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RP: Dangerous Ties (formerly Deathclub)
Title: Baby Sings The Blues
Players: CharlotteCarrendar (Dixie & various), LadyBelz (Mia/Steve & various), IceTea (Logan)
Live Roleplay Session on Titanpad: June 28, 2014 and July 13, 2014

Prague Václav Havel Airport


LadyBelz: It had been a long and mind-numbing flight. Mia was ready to collapse where she sat and if Steve hadn’t been holding her close, she most likely would have fallen over. They’d both been through a lot in the past 7 months and they were both changed people. Little did they know that there were other changes that had taken place in the months they were gone.

The plane finally touched down at the airport and they all started to disembark. There were two ambulances waiting at the bottom of the steps for them and Mia was so grateful she didn’t have to walk another step she practically fell onto the stretcher they had for her with a pleased sigh. When the EMT tried to direct Steve to the other ambulance, he glared at the woman and stated in no uncertain terms that he was not leaving his fiancé’s side. The look on his face made the poor woman swallow with fright and she could only nod as Mia was loaded into the ambulance. Steve climbed in beside her, daring anyone to tell him he couldn’t. They had been apart for nearly a year. He wasn’t going to be away from her for one more second.

In a whirl of sirens, they headed for the Prague Hospital.

Dr Philips was waiting for them in the ambulance bay when they arrived. He stared at Mia, who was nearly asleep, and shook his head.

“What have you gotten yourself into this time, young lady?”

“Oh the usual. Torture, rape and murder. You know how it goes.” Mia quipped. Dr Philips simply shook his head and started making notes in her chart.

“Let’s get her into Room 7 and we’ll put Steve in Room 6.” he stated to the orderlies.

“I’m not leaving her.” Steve stated.

“Young man, are you trying to tell me how to do my job?” Dr Philips wondered, staring at Steve over the tops of his glasses. It made Steve feel like he was 10 years old and standing in front of his school principal for dobbing stink bombs in the girls toilets.

“No, sir.” Steve muttered.

“Then you take yourself into Room 6 and do what the nurses tell you to do. You are in good hands here and nothing will happen to either of you on my watch. Understood?”

“Yes, sir.” Steve felt all of two-feet tall under the stern gaze of the doctor. He bent down to Mia and pressed a kiss to her forehead. “I’ll be in the room right next to yours.”

“I know, darling. Get some rest.”

“You, too. I love you.” he stated.

“Love you, too.” she murmured before her eyes closed for some much needed sleep. The orderlies wheeled her into her room and the nurses began to set up IV lines and pulse monitors, changing her into a hospital gown while she was down for the count.

They were in for some serious recuperation time.


CharlotteCarrendar: Meanwhile, over at Studio Four at Svallag broadcasting network, the set for Inga’s new television infomercial and chat show was abuzz, as the porn starlet and Oil of Ole’ face of the year was in a large wooden jacuzzi. Her blonde hair was positively gleaming, and she beamed at the cameras as they came in for a close up. Steam wafted all around her face as she lay one arm on the side of the wooden slats. It was pretty clear that she was of course in the raw.


“Hello peoplez and velcome to my body natural. Today, we come to you live from Prague in dis…my wonderful jacuzzi. Ya, its so hot and with many of the bubbles. Hehehe. On tonight’s show, we teach you how to get the best clitoral orgasm with some expert tips from our good Doctor Fapworth. Ya..he is very hands on in de teaching. But virst…here is a vord from our sponsers.” The monitors cut to a commercial for Trojan condoms, as Kraus is standing off to the side, holding her hello kitty purse. Suddenly, the purse starts meowing and vibrating. An odd look crosses his manly features, until he realizes that is it actually her cellphone making the noise.

He takes the phone out and then he sees there is a message.

“Ingy…there is a call for you!” Kraus sings out, holding up the phone as people are buzzing around the hot tube, whilst the Doctor is taking off his towel and robe and about to get in the jacuzzi with Inga.

“Ya? Who can be cally me? I told them…leave after the beepy.” Inga says with a frown, before gasping at the size of Doctor Fapworth’s cock.

Kraus wanders over and hands her the phone, as she pushes her hair back gently to hold the phone up to her ear. She hears the message from Mia and in a state of fright and excitement, she drops the phone, right as the director does the count down.


“We are back in five…four…three…two…and action”

“Ooo I dropped it in de vater!” Inga exclaims, as Doctor Fapworth dives under the bubbles trying to find her phone.

“Oooo….OOOOO it’s not there!” She starts swatting the water since Doctor Fapworth had found something else.

“And cut to commercial!” The Director roars, as Inga is trying to beat Doctor Fapworth off. No doubt the ratings for this show were going to go through the roof.

~The next day~


Dixie is humming happily to herself as she is working on a mural in the baby’s room. She is standing on a small step ladder. Most of the furniture was up and in place, and the room was like something out of a catalogue from Mum’s R’ Us. She was wearing black overalls and was covered in paint of various colours, when her cell phone went off in her pocket. Boof, was scampering about the floor chewing on would be one of the baby’s toys.

Taking out her phone, she could see the caller was Inga.

“G’day Ingy…sup?’

“Dixie!…It’s the Mia! She’s back and in the hospital!”

The look on Dixie’s face was one of shock and surprise, as she dropped her brush. It fell and landed in her paint bucket. Slowly, she came down off the step ladder and simply stared straight ahead.

“What? You’re kidding? Why hasn’t she called me?”

“I don’t know…maybe she doesn’t know your new number. Anyvays…we all going to see her today at visiting hours… Me..Kraus…Maggie, Nik…”

“What about Dem?” This was the big question, since she still hadn’t heard anything from him. Inga struggled for a moment, before saying. “No vord from him…he must still be in Russia.” Dixie felt slightly sick about this. Months and no word. Now, Mia was back and he still was no where to be found. Dixie rubbed her tummy gently, her face crumpling. Yes, she was happy Mia was back, but worried that something had happened to Demetrios. Clearing her thoughts she asked. “What time are the visiting hours?”

“They are after 1pm. You come?” Inga was now wondering if Dixie would even turn up. Dixie shuffled her feet about then answered. “I need to talk to Logan first, but I will try to make it, okay?” That was enough for Inga, who had other calls to make. “Okays…I see you. Toots.”

Dixie hung up from the call, then went to find Logan, who may well be over at the garage.


IceTea: Morning had come early, as Logan had woken up with the sun, leaving Dixie to sleep in for the day as he made his way over to his personal garage behind their new house. He was working on a new project, pulling a smoke out from his jeans he places it between his lips and sparks his lighter. Walking into the shed he turns on the old CD player, turning it up enough that it echoed through the shed and outside but wouldn’t disturb Dixie. Setting to work he started singing to himself ” They said you’d never get anywhere well, they don’t care” nodding his head along as he was puffing out smoke.

Stripping his biker vest off, he threw it on the roof of the rolling shell, he had found himself a beat up 1965 mustang fastback rolling shell, lying out in the farmlands. He had it delivered to his house so he could do it up for Dixie as a surprise as she didn’t know about it yet. Laying down on his back he pulled himself under the jacked up ford and started to work on the under belly of the beast, taking apart the muffler system and axles. The whole thing needed to be replaced but he already put in orders for new parts from America, still undecided on how a big of an engine he should put in the beast, but he thought a 474 big block would do nicely.

Tapping his boot heel to the music as he continued to work under the car, he lost track of time as he usually did whilst working on any kind of engine. Reaching around for a socket wrench, he picked up a few of the socket extensions fitting them into the bolt until he found the right one and started to undo the screws. Taking in a big drag from his cigarette as the CD player switched over to the next track INXS – Never Tear Us Apart, his head to the song trying not to bang it on the underside of the car.

His smoke packet dropped out from his jeans and rolled out from under the side of the car as he sighed, “Fuck me.. you’re about as popular as a snake in a sleeping bag right now” reaching his arm out from under the side of the car his open palm started blindly feeling around the cooling concrete floor looking for his lost smoke packet ” Round the back of the shed or what?! he said with a more disgruntled tone.


CharlotteCarrendar: Dixie could hear the strains of INXS coming from the garage, and with the two pups galloping after her, she headed into Logan’s garage without knocking. She happily bopped her head to the music and then could see a hand sticking out from under one of the car bodies. It was feeling about, and just out of reach was his cigarette packet. ~He must have dropped it~ Dixie thought, walking over, then getting down on her hands and knees, and picking it up, as Boof and Jack came up sniffing and licking. Dixie leaned right down so her face was close to the concrete and peered under the car.

“I think you lost something.” she said with a cheeky grin, before passing the cigarette packet back under the car. Along with her face, the two pups were now both looking under the car now too. Dixie tried to shoo the pups out of the way, but Boof decided he wanted to lick her face. “Boof!’ she kept pushing the pup back, but it kept coming back for a lick, since she was so close to the floor. With one hand trying to keep him back, Dixie then asked Logan a question.

“Is it okay if we go up to the Hospital around 1 o’clock. I got word from Inga, you know the one with the big boobs. Mia is back in Prague. The one….that got kidnapped from the club.” Now, she had told Logan about Mia several times, but the fact she was back was a bit of a shock. “I need to wash and change first, I am still covered in paint.” Dixie then sat up and cradled Boof, as she waited for Logan’s response.


LadyBelz: It was quiet on the ward and Steven had already been checked over. He had numerous bruises from his imprisonment and subsequent rape, but he would get over it. He was more concerned with Mia. He had asked several times about her condition but no one would give him the information he wanted. “Wait for the doctor.” was the repeated response. He was becoming frustrated with the runaround he was getting and was a few seconds of way to ripping out his IVs and going to check on Mia himself. He’d just thrown off his covers when Dr Philips walked into the room. Steve froze, one foot planted on the floor.

“Going somewhere?”

“I wanted to check on Mia. Your fucking nurses aren’t telling me anything.” he glared.

“Mia has been through an ordeal and I want her resting undisturbed for now. You will see her when I feel you can control yourself a bit better then you are right now.”


“No buts. Get back in that bed.” Dr Philips glared. For an old gent, his stare was pretty intimidating and Steven felt cowed by it. He obeyed, slipping his legs back in bed and pulling the covers to his chest. “Good boy.”

“I’m not a dog, you know.” Steve grumbled, crossing his arms.

“Mhm. Open.” Dr Philips stated. Pouting like a baby, Steve opened his mouth and had a thermometer shoved non-too-gently beneath his tongue.

“Loffly beshide manners, Doc.” Steven growled, his voice muffled by the thermometer.

“So my wife tells me.” He grinned, checking Steve’s pulse. After a moment the thermometer was removed and he made notes in Steve’s chart. “They’ll be bringing your lunch soon. You must try to eat most of it and build your strength back up.”

“My strength is fine. I could bench-press a small car right now.”

“Humor me.” the doc chuckled. “And, you have a couple of visitors. You feel up to it?”

“Depends on who it is.”

“I’ll send them in.” The doc took Steve’s chart and hung it on the bed outside the door. A few minutes later, Philip and Kate came into the room, Kate with a vase of flowers in her hands.

“Well I must say, you don’t look like someone who’s been in prison for 7 months.” Phil grinned. Steve rolled his eyes as Kate kissed his cheek.

“How are you feeling?” Kate wondered, sitting down in the chair.

“I’ve had better days.” Steve admitted.

“I’m just glad The Joker was able to get you both out safely.” Phil sighed, shoving his hands in his pockets.

“Is that who that was?” Steve gaped. He’d heard of the infamous Joker.

“Mhm. Apparently he had an agent on the inside as well. I believe you met her.”

“Her who?” Steve frowned. At that moment, a third person entered the room and Steve stared at her in shock. “You?”

“Hello, Agent Mironi. I am Agent Gia Kasakov with the KGB.”

“Kasakov? You related to that piece of shit?” he glared.

“He was my brother. I did not like what he became, so I took steps to have him eliminated. Unfortunately, you and Miss De Luca were caught in the cross-fire and for that I apologize.”

“Tell that to my fiancée.” Steve glared.

“She will be briefed once she’s rested. She is a very strong woman for putting up with my brother all these years.” Gia sighed.

“You will leave her alone!”

“I cannot do that Agent Mironi.

“You will or I will kill you myself!”

“Agent Mironi, you will stand down this instant!” his boss snapped out. “Agent Kasakov is working with the CIA and FBI on this case and you will cooperate. Is that understood?”

Everybody was determined to shit on his parade today. Steve glared at them all, but The Director’s glare was fierce. “Fine.” he snorted.

“What the hell is going on in here?” A nurse demanded, storming into the room. She could hear the yelling from the nurses station and she was not pleased. “We have patients trying to rest and you are disturbing my ward. Either tone it down or get out!” She gave everyone a glare that said “Fuck with me and I’ll eat you for lunch.” Nobody said a word. The nurse nodded her head and left the room.

Kate looked at the others and began to giggle. “You should see your faces.”

“Shut up, Kate.” The Director growled. He looked at Steve. “The head honcho has decided to give you some much needed time off…and they scheduled you a psych eval.”

“Dammit, you know I hate those things.” Steve sighed.

“They want to make sure you’re cleared to return to work. An agent in the field, suffering from PTSD isn’t a good thing. Take the appointment, Steve.”

“Is that an order, Director?”

“I can make it be…but I won’t. Do it for her.” He didn’t need to state who the “her” in that statement was. Steve dropped his head back on the pillow and nodded.

“We’ll leave you to rest more. Someone will be by tomorrow to get statements from you both.” Gia stated. Steve simply nodded and listened to their footsteps as they left his room.


CharlotteCarrendar: Arriving at the hospital, Dixie and Logan pulled up on his Harley, while Kraus and Inga came in her pink hello kitty car. It stood out like dog’s balls. Pink and..well pink. Followed closely by Maggie and Nik who arrived in a white Fiat. Logan had met the other members of the Death club bar staff before at the barbecue that they held at the new house. But meeting Mia would be a first. Dixie had explained how she had been the star at the Death Club when it was at its peak. Nowadays, it was a hollowed out ruin of a building. Fire and smoke damage had made it non-salvageable. Dixie was wearing black jeans and of course an AC/DC tshirt. Her hair was pulled up into a loose ponytail, and her pregnant belly was really sticking out there. Needless to say, she didn’t have long to go. Taking Logan’s hand, she led him into the Hospital entrance. Inga was carrying a big spray of flowers, lots of pink and white, while Maggie and Nikolas just looked rushed. Both had come back from Istanbul after a photo shoot, and only got word of Mia’s return from Inga just hours before.

In the back of Dixie’s mind, she was worried still about Demetrios. Course, there was still no word. Maybe Mia had some answers. She squeezed Logan’s hand and walked closely to him, as they made their way to the nurses reception desk.

“We’re here to see Mia De Luca.” Dixie said, whilst the other bar tenders all waited in behind her.

“You’ll find her in Room 7, but please keep the noise down. We have already had complaints.”

Nodding, Dixie looked up at Logan and had a worried face. “Is it bad that I am scared to see her?”


IceTea: Walking through the hospital as he glanced around casually, he hadn’t really had any need to be in one as most of his wounds were cleaned up by the clubs medics at the time. Feeling Dixie’s fingers wrap around his hand, he smiled gently as he glanced back at the others he had previously met at his BBQ, giving a nod as he was pulled along by Dixie.
He knew how important her friends were to her, that’s why he agreed to come along for the ride, as they reached the nurses reception desk he listened as Dixie asked about her friend Mia.

After the nurse told them she was in room 7 and to keep the noise down, he noticed Dixie turn around and look up at him with a worried look. “Is it bad that I am scared to see her?” he smiled slightly and gave her a reassuring hug, coming to a full stand ” You’ll do fine, you’re a tough chick. ” playfully nudging her cheek with his knuckles before leaning in and kissing her cheek. “shall we? ‘


LadyBelz: Mia lay in her hospital bed, looking out the window. She hadn’t spoken much since she was brought in, sleeping mostly and when she was awake, her vitals were being checked or someone was bringing her something light to eat. It was depressing. Or maybe that was just her mood. She hadn’t told the doctor she hadn’t been sleeping well, for the minute she closed her eyes, the nightmares of her captivity started…each one more horrific then the last. Several times she’d jerked away, a scream locked in her throat and it took her a few minutes to calm down. And she was beginning to jump at shadows. She was not aware of the fact that they were in the process of getting a psychiatrist for her.

She turned away from the window to stare at the TV on the far wall. There were reporters camped outside of the hospital wanting to get a glimpse of the former Death Club star, but the hospital admins were not allowing anyone but close friends and family in to see her. Which was a good thing because she really did not want her story splashed across the 11 o’clock news. She changed the channel to something a little less depressing, monster truck racing.


There was knock on her open door and she looked over to see the nurse standing there.

“Miss De Luca…you have visitors. Are you up for it?”

“Yeah…I guess.” Mia sighed.

“If you’re not up for this, if it’s too soon for you, I can ask them to come back another day.”

“No. It’s fine. Send them in.” She sat up in bed as the nurse nodded and left the room. She could hear her in the hall.

“You can go in now, but please…keep your voices down. There are other patients on the ward and we’ve already had a problem with noise today.”

Mia sat back and waited to see who would come in. It was such a surprise when her visitors came through the door that she had to bite her tongue to stave off the tears and the sobs that wanted to escape her.


CharlotteCarrendar: Inga was the first to enter the room. Wearing a bright sunny Hello Kitty tank top that radiated all things pink and pretty. Her hair was a maze of blonde curls that bounced on her shoulder, while her jean covered hips swung back and forth. She peeked out from behind the large spray of flowers and chortled.


“MIA! Velcome home. Ve been so worried about you. Oooh..you been on a diet? Very pretty bone structure.” She was going a hundred words a minute, as Kraus waved in from behind the ditzy blonde. “Kraus…find vase for the flowers.” She shoved the bouquet at him, and then was looking around the ward. “You even get a TV…oh, this is nice.” It was like she was casing the joint, while Maggie and Nikolas came in next. Both looked tanned, which was odd for Maggie, who was normally so pale. Both took off their designer sunglasses and smiled down at Mia.

“Hey you, remember us?” Nikolas said with a wink, flicking back his long blonde locks. He was now an underwear model for some of the leading fashion houses in Paris, and looked amazing. Ripped and buff, just the way Mia used to like them. Maggie elbowed his side abruptly. “Shut up!..You making too much noise ya daff git.” She then smiled at Mia. “You look amazing for a hostage? You doing okay now?” Obvious question is obvious.

In the back of the room, Dixie is standing with Logan right behind her. He towered over the young Aussie, like a brick shit house. All tats and well, mean looking. Dixie was very pregnant. But she didn’t race up to the bed like the others. She looked scared and confused. Why was Mia here and there was no sign of Demetrios? The others all looked to Dixie, knowing how good a friend she was, but they also knew Dem was still missing without word. Dixie merely waved from the back of the room, her other hand squeezing Logan’s tightly.


LadyBelz: “Oh my god…Inga!” Mia grinned, seeing her Swedish friend entering the room in all her Hello Kitty glory. Kraus was right behind her and waved at Mia. “If you want to call being locked up like a concentration camp prisoner as being on a diet, then sure. But I don’t recommend it for anyone else. It’s brutal.” Mia joked. Maggie and Nikolas were the next to come in, both looking tan and fit and Mia’s eyes nearly bugged out of her head. “Holy shit! You guys look fantastic!” she exclaimed, drawing them into a hug. “Yeah, I’m okay.” she lied, not wanting to think about her nightmares. “Where’s Di—” Mia turned her head and saw her best friend standing by the door. She barely took notice of the man standing next to her, her entire attention was focused on the heavily pregnant Aussie woman. “Dixie.” Mia breathed, the tears she had been keeping at bay by the skin of her teeth welling up in her eyes. “Oh my god, Dixie!” Mia breathed, covering her mouth with her hands. “Get over here, you Aussie twit.” Mia grinned through her tears.


IceTea: Logan was dragged into room 7 behind the others, he noticed Dixie wasn’t the first to go through which was understandable since she was scared to re-meet her new friend. Standing there waiting as everyone went through the door, he was pulled along by Dixie who took a place in the back of the room. He wrapped one of his arms around her gently, resting his hand on her stomach gently as he leaned down and kissed the top of her head, reassuring her.

He watched as everyone were busy saying their hello’s to Mia, everyone was friendly towards her, though some said things that should have been rephrased or at least that’s how it came out in his mind. Soon enough they turned to look at Dixie wondering why she wasn’t leading the pack. Shifting his weight slightly as the room got kind of awkward for him, he stood towering over everyone else as he heard Mia start talking toward Dixie, with his other hand behind her, he gave her a light push forward as if to say get up there. This was more to get their eyes out of his general direction and focusing on the others. Leaning against the wall by the door he smiled as he watched his Dixie.


CharlotteCarrendar: Dixie was slow at first. She didn’t want to leave Logan’s arms, and it was when he gave her a push that she actually moved. She was not one for all this emotion, but she had been feeling it all the way to the hospital. The other Death Club members looked so glamorous and well, famous since they were. Dixie finally left Logan’s side, and walked her way to the bed, where Mia was overcome. Was it cause she looked…fat? Dixie didn’t have an ounce of fat on her, but a big baby belly on her small frame.

“Mia..” her voice was not the usual happy go lucky Aussie sound, but more that of a girl that hadn’t seen her best friend in such a long time. Dixie bent in, though it was awkward cause of her belly and tried to give Mia a hug. There were bound to be a lot of questions, but for now, just to hold her was enough. Dixie sniffed as she tried to hold back the tears.

Pulling up, you could see the tear on her face, her chin wobbling as she touched Mia’s cheek.

“Are you okay now?”


LadyBelz: Mia didn’t care that Dixie was nearly 9 months gone. All she cared about was the fact that she was here. “Goddamn I’ve missed you.” Mia whispered, pressing her face into Dixie’s shoulder. She drew back as Dixie touched her cheek. “I’m better now that I’ve seen you.” Mia murmured, overcome with emotion as she stared upon the face of her best friend. “And look at you. You have such a glow about you. Mommyhood suits you very well.” Mia grinned. She glanced around. “Where’s Dem? He didn’t come with you?”


CharlotteCarrendar: All the Death Club members looked at each other. They all knew that Demetrios had never returned from his mission to save Mia. Nik stood back with Logan and then whispered. “This is going to be awkward.” He was right of course, because someone had to tell her that Dem never came back. Dixie’s face became ashen. If Mia didn’t know where he was…..

“He went to save you…” Dixie said quietly, as the others all nodded in unison. Nik folded his arms and had a stern expression. This was not going to go well, and with Dixie ready to give birth at any time, any drama might bring things forward.


LadyBelz: Mia stared at her in shock. What? Oh shit! “Dixie…I swear to God. I never saw Dem. I didn’t know he was coming to Russia. Steve and I…the CIA were the ones who rescued us. I swear to you…I never saw him, not once.” Mia whispered, worried for her friend. Where the hell was Demetrios? He had no business leaving Dixie alone like this when she need him the most. “That sonofabitch!” she scowled.


CharlotteCarrendar: Dixie then felt a slight twinge in her stomach, and tried to brush it off. Her eyes on the other hand were telling a different story. Mia was going troppo. She claimed she had no idea where Dem was or that he even came after her and Steve. The mood in the room was getting tense and it was not lost on the others. “I’m worried about Dixie.” Nikolas said to Logan as they stood up the back. Dixie started breathing heavily, like panting. She was then trying to control herself.


“Mia..uhm…I uhm…” she then looked over her shoulder at Logan and mouthed. “Help” She was feeling a lot of things right now, and the worst….she felt a trickling down her legs. Inga looked at the floor and said. “Did someone spill a drink under Dixie?”

Dixie’s eyes bulged and she looked down, her jeans were getting wet. ~Oh no~ she thought to herself. She was going to have to leave that room quickly, but she needed to tell Mia everything…if she had time.

“I met Logan. He’s from Australia, like me. He’s been there for me the whole time you have been gone. I’m his….OWWWWWW!” she felt the first contraction, and her eyes crossed. “Mother fuck!”


LadyBelz: Mia didn’t want to upset Dixie, but it was too late. She noticed Dixie seemed to be in pain and then there was the tell-tale sign of wetness on her jeans. Mia wasn’t stupid. She practically stabbed the nurse call button several times. It was at least another 2 minutes before a nurse finally showed. It wasn’t the head nurse either, but some blonde, big tits girl who looked a bit…rumpled. An orderly walked past the room, doing up his pants and Mia glared. “Find Doctor Philips! Now!” she glared. “Or I’ll be sure to tell the head nurse what you’ve been…up to.”

The nurse paled significantly and ran from the room. It wasn’t but a moment later that Doc Philips arrived.

“Mia, what do you need?”

“It’s not me, doc. It’s Dixie. She’s in labor if I’m not mistaken.” Mia pointed at Dixie, who was now breathing quite heavily. The doctor approached the young woman and placed a hand on her stomach. He didn’t say anything for the longest time as he did whatever it was he did.

“Yep. She is.” he nodded. The head nurse came into the room. “Ah, Stella. Just in time. We’re going to need a second bed in here for this young lady. She’s going to have a baby any time now and I don’t want to try and move her to another room.”

“Right away, sir.” Mia grabbed Dixie’s hand and gave it a gentle squeeze.

“Breathe through the pain, Dix. Squeeze the hell out of my hand if you need to.” she stated. And then something Dixie had said finally penetrated her brain. “Who the hell is Logan?”


IceTea:- He was watching it all unfold in the back of the room as he listened in to the conversation he say Nik slowly walk back to stand next to him. Seemed they both wanted to keep out of the spot light, nodding in agreement with Nik’s statement he folded his arms across his chest “Bloody oath” he said quietly so Nik could hear him. His ears burned as he heard Dixie explain what had happened in the past months and how she met Logan, his eyes darted from Dixie over to the female laying on the bed who had asked just who he was, he would have spoken up but it seemed Dixie had it all under control so he stood back and just casually nodded as he saw Mia look his way.

Suddenly Dixie’s mood changed as she started to swear and scream out, her water had broken by the looks of it, without thinking twice he took a step forward and walked up to Dixie as he held her arm gently “Great timing as always, love” [/]b he smiled down to her as he tried to make light of the current situation. As the doc came strolling in asking what was wrong, he shook his head as he thought it was pretty obvious. “She’s popped” he said with a cheeky smirk across his face.


CharlotteCarrendar: – Dixie’s face was going pale, as she realized that this was it. She was going to have the baby right there in the same room as Mia. Surrounded by all her friends to boot. “Ahhh shit.” she blurted, knowing this was not at all what she had planned. In fact, she really hadn’t planned for this at all. As the Doctor came in the room, and Mia was already giving orders like a Sergeant Major, as well as demanding to know who Logan was, she felt like her head was about to spin off her shoulders. It was only when Logan took her arm and told her that she had great timing, that she managed something that looked like a smile.

Walking her to the bed next to Mia’s, the Doctor drew the curtain around to give them a bit of privacy, since Dixie’s jeans were now ruined and needed to come off. “I feel like a defunct washing machine.” Dix blurted, as a nurse came in and started to try and help her change. Dixie slapped at the nurse to get her to keep her hands off her. “I’m not a cripple!” Her eyes were fierce as she snarled and then the next contraction hit with force. This time, it was a hum dinger and she let out a cry that was like a bull out in the paddock. {b]”Aaarrgghhh….get…me…drugs!!” She then started breathing in and out really fast as her cheeks went in and out, in and out. Her wet jeans off and her panties, she was handed one of those nasty hospital gowns, that were for old ladies, like Nanna Noonie. “I’m…”pant pant pant”…not…wearing….”ooo…ooo…ooo”…that!” One thing to be said about Dixie, the girl still had some spunk, even in this situation. The Doctor chuckled at her antics, while Dixie gave him the death stare.

Outside of the curtain, Inga was all excited and bouncing up and down much to the orderly’s delight. ~Boing Boing Boing~ “Dis is exciting…yah?” Nik watched Inga’s enthusiastic display with an amused expression. “Maybe for you, I don’t think Dixie would agree with you.”

Laying down on the bed now the curtain was opened again as Dixie shot Mia a look.

“Mia…meet…Logan.” She was between contractions and actually making sense.


LadyBelz: Dixie was not at all happy about going into labor, Mia could tell. She really wanted to join her at her side and be a support system, but her own injuries and the weakness she had in her limbs prevented her from standing for long periods of time. “Dammit! Someone get me a fucking chair!” Mia snarled, throwing the blankets off her legs. Doc Philips turned from starting Dixie’s chart to look at Mia. Seeing the steely glint in her eyes, he asked a nurse to bring in a wheelchair and some extra blankets. It was only a couple of minutes before Mia was planted in a wheelchair at Dixie’s bedside, warm blankets tucked around her legs like she was being mummified. She grabbed Dixie’s hand in hers, rubbing gently. “Squeeze when you need to, you know I can take it.” Mia grinned. She then directed her attention to Logan, giving him the once over with her cool, gray eyes, as if she was seeing into his soul and judging his self-worth. “Yeah…he’ll do. Biker, huh?” she grinned at Dixie, trying to put the woman at ease, despite the pain she was going through.



IceTea: He was standing back out of the way as he watched the entire thing go down, his smirk grew larger as he heard Dixie start to kick up a fuss. “She’s got bite” he said so others could hear, as he watched MIa screaming out orders, he felt her look him over as he shrugged it off. Giving Nik a sideways glance with a strong slap on his back “Time to walk through hell. mate” he then walked straight past everyone and through the curtains only to see Dixie laid out in pain on one of the hospital beds with Mia sitting next to her holding her hand. Looking down at her jeans he chuckled as he arched a brow “To much grog love, ya gone and pissed yourself” walking to her other free side he stripped his jacket off and tossed it over her as she refused the hospital clothing they had offered.

Leaning against the wall next to her, his hues glanced up to Mia for a moment and then back down to Dixie. “Come on love, push the lil tucker out. He can bother the pups back at home leaning in he wiped her forehead of any sweat and gave her a light peck with the lips. He glanced over to the doctor and looked him up and down for a moment “Given her any drugs yet doc? I suggest you do, soon. his hues went back down to Dixie with a smile as he rubbed her arm for comfort, leaning back against the wall as he held onto her arm for support.


CharlotteCarrendar: – The Doctor chose this opportune moment when the jacket had been thrown over Dixie, to stick his hand between her legs to check for dilation. Dixie’s eyebrows disappeared right up into her fringe. “EEEEEEEH!! I hope you washed your hands!” She wriggled uncomfortably, as the doctor felt around and then broke out in a wide smile. “You’re fully dilated. Shouldn’t be long now.” All the other Death club members were ogling, and this was when one of the nurses ushered them out of the room, so that it just left Dixie, Logan and Mia. Without the crowd it meant a bit more privacy, though Dixie felt she had completely been violated already. She turned her head to Mia and uttered. “I’m scared.” Of course she was, she had never had a baby before. With Logan on the other side, telling her to push the little tucker out, the Aussie girl nodded as another contraction hit and this one had the baby’s head about to crown. You could see the white of her eyes clearly as she let out another cry that was heard down the corridor to the waiting room.

Dixie gripped Mia’s hand with an intensity that would leave indentations, while she puffed and panted with gusto. There was no time for drugs…no time for anything. The baby was coming and coming now.

“I want to….PUSH!” she screamed as she tried to sit up in the bed, Logan’s jacket falling forward. Lost in the moment, she ripped it off and it fell out of her reach. The Doctor was back and checking the head, and he could see the dark tufts of hair. “Okay…ready?…..and PUSH!” Dixie then let out another loud cry as she gave it everything. This was when the head started to come through and the doctor looked up at Logan and Mia. “I have the head.’ Dixie fell back and was trying to catch her breath. This was all happening too fast, even for her. “IT HURTS!!!” she said, gritting her teeth, before another wave hit and she was about to push again. Nurses were readying the equipment behind the doctor, wheeling in special cribs and other trolleys. It was a hive of activity. Dixie then sat forward as she felt another strong urge to push and then let rip with the loudest scream you ever would hear as the doctor worked out the shoulders, and then the rest of the baby slid out. Covered in muck and blood, the Doctor handed the baby quickly to the nurse, before cutting the umbilical cord and starting to clean her up, as Dixie fell back on the bed. She started to cry as the shock of it all was overwhelming.

On the observation table, the nurse was checking the baby over, and then you could hear the distinct sound of a baby crying. Dixie…had just give birth to a 5 pound baby boy.



LadyBelz: Mia thought for sure Dixie was going to rip the doc a new one when he shoved his hand between her legs. She had to turn her head away at the look on Dixie’s face so she wouldn’t start laughing. A nurse stepped into the room and shoved the other former Deathclub staff out of the room, ignoring Inga’s shouts that she wanted to watch. Mia reached up a hand to push back Dixie’s hair from her forehead as the young woman claimed she was scared. “Of course you’re scared. You wouldn’t be human if you weren’t. But think about that new little life you’re about to bring into the world. Someone to love and cherish for the rest of your life.” Mia smiled.

Another contraction hit and Dixie gritted her teeth as she squeezed Mia’s hand for all she was worth. Mia merely grunted at the pain. She’d felt worse and survived. There was no time to administer drugs for Dixie. The baby was making its way into this world as the speed of a bullet and nothing and no one was going to halt its progress.

Dixie screaming that she needed to push had the doctor at the end of the bed in a heartbeat and he could see that the baby was crowning. “Nurse, get over here!” he demanded. A nurse was at his side in an instant, waiting his instructions. Doc Philips secured his hands beneath the baby’s head and looked at Dixie. “…and PUSH!” he demanded. Dixie let out another cry as the head started to push through, widening her vaginal opening to dimensions unheard of. Mia held Dixie’s hand, muttering encouraging words and telling her to breathe through the pain. “It’s almost over, sweetie.” Mia grinned, looking at the doc.

Dixie made to push again, giving it her all. Her screams were loud and echoed out into the halls of the hospital, causing everyone to stop in place.

Steve, who was in the room across the hall heard the screams and thought it was Mia. Despite the IV in his arm, he was out of his bed like a shot from a gun, dragging his IV rack with him as he ran across the hall, hospital gown open in the back for all to see his naked ass.

He barged into Dixie and Mia’s room and not seeing Mia in her bed, darted around and tossed back the curtain.

“What the fuck is going on in here?” he shouted. It was then he saw Dixie and he made the mistake of looking downward between her legs, just as the baby’s feet were leaving her body.

“Guh!” he gulped, just before his eyes rolled into the back of his head and he crumpled to the floor.

Mia stared at her big, bad, superspy boyfriend as he lay there and she couldn’t help herself. She started laughing hysterically. A nurse went into the hall and called for a stretcher to get the unconscious man back to his room as Mia had to clutch her middle with her free hand to try and contain herself. Oh she had such blackmail material for that. She looked at Dixie and grinned as the nurses began to clean her and the baby.

“Congratulations, Dixie. It’s a boy.” the doc announced, bringing her a clean and wrapped baby. “He’s a bit under the average 6 pounds but he’s healthy and strong and ready for his mommy.” Mia got a peek as the doc passed the newborn to his mother and her eyes were suspiciously bright as she took in the dark hair and the little cute chubby cheeks.

“Oh he’s so beautiful, Dixie.” Mia whispered. “Congratulations, Mommy.”



IceTea: He watched as she screamed out in pain with each push, he could hear her breathing deeply as he smiled whilst watching her. Mia no doubt was taking control of the situation as he heard her screaming out orders and support for Dixie, a slight chuckle escaped his lips as he quickly caught his jacket from being tossed aside “Cheers love” he said as he placed it down next to him. She was working up a sweat from all of the hard work and the pain must have been intense, as he leaned down closer to get a better view of her face.

He glanced over to Mia and back at Dixie one more time as he smirked “Come on, pies and VB’s all around. We can take the bubs to molly’s for a round too ” he said with a teasing chuckle as he heard the door open, he came to a stand as the curtain came flying open his right hand came swinging behind his back from pure instinct, but before he could pull his gun the man fainted “Fucken struth” he let his hand ease up as he leaned to the side having a look at the guy laying flat on the floor.

Coming back to a full stand he shook his head as he looked over the two girls in which Mia seemed more amused, “That bloke alright? ” his right hand went up to the back of his head as he ruffled his hair for a moment, he was so side tracked he didn’t notice the baby was already coming out, his eyes flickered over as the doctor cut the cord and the bubs was carried off. Moments later the baby was carried back to Dixie as he looked down it was pronounced a as a boy.

With a smile he leaned down and kissed Dixie’s lips “Grats love, Now lets get a beer into her” he chuckled with a smirk across his face. as he pulled up a chair next to Dixie and slowly started to play with her hair.


CharlotteCarrendar:- The baby was handed back to Dixie, to be laid on her chest, as she tried to contain the emotion of the moment. With the room basically going crazy in the background, what with Steve fainting and Logan cracking off in Aussie slang at the shock of it all, all Dixie could think to do was kiss the top of the baby’s head. The baby was so incredibly small. He was a chubby little thing, but still pretty small. The baby was making this light crying sound, till it found it’s fist and started to suck on it.

Dixie looked at both Mia, then at Logan as she offered their congratulations. Dixie was slightly overwhelmed and had completely forgotten that the doctor was fixing her up down below. A nurse brought in a hot blanket and draped it over mother and child, as the news of the birth of the baby boy was now reaching the waiting room. Inga and Kraus were hugging each other, while Maggie was on the phone alerting other friends about the exciting news. It would be a while before they were allowed in to see the newborn, as the Doctor and nurses were still working.

At the mention that Dixie needed to get a beer into her, Dixie tried to laugh. A beer was the last thing she wanted. She now had a son. The overwhelming feeling of responsibility and love was all too much for the Aussie girl. She was a million miles from home, and her parents didn’t even know she was pregnant. Dem was god knows where, and here she was with Mia and Logan at her sides. It was then that it dawned on her.

“I don’t even have a name picked.”


LadyBelz: As the orderlies came in to take care of Steve, Logan asked if he was okay. Mia looked at him, a smirk on her lips. “That’s my big, bad CIA agent boyfriend. He shoots and kills people for a living. You’ll have to excuse him, for there are some things that make him squeamish.” Mia chuckled. “He’ll be fine…but man have I got blackmail material on him now.”

Mia looked at Dixie, seeing the emotions swarming over her features as she realized she was now a mother. Mia pressed her cheek to Dixie’s hand that she was still holding, before releasing it so that Dixie could hold her son properly.

Dixie lamented that she didn’t have a name picked yet. Mia looked at the baby as he shoved his little fist in his mouth. “He looks like a ‘Milo’ to me.” she stated, a small smile on her face. “But that’s just me. You don’t have to pick a name right now. Bask in the moment for a little longer. A name will come to you when it’s ready to.”

It was then that Mia began to yawn, as the excitement of the day began to wear off. Doc Philips noticed this and frowned.

“Okay, that’s enough excitement for one day. Back to your own bed with you, Miss De Luca so mother and son can get some rest too. You can visit in the morning.”

“Yeah, yeah.” Mia grumbled as a nurse helped her back to her own bed. She looked at Dixie as the nurse got Mia settled under the blankets in her bed. Mia turned on her side so she could watch Dixie and her son. “Congratulations, Dixie. He’s going to be a gorgeous guy when he’s older. If you need me to run interference for the girls, I’m your gal.” she grinned.


IceTea: He watched as the nurses helped the unconscious man up and out of the room, Mia introduced him as her boyfriend some CIA agent. Grinning slightly to himself at the irony of it, he arched a brow as he heard Dixie state she didn’t have a name for the child yet. A chuckle slipped passed his lips ” It’ll come to ya, love” he leaned back in the chair with a sigh of relief as the event was now over. Soon Mia was ushered back to her own bed, as he wondered if they would try to usher him out of the room, something he’d like to see them try.

He leaned against the bed frame with his chin resting against the bed itself, as he looked up at Dixie with a smile “Ready for this? I’ll be around each step of the way.” he said in a calm low tone as he leaned over and kissed the child’s head softly and then kissed Dixie’s head. “You need your rest, that’s for sure love, I’ma pop out I’ll be back in a tick” Rubbing her arm gently for support he got up and put his jacket back on, as he walked past the doctor and gave him a once over “Look after her doc” as he made his way out of the room and into the hall, he pulled out his packet of smokes intending to go have a smoke at the front of the hospital.

CharlotteCarrendar:- Dixie was already yawning after the whole experience, and the nurse could see the signs. She gently lifted the baby off Dixie’s chest and went to wrap it up properly and set it in the crib that had been arranged. Before Logan left, he asked if she was ready for this. She shook her head slightly as it was all a bit daunting for her. What reassured her was the fact that Logan would be there for her, every step of the way. She reached for his hand to squeeze it, before he took his leave to go and have a smoke outside. Needless to say he earned it.

This left just Dixie and Mia in the room. Mia was already cracking jokes about how she would run interference for the girls that would be lining up for the little boy in the future. Normally, Dixie would crack off something witty and cheeky in reply, but truth be told she was simply exhausted.

The Doctor gave Dixie a shot of which was unknown to her, and this was to help her go to sleep. When she woke, it would be on for young and old, with feedings and changing. All things that Dixie would need to learn. As the drug started to kick in, she turned her head slightly on the pillow to look at Mia. A slight smile appeared and Dixie asked.

“I know you might not be religious…hell, I’m not, but….would you be our boy’s god mother?’ as the words left her mouth, her eyes finally closed, and her hand slipped off the side of the bed.