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Chapter Seventeen




CharlotteCarrendar: – The morning brought with it a new beginning for everyone in the underground bunker of Adam. Throughout the night, Rain had snuggled into Adam’s form and for once she actually slept soundly. Hard to believe one might imagine from the rocky start that they had just weeks before. As the sun was now rising and by the sounds of things Eve was already up and about exploring her laboratory, Rain would start to stir. Opening her eyes slowly, she could make out the room that she and Adam had shared. She started to stretch and let out a quiet yawn, before sitting up and rubbing her eyes. Looking down she actually smiled at Adam. Again, another first. ”Good morning.” She said, again another yawn following. ”I think I can hear Eve just outside the door. Or is that her techno pup?’ <3>

IceTe3a: – It was early morning the sun must have been slowly rising by now, the slight sound of the life support system that was in each room of this bunker was buzzing as it flowed out a cooling air, replicating the chill of a cold summers morning. The life system was fully automatic and changed its temperature throughout the day, it also pumped in higher levels of oxygen into the air allowing the body to be worked more; this entire bunker was one fully functioning training ground. He felt Rain rubbing up against his skin as she slowly started to wake up, her movements were slow at first as he felt her sit up. Opening his eyelids slowly he looked up from laying on his back to see a smiling Rain as she said good morning to him, “Morning” he replied back, he was going to say sorry for the cruel trick he did last night but thought better to not bring it up. Sitting up he stretched his arms with a slight yawn, it was morning and he had made sure today was their RDO. He still wanted them to familiarize themselves with the place and have a relaxing day before getting back into the worlds issues. It was easy to forget about the real world this far out in the country, no one ever came out this far and Zen had no interest with farmland so there were never any patrols as it was a waste of resources to them. Sliding out of bed he was stock naked from her utilizing him to pleasure herself, all in all he didn’t really mind that she did that; it was bound to happen sooner or later so no apology was needed. “Coffee?” he was asking a question to Rain and giving an order to the room as a low beep tone was heard and the boiling of a jug. An automated coffee machine was hard at work brewing up a fresh batch of coffee, when done it would pour the strong black liquid into a large jug that was set in front of it near the counter. His bare feet padded against the floor as he made his way towards the shower “Coming? “ he suggested as he walked into the bathroom, reaching in he turned on the rooftop shower, it started spraying out hot water from the ceiling. This type of shower was much better as it sprayed out a wider birth, the water was hot but not that hot that it burned the skin, slowly the room started to fill up with steam as he stepped in the shower and raised his face upwards allowing the water to hit his face and run down his body.

CharlotteCarrendar: – It was a totally different environment, with everything electronically controlled. From the very air that they were breathing; to the coffee that was now brewing, simply by a voice command from Adam. This was going to take some getting used to. What was also different was how Rain and Adam were interacting with each other. There was no talk of what had happened the night before. Her attempts to dominate him from using him as a sex toy more or less; and his cruel joke with the amplified sound of a storm – the one thing that truly terrorized Rain above anything else. Hearing Adam say “Coffee”, Rain nodded and slid out of bed, standing on the floor in bare feet. She only had on her lace smalls, and watched Adam get up – still naked from the antics of the night before. Rain couldn’t help but watch him enter the bathroom where he asked if she was going to have a shower. No longer feeling self conscious around him, she took off her bra and then dropped her panties to the floor, before heading off after him and stepping into the large shower cubicle. Rain held her hand out to the water spray, and then she walked beneath it – letting it spray its hot jets over her naked form. Her eyes closed, she let her face go right under and felt the warm sting of the shower spray. It was actually invigorating and refreshing. Bringing her face down, she reached for a bar of soap and started to lather her body over, all the while sneaking peeks at Adam’s wet physique. She wasn’t game to say anything, but he would be able to know what she was thinking from the mind link. Rain definitely found him attractive. <3>

IceTea: He heard her step into the shower as it was big enough for both of them to be in there. Turning his head slightly he watched as she came in under the water, the water dripping down her naked form; it was weird that this is the closest they have been near each other without one of them threatening to kill the other, but it hardly bothered him. He preferred shower gel as he rubbed the foamy gel substance all over his body, scrubbing it in good to wash away any blood and dirt he may have on his form. Slowly the water rinsed off his body as he turned to face her, he looked her up and down a few times as he watched her shower. He wasn’t one for being subtle nor did he hide it, he was more to the point and blunt as he didn’t worry about being caught looking at her he simply smiled and started to rinse off his hair. “ Find what you’re looking for? “ he chuckled as he let his fingers run through his hair he watched as she grabbed the soap and started to rub her body down “ Just watch what you’re grabbing “ he said in a cheeky manor as he raised his head up to the ceiling and closed his eyes allowing the showers water to run down his face and body once more.

CharlotteCarrendar:- Rain was busy washing herself down with the soap, when she looked up only to find Adam was now facing her. With water streaming down his head and face, then his torso her eyes kept going lower before snapping back up when he asked her if she had found what she was looking for. Oh, the meaning behind that could be taken two ways. Course, he had to add to it. “ Just watch what you’re grabbing “ This brought something of a nervous laugh from Rain, who set the soap back up on the soap dish and said in a saucy way. ”You’ll be the first to know if I do.” The tension between them – well, for Rain was building. Getting as hot as the very water she was bathing in. She knew the night before had been about a battle of wills – about dominance. This feeling however had nothing to do with being dominant or being right. She was seeing Adam completely differently, and she was yet to fully accept it. Rain rinsed her hair and the applied shampoo and started to rub it into her scalp, her arms raised over her head – her exposed breasts now awash with soapy water and bubbles. It was hard to not look at Adam, especially like this. <3>

IceTea: He smirked at her answer and chuckled as he leaned against the shower wall, folding his arms in he continued to watch her shower as he arched a brow whilst looking at her breasts, they bounced about as she moved her arms up and down scrubbing shampoo into her hair. She was still standoffish towards him, he had accepted what she thought he was, equipment and it didn’t bother him now as accepting it seemed to make life easier for both of them. With accepting it there was also a mutual respect almost, he chuckled and slapped her bare ass playfully [b} “You do that “ [/b] he replied as he grabbed the sudsy bottle of shampoo and started to pour it on top of his head, dropping the bottle he applied his fingers and ran them through his hair, soaking in the shampoo. He watched her from behind, just wondering how comfortable she was around him, she showed last night she had no issue using him as her sex toy, and he honestly had no issue, sex was sex in the end of it. But just how comfortable was she, as she thought of him as equipment she obviously wasn’t shy around him. He came in behind her standing close as he waited for her arms to drop down, a smirk on his face just to test her, “ grabbed everything you need? “ he waited for her response.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Rain felt him fall in behind her as she had just lathered up her hair. A playful smack to her backside had her jump slightly, and she felt around for the wall and where to stand to get under the water spray to rinse the shampoo not only from her hair but from her eyes. Blinking the water away, she swept her wet hair back with her hand only to hear him ask if she had grabbed everything she needed. Was he testing her? She had already shown that she was no longer shy around him, and had gone as far to use him for her own gratification. She had yet to take down the conditioner bottle and pour some in her hand to use on her hair. So she answered him, honestly. ”Not yet…why? Do you think I should?” Now she turned to face him, and you could see already by the rise and fall of her chest, that she was getting aroused by this game they were playing. She started to wonder. Was she still a dead root to him? She stopped talking, looking up at him as the water sprayed the back of her head and back. <3>


IceTea: He heard her padding around the shower as she turned around to face him, he looked down for a moment as she asked if she should he chuckled and shrugged “you know where everything is, grab what you need to use in your shower, sponge is here somewhere I believe” oh he was playing a game with her, his twists of words would have her thinking that’s for sure, but he wanted to see if her once off last night was a one night thing or if she had full intentions on utilizing him anytime she pleased for whatever she pleased, this is where he got curious and wanted to see if she would step up to her words. Rinsing off the shampoo out of his hair, his fingers dragged through his hair as he smiled; raising his face up once more into the spray of the water. The shower room was fully covered with steam as it was hard to see in here now, even being this close it was getting hard to make out what was where.

CharlotteCarrendar:- The rising steam was making it hard for either to see. The glass was fogging up and the water temperature was rising, or was that simply Rain. Adam was now teasing her, that was for sure. Tempting with such things as there was many things easily in reach…all she had to do was grab them and…use them. Was this cruel in a way? Perhaps. Rain’s eyes darted for the sponge, then the conditioner bottle. But she then felt herself looking back at him. He was smiling at her, the water having rinsed his hair clean. Last night, something changed between them. She couldn’t take back how she felt, though it had not been expressed verbally. She opened her mouth to say something, and then let everything fly to the wind as she pushed him to the wall of the shower, and reached for the back of his head, to pull his face down to hers so she could actually kiss him. It would be shocking to say the least. Her pent up desires spilling over like a flood. Last night wasn’t one off, and it was not about using him. This was different. He would hear the unmistakable moan leave the corner of her lips, as she kissed him hungrily – drawing their bodies together. <3>

IceTe3a: -He watched her as she looked from the sponge to him, suddenly he found himself pushed against the wall as his back pressed up against the cold tiles she brought his head down and forced a kiss on to him. He smirked against her lips and then returned her kiss with one of passion, his fingers press into her back gently as they run down her soft skin and find their place on each ass cheek, pushing her in closer to him as he pulled back with a smirk. “Got everything you need now, to shower with? Are you planning to use me as your sponge? “ he smirked as their bodies rubbed up against each other, the change between the two was immediate and completely opposite to what they started out as, they were basically enemies towards each other. But these days he was completely hers, claimed by her in all ways. He could see the upside to being her equipment; it could be fun to say the least. It was still early morning, so they had ample time to mess about before the day had to start, but it was a day for relaxing that was what he had said last night to them both.

CharlotteCarrendar: – The pair had definitely done a 180 when it came to how they were with each other. From practically trying to kill the other; to now sharing affections in the shower of his underground bunker. The heat of the water had nothing on what this pair could reach, as Rain let go her inhibitions and went wild with her ministrations. ”I need more than a sponge.” she said breathlessly, as she leapt upon him and then rode him till he would be pushing her back onto the shower. His response fuelled her own desires, as he returned her kisses with the same level of passion that she gave out. Soon her wild cries would fill the room and she would scream his name for the very first time. Rain would clutch him tight as she felt her body tense from the intense sensations he brought her. <3>

IceTea: She suddenly jumped up on top of him, he caught her as her legs wrapped around his waist, his arms supporting her up as she rode him. She started moaning in response to him, she even cried out his name as he leaned in and kisses her neck his lips rubbing up against her soft skin, they were both under the shower as he held her up. She would have to go harder than that to force him down, he could handle her movements for the moment as his body tensed on hers he smirked as he whispered in her ear. “ I Enjoyed last night, I can see the bonus of being your sex toy” he then leaned in and nipped her earlobe as he felt her body pushing against his.

CharlotteCarrendar:- To hear Adam say that he enjoyed last night was a reward in itself. He cheekily told her that he could see the bonus in being her sex toy, and she could see this as being a very good part of their growing friendship. The way he made her feel, by his own touching – kissing and rubbing her only made her feel completely whole as a woman. The nip on the earlobe sent a shock through her and she was clearly seeing this as more than just play. Was she falling for him? It wasn’t unheard of for adversaries to suddenly find a mutual attraction. ”Just so long as you are my sex toy, then I think this is going to be enjoyable for both of us.” The water continued to spray them while she kissed his neck in a show of affection. She knew she would have to get out of the shower soon, but for now she wanted to enjoy this new found feeling for Adam. <3>

IceTea: Her smirked as she said as long as he’s only a sex toy and nothing more, he knew that she felt more or at least that’s what her body was telling him. She kissed him with affection as he smiled and ran his hand through her hair clearing up her face he kissed her back with the same gentle passion before placing her down on her feet, they had spent quite awhile in the shower. “You know where to find me when you need me “ he smirked and gave her one more look up and down before walking out of the shower and finding a pair of jeans. Putting the jeans on he didn’t care that he was wet, his body would dry itself sooner or later. He walked over to the jug of coffee and poured two mugs full, adding a little milk and some sugar he left hers on the bench and took his in hand, as he lit a smoke and took a sip of his coffee. “Eve will want to see the farmland today, you should come. he smirked at his invitation for her to join them.

CharlotteCarrendar:- Being left in the shower, Rain cleaned herself thoroughly before stepping out and grabbing a towel. Adam was already dressed in jeans (wet mind you) and making coffee while she dried herself down. The idea of seeing the farm for the first time in the daylight was actually something she wanted to do. No need to worry about the world and its dramas today at least. For once she felt excited about spending the day with Adam. Even with Eve tagging along. ”Sure, I’ll get dressed and have this coffee while you find Eve.” This was so unusual. There was no angry retorts or hollow threats being issued by the pair. They were getting on, and it felt good. Going to a closet, she managed to find a shirt and jeans, and went to put them on as she could smell the aroma of the freshly brewed coffee. Once dressed, she headed over to the counter and took up the coffee cup in her hands, cradling it as she blew on the hot liquid. <3>

IceTe3a: – He watched her get dressed as he smiled, sipping his coffee and taking a drag from his cigarette he arched a brow as she said for him to find her, he realized he had not shown her the coms in the room yet. “Coms Active – Room two Eve, get ready we are heading out to see the farm in 10 minutes, meet us at the front door to the cabin” the coms then turned off as he turned to look at her smirking, she was enjoying her coffee. He walked over to his walk in wardrobe and put on a buttoned flannel red with black strip shirt, he didn’t bother buttoning up the shirt as he reached in behind the clothing and pulled out a simple .308 rifle with a scope and a few rounds. Walking back out to where Rain was he shouldered the rifle “No need for big guns on here, it’s just for the wild animals “ he smirked and nodded for her to follow him through the door, holding the door open for her he would wait until she went through and follow her out closing it behind him.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Placing her cup in the sink and washing it out, Rain turned to see that Adam was sporting a .308 rifle with scope and was holding the door open for her as he said there was no need for big guns on the property. Smirking, Rain swaggered out the door in her country look jeans and shirt, only to see Eve standing there, still dressed in what looked to be lab gear. ”Good morning Rain…Adam.” She spoke with a friendly tone and looked pleased that they were about to go up to the farm, where Eve would get to enjoy seeing the animals that lived on the farm. Truth be told she had been up a few hours and had waited silently for the pair to be ready. Eve walked to the front door and then waited for Adam to activate it and let them out into the sunshine. <3>


IceTe3a: – He looked out as he noticed Eve was standing there, closing the door behind him as Rain walked out he smiled “Morning Eve, ready to see the animals? “ he smiled as they walked to the front door, it swung open and they climbed up the stairs to the wooden cabin on top. He walked over to the front door and swung it open as the sun’s rays beamed in, it was a beautiful day with blue skies and a gentle breeze you could hear the animals already roaming about doing their daily life. “So there’s sheep, cows, deer, birds, horses and a few dogs around here somewhere. “ he smirked as he stepped out onto the grass, walking around the side of the cabin something they wouldn’t have seen last night was the horse stables where he kept the riding gear and the horses usually spent their days around it in the shade. He walked over there leaving the two girls behind to have a look around as he placed his rifle down leaning against the wall and started to prepare three of the horses for riding, he looked on the ground and found his black cowboy hat, picking it up he didn’t bother dusting it off as he placed it on his head. After a few moments the horses were ready, leading the horses over to the girls he smirked as he watched Eve, who would have never seen a horse before “This one’s yours eve “ he chuckled as he handed over the reigns to eve, her horse was a female brown mare she was more calm than the other two young horses which is perfect for Eve who was a first time rider, handing over the reigns to Rain he nodded to her “That one’s yours, she’s a bit wild much like yourself “ he smirked at his own cheeky comment, he knew Eve would want to examine the horse and touch it for awhile so he walked over to Rain’s horse and offered a shoulder to step up onto so she could get onto the horse as he kneeled down onto the ground.

CharlotteCarrenar:- The sun streamed down and the true beauty of the farm became more apparent as Rain and Eve walked out into the light of day and could see, smell and hear the very animals that lived on the property. Rain stuffed her fingers in her pockets as she walked forwards, and kicked a small rock along – taking it all in. Eve on the other hand was simply astounded. You could see her head darting left and right. The unusual sounds of the animals left her wanting to learn as much as possible about each and every one. ”Horses?” Rain inquired, definitely finding something new to smile about. She hadn’t ridden properly since she was a kid and it was one of her favourite pastimes. Adam had left the girls momentarily as he went to get the horses and get them saddled up to ride, while Eve was running her hand over the tall grasses from one of the nearby paddocks. Seeing Adam come back wearing a black cowboy hat, Rain smirked and said.”I always knew you were the type to wear a black hat.” Like he was one of the cattle rustlers from the old western movies. Taking the reigns of the horse he had provided for her, Rain then used his Adam’s shoulder to help her mount her horse, which she did so easily. Rain looked like she was born in the saddle, as she leaned forward and patted the horse’s neck. The horse was said to be wild like her. That had to be tested, that was for sure. ”Think you can keep up with me, Adam?’ Rain teased. In the background, Eve was studying the horse. She didn’t know how to ride, let alone mount one. She just stood there, stroking its head and smiling. ”Nice horse.” Adam was going to have to help her get up on it by the looks of things. <3>

IceTea: He felt Rain step on his shoulder and up on to the horse, looking up as she had asked if he could keep up he smirked “Oh, I think the real question is how long can you last” he gave her a wink and was distracted when he heard Eve’s voice calling the horse a nice horse, he peered around Rain’s horse and saw Eve standing there patting the horse, he shook his head and chuckled lightly. “Eve… you sit on top of the horse and ride it. “ he walked over behind Eve, and wrapped his hands around her waist, with ease he picked her off the ground and swung her on top of the horse. Putting the reigns in her hands and her boots in the stirrups, coming to a stand he looked up at her “ Use the reigns to guide the horse in the direction you want to go, give it a light tap with your foot to get it to move and pull on the reigns to slow it down, simple “ he chuckled walking over to his own horse he mounted up and kicked its sides lightly as the horse moved forward, he lead them towards the middle of the property they started to pass by sheep and cattle that were grazing on the tall grass, slowly he was leading them to a fresh water river that was teeming with life, he used to go down there every now and then to fish, he even left his fishing gear down there. Looking around it was a beautiful day “So, this is my own peace of heaven, I work off the land and train downstairs. What you think? “ he chuckled lightly.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Rain actually turned slightly in her saddle, and watched how Adam had to help Eve onto her horse. It was like watching how one would place a doll on a horse. She simply had no idea how to ride, or even how to sit properly. It was all so very new to Eve and the wonderment kept shining through with her unusual green eyes. ”Tap with my foot to go and pull reigns to stop. Okay.” She took the advice like it was cooking instructions. When Adam came back past Rain to get on his own horse, Rain leaned forward and said. ”She has no clue, does she?” Truer words never having been said. Soon however they were off and the girls followed along behind Adam, Rain keeping up better than Eve, whose horse was pretty docile and slow. At one point Rain gave her horse a bit more than a tap and galloped ahead of Adam. He would be able to see her ass bouncing in the saddle as she rode past him, her hair swept back by the breeze. She pulled on the reigns and rounded back to the stream which was teeming with life. It really was such a beautiful setting. ”I can imagine living here all my life and never growing tired of it.” Rain said, as Eve came up behind her slowly on her horse.”Where are the deer, Adam?” Eve was keen to see a live deer, like the deer head in the cabin. <3>

IceTe3a: – He watched as Rain came galloping past, he smirked as he watched her ass bouncing up and down, as she rounded back to meet them at the stream he got off the horse and sat down near the stream “ Don’t worry about tying the horses up, they’ll stay close and graze “ he heard Eve ask about the Deer and he smiled as he glanced across the river“ There they are, they’ll come over soon, they’re quite curious creatures once they are used to us. he chuckled as he knew the other girls would soon join him, he placed the Rifle on the ground near him as he laid down on his back and looked up at the sky watching as birds flew past. He sighed slightly in relief as he pulled out a cigarette and started to smoke it, sure enough the Deer started to cross the river and come closer to them, He had fed the deer before on a number of occasions so they were used to human contact, he was sure they wouldn’t mind being petted by Eve. As he watched the deer’s slowly coming closer he chuckled “ See, here they are joining us “ he wondered if Rain would get excited about the deer as well, perhaps she hadn’t seen one for a while or never seen one before.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Rain alighted from her horse easily, then gave it a friendly pat so that it could wander nearby and graze, which it did. Eve…on the other hand was a little out of sorts on how to get off. First, her right foot got stuck and then she seemed to forget to hold onto the reigns a bit longer. Basically she fell from the horse, spooking it just enough to give a little kick before it ambled to join the others. Sitting up with a bit of leaf litter in her hair, Eve said. ”No harm done. I’m fine.” Which sounded rather comical when you saw the state of her. Since she was now sitting, it was perfect for the deer had been crossing the stream obviously hopeful for a feed. Rain crouched down near Adam and held her hand out as one nibbled along her open palm, only to pull its head back sharply due to there being no food there. ”Aren’t they sweet?”Rain said, drawing her knees up as she sat herself down and then rested her chin on the tops of her knees. Eve was a little more noisy, trying to pat the skittish creatures, that kept coming over then leaping away. It was pretty clear that Eve had a lot to learn on how to be and handle animals. <3>


IceTea: He watched as Rain sat down near him and started to pat one of the deer’s saying how sweet they are he smirked and looked up at her as he laid there “They can be, in the right Pasta sauce “ chuckling lightly as he glanced over at eve, who had fallen off her horse and was acting way to fast for the deer to get comfortable he sighed “Eve.. Slow your movements down, no need to rush or be nervous just.. act natural they’ll stay and let you pet them if you do” it was shaping up to be a nice day as he knew it would be drawing to a end way to soon. “I’ll cook us up something for dinner when we get back, and we can talk business over dinner. he looks at Rain and then at the deer “What you reakon invite the deer over for dinner? “ he chuckled again as he yawned slightly and started to relax more, Eve on the other hand was still moving around to fast. He glanced over at the horses who were happily grazing on the fresh grass around the stream, it was way to peaceful here. “I’ve thought about just living out here.. and never returning to civilization, just.. starting fresh ya know? “ it was a possible thing to do out this far, as no one came out here but he had promises he needed to keep and Rain wanted to find her father so he would have to wait to retire.

CharlotteCarrendar:- Adam really was a tease when he mentioned that the deer were really sweet in the right pasta sauce. Rain coughed loudly at the very idea, while in the background, Eve was up and around, trying to pat the deer. Now, Adam could see she was way too fast in her bid to get to know them, but of course in her excitement and curiosity, Eve was like a child at her first trip to the zoo. Her inquisitive programming meant that she simply could not stop chasing them as she was gathering as much information as she could. With Rain sitting down next to Adam, the background scene behind them was amusing to say the least. Rain was trying to hold a normal conversation for once, as the sound of excited squeals, feet treading through leaf litter, and the call of the deer making for quite a din. One deer did come close to Rain, and Adam asked if they should invite it for dinner…literally. Rain smirked as it got spooked away by the child like Eve in behind them. ”That is if you can contain Miss Adventurous behind us.” Coming back to what Adam was saying about wanting to just live out here and not return to civilization; had Rain have a sombre thought. Out there, somewhere was her father. She still had not given up hope of finding him. ”I’d like to just stop and let the world go on in a place like this. But…I won’t feel fulfilled till I find him.” Surely he knew what she meant by this. <3>

IceTea: He watched Eve race around chasing after the deers as she tried to catch them, she really was sheltered. He smiled as he glanced over to Rain, listening to what she had to say, he could understand where she was coming from; glancing at eve he wondered how she would react to him shooting a deer. “ Well I suppose we best find him first so I can retire in peace here, perhaps you and your father could join me” he chuckled as he came to a stand and picked up his .308 “Eve, time to go. he was going to shoot a deer but best thought not to in front of Eve as she was very emotional at times. Turning to face Rain he smiled again as he tilted his cowboy hat “Come on then “ he said smiling as he walked over and helped Eve up onto her horse “You’ll get used to the farm life Eve “ he chuckled and walked over to Rain’s horse and waited for her to come over so he could give her a hand.

CharlotteCarrendar:- The deer were scattering thanks to Eve’s constant attention. You did have to wonder just how she would react to one being shot for dinner. That was something that had even Rain concerned. ”She really is sheltered.” Of course she was. All she knew was the insides of the Zen compound and of course she learnt everything via the computers and the internet. To physically experience the great outdoors and wild animals like this was all too real. Rain came to stand and brushed off the leaf litter from her backside, as she watched Adam graciously place Eve back on her horse. Her wide eyed excitement had not yet abated. ”Already?’ Her response to Adam having said it was time to go. Clearly she was enjoying the outing immensely. Rain mounted her own horse with the help of Adam, and turned it around to head back. ”Should I lead Eve back while you….you know?’ She meant about him killing a deer and diverting Eve from that so she wouldn’t get all upset. <3>

IceTe3a: – He chuckled as Rain suggested she distract Eve whilst he killed a deer, shaking his head he smirked as he mounted his horse and rode close to her “Already got bambi in the freezer he whispered so only she could hear. Forcing the horse to walk towards their home he nodded and smiled “Yes Eve, once you get used to the outdoors you can come out as often as you want, but for now let’s get you two acquainted with your new home” with that they rode off in a gallop, he purposely rode close to Eve’s horse to force it to gallop as Eve wouldn’t know how to make her horse gallop, it didn’t take them long to get back to the cabin as he smirked and dismounted “You two go inside and downstairs I’ll put the horses away.” he waited for them to dismount before he took the horses and led them around to their open stables. Taking off the riding gear from the horses he hosed them down with cooling water and pulled out a big stack of fresh hay for them to chew on. “Good girls “ he smiled as he casually jogged over to the cabin and downstairs to meet the girls

CharlotteCarrendar: – Riding back at a speed that Eve had not done before made her look and sound funny as Adam kept abreast of her on the ride back. Rain held back a certain distance, knowing it was not good to ride too close in behind. She had had the most wonderful day out on the farm, and really wanted to see more, but Adam wanted them all better acquainted in the house. Besides, as he had whispered that he had Bambi in the freezer, there was no need for him to kill one of the wild deer that Eve had been chasing around. Pulling up hard as she rode in towards the house, Rain dismounted and handed Adam her horses reigns, as she waited for Eve to be helped off her horse. Given the go ahead to go inside, Rain had to practically take Eve’s arm and lead her in, since she was starting to get excited about the chickens.”You can chase those tomorrow, Eve.” Rain said with a chuckle, as Eve pouted, but then did as she was told and went inside with Rain. Back down in the bunker, Rain went to get a drink of fresh water from the kitchen, while Eve went back to exploring the large lab. Taking a sip of water from a glass, she then noticed Eve watching Rain. Rain looked about herself, wondering if she had mud on her or something on her face. ”What?’ Rain asked of Eve. Eve feigned innocence and then said. ”You love him, don’t you?” <3>

IceTe3a: – With the horses all packed up he walked into the cabin and shut the door behind him, they won’t be going out for the rest of the day not at this moment anyway. Walking down the stairs he wondered where they had gotten off to, where they out exploring the bunker? He walked over towards the armory trying to find them as he listened for their voices. Finally reaching the armory he looked around, nowhere in sight. He wasn’t about to go on a wild goose chase so instead he flicked his sight to Thermal imagery and surely enough he picked out their location, over in the labs of course he should have guessed. Walking casually over towards the labs it took him a while but he finally made it, walking in he glanced at the two of them “So eve, like the labs? he smiled and looked around with a nod on his face, he had no clue what half the shit in here did, they just looked… labby that was his word for it basically if it looked like it should be in a science lab he put it in here. “So what were you two on about whilst I was away” stretching his arms a bit he knew he would need maintenance and to update his software soon, but he wasn’t about to tell the girls this, both Rain and Eve could do the job and the last thing he wanted to get into was those two working on him that just be weird and he knew if they found out he needed it that they wouldn’t take no for an answer, so he decided to stop stretching and lean against a counter, glancing over at Rain he forgot she could read his thoughts and was rather hoping she didn’t hear what he was just thinking and he slowly started to back up a little bit while rubbing the back of his head.

CharlotteCarrendar:- It was the most unusual thing when Adam entered the lab area, and Eve had just asked Rain the 64 thousand dollar question – if she loved Adam. Rain’s cheeks blushed so fierce, and she actually had to turn away and place down the glass on the table, when confronted by Adam. Eve, was more than happy to explain how she loved the lab, and that it had everything she needed to work on. Including Adam himself. Now, Rain could mind link Adam easily, and as soon as she twigged that he needed to do maintenance and update his soft ware, her instincts told her to do it. She wanted to do it. Rain felt this need to, but then Eve looked at Rain again and said. ”Well, do you?” Course this was back at her earlier question. Rain, was afraid to admit it. She immediately got on the defensive. ”We were just discussing…uhm…” Eve then looked at Adam and smiled. ”She’s shy.” No kidding. To deflect the situation, Rain blurted out loud. ”Adam needs maintenance, Eve. Care to…help him out.” She hated asking, but under the circumstances she felt it was better this way, than openly admit her feelings. Eve beamed at being asked. ”Sure. Adam? May I?” <3>

IceTe3a: He arched a brow as he watched the pair, they were discussing something earlier and Eve just asked if she did, did what exactly? “Well does she what? he looked at Rain and then Eve ,confused slightly he had stopped backing off. Suddenly Rain blurted out that he needed maintenance and software updates he turned to her slowly as his jaw dropped slightly “You snitch! he said in a playful manner but then Eve just asked if she could and she looked happy he scratched the back of his head and grunted slightly “No no, I prefer to do my own maintenance anyway, I can handle it. Thank you though Eve. he glanced over at Rain giving her a look as he sighed at hoping he just escaped that one, he knew fully well his self maintenance skills were poor at best as he wasn’t to good with software updates or maintaining high tech equipment, he was designed to kill after all. Hoping that would be the end of it as Eve wouldn’t be the type to force something on him, and Rain looked like she didn’t want to do it anyway he seemed to be in the clear. “So.. shall we continue looking at the place? he was hoping to distract them or at the very least change the subject.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Adam playfully called Rain a snitch. Sure, she was too, but she had done it out of fear that her true feelings would be exposed. She tried hard to bury them deep, but it was now getting harder too. Eve didn’t have the same ability to mind link like Rain did, so she had no idea what was really going on between the pair. She accepted Adam’s decline for help with his updating and maintenance, though Rain knew better. Quietly she sent her own message to Adam as she fell in behind them while they toured the Lab with an animated Eve. ~I will help you later with the updates~ She stole a glance at Adam and then pretended to be interested in one of the computers as Eve continued to lead Adam through. Later on, when they were alone it was pretty clear that they were probably going to talk. Was he ready to hear the truth? <3>

IceTea: He walked around the lab as they looked at all the equipment with a smile, he heard her in his mind stating she was going to help him later. ~ No thanks, that was a rejection to both of you. I’m still funny about other people doing maintenance and updating my software~ and it was true he felt weird about it even if it did make his systems work a lot better, the only way he would get on that operating table in front of those two is if it was forced, he smirked slightly as he knew Rain may try that. Coming to a big screen with computers and tvs around it in the lab he knew exactly what that was for. “ Here is your Com’s station if ever we’re out on the field you can reach us through this, help us out with intel and scouting and so forth, step up Eve you’re a part of a team now “ he smirked as he knew she would enjoy being the teams medic and lead scientist, she was defiantly a valuable member of the team that was for sure. He could feel his arms getting stiff whilst moving he needed to ditch them two so he could do his own maintenance/ “Soo you two can do what you please, I’m just going to go do something for awhile catch up later yeah? “ even though everything that would be needed to make him run like the day he was built was in this lab he didn’t need any of it to do a bodgey maintenance job on himself, as he turned on his feet slowly and casually he started to head for the door.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Now, regardless of the fact that Adam had just declined both women to help him with maintenance, seeing him acting slow and then trying to make something of an escape after showcasing the lab’s comms started off something of a competition between Rain and Eve. He just rejected Rain mentally, and Eve frowned as she watched Adam move to the door. ”You need help, Adam. Let me help you.” At this, suddenly Rain sprang forward. ”No..no, its okay, I got this.” Eve then raised her voice. ”You said I could help him.” Rain immediately replied. ”Yes…but that was just so you would shut up.” Oh ,now the cat was coming out of the bag, and Eve started for Adam. She crossed the floor staring at Rain. ”Should I just tell him?” This brought an angered growl from Rain…like Eve was suddenly on her turf.”You wouldn’t!” Then Rain ran for Adam and tried to block his path at the door. ”Please let me update you.” Eve then said what Rain had feared. ”She is in love with you Adam.” <3>

IceTea: Than it all started, first Eve asked again and then Rain insisted and it went on like this for awhile then the two started at each other. He was almost at the door when Rain blocked it off, he glanced at the two and sighed as he shook his head. Eve than stated Rain was in love with him and he chuckled slightly as he turned to Eve “Her? In love with me? You can’t love something that’s not human “ he had just quoted something Rain had said awhile back chuckling again slightly as he didn’t know what to do with these two girls bickering “ Now as for you two.. Neither of you is helping me. I’ll do it myself, I’m quite capable. That’s enough about that from the both of you, you two stay here and learn to work together no more fighting between you two, got it? “ he sighed slightly as he rubbed the bridge of his nose, hoping they would start to learn to work together instead of this fighting, when did they start fighting? He couldn’t remember but hopefully it would stop soon, turning to face Rain he arched a brow and nodded his head to the side “Move “ it was a request more than anything.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Rain knew he was making a request, but already her feelings were hurt that Eve had blurted out the obvious. Reminding her that he was a machine, but she had started to see so much more than that now. Adam wanted them to leave him be and let him fix himself, but she knew that she could do a far better job at it. ”Move” He said the simple word and for a moment she was caught between doing what he asked, and doing what she wanted to do. She had had such a wonderful day with him, and now she was staring at the reality that they might lose that special moment they had. Eve went quiet in behind them. Adam had made the call and Eve did as she was told, but Rain was another matter entirely. Normally, Rain would just take control. She had no qualms with it before. But now she hesitated. Finally she brought her hand up close to the pressure plates on the side of his head and in a whisper she asked. ”Please?” This was the first time she ever asked. Would he push her hand away? <3>


IceTe3a: – He stood there waiting as she continued to block the way, he looked down at her waiting. She was looking up at him with a slightly worried face, the fact she hadn’t forced herself on him yet was surprising to him. Usually she would just press his pads and do what was necessary, her hands slipped on either side of him and he was waiting for her to press the pads but her fingertips just hovered there. She simply stated “Please” as it was another request to allow her to help, but her fingertips were just near his pads ready to take control over him at any given notice with a sigh he shrugged. “I don’t have a choice in the matter anyway “ with that he turned around and walked over to the operating table taking his shirt off he placed it on the table nearby. Sitting on the operating table he slid his legs up and laid there on his back in silence as he waited for them to start doing maintenance and updating his software.