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White Wolf

Part Five

”Valencia; The Vampire Queen”



IceTe3a: He came to only to watch Cali jump down on top of the Alpha werewolf, noting she had the upper hand of all of this, she was stealing its life force. It of course kicked and growled in defiance as it tried to break free of her grip, Cali copped some scratches to herself but that’s what she got while being so close to the alpha. She was brave enough to take it on in close combat, and she was winning; the Werewolf slowly kicked less as it became weaker, he noticed Cali’s hand raise up in the air and come down hard striking true as she ripped out the beating heart of the Werewolf. The Alpha’s body went limb as the beating heart gave out its last thump, walking over to Cali he knew she would need to feed and heal soon as he came to a stop in front of her “Not so easy is it?” this of course was in reference to his daily job, dealing with countless beasts like this alone. They had successfully cleared out the entire den the town of Drakenwood which will no longer be under the curse of the Werewolves. They would be glad to hear this and give thanks and payment for the Witchers troubles. It was time to leave this foul place, as he drew a sign in the air, the air sign once again caused their feet to glow as he jumped and disappeared into the darkness, landing on the platform high up where they first came from Cali was sure to join him up there as they walked out through the tunnels they came from and out of the Den itself. Mersa strolled over and nuzzled his hand as he stroked her fur, she was pleased he had returned safely. Turning around to Cali he looked her over slightly “You’re wounded, we should return to Drakenwood once you’re healed and collect our payments then we can decide from there where to go next.” 

CharlotteCarrendar: – Cali’s right fist was coated in the blood of the Werewolf Alpha. The beating heart still pumped as her fingers dug deep into the flesh till finally it exploded in a shower of muscle and blood. Her entire front was covered in blood splatter and hair, which made her look all the more fierce as she came to stand over the bloody carcass. Her upper arms and across her chest were covered in scratches which would need attending to no doubt. The Witcher, who approached her after despatching the rest of the den could see that she had fought valiantly and come out on top. To answer him about how it was not easy, the Blood Elf exhaled loudly and shook her blooded hand which still had bits of the were’s heart between her fingers. ”The bigger they are..the harder they fall. But you are right, it wasn’t easy.” she wasn’t ashamed to admit it, but she had nearly been outdone. Cali bent down to pick up her pole arm, which she had dropped during the fight. There was no longer a reason to stay in the den, and she was ready to return to the township of Drakenwood. The Witcher was probably going to be in for a hero’s welcome. Watching how he made the air signs, Cali cast a glance at her feet which were now glowing as Xo made the jump that would take him back up to where they had first entered the large cave. Cali followed suit, bounding off the ground at speed and leaving in her wake a small dust cloud. She reached the top and then followed the Witcher out through the tunnels till they met up with his pet Warg; Mersa. Cali still was covered in blood and wounded from her battle. ”Lead the way to Drakenwood, Xo.” She walked past the Warg and waited for the Witcher to take the lead. <3>

IceTe3a: He nodded as Cali asked for him to lead the way back to the town, taking the lead as Mersa strolled casually next to his side they walked through the dark forest back towards Drakenwood as it was clearly still night time, they would need to get a room for the night and resupply in the morning. It took them awhile to reach Drakenwood as he walked back through the town, it was like a normal town again people were roaming the streets and doors were open, the town had come back to life again. But there was no crowd waiting for his return, no cheering, he had expected this as he walked to the Tavern Mersa knew her place and took to lay down outside, as he opened the door and walked in, some people took notice but no cheering. He had done his job and now it was safe for the people of Drakenwood as they had no need for him. The innkeep came rushing up to him and handed him two large purses of gold “Here’s your payment, the mayor didn’t bother waiting to give you this, you may spend the night but then you must leave once morning arrives” with that he walked off as Xo smirked to himself, everyone seemed to be shunning him or trying their best to avoid him. He knew his place as he walked out of the tavern and round the side, there was always a separate large room set aside for any travelling Witchers. Opening the rather large door, it was big enough for Mersa to walk inside and lay down without getting in the way. Coming to fall into the seat of a chair he pulls out his pipe as he chucks Cali one of the bags of gold, half for her and half for him. He was used to the coldness of being a Witcher but she possibly would be shocked to see how they treated his kind. He already had plans to go visit the Vampire queen, he needed to know what was going on with the Werewolves and if they knew about it.. the vampires were.. magical creatures, but for the most part they were more intelligent than any mundane that called this realm home and they were strong as well, so the Witchers never really bothered with the vampires as they had free roam, the queen Witcher was quite the female as she took pride in keeping “Unique toys” that she found could entertain herself, once or twice she had attempted to take him for her own each time he always had the upper hand, she was yet to have taste his blood though she prides herself on killing prior Witchers.

CharlotteCarrendar:- On returning to the town of Drakenwood, it was interesting to note the change that had taken place. Prior to their job of taking on the weres, the township was like a ghost town, but now it was bustling once again. As though all the townsfolk were feeling secure in that the were problem had been taken care of by the Witcher. Walking past the many houses and businesses, she noted that no one was really paying any homage to the Witcher for his deed of service, in fact it was almost like they were shunning him. Curious as to why this was, she was about to ask but instead followed him into the Tavern, where the innkeeper was quick to pay the Witcher and thank him. What was even more surprising was that they were told once they had spent the night to leave. This sudden change in hospitality made no sense at all. What an ungrateful bunch. She almost wanted to go on the defence, but the Witcher acted like this was nothing out of the ordinary. He left the tavern and Cali stared at all the people within, before snarling and following after the Witcher, who went to a small building round the side of the Inn. It took a minute to catch him up, and she followed the Warg into the small room. Catching the gold bag on the fly, she held it in her bloody hand, and said. ”Why did they treat you so bad? You did them a great service.” She gestured out the window with her pole arm at one of the passing traders and snarled.”They should kneel before you and be thankful.” Cali obviously had a lot to learn about this world and its ways. Grumbling, she tossed down the gold on the table, and then leaned her pole arm up against a wall. She was still suffering from the fight with the Alpha were. Turning away, she dragged her blooded finger through one of her wounds. Cali made a face and grumbled, before trudging over to a chair and sitting down. It was not that she seriously hurt, but just generally angry with the town’s people and their strange ways. <3>

IceTe3a: He watched as Cali kicked up a fuss about how the townspeople were treating him, he almost smirked when she said they should bow down to his kind. Blowing smoke through his lips he looked out the window at the passing people “The Witchers have an ancient style of training up people to be stronger than that of any magical being, with power to grow we can become more powerful than that of a dragon. Not everyone can become a Witcher, it’s a birthright about one in a million to be exact, we never age and we don’t die easily, it’s those birth traits that are found in new borns, the eyes give it away. If you’re born to be a Witcher your eyes are different from the eyes of a normal Mundane, and the family discards you to a Witcher, after initial training you’re then sent to one of the seven guilds to learn, each guild is different. Long story short, we are different from the Mundane, so to the kinsmen we are beneath them and all Mundane have grown up thinking this. “ He noticed her bleeding slowly as she came to sit down, he placed his pipe down on the table and glanced her up and down, he wondered if her feeding would heal her wounds too but there was one sure way to find out “Feed off of me when you’re ready” waving his hand slightly, the door shut close on his command, obviously he used some sort of magic to do this, as Mersa was already resting peacefully. “After, we need our sleep. We need to visit the Vampire queen and.. she’s a handful.” he said in a low tone, never fully knowing what to expect from the Vampire queen, each time he visit her it was different.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Cali was busy concentrating on her wounds before she raised her head slightly to hear the Witcher speak of the differences between the local mundane and the Witchers themselves. Almost like they were cast out for being different, they were sent to special guilds to learn the arts and training to become a Witcher proper. In fact, Witchers sounded incredibly rare, as there was only one born in every million. The more Cali listened, the more she came to learn about the white haired man sitting opposite her. The Witchers came to fight the beasts that the ordinary Mundanes could not possibly defeat. All for payment, then they are outcasts once again. ”How can you be beneath them? You are far more powerful and knowledgeable.” She was starting to think the Mundane were weak and stupid. In a way she felt they deserved to be mistreated and killed by the likes of the Weres. Now she wasn’t so sure whose side she was on. She naturally was more of the kind of creature who was evil by nature. She pursed her lips flat and thought of some diabolical things she wanted to do to the Mundane to teach them a lesson in respect. Cali’s train of thought however was interrupted when Xo told Cali she could feed again when she was ready. The door to the room swung shut with a loud thud and on glancing over at the Warg, Cali could see that the pet of the Witcher was now resting. The blood Elf shuddered with delight and need at the very thought of feeding off the Witcher. She couldn’t say it out loud but she found his magic and essence to be truly addictive. So unbelievably strong that it made her light headed. Her wounds glistened as she rose to stand from the chair, and wandered over to the Witcher who looked ready to allow her this feeding. She knelt down on one knee, and reached out for his arm. Cali inhaled his scent and her dark jade eyes became mesmerized, as she started to feed upon him. Light groans of pleasure came from the corners of her mouth. Her blonde hair fell forward and veiled her face from view. No doubt this would feel odd for the Witcher, but it didn’t seem to harm him. As she fed, the wounds she had gained from the fight with the Were started to close up, as the Witcher’s magic healed her from the earlier battle. It was not long before she was her usual radiant self. Finally, she released his arm, and then tried to stand, though she was a bit light headed. A smile broken out on her face, as she used the table to help herself stand. Cali looked down at the Witcher, feeling replenished. She knew that this feeding off him was only going to make her more and more addicted to him. That could become a real problem down the track. <3>

IceTe3a: He watched as Cali came over to him, kneeling down she had taken his arm into her hand as she bit into it he felt her teeth sink in, then the soft feeling of her lips pressed to his skin. Watching as she directly fed from him, he knew she could feed from someone from a distance but she always came in for a physical feed which intrigued him. Was a physical feeding more satisfying? Or was it a faster way to feed on someone? He wanted to learn more about these elves feeding habits but there was only one way he could learn and that was to continue to allow Cali to feed off of him. His yellow eyes watching as she continued to feed, her wounds slowly healed over time as she finally let go, was she done already? Did she ever fill herself up, could she settle the thirst? This was all new to him and he needed to learn more about this creature just in case he needed to deal with more of them at one point in time. Watching as she came to stand in front of him, he glanced down at his arm as the puncture wounds slowly healed themselves; leaning back in his chair he took his pipe up once more stuffing it with tobacco, lighting the pipe as he took in a drag. “What we saw earlier in the Den, is the massing of an army it could be happening in other Den’s as well. We have the need to go visit the Vampires in their castle, the queen.. has a taste for my blood among other things “ he peered down to Mersa who had fallen asleep to regain her energy. “How do you feel? Better now that you’ve fed? “ pulling out a strange vial from his jacket it had a swirling green liquid in it, popping the cap he took it all down as he placed the vial back in his jacket. “A brew of herbs and alchemy to give my body what nutrients it needs. “ there were times when he had to rely on his alchemy skills to keep his body fed and healthy, when he was too far from any town or source of food; he would usually brew up the liquid. But that was not the only use for his Alchemy skills, as within his jacket and pouch laid powerfully brewed potions.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Drawing back, Cali let out a satisfied sigh. She did get a slight high as well but that would soon settle. Her skin glowed and her eyes were radiantly green. You could see the affect that this had on her. It was nourishing as well as revitalizing. Cali pushed herself up to standing and noticed that Xo had casually taken out a pipe and lit it, as he wounds healed themselves. He was curious, that was clear about her feeding habits. It was not everyday a blood elf fed on another being and it survived, that was just not how things worked. Taking a seat not far from the Witcher, she listened to him speak about the den that they were in earlier, and how the were’s were amassing an army. His thoughts were that there had to be a good reason for it. Not just bolstering their numbers to take on a small town, but more like a bigger threat. What could be bigger than say a Vampire coven? Cali nodded in agreement that that would be their next stop. Xo obviously had theories, that could only be answered by speaking to the Vampire Queen herself. Cali eased back in her chair, folding her arms, when the Witcher asked her how she felt now that she had fed. ”Relief. That fight with the Were took a lot out of me. Not only that, but your magic helps me heal faster.” This was true, since all the gashes that were on her skin from the fight, had miraculously closed. Watching him take out a vial that was in his pocket, he showed what he used to help keep his body healthy. Some sort of herbal brew mixed with his alchemy skills. ”Interesting.’ This sort of magic was not lost on the Blood elf and she was equally intrigued by him. Sniffing the air, she tried to pick the ingredients that were in the vial. The blood Elf’s thoughts turned to the next part of their journey and she asked. ”How far is the vampire coven from here?” She had reminded herself she was still in search of her lost husband and the longer it took the higher the chance he may have fallen foul to an enemy. There seemed to be so many that would go against them in this world. <3>

IceTe3a: He rubbed his chin as he glanced down to Mersa, it would take them awhile to get to the vampire coven that much was for sure. “If we ride on Mersa’s back, a full days ride. She’s fast, I’ll have to give her a vial though” he nodded to himself in agreement, knowing one of his brews would help her stay fit and strong enough to carry them both at immense speed to the Coven. “I believe the vampires may know something about your husband, they see everything. So there’s reason to suspect they know of his location or at least his last location” his hues met hers as he looked at her, he wondered just what plans she had. He knew she wanted to find her husband but was that all she wanted? He pulled out two vials, one empty and one full with another green liquid. Crushing up some herbs and pieces of flesh into the empty vial he poured the green liquid into the vial as he chanted his eyes glowed, a puff of smoke would show it was complete. “All set for the ride, we need to resupply. Dawn will be upon us within the hour so the shops will open and I will be expected to leave soon” he shrugged, as he glanced out the window to the peaking rays from the sun rising in the early morning sky, you could already hear the shop owners and travelling merchants start to open up shop for the day. “So get what you need from here, then we will be on our way” he of course would have a look at the trinkets, herbs, and books that were for sale as he had everything else he needed.

CharlotteCarrendar: – It was true. The first rays of sunlight were breaking through the clouds and starting to stream through the windows. The village was once again coming to life, with the sounds of market carts and the traders singing out to each other as they awaited their first customers of the day. The Witcher had been told to leave as soon as the new day came, and with Xo saying they could make the vampire coven in a day if they rode on the Warg, Cali came to agree that this was the time to make a move. ”We ride the Warg.” Said with a firm nod, as she stood up from her chair and took up her pole arm once again. She inhaled sharply, before making a move for the door, opening it slightly and she could smell the scent of open fire cooking. Herbs and spices that were rich and exotic. She personally had no need for such foods, as she fed off the life forces of others. However, she could use a cloak. ”I wish to buy a heavy cloak before the ride. What I am wearing is not sufficient for the climate here.” Stepping outside, she waited for the Warg and Xo to make their move. In the back of her mind, she thought about what the Witcher had said, about the Vampires being useful for information about the possible location of her husband. It made her smile just a touch. Maybe they were on the right path after all. Maybe, she would be with her beloved again soon. Only time would tell. <3>

IceTe3a: He watches as Cali got up in agreement stating they will ride the warg, She said it like Mersa had no choice but oh did Cali have to learn and she would quickly. He smirked as he got up and walked outside with Mersa hot on his trail. The sun was up and the shops were open, people were going about their daily lives again as if nothing had happened. “I need to resupply some herbs, meet back here in a few” with that he strolled off into the market square to view the many shops Mersa was following on his side and people made it their choice to try to not make eye contact. Walking into a general store he glances around the owners wears as he picks a few herbs and other plant material even finding some wolfbane and dragons blood vines in which the owner thought were just weeds he could hock off. Paying the owner a hefty fee for them all simply because he was a Witcher and the mundane believed they should have to pay more, he placed the herbs and plant life into his satchel and wondered out the shop to stroll through to the next shop, in which was a magical remedy shop full of trinkets and books, mostly were fake cons for mundane’s but sometimes a rare item appears in shops like these that the mundane know nothing about. Looking through the shop he had picked out a few books on herbs and plantlife, an old alchemy journal and a book with strange text in the writing obviously of ancient sorts, something he could decode later, paying the owner he walked out and headed for the spot in which he told Cali to meet him. Taking out the Vial he prepared earlier for Mersa, he poped the lid and pressed it to her lips allowing the liquid to flow deep into the female wargs mouth as he said a few chants whilst his eyes glowed, it wouldn’t take long for Mersa to feel more energetic, fit and stronger than she ever has before as her muscles toned up. He heard Cali coming up from behind as he came to a stand, turning to face her he smirked “If you want to ride Mersa, you must first befriend her otherwise she will not let you ride her. “ with that he took a step back and watched for what could unfold there were two outcomes, one she actually befriends Mersa or Mersa bites her arm off for trying either way it was going to be interesting.

CharlotteCarrendar: – With Mersa taking off after the Witcher, Cali was left to her own devices. The shop merchants though keen to sell their wares were not over pleased to see the Blood elf walking through the markets. There were obvious whispers and side glances as she approached various stalls. Picking up the odd bottle of herbs, then turning to look at a blacksmith’s stall. All the workings were of good quality, but compared to the likes of her pole arm, they were inferior in her books. With a pronounced swagger, she continued to walk through the now gathering crowd of traders and townsfolk. It was like the town had come to life again after the previous day where they all rushed inside fearing a were attack at any moment. Cali chuckled to herself imagining how easy it would be to frighten them all again, but with the Witcher not too far ahead, she didn’t want to chance making him annoyed with her, not after allowing her to feed. Eventually, she found a tailor who had many cloaks on a rack. Flicking through them, she found one that was in a very deep shade of crimson. Perfect to match her own attire, which was light and sheer. She took out the coin bag that the Witcher had given her that night for the slaying of the weres, and Cali gave the tailor the coins that would cover the cost of the cloak. Draping it over shoulders, she did a little turn, and admired herself in a broken mirror. It almost touched the ground behind her, but did set off her frame beautifully. Heading back to catch up with the Witcher and the Warg, she got a surprise to hear that she would need to befriend the Warg, if she had any hopes of riding the great beast. ~Friends?~ she thought to herself. Flicking the new cloak back, she stared into the eyes of the monstrous Warg for a moment, and then got an idea. She had seen a meat merchant just a few short paces away, and from one of the hooks that were hanging over his cart, was a large elk leg. Perfect. Cali went over and ripped the leg off the hook, tossing the startled butcher a few coins, before marching back over to the Warg. The Blood elf figured the way to a Warg’s heart must be its stomach, and she then extended the elk leg to the Warg, to see if she would take it as a gesture of goodwill. <3>

IceTe3a: He arched a brow as he watched Cali dare to get close to Mersa, he was watching Mersa moreso than Cali to see what reaction he could predict before it would happen. Then oddly enough Cali stood up and walked around the corner, his brows furrowed as he wondered what she was doing “Perhaps you …ahhh” he could smell the Elks leg before he could see it, he smirked as he came to a full stand, watching as Mersa looked up at Cali and then the large Elk leg, she took the leg carefully and dragged it off. He walked up next to her and crossed his arms “You took the easy way huh” he smirked as he watched Mersa scoff down the meat, soon only leaving a rather large bone that she would now become attached too. Walking over to Mersa he gave her a hefty pat as he took up sitting ontop of her much like a horse but without a saddle nor reigns. “Come on we don’t have all day” he extened his arm and held Cali up onto Mersa. With that Mersa picked up the large bone in her mouth and Sped off with a grunt, the wind buffered them from the sheer speed as she kicked up a dirt trail heading due north towards the mountain caverns along where a path would lay in waiting to lead them towards the Vampire Coven, it was the only way in and out of the place and heavily guarded by the Vampire soldiers although you’ll never see them. The ride was taking its toll on him as they spent half the day riding without stopping the vial of potion had done its trick on Mersa he could hear a river up ahead where the bridge crossing it was, slowly Mersa knew what he was thinking as she came to a stop on the hill just above the river “We’ll break here for a moment, gather fresh water and allow Mersa to have a drink as well” Waiting for Cali to hop off there were many dangers in these open plains, from highway men, to orcs and on rare occasions the random dragon flying past if one was unlucky, although the coast seemed clear for now at least. “Keep an eye out for enemies” he said as he slowly made his way down to the stream, his right arm reaching his left shoulder as he took off his clouded blackened hide armor placing it gently on the floor he was now topless as he waded waist deep into the stream and closed his eyes, he was meditating but it was his own special kind of meditation unique to him alone, as his arm movements were swift but had a graceful flow to them, he was moving them around his body, twisting and turning as his hair danced around. Almost like a fighting style which in fact it was, his eyes suddenly open as orbs of water come flying out around him, his movements become deadly and more forceful with each turn he strikes down one of the water orbs only to have two more come float up out of the lake, his speed was flowing immensely and one would have to concentrate hard to keep up with his movements, with all his attacks and flips through the water. It soon became apparent that he was training, as the orbs never opposed anyone else, eventually he lowered his palms flat down onto the water’s surface as he breathed in deep all the orbs exploded at once showering down rain drops, as he starts to wade out of the stream.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Whether or not it was the easy way to find the heart of the beast through its stomach, Cali was only happy to smile back at the Watcher when the Warg started to enjoy the elk leg. She was actually quite chuff about it. Shrugging, she said with a smirk. ”Men and Wargs are very much alike, I have found.” This was a bit of a jab, but she did it with a wink. It appeared that the Blood elf was getting a little more comfortable around the Witcher. Maybe it was from feeding on him. Either way, the Warg was more than happy with the treat, stripping the elk leg of the meat and then happily toying with the bone. With Xo offering his hand to get Cali to climb on the back of the Warg, she leapt up and got right in behind the Witcher, her pole arm on her back, and she placed her arms around the Witcher’s waist as the mighty Warg took off at speed. The journey would take them due north, which was where the cavernous mountains of the Vampire coven lay. Cali spent much of her time surveying the landscape as the Warg powered through the forest dirt track. Kicking up dust in her wake. The ride was long, and by the time the sun had reached the peak in the sky, the Warg and Witcher were both in need of a rest. Coming to a spot by a river that was surrounded by lush hillsides, the Warg finally came to a stop. Cali was warned on the outset that this area was filled with all manner of creatures, that wouldn’t think twice to attack. Not feeling bothered by such a threat, she got off the Warg’s back, and then watched as the Witcher prepared to replenish himself in the river. What she didn’t realize was that his way of relaxing and rejuvenating involved a tradition, whereby he would perform martial arts like moves, all with his eyes closed and standing with a bare torso in the river. Cali leaned against an old oak tree, with her arms folded, as she payed close attention to his moves. The Witcher was incredibly skilled, and she marvelled in his svelte and muscular form. The women of his species must find him most desirable. At least that was what she thought. He differed so much from her own creed, but she could appreciate him. Never hurt to look. <3>

IceTe3a: As he came out of the stream he kneeled down on the water’s edge to wash his face and hair, it was now soaking wet with fresh water as he cupped his hands and took a helping for himself to drink. All was peaceful but it bothered him somewhat, a trail like this would be worn more or at least have the travelling merchant nearby perhaps even a gang of bandits, but this place seemed almost untouched. As he came to a stand, he picked up his silver sword unsheathed and waded further into the water about knee high, looking around the river bank for any signs of life or any previous life that passed through. It was almost surreal as there was nothing, as he got closer to the bridge he noticed the cracks and fallen rubble from the bridge yet it seemed almost fine, with a blocked underpass. Taking another step forward his foot hit something loose as he glanced down, reaching in he picked up what he felt under his foot and took it out of the river bed only to discover it was a bone. Dropping the bone back into the river bed this entire bed could be scattered with bones for all they knew, as he edged closer he tried to look into the darkness but saw nothing from the underpass, turning around he looked around. A shadow appeared under him as it got larger, instinct took in as he rolled forward *ROAAR* a large echoing roar bellows from the under pass as a large clenched fist slams down into the river spraying water and rocks in all directions. He turned his head to see the giant beast, a river troll was guarding the run down bridge, this was why it was so peaceful.. so untouched by the mundane. He came to a full stand as the troll had a bull like posture, snorting and thrashing about in displease of more people in its territory, these aggressive beasts were powerful but slow. Any good witcher could deal with one but a stupid or cocky Witcher may meet his fate. As he charged forward towards the troll as the troll in turn roared a mighty roar and charged towards him, with each slam of its travelling fist the ground shook slightly. He quickly rolled under the trolls legs and sliced the left rear leg as it screeched out in pain, the wound oozing a green ooze. Its well known river trolls were all about protecting nature, but this one was a male and he was territorial and saw Xo as a threat to his claims on the land. Mersa knew better than to interfere in his battle as she laid there watching with a huff, he comes up on the back side of the troll his strikes were true to hit but seemed to only wound and not to kill, as he tried to lead the troll back towards the bridge. The troll Charged as he threw his silver sword up on the river bed, he charged the troll as his yellow eyes glowed, the troll lowered its head to use its sharp overgrown horns to pierce him. With his bare hands he caught the large horns in his hands a clap of explosion echoed as they collided, his muscles tensed and you could see his full form as the two struggled glaring into each other’s eyes, to see who would give way first.

CharlotteCarrendar: – There was an unusual calm about the area. Tranquil of course, but that was not it. The Witcher was able to sense that things were not quite right, and while he looked about and checked the track for further signs of coming traffic, Cali pushed herself away from the Oak tree and started to approach him. His facial expression showed that he was troubled, and she couldn’t help but ask. ”What is wrong, Xo?” Course, he then decided to unsheathe his sword and then venture back into the river, where there was a bridge nearby. Cali stood on the bank with her hands placed on her hips, looking about for any oncoming beasts. She couldn’t see anything, nor hear anything out of the ordinary. Perhaps it was his imagination playing tricks on him, or he went a bit too far with the meditation. Just as she was about to turn and walk back up the bank, a loud roar broke the silence. So loud in fact it startled the Blood elf. She immediately reached for her pole arm and swung it around from her back, creating a whooshing sound as it travelled through the air. Only thing was the creature that was attacking or about to attack the Witcher was in fact a river troll. Now, she had not seen a river troll before, and he was ugly. No doubt about it. Angry, mean…and with a large set of horns on its head. No wonder many didn’t come this way. The river troll was the guardian of these parts and the river was littered with the bones of his victims. The Witcher was quick off the mark, and showed true skill in how he fought the large Troll. Slashing at his legs and causing a terrible wound that oozed out a green slime like blood. Cali was tempted to intervene, but when she saw that even the Warg had backed off, she knew it was a fight just between the Witcher and the Troll. So instead of joining the melee, Cali sung out. ”I’ve got your back!” Ready at a moment’s notice to jump in should he need her. <3>

IceTe3a: – They were staring each other off as the troll tried to push forward with his head and he continued to hold onto the trolls horns keeping him in place, although Xo was strong the troll was obviously stronger as he ripped his head up and thrashed it about. This forced Xo to go flying up into the air and whip about until his gripping slipped he was sent flying into the air. The troll started to spin around grunting as it looked on the ground for him, landing smack on the river bed he grunts as the troll hears and spins around. Quickly he rolls over to his top and rummages around pulling out a blue vial he pops the cap and pours a few drops into the water. His eyes flash as the river starts to freeze over almost magically, the ice catching up to the river troll as it screeched out in fear, the ice was engulfing the trolls body. Soon the entire river was iced out and the troll was engulfed in an icy tomb, getting up he put his top back on, strapping his weapons to him as he collected his gear “It won’t last long, I didn’t want to kill the beast as he’s protecting nature. We should move on” he ushered Cali up towards Mersa who stood up with a long yawn and a shake of her body, she was refreshed and ready to move again as he jumped on Mersa, waiting for Cali to jump on Mersa took off in a flash heading towards the mountain terrain. “River trolls aren’t evil, they protect nature and those who would harm it die, so there’s no real reason to kill them as they stay in the one area keeping it pristine” he said as Mersa was travelling the rough terrain with each heavy step she kicked up dirt leaving a trail behind them, it wouldn’t take them long to notice they were moving closer to the vampire territory as the ground become nothing but blackened dirt and the trees were full of rot and death, not much lived in these parts apart from predators. Only a select few travelling merchants were allowed to grace the large vampire city, as they mainly made their own wares. As they got closer the large crevasse between the mountains became more clear, the only way in or out. Mersa came to a stop in front as she sniffed around, He did the same as his eyes scanned the walls of the large crevasse, slowly they start to enter the path into the vampire city.

CharlotteCarrendar: – The river had become an icy lake totally frozen over. The troll was petrified within an ice tomb that the Witcher said he would be free from in a small matter of time. The intent was never to kill the Troll, for he was truly a guardian of the area, and sought to protect it from harm. Cali could respect this, and when Xo gave the word that it was time to move on, she refastened her pole arm to her back and climbed back onto the back of the Warg – who had enjoyed a good rest in the short time that they were at the river bank. Settling on his back once more, she put her arms around the Witcher, as the Warg spirited off towards the mountainous home of the Vampire Queen. :: Inside the deep and treacherous tunnels of the Mountain, the walls were lined with torches that lit the way to the inner sanctum of the Vampire Queen. An opulent cathedral like structure was at the epi- centre, and this is where the Queen kept her very closest followers. Sitting upon a throne that was made from bone and iron – draped in the very furs of the weres she had herself killed, the Queen stared down at one of her guards, who had news from the town of Drakenwood. ”Your Highness…word is spreading throughout the lands that the Witcher has destroyed the Alpha and its pack. He travels with a female, but few know exactly what she is.” The Vampire guard was dressed resplendently in black armour and bore a single red streak across his chest. He bowed low, as the Queen drummed her claws upon the side of her throne. ”Xo…has returned? Interesting. No doubt he wishes to see me. GUARDS…alert me at once if he should be so bold as to enter our domain.” A cruel smile played upon her crimson lips, as she twirled a lock of her long black hair. ”This may just be my night.” She had always had a bit of a thing for this Witcher. He always alluded her clutches, but maybe this time, he was here to stay. :: Riding on the back of the Warg, the Blood Elf notices the change in scenery. The dead trees, and the blackened soil. Death was ripe and there were no birds in the trees. A slight chill in the wind and a haunting sound of wolf in the distance would even have the Warg on edge. As Xo and the Warg both sniffed the air, Cali lent forward and said. ”Do you think they will be expecting us?” <3>

IceTea: As they came closer to the crevasse the weather seemed more dismal over this side as the skies were blackened with an overcast cloudy sky. No sound of life or animals to be heard as he dropped down from Mersa to get a better attacking position “Stay on Mersa, Cali these vampires are beyond you” he didn’t know her full strength but a vampire was a formidable opponent, as he took lead slowly walking into the depths of hell itself. It became colder and darker as the two giant walls on either side blocked out what little sun there was. Each step was quiet and calculated as his hands were down by his side ready to grasp his weapon at any given notice. A trail of dead bodies and bones littered the floor, a warning for those who were not welcome into the vampire’s lands, ravens flew overhead looking for their next meal scavenger birds that feast on the dead, plump and ripe from the daily feasting from the dead. The vampires had their own blood farms, that were Mundane caught or bought from slavery now farmed and bred for their blood source, none more rarer or satisfying of that from Witchers blood, and his blood was the grand diamond of all bloods. They seemed to make it through the crevasse without issue as they walked through to the other side, as the large mountain walls open up and start separating out into a large circle meeting on the other side, this is why no one dared attack them. The natural structure of the mountain walls had created the perfect protection for their kingdom a large circle outcrop in the middle of a dug out mountain, it would have took years but vampires don’t think about such things like time as it has no effect on them. Small vampiric farm towns scattered along the terrain as it was noticeable of the blood farms, where mostly naked mundane were cowering in large open packs with watchers around them. The main vampiric castle was surrounded by a formidable wall of its own as a secondary precaution. The castle itself was built to withstand time itself as its unnatural beauty struck awe on those who laid eyes upon it though it gave off a beauty of evil. “Head down, don’t make eye contact and don’t talk.” he said as Mersa was trailing along directly behind him carrying Cali on her back. They proceeded to pass the villages of the poorer and more useless vampires, outcasts really; he could hear his name being cast through the shadows ‘White Wolf’ as they ducked into their houses or deep into shadows. He was well known for his skills as he slayed quite the few in the vampiric war of ages even taking the life of the now reigning vampiric queen’s husband En Sunt Bemont. She didn’t seem to bother with that though, but ever since then after defeating her hordes almost single handed and her husband she took a liking to him.. wanted to feed from him.. make him her toy.. her play thing. He has had reason to visit in the past, and the vampires knew magic more than others so it was always a good trip to find new artefacts and books. As they reached the boarder gates of the Castle two Vampiric knights stood there in blackened armor they looked at him as the gates opened. No one questioned him, no one raised a hand to him for they did not want to suffer the great losses that he may bring upon them, killing a Witcher was a feat in its own.. Killing White wolf? The legends say it impossible as the bards sing his tale of countless victories ever gloating on his behalf. Walking through the massive hand built Iron gates, they were hand crafted by artists with a rich black gothic look to them, skulls, spikes and spirals where the pattern of choice in the Vampiric lands. “You will not see better weaponry, armor, and wears anywhere else in these lands save the ancient races. Use our time here wisely and look around but be careful.. Mersa will protect you, I have a direct link to her. He knew Cali could find something useful in the Vampiric kingdom, perhaps some info on her husband. He walked beside her and leaned against her leg as he looked up “Trade here is different, blood is the money or death. You keep what you kill, Cali.. Remember that. “ Reaching in his satchel he pulled out a large satchel and slipped it to her the gitter of empty vials could be heard between them “Dragons blood, a full satchel, In their terms that’s a Kings ransom, to give you an Idea.. five of those vials will buy you a mansion here. Dragons blood is black, the red blood is Mundane, mundane blood is cheaper than Dragons blood. Only barter the mundane stuff on ordinarily items, anything magical or rare.. use a dragon vial only one. Never show how many you have. Yes he gave her Dragons blood, and there was only one way to gain dragons blood.. Killing a dragon, putting two and two together would be simple enough, he has killed dragons in the past and never wasted their deaths. As he walked off into the crowded marketplace he left Cali in good hands with Mersa, A warg was a direct threat to any Vampire, but anyone could tell by now she was pacted with the White wolf, and being extremely large and muscular this warg was rare and a lot stronger than the other Wargs so the vampires wouldn’t cause them trouble. He knew Cali would be able to handle herself, and knew the Vampires were most likely the closest thing to her kind in this realm, the same evil style.. in weaponry, armor and clothing so she should feel right at home. Walking through the crowd the vampires gave way as they parted making sure not to bump into him, it was almost like they were scared of him, averting their eyes out of a chilled respect. Walking over to the blacksmith he could hear the clanging of the Vampiric owner, to watch a vampire at work was a feat as they used speed and strength, only with trained eyes like a Witchers could one see them moving and working at a normal pace to the mundane.. they were a blur. “Ahhh… The legendary White wolf graces me again…GOTCHA A rather large battle-scarred vampire appears behind him with his blade stopped in mid air, Xo’s right hand raised up behind him with his two finger’s squeezing the blade “I think not, vladamir. he chuckled as he pushed the blade away as he walked into the open built shop, withdrawing his Steel and Silver sword he placed them on the bench and smirked “What can I do for you old friend “ Vladamir and he went back.. way back to the Vampiric wars, where he saved Vlad’s life with a rare gift.. immunity to silver, this made Vlad impossible to kill with silver and became a higher ranking in the Vampiric world. “I need you to redesign my weaponry, make them stronger.. sharper, you know the deal” he smirked as Vladamir licked his lips and opened a palm. Three dark blooded vials fell into Vlad’s palm.. dragons blood “I can never repay you for what you did, but I cannot deny you to pay me when you keep insisting old friend, go now it shall be done” he smiled with a slight bow of the head. Walking off to leave Vladamir to do his work he disappeared into the distance towards the Queens castle. : Vladamir stood there with his long black hair stretching half way down his back, his blood red eyes dark like a red wine as he watched the White wolf disappear into the crowd. Turning around to the two bastard swords on the table he smirked as his eyes glowed a immense red, waving his palm over them the blades themselves started to liquefy, he was using ancient vampiric magic, this works on all metals except silver but since Vlad was blessed with Xo’s gift he now could bend the silver as well, it became a pure liquid form as it raised into the air. Grabbing one of the Dragons blood vials he dropped half the vial in the silver and half in the steel, as it went from a gun metal color and started to mix becoming a dark red. Lowering his palm as the liquids fall back down to the hilt as it starts to meld and form into
IceTe3a: the shape of blades, thinner and lighter weight.. but double the strength. Vlad was going to make the two best swords he could, as attempt to repay the white wolf. Guzzling down the two last vials of dragons blood, the veins all over his body start to glow a neon red as his teeth pierce out. Grabbing his hammer as he waved his hand over the open fire, it turned to a blackened magical fire as he started to pound the swords and shoved them in the fire every now and then, this would go on for quite some time.