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White Wolf

Part Four

“The True Test”



IceTe3a: A simple smirk as he stood there, his demonic like eyes glancing casually into hers although he was smiling his face showed not one ounce of emotion, even when she was feeding on him he was rather calm for someone having their life force stolen. She took his hand with a firm grip giving it a shake confirming the deal verbally, letting go he nodded his head as he turned and glanced at Mersa, give a sideward nod she came to a stand with a yawn as her large fangs flashed. “Right.. We should go to the nearest town.. Drakenwood, it’s a small town on the edge of the dark forest.. Not many people live there and not many visit. Though we need to resupply” He started walking past her, he knew these woods like the back of his hand, finding his way around was easy for him. “This way.” He simply said, thinking just where the female Witcher ~ She’s in these lands somewhere~ he thought to himself as he sighed, looking up at the sky the sun was slowly setting, as it started to get slowly darker, the fog would soon set in with a cold chill. : Meanwhile in Drakenwood, the town was settling down for the afternoon, traders from all over were slowly packing up their stalls for the night as the local shops starts to close shop. People of Drakenwood knew they had to close up early for this town was under a curse.., people barred their doors closed for the night as well as their windows. The brave or the stupid risked the night walk to the pub, in which their door was always closed and heavily guarded. “ARRGHH!!!!… THERE COMING!! “ A young man was noticed running down the main street of Drakenwood, screaming in horrible fear as he gripped his freshly torn arm, blood was flowing freely out of the wound as people of Drakenwood screamed in fear. “They’re never this early?! What’s changed!!! INSIDE INSIDE NOW!! “ people dropped what they were doing and ran for the closest doors, a distant howl could be heard as it echoed through the afternoon light, *AARGH!!!!!* a person’s voice screaming in pain cut the howling, doors slamming as the traders from other towns ran to seek shelter in the tavern “ They’re smart… they have figured out we go into hiding!! We’re doomed!! “ people were agreeing with the fearful man “Shut it!! They’ll hear you… now have a drink” the barkeep insisted as a hasty hush came through the tavern, people were weary of how hard they placed their glasses down on the table.

CharlotteCarrendar: – While not totally comfortable to be in the company of the Witcher and his female Warg, the Blood elf was feeling replenished from the feeding off the Witcher. He didn’t even seem fazed that she had just tried to drain his life force, due to his never ending supply. How he basically powered back up again shortly after was unusual for any creature. The Witcher knew the right way to go, and then mentioned that they should go to the nearest town of Drakenwood. Now, the name didn’t mean anything to Cali, and she simply followed in behind him as he took the lead. A slight glance at the large Warg to make sure she didn’t get too close to the mountainous wolf – Cali kept a respectful distance. Hearing that not many people lived there gave Cali the idea that it was more of a hamlet than a town. So long as they could stock up on supplies, that was all that mattered. With her pole arm in hand, Cali walked at a brisk pace. Not sure of the time of day, she noticed that the sky was growing darker by the second. Her head tilted up as she surveyed the sky – the movement of the clouds which was faster than normal. The air had a bitter chill like bite to it and there was the first signs of fog up ahead. ”Is it normally like this?’ The Blood elf asked, sensing that the change in weather was more supernatural than a normal phenomenon. <3>

IceTe3a: Walking through the Dark forest he was keeping a weathered eye on his surroundings making sure nothing was about, as Mersa did the same, she was walking on his left hand side right near him with a slight growl and sniff every now and then. She knew as well as he did just how bad the Dark woods were, as they travelled along he heard the elf ask about the weather “yes.. It’s the dark woods, night falls the fog sets in and the creatures come out with the cold”Things moved through the shadows with ease, it wasn’t hard to know they weren’t alone it was to be expected. As he fell silent for awhile in the walk, they were about half way to Drakenwood when he broke the silence “You plan to leave once you have your husband, right? he was curious more than anything, as Mersa sniffed the air and growled, he gave her head a reassuring pat as he knew just what dangerous creatures were most likely roaming around out here. “We need to not draw to much attention to ourselves, or we may risk our lives” he said simply as he continued to look far ahead and to his left and right every now and then. The Scent coming off Mersa would hide their own scent and keep most unwanted predators away, as a Warg was feared by most.

CharlotteCarrendar: – It was an honest question that the Witcher asked of the Blood Elf, as they made their way through the darkened wood. Did she plan to leave once she had her husband back? As she walked along, she nodded in affirmation. ”Tis why I am here. To find him and hopefully bring him home.” It wasn’t lost on her that many creatures were now moving about in the dark and cold – she could almost get a sense of the many signatures of the various creatures. Their life forces giving off a distinct aura that illuminated to her sight. On reflection of what she just said, she continued. ”We do not belong in this world. I have a rune – a single one that can take us both back to our world. I plan to use it when he is found.” She reached into her pocket and wrapped her fingers around the rune. The enchanted rune that was her one way ticket back home. Releasing the rune, she could hear the Warg sniffing loudly and growling at what could be other night creatures. ”Your Warg seems unsettled.” They still had a bit to go as far as reaching Drakenwood, but would they come across a new foe on that trek to the small township? <3>

IceTe3a; – He nods as he heard her state she had a way to take her and her husband home, it was exactly as he thought it was. They continued walking through the large trees and forest as she stated that Mersa was seeming unsettled, he smirked slightly “That’s because she know’s what creatures lay in this dark abyss” Letting off a rather large howl Mersa continued it on for a few moments before she stopped and continued to walk by his side, he gave her another good pat “She’s warning other creatures to stay clear of her path” he smiled down to Mersa, eventually they were on the edge of the forest as Mersa’s head went down and started sniffing at the ground, she wandered off and he followed her. After a while he was lead to the freshly dead ripped and mangled corpse of a mundane. It looks like a wild beast had got this one and had its way with it “Whatever it was.. it was fast and had claws, you can tell by the wounds” He didn’t know that Drakenwood was under a curse of beasts, as no word had been sent out to any of the Witchers guilds in request for help. “Usually we’d be informed about such attacks, although sometimes the messenger never makes it”they finally made it out of the Dark Forest and crossed the empty field to the town of Drakenwood, his eyes wondered around. It wasn’t hard to notice most entry and exit points of every building was barred and sealed shut; it was basically a ghost town as night fell, although a shimmering light from the Tavern was the only source of life. “This town is under some sort of attack, we may find information and a job here. “ walking towards the tavern he didn’t bother asking the elf if she wanted to help take on the job as it was natural to him. He opened the door as a gasp from a few of the towns folk escaped their lips, his demonic hues looking around the inside of the tavern most of the townspeople and fellow travellers have taken refuge in the tavern for the night. “White wolf.. it’s a witcher.. look son white wolf” the whispers from the town folk could be heard with ease, they all knew who he was as he glanced back at Mersa, and she knew her spot as she laid down outside the door to keep guard. The men guarding the door had moved out of his way. “Finally a Witcher has come to save us from our curse!! Please..! Legendary white wolf!! Take the job and save our town!!” one of the towns folk said with a happy tone. He glanced back to the elf and nodded towards her “That’s up to her, she’s my current long term client… you deal with her if you want me “ he walked over to the bar and ordered a mug of ale, and pointed to his Warg asking the inn keep for any meat for Mersa as the young inn keeps boy ran outside quickly with a tray of slabs of meat for the Warg, running back in quickly with teary eyes.

CharlotteCarrendar: – The ravaged body of the Mundane was an unusual sight at first for the Blood Elf. Torn apart and ripped to shreds, the Mundane had suffered in its final moments. Cali knealt down and ran her fingers through some of the tears in the Mundane’s flesh, before checking the claw marks made by the attacking animal. Whatever it was that did this was big. Perhaps not as large as the Warg, but something just as ferocious. Cali raised her head slightly, her polearm resting in the dirt as she used it to lean on in her crouched position. ”My guess is that it is still in the vicinity. If it wanted a meal there would be virtually nothing left. Look? There is still meat on the bones.” Cali added. It was not like a beast that hunted its kill. This was something with a terrible hatred for the Mundanes. Pushing herself up to standing, she would leave the corpse behind, to follow the Witcher onward to Drakenwood. But on arriving at the township, it was clear that those that inhabited it were all in hiding. With the only light coming from the tavern, it was quick to assume that the people were in fear of whatever it was that attacked the Mundane. Shop after shop, home after home was dark and their doors locked. Passing through this there was an eerie sense of dread. A chill that came not just from the low temperature, but from the fear in the hearts of men. Entering the tavern, Cali’s thoughts on the matter were confirmed. Course, the townspeople were overjoyed to see the Witcher and the Warg. Hailing him as Legendary. He was obviously well known in these parts. Cali kept well back as the Witcher spoke with the people and the Inn keeper. They wanted to hire him to deal with the menace, but he explained he was already working for the Blood elf. As she felt the eyes of many turn to her, she shrugged and offered. ”My job can wait, I see you need him at the moment more than I.” She leaned against the wall, with her polearm in hand. She was not in the least bit interested in feeding on those present, since she had been allowed to feed on the Witcher. With unusual green eyes, she watched over those that fed the Warg and then ran away tearfully. Without a doubt, the Witcher was the one to save these people. <3>

IceTe3a: – He was watching the elf as she made up her mind, allowing the people to hire him to lift their curse. A roaring cheer came from within the tavern, people were overjoyed. They already knew his price and everyone would have to pitch in to meet it, as he took a sip out of his Ale “The dead, disappear in the morning don’t they?” he felt everyone watching him as the bar keep came to stand in front of him “Yes, you’d you know?! “ His Demonic like eyes almost started glowing as they flicked over to meet the eyes of the elf “You have a Warewolf’s den nearby, and by the sounds of it.. they’re recruiting “ he smirked as a gasp from the townspeople filled the room “Warewolves?! You’re kidding!! How can we be this unlucky “ Walking outside he passed right by the elf and stood next to his Warg, he knew the elf would be following up behind him “Warewolves are Large wolf like creatures.. in the form of a man, they stand on two legs instead of four, but can run faster on all four, increased strength, speed, senses and sharp claws and fangs… Silver or fire kills these beasts” he whistled at Mersa as she got up and ran off into the distance “I sent her to scout out for their den” the door for the Tavern closed as people were laughing and cheering. Walking into the centre of the road he glanced around the rooftops and dirt road, looking for tracks in which there were more than he could count “They frequent this place, nightly. We’ll need to destroy the den completely.” he glanced over to the elf and looked her up and down, hardly impressed with her “Can you handle that? “ he sighed slightly as he pulled out his pipe and stuffed it with tobacco

CharlotteCarrendar: – So that is what had taken down the Mundane. Werewolves. That explained what had happened to the body. It was not trying to kill the Mundane, but turn it. The corpse then coming back as a Werewolf. All those that died would be missing in the morning. No wonder the people were hiding indoors. With the Warg off already scouting for the scent of the den, the Blood Elf noticed the Witcher was now looking her up and down as if appraising her. The townspeople had hired him, hadn’t they? Now, he was looking at her as if to ask if she could handle this kind of beast. It was not something she was used to fighting, but she never ever turned down a good fight. Smirking, she scoffed at his question. ”Pretty sure I could.” she didn’t care what the locals thought of her joining in. So long as this got them moving on again to find her husband, she would do what was necessary to achieve that. Cali did have a question however. ”How many do you suspect are in these parts?’ <3>

IceTe3a: A simple smirk says it all as he lights his pipe up and takes a drag “Dunno, could be twenty, could be fifty, could be thousands by now. Depends how long it’s been going on for “ he doubt it was thousands as this town would be overrun by that point, he estimated the werewolves to be at least numbered in the thirties as he, let out a puff of smoke. It had been a few moments before Mersa checked in with a howl, her howl could stretch on for distances as he smirked and gave a even greater howl back, he made it look easy. He pulls out his Silver sword from his back sheath as he inspected it for any flaws, he had made the weapon himself and it was infused with magic itself giving it a few good swing’s he placed it back in and smirks as he heads towards where Mersa had run off too “Come on we need to find their den, it’s usually a Cave system.. in the side of a hill or mountain” he strolled off out of the city with the elf at his side, they had just left the Dark Forest and now were re-entering it, she must think he’s crazy for taking a lifestyle like this, as they entered the Dark Forest, the cold chill set in as it got darker and harder to see for mundane at least, his eyes were well adapt to the darkness. He could hear Mersa running around in the darkness following trails with her nose, as he knew she’d find the way to their den soon enough. He casually wandered in the Dark forest with no aim in where he was going, he seemed to just be strolling and wasting time.

CharlotteCarrendar: – ”Thousands?” Her right eyebrow shot up. Almost seemed incredulous that there would be that many. But then again, she was new to this world and the chances of a very large den of werewolves populating the side of a mountain being accurate. ”One man, against a thousand? You are going to need all the help you can get.” Cali shot back with, actually giving his arm a slight punch before going off with him to find this den. The Warg already seemed to be on the scent, and as they left the township for the dark woods once more, she got a sense of déjà vou. Walking alongside the Witcher, Cali asked him about the silver weapon. ”So that is going to fell many were’s? She knew the Witcher could hold his own, there was no mistaking that, but it was going to be interesting to see. Approaching what looked to be the opening mouth of a cave, Cali held up a moment. There was something a bit off about this place. <3>

IceTe3a: On the side of a large mountain Mersa stood still next to the opening of a cave, it didn’t take long for him and the elf to find her location, his demonic like eyes glaring into the darkness of the cavern. The fowl stench of death slowly reeking its way out into the open world, it was all too much for Mersa’s sensitive nose as he watches her back off a few meters. “Don’t blame you Mersa” he smirked slightly as he turned his head to view the elf in her full form, “Xobatch.. this is my name, but people call me Witcher, this is the den of the werewolves there is no doubting this, are you ready? “Stepping into the opening of the cave the air was thick and fowl, you could feel the dirt and grime in the air itself as it felt like walking through a full bodied sludge, scattered bones and faeces laid waste on the floor of this den, with each step a bone was crushed. Drawing his silver sword as he held it in his right hand, he was ambidextrous by birth right and never favored a hand so both were equal, with a few waves of his wrist on his left hand along with perfectly times finger movements a small fireball explodes to life just above his head slightly behind him, it allowed the path ahead to be viewed as he shed some light on the situation. As they walked deeper into the cave system it started to split off into different sections “ we need to set traps so none escape to repopulate, each direction leads to a different part of the den, but we want the main cavern it will be the largest holding of them “ closing his eyes he chanted quietly to himself, while his fingers started moving and creating different signs, each sign popped up into the air and glowed slowly spinning around each other. Finally the ground breaks as a large snake appears its body was double the thickness of him, it was made completely out of fire, as he had summoned a fire basilisk to do his bidding, his own demonic eyes glowing as the snake slivers off to the other tunnels as it splits into two each going down a tunnel, it would keep duplicating itself for each pathway, in order to take down more werewolves. He continued straight down the main shaft as it got wider and he slowly came to a stop “This is it, the main chamber will be ahead, they will attack us in drones and the alpha will be the biggest and last to join the fight.” 

CharlotteCarrendar: – Foul. That was the word to describe the putrid stench that came out of the mouth of the cave. It reeked heavily of death and decaying bodies that were certain to line the inner tunnels on the approach to the main den. The Warg reacted by instinct; sensing the danger within. A smart animal; none the less. Cali and the Warg both shared the same sentiment, and it was the Witcher who agreed that this was now a very dangerous quest. It was also the time of introductions. Up until now, she had simply referred to him as the Witcher or White Wolf, which was the name that all the peasants had called him everywhere they went. No time like the present to learn each other’s names. ”Well met, Xobatch. I am called Cali .” The blood elf glanced down the tunnels. She could see the litter of bones and dead bodies that lined the way. Not exactly welcoming, but what could you expect from a den of werewolves. Cali gripped her polearm tightly with her hand, and followed the Witcher into the tunnel. The horrid crack of bones under foot was coupled with the unevenness of the tunnel floor that made going forward a big rough. Suddenly a great ball of light appeared behind them. Xobatch had decided to provide the lighting to help illuminate the tunnel before them. Cali actually brought her free hand up to her nose for the stench was overpowering. ”Ugh!” She exclaimed as she tried to block the vile smell. She noticed Xobatch unsheathe his sword, and she instantly responded. Channelling her magic through her polearm, the fire crystal at the top glowed fiercely. Last thing she wanted was to be caught off guard. Cali waved it in front of her as she could see that the Witcher was creating signs that would generate a larger bout of magic. Cali exhaled for she knew she would get a heady sensation from the magics he was using. A blood elf can get addicted to such powers, so she needed to keep herself in check. He did promise her she could feed from him, but of course now was a bad idea. Swallowing, she held back and watched as a great snake emerged from the ground and then broke off as it went down the various tunnels that shot off from the main one. Cali continued to follow Xobatch, till finally they reached what would be the main den. ” This is it, the main chamber will be ahead, they will attack us in drones and the alpha will be the biggest and last to join the fight.”This was good advice, and Cali readied herself. Swirling green orbs appeared on her left hand, as her green hues surveyed the main chamber for a sign of movement. <3>

IceTe3a: -He waited for Cali to ready herself as he knew he was ready himself, slowly he walked forward into what would be the main chamber with each careful step he made sure not to make a sound. Coming to the edge of the path as he looked down it was a fair drop down, a good 20 meters, a quick flick of his wrists as their feet started to glow, the air sign allows the users to jump great distances without the ending of crushing and breaking bones on landing, turning to face her he smirked as he raised his arms outwards and fell backwards disappearing into the darkness of the depth. Spinning into a landing as he finally hit the bottom, his feet softly touching down without a sound, cali would follow up soon near him. Coming to a stand he looked around, they were in the main den alright and the walls stretched high into the main mountain, it had been dug out; where most of the werewolves slept, they had the room for an army but it wasn’t full with werewolves that was a lucky break. Suddenly a growl echo’s through the darkness, his eyes flash as the fireball hurls high up towards the ceiling, expanding and bringing light to the entire chamber, howls from werewolves waking up from their slumber, as they glared down at the two intruders in their den. There had to be at least 30 werewolves, as they started darting around and coming lower to get a better view of the two. Suddenly without warning they start pouncing down towards the two, his eyes darting around at the now flying werewolves hurling towards him, his grip on his sword tightens as he waits his time out, with a quick and deadly slice, three heads hit the floor their bodies soon to follow as more howls start echoing through the chambers, Cali was having her own problems as he could see. More werewolves came at the two as he hacked and slashed his way through them, taking them down with each slice. He was lucky as of now to not get wounded but he had experience with these creatures, they moved faster but he was born to kill their kind so it was a child’s game for him. It seemed like an endless wave as more and more kept coming, the bodies of the dead werewolves piling up as his body was slowly getting covered in their spilt blood. They weren’t just in this chamber as more reinforcements pilled in from other lesser chambers, after a while the waves lessened until they finally came to a stop. “It’s not over yet…” a massive roar echo’s through the den, the power of the roar may hurt Cali’s ears as stone crumbles and dirt clouds up in the centre, once the dirt came to lay on the ground again, a massive werewolf stood centre, its claws an easy 9 inches, a huge mane and white flashing teeth baring, it was the alpha and it was pissed.

CharlotteCarrendar:- What Cali wasn’t expecting to see was the big hole that appeared before them in the larger part of the cave. It was at least twenty feet down or more. Cali leaned forward slightly to check if there was a way to climb down to the lower level, but it was a sheer rock face all the way around. This was going to be tricky, the Blood Elf thought to herself. Course, the Witcher had a trick or two up his sleeve – creating another sign that was somehow controlled the air. Creasing her brow, Cali watched him turn around and then simply allow himself to fall backwards – vanishing into the darkness below. She waited for the sound of breaking bones, but there was none. He landed without so much as a sound at all. Cali walked up and down a few steps contemplating following him. Did she trust him enough to do this and not hurt herself? Gritting her teeth, she threw caution to the wind and with a good grip of her polearm, she leapt of the side of the hole and hurtled through the air, before landing not far from the Witcher with relative ease. Her right knee bent, her left leg forward, she righted herself and then looked around. So this was the real main chamber. Slowly she twirled her polearm knowing that they were sure to attract the attention of the werewolves soon. Sure enough, the Witcher made his move. He illuminated the chamber with a large blast of fire, and it brought them out. Spinning round, the Blood elf was shocked by the sheer number, and while the Witcher had his silver sword, the Blood Elf now had to rely on her skills as warrior, as well as the power she had to take the lives of the weres. Course, the battle was hard going. No sooner had she rammed her polearm into the chest of one on coming were, another was at her back. With quick footwork she spun and siphoned the life force from the were behind her as it tried to bite her face. The look of horror became distinct on the Were, as the Blood Elf’s own eyes glowered fiercely, and she fought with all that she had. One by one the Were’s were falling, but no sooner had they felled the bulk of the Were army, the daddy of them all finally made its presence felt. The unmistakable roar had the Blood Elf cower as it hurt her very sensitive ears. Her eyes closed as she turned her head away. It was a dangerous moment. The alpha had the upper hand. <3>

IceTe3a; – Watching as the Alpha started kicking up dirt and roaring, it was marking its territory as he shook his head, he walked slowly over to Cali and stood behind her “Be careful he’s a lot faster and stronger than these pups, You deal with him.. I need to clear out the rest of this Den, Protect me” walking back further he made sure his back was covered by the wall of the chamber, as he started chanting his eyes set ablaze as he takes control of all the fiery basilisks at once, this was a rare feat and only the most experienced of Witchers could control more than one summon at a time, him.. and his female counter part. Forcing the snake like creatures to slither through every crack and chamber, striking down any werewolf they came across, as the blood painted the cave walls red, no doubt the fight between Cali and the alpha would start soon, one of the basilisks happened upon the nursery where the werewolf pups were being kept, they were not only turning but breeding as well, this was interesting. Why would they be massing an army for? Perhaps to take on their arch rivals the vampires? This was something he would have to look into, as the Basilisks mouth opens wide as it starts to breath fire, setting the entire room ablaze as the pups squeal in pain, it was a necessary evil, that was what he was doing and that was the definition of Witchers, a necessary evil. Eventually he cleared the entire Den of werewolves not leaving one to survive the onslaught as one could start its own Den up again in no time, now was only Cali and the Alpha as the summoned fire Basilisks disappeared into ash clouds from where they were summoned, his eyes came back to their normal demonic like selves as he glances upon Cali to watch the rest of the fight.

CharlotteCarrendar: – There comes a time in all our lives, when we must face the greatest test and none would be less intimidating than the very Alpha of this colossal werewolf den. The Witcher had set the task. He had to deal with the rest of the weres and was leaving her to face the great Were on her own. Incredulous, she stood frozen for a moment as the Witcher withdrew and the pit then belonged to only two. The Were rose up on two feet and roared loudly – its head swaying from side to side as saliva dripped from its elongated fangs. Terrible claws that were shaped like scimitars gleamed in the fire light that the Witcher had provided. The great Were lowered its head as it dropped back down onto all fours. Powerful muscles rippled beneath its dark shaggy hide. The back hair all rose along its spine as it clawed at the ground and started its stealth like approach. At first the Blood Elf took two steps back, but at the same time her pole arm was starting to spin and spin fast. The red blazing fire crystal atop the head piece glowed fiercely as the Blood Elf whispered an enchantment. It would take all of her power – all of her energy to slay such a beast. At five feet out, the Were stopped and howled long and low as its back haunches quivered in anticipation. Almost like it was marking time, and digging up the dirt readying itself to push off and take down the Blood elf in one go. The Blood Elf sneers as the were prepares to take her down. A sudden surge of self belief hits her like a wave as she gestures with her hand. ”Bring it!” The Great Were roars and pushes off from the ground, its claws extended and its jaws wide open as it spirits through the air and knocks the Blood elf to the ground. Her pole arm is dropped upon the floor as the two roll until finally stopping, where the Blood elf is trying desperately to hold the Were off. It snaps at her head, which she manages to just avoid, while her fingers sink deep into its hide. Her head turns to her pole arm, which is glowering fiercely at her side but out of reach. The Blood elf releases a god awful scream as the ground beneath her shudders like an earth quake. The charge in her hands getting stronger as the Were is becoming enveloped by the Blood Elf’s magic. It is a battle of strength as the two roll around till finally the Were’s very life force starts to be sucked from its body. The Blood elf hisses violently as she is struck by its clawed paws in an effort to free itself. The Blood elf then rolls on top of the Were and with one sound punch, she forces her fist into the very chest of the Were and rips out its beating heart. <3>