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Chapter Nineteen

Dinner for two



IceTe3a : Smirking as he watched her laugh at his pun about tonight’s dinner, his hand grabbed hers gently as he pulled her on the back of the bike as he was quick to wrap her arms around his waist making sure she was holding on tight before taking off leaving a trail of dust behind them. “I enjoyed our time together, feeling any better?” he had figured out Rain was upset that Eve stepped in and did his system updates instead of her, so this time alone was to make up for that. It didn’t take them long to reach the cabin as he pulled up at the front, deciding to leave the bike out the front for now. Jumping off he waited for Rain to get off and follow him inside down to the bunker, he led her past everything and into the kitchen. “Right! Fresh Bambi and some veggie’s will do us. “ he smirked as he walked into the back of freezer and pulled out some deer shanks, on his way out he picked up a few veggies and spices that he needed. He was quick with the knife as he peeled and diced up the veggies evenly, placing them in a big cooking tray there were carrots, quartered potato’s and butternut pumpkin , pouring honey over the carrots and pumpkin and glazing the potato’s with a mixture of spices as he grabbed the deer cutlets and whipped up a red wine juice, glancing up to Rain he wondered just how she would take the way he felt about her now that she knows. He smiled lightly as he watched her whilst he continued to prep dinner, “We need to discuss our strategy tomorrow, perhaps we can lightly touch on it at dinner. “ he nodded to himself as he marinated the cutlets and placed them all into the oven to cook, walking over he set the table with a table cloth knives and forks and glasses. As he turned around and blinked in a confused way “I know that I’m classed as well, equipment but I still eat and my body can handle it.. what about Eve? “ he scratched the back of his head as he waited to see what Rain thought of it, as he passed her he quickly leaned over and kisses her cheek with a peck of his lips before darting into the walk in fridge coming out with fresh orange juice, you could see the pulp moving around in the liquid it shows how fresh it was, obviously hand squeezed. “ This entire place is self sufficient, I have herds of cattle and sheep that graze and breed I take what meet I need, I grow veggies , herbs and fruit out back on a great soil patch I found on the land. So there’s no need to scavenge for food at all. Walking over to the table he places down the bottle of cooled orange juice on the centre of the table as the aroma of the cooking meat and veggies started to waft through the mess hall.

CharlotteCarrendar; Feeling the cool air on her face as they rode back to the farm house, Rain was feeling so many emotions and all of which were telling her that Adam was the one. For everything they had been through, she now knew that she had fallen for him, and he for her. Adam had enjoyed the quiet time they had together in the centre of the field, and she drew close so he could hear her over the wind. ”I feel wonderful. I feel so alive.” Words barely able to express everything she felt right then and there. Her fingers locked together as she held on tight while riding back to the farm house. Her face turned and her cheek to his back as they left behind a dusty trail in their wake. Soon they would reach the farm house, and Rain sat up straight, and took his hand as he helped her off the bike. Taking her back down to the bunker, past all the scientific equipment, till reaching the kitchen, where he had promised to cook up a real treat of Bambi and vegies. Rain had to stifle a giggle, as she looked around for Eve, who was nowhere to be seen. ”If she hears you…”Rain said with a light laugh, before walking further into the kitchen, to admire the state of the art array of kitchen appliances. Glistening clean surfaces and of course cookware that a master chef would crave. Like any good cook, everything he was using was fresh. As he prepared the deer shanks, Rain set about pouring them both a glass of red wine each, before taking a sip herself. It was a good year too. Merlot. She only looked up again, when Adam mentioned that they would have to discuss a game plan over dinner. Bringing up the toe of her right boot, she tapped it on the floor, before leaning back against the cupboards behind her. Her arms folded, but she still held the wine glass in her right hand. ”Is it wrong of me not to want to have to think of the world outside these walls?’ She was simply enjoying just being…normal for a change, and not off fighting wars. She realized this was not good form and then tried to smile through it and change the subject, only to hear Adam ask if Eve actually ate food. Was she that advanced? ”Guess we will have to find out. All I know is she is different to you.” Indeed she was. Eve was in the science lab that Adam had given her and had her techno pup on one of the work benches. She was staring up at one of the screens, and typed in a few keys on the keypad only to see the latest new feeds from the city. It highlighted the Zen headquarters and the drama of the dead commander in chief. Eve bowed her head, and then tapped the keypad again, so the picture was no longer on the screen. Back in the kitchen, Rain was intrigued how everything that Adam grew on the farm helped sustain it. ”If only the rest of the world thought like you did.” she said, taking another sip of her wine. <3>

IceTe3a: – He looked up from behind the kitchen bench as she asked if it was wrong of her to not want to think of the outside world, he shrugged and shook his head “No, Who could blame you? War, death and pain is all that’s outside the walls. We are who we are Rain for as long as we need and that time is short. Once we find your father, I can’t see any need to bother ourselves with Zen and their wars at all.” he smiled and chuckled as he grabbed the glass of wine and sipped it slightly, wine was not his drink but it would do for now as he swirled it around pretending to be fancy. Nodding in agreement as he didn’t know if Eve ate or not, he was still curious if she did indeed eat. “There is only one of me, and apparently I cannot be rebuilt alike” he smirked in pleasure knowing how unique he actually was. It had been awhile but finally the meat and veggies were cooked, as he pulled them out and one by one placed them on the plates, pouring the sauces he made with them all over. The rich aroma of the freshly cooked food made his mouth water slightly“Not to brag but damn it smells good” he chuckled as he placed three plates on the table he had earlier set up. His right hue glows slightly as his HUD appears in front of his eye “Eve, dinners up if you need to eat feel free to join us. Otherwise feel free to continue your studies. “ he said over the science lab Coms, as he lead Rain over to her seat and helped her down “Dig in” he said as he sat down across the table, not waiting for either of them he dug straight into the meat, taking chunks out of the deer cutlet. “We need to locate the exact location of that bunker, and we need to start recruiting some people to live and work with us here. But only people who are useful.” he chuckled lightly thinking that a small community of people could actually live here and they would go unnoticed by anyone else in the world, how great it was to be this far out in the country without having to deal with current issues.

CharlotteCarrendar: – In the science lab a holographic image of Adam appeared – radiating above one of the receptor plates. He smiled and asked eve if she would like to come and eat dinner with them. Eve cocked her head to the right and then realized that he thought she could eat food. ”I will continue my studies. I only need to be recharged and I do that through a USB jack. Please, enjoy your meal time, Adam.” This was said with a gracious smile, as the feed to the Science lab would end, and Eve went back to working on another computer which was doing a digital print out of Adam’s programme update. Eve, was actually studying Adam. Whether he knew this or not remained to be seen. In the mess hall, Rain took her seat at the table, and leaned forward to inhale the wonderful aroma of the rich meal that was presented before her. ”Is Eve joining us?” She asked, taking up her fork and sticking it into one of the cooked carrots. She dipped the carrot in the gravy and then popped it into her mouth, chewing with her mouth closed. While waiting for his answer, Rain was also wondering about the location of the bunker that her father was hidden away in. Could it be out in a country area such as this? Or closer to the city? Swallowing her mouthful, she started to carve off a piece of the deer shank, when Adam mentioned that they would need to recruit people to work with them. People that were not aligned to the Zen….or the Source for that matter. They needed people that had gone rogue or retired from the game. ”I can think of a few people. Question is, can we trust them?” <3>

IceTe3a: – He shook his head “No she apparently doesn’t need to eat, something about a Usb jack. Either way she seems like she’s deep in studies on science stuff “ shrugging his head, he swallowed the chunks of meat and started on his veggies as he looked up at Rain as he watched her eat, he smiled lightly as he arched a brow “True, it’s hard to trust people in this day and age. And are they willing to stand side by side with something like me? “ he continued to eat, he was obviously pointing out how he wasn’t fully human, most people didn’t think much of him just like Rain didn’t at the start. Shrugging to himself he took another bite out of the cutlet and smirked as he poured a glass of orange juice for them both “Either way, there’s no exact way we can tell who’s with us and who isn’t and who will secretly betray us. I know at least the boys from the black market won’t ask questions when we need to buy equipment and weaponry off them, they like everything under the table as it is” he chuckled and continued to eat as he took a sip of the OJ“Tomorrow I want you on me and in me, scanning the picture of the bunker to real time imagining, try and find some kind of location at least. he knew how he put it, but he was also having a bit of fun that’s why he said it like that, as a small smirk sat upon his lips.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Rain nearly choked on her meat that she had in her mouth, when Adam said that tomorrow, he wanted her on and in him to scan the pictures of the bunker in real time imaging. Coughing up the piece of meat after banging her chest twice with her fist, she reached for a glass of OJ and took a mouthful before finally finding her voice.”You want me to what?” She wasn’t sure if she heard him right the first time. Rain knew she could access his mind via her own and by touching the pressure pads that were located on the sides of his head. ”On and in?” Rain blinked at what he was suggesting. She felt a little foolish, and her cheeks radiated a hot red blush. Rain saw he had a smirk and he was playing at something. Setting down her fork on the side of her plate, she leaned forward and said. ”Elaborate.” Did she have a filthy mind now? <3>

IceTe3a: He couldn’t help but chuckle at her reaction as he watched her go red slightly, he continued to watch her reaction as it was quite the display. Sipping his OJ casually he smirked between sips “You heard me” he replied to her first question, only to have another one thrown at him as she leaned forward asking him to elaborate. He arched a brow and leaned forward slightly “Well, I want your body pressed on top of mine, while you’re wracking my brain for what we need.. extending his arm up his palm catches the back of her head gently as he pulls her in for a kiss, holding it for a moment he pulls back with a smirk “And whatever else that may come during all that” his eyes were watching hers as he was playing with words while teasing her. He knew what he meant but he enjoyed the game, he rubbed the back of his head slightly as he continued to eat “So who are these friends of yours you think may be of help? “ he was quick to change the subject and leave her hanging there in her own thoughts.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Rain opened her mouth like a goldfish out of water, but then shut it again when Adam said that she knew exactly what he meant. She shied away for a moment, her face turning but a smile was there that was unmistakable. He wanted her to be up close and very personal when she retrieved the information from him, and that should anything come from that, he was happy to let it happen. Before she could make a reply, she felt his hand come to the back of her neck and then he kissed her with all the passion that a man could possess. It literally took her breath away, and she found herself responding in kind. He pulled back, his eyes glistening as he knew this was really teasing her for a reaction. As she brought her fingers up to press to her own lips, Adam changed the subject. He wanted to know who to bring in, that she thought might be able to help. The first person to come to mind was Sam, or Tin Man as he was known. A true friend from the very early days before she got taken by the Zen, he was a man that she could trust. ”Sam. He owns a junk yard in the city, but it’s merely a cover for what he does best. You met him not long after I had been brought back from the Dead zone. As for Noah…he is an insider for the Source. You shot that guy in the knee…so I doubt he is going to be sympathetic to our cause. Out of the two, Sam is the best one to help us.” <3>

IceTe3a: He listened to what she had to say as he nodded while finishing off his dinner, “Ahh, those two.. yeah well.. I never said I was friendly” he smirked as he gave her a wink. Rubbing his chin he nodded as he agreed that they could use her friend that she called tin man “Yeah, if you think we need him. We can go grab him” picking up his glass of OJ he smiled as he tried to think of anyone else that they could use to help them out. “Really, there is only need for you and me on the battle field” he of course was more into thinking of how useful someone was not the kind of friendship they had together or could offer as he went through the lists of names, coming up empty “I got nothing, Like I said.. I’m not much of a people person” he knew there was no way the bunker was located on this country, it would have to be somewhere else in the world and that would mean they need to get their hands on a aircraft, meaning they need to pay the black markets a visit sooner or later which was easier said than done, as not everyone was welcome into their turf although he was a VIP to them after all the deeds and cash he spent there.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Rain remembered that Adam hadn’t exactly left a good impression with either Noah or Sam, but that was beside the point. She knew Noah was too close to the inside of the Source to really be trusted. Sam on the other hand, was always one she considered a rogue. The trick was that with Sam, he had connections as well as being one of Rain’s confidants in the days when the Source or the rebellion was more about stopping the Zen from world domination and freeing the people. As Rain now knew, the Phoenix had agenda and not one that was really for the general populace. Little did she know that Eve knew about the Phoenix. She knew a great deal about many things. Hidden behind those beautiful eyes lay many a dark secret. Rain really needed to spend more time with Eve to find out more about her, but seemed to be focusing on Adam. Adam mentioned that they should simply go grab Sam. Smirking at the idea, she couldn’t help but comment. ”We should do it at night. More likely to catch him off guard. Plus we have to be mindful of the Night patrols.” Having been a part of it, she knew that they would be on the most wanted list in the city. Taking up her dirty plate and cutlery, she pushed herself out of her chair and went to go wash up. She could hear Adam say that he wasn’t much of a people person. Turning on the hot water faucet and filling the sink, she could only comment ”Remember when you thought i was a dead root? Attitudes change over time.” That was certainly true. Washing her dishes and cutlery, then putting them on the rack to dry, she spun around and smiled. ”So when do we do Operation Snatch Sam?’<3>

IceTe3a: He smirked as he followed her, waiting til she washed her dishes and she spun around facing him. He walked up in front of her and pressed his body firm against hers as her back was pressed to the kitchen bench while he reached around as he started to wash his plate he was looking into her eyes with a smirk “I remember that, you claimed me as your sex toy I believe” he smirked knowing she would blush at the comment and he continued to wash his dishes until he placed them in the rack as well “We can get him tomorrow night, after we discuss everything and find a location “he spun her around so he was leaning against the kitchen bench and she was pressed up to him, his hand resting on her lower back slightly as he chuckled “I know things change, but me becoming more likable and more friendly towards others is a long call. “ he gave her a cheeky wink and lead her out of the kitchen and back to their room, waiting for her to pass through the door he closed it up behind him. “For tonight I think we can get some rest, and worry about all this tomorrow. watching her walk past him, he leaned in and slapped her ass playfully “ So I guess I’m all yours through and through, huh “ 

CharlotteCarrendar: – From the early days when they met, Adam and Rain’s relationship had been more of one of hate and indifference. To see them now, it was a stark contrast. With Rain pushed up against the kitchen bench, and Adam more or less doing his own dishes as he had her pinned to the bench, he was quick to point out that she had claimed him as her own personal sex toy. Rain giggled, as the water in the sink behind her splashed about from his cleaning antics. Stealing a look up at him, Rain replied with a smirk. ”I believe I did, now that I think about it.” If he was trying to make her blush, it was working. Adam decided to put Operation Snatch Sam on hold for this night, deciding he much rather everything and tracking the location of the bunker. When he was done, he led her back into their room and closed the door behind him as he smacked her ass. She heard the door being locked, and spun around to hear him say that he was all hers through and through. Walking back up to him, she reached up to his shirt, and slowly started to undo his buttons. Once the shirt fell open, she placed her hands inside, palms to his chest and came closer. ”Yes, I guess you are.” <3>

IceTe3a: He watches as she slowly walked forward and he arched a brow as she slowly undid his shirt buttons, he moved his shoulders about as his shirt slid off with ease falling onto the ground leaving his bare torso for her to press up against. “To do with, as you see fit. I believe those were the terms he smirked as he felt her palms pressing against his chest, he reached down wrapped his arms around her body gently, as he gave her room to move about in his arms “In that case, why don’t you use me as you see fit “ smirking as he dimmed the lights in the room, he leaned down and kisses her lips for a moment but pulled back again leaving her to want more, as he had just dared her to take him if she saw fit. His breathing was slow and paced as her palms would raise and fall with the movements of his breath, as his eyes look her up and down slowly, he rips her shirt off her back with ease as he tosses it to the side without a care. He was toying with her, but in a playful way as he wanted to see her like she was the first time she forced him. He obviously liked her the way she was as he pulled her in with a smirk “Or can’t you grab a hold of what you need and take lead? “he said with a playful smirk as his eyes met hers.