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Chapter Eighteen

Painful Memories



CharlotteCarrendar: – All it took was that simple action. Watching Adam shrug, then say that he didn’t have a choice in it anyways caused Rain to lower her arms slowly. Almost like she was defeated in a sense. Sure, he was going to allow her to do the maintenance; but she was so used to him fighting her all the time. What had happened? While Rain remained by the door, it was Eve that sprang into action. This was what she was good at, and she knew it. Sidling up alongside the operating table, she reached for special adaptors that were linked to a much larger computing system. The scientist smiled down at Adam as he lay perfectly still. Silently awaiting the maintenance update. ”You’ll do a lot better after this.”She said with a soothing voice. Rain kept well back. The words said earlier, about how she was in love with Adam were right on the money. Only thing was, she had not yet admitted it to herself. Through all their tumultuous relationship, it was only during this morning that they had shared something she deemed to be almost magical. A closeness she had not had with anyone for such a long time. Rain quietly mumbled something incoherent and then left the room. She would head up to the top of the bunker and go sit outside to gather her thoughts. As the door closed with a bit of a thud, Eve looked back at where Rain had been standing. She gave a slight smug grin, before returning to work on Adam. Switching over the systems, the upgrade programme would start to load while Eve monitored the progress. <3>

IceTe3a: Laying there waiting for Rain to come over and start updating his systems among other things like she had pleaded he let her do, Eve walked up to him and started as he was about to get up and say something but it was too late, Eve had already started as the thought crossed his mind. His body was now motionless as his movements were shut off for the processes, he could only watch as Rain walked out of the room and disappeared around the corner. ~ Where does she think she’s going~ he thought to himself as he felt Eve update his systems and start to do routine maintenance on his body. He looked up at Eve as she was doing her thing with a light smile on her face, he was slightly pissed that Rain had made this big plead with him and then not follow it through, he was now stuck with Eve doing her job that she asked for. Honestly he’d rather not have Eve working on him, as he was still iffy about the whole update and maintenance thing. He watched as she updated his Systems, he could see it all coding and installing through his HUD, it wouldn’t be long until he was done updating.

CharlotteCarrendar:- Eve didn’t seem at all phased, as this was all part and parcel with procedures to keep Adam in tip top shape. She had performed similar operations on him years ago only he probably didn’t remember it due to the memory wipe. She continued to monitor the progress, checking on stats and then going as far to do a slight physical examination to test muscle tension. ”I know you can’t move independently while this is taking place, but I assure you that your systems will be much better after this.” Again, no mention of Rain which was done intentionally. Soon, the last of the data would be fed through, and Eve would undo the jack terminals and withdraw the equipment. Threading it back into the main computer terminal, she then turned around and leaned on one of the work stations. ”All done. See, that wasn’t so bad, was it? <3>

IceTe3a: Finally the systems were updated as Eve took the jack terminals off him as his normal functions were given back to him. It took a moment for it all to kick into gear as he finally sat up on the operation table and glanced at Eve after what she said, shaking his head he sighed. “I’m still not used to it Eve, that’s why I asked you two to leave me alone to do it myself” slipping off the bench he stretched his muscles as he noticed the difference straight away, he was only running on half his gear as he needed the update and maintenance, now he was fully operational again, as he gave Eve a silent nod and walked towards the door “Feel free to do what you do best Eve, I’ll inform you on anything that happens”Walking out the door, he switched his field of view so he could see Rain’s heat signature, she was upstairs and outside, switching back to normal he ran across the room and up the staircase, as he came to a walk up the top of the staircase he silently walked out the door and right up behind her with a slight smile “I would have rather you had done it, why didn’t you? “ walking next to her, he sat down close to her side and playfully nudged her shoulder with his gently as he looked down at her smiling. “What’s on your mind, Rain? 

CharlotteCarrendar: – Rain didn’t expect to hear Adam come out of the building, so was slightly startled when she heard his footsteps approach. He took a seat right down beside her and she glanced at him side on as he gave her something of a playful nudge. “I would have rather you had done it, why didn’t you? “ There was a slight pause before Rain would answer. She looked straight ahead as though trying to not let him see her expression. ”Eve seemed so keen.” Not exactly honest on her part, because Rain wanted more than anything to do it. She would have made up any excuse to touch him. Looking back, she could see Adam was smiling down at her. It truly was the most remarkable sight. He was incredibly handsome – rugged, yet attractive. Rain was seeing him in a whole new light. The worst thing was she feared that what Eve said was true. Trying to change the conversation, she said simply; ”It really is beautiful out here. So different from the horrid rot of the cities. If I didn’t have to find my father, I would love to stay here.” <3>

IceTe3a: He smiled as he listened to her excuse, he chuckled slightly and shook his head in disbelief “And what anyone else wants has ever stopped you doing what you want, since when? “ his smile was wider as he laughed at what he had just said, he went silent for a moment as his hues scanned the beautiful scenery that was laid out before them, it was beautiful out here the sun had a gold shine to it that made all the colors that much more vibrant. He knew Rain was upset, something else was bothering her as she said how she loved it out here, and would live out here if her father was with her. He almost forgot about her father, he was her equipment and he smiled to himself, even though he was her equipment he could still do as he pleased without her saying so. “Wait here” he smiled at her as he quickly got up and jogged around the side, over to the Horse shed he walked inside looking for his motorbike. Pulling off a dusty grey tarp the dust kicked up as it showed a hidden 225 Yamaha dirt bike, getting on it he placed his foot on the kick start and gave it a good kick and rev, as the bike roared to life. Driving off with great speed he came around the front of the house and pulled up with a smile in front of Rain “ Quickly!! Get on!! “ he smirked and didn’t wait for her to get up as he reached over and pulled her off her ass playfully and dragged her over to the bike. He would wait for her to take a seat on the bike behind him and wrap her arms around him as he took off in a cloud of dust, they drove for awhile as the cabin was far out of sight, he was weaving playfully through the field eventually he came to a stop in the middle of a field that was covered in knee high golden grass, perfect cover he thought to himself “This is far enough” he smiled as he got off the bike and stood waiting for her to get off the bike herself.

CharlotteCarrendar:- Adam got up so suddenly that Rain wasn’t sure what he was doing. Sure, in the past she wouldn’t just let anyone jump ahead of her to do what she herself wanted to do but for some reason it just felt awkward down with Eve. Adam insisted she wait there, and then ran off to the barn. What on earth was he after? They had already been for a horse ride. But soon the rumble of a motorcycle’s engine was heard and at great speed he tore around the house pulling up just in front of Rain with a spray of gravel and dust in his wake. “ Quickly!! Get on!! “ Rain’s mouth fell open. This was so spontaneous and before she could even open her mouth to respond, he had pulled her up off her ass and onto the bike. Rain felt his hands reach around for hers and then draw them around his waist. Instinct kicked in and she held on really tight, moving in right behind him so her body was nestled against his. Another loud roar from the bike and then were off – leaving the farm house behind as Adam rode the bike with speed. Weaving in and out from the dirt road to the fields and then eventually they came to a large field that had the most rich and lush golden grass. Finally, when he brought the bike to a stop, he got off the bike first holding it and then said ] “This is far enough” Rain was awestruck by the beauty of the landscape. She swung her leg off the bike and came to standing. Her hands rising up to rest on her hips, as she surveyed the countless hills that were all covered in the same high grasses. ”It’s beautiful.” She was simply stunned at the majesty of the land. <3>

IceTe3a: He smiles as she got off the bike, he looked her over head to toe, as she had her back facing him. He was always one to do as he pleased and was never one to beat around the bush, he knew what he had to do to make what he was going to ask her more comfortable for her. Walking up slowly behind her, he wraps his arms around her slowly and pulls her in to press her back to his chest so their bodies were pressed together as his arms hung loosely around her, his chin finds its spot gently resting on her shoulder as he nodded “Mhm, one of my favorite spots to visit” he spun her around slowly as he looked into her eyes and smiled, leaning in without warning, his lips pressed gently against hers, as his right hand cups her cheek gently; holding the kiss for a few moments as his other hand trailed its way to press against her back, he continued to hold the kiss as he pulled her body down slowly to lay on top of his, as he laid down on the grassy floor all the while making sure the kiss wasn’t broken. His hues were looking into hers, as his hands ran down her arms slowly, his lips pressed with slightly more force against hers now as his hands entwine around her fingers. Slowly he lead her fingertips up his body, and to the sides of his head, just hovering bellow his pads on the sides of his face. His fingers letting hers go as his arms wrap around her body gently keeping her on top. Finally he broke the kiss and leaned his head back with a smile “I know what I am asking, and I know what risks are involved. Find your Father, Rain” he was asking her, to use him like a laptop, to search through him and find the hidden files and memories, anything and everything that would help her gain her father back even at risking him harm.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Rain didn’t expect Adam to come up behind her. Actually wrapping his arms around her and bringing her back so her back was resting to his chest. It was like something from a wonderful dream. This perfect setting and now being held by the one man who had once treated her with such loathing, now holding her as a loved one. She couldn’t help but smile, her arms resting over his. She didn’t want the moment to end, till he turned her around and practically took her breath away. A kiss. A kiss that had more feeling in it than anything she had experienced. A small cry was lost as he brought her down below the height of the golden grass and kept the kiss going. Their eyes locked on each others as they shared a closeness – a new bond. But soon as he took her hands and brought them up to the pressure plates on either side of his head did she realize what he was doing. The sacrifice he was about to make. For her. “I know what I am asking, and I know what risks are involved. Find your Father, Rain” He was smiling and asking her to do the one thing that brought his absolute pain. Almost breathlessly she whispered. ”But it will hurt you.” At first she was reluctant, but then it was the way he smiled at her. The look in his eyes. He wanted her to do this. If they found her father, perhaps then they could truly be together and live out their lives in peace here. A moment’s pause and then Rain did two things simultaneously. She leaned in and as her lips met his, her fingers pressed in, and she started the search for her father within Adam’s mind. <3>

IceTe3a: He smiled as she said that she would hurt him if she did that, he already knew the pain it would cause him and he was prepared for it this time. He was going to reassure her that it was ok and he wanted her to do it, but she pressed her lips down on his and kissed her. He was smiling into her kiss, as he realized he was starting to get feeling for her. He felt her fingertips press into his pads as his body movements stopped, she was using him like he asked her to, as a laptop. He felt her searching through him as her lips were pressed to his constantly, the scan was looking for anything on her father. Pictures, files, memories as a pop up came up once again *Memory fragments found, would you like to repair and play these memories? Warning – May cause permanent damage to the systems * while this warning came up asking if she’d like to continue, files were being brought up on her father with pictures and data, all stating about his work with Zen and Adam, even her father’s personal diary was brought up, all this information would be fully accessible by Rain, basically stating what his plans were with Adam, and what he was going to do to protect Rain and how he was going to get Adam’s help to disappear. If she would allow his systems to repair the fragment memories, it would take 5 minutes of excoriating pain for Adam, eventually it would play Adam’s memory of the night that he helped her father to escape in the full, including a scene of a self sustaining bunker where her father was hiding, although nothing was said about the location nor any land marks to give it away.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Warning after warning kept coming up as each file – each fragment like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle were all starting to come together to make a clearer picture of the events that led to the disappearance of her father, and what role Adam had to play in that. Everything from journal entries to details on Zen. Each time a warning came up, Rain would kiss him again, until finally she blurted out something. The final piece to the puzzle and again…the warning. She knew he was suffering for this. It pained her just as much to know he was willing to put himself in danger this way. Rain locked eyes with Adam as she was about to give the clearance to repair the fragmented memories. ”I love you, Adam”Four very powerful words. Said with conviction and meaning, as she wrapped kept her fingers pressed to his pressure pads. The mental lock fused between them. Could her father have ever foreseen that the man that was made to protect her, would be the very same man she would fall in love with? Rain waited for the final warning clearance, and the truth behind her missing Father. <3>

IceTe3a: He was in pain as the search continued and the files came up as she started to read them all, it would start to show light onto what exactly happened to her father, his eyes were looking directly into hers as she kept coming down for a kiss, he was falling in love with her. He knew it, as he wanted to smile but couldn’t as she came down for another kiss he heard her say “ I love you, Adam “ and he knew that he loved her and she loved him, as she pressed ok. The dream was repaired as it started to play the memory, showing Adam sneaking into her father’s office at midnight, there was no audio but the image was perfect. Her father had been waiting, as the memory continued to play showing them escaping Zen headquarters with a few dead guards, and stealing a jeep. After that it was mostly driving and silent talking that couldn’t be made out, after a few hours of clip and excruciating pain for Adam it showed them pulling up to a secret bunker as the floors opened and took the jeep down into the underground. Then Rains father and Adam hugged, as her father’s hands came up to his pads, Nodding at Adam with a smile and his lips said “Thank you, Adam” the screen went blank, this was obviously where her father had done something to Adams memory. The memory was finished and all the data was repaired and able to be viewed now without causing Adam any kind of pain, it was only up to her what she read first.

CharlotteCarrendar: – It was like being on the set of a silent film. Though everything was in colour. Rain found herself there, like a hologram as those in the moment were Adam and her father. Rain could feel herself asking questions but there was no way they could answer. After a bit she stopped, and continued to experience the journey of the two men. Breaking out of Zen headquarters, much like what they themselves had done. One thing though, there was no sign of Eve. A long jeep ride, much like the one that they took to escape Zen. Why was this almost like history repeating itself? Rain could then feel the pain that Adam was experiencing as this show was unfolding, and in the physical world, she kept her lips pressed to his. It would only take a few minutes more. Could he bare it? Then she saw them at some sort of military styled bunker. It looked nothing like the one that Adam had built. Where could this bunker be? Was it out in the country? There was no tell tale signs to say that was the case. The jeep was taken underground. And then she could see the two men hugging. Her father; thanking Adam. Then it was over. The memory was at its end. At that point Rain’s fingers fell away from the pads on the side of Adam’s head. ”He planned all this. He must have.” The shocking realization that it was her father that disabled the memories. Was it to keep him safe from detection? That made perfect sense, but why? Rain brought her head down and rest it to Adam’s chest. She didn’t want to move. She just wanted to hold him. <3>

IceTe3a: It was finally over as she let go of his pads on the side of his head, slowly his body came back to life, as he took in a deep breath. All his body movements were now his own as he sighed out in relief “Wew..! that was interesting.” he smiled as he looked into her eyes and leaned in kissing her gently, his arms wrapped around her gently as he holds her close “How about we just stay here for awhile” as he leaned his head back down into the soft grass, he smiled as he glanced up casually into her eyes, his right hand extends up as he brushes a strand of hair from her face up behind the side of her ear so it would stay there, it was about mid day and they had quite awhile before it got dark “ At least we know where your father is now… we’ll find him soon Rain, I promise” he smiled and rubbed her back gently.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Adam was right about one thing, it was interesting. It was the start in finding just where her Father was hidden. Now at least they knew that he was underground in a bunker – probably one that he had made, or he had Adam make on his behalf. There were a lot of questions no doubt, but for the moment Rain seemed to care more about Adam’s wellbeing than finding her father. As he stole a kiss, she said to him. ”I can’t believe you did that for me.” Taking the pain and allowing her access. She was truly grateful, but also felt so much more connected to him than before. He was touching her, willingly. Not as a directive, not being forced too. She remembered blurting out the fact that she loved him. He must have heard her. “How about we just stay here for awhile” That was the best idea ever. Now that the pain had gone, they could just enjoy each other in this ideal setting. With the wind just blowing the golden grasses gently, they were hidden in the midst of it. Almost one with the landscape. ”I don’t want to go back yet. I just want to stay here, with you.”Again, Rain rest her head on Adam’s chest, her cheek nuzzling softly. She heard him make the promise that they would find her father and soon. It brought a smile to her face, as her hand found his, and their fingers interlocked. ”Together.”<3>

IceTe3a: He smiled and nuzzled her softly as their hands interlocked, a sigh of relief escaping his lips as he looked down at her form laying on top of him, who would have thought the female he had woken up to all those weeks ago would be the one he fell in love with. He smirked slightly at the irony of it all, as he leaned in and kissed her head gently “Yes, together”he went silent for awhile, just enjoying her company as he watched the clouds roll past, the wind was gentle to them as it rolled through the field and gently caressed their bodies as it passed. It was the perfect day for it, time almost seemed like it was standing still for the two, as the time went on, he started to playfully tease her, and roll around the grass with her, always ending on his back with her on top. They shared laughter together as they joked and she ran off as he gave chase, only to tackle her to the ground gently with a playful smirk on his face, leaning in he kissed her passionately “I love you, Rain” he didn’t even faze saying it, as it was easy to tell that he meant every bit of it. Rolling around onto his back he pulled her over on top again, noticing it was already late afternoon, a short smile as he pecked her lips with his “We should be getting back soon, I think a hot shower and dinner sounds about right. Perhaps Bambi tonight? “ he smirked and wiggled a brow.

CharlotteCarrendar: – The afternoon was spent simply enjoying the other. From playful teasing, to running and tackling Rain to the ground. Like two young lovers discovering the other for the first time, and sharing in the bliss of being alone and able to express themselves. It was only when they were rolling around and laughing, that he took her and kissed her with such passion, that it almost took her breath away. Unexpectedly, he told her that he loved her. Rain felt the tears of joy come out of nowhere. She was in heaven. She kissed him back just as fiercely, and felt like she never wanted to let him go. But as the day wore on, it would be time to get on back. Rain finally nodded in agreement, and was about to stand when he suggested they have Bambi for dinner. Rain let out a loud laugh. ”Just so long as you don’t tell Eve what it is you are cooking.” Rain got up off the ground and then reached for Adam’s hand, so they could ride back to the farm house. <3>