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White Wolf

Part Two

“The Lone Warg”



IceTe3a: – Earlier in the night he had run into a lone Terrarat, it tried to get away but fell victim to his blade quite quickly, that of course sorted out his midnight snack. Terrarat was a delicacy in these realms their meat was tender and full of flavor if cooked right, it basically melted in your mouth. As the fire was roaring he set the Terrarat meat up to cook slowly over the fire, it would turn out just perfect; the slabs of meat on the Terrarat were about as big as he was, he had no need for all of it but would keep some for later days, he knew cooking food in this forest would draw something’s attention. His wolf head pendant was warming up against his skin, it signaled beasts were near but he already knew that. He was camped in the dark forest after all, this place was notorious for beasts but the one that was setting off his pendant was just in the dark line where the light of the fire and the darkness met, it was smart enough to keep out of the light whilst it circled around him, studying him.. Weighing up its chances to take down this large prey it had found. He sighed as he sat up, his eyes looking around into the darkness. He could smell it before he laid eyes on it, a large Warg had found his camp. Wargs were pack animals, they resembled giant wolves, not to be mistaken with Dire wolves; these creatures looked more hellish and muscular they were certainly more vicious. But this Warg was different, it sort him out.. it was alone and much larger than your average Warg, a Alpha female Warg none the less. She knew she was found as her head came out of the darkness and into the light; slowly she padded in closer into the light as he came to stand. They were a few meters’ away as she snarled at him; she was beautiful to look at for a hellish creature no doubt she smelt the meat from the Terrarat and wanted some for herself, she was incline to dealing with him first though as her hues glared straight into him. This was going to be a ground fight, he could tell; with a mighty roar she jumped into the air and pounced ontop of him, her large clawed paws on top of him as they roll and tussle around on the ground, her head coming in for bites every so often as he fights her bites off with his hand, his eyes glare into hers as suddenly he allowed her to bite down on his forearm. Her teeth sinking in she growled as he came to a kneel and glared into her eyes showing no pain or fear, She saw this and bit down harder as she growled against his skin. With a mighty roar of his own he reached forward and bit down on her large right ear with ease, she whined as she let his arm go; backing off slightly she slowly curled up on the ground in a submitting manor. He had just shown her he was boss.. master, the alpha of the pack; coming to a full stand he glanced down at his arm and looked at his fresh wounds, they would require medical assistance no doubt. Walking over to the fire he looked back at the Female alpha Warg and pointed to the ground next to him “ Come “ she was watching him and slowly she pawed over with caution after being defeated she had accepted him as leader, more or less he had just tamed her. There was a nack to taming Wargs and not everyone knew how to do it, he learned from the Orcs, they ride Wargs as a mount and keep them as a fellow friend and battle-brother or sister. Sitting down the female Warg came in and laid behind him her body supported his back and weight as he leaned against her, she was that big her head reached around and rested slightly on his knee as she moaned and groaned with a slight snort, she was still hungry. Patting her head with force allowing her to feel his touch as she groaned against his touch she softly nuzzled his hand. Reaching for one of the slabs of meat he placed the steaming cooked meat on the ground next to her as she took it slowly whilst looking at him making sure she was not going to get in trouble, she then proceeded to eat it. So he had found himself a new friend, he had just shown her that they were equals by offering her to eat before he did, she was cautious about this the whole time but ate anyway; once she was done she poked at his wounded arm with her nose attempting to lift it up, he raised his hand out of curiosity and she started to lick the blood off and the wounds clean. He closed his eyes and laid back into her as the night went on, she was busy cleaning his wound it would suffice for now but he would need to still seek medical aid, they were now bonded with each other the White wolf and large Alpha Warg. He had not killed her simply because she was different from the other Wargs, she was twice the size of a normal Warg and larger.. Smarter, something he looked for in people he worked with and he chose to make the bond with her. They would now protect each other for life, as they roamed these lands.

CharlotteCarrendar: – The forest came alive with the thunder of the Centaurs hooves as they fanned out and started to hunt down the lone Blood Elf. The leader, kept his position and with a steely gaze scanned the foliage closest to him for signs of her. Already having to deal with the patrons in the Inn she was now again faced with her second battle since arriving in this world. Vastly outnumbered she knew that it would be folly to do anything drastic. However, now that the leader was left on his own, she seized a chance to face him. One on one. Stepping out of the clearing – her fire headed crystal on her Ranseur glowing fiercely, Cali made herself seen. She twirled her pole arm while her blazing green hues took in the great Centaur before her. The dark skinned Centaur cast his gaze down on the wily Elf and then burst out laughing. So bold or stupid to show herself in front of the might of one so great. ”You have a death wish, Elf” He reared up on his two back legs showing off his muscular form before landing down again with an earth shattering thud. ”I am a traveller who seeks not to harm, but so help me if you try; I will steal from you more than your last breath.” She meant his very life force. Both her hands started to glow fiercely as she spun her polearm. The Centaur went to reach for his bow, but she was faster. Aiming her Ranseur at his chest and blasting him with a powerful fire ball attack that would have him scream in horror and pain. This brought about all the other Centuars, who saw their leader under attack. Cali showed her left hand – the green ball of light building. ”BACK OFF, OR HE DIES!” She threatened as the sizzling smell of burning flesh was now scenting the very air. The leader roared at his kin to back up as she was ready to make a second attack. It was a tense standoff. <3>

IceTe3a: -Time was wasting as he opened his eyes, the forest was uneasy as it gave off a weird sensation to the Witcher. The new elf must be causing problems somewhere or the forest just didn’t like her presence, as he came to stand the Warg gave a defying yawn before coming to stand near him. He smiled down at the Warg and gave her a firm pat on the back “ Mersa, you shall be called Mersa The lone Warg” he nodded slightly in agreement with himself. Kicking dirt and forest litter onto the roaring fire it eventually died down into a smokey haze, the night was still young as he climbed on mersa’s back, Mersa was more than happy to give him a ride “Find that scent girl” Wargs were smart, some say they could understand mundane language. It was a proven point, but if they would listen to the plea’s of their dying prey was another thing entirely. It wasn’t hard for Mersa to pick up the strange scent, with a bone chilling howl that would echo throughout the forest she took off with lightning speed. He wondered just what the elf was up to and just what trouble she was making this time. As a Witcher it was his duty to make sure any magical being was not causing issue this included her, to her he may seem almost demonic and this would almost be correct as a Witcher did resemble a demon, with his unusual Witcher eyes and albino hair, his immense raw magical energy that flowed throughout him, he could easily be mistaken for a demon and that was part of the reason why Witchers were shunned by Mundane. It didn’t take Mersa long to shorten the distance from the Witcher and the elf as she came to a casual stroll. She would be up a head, as he could hear talking and hooves stamping; Coming off Mersa his feet hit the ground silently as he cautioned her to stay put, walking up slowly he kept his distance as a herd of Centaurs had the elf surrounded, she had one well within her grasps as he had seen her green energy orb in her hand, he knew just what that did as he smirked. A Witcher to the magical was more or less the grim reaper, the judge, jury and executioner of any beast and or magical creature. So when it came to dealing with more intelligent magical creatures or beasts there was a difference with the way things were done as with a mindless beast would be slayed on the spot with no questions asked, however it seemed the Elf had wandered well within the Centaurs self proclaimed territory, and that was against their laws. They were more bullies then actually having any real claims to these lands or laws to judge on, leaning against a nearby tree he watched as the event unfolded with no intention to interfere or be known of his presence.

CharlotteCarrendar: – The blood curdling howl of the Warg was enough to seize the attention of the Centaurs that had the Elf and their leader surrounded. It was one thing to gang up on the lone Blood Elf, but she was showing that she was more than capable of defending herself. She may well have stumbled onto their lands, but it was unknowingly. Someone was to pay the price for this folly, but who? The leader’s chest was seared and bleeding, with a nasty gash that was caused from the fire ball strike. All watched as the green orb like light that glowed in her left hand was growing larger by the second, as the Blood elf showed just how threatened she was. ”BACK OFF!” she ordered again, the very life of their leader in the palms of her hand. ”I shall take his very life force if you do not fall back!” She had already feasted that night, but when you are a blood elf, your addiction for such power is often unsated. Out of the clearing the soft sounds of the footfalls of the Witcher are heard. Had he come to be referee in this latest melee with the Blood elf? She was surely causing problems everywhere she went. This may well have not been her fault, had she bothered to listen to the right directions. The tense standoff lasted another few moments, before the Centaurs all started to move back and allow the Blood elf to pass. Unsure if this was some sort of trick, she yelled at the Witcher. ”Tell them I mean it!” For certain he knew what she could do when pressed. <3>

IceTe3a: He watched as it unfolded, the Centaurs had her surrounded they didn’t know if she was bluffing or not but they were not about to risk the lives of their leader, she on the other hand wasn’t bluffing he knew she would kill the leader without a second thought it was a stalemate if the Centaurs tried to call the bluff she’d take the leader and perhaps die from being overrun, or the Centaurs could die from her sheer power. He was hoping he didn’t have to step in but the elf gave him no choice, asking him to tell them she wasn’t bluffing. A sigh came from his lips as he pushed from his shoulder and came to a stand, walking into view the Centaurs started whispering as he came closer his arms folded against his chest as he walked through the group they gave him path without question, they were watching him cautiously as a Witcher by itself is a great threat to any magical being but the legendary White wolf Witcher was another entire story. Walking in between the leader and the elf he glanced down at the elf’s open palm that was now pointing the green orb directly at himself, he was facing her as his hues glanced back up to hers. “Put it away before I make you.. it wasn’t a threat he just made more of a promise he went silent for a moment as the Centaurs started to ease back a little, he could see Mersa circling around slowly in the distance she was making sure her new partner was to come to no harm. “ Derek, We both know you have no real claims, the only reason I haven’t forced my hand yet is because you haven’t caused me any trouble… Do not force my hand Derek” it was a direct threat to the leader, basically stating the obvious that the Centaurs claims to these lands were not valid and were not recognized by the Witchers, advising him to back off before his patience ran dry, he was standing between them both and had just threatened them both he came off either really cocky and sure of himself or simply experienced in his tradecraft either way this was about to get interesting, the Centaurs wouldn’t start a war with the Witchers they wouldn’t win but this elf, he continued to examine her with his demon looking eyes. He would need to have words with this elf once all this was over.

CharlotteCarrendar: – The Blood Elf was showing her true nature, and she was nothing like elves that the Centaurs may have encountered before. Cali’s power only increased when angered and at this point she was very close to taking the leader’s life force just to spite all that stood around them. The green orb of light swirled and built in size – a testimony to her strength and power. It matched the dangerous hues of her eyes and the combination had a harrowing aura building up around the girl. Only now, with the Witcher entering the fray was the battle about to go one way or another. At first he turned his attentions on Cali, and ordered that she put the orb away before he made her. Naturally Cali was reluctant too. Her head whipping around, her breath in short sharp pants as she surveyed the other Centaurs for signs that they were going to break rank and attack her. Needless to say, when the Witcher then turned on the leader of the Centaur it became apparent that the Witcher was treating the Centaur leader with the same disdain. Snorting angrily, the leader then turned away from the Elf and beckoned with his hand that his herd follow him out. All did so with angered looks at both the Blood Elf and the Witcher. Thankfully, no one had to die. Slowly, Cali started to lower her left hand, with the ball of green light turning into a fine mist before withdrawing back into the Blood Elf’s body. She was still breathing hard from the exertion of building up her powers, and would be silent for a moment till she found her voice. ”Are you King of these lands?” <3>

IceTe3a: He watched as Derek snorted up a fuss but in short time he ordered his herd to follow him, with reluctant attitude they left to go deeper into their forest leaving the elf and him behind. He could have just as easily killed the leader but that would mean killing the elf too, blood seeks blood and it would have been the only other way, his hues fell back to the elf as she asked if he was king of these lands “ No “ he said simply as he watched her hand lower and the orb disappear. With a slight whistle Mersa came running past the Elf from behind and rounded up behind him, she softly lowered her head and nuzzled his arm as he continued to watch the Elf. “I know why you’re here, but if you continue to cause issue I will send you back one way or another “ he glanced up to Mersa for a moment and then back at her, “ The Centaur have no real claims on this forest, but they despise Mundane so they choose to live in these forest self claiming territory. There are many unspoken laws in these lands, if you’re not careful you will die before the days out, elf” By now the Centaur were well out of sight, it would not take them long to go back to their encampments for the rest of the night, no doubt complaining about him stepping in, the only reason he held weight in his words was because of his title – The white wolf. It was well known throughout the entire world as he travelled, many knowing him for his skills in warfare and all things magical, stories and legends forged around his many battles and feats, his pure strength. Those who wished to not meet a Witcher counted every day a blessing they did not meet the legendary White wolf for he was the strongest out of the pack, or at least the strongest Male witcher, there was another.. A female just like him, an albino just like him she was in all intent and purposes his other half, she was away on a job last he saw her they went different ways for once. He knew their paths would cross again soon enough and she would no doubt be attempting to handle and control him as she always did. Coming back to reality he glanced around “You’re still heading in the wrong direction, after I warned you and gave you the right directions. Are you Ignorant or deaf?” he stood there with an emotionless face, what he said was blunt and to the point he never once thought about what he was going to or had said ever.

CharlotteCarrendar: – The blood elf’s idea that this Witcher may have been King of these lands by the way he treated those that passed through it was totally off base. He answered her simply that he was not. No sooner had he spoke the Witcher whistled. The Warg – his new companion appeared out from the scrub and nuzzled the Witcher as he continued to speak to the Blood elf with disdain. He was adamant that if she continued to cause trouble in these parts, that he would send her back to her world himself. Cali scoffed at the idea he could do such a thing, but in the back of her mind she hated the very thought of it. Her eyes went from the Warg, and then back to settle on the Witcher’s face when he asked if she was ignorant or deaf for getting the directions so wrong that she was well off the right path to the nearest city. Driving her polearm into the dirt she said simply. ”I thought it was this way. A simple mistake.” She was indignant about being corrected. Noticing the puncture wounds on the Witcher’s arm that was not there when she encountered him at the Inn, she asked. ”Looks like I am not the only one to get into a fight.” She was keenly observant for the wound only gave off a wonderful smell. She had to fight back her cravings and not get herself into more trouble with the Witcher. <3>

IceTe3a: – He watched as she looked from him to the Warg and back, a Warg to someone not from these lands could be a startling thing, this one in particular was a lot larger and muscular than the average Warg. He wasn’t about to explain to the elf exactly what Mersa was as it would be a waste of time, he watched her body movements as she basically pointed out his fresh arm wound which was still oozing out his blood slightly, he looked down at it and back up she obviously could smell his raw magical power “Still hungry? Be sure, I have more Raw power in me than you can feed on “ that was both an observation and a threat as to his strength a simple smirk was on his face as he looked around “ Can’t tell the direction? I said east, you’re heading west; further into the forest. he shook his head as Mersa came to lay down behind him, her back was still reaching his shoulders she was quite large, as he gave her a solid pat. He had to figure out what he was going to do with the elf, should he kill her, let her go? He had no clue but honestly she hardly worried him at all. “ Your husband is dead, if he’s anything like you he tried to feed on the wrong thing and ended up dying because of it, if you insist on venturing to find his lifeless body. I suggest going to the nearest city and hiring a guide or a tracker… the city is east.. east is in that direction.. he raised his right arm and pointed slightly to the left behind her, to make sure this time she knew which way she needed to go. “ The mundane don’t like elves they’ll hate you, expect to be shunned at most places. They hate Me more than elves though so you should be fine as long as you don’t feed “ 

CharlotteCarrendar: – It was becoming clear that the Blood Elf had set out on her quest with very little knowledge of what she was getting herself into. This world was nothing like her own, and she was travelling blind – almost. Her natural responses to defend herself were justified in each case, and it was not like she set out to cause the fights that had sprung up – twice now in quick succession. She seemed to be making a habit of it. Every so often the Blood Elf would stare at the Warg, before looking back at the Witcher as he tried to talk some sense to her. Creatures who are constantly on guard, tend to be a bit over cautious and she needed to start to think first before she acted. The Witcher picked up on her sudden interest in his wound which was radiating his energy like water from a stream. He reminded her that he had more raw energy in him then she could ever dare take. The threat was heeded, and the Blood Elf backed off a little. She wasn’t stupid. “ Can’t tell the direction? I said east, you’re heading west; further into the forest.” The Witcher was right. She was heading deeper into the darker forest. Now with the right path shown, she was about to make tracks, when the Witcher explained that though she might reach the city, that she would be seen as trouble, being that Mundane did not like elves. He also reminded her that he believed her husband dead. This was something she simply could not accept. ”Only when his corpse is presented to me, will I believe him dead. You do not understand the bond I have with my mate. If he had died…I would have felt it, and never made this journey.” One thing was for sure, she was loyal to her mate. <3>