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A Page in Time

Chapter Ten

The Call to War



IceTe3a: She had pointed to the arena, which surprised him at first than she stated he should fight to work off the meal he just ate, he smirked and looked down at her “Are you calling me fat?” he chuckled as she basically dragged him along past the town and the market stalls, they were getting closer to the arena cheering and shouting could be heard as they walked in there were two men fighting with swords in the arena, a friendly sparing match but no blows held back as always. The crowd was going off then the two fighters stopped and looked up at him and Nadia, the crowd glanced over and started cheering then chanting his name edging him on to fight in the arena. Nadia basically pushed him forward as he stepped down and waved the crowd off “Alright you bunch of bloodthirsty beasts” this was met with a roaring laugh from the crowd of men as he left Nadia to stand on top of the stairs he looked back at her and blew her a kiss. His feet hitting the sand of the arena he thrusts his fist clenched up into the air “Spartans!” this was met with a rather loud “Haroh!” as they all stood up and beat their chest with a clenched fist before taking a seat down. “Who’s willing to fight me, hand to hand??” he smirked as one man came down, and put his hands into the air as the crowd cheered. Suddenly someone shouted from the crowd “Make it an interesting fight! You are the son of a god after all!!” the crowd cheered again but louder as two other men came walking down and stood next to the other one, he arched a brow and looked back at Nadia questioning what the other man said in his mind. He took his stance as he already knew very well how to fight in the ancient Greek style of Pankartion. “Come on then!” he shouted as he growled slightly, the first man the larger of the three pushed the other two back, wanting to claim victory for himself as he came directly at Dante. “Go Arthos! Hit him hard!!” Arthos came in fast with a right swing towards him, he grabbed his right hand with his left pushing it away as his muscles bulged out, his right fist follows through smacking Arthos in the jaw as blood came spitting out then it was on for young and old, Arthos landing a clean hit to the stomach, Dante landing a clean hit to the rib cage on the side. “Enough of this get in there you two!” the other two came in to take on Dante so all three would have better chances, he had to even out the odds as he grabbed Arthos’s next incoming blow and flipped him straight onto his back hard, following down with a deadly right blow that clipped his face breaking his nose and dislocating his jaw. Arthos the first to be knocked out as the crowd cheered, the last remaining two started to work Dante’s sides with a volley of punches as he stood there arms up taking the blows, funny thing the hits didn’t hurt as much as they should. It was almost like soft blows but he could see they weren’t holding back. A loud roar escaped his mouth as he swung his open palms on either side of their heads forcing their heads to collide smashing into each other as they stood there dazed. This is where Dante went to town on them, standing in between them he nailed the first one with two solid gut shots as he turned just in time to counter the second ones blow, throwing a upper cut it caught the guy under the chin and sent him flying off his feet back into the sand. The last guy gripped Dante from behind as he tried to squeeze him into submitting, Dante lent his head forward and sent it back with force, feeling the back of his head hit the guys face as he let go fast. Dante turned around jumped into the air as his legs gripped around the guys neck, twisting he locked the man’s neck in between his legs as they both fell to the ground. The guys hands scratching at Dante’s legs trying to get free soon his body went limp as he passed out. Letting go Dante came to a stand as the crowd cheered “SPARTANS” he cried out loudly as he was covered in the blood of his fallen comrades they all stood up even the ones that were defeated and started chanting “Haroh! Haroh! Haroh!” he walked up the stairs towards Nadia as people slapped him on the back, he looked like nothing had happened as he hadn’t even broken a sweat, the other 3 did looked injured but hardly looked fazed or even in pain as they continued to brawl around between the three of them. He made it up to Nadia and planted a kiss on her lips with forceful passion as the crowd watched on and cheered the second they kissed.

CharlotteCarrendar: – The arena came alive with the whooping sounds, the cries of ‘Horah’ from the many Spartans that filled the fighting circle, and sat in the stands. Nadia had not seen a spectacle like this since she watched a movie about the Greeks back in her country. The vividness of it all, the bloodletting and sheer strength – power of these men was unbelievable. As Nadia watched over the spectacle, another Grecian woman approached. One of noble birth by the way she was dressed. Her eyes of green gazed down at the pit, watching Dante with great admiration and interest. She even licked her lips, which in itself showed she was more than just interested in the warrior. ”You must enjoy seeing him go against three of his own, Nadia.” The woman said, obviously knowing her in this time. Nadia did a double take, surprised this woman was addressing her. It took her a moment to gather her thoughts, as the crowd was very vocal in its support of their leader. It didn’t take much for Nadia to see that this woman was keen on Dante. ”Of course…” she didn’t say the woman’s name, mainly since she didn’t know who she was. But as it turns out, one of the other men; Arthos was her husband. While Arthos fought valiantly, he was no match for Dante’s brute strength and skill. Andrea only stood back, when Dante mounted the stairs, and swept up Nadia in his arms, having had barely broke a sweat from the fight. He kissed her passionately, causing Andrea to turn her head away in respect, while many others cheered on what was their town’s favourite couple. When Dante drew back, this was when Andrea made her move. She shot a look at her husband, who was bloody and beaten by his commander. ”Dante…you have again shown all why you are the Leader of men.”Andrea flicked back her flowing curls off her shoulder and looked him over with hungry eyes. Nadia was actually shocked at this woman’s candour. Arthos finally climbed the stairs, after being treated for his injuries, and saw the way his wife was gawking at Dante. ”Woman…drink. Get it for me.” Andrea rolled her eyes, and then went to get a wine gourd, and handed it to him, all the while sizing up Dante. Arthos drank down the wine as though dying of thirst, then slapped Dante on the back. ”Why is it you look as though you have not fought. You make me feel old.” <3>

IceTe3a: Releasing Nadia from his passionate grip the crowd was still cheering on whilst the three men fought between themselves, Arthos had called it and seek little medical aid. His wife standing near as she made a comment about how he once again proved why he is leader of all men, he simply smirked as he pointed down towards the men “All men are equal, we are all highly skilled warriors.. And our females are just as equal for they mother our strong warriors until they can stand upright, there are no leaders here only warriors” he smiled as he looked down to Nadia, his breath was slow as he was hardly fazed from the battle, Arthos had made his way up the stairs and noticed his wife lingering around, throwing an order as she came back quickly with a glass of wine. He felt the slap on his back as he turned his head to look at Arthos Nay brother, You held your own against the son of a god. I would like to see any one of our enemies attempt the same feat.. he turned around as he raised his hands, Every last Spartan here is worth 100 fold of any single enemy soldier!! For if one of us were to fall in battle that single one would have already taken down thousands of their men! Haroh!! ‘’ he shouted at the top of his lungs spit flying free from his mouth ever proving his words true, the crowd cheered in kind as the philosophers all clapped and chanted in agreement, “So you see brother, it is not that you are getting old. Only that you’re in need of bloodshed to revitalize you .. Come now, we feast tonight in wait for a glorious battle! You shall sit with us Arthos Until then” he gave a nod as their hands slapped and clapped around each other’s forearm a symbolic shake between brothers in arms. Walking up to Nadia he placed his right arm by her side and waited for her to wrap her arms around his thick muscular arm, before walking off out of the arena; after a few moments of walking in silence and distancing themselves from others he smirked and shook his head “I can’t believe you forced me into that, Nadia. Did you enjoy yourself? Did I pass your test against the soldiers?” he looked down at her as they casually strolled the streets, it was early afternoon and a Greek afternoon was warm to the skin with a gentle cooling breeze, there was no humidity and sweat was a thing built up by hard days labor not the heat of the sun, the sky was still a crystal blue as children ran past them wrestling. He had known what Arthos’s wife was doing, and he had need to talk to Nadia about stepping up her role as his wife, being the queen of Sparta she needed to be diplomatic, smart, and always on her toes when dealing with the arts of politics although he had a feeling Nadia already fit the bill quite easily he already knew she was well educated and probably was used to politics of their own world, so she should find her role quite simple in fact, still she could not allow other females or males to overstep their worth.

CharlotteCarrendar:- When they were a good distance away, it was only then that Nadia glanced back at the wife of Arthas who was having some sort of a row with her defeated husband. The very thought of having to sit through a meal with that feminine hawk hovering over Dante made her cringe. But she knew that there would be no avoiding another meeting with the Greek barracuda. Keeping her arm wound around Dante’s as they walked along the busy street, Nadia did chuckle when it came to what she thought of his fighting the soldiers. Dante made out that she forced him to do it. This brought laughter from Nadia, who knew that he enjoyed the fight and the commerardery as much as she did. ”If you ask me, I think you were in your element. I mean, you barely broke a sweat. Yet those that fought you were well and truly put in their place.” The afternoon had a delightful breeze flowing through the village, and the sky was so vivid and blue. It was indeed a magical place unaffected by the same sorts of things like pollution and over populating like their own time. As children ran past and then cheered as they spotted the couple, Nadia blushed at the attention. Nadia was still coming to terms with how well known they were, and yet she knew no one and nothing about this time. In a way she was afraid of messing up. Up ahead of them was a large building, that was a meeting place of senators and scholars, the ideal place where Nadia would be spending a great deal of time. Course, she was yet to realize what it was. The statues that lined the stairs to the building were mainly of men, not women. As they approached it, a tall lean man came running down the stairs, then opened his arms wide for the pair. He was dressed in a regal robe with a gold metal tie through ring on his right shoulder. He was not as muscular as Dante, but more he was a man of knowledge, not one of the sword.”Dante…Nadia. So good to see you both. I hear that the training match went very well.” Word had reached him by way of the messengers that darted about the town spreading the latest news. ”Please, come inside. The assembly wish to discuss a grave matter. It seems our enemies are seeking to acquire a foothold in what is our northern lands.” This news had Nadia look concerned. ”Just who is it?” <3>

IceTe3a: As they walked through the village he noticed that Nadia had started blushing from the children cheering, a cheerful bellowed laugh escaped him as it turned into a snicker “You’re going to have to get used to that” As they walked it seemed Nadia was leading them to a particular building, a rather large white stone circle building with large pillars as support beams, the large stairs in front were scattered with that of male statues few female statues were to be seen, a house of politics.. words.. where men argued among each other for weeks at a time to come to a decision a slight groan escaped his lips “Really.. these men are weak of body.. they fight among themselves like children. “ it was easy to tell Dante didn’t like philosophers not just because he couldn’t make sense of them but they were men of words and not battle. Even though they are Spartan born they did not bare the title of ‘Spartans’ but Nadia would have none of his whining as she lead him on up the stairs, it was true what they said behind every great man is a great female, in this case it was easy to tell the females of Sparta held the same weight as the males did. He saw a smaller less muscular man come racing down the stairs with his arms open as he was taken back, as he arched a brow when the man advised they needed to speak to the pair about enemies attacking. “Ahh yes.. let’s discuss shall we, and shall we also find things to argue about until the enemy is at out gates? “ he sighed as he looked down to Nadia, who no doubt had a look on her face with his head hung low he sighed as he raised his free hand in front of him pointing up the stairs “ Shall we..? “ once again Nadia proved the worth of a Spartan woman, who else could control such a man save his female counter part? As they slowly climbed the stairs he could hear the raised voices of gathered men arguing over something it was to jumbled for him to catch exactly what they were arguing about “As always, my wife will speak for me as her word is my word and she has my full support in every choice she makes” He smiled down at her beneath his black Greek beard, upon reaching the top of the stairs he peered down into the circular room where sea’s of men sat in a circle bench like system, few stood as others took the floor to speak and argue their point before going back to sit down, obviously those trying to make a point or put something to the crowd were to stand in the centre of the room where he could be heard by all. “ What fun this looks.. “ he whispered quietly to Nadia as he stood talk next to her.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Nadia could feel the tension as Dante made a sarcastic remark of how much fun this was going to be. A sea of men in robes, all arguing and bickering about a course of action. Politics was not his domain, clearly. He spoke with his sword, and got the job done. Not sit and discuss it while the hounds of war approached their walls. Hearing him whisper, she straightened her back and held a more regal pose. While in the arena he did what came naturally, suddenly she found herself in a place that she was actually comfortable in. Having worked as a Lawyer in London it was a dog eat dog world. Men in suits were no different to men in robes. Words could be used just as affectively as the sword, if used well. Speaking out the side of her mouth so as not to draw too much attention, though many would have seen the hulking Spartan enter and heard his powerful steps, Nadia said. ”I believe it is my turn to entertain you.” A quick squeeze of his arms, and she drew her own arm back and let it fall to her side, before walking down the stairs to the pit of the assembly. She nodded politely of course as she was treated with the respect due to a senator and stateswoman. Nadia cleared her throat and then spoke eloquently. ”My countrymen. “ She took the floor as the voices of many hushed and others took their seats. ”What is this news that our northern borders are under threat?” Her beautiful eyes scanned the auditorium, as she waited for someone to address her. A short fellow in a flowing white robe stood. Son of Athanas rose to speak. ”I come from the North, and have seen firsthand the fleets that have docked. Men – fierce and with flowing hair. Primitive compared to the likes of us. They now seek to expand their territory, and already one town has fallen. We need an army to go and push them back to where they came.” Nadia thought for a moment, and became concerned. ”Then why do you argue if this be the case. Surely there is more than enough men to spare to go to such a fight. If they take one town, it will give them the courage to try for another. To fight the snake, one must cut off the head.” She glanced around as some started to argue of the cost. But what was more important? Sitting on their fat asses, their pockets and purses overflowing, or spending it on the army to fight for sovereignty? Nadia glanced up at Dante, as she knew this was his domain. How many men would it be needed to push back a fleet of ships from the coast? That was the question. <3>

IceTe3a: As he felt Nadia squeeze his arm tight he glanced down at her with a smile as he watched her casually stroll down the stairs and take her place in the centre, he watched as she demanded respect with her pose, her tone. He could not help but smirk as he was proud of Nadia and it showed, listening in to the objective arguments about the cost of sending the army being a main point in this argument, it was pathetic really. So they were primitive warriors.. perhaps they would prove a worthy fight, as he arched a brow, as he noticed Nadia was now glancing at him almost asking him to speak up. Stroking his beard as he thought to himself for a moment, “It is well known, no army could withstand an attack from a Spartan save an entire Spartan army.. 200 of our Spartans would be enough, as my wife suggests” he heard the disgruntled arguments from the old men as they pointed towards him while arguing with each other, he shook his head. Unable to believe how these men.. these Greeks could be more worried about their own purse than that of the livelihood of Sparta.. this is why he disliked their kind. A true Spartan male.. a warrior born from birth, willing to give his life to protect his fellow Spartans.. Sparta itself and everything in it. Even the female Spartans had more backbone than this unfit lot, but he had a gut feeling that Nadia would protests to his thoughts of removing politics from Sparta, stating that it was needed.. it almost felt like they had this discussion before. He stood there towering as he cast a large shadow down upon the men arguing, his eyes look to his wife Nadia wanting her to take order in this chaos. He knew she could, he had faith in her for the right reasons but would these men agree? Why did he need to consult these men to raise the Spartan army and defend their lands?

CharlotteCarrendar: And still the men continued to argue and raise voices, thinking that it was a costly exercise. This brought a look from Nadia that would have a man burnt alive by her death stare. ”You put a price on freedom to our northern borders? Are our brothers and sisters not worthy of protection? You…ALL OF YOU should hang your heads in shame. Dare to argue what is just and right for our lands. As Dante said, an army of 200 Spartans would be enough to fight off any of our enemies, even with thousands on their side. I say this because Spartans are not merely men, but warriors true. Brothers at arms!” She brought both arms up in a display of statesmanship that rivalled the best speaker of the house. It was fair to say, that Nadia had an iron will when she decided to use it. The arguing ceased, and there was a murmur amongst the men. A vote was then cast, and one by one each cast their ballot. Once they were tallied and the numbers read, it was an overwhelming majority in favour to send the Spartan army led by Dante north to defend its territory. Pleased with the count, and the men now acting more civil once the speaker read the results, Nadia turned away from the sea of men and smiled at her husband. ”I feel like I just won my first case.” A sense of pride and elation swept over her. However she was forgetting one thing. She was signing off to send her Dante off to war. <3>

IceTe3a: -He smiled as she took order into her own hands and silenced the sea of men with her iron words, she took control of the situation as she beamed out her status through her body’s glow. Needless to say the men all came to a quick silence and one by one they all cast their votes in agreement to wage war with the men. Finally some order out of this madness as been seen like the sun’s rays through a blackened sky she had proven yet again to the men why she was queen. He watched as she came up to him, clapping his hands he chuckled with a wide grin “Well played” as he led her away from the sea of men so they may continue to argue over other issues. Once they were down the steps he stopped and looked down at her with a stern face as she had just cast the dice and the vote was cast for 200 Spartans to go north to defeat this army led by Dante himself. “I shall leave tomorrow with 200 of our finest warriors. The main force will stay here and protect Sparta under your command, Nadia looks like we’ll have to hold off from finding your father” He led her further away up towards their own private villa up high on the hill overlooking Sparta itself, they bumped into Arthos who was walking down from his own Villa half way up “Arthos, ready 200 of our finest Spartan’s for tomorrow he march north to war. I will speak to them late afternoon have them gather in the training hall.” he smiled and nodded as he watched Arthos smirk, slapping his shoulder Arthos ran off to go ready the men. He wondered if it had dawned on Nadia yet that she had sent him to war he came down to kneel on his right knee as his eyes met her eye level“And.. if I do not return, you must find your father and return to our time” coming to a stand he took a deep breath and smiled as he looked down at her.

CharlotteCarrendar: – The elation and high from quelling the crowd of senators was soon lost as she realized what she had just done. When Dante spoke to Arthas about assembling the men in the training hall, Nadia’s face said more than words could convey. It was almost like she just remembered who she really was, and that her father was still missing. Dante was going off to war. She had just signed off on it. Though Dante congratulated her on how she handled the senators, he did have a stern look when he said he would be leaving in the morning, with two hundred of their finest, and that she would be in charge in his absence. When Arthas was well out of ear shot, Nadia reached for Dante’s hand. ”If my father IS here, then we will find him, but we must fufill our roles in this world. I can’t believe what I just did.” When Dante knelt before her, he told her point blank that she must continue the journey to find her father, then go back to their time. She stared down at him, and her brows knitted as she couldn’t imagine going on without him. She had grown very close to Dante, and the feelings were real. As he stood, she stared up at him – her eyes unwavering. ”You have to come back to me.” <3>

IceTe3a: He smiled as noticing she finally came to realize what she had just done, he couldn’t help it and as she said they needed to play their roles as if it were them. This meant he needed to go to war there was no way around it. She then told him to come back to her, he smiled as he looked into her eyes “I don’t make promises I can’t keep Nadia” the back of his fingers press against her cheek as he runs them down slowly against her soft skin. Wrapping his arm around her waist he led her along the path towards their Villa as he kept quiet for awhile, “ If I die, the main army will be sent to conquer the invading army, you must use this distraction to get away and find your father.” soon they reached their Villa as he walked in the front door after Nadia, glancing around at their room he saw his helmet, shield and weaponry. He smiled lightly as he looked over to her and forced out a chuckle “I’ll be fine Nadia, If it helps get your father back then.. I go to war.” he walked up to her as his arms wrapped around her and brought her in as he hugged her firmly for a moment. He leaned back as he cupped her cheeks with a smile “Come now, let’s not use our last night together dreading. Instead let’s enjoy each other’s company. as he walked into the kitchen and walked back with two flasks and a case of wine, pouring a glass for them both as he held hers out for her.

CharlotteCarrendar:- Nadia had a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach. An oncoming sense of dread. They had barely been in this time for a day and already Dante had shown his skill as a Spartan, and she had spoken like a true stateswoman. But that paled into the fate that awaited them. Dante would be fighting an unknown enemy. Nothing could really prepare him for this. She knew it. He couldn’t make a promise he couldn’t keep. It would be wrong and foolhardy. The walk back to the Villa was a quiet and sombre one. The full weight of their discussion now hitting heavily. She turned to face him at one point, and brought her fingers up to his lips, after he said that if he should die, that she needed to use the distraction to escape and find her father. ”Please don’t speak of death, I don’t think I could bare it.” She was a woman after all. Coming to terms with the thought of losing Dante. He kept trying to reassure her, and it took a lot of courage and willpower to nod and agree. Dante saying he would be fine. He had to be. When he embraced her, she took him in her own arms and held him so close she could feel his heart pounding in his chest. Only when he let her go, did she show the first of what would be a few tears, that she tried to wipe away before he would see. She smiled bravely, and took the glass of wine he offered her. Before drinking, she held the glass between three fingers and said. ”Let this night be one to remember forever.” <3>

IceTe3a: He smiled as she took the glass and raised it in a toast to them, he nodded as his eyes were looking directly into hers almost smiling themselves “I will keep you in my mind and heart whilst on the battlefield, know that if.. My last thoughts will be of you” he took a sip of his wine as he looked outside, it was already nearing the time for him to meet up with his men in discussion. Placing the cup of wine down he walked up to her and cupped her cheeks as he pulled her in for a passionate kiss, one of his hands moved gently down her side as he picked her up with one arm holding the kiss for awhile as he took in the warmth of her body, the taste of her lips and her everlasting scent for his memory. He pulled back for a moment as he kissed her again “I must meet the men Nadia, I will come back and the night will be ours.” he smiled as he held her close to him once more, cuddling her in a loving and reassuring mannerr before placing her down on the floor. He walked towards the door and as he headed out he turned his head to glance at her one last time before disappearing from sight. Casually he strolled down the hill towards the training hall where the men no doubt would have already heard the news and be celebrating. As he made his way down there it wasn’t hard to hear the men boasting and play fighting with each other. As he made his entrance everyone turned to him in silence, walking into the centre of the men he raised his arms and shouted “WAR!!!!! “ The men cheered and shouted in response, as they all crowded around with smiles against their faces, Spartans were truly a warrior’s people, bloodthirsty would be a understatement “We have a new enemy, Invaders in our northern borders, 200 of us against thousands of them.. It will be a bloody massacre Ahaha!!!” he smiled as they shouted out in kind chanting his name, “So tonight, Sleep well.. drink, spend time with your family, Make love to your wife for tomorrow we dine in hell! “ an even louder roar from the soldiers could be heard echoing throughout Sparta, as Arthos was among them, walking over to Arthos he raised his hand “My second!! And the rest of you miserable bastards unlucky enough to go to war with me, be prepared we leave at dawn. Weapons at the ready!! “ a rowdy laugh escaped the crowded soldiers as they finally started to leave to their own families. Arthos nodded at him and left to seek his own wife, as Dante went to find Nadia as he starts his trail back up the track towards their Villa, he didn’t notice how long he had taken as it was already nightfall.

CharlotteCarrendar:- Nadia stood silently in the doorway of the Villa as Dante left her to go and speak to his men, his army of Spartan soldiers. She could only imagine what was happening. The rousing cheers, the deafening roar as they all stood and supported their leader. They were all equals in this world. But Dante was special. In this world he was the Son of a God. The sun had now set and the stars had come out in an array that was like diamonds littered across black velvet and blue. Nadia wrapped her arms around herself as she tried to come to terms with the enormity of what was happening. This would be their last night. She lowered her head for a moment, knowing she had to give him something to truly remember her by. Something that would make him want to come back for her. Her head raised and she knew what she had to do. Spinning on her heel, she raced into the kitchen area. ~A meal..fit for a King. Yes!~ She thought to herself. Nadia busied herself, getting ingredients, and soon she started to cook over an open pit fire. It all came naturally to her somehow. Strange as that was. She soon lost track of time, and no doubt he would be returning and the heavenly smells of her cooking would reach his senses. She hadn’t even changed yet. If he should enter the kitchen area, he would see her working to make him a feast. Her back would be to him. The villa would truly seem like their natural home. <3>