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The Ronin & The Serpent

Part Thirteen

Hunting the Bear



IceTe3a: -He was sitting at the small garden table, eyes closed as he tried to meditate in attempt to keep calm, he obviously disagreed about the fight with his Sister Ayame and the young dragon who was all too keen to seek revenge on the one who slayed his family. Ayame of course was no help in this as she blurted out that indeed she was the one that did the devilish deed in killing the young dragon’s family. Hearing the battle in the back of his mind he tried to not think about it but it was too hard, he had just retrieved his sister and didn’t want to lose her. His ears failed him listening to the clash of their bodies pulverizing into each other, his eyelids opened up slowly as his hues glanced over to the fight. Watching casually he saw the two moving about weighing their options as they continued to beat into each other. Of course he could see each move they were going to make just before they even thought of it themselves, it was the gift of his experience that allowed him this. He watched as the young dragon landed a heavy kicking blow to the side of his sister’s chest, pure instinct forced his body to rise instantly as his hand reaches for his blade. He had to stop himself and think calmly for a moment just to regain control, watching as Ayame was sent backwards in the blow knowing the hit would be taxing on her body; then his ears burned with the sound of his sisters dark laughter, he knew she had cracked and it was hard for Ayame to not go with her natural instincts that she has grown up with for so many years. With a quick press from his legs he started running at the speed of a flash step, darting across the garden grounds with speed, all the while his hues were watching closely on his sister Ayame knowing full well what she was capable of doing. His hues gleam as Ayame picked up a discarded sword leaving the Young Dragon there unarmed in this fight the tides were turned. Why did he have to sit so far away from them, running with all his might and with pure instinct he bent at the knee’s and with power and speed pushed off the ground, as he pushed off the ground the sheer force of the jump created a circular indent into the garden grounds. Souring up into the air he had timed it perfectly, as Ayame crossed the distance between her and the Young Dragon, he came flying down and landed right in between them. He had enough of this foolish fight, and only saw hatred in the eyes of the Young Dragon, Ronin was a skilled warrior and with speed, precision and strength he raised his left leg and spun it around behind him in a round house technique catching the Young Dragons cheek with his foot, he hit hard as he watched the Young Dragons body fly off into the air slightly and finally hitting the ground hard where he started to slide towards the wall. His body spinning around just in time to face Ayame now to deal with he. Instinct took over as his hands came up above his head and… *Slap* his palms slapped together catching her powerful blade strike in between his hands, the blade sat between his palms as it dug into his skin; with strength he pushed upwards trying to slow the blades downwards force and angling the blow. The tip of the Katana pierced his skin above his left eyebrow, he could feel the raw cold steel cutting through his soft flesh as it glided down across his eyelid, passing over his cheek and down through the left side of his lips where he let the blade go and it was sent flying down towards the floor *Ting* the blade struck the floor as he stood there with fresh wound across his face, the blood trickling down the side of his face “Ayame! Control yourself!! the blow hit him but it wasn’t as bad as it could have been if his instincts did not kick in. Turning his head slightly he sighed as he glanced over the Young Dragon “Leave now.. you are still a child. We do not seek your help” He watched as the Young dragon slowly got up in a chuff, two of his guards helping him up as they walked away into the night. That would not be the last he saw of the Young Dragon, but he knew the Young Dragon would retreat to his own lands for now. :

Kayne smiled hearing his sisters plans as the card that was spinning on the tip of his index finger suddenly disappeared, he leaned in and kisses Keke’s inner thigh gently before leaning back and resting the back of his head on her stomach. He was hers and she was his, they were partners for life and had a deep bond beyond that of any mortal mans comprehension, although Kayne was obviously as strong as Keke was, she being a Succubus and herself had power and control over her life lover something he was more than happy to trade with just to be by her side. “ As we discussed earlier, I shall.. I will! Make this realm yours and you will sit on the dead bodies as your throne whilst you sip on your wine, this I have seen” he smiled as he picked up her legs and wrapped them around him, so her feet were resting on his stomach, his fingers trailing her soft and seductive legs as he closed his eyes. The pair together were unstoppable, their powers were great but they did not seek to utilize them in that way, instead Keke utilized Kayne’s body and his powers as her own to her own desires and pleasures as he twisted and shaped the outcome of this realm, in short he was hers and what she wanted, she always got by force if need be. :

He got quite the shock when Ronin came flying down from the sky, as soon as Ronin had landed Ronins foot has swung around and caught the side of his face, it sent him flying backwards into the air, for a few moments the blast kept him in flight as his body finally descended into the hard ground, sliding against the gravel on the floor his back met with the wall with a forceful thud, a slight groan escapes his lips as his cheek welts up from the force of the kick “Leave now.. you are still a child. We do not seek your help” His ego had taken a mighty blow but he knew he stood no chance against that of the Ronin. His body in shock still from the hit quivered as he came to a stand, two of his personal guards had to race over and took up either side supporting him in his stance. As he gave them one last glare he chuffed “ We shall withdraw from these lands and regroup back in our own “ slowly the guards helped him shuffle out of the grounds and on to his horse “ They have made a mistake.. not allying themselves with that of the Dragon “ with that their horses came into a fast gallop, kicking up a cloud of dust trailing behind as they make their long venture towards their own lands, it would not be the last they see of him.

CharlotteCarrendar: – The Viper had revealed her true nature as any serpent would when under attack. Merciless and cruel – that is how one would describe her. Eyes that were piercing as she held the katana, endeavouring to take the Son of the Dragon’s head for his foolishness and lack of vision. But what she didn’t count on, was her own brother coming to intervene. The Viper had warned him – told him that this was about her honour, but she truly mean that? Hungry for blood, to show dominance over the young fool, the Viper was going to deal the death blow unless she was stopped. With lightning reflexes and speed, her brother; the Ronin came racing across the room from the ornate gardens, and placed himself directly between them. His first target was the boy. With an accurate round house kick, he took out the young boy and his foot clapped the boy’s left cheek so hard it would send him flying. Bruised and defeated, the Ronin urged him to leave, but not before he spun to face his sister, and with all his might he tried to capture her sword with his hands, as she went for the death dealing blow. The Viper had no intentions of hurting her beloved brother, and so her face was contorted in confusion and anger as her blade ripped through and tore at the Ronin’s face. The damage was done as he shouted at her; blood dripping from the edge of his chin. “Ayame! Control yourself!! Horrified, the blade fell free from her grasp, clattering to the floor. Her shoulders rose and fell as she breathed from exertion, falling back and a hand clasped over her mouth to stifle her cries. What had she done? She was clearly still the dangerous fiend that had been raised by the Warlord. In the background, the old warrior approached the scene. He shook his head at what he had witnessed. How anyone could think that the Viper could be tamed from her nature was beyond him. One of the servant girls ran in with cloth for the Ronin’s face, whilst another bowed and held a bowl of hot water. Talk about fast reactions of the household staff. The old warrior motioned with his hand for the Viper to move away, which she did so without question. He instead then went to the Ronin and sighed as he cast his gaze across the Ronin’s face. ”And this is your reward, for stopping the madness of the Viper.” This made Ayame slink back even more. The old warrior calling her mad. An insult, but it was probably true. She succumbed to temptation and let her inner beast be exposed. ”Let the girls tend to your wounds, Ronin.” He suggested as the girls both nodded in wait. ::

How perfect Keke and Kayne were for the other. Bound together with her legs wrapped around his stomach, his head resting on her own, they made such pleasured sounds whilst plotting the demise of those that had done them wrong. Keke had such desires. To see herself sitting a top a throne of the dead. All that fell at her feet and were charmed by her incredible beauty. But none, none would be privy to her true affection. She saved that for her brother – her protector and her most cherished. She knew he loved to watch her, when she engaged a fool to be her next meal. A wry grin playing upon plump lips, she ran her fingers through his hair, her nails massaging his scalp. So long as they had each other, they were unstoppable. ”And I be sure to provide you with enough…amusement and entertainment in the shape of lusting lovelies. Surrounded by women, of all shapes, sizes and just dying to be touched by your wandering hands.” She chuckled at the very thought. ”But for now, we rest…and regroup.” <3?

IceTe3a: With his fresh wound bleeding out slowly his clothing becoming damp from his own blood, he watched as his sister backed away slowly in shock of what happened. He smiled lightly at her as he could never hold no foul against her, she after all was his sister. The old warrior had stepped in between them, forcing Ayame to move further away, he didn’t like this as if it was her fault for striking him down, he stepped in between and fully knew the outcome results of his actions. Watching as two of the female staff came racing in, one with a bowl of water the other with a towel he glanced at them and back at the old man as he was examining the fresh wounds ”And this is your reward, for stopping the madness of the Viper.” Using his right hand he palmed the old man’s hand away with a stern look on his face “Her name is Ayame… and she is my sister. “ Dismissing the two females, he rejected their help as there was more important things to deal with at the current time rather than a minor battle wound. Walking past the old man “Tsunayoshi… If you ever show my Sister such disrespect again.. I will kill you “ He said it loud enough for the room to hear but in a cold and low tone, it was a serious threat. Walking straight up to his sister the back of his right hand gently finds her cheek as he runs his fingers across it “Come Ayame, we are done for this night. Tsunayoshi, I suggest you retire for the night as well, We will continue war council over breakfast” With that he smiled as he opened his palm waiting for Ayame to take his hand, and lead her away to their small single roomed cabin. No one could say that he did not keep his fathers promise, nor let any harm come to his dear sister.

: His eyes closed he listened to his dearest with a soft smile, she was reveling over her plans as she promised females to him, more than he could ever want. Little did she know, he only delved in the touch of other females to try and forget his undying love for her.. his insatiable need for her touch, her bite and her attention. He was still displeased that she had rejected him once again, this time rejecting the offer to feed off of his blood. He was so used to her taking him as she needed, ever since they came to this bountiful lands he seemed less and less useful to his dearly loved. A soft sigh escapes his lips as he comes back to reality, catching the last part of what Keke had suggested ”But for now, we rest…and regroup.” with his eyes closed and the back of his head and back laying ontop of Keke so his head rested on her stomach and her legs entwined around his form, he agreed with her demand “Indeed.. Sleep well dear “ Kayne never really slept, his eyelids were closed, but more or less he usually laid still deeply lost in his own thoughts, or gazing into the future or present times and happenings, sleep was a luxury that Keke enjoyed while holding him dear.

CharlotteCarrendar; – The Old Warrior; Tsunayoshi took offence to the Ronin’s threat that he would kill him if he spoke like that to Ayame ever again. How could the Ronin not see the danger that the Viper posed, not only for him but for their plans at war. She was in his mind still very much under the control of the Warlord’s training and ideals. A creature that belonged in a basket or hole, not to be let to be free amongst the likes of noble men like Ronin. Tsunayoshi grumbled under his breath, and then followed after the two servant girls, who both looked dejected from behind dismissed so readily. Ayame felt shame as she remained just out of range. Still coming down from the adrenilan rush of attacking the Son of the Dragon, then the shock of hurting the only one that could ever love her, she felt wounded…on the inside. A place where no one could see her true pain. But the Ronin was forgiving, even with his face torn so badly. The Viper kept her head lowered, till she felt the subtle caress of his hand – his fingers moving lightly across her fair skin. The heat radiated from her cheeks, as though stung by a bee. Did she start to believe in the old man’s words? Her chin raised slightly as her brother’s kind eyes met her own. ”I bring disrespect to you.” She said, barely above a whisper, and you could see the pain behind her eyes. But the Ronin would have none of that, urging her to take his hand, and join with him to a small cabin where they would spend the night. A token moment, a pause and then she took his offered hand and followed his lead. Once inside the cabin, she approached her brother and hesitantly reached for his wounds. ”Please…let me heal you.” She asked, her voice soft and gentle. Only he could tame the snake. Only he knew the ways into her heart.

Keke brought her arms so that they would settle upon her brother’s chest, her fingers interlocking as she closed her eyes and let herself be carried off to a beautiful dream. She was afforded that, as her brother always remained on his guard when she was in his presence. The happy sounds emerged from her lips and she looked so serene. Her body though wrapped around his in a show of affection. She would grant him all that he desired…she made that promise to herself. Little did she realize what he truly wanted, was the one that lay with him that night. She had rejected him again, but how long could she hold out? He was in fact her true weakness. Keke slept soundly, her chest rising and falling in tune with the steady breath that she exhaled. <3>

IceTe3a: -They had reached the cabin, as he entered it he sighed waiting for Ayame to walk in as he closed the door behind them at least for the rest of the night they will be left alone. She came in front as he watched her stare at his fresh wound, smiling lightly as she pleaded to him to allow her to help he could not deny her anything a simple nod is all he gave. “ Ayame, you cannot blame yourself for this. I knew stepping into the battle that I would be harmed, it was my choice and mine alone. “ he smiled as he sat down at a chair next to a side table, pulling the other chair in close so Ayame had a place to sit whilst she cleaned his wound out. {b] “ I’m sorry Ayame.. for the others, they do not see you as I do. Stubborn to their own judgements the only know your past and judge you on that… Foolish men “[/b] he was right, everyone judged her for what she used to be, but that wasn’t her.. she was stolen from childhood and trained up like that. Alone with him, she was kind and soft.. loving just like his sister always was. “They will come around my sweet sister, we will show them what a great team we make “ and rightly so, the Ronin teamed up with his sister.. The viper, they make quite the deadly team, the night was young and he had full intentions on re connecting with his sister, he wanted to know her thoughts.. what she wanted in life and so much more. “ Once you’re done, I shall make us some food and we can talk for awhile, I would enjoy that “ 

: His mind wide awake although his eyes were closed, he could feel his sweet lover in a deep sleep as her chest rose and fell slowly. The warmth from his skin would keep her warm and comfortable for the night something she relished in almost every night. Slowly he started to look through the present time, viewing the happenings of what was going on in this moment across the world, a glance at the warlord’s territory. Of course he was bunkered up into the Northern castle, in which was impregnable or so the legends say, many have died trying to claim that place as their own. His sight flashed towards another, a brother and sister now re united, a soft smile on his lips as he continued to view them for a mere while. Scanning through the night this is how he kept up to date with what was happening in this realm, this would go on until morning as he kept still and laid ontop of Keke, keeping her warm much like a blanket.

: In the cold regions of the north in the legendary large castle grounds, laid the warlords territory and township, it stretched for miles but was completely surrounded by the highest and thickest of walls. This place had withstood countless sieges and won still standing, every weak point discovered was soon destroyed and rebuilt stronger. The dark mages were working long into the night trying to find any ancient text that would help them in their task on enslaving the beast that hid deep in the castles cave systems. Traditional iron chains and knights and brutality had failed time and time again to tame the beast. [b] “ Here I am in a bewilderment, not only 5 months I had left this place to take over the rest of japan.. I gave order to tame that beast, yet here I stand.. Beastless.. tell me why is that..?” they were in the great throne room as he sat on his throne made of iron and spikes, his one good eye casting glances down at the three men left in charge to look after his lands and tame the beast whilst he was on a military campaign. They were on trial for their failures towards the Warlord, “ I..I.. we.. we tried our best, nothing works! The beast will not submit! “ He didn’t like weakness, let alone excuses like the ones given to him. The crowd was in a watching hush as they continued to look over the men and what would happen to them
“I give you command in my leave and you.. return it with excuses and failure.. To the pits with them!” the pits were a brutal place, for slaves to be pitted against each other, murderers, it was very much so a gladiator ring with its own gladiators but more.. brutal, there were no rules and beasts laid claim to most. Those who survived and enjoyed the killings stayed and made a name for themselves “And bring me someone who can tame this beast!! You! You’re in charge of the military now, go and prepare for war! He had just given command to a aspiring commander who accepted the rise in title with pleasure, without question he walked out to perform checks on the army, making sure their weaponry and armor were top knotch and the men were fighting fit and training

CharlotteCarrendar: – The cabin’s candles offered only a little light to illuminate the room. The siblings were now alone, no longer under the watchful eyes of the old warrior, nor the servants of the dead Toad. Ayame could not get over her brother’s compassion. The way he smiled at her in the face of what she had done to him. He must have known that she was racked with guilt. How easily she could take a life of her enemy, or any that the Warlord had told her to kill, but this man – her brother; he was unlike any other in her life ever. His smile made her feel an inner warmth and she met this with slight confusion. She had never known love or acceptance. Ayame knew only hate and indifference. Vengeance for past wrongs. She never thought she would crave his acceptance and love as much as she did, till she felt the sting of tears as he spoke of how she should not blame herself for her actions. He knew the risks of getting in between the fight and thus he bore the damage that she was ultimately to inflict. The Son of the Dragon had left with his tail between his legs. A coward, in her books. But her brother. He had in a short time elevated himself in her eyes to something that she had not known before. He was like a pillar of strength, something she could latch onto and hold. A keeper. He knew her past and accepted her for it. All others would see only the snake, he saw the girl that had been taken so long ago. The innocence before the violence. Could the damage of years of abuse be undone by his love? That would yet to be seen, but she was to him in this cabin, one that adored and respected her brother. When he had given her the okay to cleanse and heal him, the girl was quick to get to work, finding enough items to make a paste that would help seal the wounds in his skin. She was actually very good at healing medicines. A passion she had picked up during trying to tend to her own wounds after battle. A potion mistress of sorts. When he sat i the chair, she came up with two bowls, one to cleanse the wounds – which was fresh water, the other a paste like ointment. It smelt a bit on the nose, but after the wounds had been cleaned, its reliving quality would be like a balm to his skin. She worked silently. Her hand moving almost fluidly as she set to work. Any that had used her before as their assassin or tool of war, would be moved to see her act with such a gentle hand. When done, she packed away her bowls, and then sat down in the chair opposite him. Her hands resting in her lap, her fringe falling to cover her eyes as she kept her head bent low. The viper submitting to her brother, the evil having withdrawn deep within herself. ::

Through the night, Keke stirred as she so often did, and her brother would feel the movement of her hands, as her fingers loosened and her hands wandered across his chest. Sleeping, but whatever her dream was, the one that she showed affection to was being treated as her great love. Soft whispers escaped her lips, that curled upwards into a smile. Warmth radiating from her form as she uttered. ”Only you…only you.” If Kayne heard it, what would he think? <3>

IceTe3a: His gently look constantly watching her as she went to work on his fresh wound, no one but them would understand the bond between sister and brother. Her gentle touch was soothing to his pain as the ointment like paste did its job as well. Watching as she finished up and packed up, sitting there her head and eyes were lowered as he shook his head in a smile, his fingers find her chin and raise her face to his as her hues glance into his “Never look away, we are equal in every way. You bring me no dishonor, only joy “ he leans in and pulls her into a cuddle that seemed to last for ages, he was so glad he had finally found his long lost sister at it brought tears to his eyes, although he would not know that only his right eye could tear up as of now, his left eye after the damage that had been caused could no longer soak up in tears, but still worked perfectly otherwise. Leaning back Ayame would be able to see this, although he didn’t realize it.“How about some dinner? “ he smiled as he went to work, it took him a moment as he was up and looking around for items in the cabin, coming back with an arm full, he put a rather large iron pot onto the fire stove filled with fresh water. Setting a fire under the pot he meant for it to boil, as he walked over to the table and placed down food items, fresh chives, pork, noodles, stock, eggs among other vegetables. He pulled out a small sharp knife and started away at preparing the nights meal, dicing up the vegetables and chives into small pieces he smiles down at his sister “Ayame, After all this, would you like to return to our village and settle down? I took up the sword to find you, I have no need for it anymore”he smiles lightly as he continued to prep dinner, carving slices of pork as he walked over to the boiling pot and placed the diced vegetables and chives into the pot along with some stock and spices, he was making a pork ramen. Walking back to the table he continued to slice up pieces of pork and other food items, slowly placing them in the watery stock as it started giving off a rich smell. “ What do you think our plan of attack should be Ayame? I want your opinion on everything.. always. placing the long noodles into the pot he gave it a stir as he gave it a small taste and pours some more stock into the pot. It would give off a strong smell of home brewed cooking, he placed two bowls and a pair of chopsticks each in front of her and his chair as he sat down smiling at her.

;: kayne could feel Keke’s body movements as her hands wandered around on his chest, he never denied her of anything even when she was sleeping he allowed her to do as she pleased. He was busy looking at what other people were doing throughout this night, making sure he missed nothing so he was completely prepared for anything they might come across, he heard Keke mumble something but never registered it, leaning in he kissed her inner thigh gently trying to comfort her back into a deeper sleep. The sun would rise in at least six hours, so for now she could rest until dawn came, she no doubt would want to feed and pleasure like most mornings, they would have to find someone suitable for her once again.

CharlotteCarrendar: – A simple embrace held such powers that words could not describe. The Ronin held his sister to him, and this was to last for some time. Like years of heartache and damage were being washed away from this single act. Acceptance. Something she had craved since a young child and totally given up on. The Ronin treated her as an equal, but more than that – family. Such closeness had been denied her for years, and the swelling of emotions was like the gurgling up of water in a fountain to be released. Ayame made a promise to herself, right then and there that she would not bow her head to him again. That she would share his gaze always. They were kin, and nothing could separate them again. Only death. When they released the other, a rare thing happened. Ayame smiled. Even though she could see that the Ronin had but one good eye, she no longer felt the shame to be around him. He spoke of having a meal, and she nodded. ”Yes..please.” The Ronin knew his way around the cupboard, and soon was boiling a pot of water, whilst getting the ingredients ready to place into the broth and make a meal that would be fit for royalty. Ayame watched him with a warm expression. Delighting in the sounds of cutting food, and how he skilfully cooked their meal. Everything was so new and she was truly fascinated by how much the Ronin knew about cooking. The scented air ripe with the aromas of the combined ingredients made her stomach growl. She placed her arms over her stomach and tried not to blush from the noise she made. As he cooked, the Ronin asked if she would want to go home and settle down when all the wars were over. She had never thought of this before, believing she would die on the battle field, or have run out of luck within the Warlord’s castle. ”It would be a dream to live a life in peace.” She meant every word, for she had no idea what it would be like, to wake up and spend each day just as a farmer on the land, and not a warrior with a sword in her hand. Could she make the transition? As for plans in the war, she said simply. ”The Warlord will regroup. Make no mistake. He has many castles in his lands in which to burrow down and plot his revenge. I fear many will die at his hands.”

Keke was restless, till she felt the kiss of her brother’s lips on her inner thigh. A long sigh left her lips and she went back into a deeper sleep. No doubt when she woke she would be hungry…and in need of a feed. Kayne knew what this meant, but how would he get it for her? No doubt they would need to rise with the Sun, and start their day early. For only the early bird catches the worm. <3>

IceTe3a: He smiled hearing she would love to live in peace, he knew she wouldn’t remember their farmlands but once she laid her eyes on it again she would. The rich smell of the cooking was wafting throughout the cabin as he heard Ayame’s stomach sound out in protest, a light chuckle as he smirked “Hungry? There’s plenty for more and it will be done soon” he listened to her next words carefully and she was right, the Warlord would be buried deep into one of his castles, prepping for revenge. Just like they were prepping for war themselves, he trusted and took in Ayame’s words of wisdom more so than anyone else would offer him as she had the same experience in warfare and once stood by the Warlords side, that and she was his sister. Coming to a stand he took the pot off the stove and carried it over to the table, he made the entire pot so there was a lot of left overs to be had, pulling out some soy sauce he pours a helping in two small dishes and places it between both Ayame and his bowl, taking Ayame’s bowl first, he gave her a large helping of the Ramen, filling it ¾ of the way with noodles, meat and veggies and then topping it up fully with the broth. Smiling he placed it down in front of her and filled his own up, coming to a seat he watched her casually with a smile on his lips and his eyes. “ Please, try! “ he was excited that this was the first time he was allowed to cook for his sister, the Legendary Ramen chef taught him how to cook but Ronin knew he held no thought to the Ramen chef.

: The sun was slowly starting to peak over the terrain where Kayne and Keke laid rest for the night, his hues opened slightly as he watched the sun rising, he knew Keke would be awake soon, famished and wanting to feed and pleasure as laid there in wait wondering just which male she would pick this morning to be her food and plaything. His hair slowly started to dance as the mornings wind gently picked up caressing against their bodies. “morning..” he said softly as he sighed, knowing he would be the one to sit there and watch, a part of him almost dreaded coming to this realm but he followed her close and would never leave her side, even if he wanted to he wouldn’t be able to.

CharlotteCarrendar: – The smell of the Ronin’s cooking was irresistible, and Ayame wet her lips with her tongue in anticipation. The Ronin might have caught sight of the hungry expression, and been amused by this. Each moment they shared, was liking opening a new window of opportunity to get to know the other better. The Ronin asked if she was hungry. ”Very much so.” She could not remember the last time she had a decent meal, half the time afraid that someone would try to poison her food. Waiting patiently, she was joyful to see the bowl of ramen and mixed meat and vegetables sat down before her in the steaming broth. She took up the chopsticks and then helped herself. Blowing on the hot meal before popping a portion in her mouth. It was delicious. ”Whoever taught you, knew his craft.” she said between mouthfuls. She ate with an eagerness that few women ever display, but she was really incredibly hungry and this meal was too good to be true. It would take her less than five minutes to empty the bowl. Record timing. She let out a small burp, then placed a hand over her mouth. She giggled loudly as her burp was to break the silence. ”So good.” Ayame mused as she showed from her smile how much she enjoyed the feast.

Untangling herself from Kayne, Keke came to stand and stretched her body, her arms up over her head. She could feel the need to feed growing within her and she offered her brother her hand to help him up. “Morning, sweet brother.” If he came up with her help, she would led him to start down the path to the next village. No doubt the first that she met would end up being her morning fare. Sure enough, she was welcomed to see a small farm house, with a large family. The farmer was walking towards the barn, while the women were working around the farm house. There were enough girls there to sate Kayne’s needs, but Keke had her own to attend too. “Enjoy yourself.” She mused, before following the farmer into the barn. On entering the light was dim and you could hear the mooing of a cow, and the clucks of chickens. The farmer turned suddenly to see the radiating succubus blocking the door way. “Hello” she said with a deep tone, locking her gaze on the peasant. The Farmer, who was known to like to take the local prostitutes when his wife was pregnant, gave Keke the once over and wet his lips. “Hello there. What brings you here to my farm?” he asked, adjusting his strides as he walked towards her. She could see his arousal and already she knew breakfast was going to be early. “Oh..I wanted to have a try at…milking something.” He got closer and heard the sexual innuendo. He looked about and was only surrounded by farm animals, and of course the cow. “You could milk me, pretty one.” He reached for her hair and smirked with a rotten smile. Keke loved how well they bit the bait. She mused. “Take me to a stall and show me how.” He gripped her hand and pulled her along, till finding an empty stall filled with hay bales. A spot between them had a rug down and he immediately opened his pants, letting them slide down. He was erect and ready to have his way with her. She slowly ran her finger down between her breasts and he charged at her, ripping away the cloth that covered them, hungrily kissing at her neck and breasts. A strange glow came to her eyes as she let him think he was having his way. The tables were about to be turned. She let out a cry and he might mistake it as one of want. And boy did he want her. “Milk me!” he cried, and she did…..boy did she ever. She took over and threw him on the ground. Licking her lips as she crawled over him. He bucked beneath her, eager as ever to be “milked” but he would not have expected just how she did it. <3>

IceTe3a: – He started to eat as she dug into the dish, a smile on his face as he watched her eat and compliment him “The legendary Ramen chef taught me.. you need to try his cooking” he said in a manner that made that chefs food sound like perfection, he was half way through his bowl when he heard her burp and he chuckled loudly shaking his head, he grabbed her bowl and filled it up again, knowing fully well she would not have had a decent meal in years “Please feel free to have as much as you want” finishing off his bowl he let one out of his own smirking at her as he filled his bowl up again. It wouldn’t take them long to be chuckling and playing along with each other. “So, can you cook? “ he smirked with a cheeky grin, knowing fully well she possibly wasn’t able to cook herself proper meals.

: kayne took his sisters hand as he came to a stand, knowing she was now up and hungry he nodded as he followed her down into a old dirt road. Looking over her with love from behind, she would never realize what he wanted from her because he had offered and offered and each time was rejected, so slowly he asked less and less. They happened upon a farm house as he watched Keke follow a farmer into the barn whilst she said he could have fun with the females on the farm. He didn’t bother looking over the females as he sighed and watched her disappear into the barn. His cards appeared in his hand as he leaned against a nearby tree, if only the cards would allow him to see his own future. But that was impossible, a reader could not see his own future. It had been a little while, and he knew by now she was all over that farm man feeding off him.. and pleasuring herself with him. His hues shone bright orange in jealousy as the thoughts ran through his mind. But he couldn’t deny her what she wanted, he was hers to please and do to as she wished. A reluctant sigh escaping his lips as he comes back to the realization of how useless he was becoming to her in these lands, glancing casually over the females he snarled at one of them as they quickly wondered back inside, he paid them no more attention than that.

CharlotteCarrendar: This was a good question. Could the Viper cook? The answer was surprising. ”No..the Warlord treated me differently from other girls. He did not want me learning anything but how to fight. All my meals were made for me. I have never even been in a kitchen.” This might have shocked the Ronin. How was she to take care of herself, let alone a man if she could not do the most basic thing and cook? She finished off the second bowl of ramen and vegetables with ease, and then pushed the bowl away from her. ”You are very good at cooking. Maybe, you could teach me” She sat back in her chair and glanced about the small cabin. It was comfortable, but not overly big. The Viper had many questions to ask him, and the first one was. ”What was my father like?” Ayame had no real recollection of him at all.

Keke emerged from the barn with a smug expression. The wasted vessel of what was once the farmer lay in ruin within one of the stalls. Barely a husk, a shell of a man. She had fed, and was looking more radiant than ever. Adjusting her clothing, she walked with a distinct air. Noting her brother had simply been waiting for her and not feeding, she became concerned. ”Why have you not fed?” Her hand reaching out to touch his cheek. <3>

IceTe3a: -He smiles as he watches Ayame eat her second helping, as he just finished his. Smiling as she had said she never learned to cook, he laughed lightly as she asked if he could teach her “Of course dear sister, I will teach you how to cook” Putting the lid on the pot he took his bowl and the pot and walked out of the door as he heard Ayame ask about their father, placing the still full pot of ramen and the bowl on the porch he smiled as he saw some kids running up to the cabin porch. Walking back inside, he had left the bowls and the pot out for the kids to finish up the rest, most were too poor to feed themselves fully. “Our father.. Was a family man, everything he did, he did for the family.. He was loving and caring and always around. He loved us all, with his dying breath I swore I would find you and take care of yousmiling lightly this was one of his life goals, to find his sister. That is why he was the Ronin, the legendary sellsword. His other goal was to become the world’s greatest swordsman, this would have to wait for now. Coming to sit down beside Ayame he looked into her eyes “Please, feel free to ask me anything “ 

: Kayne watched as Keke strolled out with a smug look upon her face, after having her fun with the farmer. How he wished he was that farmer, a short sigh escaped his lips as he watched her casually stroll over here. His hues still glowing a bright orange from jealousy, he had to force his eyes to turn normal again hoping Keke did not notice by the time she came to a stand in front of her. ”Why have you not fed?” his cheek caught the inside of her hand as he nuzzles it softly, loving her touch. “Unlike you, I don’t require to feed daily dear.. Besides, I wasn’t hungry” he forced a smile as he eventually looked up into her eyes, he was worried she would see through his act. Coming to a stand as he leaned off from the tree he looked around “Shall we continue..? 

CharlotteCarrendar: The only man that Viper had known was the Warlord, and in no way could she ever regard him as a father figure. He was and still is a ruthless tyrant. To hear what her real father was like, was an eye opener. Ayame watched how the Ronin went to take food out for the poor children outside the cabin, before coming back in. He promised that he would teach her how to cook, and this was something she looked forward to learning. ”Father would be so proud of the man you have become.” She said this with compassion, which was something she felt for a long time she lacked. If you beat a creature long enough, they only know how to defend themselves and bite back. The Viper had a long way to go before she could ever be considered, normal. She knew it in her heart, and hoped that in the course of their travels, that she would not let her brother down. When told to ask anything that her heart desired, Ayame did ask. ”I know your mission was to find me, to keep the promise to your father, but surely you have other goals in life.” She rose from the chair, and approached him. ”What is it you want more than anything?” Could she be able to help him, if she knew what this was?

That flash of orange in her brother’s eyes had Keke slightly troubled. Surely her brother was hungry. Always putting her first, she felt that it was time she did the same for him. Taking his hand and leading him away from the farm, to a point where they were alone, she turned and asked. ”Something troubles you. I can see it in your eyes, dear brother.” She did not want to move forward till she knew he was alright. Glancing back at the barn, then back to her brother, she arched a brow. Was he jealous of the farmer? A dead man? ”You understand the farmer was a meal. Nothing more.” <3>

IceTe3a: He smiled as she complement him, stating their father would be proud of how he turned out. He knew this was true, and he knew his father would still be proud of his daughter as he looked her up and down “And you, you’re stunningly beautiful and elegant. No doubt father would be proud of the way you have turned out, his daughter able to hold her own. A honorable feat, if I do say so.” and it was true, there were not many females out there that knew the ways of war and battle so Ayame’s skills were rare and came with great respect and honor. He watched as she stood and came closer, asking what was his life goal. “Of course, to live on the farmlands with you would be one goal I have, another would be to be the greatest swordsman in the world” he smirked as he looked up at her with a cheeky grin.

: Keke grabbed him by the hand and lead him away from the farm, they walked together until they were in the middle of a open field. She stopped in front of him as she turned around and looked him over, he stood there watching her as he wondered just what she was doing. ”Something troubles you. I can see it in your eyes, dear brother.” damn his eyes still had a orange tinge to them, he thought he would be able to hide the color. But he was always jealous when she fed off another man, took another man in for pleasure or toying with. He cast his eyes down for a moment, as he focused his energy calming himself as his hues lit up a piercing blue color, as he looked back up at her he heard her state it was nothing more than a meal. He smiled and nodded in agreement with her, if only she knew the truth; back in their lands she would feed off of him and he enjoyed her touch.. how she toyed with him as she pleased. But these cursed lands plentiful with bounty and new toys sought Kayne to become useless to Keke, he would never tell her this is how he felt, as she was the one in lead, it was how their race was, the females were the ones with the power, in charge as the males were under them. His lips parted for a moment, he had to force a small smile upon them “I know dear, I am fine honestly, where too?” he looked into her eyes trying to hide the truth, though it was hard for him as he wasn’t used to doing this to her.

CharlotteCarrendar: Ayame’s cheeks turned a shade of red, her face turning slightly from her brother. His kind words about her beauty were unexpected. She even let out something that sounded like a small giggle. No one had referred to her as a beauty before. Many treated her as though she was a man, for that was how she acted most of the time. If only she had known her real father. If only…but sadly he had died such a long time ago. Over the coming months, Ayame was sure to learn more about her father, the things he loved in the world, what he was like. But for now, she wished to enjoy her brother’s company. Taking his hand, she held it and then smiled as he said he wished to be the greatest swordsman in the entire world. A grand notion, but not something that was unattainable. If it was one thing the Viper was good at, it was sword play. Her eyes twinkled, for this was something she could be of help for. ”I will live to see you reach that dream, brother.”

Her brother Kayne was reassuring that he was fine, and his eye colours changed back to normal as proof of this statement. Keke chuckled and patted his face warmly. ”You do so worry me. Right, where to next.” she said saucily. ”I do believe that if we are to be affective in the wars of the titans that we will need an army.” Keke always thought big, when it came to her plans, and none so great as this one. ”About four days to the North east lay the lands of the Bear. I happen to have heard on many occasions, that there is a noble with quite a large army defending his territory from the likes of the Warlord and the Dragon. Hmm. But would he welcome us as easily as the Warlord did.” She spun on her heel and then pointed to a couple of horses in the nearby field. ”Only one way to find out. Come, let us steal these horses, and pay a visit to the Bear. I have a good feeling about this.” She then skipped off to take one of the smaller horses, leaving her brother in her wake. <3>

IceTe3a: Hearing her giggle brought him a happy feeling, as she was enjoying herself immensely. She noted that she will live to see the day he reached that dream, as he smiled and chuckled slightly “ It will be a tough dream, as japan’s warriors give not much of a fight these days, I find myself holding back on most occasions” he smiled as he walked over to the bed and started prepping it for Ayame to sleep in later tonight, coming across to her and sitting back down “ You have no need to change for anyone Ayame, you’re perfect the way you are, so what goals do you have for yourself? “ the hour was getting late at this point and he would need to send her off to bed, to allow her a restful night.

He watched Keke with a fake smile as he enjoyed her radiating beauty, the slight pat to his cheek was a tease and torture in the same motion towards him as he longed for her touch. Listening to her carefully as she laid out her plans about a man they called the bear, as his army was vast and she wished to claim it for her own. “ Whatever you desire my dear. “as she spun on her heels and pointed to the horses in the field, his fake smile faded with ease as he watched her skip off towards one of the smaller horses, he sighed slightly as he touched the cheek she had patted only moments ago. Walking over to the larger black horse, he looked it over for a mere moment as he thought it would have to do. Placing his hand on the horse a puff of smoke appeared as riding gear appeared attached to the horse, climbing the horse he sat in the saddle and moved the horse over towards his Sister. “To the bears lands than? How shall we gain entry and ear of this other king? “ he wasn’t stupid, he knew exactly how Keke was going to get her way into the kings throne room and have his ear. Through her body and his bed, the thought alone made his eyes glimmer a flash of orange, as he could not wait to see this world burn for the constant torture he had to endure. Securing everything down, his hands came up to his neck and tightened his scarf making sure it would not fall off during the ride as it was the only thing that could cover the scar on his neck.

CharlotteCarrendar: – It was an interesting question for Ayame. What did she want for herself? No one had ever asked her before, and really, her life had its purpose and that was to serve the highest bidder as a sell sword, or under the Warlord’s command. Now, she was free in a sense. This was still a new world for her. But the one thing she wanted more than anything, was to pay her brother back for his kindness…his love. She did not seek the happy ever after of what most girls would want. A man, and children. She didn’t even consider it. Sitting beside her brother, after he had prepared her bedding, she took his hand. This closeness brought comfort. ”To do right. To bring you honor.” It was a simple statement, but meant so much. This was coming from what was a notorious and hated woman. She wanted to change. To be the daughter that his father would have been proud of.

Kayne magically had riding gear appear on the horses, and Keke mounted hers with ease. She always felt good to ride, and these horses were from the same farm where she had just killed the farmer for food. They should easily last the trek to the Bear’s lands. Adjusting herself in the saddle, she let out a laugh as her brother inquired how they were to be granted audience to the likes of the Bear. ”I hear he loves magic…and a good time.” So she was basically saying that he would enjoy their entertainment, that they always brought to a court, be it royal or not. ”You work your magic, and I weave my spell of enchantment. Plus we have intel on the likes of the Warlord’s camp. I think that might earn us a few gold.”She was so sure of herself, and after having fed she was feeling very good about the day. Her hair flowed about her face as she gave her horse’s flank a kick and she spirited off down the road, with a trail of dust following her wake. <3>

IceTe3a: He smiles at her answer and laughs slightly, “You being here brings our family honor” bowing his head to her to show her respect, he came up and pulled her in for a brotherly hug as he smiled, his hug every bit as reassuring and comforting as it needed to be for Ayame. “ Come now, you need your rest after such a long day. I shall be beside you on the floor, do not worry the floor is good for my back “ he smiled as he stood up and waited to guide her over to her bed, he was going to sleep on the floor next to her. So he could be there for her in the night if she ever needed him for anything, he was not going to leave her alone.

He watched her beauty from a distance as his body radiated, he could smell her sweet scent wafting in the air as he sighed slightly to himself, he was a tortured soul at the very best. His earlier thoughts of how Keke was going to gain access to the king was further proven to be true as she said it herself, gritting his teeth as his hues flashed a bright orange from jealousy as he watched her gallop off in a trail of dust, he soon followed suit as his horse caught up just behind hers, he kept behind her as he knew his eyes would be glowing a bright orange; just thinking of her with another man… toying with him.. feeding off of him and pleasuring herself with him had him in a right toss as he continued to grit his teeth.

CharlotteCarrendar: – The bed had been prepared earlier, and while Ayame felt bad that her brother wished to sleep directly on the floor as opposed to the bed had her frown slightly. But he said that it was better for his back. ”You are so good to me.” Ayame said, removing one of her robes and resting it over a small chair. She went to lay on the bed and rested her head on the pillow roll, watching her brother closely. They had so much to learn from the other it seemed. She wanted to learn simple things like cooking, and how to keep a home. He wanted to become the greatest swordsman in the world. It was something she could teach him. Not that she considered herself the best, far from it, but she did put up a damn good fight. As she lay, she ran her hand across the textured fabric and smiled. For so long she had been troubled, her dreams filled with that of the Naga and vengefulness. Now, she was finding an inner peace she had never before known. A dream would come…one that would carry her into a strange new world. Slowly her eyes closed and she pulled the cover over herself.

Keke’s face was radiant as she rode. Freedom that came from riding a horse bringing her a satisfied feeling. She had such great plans, but she could do none without the skill and mastery of her brother. As she rode, she glanced back, and he would be able to see the joy in her face. She dared him to ride faster to catch up. Her robes billowing out behind her as she turned back and rode on hard down the road. Was she leading him into dangers? Would their unique bond be tested in the coming weeks? So much uncertainty for sure would be felt, as the Warlord would once again try to continue on his path to take over Japan. But who would stop him? The Son of the Dragon, or another? <3>