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Maxwell is about to meet some of the friendly staff at SSA, but is he really ready too?  Welcome to Lipstick Lies!


Writers : LadyBelz and CharlotteCarrendar


Re: (RP) Seattle Substance Abuse & Treatment Facility
June 21, 2014 09:43PM
Shower Hallway

Ernie checked his watch and determined that he’d given Max more then enough time to clean himself up. He finished making notes in Max’s file before getting to his feet and tucking the folder beneath his arm. He went to the door and unlocked it, seeing Max sitting on the little bench inside the room.

“Well, you’re looking much better. How about some breakfast? I’ll give you a tour of the place so you can get your bearings, then I’ll take you up to your room.” He waved Max out of the shower and started down the hall.

“This facility is one of the best in the country, so you’re in good hands here. Each resident has their own room, you have a radio and a tv so you won’t be bored much. Or if you want to hang out with the other residents, we have a state-of-the-art recreation room with big screen TV, video games, pool tables, and ping pong. We also have a combination gym/pool area if you want to exercise.”

Ernie led him past each area he was describing and Max would be able to see a few of the residents in the rec room, watching one of the early morning talk shows that were on.

“The dining room is at the end of this hall. Breakfast is from 6 to 9, Lunch is from Noon until 3 and Dinner is from 5 to 8. You’ll find the weekly menu in your room so you can make your selections from that. We have someone who comes around to collect them so the kitchen staff knows what to make for each resident.”

Ernie went into the dining room and up to the serving line.

“Morning, Yasmine!” Ernie greeted the woman who was watching the food levels. She looked up at him and grinned.

“Hey Ernie! Lookin mighty fine this morning!”

“Only for you, sugar.” Ernie grinned, leaning against the counter.

“Who’s that with ya? Never seen him round here before?”


“This is Max. He’s going to be staying with us for a little while. Max, this is Yasmine. She’s in charge of the kitchens.”

“Nice to meet you, Max. What can I get ya for breakfast this morning? You look like you could use a good meal.” Yasmine smiled warmly.

Re: (RP) Seattle Substance Abuse & Treatment Facility
June 21, 2014 10:25PM
Dining hall

Ernie may well have been pleased to see that Maxwell had scrubbed up a lot better than when he had arrived, but the patient – he was still damaged goods. Feeling the affects of not having had anything to drink, the stark reality of being sober was actually making his paranoia worse.

Shuffling along beside the mountain of a man, that was showing him the various places for recreation and where patients were able to go, Maxwell was wearing a very dour expression. This was not like a health spa. He had been to those. No this was a veiled institution. People who came here were suffering from their addictions in the same way a mental patient deals with his afflictions.

Everything for the patients was state of the art, and why wouldn’t it be? They were housing some of the city’s most influential people, who had all fallen from grace. Some were addicted to sex, others drugs…then of course there were those like himself – alcoholics. The road to recovery was going to be a very long and painful journey, but the worst part for Maxwell was, he was yet to understand he had a problem. In fact, he believed that this was all some mean plot by his sister who had designs on his gallery.

Walking past the various rooms, he finally came upon the dining hall. A large expansive room, with your typical canteen style arrangement to serve the patrons at the various allocated times. There was already a line up for breakfast, and other patients were already chatty, though some who like Maxwell were new, were desperately trying to conceal their identities.

Ernie introduced Maxwell to the lady in charge of getting the patient’s their meals. A sweet looking woman, but also one that would not stand for no bullshit. She had that way about her. Sassy almost and her friendly nature with Ernie showed she was a people person. But…Maxwell was not exactly in a social frame of mind. He was more…”vote me off the island”. Yasmine was very polite when she asked what he would like for breakfast.

“Scotch and wheeties please. Oh…and a cake for later with a large file in it so I can break out of this nut house.”