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White Wolf

Part Three

”The Deal”



IceTe3a: His right arm extends as his open palm finds Mersa’s head and gently rests on there, a slight chuckle escapes his lips, and his features seemed slightly darker “And if his body has been devoured? Plenty of man eaters in this realm” his hues had a devilish shine to them as his slightly demon like hues gave off a natural glow. His head turns as he glances at the female Warg, his fingers trail down the side of her face and up under her chin as he scratches her. Her head pushes into his hand forcing more pressure as a happy moan escapes her much like a dog would when you scratch it’s favourite spot, he continued like this for a moment; his head turns back to the elf as his arm drops to his side, Mersa groans as he had stopped. “You may be powerful in your realm but here.. you will find it hard not to die, everything here.. is born to kill” he takes a step closer as he folds his arms into his chest “ You’re in my realm now… not your realm and I have friends on the other side “ it was one of his famous lines, a simple answer to the most obvious question ‘How are you not dead yet?’ his hues move to look into hers as he didn’t know what to do with her, being this close was a danger in itself. She obviously craved magical essence and she could obviously smell his, he would be giving off quite the scent as well. “ Like I said, you need to get yourself to the closest town and if you continue the need to find your husband.. Hire a tracker.. someone who knows these lands and can deal with the creatures “ waving her off he turned on the ball of his feet “And no.. you have nothing I want.. So your offer to hire me, if you were thinking of it is pre rejected. 

CharlotteCarrendar: – Watching the Witcher interact with the female Warg, the blood elf held her tongue – curious of how he was able to tame such a beast. Perhaps that is how he got the wound. Fighting her; in a test of strength and dominance. Needless to say, the Warg was submissive to his attentions, and her sounds that were tempered on being touched by him solidified that view. The Witcher explained that while she was one of power, in this realm she was just another creature and one that would need to fight her way through, if she was ever to reach her mate. Everything kills. He approached her, one step at a time and raised his arms up to be folded at his chest. If she was to find her way through this realm, she would need a tracker – though he had given her directions. ”I don’t need you…nor do I want your help.”Defiant? yes. She pulled up her polearm and then went to march past him, in the right direction this time. She got a whiff of his power, which was still pouring from the wound on his arm. ”Be glad I didn’t help myself to you.” She smirked as she said this, and then turned her head away. <3>

IceTea: He watched as much like a child she became spiteful, completely rejecting the fact she needed help of any kind, he smirked and shook his head “ I’ll remember that.. Next time you’re in trouble” walking over to Mersa he placed a hand on her neck and pressed down, she followed suit as she laid down on the ground with a slight yawn, she wasn’t about to move unless told to. He watched her turn and walk straight past him, her smug look on her face as she passed him she couldn’t help herself “Be glad I didn’t help myself to you. “ he arched a brow reaching for the sash on his two swords *click* he unclicked the sash as they both dropped down to the ground “ Stay “ he warned Mersa as he took a few steps away from Mersa, he walked up behind the female elf. This next part was moreso out of curiosity and testing his own limits “And why don’t you? “ Was he daring her to? Was it a challenge? He left it open for her to decide what it meant as she saw fit, he wasn’t crazy as he knew his limitations and knew for a fact his Magical essence would replenish a lot faster than she could take so in the end she would never be able to drain him. More or less he wanted to study the feeding habit, the feeling of it.. how it affected the body, If she was able to just rip it from his body from a range or did she need to get close and physical for more powerful beings? “It’s not that you don’t need my help, it’s that you know you cannot afford me “ a second insult this time towards her wealth, he was more or less purposely angering her into this situation to see what it truly felt like “ Now that I think about it.. I did have to kill a strange male elf but only two full moons ago, he was causing trouble. “ he knew this wasn’t true but he also knew in anger showed a beasts true fangs, and he wanted to see hers.

CharlotteCarrendar:- The unmistakable click of the Witcher’s weapons unlocking and then dropping down, should have been a clear indication to the Blood elf that he was not about to approach her now unarmed. On the contrary, he knew what she was capable of, he had seen it in the inn. The Warg was warned to stay, and then the Blood elf knew that this was game on. She could hear his footsteps approach her from behind and she stopped her march purposely. He wanted to know why she had merely passed him and not fed. Cali gave a light shrug, trying to difuse what was coming. ”I’ve already fed once in the last few hours.” A poor excuse, but she was not truly wanting to get in it with him. Needless to say, he pushed it further and went as far to tease her with what would be his error. “I did have to kill a strange male elf but only two full moons ago, he was causing trouble. “ The Blood elf’s eyes shone a shocking brilliance of jade on hearing this. He killed a strange male elf? Could it have been her beloved? Her reaction to this was swift, as she spun on the ball of her right foot and confronted him. ”You lie?!” She spat. Her anger mixed with the shock that her husband may well be dead brought about an irrational response, as she lunged at his arm and sunk her teeth –which had elongated, down into his still gaping wound. The polearm held awkwardly as she attempted to feed on his power. <3>

IceTe3a: He knew it was coming, he made it happened as he watched her turn around her jaded eyes glowing as she said he lied about killing his husband. He knew that, but he wouldn’t let her know that not for now anyway, watching as she grabbed his wounded arm with her hands as her teeth grew and sunk deep into his flesh; his body not even flinching as he felt her lips pressed against his skin, his hues glance down to her as he arched a brow “No, come to think of it I’m almost certain it was your husband now.. he was just as strange as you are. He died slowly.. by that very sword on the floor. He was a new species, I wanted to see how long he would last” he was unraveling a story as he purposely made her more and more pissed, he watched as she was attempting to suck his raw magical energy right out of him, the more she took the more it replenished in his body but could she handle such raw power flowing in her? Would she become addicted? He continued to study her feeding habit and couldn’t help but notice that she was merely grasped onto his arm with her fangs sunk in. Not a very defendable position, obviously this was the extent of it; she would easily be dispatched if she actually attempted this onto someone unwilling, leaving herself this open and not pinning her prey down? It was like a newborn predator making mistakes as it grew. “ He lasted awhile.. I could see he was in pain but I wouldn’t let him surrender or die.. not until I was done, eventually he just collapsed from too much torture” oh he was giving it to her now, but it was the only way for him to learn about their species at least now he knew she could feed off of him without him suffering or dying, it would make it a lot less troublesome along her travels if she would stop mindlessly feeding off others.

CharlotteCarrendar:- The more she fed, the more he teased her. Playing on her love for her husband, and saying that he was now certain that it was He that had been killed. Though he added how he tortured him too. Cali’s hands glowed with ever increasing intensity as she tried to extract more and more power from him – not just blood. She let out a god awful whine, because it was his words that were hurting her. She was not in a very defendable position and was wide open to attack at this point. It would be fool hardy for her to continue surely. Finally she drew back, with tears running down her cheeks. Blood dripping from her mouth all the while her hands glowing with the large green orbs. ”You bastard!” she spat again, spraying the air with blood. She released the orbs on his body, again to draw as much power as she could. Cali wanted to end him for the murder of her husband. ”My husband would have fought. You speak as though he was a fool and a coward!” Her body crackled with the energy she had already absorbed, and then she turned her attentions on the Warg. ”Speak truth, or I kill your pet!” She threatened. <3>

IceTea: He was still studying her feeding, taking note of the feeling of her feeding off his body. This would prove useful in later days. She had jumped back away from him and started firing her orbs at him, draining more energy as she continued to do so his body continued to replenish his magical essence faster it was a no win for her, she would not be able to drain him. She then threatened Mersa, Mersa’s ears perked up as she growled her hues glaring at the elf as her large teeth glared. Looking from Mersa to the elf he chuckled and shook his head “Wargs.. Understand English.. you really shouldn’t threaten a Warg, let alone an Alpha female, who’s obviously a lot bigger than normal Wargs” He didn’t have to watch, Mersa came to a stand, she towered the both of them with ease as she came up slowly behind him he pressed his hand gently on Mersa’s chest “Easy girl.. she’s upset and doesn’t know these lands “ Mersa snorted and laid back down with a growl she continued to watch the Elf. He shook his head and walked straight up to the elf “ You cannot kill me because you’re weaker than I, my magical essence replenishes faster than you can take. No, I didn’t kill your husband.”Coming to a stand right in front of her, he extended his hand up to her face and wiped her tears away with the back of his hand “I needed to see how you really fed, in a true state I apologize for that but I was indeed, studying you. He was blunt and to the point but his eyes were glancing at her, he didn’t register any true emotions from himself as he continued to speak “I will help you find your husband, But I have three rules to this. Firstly, you no longer feed off others; If you need to feed, feed off of me my body can sustain it, it will cause less trouble. Secondly you do as I say, when I say without question or hesitation. Lastly, there’s another like me.. female, you don’t tell her what I do if we cross paths.. it’s complicated. Do we have a pact? “ he smirked and lowered his hand to shake hers if she offered it.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Little did the Blood Elf know that the Warg understood the threat she just made in her anger. Seeing it rise up, the Blood elf backed up a little, but was still using her orbs, so it was a possibility that she could lash out in her rage. The problem was that the fear of her husband being dead in this world made her act erratically. She was not normally one to just attack in that manner, but the Witcher’s words pushed all the wrong buttons. The Warg, being female was also much larger than say other Wargs so her size was intimidating, though the Blood elf was still blinded by rage. The Witcher got the Warg to back up and even made an excuse for the Blood elf. This was totally unexpected. Why was he making excuses? The Witcher then started for the Blood elf, who again was ready to attack if need be, only the Witcher went on a different tact. He had studied her in her moment of madness, and came to the conclusion that she had acted out of fear. He was also right in saying that she simply couldn’t kill him. His life force and magic was able to replenish itself practically immediately after her feeding frenzy. This, was something she had never encountered before, and so had troubles coming to understand it. But that moment, when he reached out to wipe away the tears that had fallen; truly caught her off guard. ”What are you doing?” No other male had ever touched her before out of concern or affection. Her brows knitted as she tried to understand what was going on. The Witcher then offered to help her but on certain conditions. One that she was to only feed off him, which she was going to become addicted to doing, and two that did as he said without question. Slowly, the Blood elf started to nod. Already she had encountered those that sought to fight, and she had barely been there a day. The last part however, she was surprised by. Another witcher – a female. Cali was not to speak of what the male Witcher was doing or had done. He held out his large hand for her to shake. The blood elf considered all this for a moment. She would truly do better with him as a guide, and one to feed from. The orbs faded in her hands, and she then gripped his hand and shook it. ”We have a deal.” <3>