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Re: The Central Kingdoms: Mirari [rp]
May 25, 2014 01:06AM
The Mirari Forest

Hanging lazily off a top branch that swung out to join up with another tree’s follage, Raul yawned as it was just another lazy afternoon. His long black tail sweeping down beneath him as he kept his eyes closed and went back to snoring lightly. On a lower branch his brother; Shamus was watching out for prey that might happen along in the forest, as they some times did. Small deer, or if they were lucky something a bit larger. He heard the snores of his brother and glanced upward. “Will you stop that infernal racket. I’m trying to hunt here.” Shamus’s voice having a certain nasally whine to it which totally rubbed Raul up the wrong way. Raul opened an eyelid and then scratched his belly. The colour of night he blended well into the follage. “You call that hunting, brother. I call that…something else. What’s the word? Ah yes…hanging around. Heh.”

Shamus let out a growl, when suddenly he heard the oncoming sound of a large elk thundering through the undergrowth. Thinking this was his chance, he gathered himself up on the branch, ready to pounce down, when there was a blur of colour and the elk was taken down by a strange creature. Shamus’s head flicked back, his tail becoming erect. “Oi!” It was some sort of female…cat..dragon? He blinked, and then rubbed his paw against his eye. Surely he was seeing things. The din created by the killing of the elk, and the blood letting that ensued was enough to rouse Raul from his slumber. For a moment, he thought Shamus did it, till he stared down to see the female with the beheaded Elk.

“Woah. Someone’s in your territory, bro.” Raul said, now turning over and stretching. The smell of a fresh kill having him lick his lips. Shamus was poised to leap down when another happened along. A male. Shamus eased back again. This was getting beyond a joke. What was happening below was the ferocious feeding on the still kicking elk. Raul couldn’t contain himself, and leapt down from branch to branch, only to land about three feet from the action. A full blooded celestial cat that looked much like a large black leopard let out a loud roar, as it surveyed the changing male. Shamus quickly followed. He was a bit lighter in colour than his brother, and the twins observed the pair with piqued interest.

“Ooo she’s bloody. I fancy sniffing her out.” Raul said with a very toothy grin. Shamus wasn’t so sure when the boy turned into some pristine pomp looking humanoid prince.

Shamus whined loudly. “They’re kids.” And no ordinary kids either. Raul rolled his eyes, and then he changed into his true form. A black haired lad of about 17. His long gangily body was dressed in all black leather, with hair that hung down past his eyes.


“Check out the girl. her momma is going to be real angry cause she got her clothes dirty. Heh.”

Shamus smacked his brother’s arm and then whispered. “You don’t know who they are yet. Could be related to Eliles.”Raul snickered at this and then grinned again. “Get outta town. What would her kids be doing this far from home, hey?”

Shamus studied the boy’s attire and then said.

“Wing boy…got a name?”


Shamus had ginger red hair, which was a bit unusual considering his true form colouring. Both boys waited to hear the kids speak.


Re: The Central Kingdoms: Mirari [rp]
May 25, 2014 01:34AM
The Mirari Forest

-The Twin half-breeds were greeted in kind by what they had least expected, twin Celestial cats. Weather they were related or not, Eliles twin children wouldn’t no until they informed them. As for who they are and why they were clear out of the way of mirari’s main towns. Who’s to say, not all the celstial cats were in constant command of there mother and many answered to Angels directly still work missions for the side of heaven. While others…lived on earth as normal as any creature till they were called to battle for the sake of heaven. Could these two boys be one of those, much like Ani and Nolans aunts and uncles were.

“Check out the girl. her momma is going to be real angry cause she got her clothes dirty. Heh.” the black cat said he thought it was a real riot didn’t he.

Didn’t he no better though, her mother was notorious for ruining clothing, and being bashful after word when she had to change clothing. The other male was smart in smacking his brother promptely. They were whispering amoungst each other and brother and sister looked at one another.

Aniceta when clean was a beauty all on her own, though still a bit young, her golden hair was pulled into a high pony tail then pleated tightly down he back. Usually the golden mass was a swirl of curls in every direction but down. While Nolan’s hair went straight down his back as straight as a nail. As for the two cats that greeted them, physically they were older then them but not by far, numerically…who’s counting again?

The Ginger cat pointed out Nolan first calling him winged boy. Nolan actually turning a shade of red covered his mouth and looked away, “um…N-Nolan,” he whispered softly. Aniceta rolled her eyes and rammed her elbow into his side. Nolan actually squeaked and rubbed at his rib cage where she hit him. It looked painful actually, but wasn’t it a good thing they were twins…she knew he could take a beating.

“I’m Aniceta Karedric, this is my twin brother Nolan Karedric, were Children of Eliles of The Flames of Morcal…but what ever, why are you way out here, I thought all the cats were converging closer to the castle these days….” Ani said crossing her arms over her still non-existent breasts (and she assumed she may never get any at this point). She wasn’t about to admit that she dragged her brother this far towards the mountains and this far away from the safety of the castle and risk a attack from hell hounds just to avoid this exact kind of company.-

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May 25, 2014 01:52AM
The Mirari Forest

Both elder boys stared at the stuttering Nolan and their heads moved forward as they tried to catch his name. Not trying to be impolite or anything, they just found him to be a bit…girly. What with the fancy duds and matching jacket. His name was Nolan. The girl on the other hand, who had the blood stains and curly golden hair seemed to have more balls than her brother, giving him a good elbow in the ribs.

“Hehe…she’s trouble.” Raul said with a crooked smile, folding his arms and cocking his head to the left in a jaunty manner. No doubt she was about to give a speech. Shamus listened intently. Unlike his cocky brother he was more reserved in his judgement.

“I’m Aniceta Karedric, this is my twin brother Nolan Karedric, were Children of Eliles of The Flames of Morcal.”

At this both boys made a big. “Ooooh!” sound in unison, before hearing her questions in regards to why they were way out here. According to her, they should be closer to the castle.

“I was about to ask you the same thing, Aniceta. Also, why is a celestial cat like yourself being…so..”


Shamus shot a look at Raul, who threw up his shoulders and mocked a pout. “You saw how that elk died. Kicking and in distress. Flailing like it was still racing for the cup.” He spoke about how the beast’s legs were still moving for sometime afterwards. Shamus shook his head and placed a hand on his forehead.

“Always so visual with your descriptions, Brother.”

“I try.”

At this Shamus then decided to be open in his answers.

“We….were bored.”

“Out of our minds….bored.”

“So…we thought we would take a bit of a tour of the forests.”

“Shamus sucks at hunting. He needs everything done for him. Can’t even catch a cold. Get it? Catch a cold?”

At this Raul fell about laughing as Shamus was ready to kick him a good one.


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May 25, 2014 03:24PM
Mirari Forest

Raul was in deed quite detailed in describing how the Elk died before Nolan ended it’s suffering by crushing the head. Nolan might have defended her about it, but you know what, he thought the same thing.

The males also explained why they were out there the reasoning had been from a bout of boredom that the two of them

“ I was no’ bein’ bloodthirsty! Besides I see every celestial cat hunt with just as much cruelty before! Killing something is a cruel at it self isn’t it!” she responded to Raul’s comment of her being bloodthirsty with a swift swing at his person with her leg, it was aimed for his shin.

Nolan had tried to reach out for her before she could but missed and he spoke up to her loud enough his sister would hear him even as he mumbled, “yea…but every celestial cat ends it quickly so the animal doesn’t have to suffer,” he was sending cautious and bashful glances toward the older males, he was such a shy boy.

Ani turned on her brother with a shove at his chest, he tittered backwards just a little bit and he pouted a little, like he might cry, “what ever! I’m only a third celestial cat anyways, I’m half-dragon I can’t be blamed if I get caught in the moment of the hunt!” she snapped placing her hands on her hips. For thirteen years old, they are quite, active…and aware of things.

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May 26, 2014 01:50AM
Mirari Forest

Raul was laughing so hard, that he only just realized the youngling was about to retaliate when it was way too late. Copping a good kick to the shin, he leapt up and then danced about favoring one leg.

“Ow Ow Ow Ow! Raul cried, while it was now Shamus’s turn to have something of a chuckle at his brother’s expense. The young girl had quite the temper and seemed to be very physical when dealing with others – her brother included. Ani was proud; proud of her true nature, proud of how she killed and she didn’t give a blue toot what anyone thought.

Nolan was trying to at least show some respect towards the two elder boys, but it was his shyness that made him appear bashful and soft. Shamus put his take on killing for a meal.

“While I consider myself a hunter even if my brother Raul thinks otherwise, I do believe in killing them quickly as opposed to letting them suffer.”

“That is IF he catches anything. Nine times out of ten its me that does the catching. Shamus is just lucky that I happen to share my food.” Again he offered a broad grin to Shamus, though his shin was throbbing from Ani’s kick.

Ani went right on being physical, knocking her brother around with a good shove to the chest. That poor lad, the twins both thought. If Ani had been a boy, the pair would have jumped him and given him a good thump. But her looks were so deceiving, so they decided not to try it on.

“Dragon, kitty cat…whatever. It’s not very attractive being a bully girl.”

Raul said this to get his point across. “I don’t t know, some fellas like em rough.”

At this both boys sniggered before returning their attention to the young boy and girl.

“What else you two do for fun?”


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May 26, 2014 10:31AM
The Mirari Forest

The twins had watched there antics and responded in kind to there opinions on hunting. Sure enough it’s not a common practice to let a beast suffer after just cutting it’s body in half with your massive jaws as Ani had done. It was brutal, it was cruel, but it seemed something entirely wild and feral for the Fe-dragon girl.

Nolan rubbed at his chest where his sister had shoved him, though he was a gentle boy, he was as tough as nails, but only because to survive the bashing his sister gave him very early on in life, talking new born to toddler ages, it seemed like the twins were constantly fighting to discover the stronger of the two. Of course the stronger one was Ani, but the bigger one was Nolan. And now that they have gotten bigger still, Physical Strength, belonged to Nolan, he just didn’t like to throw his weight around like his sister, he wasn’t a fighter.

“Dragon, kitty cat…whatever. It’s not very attractive being a bully girl.” 

“Fe-Dragon…Momma calls us Fe-Dragons, and I’m not a bully!” Ani snapped her face turning a shade of red under the golden hue her skin retained.“you kind of are,” Nolan whispered, Ani choose to ignore him.

“I don’t t know, some fellas like em rough.” Raul responded to his brother.

Ani slapped her hands over her cheeks as she got redder, now that’s not something a thirteen year old wanted to here,“perverts” she muttered, this time she was a little bit stunned into silence. And they were sharing a laughing. Her twin brother even, red face he was covering his mouth to hide a laugh from her, she was glaring at him.

“What else you two do for fun?” 

Ani dropped her hands, she was still staring at her brother and Nolan dropped his hand the pair seemed to be thinking like they wanted to respond with something they both liked in unison. Nolan’s gaze flickered to the mountain tops where there were pools of Lava flows and hot springs. The lava flows were maintained by many celestial cat brethren and some dragon species that flew over the mountain and rested there. Ani smiled when she got his message and together the twin brother and sister glanced back at Raul and Shamus.

“Lava Pool Diving,” they said in unison.


Re: The Central Kingdoms: Mirari [rp]
May 26, 2014 09:46PM
The Mirari Forest

Both twins stared incredulously at the young pair, who said in unison that they enjoyed lava pool diving. Like that was a typical hobby for outgoing Celestial cats. Raul did raise an eyebrow and said with a jaunty air.

“Wow…hot stuff.” Course it was, but neither him nor his brother were really into that sort of shenanigans.

“I’d do anything for a thrill, but…I won’t do that. Burn my bum hole, not to mention my other bits. Nuh uh.” Raul winced at the thought of it. He was an air element, and he liked it cool and breezy, not hot and chance of getting fried.
Shamus on the other hand was an earth elemental, and while he could probably withstand it, he wasn’t really atune to such things either.

“Mud pools, maybe. Mainly cause they are so good against my skin.” Shamus rubbed his cheek then glanced back at Raul who was now whistling with his hands jammed in his coat pockets. “What?” Shamus asked, as Raul then said back.


“You haven’t told her what you REALLY love to do.”

‘She isn’t interested in that.”

“That’s cause you haven’t said.”

“Must you drop me in it?”



“He likes to sing….and dance. He is a musical cat.”

Shamus went bright red, like a beacon as Raul sold him out.


“Give em a demo, Bro!” he chimed, swinging his hips back and forth, before breaking into some techno dance routine. Shamus picked up on the dance and then he joined in. The two boys really could dance, and they had some fancy moves. But when Shamus sung….it would take Ani and Nolan’s breath away.


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May 26, 2014 11:15PM
The Mirari Forest

-Anieta and Nolan, when they set out this morning on there own, they had intended to only go as far as the guarded game padlock provided by there mother and many Aunts and Uncles. Or that had been Nolan’s intention. No instead his sister had taken him farther out, fussing about the hand fed loving pets the game had become from being watched and cared for by the nurturing earth cats. They were no sport if the animal was expected to be hunted down all it’s life and walked right up to the predator.

They had gone so far away from the safety of town and the castle that the mountain was almost a breath away, the smell of the volcanic ash reached them where they were standing now. It was almost an arms reach away wasn’t it. Instead they were stopped right after there delicious meal by to very charming Celestial males (weren’t they all).

And now, here before the Prince and Princess of Mirari, a dance number and Melody was being performed in front of them by the very same Charming pair of tom cats. Nolan actually smile a brilliant grin of mirth, he wanted to start laughing. His hands were curled around his waist before long as he held it in, he chanced a glance at his young teenage twin sister, to see what her reaction might be.

Aniceta Tara Karedric was beat red watching the pair doing there dance number. Oh what was the girl suppose to do, she might be a bully, she might be mean, but she was young and it’s totally not like she gets to see magazines form the human world that her cousin Selena often brings and even lets her listen to the musical sensations. She had always imagined what those humans might look like on stage, and perhaps this is what she might fantasize.

Then Shamus actually started to sing, Nolan actually stopped wanting to laugh he was impressed and instead clapped his hands politely. As for Aniceta the little girl, bit her lips, made her ears go flat on her skull. His singing was so beautiful, to hear a celestial cat sing (that actually had the talent to) was a blessing to some, and an attractive and inescapable trap to females.

Red as a tomato Aniceta cursed under her breath as the scent in the little clearing grew rather incrediably annoying to her, and she shifted forms into the Fe-dragon. The wind swirled around her as she opened her Golden wings that faded to white at the ends and took off into the sky her razor barbed tail stricking the ground as it whipped around behind her sending up a cloud of dirt and stone.

Nolan raised his hands above his head shielding himself from the debree and grinned wide and started to laugh.

“haha…. you chased her off!* Laughing* Flustered, I’ve never seen her* laughing* so flustered before,” he said and waved his hand in the air.

In the sky, all you could see was the flickering gold from the sunlight reflecting off her golden fur and scales as she seemed to be heading for the mountain.


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Re: The Central Kingdoms: Mirari [rp]
May 26, 2014 11:34PM
The Mirari Forest

Ending the dance routine, the twins got a clap but something else happened that was unexpected. Aniceta swore and then she actually shifted forms right in front of the three boys. Raul was shocked to say the least. He had expected a reaction, but nothing could have prepared him for this. So this is what a juvenile Fe dragon looked like. Interesting.


He glanced sly at his brother; Shamus, who had just stopped dancing and was panting hard.

“Where’d she go?” He asked, looking about for Ani. He got so caught up in her dance, that he didn’t realize it scared her away. This was when the Princely Nolan spoke up. He was laughing and pointing to the sky.

“haha…. you chased her off!* Laughing* Flustered, I’ve never seen her* laughing* so flustered before,” 

Shamus glanced up and then looked dissapointed. He didn’t think his singing was so bad it would make the girl leave. Raul couldn’t help but chuckle and slapped his brother on the back.

“Clearly she hasn’t got an ear for music….or an eye for talent. Don’t take it too hard, Bro. I still think you are a great dancer. Singing could use a bit of work…heh.”

Now the twins were left behind with the shy Nolan, who was now left alone in the forest with the boys. Raul approached him and crouched slightly so they could see eye to eye.

“You going after her, or you need us to walk you back to your house…castle…whatever you live in.”

Raul was pretty sure that Ani could take care of herself. She had proved it a few times in her wild antics.


Re: The Central Kingdoms: Mirari [rp]
May 27, 2014 12:58AM
The Mirari Forest

Nolan who was indeed a shy boy, and generally very well behaved, occasionally might indulge in some well place vengeance on his wild sister. She had already disappeared from view and he hadn’t been paying attention to the brother’s conversation.

That was when Raul had now approached and lowered himself to he was eye level with the tween. “You going after her, or you need us to walk you back to your house…castle…whatever you live in.” 

Nolan nearly leaped out of his skin when they had gotten so close and he almost decided against the little thoughts that were dancing around in his head and would return home with tail tucked to tell the Aunties where Aniceta had gone off to and why they had gone so far out.

But oh he changed his mind just as quickly, here was a prime chance to torcher his twin, he had so few chances, and he really just did it out of love, isn’t that normal for siblings. However, at the same time, he couldn’t’ just abandon her either, so he opened up his white gold tipped wings and pointed off to the mountains.

“I think I should follow her, as much as I rather we have never left the padlock,” he muttered and flapped his wings.

Once off the ground the boy waved his hand for the two of them to follow, “come on, if you stay with us, we won’t get into as much trouble when we go home,” he added even reaching to grab Raul’s hand to tug and follow him. Expecting that Celestial cats all had wings to fly with to travel to and from heaven’s gates.

The Mountains.

Aniceta swirled through the tree’s until slowly vegetation starting to die away, leaving behind blacken stone and ash that swirled through the air disturbed by her wing beats. She found the edge of a hot spring, deciding against the stinging heat of lava today and ruining her clothing in the process she laid down beside the steaming water and dipped the end of her barbed tail swirling it around in the water.

She remember Illyana saying, how men always smelled to high heaven, and she never noticed something like it till now, she only ever said that there were a few males she had met who didn’t bother her so much. And now Elt, the future great cat of fire, was courting her, with much great dislike on her part and just as much like. Ani thought she might be special, that she might be more feline after all and not become a dragonness, but she herself even said it…she was half-dragon, the rest were two parts cat and the mortal cat blood dies away quickly in the presence of such powerful blood lines.

But it happen after all, as she is on just the edge of puberty, she scented just ever so faintly, a fragrant and intoxicating scent coming from one of the twin brothers, but at the same time a scent that made her want to gag….the question was…which scent belong to who?