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Chapter Sixteen

Meeting their match




CharlotteCarrendar: – As dawn was fast approaching, it was not that hard to make out the farm house that was centred close to the gates of the sprawling 50 acre property. The vehicle drove along the gravel road before finally coming to rest not far from the veranda of the weathered farm house. For Rain, it was a sight for sore eyes. For Eve, it was a world to which she had never explored – knowing nothing but the insides of the Zen laboratories. Rain shut down the engine then clamoured out of the vehicle, landing with both feet firmly on the gravel drive. She left the door open for Adam as she sauntered up towards the veranda steps. Eve was not so quick to get out. More or less waiting for Adam to say it was okay. She was nowhere near as bold or cocky as Rain, but they were two different women entirely. The small techno puppy on Eve’s lap wagged its tail, as it too waited for Adam to say they could get out of the truck. Rain turned around on the first step and looked at the pair in the truck. ”Are you two coming, or not?” She wasn’t one for pleasantries that was for sure. <3>

IceTe3a: – It didn’t take long for them to arrive at his farm house, the armoured jeep kicking up a dust trail while it sped along the beaten down old dirt road. The 50 acres of farmland was thriving, without human touch, the grass was a luscious green that could be seen through the high beams of the jeeps lights. The farm animals of course kept the grass at a low height so everything worked perfectly together to keep the place alive and rich. Moments later the wooden farm cabin showed up in front of them, the jeep came to a slow roll as Rain cut the engine. He sat there waiting as Rain stepped out of the car and walked off, he smiled lightly as he leaned towards Eve “Don’t mind her… She doesn’t know any better.” he of course was making an excuse for Rain’s behaviour towards him. Stepping out of the jeep he turned to face the inside of the jeep and leaned in to look at eve with a smile “Come on, it’s fine here. No one is ever out this far”He knew Eve would come out of the jeep now and follow him, as he closed the driver’s side door with a solid thud. “Yeah.. Yeah.. “ he glanced over to Rain who was waiting impatiently. Walking up in front of her, he opened the door and walked inside, it had a low glow to it from the lights as he looked around everything seemed in place. A rather old sofa sat in front of the fire place, a rather large deer head hung over the fireplace with a rug in front. A small kitchenette and a single bedroom, he turned around and looked at Rain with a smirk knowing she wouldn’t be impressed with the “Safehouse”.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Eve was quick to follow along behind Adam after he had assured her that everything would be okay. Still wearing her lab gear and sensible shoes, she did look totally out of place with her surrounds. Rain on the other hand was dressed for it. She entered the wooden cabin, which was sparsely decorated. Her first thought when she saw the deer head, sticking out of the wall. ~He decorated this~ It had a man’s touch. A hunter. Certainly nothing girly about it in the slightest. From the worn couch or sofa that was located near the fire place, to the small kitchenette. Wandering further in, she found that there was only one single bedroom. Rain turned around and counted herself, Eve and Adam. ”There’s only one bed. Where are we all meant to sleep?” Rain asked, looking slightly miffed. She didn’t want to spend another night on the floor, not after the last sleep near the filing cabinet. Eve on the other hand, marvelled at the insides of the cabin. Going as far to place down the techno puppy and explore. Even reaching out to touch the deer’s head and try to look inside its mouth. She wasn’t worried about where to sleep. Eve normally shut down in a chair. Rain looked at Eve oddly, as she found her behaviour to be strange. <3>

IceTe3a: -He arched a brow as he heard Rain complain, he knew this was going to happen as he shook his head. Walking to the centre of the room he was about to do something but stopped as his eyes caught Eve, she was curious of the deer head, she had never seen anything outside of the labs before and he smirked slightly. “It’s a deer, plenty of them on the property I have quite a few animals on here actually, you’re welcome to see them tomorrow” glancing back at Rain who still looked un impressed he smirked “You’re going to sleep where I tell you to “ That was a bold statement coming from him, when she could simply shut him down with a touch of her fingers. Pressing his heel of his right foot down, it hits a pressure pad that you would never be able to see as a hissing sound started to echo the room a rather large hidden door popped out of the floor and slid forward, fully mechanized as it showed a hidden staircase “We all have our tricks, mine are just better, come on you two. It’s getting late, we need to get some rest anyway I’ll give you the full tour tomorrow. For now, we’ll need sleep with that he walked down the staircase, disappearing into the floor; as he came down the stairs and finally hit the end of the staircase a rather solid large door stood in front of him, a red beam shot across the room as it scanned everyone. Now that Rain had forced her way into his systems her and Eve were now on the security listing as well, the door gave the green light as it opened up with a hiss. Stepping inside it was like another world, the underground bunker stretched on for ages; to be exact it was a football field and half long and wide. “ Fully equipped science and research labs that make Zen’s look like a kids toy.. a kitchen and mess hall, armory and training room, Central operations room, a garage with a exit drive.. hidden of course. he was walking down the hall and pointing in the direction of each location, this place was really big he had enlisted the help of some black market people to gather what he needed down here and hired people to build it all. It took quite awhile for it to be set up but once it was done, he killed everyone that helped.. no sense having a secret safe house if people knew the location, anyone that knew about it was now dead this entire place was that off the grid Zen and the rebels could not find it if they pulled their resources together to look for it. Opening a door close to the Science labs he looked at Eve as the door swung open and showed a fully furnished large room, with a walk in bathroom and closet, it had its own personal coms system and computers all hooked up to the network “ Eve, this is your room from now on, it’s close to the science labs, which I think you’ll claim as your own. We’ll see you in the morning, feel free to explore the labs before you turn in for the night, they are that way” he smiled lightly and pointed in the direction of the labs knowing she would go check them out, leaving Eve behind he continued to walk around for awhile knowing Rain was behind him as he came to a stop in front of another door. Opening the door up it showed a rather larger room, with a large bathroom, walk in closet and fully furnished with a bed. Turning to look at Rain he smirked as he nodded behind him [/b] this is my room, your room.. is across the hall [/b] he pointed across the hall at a door opposite to his, knowing full well it was a broom closet he turned around and walked into his room closing the door behind him. Oh she was going to be pissed off, he knew that much but it was worth it, chuckling quietly to himself he tore his shirt off and lit a cigarette as he took in a deep drag.

CharlotteCarrendar: – ”Deer…here?” Eve asked, her eyes widening as she had been touching the trophy like head of the one above the fire place. She thought it was beautiful and so clever how it was sticking out of the wall as it was. Adam promised that he would take her to see them the next day, and this brought a big smile from Eve, who moved her finger up to her glasses and pushed them up the bridge of her nose. Adam was ever so polite to Eve, but the same could not be said for Rain, who was told in no uncertain terms that she would sleep where he told her too. You could hear the audible growl come from her, but in the face of company, she didn’t act on her anger. Rather, she followed Adam along when he decided to show the real hide out. The wooden cabin at the top was nothing more than a cover for what lay beneath. When the opening appeared in the floor with the stair well, Rain was quick to follow Adam down. Eve took a moment longer. Snatching up the techno pup and then giving the deer head a pat, before making her way down the stairs. What met them both was simply astonishing. An underground bunker, the likes that would have the Zen salivating. One man could not have built all this on their own, that was for sure. ”Woah.” Rain uttered, clearly gobsmacked by the sheer size of it. Eve just smiled and fell in behind Adam as he gave something of a small tour. What grabbed Eve’s attention was the science lab. It was just like being home. She walked slowly around it, taking it all in – till Adam opened a door that was to be her room. Running right off the science lab, it had its own bathroom and a large spacious bedroom with computers and a networking station. Happily, Eve entered the room, and then wished Adam and Rain a good night, closing the door behind her. With her out of the way, Rain wanted to know where she was to sleep. Everyone had a room but her. What she got…was a door on the other side of Adam’s room. All he did was gesture to it, and then left her to her own devices. Rain wandered over and opened the door, only to find it was a broom closet. From within Adam’s room, he was sure to hear the enraged scream of Rain. Clearly frustrated at being treated so poorly. But really, she kind of deserved it. In Eve’s room, she set down the techno pup on the computer desk and then wandered about the room, looking in every cupboard and drawer. She was so new to all this, but she felt oddly secure. Maybe it was because she was close to her charge. Either way, she was a lot happier than Rain. Moving for the bed, she took off her lab coat, and draped it on the edge, before crawling up on the bed. This…was a first. She had seen others sleep properly but she never had a bed. So she laid her head down and smiled as she said. ”Systems..shut down.” and closed her eyes. <3>

IceTe3a: – Standing there in the middle of the room, he heard Rain’s abuse and screams as he arched a brow knowing full well of the hell he just unleashed “I’m going to need a bigger gun.. he said softly to himself. Walking over to his bed side table he opened the draw and pulled out a fresh bottle of whiskey opening the cap he let it roll onto the floor as he took a swig “Well over deserved this is” So he was finally here, in his safe house it hadn’t been used for quite some time, but now it was busy with people. His room of course was the largest room; it was dead centre in the building allowing him easy access to all areas but really close to the command centre. Turning as he sat on the bed, he laid down on his back, cigarette in his mouth and a bottle of whiskey in the other as he switched between the two, taking a drag of smoke and a swig of whiskey. A calm sigh escaped his lips he knew they needed to make plans, but for tonight and tomorrow everyone could settle in and relax for awhile, it was a well earned break everyone needed; something he thought everyone needed to do from time to time. Glancing at the door, Rain was still out there chucking a fit, he knew he was in for it as he took one last gulp of whiskey setting the bottle down on the bed side table as he took in a large drag of cigarette. First he called her a dead root and refused to help her than he did this he was really testing his limits with her “I should lock that door.. he said trying to reassure himself.

CharlotteCarrendar: – After marching back and forth, with a broom in her hand that she had taken out of the broom closet, or what was assigned as her room, Rain was showing a foul temper. How dare Eve get her own room, with all the mod cons, while Rain got a broom closet. No, this was not going to do. She turned to face Adam’s door and then tossed the broom to the side, letting it clatter to the floor. Marching over she put her hand on the door handle and oddly enough, it wasn’t locked. She pushed the door open and saw the wonderful bedroom that was more than enough for two people at least. Seeing Adam enjoying a bottle of whiskey and his cigarettes – clearly relaxing, Rain started. ”You really think I am going to sleep in a broom closet? Listen, I’m not the one that can sleep standing up. Maybe you…or Eve can, but I can’t.” She pushed up her sleeves and then went around to his side of the bed. She took the bottle of whiskey and knocked it back, drinking a good few mouthfuls, before letting out a gasp since it burnt her throat. The buzz from that gave her the courage to do…what she had been planning to do for some time. She reached out for his pressure pad on the side of his head and let her fingers dance as she leaned in and whispered. ”Remember that cutting comment you made, that I was a dead root. Well, now…its payback time.” Rain coded for him to lay on the bed, as she started to take off her shirt, doing something off a strip tease, till she was down to just her bra and panties. Yep, you guessed it, she went and mounted Adam, straddling him as he lay there, defenceless. ”Now, let’s see what kind of a root you are.” From the outside of Adam’s room, you could hear the sounds of Rain well and truly getting her rocks off with Adam. She used him…and she used him well. The poor guy. Even the techno pup in the next room pricked its ears up at Rain’s loud cries of passion. <3>

IceTea: He heard more yelling and shouting coming from outside, it was getting worse as suddenly he heard something slam against the floor “Ahh.. shit he was about to get up as the door swung open, and Rain came screaming in about how it was unfair Eve got a room and she didn’t Rain almost came off jealous, was she jealous he treated Eve better than her? ” Are you jealous of Eve?! he said out to her as she came over stealing his whiskey, he sighed as he took one last drag before she started on him again, this time her hands went for the side of his heads “Hey don’t you even tr.. her fingertips reached his pressure pads before he could finish his dispute of her doing this, it rendered him unable to talk or move, as he felt her briefly inside of his systems, she let go and started to strip as he watched her helplessly. Noticing he was unable to move, he realized she had turned off his ability to move around freely. She stood before him in her bra and panties as she whispered about pay back for the dead root comment, and then stating how she was going to find out what kind of root he was. She wouldn’t.. he thought to himself, straddling him rather quickly as she took him into her, she started to ride him hard as she used him to pleasure herself. He could feel her weight crashing down on him as she screamed out and moaned in pleasure, oh she was going to get it for this one as he watched her helplessly unable to move away from her he was forced to lay there and wait until she was done pleasuring herself, this was going to be a long night.. her skin rubbing up against him, he had warned her not to touch him and this time she went way too far, her hips swaying as she went up and down not bothering to check on him, or care if he was in any sort of discomfort or pain, she was in her own world and hardly registered him as she continued to use him.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Rain let out a loud cowgirl like whooping sound when she was finished, and then smirked as she tapped the pressure pads on his head and this would allow him to move and respond, if he so dared. She rolled off him and then decided to lay down beside him. A happy look on her face. It felt good, not so much from the sexual side of things, but that she got her own back, for all the nasty things he had done and said to her. ”Night Adam.” she whispered before closing her eyes, and trying to drift off to sleep. What a bitch. <3>

IceTea: Finally she had finished as she let him loose and rolled off of him, a happy look on her face as she said good night, shaking his head he came to a stand as he headed for the shower. “That much of a dead root you need to force yourself on guys huh” she may have felt happy about what she did, but he was about to give it back to her. Not one to back down from confrontation and that’s what this was, a power struggle to show who was lead, who was alpha out of the two of them, and it was a constant battle. He walked into the bathroom as he turned on the shower and stripped what clothing he had left on, simple name calling wasn’t going to be enough, not this time as he was going to teach her a valuable lesson. As he was in the shower his hues HUD flashed up as he connected to the network in his room, activating his room speakers he smirked. She forgot he still had recording of the large storm in him, as he played it loudly through the rooms speakers, it’s a good thing each room is sound proofed, as he started to wash himself he chuckled as the storm played through the speakers and thundered through the room “Night Rain he chuckled.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Fear. Something that was Rain’s biggest problem and her weakness was storms. Adam knew this and he remembered exactly how she reacted the last time. Laying in the bed, smug in what she had done, she patted the pillow and tried to go to sleep not thinking that Adam would pull that dastardly trick again. But, in the comfort of the shower, he decided that now was the time for payback. Yes, this was a constant game of tit for tat, and a power struggle that continued to go on between them. With the first sound of thunder rolling through the room’s speakers, Rain sat up like a shot. How could that sound possibly reach them from above? Surely it was sound proofed. But then the full force of the storm noise hit. This sent Rain into meltdown. She grabbed the pillow and lay down with it over her head, trying to muffle out the sounds. Her body went into foetal position as she started to cry from the fear of the storm. Now..who was the bastard? Adam was going to love this. <3>

IceTea: He walked out of the shower fully naked and dripping wet, walking into the room he stood near the bed as he looked down at her smirking, he knew her weakness it shut her down as fast as she could turn him off, they were evenly matched as he watched her fear for her life under the pillow. He almost felt sorry for her as she shivered out of fear, sighing he pulled a pair of pants on and laid down on his side of the bed. Turning the storm recording off he pulled her up to lay pressed to his chest, comforting her. This was a first for them both but he wasn’t going to go so low and exploit her fears, even if he was only equipment to her he didn’t mind as he had grown use to it. “I’m sorry, that was a low blow on my behalf “ he sighed and reached over and grabbed the whiskey bottle as he wrapped an arm under her and over her side keeping her close to him. Taking a sip he sighed as he offered her the bottle, staring up at the ceiling he smirked“You were a interesting root, I’ll give you that, thought you’d last longer though.” a slight chuckle escapes his lips as he looked down to her.

CharlotteCarrendar: – For once it seemed that they had gone against each other and pushed each other’s limits. But now, with Rain genuinely showing her real fear and being unable to control her reaction, she did look pretty sad, when Adam came out of the bathroom. The biggest shock for Rain, was when Adam took it upon himself to actually comfort her as she shivered from the fear of the storm. He turned off the storm recording and the room fell into silence, aside from her soft whimpering. His arm curled around her and with her head to his chest, she reacted as someone frightened would. Rain clung to him, barely hearing that he said he was sorry. She desperately needed comfort, something she had not had in a very long time. As he took another swig from the whiskey bottle, he then paid her a compliment, though it was done so with a bit of cheek. Thought she could stay in the saddle a bit longer. This had her bring her head up from his chest. The look she gave him was different from all the other times. Before, she looked upon him as an object – a machine. This time, there was relief. His chuckle was actually endearing. Finding humor in the situation at last, she then came back with.”There’s always next time.” This was said quietly, and she continued to snuggle into Adam. Her fingers strummed lightly across his stomach. A truce of sorts? Perhaps. They did work better together, than when they were not trying to tear each other apart. <3>

IceTea: He smirked hearing the only thing she was willing to say, “There sure is” he looked down at her and smiled as he took another drag of his cigarette. His right hand slowly strokes her hair as she clung to his chest, she needed the touch of another human to calm her down, this was obvious and since he took it this far it was up to him to comfort her back to her normal bitchy self. Tomorrow would see them both acting like normal no doubt as he put the cigarette out on the ashtray on the bedside table, he had to wonder what was going through her head right now; knowing full well the thing she thought as her equipment she was now clinging to for comfort, he shifted his weight as he pulled her up closer. Her head and part of her upper torso was now resting on his chest as he closed his eyes “Sleep now, I’ll be here the entire night “ he said in a low tone to reassure her that everything was fine. It was irony that now he had two girls he had to protect, one was a bad assed rough bitch and the other was a sheltered doctor who was sweeter than honey itself. Rain and himself did just take a big step in their friendship but even though there may be times of peace she would always see him for what he was, equipment; but slowly he was growing use to how she treated and acted around him.