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Role play Biography for Thomas Bing

Lipstick Lies!

Quote : “Flying too high with some guy in the sky
Is my idea of nothing to do”

FC – Kevin Zegers
Name – Thomas Bing
Sex – Male
Age – 26
Place of birth – London
Current place of residence – Seattle
Life Partner – James Marshall Daughtery
Sexual orientation – Gay


Hair colour – Black
Eyes – Brown
Height – 172 cm
Weight – 82 kilos
Occupation – Wedding/Lounge singer/part time model
Parents – John and Noelene Bing
Siblings – Frank, Tammy, and Louisa Bing


Likes : Singing, dancing, acting, music, fine wines, conversation, parties – being a social butterfly
Dislikes: Dirty wet towels left on the bathroom floor, early mornings, hairy backed men, bad breath.

Personality : Quirky, fun, sophisticated, engaging, bright, loving.

Born in an upper part of London to John and Noelene Bing, Thomas knew right away that he wanted to be a singer. He picked up the microphone and did his first singing gig at the tender age of three at his Grandfather’s 70th birthday party and was such a hit with the relatives that he was encouraged to keep singing right through his school years, being involved with the school boys choir and of course the church choir on Sundays. Always fun loving and adventurous, he was a huge hit with the girls at school, but more as a best friend than boyfriend as he was the one that offered to take them shopping for new clothes, as opposed to dating them. He soon realized that his feelings for some of his girl pal’s brothers was a bit odd, and he came to realize he was gay at the age of 15. Thomas came out to his parents, who kind of suspected that he was that way inclined and embraced his homosexuality, which helped him to deal with the pressures that this news would have on extended family and friends.

Whilst at a friend’s engagement party he came to meet the man that would be the love of his life; James Marshall Daughtery. A novelist, with a dark past the pair hit it off right away as the two seemed to balance the other out. With the blessing from Thomas’s parents the boys went off to live in the US, where Thomas found a lucrative career as a wedding singer and part time model.

After starting out in New York, they soon moved to a nice house in Seattle, where they had hoped to one day raise a family. But as the pair would come to discover, adoption was difficult and they were on a very long waiting list for a child in the state of Washington. Thomas fully supported James need to become a father, as he too looked forward to coming home to the bright smiles of their sons and daughters.