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White Wolf

Part Six

”Cali’s Rage”



CharlotteCarrendar: The Blood elf reached for the hood that was a part of her crimson cloak. Bringing it up and over her blonde tresses, she covered her head and did as the Witcher had instructed. She bowed her head and refrained from taking in the watching eyes of the outlander Vampires. The farming colony that had fields with specially bred blood mundane workers would go unseen – Cali’s green eyes looking straight down at the large head of the Warg, who was moving slowly, almost cautiously behind the Witcher. Cali’s cloak draped over the back of the warg, whose muscular legs twitched with each step taken. The female warg was an intimidating sight to behold, but also linked magically to the Witcher, so should any Vampires be foolish enough to try and attack, the Warg was under Xo’s protection. Cali gripped the Warg’s shaggy mane holding tight as they continued to make their way forward. Xo was quick to comment that thought she was a warrior, the Vampires were out of her league. This brought no joy to the Blood Elf, who prided herself on her abilities. She had felled the Alpha were, did that not account for anything? No, this coven was one of great size. A castle within the very mountain carved and fashioned from the rock over countless centuries. Time was not an issue for the Vampires under the Queen’s rule.

Reaching the castle gates, two Vampire guards that were heavily dressed in fashionable armour that not only looked intimidating but was also very well fashioned. Clearly, the Queen’s army were well supplied and with the many farms of slaves their needs to feed were met without issue. The gates were opened without so much as a question, for the name of the White wolf had been uttered and whispered by many that they had already passed. Shadows flickering then vanishing at speed. It took a great deal of self control for Cali to not sneak a peek out from under her hood, but she had been warned not to and heeded his word. The gates they passed through were truly magnificent. Crafted from iron and fashioned into tall spikes, they were adorned with skulls and other emblems. All designed to evoke fear into those that dared to enter the inner sanctum.

Only once inside the gates, did the Witcher again speak. It was to advise Cali that the Vampires were true craftsmen of both weapons and armour. There would be a blacksmith for certain and it seemed the Witcher already had ideas of who he wished to see and do trade with. The commodity in such a place was blood, and nothing more rarer than dragon’s blood. It was in a satchel presented to Cali, that held in it enough dragon’s blood that would be considered a King’s ransom. Cali was careful as she took the bag, hearing the clink of the glass vials within. Appreciative, Cali nodded in thanks – refraining from speaking as she felt it was unwise at this point. Cali was told to stay with the Warg, but use the vials wisely when it came to trade for either information on her lost husband, or for something she might need in their travels.

The Witcher left Cali and headed off into the crowded market place as Vampires parted like the red sea and allowed him to walk where he pleased. It was then that Cali raised her head, and she could see many now staring at her. The right corner of her mouth twitched as she sneered at those that dared look at her. She was more like them than they would ever come to realize. She knew she couldn’t easily do trade sitting on the back of the Warg, and took this moment to throw her leg over and alight from the monstrous beast. Her head turned ever so slowly as she took in the various stalls. Naked mundane that were chained to some carts stared at the blood elf, only to be beaten by their Vampire masters. Hearing the cries of the beaten mundane, Cali sees a merchant stall that sells crystals and jewellery. Naturally inquisitive, she starts to walk towards the market stall. Her stature had her be taller than most Vampires and she picked up a bracelet with a glowing red crystal. The Vampire trader stared at Cali’s eyes, curious why they were such a strange green tinge. ”What are you…you are not Mundane?” Cali turned over the bracelet, then she heard another whisper from a stall selling bolts of cloth. ”She is a Blood elf…seen her type before.” It was a much older Vampire, a woman. She had long black hair, but some silver streaks through it. The Vampire licked her lips and then uttered. ”Their blood is to die for.”

Up in the castle, the Vampire Queen is now standing in one of her side chambers, changing into a very revealing silken gown that leaves nothing to the imagination. Her hair is being brushed by one of her male slaves, while another is placing on her jewellery. ”I want to look ravishing, before he gets here.” she mused, chuckling to herself as she could almost taste his blood in the air. <3>

IceTe3a: He was now without weapons but he was trained in the unarmed arts and was still stronger than most vampires, as a backup he still had his vials he always kept on him just in case it went the wrong way. He started to head towards the main gates of the Castle taking note of shops he would have to visit later, the vampires has rare artefacts and herbs that you just couldn’t find in other shops. As usual people cleared a path as he casually strolled through them, his yellow eyes giving off what he was to anyone who didn’t know, there was only one other Witcher strong enough to walk through these lands and she.. was his other half, although they parted ways whilst taking another job they always found their way back together. You always could tell which vampire was a new blood by the way they looked at him, their eyes shot open as they were told of his stories and his countless victories over battles including the Vampiric war. Something most vampires hated him for although none dared step up to him to claim their right to challenge. As he walked closer he glanced around at the people he passed through, those who took the path of evil also found ways into here mainly mundane slavers and assassins, crooks who were tough as nails though they would fall victim to a vampire if they did not tread carefully. Finally reaching the gates he looked upon the Queens personal guards, his lips opened slightly “We know.. here to see the Queen” as they opened the gates he smirked. Walking through the doors into the Queens castle he noticed a distinct change in the décor, a more rich and sophisticated style of dark gothic décor was used in here, among that countless mundane nailed or chained around in torture toys to feed and play on for the nobles, funny thing about vampires, the females were stronger and counted higher in the race. The female vampires were the nobles although there were few males like Vlad who carried their way up to become noble.. very few lasted, as the female vampires were sinister and seductive to a danger, enjoying the pleasure in toying, feeding and killing males. That was the role of a male sort as useless nothing more nothing less, even though they knew of his strength and feats, they urged for such a rare toy to be theirs, as it would give them higher status in their rankings that and the legends say he cannot die.. among other things, so personal pleasure came with the package and many sort to see it for their own, he didn’t mind the attention even if it came at a price. He looked around as he noticed already a overwhelming amount of female Vampires lurking around in their gothic attire, their eyes fixated on him whilst he stood at the front door. : *TANG TANG TING* sparks flew as Vlad continued to slam down the hammer on the now magical blade’s every so often throwing them in the black fire, once he was happy with them he took them out of the fire and raised his palm as they came to float mid air in front of him slowly spinning. They were imbued with the power of the dragon, as he waved his hand across the blade blessing and embedding his own powerful magic a sacrifice well needed to repay a old debt. The blades themselves were thin but unbreakable, light but would hit heavier than anything before and engraved with gothic style art all the way from the hilt to the tip. Grabbing them by the grip he smirked as he started to slice them around, a piercing sound seemed to echo through the air as if they were cutting through the air itself. Pointing the silver sword at a large tree a meter away, he sliced the air between it after a few seconds the tree sliced vertically in two and fell apart, the swords were perfect as he ran his thumb gently in the air near the blade accidently cutting himself, blood tricked down his thumb as he pushed it in between his lips and sucked. “Perfection.. these blades will make history” he smirked with his dark wine eyes gleaming. The blades themselves were crafted that well that they cut through most things with ease, the tree stood a meter away as the sword never once hit it and split in two this would show the work of vlad’s skills in blacksmithing. Never would he make such weaponry for anyone else but the White wolf as he held a great debt to the man. Packing the swords up in their new sheaths he carried them around with him as he walked into his own shop and closed the doors, walking behind the counter he placed the swords underneath and sat down slowly sucking on a blood pack while reading a book. Perhaps today would be an interesting day and bring more customers, as he casually glances around his shop at his wares of weaponry, armors and clothing he had hand built himself. He had once before had a visit from the female Witcher, but the White wolf was a rare treat as this was the first time they had seen each other after that day. He should have told the White wolf that the female Witcher was in the lands only a day ago, perhaps they would find each other or perhaps she was already gone. Either way he smelt a new scent on the Witcher something that wasn’t his, another female and she wasn’t Mundane, he was curious to see just who she was and what she was as her scent was new to him.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Cali set down the bracelet as the fabric merchant at the next table was now staring at her with a hunger in her blood red eyes. Behind her a hush came over the crowd, for it was not uncommon for blood to literally be spilt over trade. But this was not about trade, this was about the Blood elf being identified for what she was, and to top it off the merchant knew of her kind. Was it possible that this woman, this vampire had come across her husband in her travels? With the satchel of dragon’s blood vials tied to her waist, the Blood Elf left the jewellery merchant and made her way over to the lecherous fabric merchant. ”Our blood is to die for…you say.” The crimson hood that had covered Cali’s head slipped back to reveal the fine blonde tresses – the unmistakable long ears. Cali could be intimidating when she wanted to be. The vampire chuckled darkly and gave a slight tilt of her head. ”In a land not far from here. I…get around you know. There was talk of one that looked..very much like you in fact. Described to the letter, tis how I know what you are. Though…the blood elf was male. Shackled…like a dog.” Cali could feel the hair on the back of her neck stand on end. There was every chance that this was her husband, and the merchant – the vampire knew exactly where he was. A fierce glaze came over Cali’s eyes, as her hands started to glow with a terrible green aura. ”Where is this land? SPEAK!”You could hear a loud chatter of many now watching this spectacle that was taking place. Even the Warg would hear the rising voice of the angered Blood Elf. The vampire merchant laughed. ”I could tell you, but … it’s going to cost you.” She then snapped her fingers as three mundane slaves were summoned to rise and protect her. Using naked mundane to fight a Blood Elf seemed fool hardy in Cali’s eyes, and she snarled at the merchant. ”Your slaves won’t last a minute against me.”

In the castle, female nobles were tittering and laughing. Their bodies moving with the shadows as speed. Echoes of their voices rang out through the hallowed halls of the Vampire Queen. The Witcher was a great prize indeed, and many would give everything they had, even their immortality if they could just get a taste of his magical blood. Out from the side chamber, the Queen herself now appeared. A dazzling head dress adorning her head, her body glistening with oils and scented to mask what was a very unnatural scent that came from her. She was death personified. A beauty to be sure, but often what is beautiful on the outside, is rotten to the core and this was the case with the Queen. Followed by two chosen hand maidens that were also Vampires, they made their way to the audience chamber, where the Queen was certain to meet her beloved Xo. So long, so many nights she had dreamed of what it would be like to lay beside him, and feast on his blood. The blood of a Witcher, was the greatest prize a woman could possibly have. Her plan was to secure him as her toy – her own personal blood slave to keep her vital forever. <3>

IceTe3a: Mersa was laying down beside an alleyway as she watched the vampires pass by, those who noticed her were quick to move on, a slight growl was forced out for those who stayed too long. A Yawn as her large fangs flashed out with a slight squeal, snorting her head came back down, Mersa wasn’t stupid in fact she was highly intelligent. Her ears perk up as she hears Cali’s voice raise, a growl escaping her lips as she came to a tall stand. Those vampires who stopped nearby to watch quickly gasped and ran away from Mersa, she slowly padded her way out of the Alleyway to view Cali looking ready to fight. She knew that Xo wanted Cali protected, and she took pride in following her alpha’s orders, as she made her way over through the crowd of vampires basically bowling them over as she passed through. Coming to a stop behind Cali her bottom jaw just touched the tip of Cali’s head as she snarled at the elderly vampire, her eyes piercing down at the Mundane slaves, there for support and to back Cali up moreso than an outrage of attack. : His hues flicker around to the females who were sitting poised in the same room as him, they whispered to each other as their eyes were examining his fine form, he could feel them wanting him. He snorted with a smirk as he moved forward, “I expect she’s on her way, otherwise you ladies.. would be making attempts” he had a sinister grin to his face as he glanced around the room, he could smell her before he she entered the room always doused in rich elegant scented oils. His eyes flickered around the room examining the female vampires, they were not like mundane females, the vampire females were more… sensual.. fitter.. in short they all looked sexy, that’s what made them so attractive and deadly to any male, they could not resist their charms. His eyes flicker to door knowing she would be using this one to enter through, she would attempt her ways upon him and even attempt to force him perhaps but in the end he always walked out without a single mark upon his skin, he was too strong for them to tame. “I wouldn’t suppose any of you know about the Were’s massing armies across the lands..? No? his eyes shot over to the female vampires still poised in their chairs, as he shook his head “Valencia…. What took you so long? We need to talk “ he smirked as the doors opened wide… : Sitting in his chair as he flicked through the pages of a book he had read thousands of times before, only to hear a commotion outside followed by raised voices and growling “ The bat’s stuck in the bell towers again..” he growled to himself as he kicked his feet down off the table as they landed with a thud on the floor, tossing the book on the counter he sighed as he stood up and paced his way outside, being taller than the other vampires it wasn’t hard for him to get a good view of what was going on, as he noticed a large Alpha warg standing behind that of an elf, whilst they argued with an elderly vampire.“ Petty arguments.. SHED SOME BLOOD ALREADY” he said as his eyes shot an immense glowing red, he was known for his fighting skills and like the White wolf was sort of a legend of his own write in the Vampire realm, not only his skills in crafting but his skills in fighting as well, he was one of the stronger males thus why he had not perished to a female yet or become a toy. He grunted out as he walked through the crowd to get a better view, gripping shoulders and tossing people down into the dirt so they would get out of his way until he was standing in front of the pack. His glowing red eyes watching the argument unfold as he sniffed her the scent was familiar, no doubt that of the female that was with the White Wolf, he always did keep strange company; No doubt the warg was his as well. His tongue peaks out from his lips as he licks his fangs, with an arched brow, he wondered just what would happen, would an agreement and price be struck or would there be bloodshed? Only time would tell.

CharlotteCarrendar:- Seeing the silver haired Witcher, with the scar that came down across half his face – those yellow eyes, the Queen actually stopped and held up a hand for her maidens to do the same. Valencia wanted to savour this moment. How his words were such a tease to the likes of her. Asking what took her so long, and that they needed to talk. A sharp flick of her hand and her hand maiden’s vanished from behind her and took their places near the walls. All the other females backed away into the shadows, knowing that the Queen wanted a more private audience with the Witcher.”One cannot simply rush perfection. Besides, I wanted to look my best for you…Xo. Time is on my side.” Her voice had a rich velvet like tone that was again part of her way of luring men into her clutches. By beauty of voice, movement and speech – she was the perfect woman. Her right hand lowered to her side, and she strolled along the stone floor, with her fine heels making barely a sound. Only the tinkling of her jewellery could be heard. As she came close to him, she could see he was not there to see her, per say but rather to find out why the Weres were amassing an army. Valencia tutted, as she reached for a pitcher that contained mundane blood, that she poured into a goblet. Setting down the pitcher, she curled her fingers around the stem of the goblet and picked it up, swirling its contents as she regarded the Witcher thoughtfully. ”Business before pleasure? I rather it the other way around.” She brought the goblet to her lips, before taking a mouthful and swallowing. Valencia grinned as her elongated fangs were shown off against her ripe and full lips.”Drink?” she offered, now wanting to toy with the Witcher. ”Course not, you don’t dine on the likes of Mundane blood. How silly of me.” She set down the goblet and then folded her arms. You could hear the titter of laughter from the amused females of the court, who were soon silenced as the Queen turned her head in the direction of the feminine voices.”Weres? Amassing an army, you say? Hmm. Now, why would that concern us? I mean, you know how well fortified this mountain is.” She then lowered her arms, and closed the distance between them, extending her right hand to caress the right side of his face with the back of her hand. ”I’m more interested to know why you felt the need to see me. Surely since you dispatched the Were menace and…did me a favour.” Her red hues glistened as she oozed her sexual prowess. ”Nothing escapes my attention.” Indeed her spies had been resourceful.

Cali felt the Warg come up behind her, and then the slow dripping of drool on the top of her head. The mundane slaves shook with terror and backed down much to the Vampire merchants horror and disgust. Not only that, the Warg had the scent of the Witcher. Combine that with an angered Blood elf you had the makings of a dangerous pairing. Hearing the voice of one shout in the background, to shed some blood already, the blood elf held out her polearm and directed the fire crystal in the Vampire merchant’s direction. ”Last chance…Where is the land you speak of?” Outnumbered and with the blacksmith Vampire now egging them on, the elderly Vampire huffed and then spoke. ”Dagara….its two days ride from here. The blood elf…is being held in slavery by the Queen there.” As the words left the Elderly Vampire’s mouth Cali’s hands which had been building up an aura coupled with the magic of her pole arm and she blasted the merchant with full force. Cali’s whole body shook as her rage over took her and she blew the vampire apart leaving behind only a puddle on the ground. The swirling green orbs absorbed all the energy and then returned to Cali’s hands, as she lowered her pole arm, the end hitting the dirt. <3>