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White Wolf

Part One

”The Witcher and the Elf”



IceTe3a: In the realm of Baldradas things were a bit different, magic was alive and known throughout the lands, and mythical creatures good and bad roamed freely. None wilder than those creatures of the night, well known for their troublesome ways and vicious attacks, people learned to either deal with them or stay away from them. The Witchers guild a very secretive and selective group of highly trained warriors in the arts of magic and slaying beasts of all shapes and sizes is well known throughout the lands their reputation in dealing with these foul creatures grants the Witchers a sort of truce with the mundane of this world, for even though they are exclusive the Witchers are shunned, disliked and hated for being abnormal.. for their inhuman strength and speed.. and mostly for the way they look, it was easy to know a Witcher from their eyes, been a different color and style they stood out, the more powerful Witchers had pure white hair and were simply known as ‘Albino’s’ as their training and treatments were more effective on their bodies. None more well known throughout the farthest points of Baldradas, than the one simply known as The White Wolf. A thick layer of fog slowly dancing its way through the air as it covered the entire place, slowly it swirled and danced in the gentle breeze. Only allowing weary travelers to see 3 meters in front of them even with a lit fire torch, coldness to this dark and decimal terrain evil creatures roamed freely causing havoc, only the bravest or those who were lost in mind would travel this far in the middle of a dark forest. A lonesome tavern and inn called this place home, it was built out of the woods of this forest as it sat dead centre in the dark woods, the local inn keeper lived here his two sons roamed the outside of the in torch in hand with sword in other, sticking close to the inn as they patrolled their home making sure those who call themselves friend entered safely and those who called themselves foe.. were defeated or turned to another direction. Some wandering merchants had no choice but to brave this deathly place in order to get through to the other cities to make sales in time, warriors, bounty hunters, thieves and all sorts of brave men and women would frequent this place along their travels as a resting spot to boast with one and another whilst having a restful drink and a well earned sleep. If you were looking for the bravest of people this would be a good starting point as the tavern had a reputation of its own for housing such people. In the tavern few people were here, save the inn keeper and his two sons. A small team of adventurers, a bounty hunter a rather battleworn female warrior were all sitting close to the crackling fireplace while they enjoyed boasting, music and food. Than.. there was him, the white wolf as he was known.. few knew him as Xobatch, sitting on a table set aside from all other tables, it was his personal table that the Inn keeper kept free for him. It sat in the darkness of the Inn’s shadows, it was hard to make out the outline of his form. His arms resting on the table as he leaned forward, his right hand gently wrapped around a large mug of ale, his long white hair flowed down to his shoulders and half covered his face as he wrapped part of it in a short pony tail at the back, his glowing white eyes and dragon like slits (Hues) covered by his closed eye lids. His two famous swords, the silver sword and steel sword lay rested against his back keeping in place by their sheaths strapped to his back, his personal Witcher medallion was special, it showed when a beast was near it gave the wearer the senses to feel them when they were close, Ironically his was shaped that of a Dire Wolfs head, it lay hanging from his neck. A scar from a previous battle lay above his left eyebrow travelling downwards.. down under his left eye stopping just on his cheek, his eyes perfectly fine but the skin was scarred. He was listening to the chatter in the room.. the boasting of the men and women who came to call this inn home for the night, places like these either held flawed stories and lies or a treasure trove of information, it was pure chance as to which one it was. Slowly the Inn keeper came walking over towards him, disappearing in the shadows of the Inn as he stood near Xobatch. “Rough night … white wolf? These are on the house.. it makes my sons and I feel safer knowing you’re here… sorry for disturbing you placing down a hand crafted smoking pipe and a leather tobacco pouch full of sweet tobacco lastly another mug of fresh ale, the footsteps of the inn keep walking back to his post at the bar echoed in his ears, slowly his eyelids opened as he looked over to the innkeeper who was casually glancing at him suddenly nodded once to say hanks. Picking up the pipe he examined the beautiful craftsmanship, stuffing it with tobacco he lit the pipe and proceeded to smoke it as he sat back in the darkness of his chair, those who knew (( C)

IceTe3a: he was there.. knew where he was sitting but could not see him therefore could not confirm he was actually there… no one would go check though, those who never knew he was there would not see him thus never registering his presence. The rustling of flesh on flesh drew his attention for but a moment, as his hues glance casually above him in the darkness, for others it would be impossible to see but for the likes of the white wolf.. it be almost like day time, perched as it hung upside down a Noxternat was up high in the corner of the roof.. a Noxternat was a bat like creature typically they were in packs of eight to fifteen called hunting packs, each pack was territorial of its hunting grounds. An alpha for each pack would lead its pack around the world in search for rich hunting grounds to live on. Noxternat had razor sharp teeth as two teeth protruded out from their upper jawline downwards past their bottom jawline, large ears to hear along with large eyes to see in the dark, their teeth were sharp but their three talons on each wing where sharper acting like fingers to grip and cut things, this was only a baby though a new born only a few months old yet he was at least a foot and half tall, they grew big a wingspan of two meters more than a challenge for a mundane as they were easy prey to the Noxternat it would be awhile before this Noxternat went into a pack of its own, whilst they were young and growing they were solo hunters until they became young adults that’s when they became dangerous and flocked together. Looking back down to his Ale he picked up his mug and took a swig, setting it back down on the table gently as he closed his eyes once more. (E)

CharlotteCarrendar: – Months had gone by since Saerus Highbrook had left the lands of Silvermoon in search of adventure and of course bigger game. His thirst or hunger for demons had taken him well beyond his homeland, and after all this time, his beloved; Cali had grown weary from waiting. Not even the most knowledgeable of her kin knew of his fate. It was like he had vanished off the face of the earth. Days had turned to weeks, weeks now turned into months. The fair haired Paladin spent many a night atop a cliff face that looked down upon the vast lands which she knew oh so well. But every night she turned in alone. While Cali had her own aspirations to gain a place in amongst the Blood Knights, she knew she could not go on alone without Saerus. He had pledged his love to her before he undertook this journey; he promised he would return. But now, she was starting to believe that a force unnatural was keeping him from returning to her. After much arguments from her parents; Saarrin and Tyelewea Azuregazer, Cali’s mind was made up. The young Blood Elf had decided to cross over into the other world, and seek out Saerus, and bring him home. Armed with her Blood-Tempered Ranseur, and grim determination, Cali set off for the ancient portal. A building housed deep within the enclave. It was not something that was used often, as many preferred to stay within their own world. Saerus was different. No one could ever tell him what to do. He was a man of his own mind. <c>
A sense of adventure that often got him into trouble, and it seemed that Cali was about to join him. Dressed in her crimson robes, thigh high boots, gold trimmed body suit in matching crimson and with spiked shoulder guards; she ventured into the dark wood. Many creatures ceased to sing or make noise, for it was well known of the Blood elves thirst for energy. Her boots crunched through the leaf litter, as she followed a well worn trail that led to a large stone wall. Carved with numerous symbols and gargoyles, to ward off the weak minded. Cali could feel the pull, as she approached what looked to be a large doorway carved into the very stone. The symbol of the serpent adorned the sides and across the top. The naga. An ally of the Blood Elves. Cali’s face held no emotion as she approached the swirling green vortex. With only a small rune that had the power to bring her and her beloved home, she knew this may well be the last time she saw her homeland. But what was home without Saerus? Clutching the rune within her fingers, she drew it deep into her palm and then took the steps into the swirling liquid like wall. She slowly became swallowed up and then within a blink she vanished from view. The forest burst into song the moment she had gone. Like life had returned and danger had passed. Indeed it had. What would await those on the other side of the gate? <c>

On the other side, lay a dark forest. One that had trees that were over twenty feet in diameter and reached up into the sky till they pushed through the very clouds. It was an ancient forest, and its creatures were plentiful, and their sounds were a chorus which at first surprised the young female blood elf. With her Blood tempered Ranseur upon her back, Cali started to make her way through the wooded terrain. Her dark green eyes piercing through the undergrowth. This world would be ripe for food sources no doubt. It was little wonder that Saerus was so keen on exploring it, and all the big game. To see the long eared Blood elf at first glance, you would find her beauty to be unusual at best. She was slim built yet muscular. Over six foot tall, and with long flowing fair hair that was either swept into a ponytail, or draped in a long plait that often went to the very base of her spine. She walked with a fluent movement that suggested she had both poise and a certain elegance about her. These traits meant that she was incredibly agile and quick off the mark when hunting her prize. But for now she focused on one thing; finding Saerus. <3>

IceTe3a: The silence of the night in these woods was enough to give the bravest man the chills, for one would rather be able to hear everything around him, it was when the woods were silent that the predators were out hunting, this was a sure sign for everyone to be on their toes whilst travelling through these woods. “What’s that glow in the distance brother? tom said to his eldest brother Jake, as he glanced over to him. Watching as Jake slowly moved forward, they both left their torches behind as to not give away their positions. Jake raised his hand to his lips signalling for his smaller brother tom to be silent whilst they snuck up on this glowing light, they weren’t the best at keeping quiet but their father taught them what he could as they snuck up closer and closer, the light disappeared as Jake sighed, as he crept closer to where the light was last emitting. Slowly the two brothers walked forward, a shape was forming in the distance, as Jake came to a crouch so did his brother; slowly they came closer until they could make out the tall elf like creature.. this wasn’t good news, elves were not the friendliest at the best of times and this one looked like a warrior. Jake looked at his brother and signalled for them to go back a bit, slowly they started to walk back *Crack* tom crushed a stick as Jakes eyes widened “ RUN TOM! “ The two boys running back to towards the inn as fast as their legs would carry them, they busted through the door panting harshly as their father stares at them with a worried look “Father…! Elves!! : Sitting at his table in the darkness, he smoked his brand new pipe as his ears twitched, something was going on outside he could feel it. Placing the pipe down he leaned back in his chair and blew out the last of the smoke as he waited, the inn’s occupants un aware of the dangers that lurked just outside that door, suddenly the door crashes open with a large thud as the innkeepers two sons come in breathing heavily “Elves!” that’s all Xobatch bothered to hear, as he watched the warriors, thieves and bounty hunter stand up looking at each other. Everyone knew elves were bad news, he could feel the Innkeepers eyes glancing over at him expecting him to do something, but this creature was not posing a threat as of yet as he sat in his chair waiting to see what would happen.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Cali raised her chin and then inhaled deeply. The forest was rich – alive with magics. Had she fallen upon a blessed site that was ruled by those of high standing? Creatures abound, and their life forces all gave off distinct auras that illuminated their silhouettes. A cruel smile played across Cali’s lips. She had been within this land but a few short minutes, and already she was feeling the potency that awaited her touch. Ever aware of her surrounds, she had picked up on the two younglings that had ventured far from their abode. Setting down the tip of her Ranseur into the dirt, she lowered her head slightly. Ears twitching as she listened with an acute awareness. Their voices did travel through the forest and reached her. Her green eyes shone through their fine slits as she continued to listen. Were they children? The pitch and tone suggested such. Then, like a shot with a loud shout, the two were off. Running through the woods as though the devil himself was on their tails. Cali let out something of a bemused chuckle, as she simply followed them. She didn’t need to run. They were not on the menu as it were, but could well lead her to some sort of dwelling. A civilized village perhaps. Tucking her rune deep inside her cloak, she walked at a reasonable pace. The Ranseur swinging as she twirled it almost lazily. Up ahead, the signs of what would be an Inn, crafted from the very woods in which it stood. The door slammed after the boys had run inside. By the looks of the various steeds that were tied up near a water trough, and the smoke that poured out of the chimney stack; there was someone home. Never one to be shy, she strode right up to the weathered door, and simply pushed it open. Inside, many had gathered – all were standing. Warriors, thieves, bounty hunters. She was in good company, unless of course one wanted to challenge her for her purse. A roving eye cast to what would be the Inn keeper, and she said simply “”Ale” ar’ “a” salpua en’ “stew,” “innkeeper.” (Ale and a bowl of stew, innkeeper). Cali then made her way to a table in the back, her crimson cloak flowing behind her, till she took a seat and waited to be served. <3>

IceTe3a: He heard it before it showed itself, a female figure came through the doors, some sort of elf as they young boys had previously stated, he glanced her over once and closed his eyes. Not an elf he had seen before and he had seen many in his travels, his energy and raw magic flowing through his body his powerful presence would sure be felt by this creature as he heard the quiet whispers of the others. “”Ale” ar’ “a” salpua en’ “stew,” “innkeeper.” She obviously knew some English but spoke in her own tongue, this proved to serve that she was not from these lands possibly from half way around the world there was no way to tell really. His eyelids opened as he watched the Innkeeper standing there looking confused. The innkeeper walked over to the elfs table placing down a bowl of stew and ale obviously hoping that’s what she wanted. His head turned to look in the direction of the white wolf hoping for some sort of help, but none was given, as the innkeeper quickly walked back behind the bar he ushered the others to sit down, and they did the room fell silent as they were sitting there watching and waiting to see what the elf was going to do, sideways glances towards him were given as whispers came soon after. Obviously they wondered why he had not shown himself yet, he wasn’t hiding all knew he was here and his raw power was most likely felt by this elf anyway. His abnormal eyes glance over to this female elf, she was beautiful to look at but obviously battle trained, making her dangerous; this could prove to be interesting, suddenly howls of dire wolves echo through the forest and into the Inn, one of the boys quickly shut the door. As fists start slamming in rythem on the table “White wolf! White wolf! White wolf!” they thought this a sign to the legendary white wolf.. Xobatch the witcher, how pathetic mundane were..

CharlotteCarrendar:- The whispers grew all around her. Those that were not like the common rabble were viewed with indifference and fear. The Innkeeper tried his best to keep it under control, but alas, what was a simple man to do with a room filled with drunken warriors and men for hire. They all wanted entertainment no doubt and a strange yet attractive female warrior would no doubt provide that. Little did any of them realize, she was already casing the room for those that were ripe with magical energy and power. None so great as the scarred and white haired man that sat by himself in the other corner of the room. He was literally brimming with a radiance of strength and power that would no doubt sate the Blood elf for a few moons. But the young Elf warrior had put in her order with the Innkeeper. Surely he would not deny her request. She had not brought troubles so to speak, but the loud fist strikes on many tables seemed to demand some sort of contest. White wolf! White wolf! White wolf!” Unafraid, the Blood elf rose from her seat – her crimson robes flowed onto the floor boards behind her. She picked up her Ranseur, and twirled it. The glow of the fire crystal illuminating the room as she captivated all with its arcane magic. Which of you, is White Wolf?” She already knew the answer to this question, but thought it would make for a better show. <3>

IceTe3a: He watched as the men of the room slammed and chanted his earned name, the wolves howled for a moment longer before suddenly stopping as he sighed. They wanted him to do something about the elf, but he wasn’t getting paid nor was he hired to do anything about her, so he saw no reason to get up and waste his time, she was merely an elf anyway. But it was already too late, watching as she came to a stand she demanded to know who was the white wolf. The men laughed “He is a beast.. a vicious legendary animal! The gods fear him!! one warrior said as he smirked beating his chest as they agreed with him, a female warrior stood “I hear he’s untamable, though many have tried he grunted at that remark the female made, shaking his head he came to a stand as his chair cluttered against the floor, the room fell silent as he walked out of the darkness and stood a tall 6’9. He looked around the room as the men and female warrior were all in awe in finally laying eyes on him, finally he glanced over at the elf his eyes showing that of a man who had been through hell and back… no fear. “I am” he simply stated as he looked her up and down one last time, taking note of her weapon of choice a polearm, he didn’t bother to reach for his weapon. His long white hair flowed freely down onto his shoulders where it stopped, he could hear the others whispering but didn’t bother to listen in, it was no doubt about him or the elf, as he knew the inn keeper would prefer no harm come to his sons or himself but they all knew of why the white wolf was called the white wolf. Was she really looking for a fight? He wasn’t able to tell, but then again she wasn’t a normal elf not one from this region anyway, what did she want exactly?

CharlotteCarrendar: The shrill whistling sound of her Ranseur ceased as she brought it down in one strike. The floor boards resonating the power of the polearm. It’s firelight flickering majestically, and this would send an eerie hush throughout the room. Previous to this, the patrons had been raucous in their attempts to get a fight started. Making claims that White Wolf was untameable, a beast and feared by the Gods. What common rabble they were to even suggest that Gods would fear the likes that frequented the inn. He was of course, quite an impressive sight when he lumbered forth from the shadows of the Inn. Much taller than she, he towered over her and in a simple two word statement made it clear that he was their champion. The young blood elf had not entered the Inn looking for a fight. She was on a mission to find her beloved in this strange land. Cali sneered as the patrons made cat calls and tried to once again bring about a fight between the stranger and the infamous White Wolf. Glancing across at the white haired man, she said simply. ”I am no God, nor am I afraid, White Wolf.” This would bring a loud Ooo sound from the patrons. They hungered for blood sports it seemed, were there was none among them that was ready to join this match. From her left hand a shimmering ball formed, one that was slowly building in size. Those that sought to harm the Blood Elf, would pay a very dear price. <3>


IceTe3a: The sound of her weapon hitting the floorboards of the inn echoed throughout its walls rendering everyone in a hushed silence as they stared at the elf. He did not flinch nor did he show any emotion through his face, hardly impressed would be the perfect choice of words right now. ”I am no God, nor am I afraid, White Wolf.” he simply smirks, shifting his weight slightly he looked her up and down as a shimmering ball of energy was slowly building in size. Interesting, she deals in energy based magic; simply raising his right hand in front of his face his index finger and middle finger pressed together and pointing towards the roof, the other three folded into his palm. This was his style of using Witcher signs – Witcher signs are spells using runic magic through the flow of the raw energy and magic of a Qitchers body, each Witcher has their own way of casting these signs. Signs are one of many styles of magic Witchers utilize while in battle, each Witcher has their own signs as there are many to learn in the world but are only taught the select few from their guild, the rest of the signs would have to be learned whilst traveling the worlds. With full intention to draw the sign – Ydren – The Yrden sign is a simple magical sign used by Witchers, it forms a magical trap on the ground that seals the enemy within the circle until the Witcher releases them – Mainly used to hold prisoners but has been used with interrogation and studies. He was not going to use the sign just yet but was prepared to use it if need be. A grunt escapes his lips slightly almost a ‘Heh’ kind of sound, as he wasn’t the talking type he was always the strong silent type of person, his deathly hues glancing into hers without a care as he waited to see what she would do next.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Many of the patrons were now backing up – getting out of their seats as the very air within the inn was charged with a great deal of power. The Blood elf had been brought to stand by their cat calls and chanting for their champion the White Wolf. She was not there to fight, however when one is addicted to the arcane and lives to feed off the life forces of the demonic and the like, she was barely one to say no to such a test. Admittedly, the Witcher was not a creature she had encountered, but it was suffice to say that he was indeed powerful. He began to make signs using his right hand, as the Blood elf’s green ball of energy was building in size and aura. A battle like this surely would be better tested out in a field, than in the midst of some ramshackle inn. The brilliant jade hue of Cali’s eyes increased so they shone brightly to all who dare gaze upon her. Would he truly dare to cast his magic upon her at the risk of having his life force sucked from his vessel? She took a step closer to him – building up her power, charging it to the fore. The very right side corner of her lip curled upwards as she felt a rising sense of dominance. ”Begin…” The gauntlet was thrown down. <3>

IceTe3a: She took step closer to him, she was getting cocky as her orb grew in size, the others had all backed off to the far wall as they watched from a distance. Little did she know he was trained to deal with beasts and magical creatures it was his life job and she was a magical creature. ”Begin…” She was looking for a fight, without further warning he drew a symbol into the air as a glowing red trail was left behind. It flashed signalling it was complete as he smirked with a huff and turned on the ball of his feet and walked back to his dark corner, if she bothered to look down she would notice a rather large incantation circle glowing on the floor. One wrong step and she would be trapped in the circle until he deemed fit, ” Pathetic ” it slipped his mouth a direct insult, it was true he only used the simplest of signs, apart from signs he had other magic under his belt but would she realize this? Disappearing into the shadows his white hair was the last thing to be seen as he took a seat at his table. The others looked confused as they sat down and the innkeeper brought them more ale, little did they know the floor of the Inn was slowly having more trap incantations appearing, it was a mine field and it was done with a simple flick of his wrist a taste of the White Wolfs powers.


CharlotteCarrendar: – The challenge was made and accepted, so with honor each makes their move. The White Wolf did this by using his hand to create magical symbols that were turning the very floor of the inn into a mine field of traps. His loosely thrown comment of “Pathetic” was heard and this was indeed intended as a slap in the face to the Blood Elf. However, looks were deceiving- for as she channelled her own magic, she raised her Ranseur from the floor. Her feet slowly lifting off as well as she began to levitate. Then in a gentle sweep of her jewel headed polearm, she waved it horizontally across the space in front of her. The very magical symbols that had he had created becoming inactive for a short time. A low level demon scoffed at this showdown, and that was when she turned on him. It was never the White wolf she wanted, oh no. Instead she cast her glowing ball of energy at him in a trice, causing the demon to lift off the ground and then suddenly be racked by incredible pain, as his aura became a blazing red light, that carried back to Cali. The Blood elf snatched it out of the air, just as his body exploded into a fire of sparks. The life force of the demonic creature was consumed; right before the eyes of the crowd as the Blood elf lowered, and she then scoffed at all at the scene and walked out the Inn door. <3>

IceTe3a: He watched as she was levitating off the floor, an impressive skill not many could do. She then went ahead and disengaged the signs on the floor a brief moment, he watched as she attacked a low level demon; it exploded as its energy drained out of its body and slipped its way in between her lips and into her mouth as she consumed it. He smirked knowing now she needed life force or magical energy to live, she then scuffed at everyone and walked straight out the door. With a simple wave of his fingers the Signs on the floor disappeared all together, he took up his pipe once more and smoked it as the inn slowly returned to normal they started talking loudly and were now over the whole ordeal even if she just left. Her race of elf were indeed a new species and easily more powerful than that of their cousins, thus the need to feed on such things, he wondered what brought her here but soon waved it off as he took out a map and started to plot his next course.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Many a patron had been frightened by this Blood Elf and her ability to just take a life as though it was nothing. Whispers mounted, and the Inn keeper felt it his duty to approach the White Wolf, who had removed his magical traps from the floor. Shuffling over in his tunic and leather boots, the Inn keeper rubbed the back of his neck, before setting down yet another pint of ale. ”Why did you not stop her?” He asked, genuinely curious that he let her walk out alive.”People will start to talk. She was not from these parts. Not that kind of Elf. Seen many in my time, Sir. Many. That one…had eyes like Jade. Ears longer than a foot.” The Inn keeper took out a stool and sat down at the White Wolf’s table, glancing at the map, then up at the Witcher’s face. ”You think she will be back?” He was genuinely concerned about the effects that her visit might have on passing trade. A business man through and through. Always taking care of his own interests. <3>

IceTe3a: Listening to what the Innkeep had to say, he knew this was going to happen; the innkeep was afraid for his business and wanted to know why he let the elf go, with a sigh he folded up the map and placed it in a pocket “Just because I could kill her doesn’t mean I should” with a shake of his head he knew the Innkeep would not let this go, coming to a stand he waved the innkeep a farewell and picked up his pipe as he placed it between his lips he walked through the Inn as people watched him with curious eyes. Exiting the door into the woods he didn’t bother looking over at the elf he knew she was still there as he took a couple of puffs from his smoke, leaning against the fence his hues were scanning the dark forest; his eyes almost like that of a demon – allowed him to see through the darkest of nights almost as if it was day time. “Why are you here, elf he simply stated, he was blunt and to the point.

CharlotteCarrendar: – the Blood elf was somewhat surprised that the White Wolf had come out of the Inn in such a short space of time, since she had promptly left after feeding on the life aura of one of the patrons. Dabbing her lip with her index finger, she lowered her arm to her side. She was leaning against a rather large oak after her meal, and now was being interrogated by the strange white haired Witcher. ”Not to pick fights in taverns, I assure you.” her voice had a noble ring to it, though she was not of high standing, rather she was a mere paladin. Pausing a moment, as a large butterfly flittered around her, she continued. ”My beloved entered your world some months ago. He never returned.” At this she picked up her polearm and drove the end of it into the dirt. ”I’ve come to find him.” For a Blood elf, she was surprisingly honest, but she had no reason to lie. If one was on the wrong side of her, they would feel her wrath, but as she had just gorged herself on a demon’s life force – she was being amicable. <3>

IceTe3a: As he thought she was not from this world, as he listened to her tale about her husband. So her husband came to this world and was now missing, he chuckled lightly and shook his head “He’s either dead or a slave by now, these lands.. even the bravest of warriors cannot survive them for long “ it was true people lived a short life in this world due to the over population of magical beasts, death by a magical creature or even a beast was a common thing in this world her husband was surely dead being new to the terrain. “ You will fall to the same fate if you do not go back to where you came, this is no place for you. Accept your losses and go home “ he was really blunt and it showed, but he was always truthful, matter of the fact is her husband was most likely dead or a slave, slaving was a big part of this world and a common trade, the weak either died or became slaves and the strong were corrupt, there was no good or evil in this realm just.. Neutral evil and chaotic evil, which side you choose was completely up to where you were born.

CharlotteCarrendar: – It was fair to say that the Blood Elf knew very little of the world she had entered. Even if she had, that would not stop her from doing what she had vowed to do. The Witcher was brutally honest and to the point. Her husband may well either be dead, or a slave. As he put, even the strongest warriors cannot survive for long. ”You speak as though you have experienced this yourself. But tell me, you are not weak and yet here you are. Free, by most standards.” She pushed herself from the tree and rose to full height. The beauty of the Blood elf somewhat gracious, though she was not to be misread. She was dangerous in her own right. ”While I thank you for your warning, I simply can’t go back alone. I have but one way and that way is with him. I must find him.” You could see the determination in her eyes. She clearly loved her husband beyond words. Cali had no idea where to start to even look. She cast her gaze right, and then started off down the path. She was either incredibly head strong, or daft. <3>

IceTe3a: She was determined that was for sure she just would not give up on her husband and then she went and flipped the question stating if what he said was true why is he not dead or a slave. The answer was simple, he was a Witcher trained at birth to deal with these creatures, he knew how to survive and no mundane could ever hope to beat a Witcher they were physically weaker and slower than an ordinary Witcher, let alone him. He watched as she started to stroll down a random pathway, she had no idea where she was going that much was for sure. “You’re heading deeper into the forest, the closest city is two days walk from the east “ he shook his head, she would be dead by morning. Turning around he walked back into the Inn to re assure the Innkeeper that the elf means no harm and was now on her way to her doom.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Cali paused in her step for a moment, when the White Wolf said that she was heading deeper into the forest and that the closest city was at the very least two days walk. Undeterred, she continued on for she knew that at the next city she would be one step closer to finding him – her beloved. Death, was a risk she was willing to take; for a life without him was like death itself. The bond between Cali and Saerus was a strong one, however she could never be the kind of woman to keep him from his love or sense of adventure. His cravings, his addiction to the magics of great beasts was well known to many. It was this that took him from her world, and possibly led him into great danger. She may well be following the same dangerous path, but she could never live with herself, if she didn’t try and bring him home. His quest, had become her own. :: The Innkeeper happily opened the door for the Witcher and spied that the Elf had taken the path to the darker woods. ”That be the end of the likes of her…ha!” <3>

IceTe3a: He watched as the Innkeep opened the door and looked over to the travelling elf commenting on how she was going to die “She won’t last the night going that deep into the dark woods, and she’s still going the wrong way”walking past the innkeep the others were back at it with each other, boasting and singing a marry song as if nothing happened. He didn’t bother going to his table this time as he walked over to the bar and sat on a chair at the bar, helping himself to a glass of ale he took a decent swig as he let out a sigh. The elf and her problems long out of his mind now, as he continued to think and plan his next move, he needed to travel to another city to find some work or see if any chaos was being held there. Generally smaller towns that could not defend themselves would have been overrun by Lycans or other aggressive beasts and where in need of some sort of aid, that is where the Witchers stepped in. Pulling out his pipe he stuffed it with tobacco and lit it as he started to puff on the smoke, it was turning out to be a long night after all.

CharlotteCarrendar: – The Innkeeper was well pleased to see the harmony and revelry of the Inn return. The rising song of drunken voices and laughter was like music to his ears, and the more they sang the more they drank. He wiped down the bar top surface as the Witcher took a seat and then pulled out a pipe. ”Can I get the young Beatrice to get you a room ready for the eve, Sir?” He asked with a generous expression, since he considered the Witcher to be the hero of the day, in sending the Blood elf on her way. ”Even a copper bath if you be looking to scrub up.” The Inn keeper was indeed being hospitable. <3>

IceTe3a: He glanced up at the innkeep as he came around and started cleaning the table top asking if he could get him a room and a hot bath. He shook his head “ No, I have better things to do than sleep. Finishing off his Ale he gave the Innkeep a nod and left a few coins on the tabletop for payment as he walked through the door and exited the Inn, his hues glance around slowly as he takes in a deep breath of air, smelling for anything that may be near. His hues flicker up to the moon as he gets his bearing, with a light step he started to walk east towards the route of the nearest city. It was always dark in here, it had to be almost fully night time, the sun would rise in a good 9 hours that was for sure. His footsteps silent as they left no sound rather kicking up dirt and dust with each step as he casually walked through the dark forest. He would not be able to make it through tonight, as he will need to set up camp further down the track. After an hour of travel without hassle or running into any beasts he decided to set up camp, with a simple flick of the wrist he signed the symbol for fire as a fire exploded on the ground and started to crackle and roar, gathering wood and twigs to keep the fire going he placed them in the fire and stoked it. The fire would keep him warm and the smaller beasts away but quite possibly it could attract bigger beast and even bandits, as he laid down on his back near the fire he always kept his swords attached to his back just in case.

CharlotteCarrendar: – The darkened forest only became more dangerous after the sun had set, and replaced by a pale moon. Little did Cali know the inhabitants of this part of the forest foraged after dark, and strangers into their lands were fair game. The rumble of the earth heralded that something or many things were coming towards her as she tried to make her way through the forest. The galloping of many horses hooves, but was it indeed horses? As Cali fell in behind a large oak, she could hear the sounds of the voices of men. But when she peered around the tree trunk, she spotted instead Centaurs. The leader; a dark skinned one, with flowing long black hair and red eyes was looking about him, as he pawed at the ground with his front right hoof. ”Show yourself, creature!” He roared, as his fellow centaurs sung out loudly for the Blood Elf to make herself visible. She was unwelcome in their part of the forest, and with their anger mounting at her trespass, they would be sure to make her pay when she came to light. ”Spread out!” The lead Centaur ordered as his herd started to go through the forest and seek her out. <3>