed behind him. Taking up his usual spot behind the counter on the chair, his legs sprawled up on the counter itself as he picked up his usual book that he had read thousands of times before, was this elf White Wolfs replacement lover? Did the other half know about this new female? Oh so many a question, such drama; this was getting interesting.

CharlotteCarrendar:- Valencia cooed softly as Xo accused her of playing coy. Naturally she was one that knew how to turn on the charm when she wanted too. The room was now eerie as it fell silent as the other vampires knew it was not wise to interrupt the Queen as she tried to groom the Witcher to fall for her charms. She even chewed her bottom lip and let out a light chuckle, which sounded oddly menacing with her deep accent. The Queen’s body language was like that of a snake, moving in a fluid fashion before him, trying to silently entice him with her womanly wiles. She listened as he made mention of how every fort had a weakness. That he would be willing to show her the City’s flaws as proof that he was not one to be trifled with. The Queen didn’t stop in her circling. She found his word play to be filled with double meanings.”What is your weakness, my Witcher? I am sure you could lay waste to my city if you so wished. But I am far more interested in you.” Stopping only when the Witcher mentioned the Were’s again, she rolled her eyes as though the thought of the Were doing anything was boring. She much rather feast forever on the Witcher’s rich blood. Watching the Witcher walk towards a table, then spin and lean against it with his arms folded, the Queen tilted her head back and forth and then with a very wicked grin, she said simply. ”If the Were came near, I happen to know that my army would fell them all within a day, and I would never be short of a rug in the many rooms of my castle.” So sure was she that her army was up to stop the Were menace if she should give the order. Slowly she started to close the distance between them and draped her arms around his neck. The Queen’s tongue slithered out of her mouth –ripe and red in colour. She licked the Witcher’s neck in one slow move of her head. Valencia growled playfully, as her nails dragged across the back of his neck and settled on his shoulders. ”Wars are boring. I’d rather talk about you…and me.” Her eyebrows wiggled as she shimmied against his chest with her ample bosom.

Cali shot a look over her shoulder as she heard the approach of the Vampire named Vlad. The market village had more or less returned to normal as the fight between the Blood Elf and the merchant Vampire ended. The oozing remains of the merchant seeped into the very earth and left behind nothing but her stall and slaves. The mundane blood slaves all cowered thinking they were going to be next – their cries grew quiet on the arrival of Vlad. He commented that she had shown a great deal of power in dispatching of the old vampire, and Cali merely shrugged. She cared not for the old woman, only what she could tell her about her lost husband. No doubt you’re with the White wolf? “ Strapping her pole arm on her back, the Blood elf nodded. ”Aye, I am. What is it to you?” Course, she had no idea about the friendship between Vlad and Xo so her question was an obvious one. She turned and stepped out from under the Warg, who was growling happily from Vlad’s pat. “You keep what you kill in this town, take what wears you want from the old hags shop then come visit me at my blacksmith” Watching him walk away, Cali quickly glanced at the stall which was mainly cloth and fine scarves. Bundling up a few into a larger cloak, she tied it off and hung it off her polearm, before walking over to the blacksmith’s shop. ”Come on, Warg.” Cali said, thinking the Warg may follow her. Reaching the door, she opened it taking a quick look to see if she was being followed then entered. <3>

IceTea: He arched a brow as he felt her slowly brush up against him, her fingers slowly caressing his body as his eyes never left hers, he was used to her touch it was nothing new to him. As she asked what his weakness was he chuckled “I wasn’t bred with weakness, only power. “ he could feel her body pressed against her as she said how easily her army of a few thousand vampires would destroy the Were’s with ease. He chuckled as he arched a brow “Oh.. but of course “as he felt her nails grazing his back, her tongue found his neck but that’s as close as she would ever get to tasting him. As his hands wrapped around her gently “ You and your kind may be dwindling in numbers.. but you’re strong” he smirked as he slowly lowered her down onto the floor on her back, as he came down on his knees over her his eyes looking into hers as he smirked, with a slide of the hand a silver dollar appears in between his fingers “What’s.. One were.. right? Compared to your army “ he smirked and dropped the silver dollar as it fell down, hitting her skin as it singed her and bounced off from the impact. He chuckled as he arched a brow, now two silver dollars in between his fingers “Or two… weres he does the same thing, they fell, singed and bounced off as he chuckled again. His hand now empty as he closed it, holding it above her “How about.. a thousands weres.. as he opened his palm slightly his eyes were glowing a bright yellow he was obviously using magic, as silver dollars starts to pour out of his hand, falling down and resting on her skin as it started to burn her “Or ten thousand weres.. Your army can handle ten thousand.. right?” the flow of the falling coins starts to increase as more and more fell down covering her, smoke starts to rise as his eyes never left hers “What about.. a hundred thousand were’s “ as her body was almost engulfed in silver dollars leaving only her eyes and mouth uncovered as the dollars continued to fall he got up and stood next to her “If you can’t handle a few thousand silver dollars, how’s your army supposed to handle a hundred thousand weres? You will be overrun by sheer numbers. His eyes stopped glowing as the silver dollars vanish leaving her without a mark, it was a illusion spell he used on her when she got close to him, a slight smirk against his lips as he arched a brow [b] “It seems to me Queen.. you’re in more trouble than you think, and how are you to tame me when you deep in your neck with Were’s? I shall take my leave now. “ he turned as he left her laying on the floor, he started to walk towards the front door.

A short amount of time passed as he was waiting for the elf to come into the shop, he glanced around his shop taking note of different styles of weaponry and different styles of making each weapon was hung up on the wall, among armors and clothing styles he had made. He smirked as he was proud of his crafts, hearing the door open as he watched the elf look behind her checking no one was following he chuckled slightly to himself as he watched her enter the store“Welcome to my shop, feel free to browse around. No doubt you have questions.” his eyes glanced up to hers as he smirked before glancing back down to his book and continued to read. “And yes, I made everything you see. “ : Mersa watched as Cali walked into the shop, she grunted slightly as she walked to the shop herself and laid down right in front of the shop, she was guarding the front door making sure no one would enter and disturb them, with a slight yawn she lazily drifted off to sleep.

CharlotteCarrendar:- On a mountain road about a day’s ride away, a lone being walked the dusty trail that led from a neighbouring mundane enclave. With a heavy purse, the female had done her duty and been paid handsomely for dispatching the den of thieves that had plagued a city port to near ruin. She had left Xo’s side some months before, and now was on the trail to be reunited with her bonded mate. Long nights by campfires and days spent alone on the hunt had left her longing to be by his side and fight with him. Words and whispers had spoke of the Witcher on the road to the Vampire kingdom, no doubt there was troubles in that land and sure enough if Eryda knew her mate, the Queen would be about to sink her teeth into him if given the chance. With flowing red hair that was swept from her shoulders as she walked, the female Witcher was about to find more than just her mate. A lot more.

Within the Queen’s castle, Valencia’s plans to make the Witcher her new addition weren’t exactly going to plan. At first she thought that luck was on her side, when he laid her down on the floor – her black hair spilling out and creating a frame around her face as she grinned at his words that complimented her kind on strength. Naturally, she could only think of her on wants at this point and not be trifled with facts and numbers on the cost of war. However, it was when he made a silver dollar drop from his hand and singe her skin, that the smile soon evaporated. Her eyes darkened, while he brought out two more coins, dropping them on her so that each time she was burnt by the precious metal. ”STOP THAT!” A loud hiss emitting from between her lips, while her voice grew louder. Suddenly, there was that bright shine of yellow in his eyes and then more and more silver dollars appeared. Raining down in a torrent, that had her burning and screaming wildly. The Queen screamed and cried out as the silver coins were about to consume her whole. His magic had truly bewitched her into believing that this torture was real. Smoke, the smell of burning flesh was ripe and the Queen soon got the message that the silver dollars were to be likened to the Were invasion should it happen. Her arms raised up out of the coin deluge and she bared her fangs in defiance, as the coins all but stopped and vanished. The Witcher got up from where he had been kneeling and the Queen had to compose herself before she did the same. Her hands quickly running over her body, her face for scars. Eyes of the darkest red blazed as she rose from her place on the floor to standing. In the blink of an eye she went from being behind him to blocking his exit at the door. ”That…was not nice.” Valencia snarled, her temper truly frayed. ”I offer you a life of luxury as my personal servant and you do your wicked tricks.” It was clear that the Queen had not quite given up on her desires, but she did come to reason with him about the Weres. ”My kind did not start some kind of war to make the Were increase their number. If they had wanted to attack, they would have. Has it occurred to you, that perhaps they are after…something else?’ She did of course mean the mundane kingdoms. Would he buy it? Was she being honest in this moment of high tension?

Looking over the many weapons on display at the Black smith’s shop, she reached out and ran her finger along one long sword that took her fancy. Not normally one to wield such a weapon, it was well crafted, and had lettering on it she had not ever seen before. Each weapon she came to note had been crafted as though each had a special signature, a special kind of magic added. Hearing the Warg enter the shop then settle, the blood elf started to feel more at ease. She reached for the long sword, and then held it with her right hand, slowly swinging it through the air. ”You do beautiful work. I am impressed. Not seen this sort of weaponry before. Are you self taught?’ The blood elf was genuinely intrigued, and waited for his answer. <3>

IceTe3a: – She appeared before his eyes as he arched a brow she was now blocking his way out as he chuckled, shaking his head at her statement “And you think you of all people can tame me? I am spoken for. “ he folds his arms on his chest again as he waits for her to move, then she starts talking about the Weres as he breaks out into a laughter “Now you want to discuss the were’s? Please, The mundane are nothing more than food for Were’s everyone knows you’re their mortal enemy. You either did something to provoke them, or they are prepping to finally kill you. he turned on his heels and paced around the hall for a moment before spinning back to face her “Now.. You saw what I did earlier, get out of my way” glancing around he arched a brow “You will never have me, and there isn’t enough of your females in this castle to take me down forcefully. So one last time.. Move or have at me. “ 

Looking up from his book as he watched her pick up a long sword that he had crafted, a slight smirk as he raised a brow“Indeed I am, I believe the weapon.. creates itself and chooses its wielder, That.. is Nex the blade of a thousand souls. Its magic is yet to be unlocked, only when it’s true master claims it, will it show its true form and power. He smirked wondering if she knew each weapon was made for only one person that the weapon chooses the bearer. He arched a brow as he noticed the warg sitting in his shop, with flick of his wrists a slab of meat flies out from the back room and down towards the Warg, as he watches her happily chew on it. [b] “And yourself, looking for someone..? A husband I believe, Queen of the Mundane, a female mage. “ he knew she would want more information off him, but it would cost her, and cost her dearly. As his eyes looked down towards his book as if he said it in causal talk.

CharlotteCarrendar:- The Vampire Queen was pretty confident that she could tame the Witcher, but of course half the fun was in the chase and as of yet she had not been successful. There was something about the Witcher that had the Queen entranced and so she did her best every time they came to meet to try and woo him to her bed. When Xo mentioned that he was spoken for, the Queen actually tipped her head back and laughed. ”Eryda? The red Witcher? Please, if she was yours…where is she?” Valencia glanced around then pouted. ”I heard she would much rather fill her own purse with gold, than fill your sheets.” As much as the Witcher wanted to torment her about the Weres and their reasons for building up their army, she did the same about the Witcher’s mate. But the Queen was holding back. She wanted the Witcher more than just for what he could give her by way of blood, but also in protecting her and her kingdom from a menace like the Weres. Knowing that they were playing out a game of tactical chess, the Queen moved away from the door, and ran her hand along what was a Were hide that was tacked to the wall. ”So I might have killed the Alpha’s mate….for fun. How was I to know they would get upset. I mean, surely he has plenty of females and wouldn’t miss one. Hmm?” She glanced back at the Witcher with an evil look on her face. ”I won’t lie. The world would be far better off without the Weres around. It would smell a lot better.” she joked, before letting out a sigh. ”Now stop being so difficult and just give love a chance.” The Queen was one stubborn bitch.

Listening to the Black Smith, Cali was soon to learn that each of the weapons on display were unique to the others. Each one was not made for public purchase but rather the weapon chose the owner. How odd, the Blood elf thought. Setting the sword back up on the shelf, she then snapped her head around, when the Black smith said he knew what she was looking for or rather who. ..? A husband I believe, Queen of the Mundane, a female mage. “ Cali near jumped out of her skin. This was even more information than the old merchant had. The black smith returned to reading his book, and this was when Cali took out the satchel of dragon’s blood. She set it down on his table and opened the bag slightly. ”Please, tell me what you know. What has become of my husband?’ <3>

IceTe3a:- He smirks slightly as she had tried to use his wife against him, arching a brow as he watched her slowly move towards a pelt “You will not anger me with your taunts, call upon your females let them at me and see what happens”as he examined the pelt while she stroked it he heard her say it was the alpha’s female, he shook his head and sighed“Then you have doomed yourself. The packs won’t stand for that, no doubt every den around is massing an army against you.” he thought about his next step he knew she wouldn’t let him leave and he was unarmed so he couldn’t threaten her with weaponry as he sighed slightly. “ Love? Being a slave or food is not love. Besides, we both know I already have a Love and if she were here.. Let’s just say I’m the kinder out of the two of us” he smirked as he was fed up with her games, his eyes glowed yellow once more “Now either have at me or attempt to feed me to your masses of females otherwise get out of my way.. this time his tone was more serious, the threat was real this time.
Vlad watched as she put the sword back arching a brow as he knew she would leave this shop with one of his fine weaponry but which one would choose her was another question. He smirked as she looked shocked, almost running over and dumping a satchel of dragons blood on his desk, he chuckled slightly as he glanced into the satchel “Im not like other vampires my dear.. Blood is not my craving.. he smirked as he looked her up and down for a moment, as he smiled while meeting her eyes “You look a strong dominate female.. My weakness.. these days is of the more physical side of life. After White Wolf blessed me from any weakness to silver “ it was true, Vlad loved dominate females like most vampire males but his love for it was something stronger than the others he truly loved it and loved it rough. He wondered just how far she would go to get what she needed, “ Complete your task.. Treat me like you would him but.. rougher.. and I shall be an open book” he smirked as he came to a stand and shut the book he was reading with a loud thud, it disappeared in a cloud of black smoke as he raised his hand, the smoke showing a image of a male elf like her bound in chains, this was a real viewing of the elf. Vlad had the ability to see other places from a distance and even show others what was happening as the cloud of smoke disappeared so did the image of her husband. “Well?” he arched a brow.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Valencia was growing tired of the games and in the back of her mind, she knew that it was her irresponsible actions that angered the Weres to want to amass such a large army. But being the Vampire Queen, she also believed she was above such worries of what killing one female were could do. The Witcher was right however, and she had no one but herself to blame for what was coming, and it would come regardless of whether the Witcher was there or not. She ripped her hand away from the Were pelt and now showed her true nature. ”Eryda is not here, and I am sure she is many leagues away too busy fighting her own battles, than to worry about you.” You could actually see the mask of beauty starting to be replaced by something far more hideous. Spite and bile were rising as the Queen showed her inner being. ”I grow tired of your insolence. You had your chance to be by my side. Now…you can be a meal for my ladies in waiting. GIRLS…HE’S ALL YOURS!” From out of every shadow, the many hundreds of female vampires descended on the room, some appearing from mist, others materializing out from behind the vast pillars. All were wild and foul looking. This was turning into a nightmare, with over two hundred for the Witcher to fight off, as the Queen laughed manically from her throne. ”That’s right Ladies…a true feast. A Witcher’s blood is eternal.”

High in the hills, the sounds of the Queen’s laughter echoed through Eryda’s mind as she came to a stop and closed her eyes. In meditation, she could see her beloved surrounded by many vampire maidens all set to attack him at the Queen’s orders. Eryda’s eyes snapped open, and she whistled loudly. A large dark horse appeared from over the hill, and Eryda ran up alongside it and gripped it’s mane, swinging her leg over and mounting the horse in a trice. With a kick to the horse’s flank the red haired Witcher sped off towards the Vampire kingdom…to save her mate from the Queen’s clutches.

Cali’s face was one of shock when the Black Smith named his price for information that would help her find her husband. What she didn’t count on was that he would rather that she dominated him in a physical way, than accept the dragon’s blood for payment. This was something the Blood Elf would never have considered since she was bound to her mate, her beloved, though she was starting to become addicted to the Witcher’s life force. The Blood elf’s hand slowly drew back the satchel of dragon’s blood now that she knew that was not enough to barter for her husband’s whereabouts. Seeing the mist like image of a blood elf in chains only made the situation worse. “ Complete your task.. Treat me like you would him but.. rougher.. and I shall be an open book” The Vampire slammed the book shut as he made his point known. You could see the Blood elf trying to weigh up if it was worth the price he wanted. She was not some woman that sold her body for gain or profit, but this was different. He was using her love for her mate as the bargaining chip. ”Well” Raising her head, she unclipped her cloak, which suddenly fell to the floor, revealing her very bold attire, that left little to the imagination.”Warg…guard the door.” she said over her shoulder to the beast that lay just a short distance away enjoying some meat. The green eyes of the Blood Elf settled once more upon the Vampire. ”We have a deal.” Cali gripped the table that he had sat behind and tossed it out of the way, leaving the way free to approach him. The Blood Elf pushed him down upon his back onto the floor of his shop. She was about to show him just how rough a Blood Elf could be. <3>