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When All is Lost

An Ice Storm

Part Two




CharlotteCarrendar:- “Understood, Captain.” Charlotte answered before turning to see the many expectant faces of her many children. The two that had spent the last eight months with her on both the Trek and the visit to Arren were worldly in their knowledge of the nation, as well as dealing with those that were not of their own kind. The rest of the children had spent much of their time in either the Spire or beneath the main meeting hall being protected by the Ettercaps. Charlotte had barely had time to reunite with her enormous brood, but she knew that with the present dangers facing the city, that it was foolish to bring them all out into the open – regardless of their powers. Even Seven and Luna had yet to transform into full bebilith, and Charlotte didn’t feel they were ready to do that. With Charlotte delegated to the retrieval and dissemination of Doctor Galventstein’s technology, she knew she was going to have to place the retrieval of the JACK’s to one of her children. She walked up to her son, Seven – a bright boy of fourteen years, with his wild mohawk hair style and cheeky attitude. He had grown up a lot on the last few adventures, but this was no game they were playing. Millions of lives hung in the balance. She raised her hand to cup his cheek. Her eyes showed that she was in fact proud of him, and knew he could lead many of his brothers and sisters to do what must be done.

“Son, I am taking Luna with me to find the laboratory of Doctor Galvenstien. It means we will have to breach the surface, and by the sounds of things, the world above us is taking a hammering. What I want you to do is round up ten to fourteen of your siblings, and taken them back through the monorail line to the old Meeting hall ruins. There, you should be able to find the access to the JACK hanger below the monorail.”

Seven stared up at his mother, whom he had often regarded as being something as irresponsible when it came to the needs of her children. Now he was starting to understand her in a better light. She herself had to save a world at the age of fifteen and without the care and direction of her Mother. He was thankful that he at least had her, for the time that he did. He ran to embrace her – something he was not normally known to do, and he held onto her for a good three or so minutes, before letting go.

“I think we need cousin Billy on this, Mum.” Seven was right. Billy, who was Izu’s youngest son was well known in the family for his work with robotics over on the Island, as well as having a close association with the JACK’s creator. Uncle King. “I will send a distress signal to the space station, that is the fastest way.” Charlotte ruffled her son’s hair, as he set to go get on comms with Tyson, who happened to be Izu’s son stationed on the Space station. Whilst Seven was doing this, Luna came up to her Mother. The lilac haired twin of Seven looked apprehensive about going topside. “Mum, I’m scared.” She had ever right to be, since the sounds coming through the roof of the Spire showed that the battle had well and truly hit the city, or at least that was how it sounded. Charlotte brought her daughter close, and said. “We can’t sit here and do nothing. They are our people out there with little to no defence. Getting those suits is really important, as well as whatever weapons the Doctor made before going back to his world.” Luna tried to look supportive, but she simply had a bad feeling about the mission. In a way, she felt that Seven had the easier job, since he was travelling underground.

In another part of the Spire, Seven was at a large control panel, that was the communications network to the planet. Already he could see that Nixagris was offline, blocked somehow by the Imperials. As he scanned the many screens, the true horror of what had befallen the planet was now becoming evident. This was the first time that Seven had seen the sheer magnitude of the devastation, and he could feel a lump rising up in his throat. He was after all still only a boy of fourteen, and to see this…was a huge wake up call. Darson, one of his brothers who had been spire bound for most of his life came up behind his brother and sighed. “I come in here most nights, and every time I turn on the monitors…this is what I see.” he looked to his brother Seven and asked. “Why are the human’s doing this?” Seven’s eyes remained fixed on the screen. “I don’t think its just humans that caused this. I think everyone had a hand in it.” Darson agreed. “Can you patch through to the space station?’ Darson asked. Seven was way ahead of him, as the symbol for the Carrendar appeared on one of the left hand screens. Seven punched in a code, then sat down in one of the large module chairs.“This is Seven Carrendar from the Spire, trying to reach Arachna 5.” In orbit around Lisega, Tyson was manning Arachna 5 as his other brothers were all on missions in different worlds. Brock was on Earth along with Izu and Orson. The only three remaining was Tyson, Nigel and Billy.

“Yo, Seven. How you doing dude? I got that you are at the Spire. Man, you should see the view I got from here. The Imperials look to have downed the Skycastle. Kinda glad Dad wasn’t on it.” This confirmation about Skycastle brought sighs and gasps from the children that were all in the communications room watching on. Seven looked up at the screen of his cousin, who was a handsome looking lad of about 20 years old. “What do you need, kid?” Tyson asked, his eyes darting to the different screens at his disposal. Seven responded immediately. “Billy, we need him in Lorewall. He is one of the leading operators of the JACK’s and Captain has ordered they be brought into the urban fight.” Tyson grinned at hearing they needed Billy. A gamer by nature, he was a master of all sorts of combat games, but never ever did it for real.“You need Billy. Well Shit, that’s a first. Let me put the call through and have him meet you guys at the JACK’s Hanger. Hehe. Bought time that kid showed ya’ll what he was made of.” He started on putting the call through to Billy, who was left behind on the Island with his brother Nigel.

Billy was working on a rocket project of his, when the beacon came on from Arachnea five. Tyson’s face showed up on the huge monitor in the lab. “Billy!…. Charlotte’s kids need you in Lorewall. Better suit up bro. They are in the middle of a war, and it ain’t looking like they are winning.” Billy’s face looked to be one of shock. “But they have Skycastle. The Sun gun…that thing can melt a space cruiser like it’s butter!” Tyson nodded, knowing full well the capabilities of the Sky castle. “Yeah, well its been downed. Not sure on the stats report, but if you ask me, its in no shape to be used for defence. This war is turning into an Urban warfare squirmish. Seven and his siblings need you on the JACKS.” Slowly Billy rose from his chair, and placed his hand across his chest. “In Nemaues, we trust.” It was the words said by his father Izu in times of war. “I’ll go get Nigel, and tell Seven we will be there in an hour.” Billy left the lab, and Tyson switched back over to the kids in the Spire. [b”Billy and Nigel are on their way. I suggest you guys start making a trek for the Meeting hall ruins, they will meet you there. Arachnea five out.”[/b] The screen switched back to the Carrendar symbol, as the kids all started to make a run for the monorail tunnels.

KingFalthosHellbore: – Treads crushed broken and torn bodies beneath several tonnes of ceramite and plas-steel. They had reached the walls of Lorewall, the marvelous citadel-like walls, crumbled beneath the heavy payloads of the Baneblades, Leman Russ Tanks, and the various heavy munitions used in the Basilisk Cannons. The very earth, trembled at the onslaught. it was only when now, that an order had been sent to withdraw. The Tanks veering back towards the ten mile trenches, located not thirty miles from the very walls that crumbled beneath the hammer stroke of the Emperors Finest. The kriegers, in all of their own bodies, after being stripped of supplies, food, clothes, armor, weapons, and likewise the soldiers of Lorewall, stripped of their uniforms, weapons and clothing, until the field lay witness to nothing more than the bare, burning bodies of the dead. The Kriegers had made sure to be absolutely thorough in maintaining a war of attrition, sending this spectacle as a sign that, they were not to be trifled with.
It had been four hours since the ending of the Siege. Constantines armor scored a few scorch-marks and deep gouged grooves that littered his breastplate, some still radiated heat and glowed from where rounds had tried to strike at the very flesh beneath the armor. He had it removed to be taken to be repaired. He then moved to sit down at the conference table, where assembled there, the command staff had met, only Xith had not been present, as he was attending matters in the Loch. Constantine rubbed his scruffy features a moment, pondering his next move and advances. This had only been a test, a brutal test and a jab at the morale of the very people of Lorewall. He sought to instill fear, to instill doubt, to cause a mass panic and watch the very city tear itself inside out. He wondered if it was working, the mere thought of the cowarding masses, pissing themselves as the very guns of the guard came hammering down the very private, safe portions of their lives they so foolishly thought to be safe from anything. He stood up, fixating his helmet and his regimental unifrom. His silvery breastplate, a replacement from the battleplate he wore, would be strapped to him beneath the long stormcoat he wore. He would say “We need to broadcast the aftermath. We need to show those fools exactly what we do. We must make them fear us. Fear to face us. Fear must spread like the promethium fires we will set to their city, as a testament to the very lives they lead. We must show them the true error of their ways.” A comms officer piped up “Which one sir?”

With very grim look he turned and said “The Error was Following Chaos. Their sins, will know retribution.”

A broadcast was made, the power amplified that, if any other station intervened, it would fry circutry in all televisions, computer networks, and any cellular devices. First, there was blackness, then upon the screen, showed the grinning skulled visage, of the General Himself. The monotone, metallic drone of his speaker-grille would utter the last speech he would give to the enemy.

” Your Troops fought bravely. And much like they lived, they died shamefully. Wasted. They burned and screamed, scratching at the ground for salvation from the promethium fuel that consumed their bodies. Look, at what their sacrifice granted them.” At that moment, there was a livestream video, of the entirety of the battlefield, the naked bodies, without any form of clothes, weapons, or anything to distinguish them apart, burned. Naked, like a babe recently born, now they lay in their death beds, already atop their funeral pyres, of which the flames licked and roiled for miles and miles. This footage was shown for approximately one minute before it flickered over back to the same skulled visage that plagued so many an enemy before.

“This, is the price of Chaos. They were granted the Emperors Peace. This is the Fate of all who worship Chaos. We will Cleanse this land. We will Purge the Unclean. Pray to whatever flase gods you worship, for I assure you, we will send you screaming to them in the void. Join the Emperor, or Die. We will be waiting for an answer, Soon Enough.” With this, the broadcast ended. Constantine would emerge from the broadcast room, awaiting him were the command staff, his personal retinue, and the subordinates of the staff. He turned towards the staff, his look cold, calculating, and with the stare of a man who was ready to set the very heavens aflame. “Dig In. Dig Deep. Lay traps. There are those who wish to kill all of us. Let us make sure they never get the chance. Make sure the trenches are secure. I want full status updates every thirty minutes. I want live bio-feed of every troop walking those trenchworks. I want my gun-emplacements operational.” he paused a moment, a thought had occured to him. “I want the conscripts on the front. Keep the Nixagrisian Auxillary at the front. Keep watch of them. We are assaulting their relatives, one could only imagine the feeling of betrayal. Maybe enough for them to turn traitor. Be sure they set an example, if necessary.” With that, the Command staff dispersed, seeking to continue their duties amongst the panels, comm-channels, as well as studying the battlefield, outlining the camp emplacements for their forward base of operations.
Constantine pondered a moment, what it was like, for just the briefest moments, to be in their shows. He sought to understand his enemies next moves. Perhaps even the rumors were true, that this so called, Captain, had withdrawn to surprise them. He would never get that chance he thought. He withdrew his men back to their lines, and within the next few hours, would rain more fire down from the heavens. He folded his hands across his back, moving up towards one of the monitor screens that survied the area. He stared intently, as if searching for something. A thought had occured, one that would send him into a state of disbelief. A warning rune had been displayed, flashing its angry glowing red hues. Just as it had showed up, so to did a chart that showed energy fluxuations within the Warp and Reality, usually an instrument used to detect interstellar ships entering or exiting realspace. He could barely register what it ment, without missing a beat however, he turned towards his comms officer “Get me Xith. Now.”

<E Pt. 1>

CharlotteCarrendar: As the small group of boys and girls lead by Seven go off down the monorail tunnel towards the JACK’s hanger. Charlotte is left with Luna, whilst many of the other children are begging to come too. Knowing the dangers topside, Charlotte has to insist that she can only take one with her. The risks were simply too great. This brings a large chorus of sad voices, to which Charlotte tries to pacify them in saying that they would all be together one day soon. But for now, she had a job to do. Taking Luna’s hand, she leads her daughter out of the Cathedral of fiends, and towards the outer sanctum of the Spire. Luna, naturally is nervous. “Is it easy to get into the laboratory?” Luna inquires, as Charlotte is getting her barings under ground. “It shouldn’t be too hard, just depends on the defenses he left in place. I just hope it hasn’t been hit.” This truly was a growing concern, with the noise above becoming deafening. Charlotte closed her eyes and let her mind go to that of Doctor Galvenstien’s lab, and then she squeezed her daughter’s hand.“Here we go.” she uttered as the two beblith shimmered out of site from the Spire and to the world above in Lorewall. The two would appear right in front of the Laboratory, but not before they came to witness the magnitude of what had become of the city. Towering clouds of smoke and ash were block out much of the sun, and the clouds were in fact toxic. Car alarms, ambulance and police sirens, along with fire and rescue teams sirens were blaring across the expansive city. Charlotte’s eye were rimmed with tears, feeling her heart ache from the sight of the devastation. “Are we too late?” She uttered feeling so helpless as it was like watching Lacardis all over again. Luna squeezed her Mother’s hand. “Mommy, we have to get the suits. This area looks okay…for now.” Luna seemed to be more determined now that they get the suits and do what they were suppose
d to do. “Captain is counting on us.” Luna was right, and Charlotte squeezed her daughter’s hand. “You’re right, come on.”

They mounted the steps that lead up to the warehouse like storage facility and workshop of the good Doctor. By the look of all the mail and newspapers on the door step, the Doctor must have returned to his world on matters that were of great urgency. Charlotte kicked the mail out of the way and then looked up at the door, that had a DNA imprinter locking mechanism. Luna looked at it and wondered how to open the door. “How does that work?” she asked. Charlotte took off her glove and then pressed her hand up to the strange imprint device. There was a strange green light that ran up and over her palm before the text printed that she was Charlotte Carrendar and access was granted. Letting out a sigh of relief, she pushed the door open and took her daughter, Luna inside.

The lab and the store rooms looked deserted and at first Charlotte was afraid the place had been cleaned out. She remembered having been to visit the Doctor, two years before, and now, the place seemed in ruin. Luna stepped over piles of rubbish on the floor, and she questioned her Mother. “Are you sure this is it?” Charlotte was starting to wonder that herself, until she stepped on a pressure point on the floor, and a holographic image of Doctor Galvenstien appeared.“It is good to see you again, Ms Carrendar.” The Doctor was smiling and looking directly at Charlotte’s form. “Forgive me for not being here to show you the finished products and suits myself, but alas, duty called in another world, so I did the best next thing, and left you …well. me.” The Hologram chuckled, while Luna and Charlotte glanced at one another.“If you are wondering why the lab looks the way it does, I did this on purpose, so to dissuade looters and or the enemy. Clever, huh?” The Doctor let out another laugh before turning and then you could see panels starting to activate, as hidden panels started to open up in the very walls, and expose the real jewel to the Doctor’s work. “Yes, I managed to complete over five hundred suits. Not bad, I must say given my limited resources, and…-cough- funding. But enough with politics. Each suit is crafted to mold explicitly to the wearer, regardless of size. A clever little addition I put in there. Now, before you go putting them on, I must explain one thing. These are bio suits. The highest tech that your world has ever seen. Each suit is linked to a network and over on the bench is the main controller. Guard it with your life.”


The Doctor then activated another panel and this opened a room with walls covered in the specialist weapon, the AR-2. As Charlotte walked into the room and picked one up off the rack, she looked at the Doctor and asked. “Have these been tested?’ The Doctor chuckled, “Oh, have they ever. Rather proud of those I might add. If the enemy are wearing power suits, these beauties are going to give them a real jolt. Hehe.” He seemed to find the whole thing humorous. Sadly, with the war raging outside, Charlotte didn’t feel like laughing, or joking.

“The Captain wants them all, for the cause. I need to take them. Do you have…”

“There is a massive truck in the basement, and equipment to get all this on board. Special trolleys that make lifting all this effortless. So long as you have worked out where you are taking them too.”{/b] Charlotte had a fair idea and smiled at the Doctor. [b]”Thank you…for everything.” The hologram smiled at her as the transmission was about to end.

“As in the old world, as in the new….In Nemaues you trust.”

The Hologram faded out and left the two Carrendars standing there. “What are we waiting for. Let’s get this stuff loaded!” Luna squealed with enthusiasm, as Charlotte and her daughter got to work.

In the air over the sea between the mainland and Carrendar island, Nigel and Billy are flying in Arachnea four. This large plane was equipped to take extra equipment in a large detachable cargo hold, as well as be able to do rescues. You could describe it a flying truck. In the cock pit, both brothers are suited up in Nemauen uniforms, emblazoned with the Carrendar symbol of the spider. Billy was nervous, which was understandable. “I don’t think I have flown into a war zone before…unless you count that game I played last night.” Nigel glanced at his younger brother, knowing of his apprehension. “First time for everything, bro. Let’s just hope the kids made it there safely. The city is coming up on the scanners, and it’s not looking pretty. Lorewall was a vast city. Three times the size of New York, and with as many people inhabiting it. On the radars Nigel could see that Sky Castle had fallen. [b]”Never thought I would see the day that something could take that vessel down. Dad’s going to be pissed.” It was a shame too. Izu had been made Commander for a short time, but there was a new one in charge of it, and to those that were in it as it fell Nigel could only imagine the casualties. The ship continued to spirit on toward the capital, with time now being of the essence. “Billy, jam missile locks should any of the Imperials try to shoot us down out to the sky. Billy was on it immediately. “Rodger that.”They were at least another ten minutes away.

Icetea – He head heard the news of his king and long time freind’s struggle, Ice had gone missing along with it thier home turned to chaos once more. The tavern closed for the night he knew time had come for him to fix the balance of the realm, Ice needed his help and having Ice owe you a favour was indeed a rare treat one he was most certainly going to collecet on when the time was right. It wasn’t hard for him to locate the missing king, with his contacts and who he was it was quite easy really ” Ya tink we should go get the poor lad, aye boys?” he spoke in his thick irish accent as he was addressing his two Hell hounds who laid on the floor tired from a hard day’s play. With a smirk on his lips he clicked his index finger with his thumb, a puff of smoke covered him as his atire changed back to his usual. Hand stitched suit, pure black as the night sky with a pair of dress shoes to follow, a long sleeved red dress shirt underneath as he sported a thin black tie, as usual he had his trademark black ivory walking cane. Striking the cane onto the floor with a rather loud thud in front of him, both palms came to rest on top of the cane’s silver headpiece. ” Right now ye bastard were ya be hidin’ “ His red hues pulsed a glow throughout the room, as he located which realm and Ice’s location, there was no mistake of the power given off this person, it had to be ice. with a two finger salute to his pet hounds, his cane raised up and came to rest under his right armpit. Disappearing in a flash, it was only moments before he appeared in a open field surrounded by tall grass.


CharlotteCarrendar: – In the monorail tunnels beneath the city, Seven and his team of fourteen brothers and sisters, were racing along the tracks to make it to the old Meeting hall ruins. This was where the children were originally brought up, so the kids knew it like the back of their hands. Few though ventured into the JACK’s hanger since that was considered off limits to children. With Billy on the way however, (who had the access codes), they would be able to unite and get the army into the thick of the battle. Darson, Blaze and Trix were running up the front with Seven, all excited to be able to take a part in the war. Having been cooped up in the Spire for so long, the chance for adventure, as they saw it was a welcome escape. Little did they know just what was in store for them. “How far is it, Seven?” Trix said, huffing as she ran along, trying not to trip on the tracks. Seven, who was using his night vision senses to see, scanned further up the track. “We should make the side gate in about five minutes. Just keep up the pace. Come on.” The kids all raised their voices in unison as they hurried to get down further into the tunnel, till finally a red shining light could be seen in the distance.

“There it is.” Seven chortled, his smile widening. “I remember this!” It had been a long time since the kids had been there, but once they approached, it became terribly familiar. The Ettercap guards, who were lumbering giants, were struggling to keep up with the energetic group of teens. They grunted in protest and their large bellied bodies made running for them awkward. As protectors to the young Carrendars, it was their job to watch over them. But times like these it was a big call. Seven was the first to make the gate. He looked back at his siblings as he pulled on the lever, the door sliding sideways, and showing them to a stair well. “Lets go up first. I want to watch Arachnea Four land.” The children all followed Seven up the stairs.


IceTea:- His hues glance around the open field, taking note of the terrain ” What a bright world.. he thought to himself as his daemonic red hues continue to examine and judge this new realm, what on earth was Ice doing in a place like this? A smirk casually chiseled its way across his face, his right finger’s gripping the silver headpiece on his cane as he casually spun it around in the air on his right side as he started to walk, his shoes kicking up patches of dirt with each step. He knew Ice was close.. around here somewhere, he could feel Ice’s power.. but where was he? Pursing his lips slightly he started to whistle a repetitive irish tune, as he walked through the grassy fields finally coming up to a rather large mound of grass and vines, with a smirk he raised his cane to point the end at the grassy mound “Ter ya are ya bastard ” poking the cane deep into the grassy mound it hit solid form, *Knock Knock* giving it a few good jabs for messure ” Time to wake up lad ” he said out loud and clear, raising his cane he started to hack at the tall grass and pull off the rather thick vines as a statue figure started to appear in view. After a few moments he was finally clean of any grass or vines ” Always gettin ya self in trouble there, aye ice?” he smirked as he placed his cane in between his armpit, his right fingertips searching through Ice’s memories looking for someone.. or something that could help it took awhile for him to find someone but soon he found someone who would fit the bill. “Alright.. where are ya, young lass..” rubbing his palms together as a devilish grin appeared across his face. with a clap of his hands both him and the statue disapepared from this realm.


CharlotteCarrendar: – Up on the surface, a massive storage truck was coming down the main street of Lorewall. Much of the roads were now deserted, with only Neumeaun army trucks and tanks rolling by. All civillians were off the streets and indoors or bunkers if they had access. Charlotte drove the big rig as her daughter sat along side her, both were wearing the power armour suits that they had picked up from Doctor Galvenstien’s lab. Within the cab, they each had an AR-2 assualt weapon as well. Up ahead, Charlotte could make out a group of children that were exiting the old Meeting hall underground – much to her annoyance. “I thought I told them to go to the JACK’s bunker!” she said angrily, as she pulled the massive rig over to the side of the road. But the reason for the children all appearing was not for what Charlotte thought. All the kids were looking to the sky, and sure enough you could make out a massive ship that was coming in from overhead. Of course. It was Nigel and Billy in Arachnea four. The ship had a cargo hold that was more than big enough to accommodate the big rig, and this was when Charlotte had an idea. “Soon as they land, I want to talk to Nigel, about getting this truck on board it and then get it away to Captain.” Luna loved the idea. With the truck’s engine turned off, both Luna and Charlotte got down from the truck cab and joined with the other children as they watched Arachnea four descend. With massive blaster rocket jets it sent up a huge cloud of smoke and debris. Thankfully, Charlotte and Luna both had helms on. The pair looked totally like they had stepped out of a movie. Even Seven had to admit, he was impressed. “I want what Mum has on.” Charlotte shook her head at her son. “You are helping with the JACKS.”


Arachnea Four landed, and from the ground you could see Nigel and Billy in the cockpit. The children waved for their cousins to come down, and Charlotte made sure she was one of the first to greet them. When the ramp lowered, Nigel came down first and beamed as he checked out his Aunt. “Woah..Aunt Charlotte?” She flipped up the visor and he grinned. “Nice suit. Billy is here, he can take the kids down to the JACK hanger. You need anything from me ?’Charlotte explained her plans with the truck, and Nigel loved the idea. “No problem. I think the roads out are going to be chaos anyways. Let me get the ship ready to accept the truck into the hanger bay and we can get these armaments to Captain for the war effort.”

With that taken care of, next it was Billy who came down the ramp. He saluted when he saw his Aunt Charlotte and then looked at the gathered group of kids. “So you guys wanna come see the JACKS or what?!” The kids all cheered with excitement, and Billy winked at Charlotte. “Don’t worry Aunt Charlotte…I got this.” It was what he had been born to do. Work with the JACKs after spending his life dedicated to learning as much as he could about them. With Billy leading the way, the kids took off back down into the stairwell, leaving Charlotte and Luna standing outside the old meeting hall. Charlotte was staring at it, almost whistfully. Luna tugged on her arm. “Did you wanna go inside?” Charlotte felt like this might be the last time she ever saw it. “Yes. You go get ready with the truck. I won’t be long.” That said, and with her AR-2, Charlotte entered the meeting hall for what may be the last time.


IceTea: – Appearing in a flash he had phase shifted both himself and Ice into another realm, he knew she would be here, he had seen her in Ice’s memories and she was the one that could help Ice out, They stood in the middle of a great hall, Ice was smack centre in the middle of it as he glanced around for a moment it seemed like a meeting place of some sort, no doubt someone would find him here.. possibly her even. The walls were built tall and made from large stone slabs that were placed ever so carefully to support the slab next to it and above it. It was almost engineering genius the way these places were built. Turning around he looked at Ice with a smile, walking closer to him, his hues studied Ice’s face, it showed such pain and agony, he had never known Ice to feel pain even in the most interesting of fights but Ice’s face did not lie, what ever happened left him in sheer pain. The roar of a truck engine caught his attention as he glanced behind his shoulder, an even louder roar coming from the sky, it seemed people had arived already.. what timing he had as he smirked. Leaning up he pat the side of Ice’s left cheek “Just remember what I did for ya Icey boy. turning on his heel he walked over towards the noise to take a sneaky look, two people standing in suits of rather interesting armor, a few children and some flying machine that he had never seen before. This was the place to leave Ice in his statue form, someone would be smart enough to figure it out, walking back towards Ice he gave him one last look and a freindly nod as he heard footsteps echoing as someone entered the room. “Oh danny boy the pipes the pipes are calling he started singing softly as he walked away and faded into the darkness, phase shifting into his own realm he had left Ice behind in this new realm. It was down to fate to decide what to do next.

CharlotteCarrendar: – Hollowed footsteps from the metallic boots rang out against the stone, as Charlotte entered what was once considered home. Now, it was a shell. A painful reminder of the ravages of war. Yet, here she was again. Her people, her world were on the brink and and once again she was taking up arms. Wearing the specially modifeid powersuit, made for her by Doctor Galvenstien, she approached the inner sanctum. Broken tiles lined her path. Tattered curtains, and loose banners hung and waved slowly in the breeze of the night. Charlotte stopped for a moment. Almost like she could see it so differently. When everything was…perfect. Her eyes cast over towards the remains of the meeting hall table. The one thing that was a constant all her life, now nothing more than kindling. As she approached one of the weathered chairs, she noticed something out of the corner of her eye. A large statue. Now, she had known the meeting hall like the back of her hand, and this was the first time she had seen it. Turning full on to face it, she started to walk towards the statue slowly. It was of a man, or a very large man. As she got closer, she saw the expression on his face. Sheer horror. Tortured. What kind of sculptor would dare craft such a thing? Charlotte lifted off her helm and then placed it on part of the ruined table. What was it about the statue that seemed so familiar? She slowly walked around it, studying the form before her. In a way, the look on his face, was much of how she was feeling inside

Dread, terror. But she had to bury hers deep. She was not able to scream in frustration, for that was a sign of weakness. Stopping in front of it again, she heard her daughter Luna cry out. “Nigel is going to be ready for the rig, Mum.” Charlotte glanced back at her and yelled back. “Be right there.” One last look back at the statue, and something in her made her do an unusual act. She moved forward and then planted a kiss on the statue’s lips. That moment, she felt a wave of memories flood through her. She started to remember the pub in Nixagris. A man…A man named Ice.


IceTea:- His senses were off, so he had no clue as to what had happened.. How gambit had taken him from Nip’s realm and left him in this new realm. Nothing woke him until the touch of someone’s lips pressed against his, his eyes open as his sesnes once again woke, slowly he looked down at the standing female before him as he could feel his body starting to come alive agian ever so slowly. Cracks started to form in his Statue form, slowly small chuncks started to fall off as a bright orange glow squeezed through the forming cracks. He was coming alive again, the kiss that would bond him also freed him from his prsion.. his own personal hell, he had suffered over the years as he gave up all hope shutting himself down to wait and see what happened after an enternal life. The cracks got larger as stone fell off his body and crumbled on the floor, after a few moments his entire body was free from his stone form as he stood towering the female before him in his pair of blackened jeans, his upper torso bare and scarred from the previous fight he had with Nip. Finally able to move he bent his head to the side and cracked his neck as his spine re-adjusted. His daemonic glowing hues meet that of the females as he burrows his brows, he knew her but from where and when? It didn’t take long for him to get back to his usual self as his hues escaped hers and looked around his terrain, but there was something about this female that kept drawing his attention.. he could not pick what it was as he looked down at his collar and chain, it had not been attached to her so that wasn’t the reason. His lips part as his sharp teeth flash, tongue poking out as it licks it’s way across his upper lip “Remind me.. Who are you? He said in a low toned voice. Taking in a deep breath, as his hues venture behind her for a moment before looking back down at her. There were people outside, this place was in ruins.. as he arched a single brow finally noticing her choice of attire some sort of high tech battle suit, were they in some sort of war? He was curious to say the least, but more interested in the female that stood before him, there was no doubt about it though.. She was no Nip, she had a certain.. look about her.


CharlotteCarrendar: – The most astonishing thing happened, when Charlotte drew back from the statue. A simple act of affection in the middle of the ruined meeting hall would result in the statue reacting to her kiss. This was not expected, not at all. She stepped back as the cracks were forming in the very stone. Was this a trick? She glanced about her and there was no movement, or sound, except for the ship that had landed outside and was preparing to take the rig on board in the cargo hull. Chunks of the statue broke free and collected on the floor at his feet, while a strange orange glow came from within. Whatever this was, was alive within the stone, and little did she know her kiss was the key to freeing him. The larger cracks gave way to reveal a chiseled man, much larger than she. With dark jeans and a scarred torso, he moved slowly as his bones all cracked in protest after what had been years in captivity. As he looked about himself in wonder, he then spoke – asking her who she was. “I’m Charlotte…and if I am right, you are Ice. We met in Nixagris a few years ago. There was a war on…as there is now.” She said simply. Her green hues altered slightly, darkening due to the lack of light. She reached for her helm and was about to put it back on. “I don’t know what I just did to you, but were you imprisoned by a mage…or a wizard?’ Charlotte was always curious about such types of magic. <3>

IceTea- He listened as the female introduced herself as Charlotte and to his surprise she knew who he was, folding his arms into eachother on his chest firmly he listened as she explained they met in a previous war, as he nodded in agreement “Now I remember you, you tried to give me a order he smirked as he looked her up and down. he started to stretch as his body poped back into place, after being trapped as a statue for so many era’s it would take time for his body to re adjust to his movements as his bones cracked into place and his muscles flexed. His ears burned as she asked how this had happened to him, if it was by a mage or a wizard as he chuckled lightly and shook his head ” By my own magic more or less, but a wizard was involved.. dirty old bastard, bending over slightly he brought his eyes down to her eye level as he watched her hues darken, with a smirk he came back to a tall stand “Yes, I am Ice. Thank you for the kiss. Not always smart to be kissing a demon.. not very smart to be kissing a demon that owns hell he chuckled as he looked down at her helmet and back up at her ” Nothing stops you from the war huh? ” they had just met again, and like last time it seemed thier meeting was to be short.

CharlotteCarrendar: – It was as though time had stood still, The Ice she remembered had a mouth on him too and didn’t like to be given orders. In fact it almost cost Baldrick his life. Charlotte let out something of a sigh as she shook her head.“I was a lot younger then. Now days…I wouldn’t take no for an answer when I give an order.” she smiled and then countered him well as she was about to put the helmet back on. But one thing stopped her. He thanked her for kissing him. She leaned in and said. “Let’s keep that between us. I don’t want people to think I am into kinks like…kissing objects for fun.” She was about to turn around, when Ice happened to mention one very odd thing. He claimed to be the Demon that owns hell. Well this was interesting. She had not ever heard that before. Charlotte approached him and got closer as she sniffed him. “Well, I’ll be. So you are.” A strange look swept over her features, and as quick as a viper, she snatched his arm and brought it up to her lips. Elongated fangs dropped down momentarily, and she bit down on his arm, drawing blood then secreting in a special blod clotting agent. The act took less than a minute, but the demon within her was sated. His blood was potent. She wiped her mouth and then licked her fingers. “Very nice.” A quirky grin appeared on her lips as she had unknowingly sealed the bond between them. She moved to put her helmet on and then opened the vox grille to talk through the mic. Her voice now having a metallic sound to it. “And you’re right…nothing can stop me in defending my world. I have a truck to move.” she turned and started to make her way out of the rubble, throwing these words back over her shoulder. “You may be the King of Hell, but welcome to my own private one….Lorewall.” And with that she went out to join her daughter. <3>

IceTea:- Laughing lightly at her response to her giving him orders, she indeed was younger back than but her features had not changed, she hardly aged. It was expected, she wasn’t human after all; that much he could tell. So this world was in a war, it seemed like every world had its own little war going on these days, it made it more interesting for him none the less as he watched her with curious eyes. She had requested that they keep the kiss between them as she wasn’t known for kissing objects, taken back for a moment “Did she just call me a object?” he thought to himself and shook his head, she still had all the bite he remembered her for, but perhaps a bit more. He watched as she started to turn around and stopped dead in her tracks as she spun on her heels and walked over to him, she started to smell him.. “Ahh..?” His right arm was snatched up by her hands as she brought his bare skin to her lips, he felt her lips press down as her fangs sunk in deep piercing his skin. Blood rushed into her mouth, after a moment she pulled back licking her lips as she stated he was very nice. She.. just fed off of me? once again thinking to himself, no one has done that before, though many have tried and failed. A simple smirk came across his lips as he watched her explain her situation and then put her helmet on, watching her leave she said her final goodbyes as she walked away. Explaining this place was her own personal hell.. Lorewall, he’ll have to remember the name “Feel free to give me a summon if you need anything.. Beside my blood that was a once off he smirked as his eyes flashed a dark black, the light faded in the room as he exploded into a flock of black birds, they squaked as they flew out in different directions leaving the meeting hall behind.

He had vanished, but to which realam this time? Slowly the light came back into the room as the birds faded away. He was free from his personal hell but neither of them realized the personal bond they had just made between the pair, only time would tell if they would realize it.

CharlotteCarrendar: – As Charlotte ventured back outside, little did Luna realize what had gone on within the ancient hall.“Did you get to say goodbye?” Charlotte smiled behind her helmet and said simply. “No..in fact I got to say hello….to an old friend.” Together Charlotte and Luna headed to the rig and both climbed inside, as she saw the rotating lights of the interior of the loading bay in Arachnea four. Sounding out a loud blare from the air horn on the big rig, she drove it straight on board the vessel’s loading ramp and up inside. As soon as the rig was inside, the large shutters came down, as she ship lowered to cover the cargo hanger once more. With the two safely on board, Nigel gave the order for liftoff, and the ship blasted off from its place on the middle of the freeway and up into the sky, swinging for Captain’s location near Sol’s landing.